630/Coming clean's surprisingly easy!

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Coming clean's surprisingly easy!
Date of Scene: 19 March 2020
Location: Avengers Mansion - Study
Synopsis: Natasha confesses her duplicity to Thor regarding Loki. It goes over surprisingly well!
Cast of Characters: Thor, Natasha Romanoff
Tinyplot: Loki's Time Out

Thor has posed:
    The security system to the Avenger's mansion is a complex thing and would likely be entirely too difficult to implement without the level of automation it has. Capable of tracking so many different signatures, offering conjecture as to activity, gauging energy levels for that, keeping security devices set to intercept points of weakness. It is all staggering in its complexity and a lovely testimony to the genius that is Stark.
    Such a pity then that the main use the Avengers make of it, beyond the passive security, is to let each other know when they're in residence. For on the security board a notification flickers to life as Thor crosses a threshold, not noticed flying but entering through the front wrought iron gate and into the foyer, those who had been asked to be kept apprised of the Thunderer's movements would get a small message to whatever data display they chose.
    For Thor, however, he simply causes a small red light to flicker on in the foyer as he walks through. His umbrella is left leaning against the wall and he walks at first to the stairs, one large hand resting upon the banister. Then he pauses, frowning a little and instead steps off the first step and toward the study.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha's had a bit of time to... dwell on the situation, and their prospects going forward; and as much as an aversion as she has to spilling beans, proverbial or otherwise, there's a small web that needs untangling if they want to deal with Loki without him... surprising any of them about each other.
    Natasha's in her room slowly writing the report that will likely damage her standing when she gets the notification, glancing at her watch as it vibrates on the end table where she left it by her bed. A quick check, a small grimance, and Natasha's heading downstairs.
    She's had time to change, at least, wearing a black sweater and tights as pants when she gently raps on the open door to the study a few minutes after Thor enters. "Hey. Thor." She says softly, her expression hard to read. "Do you have a minute?"

Thor has posed:
    When she arrives she will espy him in that study, standing before the drink cart because of course there's a drink cart. He's tilted one of Stark's fine brandies on its side, letting the caramel liquor gurgle into a fairly robust glass all things told. He takes it up and holds it, then tilts his head to the side as he hears Natasha's voice. "Of course, Natasha."
    He turns and then indicates the brandy, quirking an eyebrow and asking her if she'd like to join him with that gesture. Depending on the result she'll have a drink or not. Once that's handled he'll walk over towards a seat in the conversation nook, there with its chairs and love seat. He takes the love seat since as he sits he props one foot up on it, blue eyes finding hers across the way.
    "What would you have of me?"

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Between momentous occasions and comforting comrades, Natasha's been doing a lot more drinking than usual, but under the circumstances, any sort of shared social contact can only help her right now. "Sure." She says, closing her eyes for a moment, as if simultaneously thankful for the momentary diversion, and slightly rueful to be stalling.
    She's the kind of lady who pulls the bullet out at 'one' when she says she'll count to three. Better just to get it over with.
    Natasha accepts the drink whe it's poured and takes a small sip - ahg that's really good, actually, she's gonna become a lush - before setting the glass down and keeping both hands cupped around it. In answer to Thor's question, she says, "Ha, you don't need to do anything, I just..." Natasha briefly presses her lips tightly together and takes a short breath. "I haven't been... honest with you about something. I think I should... clear that up before things get too..." Natasha glances to the side at nothing and settles on the word: "... complicated."

Thor has posed:
    The tall man looks at her after having prepared her drink, ice cubes clinked in hers since he knows her tolerance is not entirely his. But once he's settled he looks across the way and meets her gaze. She speaks slowly in that manner, his eyes holding hers. Deep blue and calm for now, with a touch of sadness. When she continues he nods along with her words and at the last a larger nod is given.
    "Aye, Natasha. I know that our paths are not always the same. Whatever it is that you have held from me I likely know that you are who you are and you would have a reason for doing so. I hope it is not something that will draw my ire, but even so realize we shall not stop being friends."
    His eyes lift and she can see the compulsion there, the need to speak honestly and so he adds. "Though if you have acted against Asgard and my father in some way that would cause war. We would be enemies then. Though still friends."
    Asgardians, so weird.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha's meets Thor's first assertion of friendship with a tense, stiff smile, and the second draws a short huff of a humorlous laugh from Natasha. "... I get it." She was with a rueful little smile and takes a drink.
    She's silent for a long moment - not caring about people's feelings was way easier before she spent two years hanging around a bunch of big lugs with pure intentions - before she looks Thor in the eyes. "I followed you. After you first told us about Loki. I wanted to know where he was, and... I didn't think you'd tell me. So I..." Natasha shakes her head slowly. "After he... 'visited' us in Genosha... I made contact."

Thor has posed:
    A drink is taken and he nods along with her words, watching. Thor holds his glass loose in one hand, the arm resting on the arm of that love seat. He bends his knee a little so he can rest one boot in his lap and seems entirely comfortable and at ease with that glass in hand. He could almost be one of those ads in men's magazines selling a fine bottle of brandy.
    She seems nervous and hesitates. He nods.
    She tells him she followed him, he nods.
    She tells him she made contact with Loki. He nods.
    Then there's quiet again. Perhaps her expecting a reaction. Perhaps him expecting her to continue.
    Until finally he quirks an eyebrow and he asks her, "Yes, how did that go?"

