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Themysciran Arts
Date of Scene: 26 May 2021
Location: Courtyard and Arena
Synopsis: The Themysciran Arts Center debuts its offerings to the public. The Center will be a bastion of immersing the public of the mortal world in all things related to paradise island. Caitlin Fairchild is welcomed in to the Amazon ranks, and a squirrel eats a hot dog that is bigger than its own body.
Cast of Characters: Diana Prince, Terry O'Neil, Caitlin Fairchild, Cassie Sandsmark, Natasha Cranston, Doreen Green, Kaida Connolly, Harley Quinn, Gar Logan, Dick Grayson, Henry Devine, Donna Troy, Kian, Stephanie Brown, Nadia Pym-van Dyne, Abigail Brand, Phoebe Beacon, Hippolyta

Diana Prince has posed:
The Themysciran Arts Center, a project in development for several years, is now finally open to the public. A three story tall building that has had its facade altered to the stylings of the Themysciran people's architectural designs. The main attraction is the Arena that sits on the north side of the courtyard.

The arena is a towering structure that looks imposing, unless it were side by side with the structure that it is based upon. The actual Arena is on the island of Themyscira itself, but this version is scaled down and meant to be a loving memorial to its larger sibling. Currently there are already audience participantss in the stands of the arena and they are enjoying what is the starting ceremonies of a full Amazonian skills show. Amazons mounted on horseback, or on foot within the arena's grounds, are preparing to put on a show for the party-goers who wish to spend their time within the Arena observing it.

In the courtyard itself, with guests having already arrived and more filing in, Diana is stepping on to the stage, dressed in a shimmering close-fit number that is two toned in crimson red that glitters down in to a golden hue around her legs. Her arms are left bare, along with her shoulders and neckline and her hair is tied up in to an elaborate style on the crown of her head. She's wearing lovely jewelry to accentuate her dress, and her makeup is done up perfectly upon the sculpted features of her face.

"Well hello." The Princess says in to the microphone on the stage, a big smile on her crimson hued lips as she looks out at those settled in, and settling in. She even waves to some of the people here already who are calling out to her. She laughs softly as well, clearly very happy about tonight and everything that is to come.

"It is... a remarkable feeling to finally be here, welcoming all of you to this place." Diana continues. "Please, do enjoy your evening here and feel free to look around the whole building. Enjoy drinks, the music and the show that will be ongoing in the Arena all evening." She pauses for just a moment, pressing her fingertips together in front of her stomach. "Tonight marks the first night that the Themysciran people are opening up our traditions, our culture, our lives to the world at-large. We hope that this is not the last night that you will visit the Arts Center of our people. You are invited here as often as you wish to come to join in the activities offered by this wonderful facility. But in the now, in the moment of celebration that we enjoy tonight... I hope that you simply have a look around, and maybe a few drinks too." She grins out at the crowd.

"Also, in a short few moments from now we will be conducting a ceremony to welcome our newest Amazon, Like the sweet and lovely Cassandra Sandsmark before her, this is our second American-born young woman to make it through the trials of the Amazon warrior, and we are very excited to publicly present her to you all tonight. She, and Cassandra, represent a desire that the Themyscirans wish to push further toward, a desire for inclusion and welcoming new individuals-- in a variety of ways --to our society as we march ever further toward a more open and united presence amongst the people of our world."

After another small pause of smiling and reacting to the crowd, Diana motions toward everyone. "Now please, mingle, enjoy the atmosphere and all the free drinks. Responsibly of course.!"

The Princess then moves to walk off of the stage to allow the musicians from Themyscira to begin to play their song on the stage before the party's attendees.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry had absoutely agonized about what to wear for this. He certainly couldn't wear what he wore for the Embassy party, because that had been in the fall and this was the summer and he would absolutely melt under a tux in the summer night heat. And, besides, it was the Themysciran /Arts/ center, he had to somehow wear something that acknowledged the occasion.

He finally decided on something, for better or worse, and so he decided to attend in his human form- after all, he was in a somewhat official capacity as a Planet cub reporter to cover the event, and his secret identity as the cheshire cat was well known anyways.

"I hope I don't look ridiculous-" he mutters to Gar as they enter. The redhead is attired in a whine /chitoniskos/ with geometric embellishment along the shoulders and the hem in cerulean blue, with a zoster belt worn at the waist. Instead of going bare-legged, he is wearing a pair of cerulean-blue slacks and a pair of leather pedilas in the same shade of blue. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

"Did you know that red hair used to be admired in ancient greece because it was so rare?" he quips to his companions as they enter. "Probably because there weren't any gingers around. Gingers hanging out in the mediterranean wearing as little as they wore would probably have burst into flames..."

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin's looking a little nervous at the reception. She's lurking at the edges, trying not to be a spectacle in the armor Donna recommended she wear.

"I feel silly," she hisses at Donna. "I'm the only person wearing armor. Is this sending the right message?" One of the Amazons walks past; Caitlin pauses her with a touch to the arm, and points at the wineglass in her hand. "Can I steal that, sister?" she begs. The Amazon quirks a brow at Donna, but nods assent and hands the goblet to Caitlin.

The redhead takes a few quick sips from the potent brew, and fans herself with her free hand. "I'm really warm. It's warm in here. Are you warm?" She bobbles on the balls of her feet and fiddles with the half-cloak hanging behind her right hip. Gold and silver armor with intricate embellishments, split leather skirt, greaves and vambraces; she carries a long dagger hilted at the small of her back, but no other weapon is immediately visible. Prudently, her hair's tied into a single thick red braid that hangs over her left shoulder to ensure the armor doesn't pinch any stray hairs.

"I feel like everyone's looking at me."

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Amazon ceremonies! This is so Cassie's jam!

As Diana takes center strage, her protege and SIDEKICK follows in her wake, ultimately claiming an appropriate flanking (you know, on the SIDE) position. She is very fond of pomp and circumstance events like this, mostly because she gets to wear fancy high fashion grown-up clothes that she'd never otherwise be able to afford. Tonight, is a gold halter dress, back and shoulders bare with her only slightly less golden hair up in a Themysciran updo. So fancy! She is just beaming smiles at the whole thing. Also following up to the stage, although standing somewhat back to avoid the spotlight as much as is humanly possible is her mother, Helena Sandsmark, who, speaking of 'humanly,' is the main non-Amazonian force behind the new Art Center. No doubt, she will be out circulating in to glad-hand some of the arts and museum crowd that has showed up, no doubt to solicit more funding and otherwise handle all those little mundane details that she believes to be well below the concern of someone like Diana Prince!

But Cassie is very happy being in the lights, and stands with her hands clasped at her back, swaying lightly as if she has more energy than she can fully contain. But when Diana gets to the part about Caitlin (and her, by association! 'sweet and lovely'? Gosh Di, you're making her blush!) she grins and turns in some direction, presumably the CAITLIN direction, wherever she's at, to beam encouragement in her direction.

Once Diana abandons the stage, she does the same!

As it turns out, Helena actually CAN'T dodge the spotlight, as after her daughter and friend both abandon the place, she steps forward to give a very BORING speech thanking various people who helped make the evening - and the Art Center itself - possible. She's actually pretty good at this stuff, if dry!

