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Heaven At The End of A Subway Ride
Date of Scene: 19 May 2021
Location: Coney Island
Synopsis: Kian's first trip to Coney island. There is sugar involved.
Cast of Characters: Terry O'Neil, Gar Logan, Kian

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    When it opened, Coney Island became famous for having several of the best-known amusement parks in the world.  Once described as 'Heaven at the end of a subway ride, the park has had its ups and downs, its decline and its eventual revival.  It is precisely because of its historical value and its current renaissance that Terry has chosen this particular park to be Kian's first exposure to the world of theme parks and all the treasures therein.
    "Mom and I used to come here all the time.  She would've come today with us, too… except she has a stake-out.  You know, normal stuff."
    The redhead is in his human form, sporting shorts and a T-shirt and worn-out but comfortable sneakers.  "Do they have anything like theme parks back in your planet?" he asks his winged friend, "or is this something unique to Earth's particular psychosis?"

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan came along, because why wouldn't he?  Terry's there, and Kian is with them, and the whole point was to show the alien bird the fun of an amusement park.  "Honestly I'm surprised it took us this long to do this," he says.  It's casual day, but that goes for any day that ends in a 'Y' as far as he's concerned.  Baggy shorts, semi-snug t-shirt, and bare feet clad in sandals with velcro straps.  You know the kind.
    "First things first.  We gotta get you all the food and snacks and see which ones you like best," he adds, rubbing his hands.  "Me, I like just about all of them."  Oh, and he's wearing a pair of Ray-Bans.

Kian has posed:
    "Oh, there are play areas," Kían says, "an' annual fairs an' clan gatherin's.  Even the religious festivals are playful, mos'ly.  Maybe nothin' exac'ly like this."  He's trying to take in the crowds, which make him a little nervous, and the rides, which make very little sense.  What's the excitement in a roller coaster or Ferris wheel to someone who can dive at 80+mph on their own wings?
    For the moment, though, his nose is the most-engaged sensory organ.  "A lot of thin's smell very very good," he says, looking around in pleased bafflement.  "Iss it always like this here?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "It took us this long to do this because we're either saving the world, each other, or each other from ourselves.  Not to mention some of us getting kidnapped."
    Terry says that playfully, but he reaches over to squeeze Gar's hand.
    "But better late than never, as they say… Gar, you are the culinary expert.  Or the culinary berserker as it were.  Where should we start?  I'm partial to the fudge stand, but…."

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan's jaw clenches at the reminder, whether Terry's being playful or not.  His grip is tense in the moment his hand is taken, and he has no answer for the talk of the kidnapping.
    If Kian understood the way rides are meant to make people feel things they don't normally get to, it might make more sense.
    "Anyway, there are chili cheese dogs, lemonade, funnel cakes, cotton candy, taffy, and yes, fudge.  They have games you can play, too."  Kian is getting quite a few glances due to his wings and dress.  Gar, of course, has a few people approach for pictures and autographs, which he does with a smile.  "Yeah, it's always like this here.  That's what this place is all about."

Kian has posed:
    Kían is proud of his wings—he happens to think they look quite nice—but he definitely backs away from anyone who approaches what he thinks is 'too close', interposing either Terry or Gar between himself and the Terran in question, as is convenient.
    He sighs heavily.  "Eart' people have a differen' understandin' of personal space," he comments quietly, trying to make the best of an incomprehensible situation.  "An' I think the only thin' you said that I understood was 'candy'."
    He stares blankly at a piece of paper thrust in his direction—of course, as a Titan, he's been in the news, but he has no experience with either wanting or providing autographs.  "Gar tenár'h… what do I do?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Terry chuckles.  He doesn't get a paper thrust at him—but mostly because people know the Cheshire Cat more than they do Terry O'Neil.  Even though they know they are one and the same, Terry makes sure his regular mug doesn't get a lot of air time because reporters are not supposed to be the story.
    "This is a show of admiration.  Terrans like to collect the signatures of people they admire, and call it autographs.  They are meant to be mementos of meeting someone special."
    He then turns to the person and explains the reason for Kian's hesitation, then turns back to the Akiar.
    "Signing your name and a message works.  They'd be extra thrilled if it's done in the calligraphy of your home world."

