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Betsy wants to give a beating
Date of Scene: 19 May 2021
Location: Workout Room
Synopsis: Rogue talks Betsy out of anger
Cast of Characters: Betsy Braddock, Rogue

Betsy Braddock has posed:
There's music playing on the built in sound system, and it's not the ...nicest song. Currently Rhianna is talking about how a bitch better have her money, and Betsy is back in town. The purple haired sometimes-model is working out on a weight bench, and from the amount she's pressing, one might think she's pissed - or trying to get jacked. Purple hair is back in a braid, and she's clad in an athletic wear sports bra and capri leggings, with plain white sneakers appropriate for working out in on her feet.
    She's got the glisten going, and a flush to her cheeks, so it's probably safe to assume she's been working out a while, as Rhianna fades into British EDM group Prodigy talking about the world being on fire.

Rogue has posed:
From the hallway the door is opened and Rogue enters wearing a black sleeveless top over a set of green and yellow UFC-style ladies fighting trunks and sport top, super clingy and comfy looking to her body. She's got a water bottle in her hand and a pair of nice new white and black sneakers on her feet with yellow laces.

She strides in to ehr oom and instantly looks to the source of the music. A grin slides over her lips. Her brown and white hair is tied back in to a pony tail, though the whites are loose and framing her face.

She walks near-silently over to where the work benches are and she waits to catche Betsy's eyes before she smiels at her. "Heya, Stranger." The Belle tells the Butterfly. "You're lookin', focused t'night." She says while messing with one of the weight-loading machines.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy doesn't even miss her pace, when Rogue wanders on in. Violet eyes are focused on some point that's not actually the ceiling, and there's a measured rhythm to her breathing. "Rogue." Her eyes will lose that terrible focus, and her head will even turn to flash the southern woman a smile. "Focused. Right." She smirks, just a bit, before weights clank a bit. She will sit up as she reaches for her sport bottle of water. "Focused is good. I'm trying to burn off anger, before I go scramble some bastard's brain like an egg." She takes several long swallows of water. "I found out someone among my several accountants, has been skimming. Apparently he thought I wouldn't notice." There's a roll of her eyes. "You look well. Have I missed much, while I was off back in England?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue stands by the deadlift weight machine, she didn't really need to exercise to keep her muscles fit and form, but she liked to do it because it gave her mental exercise on what to expect with different weight levels. It also let her work on her 'power control' which means she could shake someone's hand without snapping their bones and ripping their arm off.

So that was an important reason for the Belle to lift weights, to make sure she stayed aware of her own power.

She looks back over to Betsy after fastening her velcro glvoes around her wrists. "Tons and tons'a stuff." She replies to the question. "Last night was Pirate Night, in the Danger Room. Was a good time. Woulda been better with ya there."

She glances back to where she sat her own water down and moves it over to a more out of the way place. When she looks up again she smirks. "Sorry t'hear about the thives. Tell Remy about it, he'll go get your money back." She stares at the other for a second and then asks.

"Is that helpin' ya unwind? A walk around the lake might be a bit more relaxin'."

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy smiles, at the mention of Pirate night. "You're sweet to say so. But I'm pretty sure the British were the bad guys, in pirate history." She drinks some more water before she closes the bottle up, rising to her feet. She's stretching, letting her neck pop with a sigh of relief. "I was also immensely tired after I got back through Customs." There's a laugh then, her braid lashing out around an arm as she shakes her head. "Oh no. I have a very aggressive team of solicitors for that, darling. Or I may just.. go shake him down myself, I think the American phrase is."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sets up 350 pounds to start with, its her usual starting weight and she uses the advanced machine to go up from there, and also set it to randomly change on her so that she can adjust o nthe fly... not wise for a normal person, but it works well for what she's trying to do with her weight training.

She has her back to Betsy, but she's listening to her and the music. She has a grin on her lips and she laughs softly. "True, I just don't wanna see you guttin' someone outta anger." She looks over her shouldder at the other. "That's not the Jedi way, Betsy Boo." She states with a visible grin before looking back to what she's doing.

"Have you been keepin' up with youar martial arts while doin' that fancy life'a yours?" She asks, getting in to position to deadlift the weight up and over her head before putting it back down like its nothing. Because to her, it is literally nothing. Its all about the finer points!