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    Just the word 'Themyscira' has businessmen and negotiators throughout the country either screaming or salivating -- Salivating at the promise of an entirely new market for their offerings and potential new resources; screaming because the Amazons steadfastly - if politely - decline to join the global economy. They aren't playing by the usual rules -- and worse yet, no one has the leverage to compel them to; what's a mostly-honest businessman to do?

    The above is one of the reasons why, when the invitation to this opening arrived, Natasha's public relations director spent nearly two hours begging her as diplomatically as possible to /please/ behave herself for once and make a good impression on the Amazons.

    Natasha sighs fondly to herself at the memory; Daniel's a decent man and he does his best; perhaps she shouldn't wind him up so badly -- but then again, she does have a cover to maintain. For now, simply stands with the rest of the audience, applauding politely as Ambassador Prince's speech winds down before making her way to the nearest drinks table, exchanging pleasantries with acquaintances along the way while her mind ponders the Amazon Princess' comments. Another new honorary Amazon? That hadn't been announced; she vaguely wonders who had been found worthy -- it should be interesting to see...

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen Green arrives phone in hand and Tippy-Toe peeking out from her jacket. She's looking around, a big grin on her face, "Wow this place is huge!" She's livestreaming of course, the event getting free publicity to all of her subscribers, "You definitely want to be here if you're in or near New York City tonight, there's no sign of villains, and everyone's probably too drunk to be scared anyway!"

"So if any villains are out there right now watching this, don't bother showing up, you'll probably just make everyone puke.." She turns the camera to the stage when Diana begins her speech. When she finishes, Doreen is still all smiles, "And that was the wonderful Wonder Woman! Just another reason for the bad guys to stay home am I right? Seriously.. talking to YOU Mysterio! Or Carnage.. or Doctor Octopus.. or Rhino.. or.. you get the picture!"

Kaida Connolly has posed:
Kaida has but one outfit. She wears it well! She doesn't dress up for any occasion because all occasions call for the same outfit. Upon arrival, she smiles, adjusts her sword hilt and strides confidently into the place. Under some circumstances, she might draw attention but not under these circumstances as she is only six inches tall. She sure is confident, though. She gives a nod to Terry and Gar as she passes by them, not even caring if they can see her or not. Polite is polite, after all. She instead makes her way toward the most important of things to be seen here. The finger foods! She leaps up to wear they are and giggles maniacally.

"Excellent spread and all mine for the taking!" She laughs a little and then procures a couple of toothpicks, wielding htem like rapiers in each hand and suddenly is a speedy little ball of movement that leaps off the edge of the table in a flip, lands with a flourish and proceeds to bite a hunk of cheese right off the side of one of those toothpicks.

She then meanders off toward a large mural, flipping up and landing on a placard of another display so she can better observe the mural.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Amazonian skill shows? Meeting some old and new friends? The opportunity to showoff her dashing wardrobe? Harley wouldn't miss it for the world! So here she is in all her magnificent glory!

The clownette wanders into the place with quite the punk rock chic outlook, her hair up and edged to one side in a rather bright neon pink, spiked in parts. Black makeup contrasts with the paleness of her skin, glossy ruby lips though it's when one reaches the outfit that the punk truly shines out. Her chest is covered with a black blazer, gold cuff buttons and giving the impression of having nothing further underneath. She wears a blue and red necktie that goes on the outside, almost down to her navel. Below she wears a neon blue ballet skirt along with stockings all ripped up, almost as if they had been given to an hyena or two to have fun with (hint: they were). On her feet a pair of black, metal-studded boots. Punk chic!

She walks in just in time for Diana's speech to start, waving up effusively at her and then cheering at the announcement there will be a new Amazon being inducted tonight. "Don't need ta tell me twice about the free drinks!"

She then starts creeping around, spotting a certain redhead and his partner and approaches from behind to wrap arms about both Gar and Terry if they are together. "I knew ya guys wouldn't miss this foh the woahld! D'ya guys know who the new Amazon gonna be?" she asks with a big grin in her face. "Also, wheah's the drinks?"

Gar Logan has posed:
"I dunno, but you'll never look that ridiculous as long as I'm around," Gar says to Terry as they enter together. "You should have seen the tiger-print suit and pants I was /this close/ to rocking. All eyes would have been on me. But then I found this."

'This' is a black tuxedo, with a red bowtie, but where it diverges from being normal and veers into the realm of 'flashy' is in the groupings of peacock feathers worked into the right arm and left breast and shoulder, enough to flutter as he walks, or when hit with a breeze. It's probably one of the classiest things he's worn in who knows /how/ long, with just the right touch of flamboyancy and color to go along with his unnatural green.

Besides, the peacock has significance in Greek mythology as well.

OOC: https://i.imgur.com/C8ijYgd.jpg

Nudging Terry in the side, he adds, "What should we check out first?" after a few words have been said by Diana.

Before getting too far along with that, he stops to size Harley up and down, noting what she's got herself done up in. "Hey, Harley. I think we have an idea, but I don't want to give it away yet." Unless it's already been made obvious, mind. "And check you out."

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen is of course wearing her usual clothing because in her mind a superhero always needs to be ready! And she is definitely a professional superhero! She turns her phone a bit so that her camera is facing the entrance just as Harley enters, "And guys look! It's Harley! Met her in Gotham a few months ago!" She starts waving at Harley, "Hey Harley! Over here!"

Tippy-Toe is squeaking but it's hard to hear her above the sounds of people, clinking glasses, and other ambient noise. Doreen on the other hand is quiet able to make herself heard above the dull roar.

Even still she begins to head in Harley's direction just in case her clown friend can't hear her.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick somehow manages to make a tux look comfortable despite the summer heat. Another miracle of modern fabrics, access to a great designer and virtually unlimited funds which lets him look as good on a warm summer evening as in an air conditioned ballroom. He arrived slightly before the speech opening the event, with a stunning blonde on his arm. Strangely, it's the same stunning blonde that's been on his arm for months now, a fact which has most of the female Gotham socialites crying in their various drinks.

He stands quietly, holding Steph's hand during Diana's speech, applauding politely when she finishes, then leads Steph over to the bar where he collects a simple club soda for himself, leaving her to order what she'd like. As she does, he comments to her, "Quite a crowd, they got a great turnout for this. Should be an interesting night."

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Once they're off the stage, Cassie can revert to her usual level of pomp and formality, which is to say, nearly zero. She sways as even twirls she follows after Di, almost orbiting the older Amazon, while looking this way and that at the crowds, and especially eying the refreshments, popular as those are. "So I'll forgive you being a couple days late, but this is a hell of a birthday party, just for meeeee!"

A joke! Though Cassie did in fact just have a birthday! She is still, in fact, not old enough to legally drink. She nonetheless is absolutely with Harley as far as PRIORITIES go. And right now her mom is still on stage being distracted with her VERY SERIOUS adult business, rambling about donors and other very boring details, so she sees a chance. "I'm gonna go grab some refreshments. You want anything?" From her experience, she knows Diana will be mobbed with well-wishers and people just eager to meet THE Wonder Woman, so she's making herself useful like a good sidekick. Yep, that's it. No ulterior motives here.