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan leaves the explanation to Terry, since he's quick to put his spin on it.  This serves well enough and allows him to take care of a couple more requests.  "Uh, is it S-E-A-N, or S-H-A-W-N?"  A grimace when the guy spells it 'S-H-A-U-N' and he points.  "This is why I ask, Shaun-with-a-U."  Along with signing it as Beast Boy, he draws a paw print next to it.  "Now don't go copying that and trying to open a credit card.  You'll never guess my security question answers."
    He says to Kian as an aside, "Oh, there's a bunch of candy here.  Pick something and we'll get you some.  I think they like your feathers too, you peacock."
    Someone else tries to hand Terry their phone in asking for him to take a photo of the guy with Gar and Kian.

Kian has posed:
    "I do not know another way to sign my name," Kían says, scrawling his name vertically down the paper with the pen gripped between his first and second fingers rather than thumb and forefinger.  It might as well be script Kanji—it's certainly not in any Latin alphabet.  It's certainly the first autograph Kían has given on any world.
    And then there is the selfie, in which he probably looks more baffled than heroic.  "I do not know.  You know my diet limits, an' what I like."
    A beat.
    "An' of course they like my wings.  I haf very nice wings."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Terry takes the picture with a big grin.  It is obvious that he is enjoying not being recognized, and he shoots Gar a "Don't you dare" look, just in case he decides to blurt it out.
    "Your wings are very nice.  They just make it very hard to ride in cars.  You know, humans have much smaller personal space because they don't have feathery hang-gliders hanging from their backs!"  The redhead winks, and grabs Kian's hand.  "Okay, enough dillydallying.  There's a food stand right over here, get!  Before you get mugged by adoring fans some more!"
    He grabs Gar's hand as well and essentially pulls them towards the nearest food stand.

Gar Logan has posed:
    "Actually," Gar says out of the corner of his mouth while flashing the cameraphone dual finger guns and a big white-toothed grin, "I don't really pay much attention to what everyone else eats."  He gives Terry a mildly pouty look at his protests, then they're moving on again after the photo is done.  "This place over here has funnel cakes and cotton candy."
    He also steals a subtle stroking of a few of Kian's feathers, for the reaction.

Kian has posed:
    Kían follows—or is dragged—along with a mental {!} and a laugh.  "No eggs, no bird meat," he explains breathlessly, which probably means no funnel cake, but cotton candy should be safe enough.
    He watches a roller coaster rumble by, then studies the steel latticework of a Ferris wheel.  "Are those," he asks, pointing at the rides, "for flyin' between the metal an' avoiding the carts?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Terry blinks at Kian's question, and stares at the Ferris wheel.  It takes him a few seconds to realize that he is asking from the point of view of a flier.
    "Oh.  Oh… Kian.  No.  Those cars are for people to go up there.  Because we can't fly, and we monkeys like to see things from an altitude!" he chuckles.
    He glances at Gar.  "Isn't it funny? We're wingless, so we appreciate heights.  But isn't it interesting how it doesn't seem to work the other way?  You don't see our wingfriend appreciating the view from the ground?"  He gives Kian a playful nudge.

Gar Logan has posed:
    "Wingless?  Speak for yourself, cat," Gar remarks, and while he doesn't go so far as to demonstrate with wings of his own, they both know he can fly just the same as Kian, or differently.
    He adds, "And the rides are for people to feel that rush of stuff they don't get to feel most of the time.  Like moving at high speeds, going up and down, doing loops and everything, at least with those."  He gestures toward the roller coaster, then he moves on ahead to one of the vendors and shares a few words before pulling out a wallet to hand over some cash.  The guy behind the register, who doesn't look out of his late teens, hands over three orders of cotton candy, two pink and one blue.  This, Gar brings back over.  "Which color, Kian?"

