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For Those Forgotten
Date of Scene: 23 May 2021
Location: Centennial Park - New Troy
Synopsis: Terry and Kian run into Superboy. Terry's mother embarrasses him. Don't ask bout the Pool Incident.
Cast of Characters: Terry O'Neil, Kian, Jon Kent

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Being in the public eye as a superhero means doing things other than punching people wanting to take over the world.  In fact, in a properly-managed team, some theorists have stated, your average hero will spend more time not punching people than actually punching them.
    But what do theorists know, anyway?
    "—so the Metropolis Coalition for the Homeless is organizing this.  It's pretty impressive to see the talent they got to show up, too."  Terry isn't referring to himself—in fact, he's not here in his heroic capacity but as a member of the press covering the event.  Nevertheless, he considered this would be a good educational experience for Kian, by way of culture shock.
    The open-air fundraiser appeared to be a success, with bands donating live music, restaurants donating catering, and even some local celebrities to provide color and extra incentives for ticket-buyers.  Keeping an eye on the proceedings, the redhead takes copious pictures for the online version of the site.  "Over at your planet, how do they deal with social issues?  I've got to admi- oh, look, there's mom!"
    Agatha is a ways off volunteering at one of the food tables.  The line is too crowded for her to see his wave, so he gives up after a few seconds.  "…where was I?"

Kian has posed:
    Kían sticks close to Terry, partly out of affection, partly because he doesn't know where they are going.
    Mostly because he finds large gatherings of people to be unnerving.  Evil versions of his friends, robot spiders and black holes?  He can do that.  Many, many people?  That's another matter entirely.
    "I… we do not haf homeless people.  My home was assign to me by the clan… it has probably been gif to someone else by now.  I guess that iss not done here?"  He shakes his head.  "Your people do not min' livin' close together, why not build more towers for them?"
    Again, he shakes his head.  "I know, you are goin' to say it iss politics an' difficult because everythin' iss politics an' difficult on Earth."
    He follows Terry's pointing finger and makes an educated guess which person he's talking about.  "I haf not met your q'chal… sorry, your mother yet," he remarks, "an' you were tryin' to explain why people haf to get together to provide what should be a birth-right."

Jon Kent has posed:
    It was difficult to find a kid who wouldn't give his name.  Much worse when people found out that the kid was actually superhuman.
    The Coalition had approached Jon following the news report, and with much diligence, they found him distributing meals in Suicide Slum.  Jon had approached not from the sky, but from the ticket line, purchasing his own ticket for the event, because it was a good cause, cash of course.
    He was dressed in his Superman hoodie, those same (clean) ripped jeans, and his red Chuck Taylors.  He spent some time in the crowd, having fun and giving as much time to talk and smile and even pose for a photo or two, or fifty.
    "That's cause money has a grip on how we live," Jon comments behind the two.  "Sorry, I didn't mean to eavesdrop.  But he's right," he comments, gesturing to Kian.  "It is politics, even though it shouldn't be."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "You know, you're right—a year and you still haven't met my mother.  She did ask me to invite people over for Thanksg—a certain holiday, but I felt it wouldn't have been the right time."  He clears his throat, and he's about to say something in response to Kian when someone butts in.
    Normally, he doesn't invite eavesdroppers butting into his conversations, but a quick scan of the hoodie and the face, and Terry's reservations evaporate and one of his eyebrows lifts.
    "…A money thing—actually, I haven't quite explained the concept of money to him just yet.  Baby steps."  Which is why he started with homelessness, right?  It makes sense.  In Looking-Glass Land.  "But I do believe we've stumbled upon a find.  The docks, pyrokinetic mutant, a month or so ago—remember me?"
    It is very likely that Jon does not.  Mostly because Terry isn't wearing his feline form right now.  If the kid is from the future, if he doesn't recognize him like this might be something that will make Terry ask some uncomfortable questions to himself about his potential future.

Kian has posed:
    "Kya!"  Kían's wings start to spread, but he arrests the motion before accidentally whacking anyone.  "Who—you know him, of course, Terry.  I think you know everyone sometimes."
    He bows in greeting to the newcomer, introducing himself, and then says to Terry, "I haf been told what money is.  I jus' do not haf a clear understandin' of where it comes from an' why."