Off she goes, toward BOOZE and maybe cheese and crackers.

Henry Devine has posed:
Good smells were coming from this place. Food. Exotic juice. Floor wax. And book smell, oooh, book smell was always a good smell. But this party that people were throwing? Looked ritsy. High profile. Ratchet needed a perfect disguise for something like this. He'd watched a lot of spy movies on DVD, a couple on VHS. He knew his stuff.

And so, in comes the mutant himself, wearing a pin-stripe stripe suit that was...more costume than suit, scuffed dress shoes that didn't exactly fit his rat-feet, and the creme de le...the coo-day gr...the big THING to tie this all together: a pair of moustachio-glasses poorly elastic-banded to his snout. Even with his fur, there'd be absolutely no way anyone could pick him out of a crowd, the small mutant had thought of EVERYthing. Now, it was just a matter of getting fed, hydrated and making it back out into the night...

...Maybe after some stories though. These Them-is-scarians sounded really strong and cool! The super important lady was a princess too...maybe? Probably. Eighty-five percent sureness on that one. Nodding his head, Ratchet slipped through the mingling crowds, clopping steathily along in his dress shoes towards some of the food and drink tables perched outside.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna Troy of the Titans is dressed as few in America have seen her dressed before. Her hair is up in an elaborate bundle of fine braids threaded with a net of golden wires and separated at the front with a slender diadem of gold, below which her bangs are arranged into numerous fine curls held in place over her brow with fragranced oil. Her dress is a formal chiton reaching to her ankles in a deep sea blue, pinned into complicated folds with leaf-shaped pins of gold that glimmer as she moves, and gathered to her shoulders with a pair of jeweled clasps. The hem of the dress is decorated with alternating bands of Greek key patterning in brilliant saffron and a subtle purple that almost merges into the blue of the dress. On her feet she wears strapped sandals of soft leather, tooled with floral patterns and inlaid with gold leaf. For once, it seems, she's playing the Themysciran princess.

    While Diana is getting the party started, Donna -- or Troia, to use her real Themysciran name -- is in meet and greet mode, greeting as many of the visitor to the event as possible as they come in.

    "Of course everyone is looking at you Cait, you look magnificent", she hisses to Caitlin standing at her side. "And yes it's sending the right message. Now relax!" Her voice rises to a more public level as she calls out greeting. "Terry! Gar! Welcome. You both look?" she stops for just the briefest of moments to contemplate Gar's outfit. "Magnificent! And there were plenty of gingers around. Red hair was very common amongst the barbarian Thracians. It is true that in ancient Greece there red-heads had a reputation for courage, but it is a mistake to think of that as admiration. It's more that people were just impressed that the red-heads dared ever go out of doors."

    The social whirl continues. Harley is greeted with a broad smile, and Donna summons a waiter to bring drinks for her.

    Natasha is greeted by name and gets a "Welcome to the Themysciran Arts Center, Ms. Cranston. Glad you could make it. Please feel free to explore and take in what we have brought to display here, I think you'll find it fascinating"

    Dick gets a quick hug and Stephanie a playful wink. "Grayson, you're making a habit of turning up to these events with the same woman, why at this rate you'll be losing your crown as Gotham's most eligible batchelor.

    Doreeen, while livestreaming, gets photobombed. Because Troia may be a Themysciran princess, but Donna Troy has distinctly Americanized.

Kian has posed:
    Kían's garb already had a faintly Hellenistic cut to it, but that was more by accident than design.  And in any case, his most formal /shon/ is back on his homeworld... and he always hated wearing the stupid thing anyway.  So, kilt and close-fitting sleeveless top it is, as usual, although he did take the time to put an extra polish on his pendant.
    Having got himself a glass of wine and then gotten distracted by someone asking if his wings were real--which earned the querent a baffled look and a "Uh, yis"--he's lost track of Gar and Terry.
    It's Harley to the rescue there, arriving with the subtlety of a tie-dye bulldozer and descending upon his friends.  "/Kié/, Harley," he greets, finally raising his glass for a sip.  "Hm.  Interestin'," is all he says about it.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown was quieter than usual on the HyperLoop ride up to New York, and then in the car that Dick drove them to the event in. Not that she had completely silenced that inner voice that so often leaked out. Just she'd managed to find the volume control for it today. "Can't fangirl Diana. Can't fangirl Diana," Stephanie was probably heard mumbling to herself on a few occasions. Until All Star came on the radio and she sang along, mainly for wanting to do the "finger and her thumb in the shape of an L on her forehead" part.

But as they walk in, the blond college student seems a different person from those who know her. Her hair done, and wearing a diamond necklace that looks appropriate for the event. (Which means it's not her jewelry.) Wearing a sleek black dress with a vaguely heart-shaped look given the cut of the neckline, and a slit up one side that shows flashes of leg as she walks, and a pair of black heels that she's managed to not fall while wearing.


Her hand squeezes Dick's. "Club soda for me as well," she tells the bartender before turning to look the place over. "Yes, Amazonian archers and swordswomen, in the middle of a high society gathering. I think we finally found my kind of event," she says, turning to shine a warm smile at the eldest Wayne ward.

Stephanie flashes a soft smile at Donna as she comes over. "Hello," she offers with a warm smile. "Stephanie Brown," she says to introduce herself.

Diana Prince has posed:
There is yet daylight left in the sky above the city, thusly there is still natural lighting come in and across the courtyard's party. A nice warm breeze flows through as well helping keep the temperature comfortable at about 75 degrees.

The sun should be down entirely soon though, and thus the party will be lit up by the lights of the Arts Center, and the ones brought in from Themyscira itself.

Diana smiles to Cassie, having showered the young girl in presents for her birthday. "Yes, of course." She says to her with a grin. Diana turns to Helena to thank her for her announcement and smalls peech as well.

Soon the Princess id doignthe mingling thing indeed, moving from person to person to speak to them as they come toward her as well.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
After the trip to Themyscira and all of its magnificent sights and wonders, not to mention megalodons and an entirely divergent branch of SCIENCE! there is very little that could have kept Nadia away tonight, even if she wasn't here to support her friends which of course she is.

The young woman with the chin length bob cut is dressed in a manner few ever see her, that is she's wearing a dress. The Van Dyne original is an off the shoulders pink summer dress accented with floral patterned white lace and a delicate gossamer layer overtop giving it an almost fey appearance. On her feet, completing the outfit, are a pair of high wedge sandals giving her a bit of extra height.

Upon entering she stops to marvel at the amazing recreations of the island. Looking around this way and that she eventually spots some of her Titan friends and Amazon aquaintances as she looks for a place to situate herself.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry waves at Kaida as she zooms by. He knows exactly where she is going, and he is not going to deter her! "You don't look ridiculous, you look dashing," Terry says to Gar, one arm wrapping around the green teen's. Any further displays of affection are interrupted as The Harlequin of Chaos descends upon them.

"Harley! Look at you, you look fantastic!" She does, in her own aesthetic. He makes notes about consulting with Harley on being more brave with fashion choices. It might come in handy under certain circumstances in the future. "Wellll... I am not entirely sure, but it should be announced fairly soon. Wanna bet? I'm betting a hamburger on the fact it'll be Raven!" Because why not, right?