Kian has posed:
    "I suppose that makes sense," Kian says, looking back and forth between the offered cotton candy colors.  "It iss the same feeling I get playin' qihár, I think.  It woul' be tirin' to always fly like that, top speed, top agility."
    He watches another roller coaster cart rumble by.  "I think maybe the closest we haf to that iss a maze projected in the air.  Score is by time, wit' points off for touching a wall.  The walls are not solid, so there iss no chance of injury."  He laughs shortly.  "When they were new, someone won by jus' flyin' in a straight line from the start to the end.  The time bonus was worth a lot more than the penalty points.  They haf changed the rules since then."
    He still hasn't made up his mind between pink and blue.  "Which flavor is which?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "Why not embrace uncertainty and choose at random?" Terry, the chaos cat, says.  "What have you got to lose?"  Aside from taste buds, appetite, et cetera.
    "There are some things I enjoy as far as thrill rides go.  But I have to admit that since I discovered I could make my own rollercoaster out of rabbit holes, I haven't done a lot of thrill rides…."  He grins.  "I'm my own amusement ride!"  A pause.  "At least, that's what Gar said yesterday…."

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan holds a couple out to Kian, the third in his other hand.  "It's not really any different.  Try one.  Try two.  See what you think.  It's pretty much just pure sugar."  He gives Terry a look, a roll of the eyes, and at the last part said he shoves the third bit of cotton candy at Terry's face.  "Dork."
    Meanwhile, he keeps an eye on Kian to see just what he chooses to do with the offer, adding, "I'd totally rock that maze thing, I bet."

Kian has posed:
    Kian takes the blue one; if they're all the same flavor, go with the color of the sky.  "I am not a creature of chaos, Terry," he says with a small smirk, "even if my rhy'thar leans on the Uncertainty Principle."  He teases out a little of the spun sugar, tastes it, finds it perfectly delicious, and tears off a much larger chunk.
    "I haf been tryin' to learn how to program a holo maze into the practice room," he comments to Gar.  Yes, he knows it's called the Danger Room.  No, he doesn't like that name.  "I haf got a physical maze set up, but not a holo maze.  I shoul' haf ask you to help, you know how to program the room, yis?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "Oh yes!  I can totally program it!"  The redhead grins, getting his own shoved in his face now that Kian has chosen.  "But you don't want me to program it.  Go with Kate.  She's a pro at it and she has the most imaginative scenarios.  Every time I program mine, it sort of have my scenarios… get a little out of control."
    He takes a sip and averts his eyes.  That is totally not his fault.  No siree.  "Program has to be a little buggy.  Maybe Vic needs to double check it."

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan remarks, "I've set up a few things before, but you'd definitely be better off with someone else helping you with that.  Besides, if we want a maze to go through, me knowing how it's set up would be cheating."
    He takes a big mouthful and swallow of the cotton candy he's left with, and since Kian already took the blue one that means it's pink for the others.  A glance is had toward Terry to see what kind of mess was made all over his face, a smirk going with it.  "Maybe the tech just doesn't like your chaotic side so it gets all fouled up somehow."
    Back to Kian.  "You seem to like that."

Kian has posed:
    Kían giggles, and curves an arm around Gar for a quick hug.  "Haf I ever not liked sugar?  An' this seems to be nothin' but sugar.  Maybe a little flavor?  But yis, I will talk to Kate, explain what I need.  It iss always a fun game, an' good exercise."
    He snickers, and Terry gets a quick hug too.  "Terry, as much as I care for you, the las' thin' I would let you do iss program a maze for me.  You can not always control your inner cat."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Terry returns the hug and chuckles, "My cat is never inner, it's always outer.  The only thing that changes is the aesthetics."
    There is a mess on his face thanks to Gar thrusting the cotton candy at his face.  He does his best to clean it up with a napkin, but it's slap dash at most.
    "So I was thinking about that road trip idea.  I think I know what kind of car we can have Kian in," he says, grinning.