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"Darling Rogue, I would never.. 'gut' someone." One can hear the finger quotes. "I would surgically remove his liver and feed it to him with fava beans, and a nice chianti. Elegant like." There's some of her humor there, even as she moves to a new exercise. She's curling weight now, slow and steady. "And I am not a jedi, Rogue One. Nor was my father before me." At some point, the Clash has come on, singing about rocking the Casbah.

She will stop curling, to turn and look at Rogue. "Keeping up with? I go through my forms every day, at some point in the day, without fail. Thank you very much." The British is crisp, in those last words. "In fact, I even joined an MMA gym while I was there. Always good to battle the unfamiliar."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue does 10 reps of lifting the bar up and over her head, then back down before she steps back and sways her ahnds at her sides. "That's dark, Bets." She says over to the woman without a slight increase to her breathing noticeable.

She snickers at the British dry humor and slowly nods her head a few times to it. "Well good. You're probably our best hand t'hand fighter around here. It's always fun t'watch you work. I'm like a... ya know, wreckin' ball. Basically no grace. I mean, I /could/ do graceful. But what's the point when the walls gotta come down, may as well just Kool-Aid Man it, right?'

American Woman and British Woman, the contrasts are very evident!

"So you stickin' around long this time?" The Belle then asks as she adjusts the machine's weight up to 600 lbs.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"Tsk, Rogue! I was quoting the great Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs." there's more laughter then, as she watches the other woman change the amount of weight. "I don't know about being the best. I will say it is one of my more useful skills, yes." Betsy will admit to that much, at least. "Rogue, you have plenty of grace. Grace does not always have a place in battle. But the rest of the time, your grace can be very obvious."

Violet eyes have roamed around the room, considering what to start on next, still feeling a little too amped up at betrayal to truly feel settled down. "That's the plan. The renovations for Sion have been finished, finally, and the proper permits and licenses have been all secured. So I may be splitting my time between here and the city, but it isn't as if traffic would hinder me if I was needed back here."

Rogue has posed:
The compliment about her grace gets a smile from the Belle. She doesn't get compliments like that a whole lot around here. Her wild-girl persona doesn't really help with that a lot though, as it yields a fair amount of teasing sent her way. That persona came out of her slowly after she got here at age 18, and now at 21 she's much more out of her shell than she was in those early months where she was very reclusive and kept to herself.

"Well thank ya." The southerner says back to the other, holding that smile. "Rogue looks away to pick up her water and take a sip from it before she looks back.

"We're finishin' up another school year now, if ya hadn't notice from all the chaos upstairs." She adds. "So stress levels around here have been kinda high anyway, you'll fit right in in that regard." She offers to her with a grin on her lips.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy doesn't take personas all that seriously, and with good reason. She has her own public persona, the supermodel with the noble family, and all of that - none of which Betsy doesn't try to keep from going to her head. "Just calling them like I see them." Violet eyes look upward, as if she could see to the floors above. "I'll be fine. I just need to burn off that angry energy. Then a long, hot bath, some meditation and a glass of wine... and I will be the calm in the eye of the storm."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just gives a little soft laugh of amusement at how Betsy lines all those things up there at the end of her response. "I can dig that." She replies. "Sounds like a good runa' things to help ya unwind."

She steps back up to the weight machine and re-engages it for another set of lifts. This time the machine auto-changes the weight value on Rogue, forcing her to notice the subtle differences in weight levels far below her ceiling. She huffs a bit at the change as it nearly threw her off, but she caught it and kept going.

When she finishes she steps back again and shakes her head softly before brushing the back of her gloved hand over her nose's tip. She looks back over to Betsy then. "You lookin' t'run missions with the team again?" She asks, referring to the X-Men of course. "Had some lively ones recently. Wolfsbane got shot, poor thing... She's okay though."

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"After years of running around wound up tighter than an eight day clock, I slowly learned how to find ways to unwind. So now I cling to them like a ruthless lamprey. Otherwise it seeps into everything, and nothing is any fun any more." Psylocke moves to the mat area, stretching and starting yoga poses. "So what is new with you, specifically? You've mentioned pirate night, and the students, and nothing about /you/."

Rogue has posed:
That comparison has Rogue grinning again at the other woman. She watches the weight machine for a moment before she hears the question delving more in to her personal life which has the Belle considering it. She reaches for her water again and looks over to the yoga-Psylocke.