"I think I see Cassie orbiting towards the drinks, so we might want to beeline for there as well to get a few-" but they are intercepted by Donna.

He smirks, "It is an act of courage to go out in the sunlight for me. It's the weird venn diagram that gingers and vampires share. I'm not proud of that."

He also reaches out to grab Kian, who is clearly disoriented by the crowd, "Don't get lost, now. This is Themysciran territory, they might claim you as a citizen-" he jokes. There are no men allowed on Themyscira.

"Hey Cassie!" he calls out, waving to their team-mate to invite her over. He hasn't noticed Nadia yet, which means the Waspette can get the drop on them.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
After taking in the mural she saw, Kaida finishes up with the food she had procured, casually ripping it from the toothpicks with a speed that should not be possible for her size. All the same, she zips back over the table, stabbing yet another bit of cheese and then leaping from the table and grinning, "Kian!" She calls out and the voice doesn't carry far. Yet, it's far more than the typical squeak. She zips between feet and legs, weaving like an experienced cross country hiker through the trees of a great wilderness. THen she's near to Kian and she leaps straight up to hover in the air before him briefly.

"Kian!" She waves her arms and food around at him before spinning once in the air and leaping up to before Terry next.

"Hey did-" landing and leap, "-see Wonder-" landing and leap, "Woman up there?!" she lands and bites into the cheese, chewing casually and then leaps again to grin, "Cool huh?"

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin reaches out to exchange careful hugs and hand squeezes with the other Titans who come by to wish her well. Their presence seems to bolster her morale; if she could, she'd wall herself off from the strangers in the crowd with a border moat of her friends.

Not that people can't still see her, she's half a head taller than anyone there, and the only one clad in armor. But the emotional support is welcome.

"Hey guys," she tells Terry and Kian. "Thanks so much for coming. You look awesome, I love the outfits," she praises them. "Donna told me--" she breaks off when she realizes Donna's drifted towards Dick and Stephanie, and her eyes widen slightly in surprise and then irritation. "Donna!" she hisses, hoarsely-- too late, the princess is out of grabbing range. When someone glances at her she puts on a very shakily practiced social smile rather than haul Donna close again.

"I'm going to die," she remarks out loud. "The one time I could wear a fancy dress and blend in, and Donna told me to wear the armor, and now I don't blend at all."

She chugs down the rest of her glass of wine and starts looking for a refill. Like Terry, Caitlin comes by her ginger roots by way of Scotland and Ireland; her fair skin at least takes to a tan without burning, making some of her prominent freckles into a darker smattering over her nose and cheekbones.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan points out for clarification, "The tiger-print suit would have been ridiculous. This is, yes, dashing." He keeps his arm amid Terry's as they start to mingle, and he gives Donna a bright grin. "Looking good there! Glad to see I'm not the only one here who can look stunning! And I saw Dick over there, and here's Kian, and.."

His head tilts at Doreen, no doubt to figure out if he ought to recognize her or not. "Hey there. Nice look." Then, "I think I saw Cait looking ready to go to war."

And still, he's likely to miss some things. It's busy. Lots of people around, and not all of them people or of a normal size, either. Such as Kaida, suddenly in view again. He's sure to catch Caitlin for a moment of support. "Watch the feathers. Don't wanna sneeze."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"How's it hangin', Kiiiaaannnn...!" Harley lifting her fist to tap with the birb. And yes, she will show him how it's done in case there's difficulty! "And you already have an headstart on the drinks! No fair!" but her complaint is short lived because soon enough Donna is having someone bring drinks which makes the Harlequin grin broadly. She serves herself of a martini. "I always look fantastic, Terry! And so do ya but...." and then she notes Doreen. A wave.

"Doreen! European greet." Which means she tiptoes over to kiss the woman's cheeks in greeting, "Why ya dressed ta fight crime? Who would be mad ta come and attack the place?! But anyway, I got a mystery ta solve! Ta know who's to become the new amazon so.... I will catch ya in a bit.." and with that the hurricane known as Harley Quinn starts moving around until... she spots Caitlin right there near Terry and Kian. "Pen pal!" she opens her arms and moves in with that exuberant manner of hers, trying to wrap those arms around the armored Caitlin. It's probably very awkward. "Why ya dressed in that big armor?!"

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Cassie is a junior Amazon on a mission, and soon arrives at her destination. Believing (probably mistakenly) that she has evaded parental observation, she quickly acquires as much in the way of goodies as she can carry. However, given that 'extra arms' are not an actual power the Amazons have, she is still somewhat limited. She gets a little plate with noshes, two drinks, and then does that extremely awkward thing where you hold a drink in one hand, the stem of the 2nd drink between a couple fingers and the plate between the others, all very precariously and with no ability to actually EAT the stuff you're now carrying.

This is a weird place where super strength is probably handy in a cocktail setting, though! Fingers STRONK.

"Hiiiiii Terry," she calls back somewhere in the middle of this maneuvering, eventually returning to him and Gar to speak properly once she's acquired her goodies. "What a party, huh? OHMYGODDESSES Gar, look at you!" She has noticed the peacock suit. "Careful, you'll make Hera jealous, and I know a thing or two about that. It is totes no fun." AHEM.

Others are quickly gathering in this spot, it seems, Caitlin and Donna there and gone, all preventing her from continuing on with her ill-gotten goods. Harley arrives, a not-familiar acquaintance save maybe by reputation. "Woah, I like your outfit! Verrrrry punkrock."

Diana Prince has posed:
While music from the stage provides a nice atmosphere to the throngs of people moving about the courtyard, the sounds of horses gently clop along the central pathway. Their riders are armed and armored in Themysciran ceremonial dress and thei red and gold Themysciran banners are whipping in the warm summer breeze.

The warrior women on the horses are not looking directly at any of the guests as they march at a casual pace through the center of the party, showing off their diligence in remaining true to form as honorgguar of the mythical warrior women culture.

Member of the party's guests are holding out their phones to snap pictures and video of the mounted guards on patrol.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Stick with us, Cait. Nobody will look at you with Gar's feathers around. And Kian's feathers." The redhead grins. Unlike Caitlin, he can't tan.He goes full Red Lobster. As Doreen approaches them and suffers a Harley Greeting, the redhead pipes in.

"Terry O'Neil. Daily Planet. We should talk sometime, I'd love to interview you!" What? It's hard to turn it 'off'.

"Cassie! I hadn't... really thought about that. We'll just say he is /honoring/ Hera. Nobody wants to make her mad, right?" He has visibly relaxed, though, because Gar and Harley's outfits are getting the most attention. And Caitlin's armor. If he hit a faux pas with his, it won't be that noticeable.

"Oh yeah, I saw her!" he grins and confides in Kaida "Actually, she gave me her tiara to wear at our Holiday party! I looked good in it."

A quick glance at Gar that says 'Do. Not. Mention. The. Cloak."

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    "Oh, I wouldn't miss this for the world, miss Troy," Natasha replies with an open, delighted, guileless smile, a drink already in her hand. "By the way, if Themyscira ever becomes interested in trading with the rest of the world, I'm pretty sure you've got a guaranteed market for your wines at the very least."