Jon Kent has posed:
    "I remember being there.  But not you? You remind me of someone… else."  Though he can't quite put his finger on it.
    Bowing back to Kian, Jon gives a smile.  "I wish I could give you a half-decent reason.  I have yet to find one.  A piece of paper that says this is worth something is kinda… lame."
    "So, friends, what brings you to the fundraiser?  Just helping out?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "Oh, I was there.  You probably didn't get a good look because of, you know, everything being on fire."  The redhead grins.  "You're the superboy from the future.  I'm Terry O'Neil—Daily Planet.  I'm here covering the event.  My mother is volunteering over there…"  He points in a vague direction, where a mane of red hair is busy buzzing to and from the food tables with refills for the different stations.  "And I brought Kian with me to introduce him to what other social beneficence activities we get involved with.  Until now, he's mostly been exposed to alien invasions and supervillains crashing in, so I thought this would be a good change of pace.  And you're helping out as well?"

Kian has posed:
    "An' I am not understandin' why it should be needed because where I am from, a home iss a birth right.  But I haf long since learned that Earth does not do thin's in a sensible way."  Kían smiles.  "Or at least a way I think iss sensible."
    He leans in a little closer to Terry, seeming to feel the eyes on them—on him.  "An' what are we suppose to do here?  Are we goin' to build houses for people?"

Jon Kent has posed:
    Jon's cheeks blush as Terry mentions from the future.  "Yeah, how about not saying that out loud from now on?  Not exactly something I want people to know, y'know?"
    "Oh, the Planet.  Cool.  The Coalition asked me to show up, after that news piece on my activities around Metropolis helping the hungry.  I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to do though.  So, I've just been having fun around here."
    Jon gives a nod back to Kian.  "I agree.  But I also can't change the world like that.  Not by myself."  Then to the birdperson's final question: "People are supposed to be contributing to the charity so they can help more people."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "Promise me an exclusive interview and I won't mention it," Terry says, completely deadpan for five seconds, then he adds, "That's a joke.  If I don't at least make a perfunctory effort to request one, Lois would assign me to the pet show beat.  But I do have to ask where is it that you're hanging out while you are… visiting this… time zone."  Smooth, O'Neil, smooth.
    He glances at Kian.  "Well.  Money is, basically, a tool of exchange.  Depending on who you ask, the basis of it is many different things, but an explanation I read that seemed the least tangled was that it is something that symbolizes time and labor put in that can be exchanged for other time and labor or goods and services.  It replaced direct exchange such as, for example, paying someone in egg—er, bacon in exchange for them fixing your roof, because exchange was limited.  Some people didn't need what you were offering.  So money kind of developed as a higher abstraction than the direct change of specific goods for specific goods."  Terry waves at the event.  "And events like these are geared towards people to contribute that resource in order to fund programs, shelters, et cetera."

Kian has posed:
    "But wouldn't it be easier if homes were just assigned… nnh.  I know," Kían says wearily, "I know.  Earth does thin's different.  I think Earth does it wrong… but… nnh."
    He shakes his head, as if trying to clear it.  "If I am goin' to live on this world now, do I haf to think this is normal?"

Jon Kent has posed:
    "Lois?  Lois Lane?" Jon asks, a little genuinely, and a little shocked.  "You could have had an interview just by asking," he answers after, moving back to nod in agreement.  "Oh I have a place to stay with my parents."  Though, that hoodie and jeans of his are getting small, he's going to need to get a new costume for Superboy work.  "Dad found me when I showed up in this… time zone."  A scant second or two pass before Jon winks with his right eye, emphatically.
    "You'll find earthlings don't like to be told what to do, or where to live, or how to live their lives," he adds in for Kian.  "But it would help if there were places we could have that would help those who need it."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "How many people do live on your planet, Kian?  Just out of curiosity's sake?  You all have that wingspan and like a lot of space, so I am assuming the population density is lower than Earth's.  Or… there's a whole bunch of trees just everywhere."  The redhead grins and winks at the avian.
    Green eyes turn to Jon.  "Oh yeah, Lois—she's my boss.  She also says I'm like a little brother to her, but I suspect that is because half of the time she wants to chuck me out the window."  He chuckles.  "But she's one damned fine journalist.  Funny, though… for all that she knows Superman, the only times I've actually interacted with the Big Blue happened when the world was in danger or something like that, never around Lois.  I wonder if she's holding out on me or something!"  He grins.
    "You know, you're in our age range… have you thought of maybe dropping by the Titans while you are in… the zone?  Supergirl's there…."
    He pauses, and seems to think of something.  "So the House of El symbol… do you wear it because you're actually Of The Family, or is it something of an homage?  I'm only asking because I had Supergirl on my show before… they went on that trip, and she showed me that beautiful robe of hers with all of the symbols…."