"I turned 21, back in January. Jean set me up with a truck and brought me on as a school assistant. Means I don't have t'go back t'the diner this summah, so that's good." She exhales and considers some more. "Been givin' Remy a chance at the datin' game, though if he vanishes on me again for a few months, I'm gonna drop him like a bad habit" She grins at Betsy then before shaking her head.

"Beyond that? Just workin' on my college degree. Goin' for teachin'. I'd like t'get hired on here for a job that isn't a glorified errand girl." She sips her water and leans against the weight machine, a smile on her lips. "I think that's the abridged version'a what's up in my world."

Another sip of water is had then. "Workin' on controlin' my touch power too. Had some moderate success with it no less."

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"And I missed it. How thoughtless of me. I will have to find you the most worthy of make up presents for a belated birthday gift." Betsy does sound remorseful, even as she's leaning her legs up over her body for a scorpion pose. "A truck and a job. Not a bad staet. I'm sure you will become beyond useful in no time at all, and can make Remy your errand...boy." Her head turns, face flushed. "Dating game, hmm? Good for you. And if he vanishes on you again? Good reason for the first time, I would hope?"
     There's a broad smile, at the talk of power control. "That is certainly saving the big news for last, is it not." THere's a laugh. "I am pleased to hear of your success. With more practice, as the masters say. I won't harp on it or repeat them, it gets so boring."

Rogue has posed:
A grin blossoms over the Belle's visage again at the talk of a late birthday present. "Ahhh, ya don't gotta do that..." She says with a overal pleased look about her at the mere suggestion of it.

The part about Remy vanishing on her 'again' has her just rolling her eyes. She shakes her head then. "He's never said why he does it. It has somethin' t'do with his past, but he doesn't like t'talk about that stuff, so I don't press... I'm a sucker, I guess. He just... makes me laugh and I end up gettin' over it. Like a door mat, or somethin'." She doesn't at /all/ seem pleased aobut that side of herself.

At the talk of her power though, she nods her head, the white locks of her bangs waving against the sides of her face. "I can trigger a safety lock on my power, so t'speak, but I'll lose it if I get angry or overly emotional about somethin'. Jean... wasn't happy about it, cause I got Emma Frost t'help me set it up. Apaprently Emma's idea was a little danger of an approach, but Jean has signed off on it now, so long as she can monitor me."

Another soft smile is flashed then. "You're good at that stuff." Rogue says of the yoga. "I need t'learn how t'do it, I think."

Betsy Braddock has posed:
     "Rogue, Rogue... dear. When someone offers to buy you something for your birthday, you smile and say thank you." There's a chuckle. "Though you will need to give me some clues, or perhaps a list on some site or other. I would not presume to get you something that appeals to my taste. As for Mister Remy, he better start telling you he's leaving, at the least, even if he feels he can't tell you why. Or I may have to unleash some of the inner ninja on him."

Betsy lowers her legs, and drops into child's pose. "Yoga?" She lifts her head to look at the younger woman. "It's excellent exercise, very thoughtful in a way without keeping you thinking too hard. Also, it keeps me limber and flexible. Some shoots are very demanding."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has to laugh at that bit about the present and all. "Right, true. Thank you." She readjusts her course on that one. "As for ideas, well... let me think about it and I'll shoot you an e-mail on the school server. If ya even check that anymore." She lightly chides the other woman in her fancy yoga pose.

"You an' Jean, both models. Though she gave it up, I guess. Seems like it'd be fun. But yeah, I imagine its a lot more work than it comes across in the pics and videos. I met a jeans model recently, very handsome fella. Think he was inta me too, but... had t'break his heart t'let him know I'm seein' a guy who can't even say Bye when he goes back home."

She grins at a bit of self defeating humor there. "But yeah, it's cool t'see ya back in the school. Feels more like home when all the familiar faces are back in it, ya know?"

She's never had a home until this place, not a real one anyway, so she's bound to want to look at it that way. Even if not everyone else feels the same.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"I get alerts when someone sends me an email." Betsy responds, moving on to a new pose, slowly stretching through the motions. "You could easily be one, you know. The eyes and the hair are fabulous enough, and then add in the skin. You might not get catwalk work, but I am sure you could do plenty in print." Betsy doesn't think much of what she's saying, beyond the truth.
     "Oh Rogue." It's almost a sigh. "Never tell a man that right away, certainly not for a ne'er do well like Remy sounds like he's been being. Unless the two of you are serious and have had the whole, will not date anyone else talk. Flirting is a wonderful sport, lovely." The telepath even sounds almost wistful. "It is home. Away from home, but with my family scattered about, this is more home, than not."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had reset the machine to do curling with the bar instead while Betsy replied to her. She looked over to the other woman and just grinned at her. "Print work is what I'd want t'do if I could choose. I'd love seein' myself in magazine ads'n such. That'd be a trip." She states with a soft laugh.