    She laughs a bit more loudly than warranted at her own jest, then looks back at Donna. "So... Any clues as to who the lucky woman is, or are you going to make us all wait for the official announcement?"

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen is startled when Donna jumps into the camera's view. Seeing her face, Doreen widens her eyes, "Wonder Woman is totally photo boming my-.." She stops when she notices that Donna is dressed differently and another glance reveals this is not Diana!

Doreen's grin returns, "Wait.. no it's Donna! She's another Amazon! Guys she may look a lot like Wonder Woman but she's totally a different person!" She turns the camera so it's easier for Donna to look in, "Say hello to all of my subscribers Donna! It's totally cool to meet you!"

When Harley runs up and totally Euro Greets her, Doreen just grins bigger, "New Amazon?! Do you think you will get picked Harley?! That would be.. wow.. friends with an Amazon!" She doesn't get lost in her thoughts for too long though.

Doreen then notices Gar tilting his head at her, which causes her to blink, she doesn't -quite- recognize him but clearly he's seen her before. She responds with an excited wave and smile just in case..

Abigail Brand has posed:
Abigail Brand was NOT in her SWORD uniform. She was in regular, civilian garb so as to blend in better. That way, she could ascertain what was going on better. Oh, and maybe, enjoy herself. Naw. She was there to check things out and see if there were any potential threats. Staying in the background, she was perfectly situated to just watch.

Dick Grayson has posed:
With a smile and polite nod of the head to Donna, Dick replies, "Good evening, Troia. What can I say? I guess we all grow up sometime. This is a very special young lady." He looks over at Steph with a smile, then back to Donna, "It's always nice to have the opportunity to attend an event like this, your culture is quite interesting, and rather mysterious to many of us."

It's almost like he hasn't spent years teamed up with her. Silly secret identities make it so hard to have a fun night with friends.

As Donna moves on in her hostess duties, he looks to Steph, asking, "Would you like to find a seat, or mingle a bit first?"

Henry Devine has posed:
The crowd bustled with chaotic bodies, shouting, whispering, mingling with one another. The stimuli felt a bit much, but he muscled through mentally. The food, the drinks...! Fresh. ALL fresh. There were few times when Ratchet could have fresh meals and drinks...almost all of it was second hand, second mouth, or aged. Here? It was a treasure troves of goods.

He slipped through clumsily, making it to the table and snatching up a gyro and some pasca punch. Barely disguising hunger or thirst, he begins scarfing and drinking away at his gotten goods, getting his belly's worth. The rat mutant whined with joy as the flavors stretched over his tastebuds, exploding along his tongue and throwing his brain for a loop with the sheer bounty of goodness.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Crowds can be difficult to navigate, unless that is you are also the Waspette and have managed to rig your dress to support bio-synthetic wings. In a disappearing act the envy of stage magicians everywhere Nadia seems to wink out of sight as a tiny wasp girl in a pink dress zips through the crowds dodging past limbs and drink glasses of much larger people. There is a harrowing moment when one of the Amazons almost manages to swat her, but ultimately she makes it out okay reappearing almost out of nowhere next to Terry and the other Titans. "Hi, everyone! You look amazing Cait!" She grins waving at her favorite lab friend and teammate before partaking in one of those reassuring hugs, "You /are/ amazing!"

Putting those quick reflexes of hers to another use, she manages to snag a flute of wine from somewhere. It would seem her step-mother's influence has been rubbing off on her. "Terry! Cassie! Donna! Gar! Kian!" It's just familiar faces everywhere. "Diana!" Wonder Woman gets an enthusiastic wave as well.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
A look of genuine surprised delight crosses Caitlin's face when Harley springs up out of nowhere. "Harley! Oh my gosh, you made it!" she exclaims. Harley's welcome to tackle Caitlin but the return embrace is very carefully restrained so no ribs risk getting cracked. "I'm so glad to see you here. I'm thinking you can set off some smokebombs as a diversion, and I'm going to lift up the back wall and duck out," she tells the petite blonde. Mostly in jest. Nadia's presence provokes a beaming smile and a wave of welcome to the tiny Waspette on the other side of the social circle.

Mostly. Her gaze track sideways to Cassie, who is holding TWO drinks, and those green eyes widen minutely. She points at herself, points at the cup in Cassie's hand, and then presses her palms together as if in prayer while setting her jaw sideways in a consternated expression.

Two drinks should probably be fine. Right? Right.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Hi subscribers!" Donna says to Doreen's camera, throwing in a Themysciran cross-armed salute for added value, before she's off again.

    "Ah... yes, there's quite a lot of interest in trading with Themyscira," Donna answers Natasha with a grin. "It will happen in time, I am sure. In some limited degree, at least. Shipping is an issue that would have to be resolved first. As for who the lucky woman is... well yes, you'll have to wait a little." Donna gives her a wink. "It shouldn't be a great surprise though, she's very... Amazon."

    "A pleasure to meet you Stephanie," Donna replies. Then leaning in closer, she stage-whispers "Don't let Dick drink too much of the Themysciran wine... remind me to tell you one day of the time he got drunk at a ball at the Gotham Met and... Nadia!"

    Troia's attention moves quickly to Nadia, no doubt cutting the story short quite intentionally as she greets the tiny scientist with a wide grin. "You look fantastic. Somehow I suspect this was Janet's influence, rather thank Hank's."

    "Kian, so glad you could come," she says as the circulation brings her around to the Titans group again. I see you've found some wine already," Donna tells the bird man, grinning. "We'll be breaking out the brandy a little later in the evening, I'm sure you'll enjoy that too. Kaida, don't draw Terry's attention to Wonder Woman, he may faint. He's done it before. Is Caitlin still fussing about the armor? Cait, stop fussing about the armor. You look magificent in it."

    At some point Donna appears to have acquired some wine, which she uses to top up everyone's drinks. In Cassie's case, both glasses. Cassie gets a grin and a wink.

Kian has posed:
    "Oh!  /Kié/, Kaida!  Are you not worried about bein' accident-ly stepped on?"  The Gods know Kían sometimes feels like he exists in a canyon of unnecessarily tall people, and that's got to be even worse for the mouse-girl.  "Here, you can sit on my shoulder a while," he offers, giveing her a hand up.  "I probably did not see much more than you did.  Everyone iss so much taller.  I think I was mos'ly lookin' at the back of someone's head."
    To the gathered, he explains, "This iss Kaida," as if that's all the explanation having a very large mouse on his shoulder requires.
    And he takes another slightly larger sip of his wine.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan explains to both Cassie and Terry, "I consider it a form of tribute. If Hera sees it as offensive, may the gods strike me down on the spot." A brief pause before he adds, "You guys might want to make some space, just in case this is how I go out. I wouldn't want any of you to have a nasty dry-cleaning bill on my account."

He mimes zipping his lips. No cloak talk here.