Kian has posed:
    Kían blinks.  "That... iss more than I can convert in my head," he says a little blankly.  "I know about the number in our counting, but not how many that iss in yours.  In our countin' it iss about five an' a half billion*, so it will be much less in yours.  An' almos' twice that on the homeworld."  He ruffles Terry's hair.  "An' you haf seen my home in my mind.  You know how we liff."

Jon Kent has posed:
    "Oh, she's your boss, huh?"  Thanks mom, never mentioned that little bit in 2040.  "Supergirl, sure.  Couldn't hurt to say hi.  Oh, yeah, it's an homage.  My real sigil is… not friendly on this planet.  My dad is… General Zod."  About five seconds pass before he gives a big wink.  "No, I really belong to the House of El."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    For a moment, Terry freezes, before laughing—"Oh god… okay.  I was going to give you the news that a couple of weeks ago I glitter-bombed your dad.  Whew."  He grins at Kian.  "You must admit that that was a stroke of genius.  Pure chaos.  Woosh.  I'm more proud of that than when I redirected his own beam at him with my Rabbit Hole."
    "So you are related to the Big Blue.  That's good.  Zod having offspring… no, I don't think anyone kneels before Zod."
    Before Terry can go into more detail, a clear voice interrupts him.
    "Terry—there you are."  Agatha O'Neil is an imposing woman.  Willowy.  Not necessarily good-looking but nevertheless with striking facial features and a mane of red hair.  "I'm taking a break and I thought I'd come say hi.  These are your friends from the Titans?"
    Because of course, who else would the diminutive winged man and the boy in the Super-duds be.
    "Oh—heh, mom.  This is Kian."  He puts an arm around the birdman's waist and nods at his mother, and with a hand he gestures, "and this is Superboy.  I told you about him—the burning boat—"
    "Oh yes.  I remember."  The woman's green eyes, another point of resemblance, rest on Terry briefly with a sign of disapproval.  "It's been a while since you were on the swimming team, Terry.  I really wish you would have taken a life vest with you—"

Kian has posed:
    "Bein' glittered by you iss not that strange, Terry," Kían says with a smirk.  "You haf done it before.  An' not jus' to dik-heds."
    Yup, the damage done by Cyborg to Kían's command of English is permanent.
    This is when Hurricane Agatha makes landfall.  He backs up a step and bows in greeting, lower than usual.  Terry may or may not have noticed that the lower the bow, the more formal.  "Kié, q'chal t'Téri.  I am please to meet you at las'."  He sounds quite respectful.  Granted, he usually does, but noticeably moreso than usual.

Jon Kent has posed:
    "Hello Ma'am," Jon greets in response.  But then she lambasts Terry about a life vest.  At least he wouldn't get that from his own mom, at least, not in this time.  "Not to poke holes, but doesn't doing something before and doing it again kinda… un-chaotic?"
    "Oh, I barely know Kryptonian.  I was born here on Earth.  But if you want, I can ask you where the bathroom is!"  Oh, so sophisticated.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Agatha appraises Kian, and she smiles at him.  "Hello, Kian, it is nice to meet you as well.  My son has told me all about you."  Beat.  "You are a very patient person."
    Before Terry can say anything, she is paying attention to Jon.  "You would think that, but my son finds a way to make a habit out of repeated chaos.  I once was called the Rector's office because he filled the swimming pool with—"
    "Why would you look at the time?  Half your break is over, mom!  Don't let me keep you!  I'm just going to get Kian over to the hot dog stand and get him to sample what bratwursts taste like!  Come on!"  Grabbing Kian and Jon by the arm, he starts marching.
    Agatha's voice sails mellifluously towards the trio as Terry tries his best to drag them away: "Lunch on Sunday, Terry—remember!"

Kian has posed:
    The birdman smiles very slightly at Agatha.  "You are not the firs' person to tell me that," he remarks, glancing at Terry, and further conversation is cut off by being yanked in the direction of food.
    Funny thing about contact telepaths—which Kían is, and you'd think Terry would know better than to grab him after having an incident from his past brought up unexpectedly.
    Without thinking, Kían just stops, and stares at his friend.  "Red dye an'…" he says, and does not finish the sentence.  "So you haf been an agen' of chaos since long before your rhy'thar appeared… but why?"