She starts to use the bar, able to lift the 350 lbs easily like this too, though the machine is adjusting as per-programmed to keep her on her toes.

Rogue exhales wistfully then. "Yeah... I do kinda flirt a lot. I don't know if ya ever noticed that or not." She gives a side glance to the other and a little grin to go with it. "But, this time around, Remy seems a lot more focused. I dunno, I don't like t'prattle on like some kinda ... High Schooler." Even though there is a high school right above their heads.

"We'll see. I mean, I'm 21 now, I got what? A few more years before I need t'be married and thinkin' about children, right?" She's grinning much more big at the Model aside her, because she's silly like that, always looking for reactions out of people.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
" If you ever decide you want to try it, do let me know. I can take some shots for you, and present you to my agent." Betsy's addiction to being behind the camera has been growing lately, though she doesn't speak about it. "Dating around is not a sin, Rogue. Especially now that you're truly able to do so without so much worry." There is a very serious, very direct violet eyed gaze the belle's way. There's the faintest chuff of laughter. "Well, I certainly have no one to prattle on about, one of us should."
     There's a quick glare. "I have no current intentions of settling into marriage and children, and I'm a couple years older than you, last I checked, thank you."

Rogue has posed:
That was the reaction that Rogue was looking to get. Just a bit ofa t easing jab at the other woman. She sets down the curling bar on the rack and starts to laugh softly at Betsy, playfully, of course. "I'm just messin' around. The kinda things they'd teach us back in Mississippi. The kinda stuff that my aunt would say t'me. She'd say 'Marie, ya gotta shape up. Ya got just over 10 years before you gotta become a honest woman and settle down with a good man, and start havin' kids'a your own."

Rogue reaches for her water then and shrugs her shoulders inside that sleeveless black baggy shirt she's wearing over her sports top. "IT's weird, the things that stick inside'a your mind from childhood and the things that don't."

A sip is taken of her water and Rogue sets it back down. "I might be interested in doin't hat though. Ya know I've gotten a public 'Hero' persona too. The media in New York calls me 'Mighty Woman'." She grins at Betsy. "I've been flyin' around now and then, savin' folks and doin' the hero thing. Even got on the Avengers radar, but I didn't pursue that too hard. I like it here too much."

Betsy Braddock has posed:
     "I assure you, it is not just in Mississippi. There's quite a bit of that sort of pressure in the nobility ranks in Europe. Marry well, breed perfect heirs, and all of that rubbish." Then there's a faint smile, as Betsy does tree pose. "Might Woman, huh? Sounds like fun. And I don't know... some of those Avengers are cute." It's a joke, mostly.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue leans up against the machine designed for the school's heavy lifters like herself. She reaches for her phone that was beside her water and glances down at it before she laughs softly again. "Yeah, not many people in Mississippi are gettin' anywhere near 'perfect heirs'." She jokes, about herself really too, showing a pleased smile up at Betsy before looking back down at her phone again.

"Remy and I had dinner with Bruce Banner last week." She states, looking up at her again as she lowers her phone down to her side. "Randomly ran inta him at a restaurant. He's cute, in a nerdy doctah sorta way. Course, the guy he turns inta is anything but nerdy, and far from cute." She grins lightly at that.

Rogue then just upnods at Betsy. "Ya should get out there, inta the datin' game though. You're in your prime, Betsy Boo. You should be breakin' hearts left'n right."

Betsy Braddock has posed:
     Violet eyes will open and find Rogue, as Betsy shakes off the last pose to head back to her water bottle. "Darling, have you /seen/ the noble families? Mine is the exception, not the rule. A lot of them have trees with not enough limbs, if you get me." There's a quick smirk, as she lifts her water.
     She nods at the mention of Dr. Banner and his alter ego, as she drinks water to hydrate. Brows will lift as her bottle lowers. "I'm about to have a grand opening of my new business, I'm a model, photographer, and an X-woman. Dating is not at the top of my priorities. I'm okay with that. When the time is right, I'll find someone."