Another round of glancing about follows, a few oddities spotted, like somebody who looks like he had a run-in with a container of mutagen. No, no, probably not /that/ rat. "Huh.." he says under his breath, and the green Titan spends a few moments simply gathering his thoughts. Then, out comes his phone so he can take a selfie with the stage behind him. There's the Arena to check out at some point as well. Emojis tell the story in his posts to a few social media accounts he keeps, something about 'keeping his drip game 100' and so on.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown picks up her drink as it is delivered, though her attention is on the Amazonian who joined them. Donna's mention of Dick getting drunk draws a small grin from Stephanie as her eyes dart over to the man. "Ah, someone who can share some stories?" she says towards Dick, flashing a playful look to him. "I'll be sure to ask," she says before Donna gets pulled away by other people arriving.

The girl's eyes go about the gathering, watching the people in the stands and so many well-dressed people. Stephanie reaches over, sliding a hand onto the crook of Dick's arm. Not that she finds the setting at all intimidating of course. Just making sure she doesn't lose him in the crowd. "Maybe mingle for a little bit? I don't imagine I'm going to know anyone here," she says, though it's more like those she does know, don't know that they've met.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Quietly from out the side, Phoebe slips in. Her usually braided hair has been carefully done up in bantu knots, wearing a borrowed cocktail dress and slightly scuffed up black pumps. The dress itself is seafoam green lace, capped sleeves, with a sweet-heart hemline that begins in black fabric and tucks at the waist and flares over the hips. The young Gothamite has just an understated, thin silver bangle, hugging the wall a little as she looks over the assembled group, noting who she recognizes.

    Of course, anyone who knows Phoebe knows that she's accompanied by that 'feel good' aura that washes away aches and pains. And those who don't?

    Well, anyone who comes within fifteen feet of the dark-eyed wall-flower would feel that magical feeling.

Abigail Brand has posed:
Brand was wearing green. Okay, not the green she normally wore, but regular green. A long green dress. An emerald green belt. Even green Louboutins. Green gloves. Green makeup, lipstick, and...hair. It was all so emerald. It kind of fit in with the pomp and circumstance that she normally hated.

Where did that glass that was now in her hand come from? Shrugging, Abigail took a sip. Wow. It was actually good. Looking around, her eyes take in the sights and the people, and then find their way to the centre piece of this event. Amazons.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
The sun is not out, but Terry is now completely red after Donna mentions the fainting. "Oh look, food! Don't bother yourselves, I'll bring you all back a plate!" and escape from the temporary embarrassment, at least. Disengaging from Gar, he makes a beeline for the food.

Arriving at the table, and by Henry, the redehad is impressed. It's not often that he encounters someone with Gar's voracious appetite.

"Is the food good?" he asks. He doesn't need to ask, he knows Diana wouldn't serve bad food, but it's one of the things you say by way of openers as you start piling the food you just questioned high on the plate, as he is doing. But it's not all for himself, it's for his friends. Honest.

Diana Prince has posed:
People are coming and going to the Arena to the north of the courtyard's edge too. The sounds of a large crowd inside of the Arena filter out in the breezes as a show is being performed within it. Currently the glimpses of Amazons riding on horseback at medium speeds while firing bows and arrows at targets that are hovering in the center of the arena can be seen through the large archway in to the rather impressive structure that is the Arena.

Diana is continuing to make her rounds, though she does pass by and make smiles, waves and such to those here. Nadia gets a big smile and a wave, as does the viewers on Doreen's live stream when the Princess makes her way by.

"Hello, everyone!" She adds in her naturally husky toned voice. She knows what a live stream is! Maybe Cassie taught her.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
"You WHAT?!" She gasps and spins once before laughing, "If I had it I'd be all like-" She leaps up and kicks, "Pachow!" and then she lands and leaps and punches, "Kacha!" and then she lands before huffing, "Of course, it would not fit and I'd just run around gripping it and hitting bad guys in the ankles with it." She laughs maniacally and then ends it giggling, "THey'd be all like, 'Was that Wonder Woman's Tiara that just attacked me!?' and holding their ankles." She then blinks at Kian and leaps on to a hand.

"Step on me?! You'd have to be poretty fast to step on me and even then you'd regret it!" Kaida nods as she lands on Kian's shoulder and laughs, "I'd give them one heck of a stab foot ache!" She then blinks at Donna and then looks at Terry.

"You fainted?!" She stands on Kian's shoulder, leaning in an almost disbelieving way before her eyes suddenly land on Caitlin and she blinks slowly.

"Whoa..." SHe puts her hands on her hips and then raises her right hand in a whipping point right at Caitlin, "That is awesome armor! Where'd ya get it and do they make it in tiny sizes?!"

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"Good plan," Cassie agrees with Terry. Whether this will work, who knows. The gods and goddesses be fickle!

Somewhere along the way, she catches sight that Nadia is blinking in and out of the crowd, although she is familiar with her enough to know that there's a tiny version flitting inbetween the full-sized appearances. And given their circumstances, this leads her down some weird lines of thought. For instance, she ends up shouting: "Nadia! Careful you don't fall in anyone's drink!" Pause. "Or... wait, maybe that would be SUPER AWESOME." No one try explaining to her issues of molecular sizes and the actual likely difficulties of such a thing.

Gar's invitation of smiting in fact DOES see her take a step back, closing her eyes as if not to see what happens next. But in a moment, with no smiting having taken place, she peeks one open, then grins. This may all be more an act than serious concern, given that she is mostly grinning throughout. "Well, guess we can take that as approval, huh?"

Caitlin's extra judgy (ok, maybe average judgy, for her) look gets one that is briefly confused in return, until she realizes she's holding both drinks still. "Ohmy- they're not both for me, geeez. Where'd Di go? Oh wait, think I saw her- 'Scuse me guys."

And once again, she's off, hurrying after Di with her precarious collection of alcohol and snacks. This leads her to pass through the same livestream, looking sort of comical as she chases along.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Abigail is not known to Donna, but that's not going to stop her from greeting another person, and giving Abigail's glass a top up, just on principle. "Hi there," she says with a wide smile. "Welcome to the Themysciran Arts Center. I'm Troia of Themyscira. We have some wonderful displays of Amazon martial arts in the arena, and a selection of Themysciran food and drink to sample. Please try everything!"

    Henry it would seem doesn't need encouragement to sample the food and drink, so instead he gets a grin and a conspiratorial whisper. "Don't worry, there's plenty more where that came from," she tells him with a wink. Terry gets a shoulder bump. "Of /course/ the food is good!" she declares with fake outrage. "You think Ferdinand would tolerate anything less?"

    Donna is in a particularly good mood, positively delighted to see everyone enjoying this albeit limited exposure to Themysciran culture, so Pheobe's aura isn't necessary, but Phoebe is nevertheless greeted with a huge smile. "Phoebe!" she calls out, homing in on the young Outsider to steer her towards the Titans group, absolutely refusing to let her wallflower. "Do you know everyone? Everyone, this is Phoebe, she uh... helps out at the Embassy sometimes. She's learning Themysciran!"

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"Donna!" Donna Troy gets a hug from Nadia too. "Janet had one of her designers make it especially for tonight! She couldn't come too unfortunately, but she loved the Themysciran wine I brought her!"

Her gaze then follows after Terry as he absconds towards the food, "Oooh there's food, too? Is there plankton?!" Nadia's eyes light up as she mixes up the name of the Themysciran equivalent of pizza once again.