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha holds that gaze for a long time, until it gets awkward, and she blinks in surprise when Thor prompts her. That's... unexpected. "Ah-" Natasha immediately stumbles over her initial attempt to speak - a rarity for her - then knits her brow a little in confusion as she goes on.
    "He was... Loki. I thought..." Natasha briefly raises her eyebrows and shakes her head, as if trying to shake off some bewilderment and refocus herself, "... after Genosha, and seeing how angry you were and how... *smug* he was, I thought I could do us all a favor and convince him to offer help without being... 'clever' about it. Get it done. Like a chore" She sighs and takes another sip. "... Don't know what I was expecting. It's all your fault for not offering work, apparently. He told me to run along and tell you he'd co-operate if you let him." Natasha doesn't tend to sneer. She sneers a little bit. "... Put me to work, I guess." Another drink.
    "... I was trying to think of how to tell you-" and weigh the cost being Loki's errand girl would have on morale, presumably "-when... this all happened. The ambassadorship. It..." she sighs softly, "... got lost. Sorry."

Thor has posed:
    "That sounds like him," Thor says with a nod, then finishes the last of his brandy with a tilt of the glass then leeeeeeans forward and tosses the glass the last litle distance onto the tray, it clinks and clatters and tips over, but Thor's response is to wave a hand at it and adopt a sour look as if he should have expected that to happen.
    "While I do not care on some level to be followed, Natasha, I cannot blame you for it was a wise act. You did not know what would pass with Loki, and did not know what restrictions were on him, you found out I imagine."
    He takes a deep breath, "I do care for my brother, but I recognize the ill he has done. I also recognize that he should have justice. I do not begrudge you your efforts to see that through."
    That said he settles back in his seat and murmurs, "I am mainly mispleased with you for approaching him on your own for he could have hurt you." But then he murmurs, "But that is perhaps knee jerk reaction for I know you can handle yourself." A nod, "With him even."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha nods slowly as Thor speaks, genuinely perplexed not to be shouted at for what most humans would consider a serious breach of trust. Most people don't react well to her duplicity.
    Or maybe just Thor.
    "I..." Natasha gives another small huff and smiles ruefully, "... I'm no God. I was just... counting on him knowing that he'd never get off this planet if he killed me." In retrospect it was still... reckless. That thought almost seems to prompt her forward, as if justifying it to herself. "... He hurt my-" she almost says best friend "-partner. Invaded his mind and made him kill people who trusted him. Threatened to..." Natasha stops. Thor doesn't need to know what he threatened to make Clint do to Natasha before the invasion that brought them all together. She shakes her head. "... It was all I could do to convince Clint not to run off and attack him. I wanted Loki off my planet." She casts her eyes to the side. "... I guess I wasn't thinking clearly either."

Thor has posed:
    A deep breath is taken and Thor looks down. She can likely read it in him, the shift in his shoulders, the darkening of his brow. He ponders the world but a few inches from his boot, then folds his arms over his chest and lets go with that breath as if releasing some internal tension. Blue eyes lift to try and seek her own, to no avail as she looks off to the side.
    Yet that does not stop him from speaking, instead he tells her quietly. "I know he has cost you much, Natasha. And Clint more. At the time we were too taken with what had to be done to stop and take enough of a breath to feel the repercussions of those actions. But after..." His head eases forwards on that last word, as if to lend it emphasis.
    "I know that some of the things Loki has done can never be forgiven. And I feel I am responsible, for he is my brother. Perhaps I set him on this path in some way."
    He uncurls a hand toward her, and if she was closer he would likely try to take hers though he makes no move forward. Aware of her dislike of being touched. "So I understand you did what you felt you had to. And if at some point you and yours must take Loki's life, I will grieve." And he leaves that there.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha puts on a gentle frown when Thor ponders his own blame in Loki's behavior. She's tempted to tell him not to blame himself, but... Humans can scarcely imagine what could build up in a person over thousands of years of life. She doesn't know how people grow and change over that time; nor how wounded feelings could fester and grow. Both Thor and Loki had a long time to become the men they are today, and they could have been very different men when all of this started building.
    Instead she says, "... What's done is done. The past can't be changed. We just have to..." she sighs, "... cope with the present." That's the philosophy that keeps her moving, anyway. If she spared too much time to think about the past, she...
    There's a lot to distract her back there.
    She doesn't take Thor's hand, but smiles softly after glancing at it, as if taking the gesture regardless. "... Thank you for understanding, Thor." She says softly. She closes her eyes. "... We'll do what's neccessary. But..." she opens them again and looks Thor in the eyes, "... *only* what's necessary. I promise." She says, essentially promising Thor her intention not to try to bump off his brother out of conveniance. And, as if thinking of the possible exception to that, she adds: "Clint's smart, he gets it too. He's not... gonna like what we have to tell him, but... I trust him not to fly off the handle as long as he has time to think."

Thor has posed:
    "Very well," Thor says as he eases back into is seat, then he asks her with a faint smile, still that touch of sadness in is eyes. "Do you need anything further of me?" He gestures to the brandy, "If not I will see you in the morning lest you wish to finish off the bottle with me."
    That having been said he reeeeeaches over with his shoe to try and pull the drink cart closer to him without actually getting up, yes it's been that kind of night.
    "I find it helps me to sleep at times."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha smiles softly, and says very quietly "Me too." in regards to... sleeping issues. But she stands slowly and says. "I can't. I've still gotta see if I can catch Clint, and... Fury needs to hear about this sooner rather than later." She may have a bit of thinking to do regardless. Still, she gives a small gracious bow of her head and says "Good night, Thor." before she quietly leaves the room.