Jon Kent has posed:
    "What in the wor—woah!" Jon says as they are marched away.  Jon not providing any effort against Terry.  "Nice to meet you, have a fun time!" He calls back, before saying to Terry.  "You're lucky I didn't want to know what you did…."  Of course, a Kryptonian wouldn't need move if they didn't want to.
    Jon's Chucks quit dragging on the pavement as he continues.  "So… that was fun, kinda… makes me miss my mom."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "I… was protesting the church's attitude towards women and I thought I was being clever, okay?  I clearly didn't think things all the way through.  I thought red food coloring and a box of tampons would drive the point home.  Instead, the pool looked like a murder scene at a Proctor and Gamble store."
    They get to the hot dog stand and Terry takes the liberty of ordering for Kian—to ensure the best taste possible.
    Then, something goes 'click' in his brain, and he turns around to look at Jon.  "Wait, you said you were living with your parents here, but you're missing ."  He pauses.  "Oh.  Right.  You miss your mom as she's going to be.  Not as she is now…."  He raises an eyebrow.  "How… did she take the… you know.  The fact that you're her…."

Kian has posed:
    Kían glances skyward as if requesting some sort of divine intervention—none seems to be forthcoming.  "I am not even goin' to try to pretend I understood that," he says, taking the dog and regarding it curiously a moment before taking an experimental bite.
    It appears to meet with his approval.
    "I worry some times about all the time travel that iss goin' on.  Time has a bad habit of breakin' physics.  There are theories that the time line iss self-healin'… but they are not proven."

Jon Kent has posed:
    "It's that… yeah.  And my parents aren't… married yet."  Jon smiled sheepishly, of course, it was awkward turtle. "She took it…okay?  I dunno, I think it kinda… broke her mind a bit."
    Jon futzes a little with his shaggy hair before he rests his eyes on the hot dog stand.  "Oh!  I'll have one with mustard and sauerkraut please!"
    Superboy took out some money, and handed it over.  "Yeah… we are trying to figure out how to send me back.  Cause… I didn't mean to get here before I was born.  I just tried to get back home.  The last thing I wanted was to get McFly'd out of… oh you probably haven't seen that.  Umm.  I am trying to make sure I don't… ensure I am… never born."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "Please.  Mom made me watch almost every movie from her childhood.  I'll see your Back to the Future and raise you Adventures in Babysitting and an unnaturally hot Vince D'Onofrio, okay?"
    He glances over at Kian and raises an eyebrow.  "Well.  I mean, if spacetime can survive what I do to it, I'm pretty sure time can survive some crossover strays.  I mean, this is the third future offspring."  He reaches over and ruffles Jon's hair, because it is there.  "Impulse.  Kid Flash.  We're basically chock-full of future descendants.  Another reason you should consider joining, Supes.  You'd be with people your age."  Time travel joke.  Bad.

Kian has posed:
    "An' droppin' innocen' birdmen through holes in it.  Maybe spacetime does not need to be worry about."  Kían takes another bite of his dog and chews thoughtfully.  "For all I know I fell through time as well as space… c'Rhys'yw."
    Another bite.
    "These are good."

Jon Kent has posed:
    "Oh, I meant that for Kian… I figured you'd seen Back to the Future, Terry," Jon says with a smile.  "H-hey!"  Jon musses back his hair, it's messy in a very specific way, of course.
    Taking a bite of his bratwurst, Jon closes his eyes in ecstasy.  "Ooh, yeah, perfectly sour."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "Well, if you traveled through time, Kian, we'll just have to figure a way to send you back if we must."  He pauses to grab a napkin from the stand and to buy himself some bottled water.  "IF we must.  For all of its relative cramped spaces compared to your home, you must admit there's something special about Earth."
    He glances at his phone and hmphs.  "I should get back to taking pictures.  You should think about joining—come by and we'll introduce you to the gang, Superboy.  Raven is super friendly."  Quick glance to Kian.  "Anyways, I have to do journalist stuff.  You guys can hang out or come along, I still have about an hour to go before I'm done here… I want to make sure I get a few good takes of the bands.  But maybe we should get together at the tower and show Kian some movies.  Like Hitchcock's 'The Birds'.  He'd enjoy that one," he says, grinning.

Kian has posed:
    "An' I really do not wan' to go back for more than to let my family an' frien's know that I am well, since they do not know what happen to me," Kían says, finishing his dog.
    Terry gets a quick hug, and Jon a bow.  "I will not inter-fere wit' your work, tenár'h.  I think I will go see if I can he'p somewhere.  It iss nice to meet you, Super-boy, maybe I will see you at the Tower."
    Maybe it's coincidental that the table he heads for is the one staffed by Agatha O'Neil… and maybe it's not.

Jon Kent has posed:
    "Nice to meet you, Kian!  And you, Terry," Jon bids them both.  "But Terry, I'm from a different time-zone, not a different Earth, nice try though."  Apparently Raven is still… Raven in the future.

* - For the terminally curious, that's about 750 million in base 10.