Henry Devine has posed:
Ratchet freezes in place, mid-bite into his lamb-meat gyro, as Gar's eyes passed over him. O-oh dear. Alright, stay calm. The disguise will work, just gotta keep cool now. It'll work, it'll work, it'll work.

As Gar looks away, the rat boy breathes out a sigh of relief, finishing his bite rather hungrily. Followed with a large gulp of thisv very tasty, tasty juice, Ratchet found himself moving around, taking a closer look at some of the other folks. Stumbling about in his dress shoes, he gravitates somewhere between Gar and the Titans, moving closer to the Titans. Thee folks seemed a lot more different than the people that would try and chase him out of his den in the junkyards...

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen finishes livestreaming for now, filming one of the performances, "...and that's everything going on right now and still no villains in sight! But don't wory, the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is here to make sure that these good people stay safe, and happily buzzed! I'm going to find some yummy food now and get back to you later! Squirrel signing off for now!"

She taps a button and puts her phone away. Now all the food has her attention... especially the more "boring" food. Because. Hotdogs. Doreen tries not to run when she sees them, "Tippy-Toe look! I bet they're authentically New York hot dogs.. or maybe they're from Gotham! But hot dogs!" She takes like three, loads them with chili, and hands one of the hot dogs to a stealthy Tippy-Toe who chitters and readily accepts food.

Doreen munches one of the hot dogs and looks around, her mouth full of food.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    Natasha raises an eyebrow at Dick as Donna mentions 'stories', and a mischievous smile plays along her face. "Oooh, do tell?" she prompts Donna, giving Stephanie a smile as she moves just a bit closer.

    Sadly, Donna moves off before she can share the story, and instead she turns her attention to Dick and Steph. "Always a pleasure to see you, Mister Grayson. And I believe I've met your young ladyfriend as well before, miss-?" she asks with a slightly vapid look in her eyes that seems oddly familiar.

Abigail Brand has posed:
Looking up as Diana greets everyone, Abigail moves to avoid greeting her. Narrowing her gaze, she regards the Amazon for a few moments, before finding her way into the crowd once more. For someone that was trying to blend in she was obviously green.

Sipping her drink, Brand's eyes scan the crowd. Relatively harmless. A few here and there worth looking at twice. All seems safe and sound.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley LAUGHS at Doreen's suggestion that she could be an Amazon. "It's not me! I can guarantee ya that.." then grinning as they start introducing each other. "Terry is one o' my best buds! And an okay karaoke singah.." she tapping the redhead on the shoulder before looking at Cassie with a beaming grin. "Thanks! I am Hah'lee! And ya an amazon too right? So who's the big winnah of the title tonight?" she asks, even as she is hugging Caitlin.

Smokebombs though? "Ya shoulda told me before. I woulda brought them. This outfit is sorta skimpy ta be carryin' much ya see, I only got a little laughing gas bomb and some glitter grenades." is she for real? It's Harley, so maybe 50 50.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe looks up at the greeting, and she gives a warm smile to Donna. "Hello Donna! I'm so sorry I haven't been by--" she begins, until she finds herself being steered to the Titans.

    She has an absolutely terrified expression on her face as she stumbles awkwardly on unfamiliar shoes, espying Dick, and she stammers a moment.

    "I've -- I've met some, not others, been a bit busy with... classes." she stammers foe a handy lie, looking awkwardly as she stands on the edge of the Titans group.

    "Hello!" she tries to sound enthused and not intimidated.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"You're looking for the little pizza like things? They're over there!" Terry points Nadia to it, as Henry scampers away. The redhead looks a little puzzled, "... must be a shy... Nadia, that dress is lovely!"

He's still piling food on the plate. "I'm taking a break from the group for three seconds. Donna mentioned The Fainting Incident. I'm /never/ going to live that down."

He grins at his friend and looks around. "This is awesome, though. The Amazons in their armors. This place. Just. Everything. I know it's not like actually visiting Themyscira, but it's the closest I'll get, and it's pretty cool."

He glances back at the group, then down at the plate. "... what else do you think I should bring? Assume two thirds of the plate will vanish in Gar's mouth before anyone else has had a chance to grab."

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen continues eating as she makes her way back over to where Harley is talking to other people she hasn't met yet. Tippy-Toe is managing to devour her own hot dog without getting chili all over Doreen. Miraculous! Doreen's first hot dog is almost gone already because having squirrel DNA pretty much makes you a really fast eater!

She's barely swallowed her food before she is right next to Harley again, "Who is the new Amazon then? Did they say yet? Was there a competition to decide who gets in?" Nosey nosey nosey.. yup!

Diana Prince has posed:
Cassie will eventually catch up with Diana, and be welcomed in the form of Di accepting the drink that the young woman had brought her. Diana's hand goes to the back of Cassie's left shoulder and she introduces her to an older couple who brought their young handsome son with them, the young man dressed in a fancy military uniform as he's apparently apart of the US Marine Corps.

Is this a setup? Cassie would likely suspect it! Diana just smiles at her young friend and sips the drink she brought.

When they part from that group though,Diana whispers to Cassie. "He's so handsome." She says grinning. Yep, of course it was a setup attempt.

The Princess leads them both toward where Donna is with the others, and there she sees Harley, and several of the Titans. "Well well well. If it isn't my saviors." The Princess says with a smile for them all. "I am very glad to see you all here tonight."

Ratchet gets a glance, and a pleasant smile from the Princess to, along with a wave for him.

Abigail is not yet noticed, but Diana does look to Harley and smile at her. "I love yoru outfit, Harley... It's so... happy."

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Oh hey, a refill! Cassie's escaped before Caitlin can steal Diana's wine, but then Donna's got a bottle in hand and the wineglass in her fingers is refilled. Caitlin downs it quickly, and with the second hefty helping of proper Themysciran wine chugged down, she almost starts to look like she's relaxing a little. Even if the tip of her nose is turning just a little pink.

She laughs at Harley's reassurances and gives her another quick and grateful squeeze before letting her go. "Yeah, that's my fault," she concedes. "You look great though," she praises Harley. "I don't think I've ever seen you in a fancy dress before."

Phoebe's presence is a welcome aura of relief. There's no force on Earth that can untwist Caitlin's anxiety, but Phoebe's gentle calm certainly doesn't hurt.

Then again, Caitlin's found a /third/ glass of that stout wine, and she's sipping it a little quickly. "Phoebe, hi! You're here!" she cheers, and beckons the other woman over to be greeted. If Cait's intention is to build a wall of people between her and any strangers in the crowd, it's working. Next step will be to start stacking them into a sturdy, literal barrier.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown turns as Natasha Cranston approaches Dick and herself. The younger woman stays quiet at first while Natasha greets Dick, but then responds as Natasha seems to recognize her. "Yes, I believe I saw you at Gotham U's winter festival, and also at Dick's birthday party," Stephanie says to Natasha. "It's Brown, Stephanie Brown," she offers.

