6306/Catching Up at Suppertime

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Catching Up at Suppertime
Date of Scene: 22 May 2021
Location: Dining Hall
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Simon Lasker, Alex Summers, Remy LeBeau

Simon Lasker has posed:
People choose all sorts of times to eat at Xavier's. (It is a free campus after all. If you want to go out, or cook something for yourself, you are free to do so.) That said, free food that somebody else made is the most delicious food, so certain times are the most popular. One such time is after food is prepared for a speedster. There are often enough leftovers for multiple people.

Simon is currently unemployed, so grabbing an easy plate of lasagna for example is always something he makes time for. There was a whole table filled with Italian food off to the side, but only a fraction of it is still left. (Of course it is still hot because speedsters)

Simon takes a seat off to the side by a window. It is of course still bright out at this hour because summer, and you can see out into the trees in the back yard.

Alex Summers has posed:
Alex Summers is trying to make more of an effort to be involved in mutant affairs. For the last few months, he's been focused on academic life, as he's writing a thesis in pursuit of his Ph.D.. He also spent some time in Egypt, working on a few archaelogical digs with some old friends.

But his love for the past doesn't mean he can ignore the present, so he's trying to keep in touch with the X-men. If his help is needed, he's happy to provide it. Oh, and he might have a family member or two about here to boot.

Still, nothing wrong with an occasional visitor stealing a yogurt cup and so he has, grabbing one from the communal fridge and walking out into the dining hall, "Hello," he says to Simon.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Whistling as he walks into the dining hall, Remy has a plate of mac and cheese with cut up hot dogs mixed in and he's got a handle of a fork hanging out, burried under the cheesey snack. Most people tend to think he knows how to cook, but in reality, he likes to eat more than cook, and he's not all that good at it.

    The man wears a pink t-shirt tucked into a pair of jeans over a pair of old no longer white and black converse. He sits down at the table and looks towards Simon with a wave and then turns more towards Alex and gives a nod, "Surprised your brother didn't show yesterday, things might have gone smoother had either of you been around, but I think we made do."

Simon Lasker has posed:
Simon gives Alex a lukewarm greeting. Simon is not a particullarly academic sort, so he doesn't usually spend much time with the people in grad school. Besides, most people that far along are like 26 and that is old by his standards. Alex isn't that old, but he is new-ish. Then again, if Simon were more studious, he would be one of the few people to complete the entirety of their highschool career at Xavier's, so perhaps new is a relative statement.

Gambit then arives with his own food, and starts talking about something Simon hasn't heard about. He tries to disguise his curiosity as polite interest. "That sounds interesting. What happened?" Hey some people might be fooled.

Alex Summers has posed:
Alex Summers smiles thinly at Remy, "If my brother wasn't there, then I'm sure some sort of world-threatening crisis was on the verge of happening, capable of being stopped only by the direct attention of Scott 'Cyclops' Summers. That or he saw a redhead. Either one is fully capable of distracting him," he smiles.

"Not that I judge. I'm just less picky about the hair colors."

"But I'm with him, what happened?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Dat seems like a valid theroem Alex." Remy says before taking a bite and chewing on it slowly, moving his fork through the air as he chews, signalling that he has more to say, "'Cept de redhead, she was wit' us." The cajun says with a wiggle of his eyebrows. "And she's scary."

    Turning to face towards Simon, "Dere was an attack in Times Square yesterday, middle of de mornin' rush hour, an' some teleporter was doin' her nasty work. So we 'adta stop 'er." Thick with his cajun accent today, the theif makes it so und like he was much more involved than Alex could assume he was.

Simon Lasker has posed:
Simon snorts at Alex's joke. Its not so much that he dislikes Scott (Although there is some of that. Simon has recieved enough detention from him to have an opinion on the man.) Its more that he has his own issues with /HIS/ family, so he appreciates that kind of humor.

"That sounds like it certainly livened up some commutes. What kind of nasty work, and did the people on the recieving end deserve it?" Simon is of course extremely unbiased when it comes to these things. Paragon of neutrality he is.

Alex Summers has posed:
Alex Summers shakes his head, "You'd think those types would pick more out of the way places for mayhem. Doing it in the middle of Times Square is just begging to be smacked around. If not by the X-men, then by the Avengers or some other costumed outfit."

He takes another spoon of his yogurt, leaning against the windowsill and propping up his feet on a chair. "She seem to have any agenda or just out to tear things down for the sake of tearing them down?" he asks.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "It was..." Remy makes a fist to pound at his chest to try and help the mac down before shaking his head. "Someone got cut in half... I don't think anyone deserves to be cut in half." Remy then looks back to Alex and shrugs his shoulders. "She was after an armored car full of cash... who knows what for, I don't think Jean pried it out of her before putting the girl under." Remy says with a frown. "Gruesome."

Simon Lasker has posed:
Simon makes affirmative noises at Alex's comment about how doomed crim in Times Square is. "There was even one robbery I saw that got ambushed by a dragon in the bank vault. Robbers can't catch a break."

Simon shows what for him is an admirable level of restraint by not making some snyde comment at Remy's comment about nobody deserving to be cut in half. "Maybe she did find out, but either it was super embarassing or classified." Wild speculation is one of Simon's favorite hobbies.

Alex Summers has posed:
Alex Summers winces a bit at the idea of someone being cut in half, "No, I don't suppose so. Logan would probably disagree. If anybody's done some justified splitting of body parts, I imagine it's him."

"I don't think it much matters what the motivation is behind greed. I guess if she was stealing the money to pay for someone's organ transplants or something, but what are the odds of that, really? Being murderous in the attempt kind of outweighs any potential humanitarian counterbalance."

"And I think that dragon thing was in a Harry Potter movie, wasn't it?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "I must have missed the dragon in the bank, dat sounds wild." Remy says with a chuckle before his face gets a bit more serious as he recalls yesterday's madness. "Yeah, it wasn't exactly altruism that motivated her actions. The girl was nutso. Off her rocker." The man says with a shrug of his shoulders and a pause as he looks down at his food. Suddenly he gets up and picks up his plate. "Ah got some reports t'do, catch up with you both laters." The cajun notes as he moves out of the dinning room.