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan brings it in for a group hug.  They've got themselves a slightly quieter spot off to one side, but it isn't exactly the height of privacy here.  "You might have mentioned it before," he deadpans regarding the love of sugar.  "And hey, so do I.  I like a lot of things that are unhealthy for me."  He 'accidentally' steps on one of Terry's feet, not hard, and the sandals aren't exactly dangerous.
    "So, maze training.  And a car for a bird to feel comfortable in?  Go on, go on," he prompts, licking all over his cotton candy.  It quickly gets messier.

Kian has posed:
    Kían looks askance at the idea of a vehicle that would meet with his approval—he doesn't even like the T-Jet.  "It would be easier to rabbit hole from place to place, I think," he offers.  "I wan' to see more of this world, but I do not want to be close in a box."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "Oh c'mon, Kian… have you ever heard of… convertibles?" he grins, getting a mischievous look to him.  "It's summer, the sun will be shining, blue skies… and the wind in your face. And your wings!  What do you think, Gar?"
    He turns to his boyfriend, giving him a gentle thwap at being stepped on, "You're a movie star, you must have a convertible, right?"

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan rolls his eyes at Terry, and guards his ears or wherever he's being thwapped.  "Have you seen me driving, like ever?  Okay, except for the time I had to drive your piece of <beep> car when you were out of it or whatever.  Why would I need to drive when I can fly?"  Kian, naturally, would be one of the first to understand that.
    Yes, the 'beep' was in the form of a car horn, à la Adam Sandler's Ode to my Car song.
    "But I don't know about the convertible.  How would that work with your feathers, Kian?  I know how it is when we're flying, and that's different, isn't it?" he wonders, reaching for a napkin and some water to wipe at his mouth.

Kian has posed:
    Kían blinks.  "Convertible?" he repeats.  "What iss it, an' what does it convert into?"  Probably he's seen them, but hasn't had a name for them beyond 'vehicle for Earth people and not my problem'.
    "If we haf a place to go that iss too far for flyin', we would jus' use the hopper.  If it iss close enough to fly but there are heavy thin's to carry, we will fly an' send a robot transport to carry the heavy stuff.  Travelin' by ground iss not somethin' we do."
    He considers that for a moment.  "By choice, I guess.  There iss no ban on groun' travel, we jus' do not do it.  There are easier ways."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Terry sighs and rolls his eyes with an exaggerated gesture, "Fiine, fiine, you two troublemakers want to be choosy, I'll just go ahead and talk to Kate about doing a road trip with me!  It's a tradition, but I guess you two are too out of this world to want to do something like that with silly ol' me."
    He has a wide grin, clearly not as bothered by it as he is playing it up.
    He stands up as he finishes with his cotton candy.  "I'll be back, I'm gonna get myself a weenie!"

Gar Logan has posed:
    "It's a type of car without a… covering over the top," Gar explains.  "Or at least, that's the main point.  But we'll figure something out.  It's not like we're going off somewhere tomorrow."
    The 'hopper' sounds like it could be a ship or transport that's roomy enough for Akiar, but not having seen one means Gar can't be certain.  "When you can fly, there are always easier ways," he agrees.
    Eyes roll at Terry's mock melodramatics, and he shares a brief glance with Kian once Terry's started off for what he clearly knows is a hot dog.  Naturally, Gar calls after him.
    "I'm standing right here, you know!  And it's not that small!"

Kian has posed:
    Kían watches another roller coaster zoom by.  "Like one of those carts, but on the road?" he asks.  "I do not know.  I would probably haf to lie down across the seat to fit.  An' I would not want to haf the wind jus' beatin' against my win's.  They are made to handle wind edge on, not face on."

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan waves a hand after the quip is made.  "Kind of, but not exactly.  Here."  He pulls up a photo of a convertible with the top down and shows it to Kian on his phone.  "But you're right about the way it'd be on the wings.  We'll figure something out that will work."
    After taking care of the rest of his cotton candy, he tosses the paper cone into the trash.  "We should get you a hot dog, too.  I'm not gonna explain why it's called that, but there are no dogs involved.  And we'll get you an all-beef one."  Also no need to go into detail about the differences in what goes into what ends up called the same thing.