It doesn't surprise her how many people that Dick knows, though it is definitely like moving in a completely different circle for Stephanie. Well, maybe not completely different. Stephanie spots a familiar face when the crowd parts enough she gets a glimpse of Harley Quinn. Steph's hand tightens just slightly on Dick's arm, though she doesn't give any other signs of that recognition.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan finishes his selfie and social media after taking a brief video that shows as much as he can in short order. By the time Diana's made her way to the main grouping of Titans, Gar's there as well and he's brought along a few snacks of his own. This does not mean he won't be taking from whatever Terry scrounges up as well.

"Hiiii," he greets Diana, waving amid chowing down. At least he swallows before saying more. "Nice party. I'm not gonna get a scolding or anything for this, am I?" he asks, gesturing to the peacock feathers. So fashionable. So stylish. So unlike his usual.

Keeping up with everything is proving to be a challenge, and attention keeps drifting, such as toward the procession of Theymyscirans moving along.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick smiles to Natasha, "Ah, Ms. Cranston, always a pleasure to see you at one of these events. This is Stephanie Brown, my.. girlfriend sounds so high school, doesn't it? Significant other, perhaps? Whatever term you use, I guess it means the same thing. How have you been? I don't think I've seen you since the birthday party."

He slips a reassuring arm around Steph's waist and gives her a smile, being far too used to the flow of these events.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe gives a sheepish smile to Caitlin as she makes her way over, and stands near her. "Hey, Caitlin... pretty big turn out? I don't think I'm ever going to be comfortable with these big events." she states quietly, crossing her arms a moment over the borrowed dress. "Seems like everyone is out dressed to the nines for an art opening."

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Ugh, what has she walked into! Although Cassie is happy to join Diana for the party rounds (always the focus of so much attention, at least a little is sure to rub off on her!), and VERY happy to finally get rid of one of the two glasses she's toting around, giving her enough limbs to actually enjoy the one she has, she did not realize she was walking into an ambush here. But she is!

Now, this interference is not without precedent. The two do talk DATING from time to time. Mostly Cassie bothering Diana about getting over her SUPER OLD AND SUPER DEAD boyfriend. So maybe this is revenge! "Uh, hi. Oh the marines? Yeah, that's pretty cool. I guess that must be kinda similar to how the Amazons live, right? With all the training and everything." Siiiiip. They might even have some shared interests to talk about. And yet, at any spare moment when DUDE is not looking, Cassie definitely shoots Diana a bit of a 'omg what have you done?' look.

They chat a while, but soon Cassie is trailing off after Diana with an excuse that they can talk later when she doesn't have her party responsibilities. True or blow-off? Hard to say!

She continues after Di, returning to familiar company soon enough. And Harley who she unintentionally briefly ditched in her frantic running around. "Haha sorry about that yeah I'm Cassie, aka WONDER GIRL!" Not a big secret ID type. "Isn't it great?" she echoes after Di.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Mmm, Caitlin is acting sus. Harley narrows her eyes at her pen pal friend but doesn't press further. But that anxiety is noticeable for Ms. Psychiatrist! She downs her martini before her eyes light up at Diana's approach. "Didi!" she greets the Princess in a very non-formal manner. And yes, she even goes over to offer the Amazon a hug. "Of course it's an happy outfit! It's an happy occasion ...! This party is goin' great. I need ta come visit ya moouh often. Soon!" but then she steps back, not taking more of Di's time!

Cassie's intro has Harley's eyes widen, "Wondahgal?!" she makes her way closer. "Oh man, been wantin' ta meet ya since forevah! How is it ta work with the legend herself?"

She does spot Steph and Dick not far away. Does she recognize any? Perhaps from some gala party she crashed back in Gotham! But does she note Stephanie's demeanor towards her. She only smiles with a big wide grin. So friendly the clownette is!

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
With the way to glorious Themysciran pizza revealed, Nadia gives her nearby friends a bright grin, "Be right back!" And with that she takes off after Terry in pursuit of delicious cheesy bread treats and other Themysciran delicacies.

Subsequently a plate is piled with all manner of food, either the young woman can /really/ eat or she just wants to try everything, food waste be damned.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin gesticulates with helpless agreement at Phoebe's statement. "The /one/ time I could have worn a nice dress and not stood out, and I'm in armor," she concurs. "Donna's always doing this to me. I was at one of Mr. Stark's galas, I mean I was in /heels/, and she's my ride home, except everyone wanted to go to Burger King, so we had a 'detour'."

She huffs out a sigh of irritation and finishes up her third glass of wine.

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen continues to stand beside Harley, all but inhaling her second and final hot dog, -almost- erupting into a stream of questions with her mouth full when Diana approaches too. Yup it's Wonder Woman.. holy crap.. it just suddenly dawns on her and her eyes widen. She stops chewing. Tippy-Toe is chittering maniacally beneath her jacket.

She just shoves the rest of the hot dog into her mouth and nearly swallows it whole, "Wonder Woman! It's so incredible to actually be this close to you! You're so.. wonderful!" Yeah she totally says that because totally star struck, "I'm a superhero too! I'm Squirrel Girl! I help to keep New York's streets safe and clean!" She serious nods, "This is Tippy-Toe! She's my main girl!" Tippy-Toe makes a squeaking sound and stands up at attention on Doreen's shoulder.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
And so, eventually, it is time to return to the group. "Alright, time to Oregon Trail back to them. I hope I don't get disintery on the way. Or attacked by hungry guests," he grins at Nadia, and starts making his way to the gaggle of friends. It occurs to him he is going to have to explain what Oregon Trail is to Nadia.

"I return bearing presents!" the redhead announces, as he approaches the group with two plates full of food. "Gar, let people grab theirs first!" he says, by way of teasing. And hoping that it dissuades Donna from bringing up the Fainting Episode. Especially since Diana is now in the group and he has /just/ managed to stop blushing. "Diana! This is amazing!"

And then he glances at Standing Out Caitlin, "Aww... you look just fine. There's nothing wrong with standing out. I seem to recall one planet where you were made Queen for A Day..." he grins.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
"Don't be a hater just because I beat you to your dream job," Caitlin sallies back at Terry with a crisp amusement.

She blinks twice at herself. "Did I just say that?" she inquires of the other Titans, and looks down at the empty cup in her hand.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    With Phoebe around, the wine may not have the desired effect for much longer!

    "Could be worse. I'm still living with friends after my mom left the hospital, so I had to borrow this dress from someone from school." she motions down, and she looks to the scuffed up heels.

    "... luckily I could quick-stitch the dress, but the shoes are about half a size too big-" she pauses, and then she looks to Terry, then looks to Caitlin, and to Diana, to whom Phoebe directs a warm smile and a small, embarrassed wave.

    And she looks to Caitlin.

    "I'd trade, I'm beginning to feel more comfortable in armor than out." she dramatically pauses. "Your Highness." she adds on.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    Recognition flickers in Natasha's eyes for a moment, and her smile widens. "Ah, yes, miss Brown. A pleasure to meet you as well. I trust you're enjoying these festivities?" she asks, sipping from her drink again. "I do hope you're old enough to drink yet; these are absolutely exquisite.."

Henry Devine has posed:
Ratchet perks his ears as Donna had whispered, more food?! Ohhhhhh BOY! He finishes off a gyro, grabbing some fried fish from the table, chowing down into the delicious finger foods. Omnomnomnom! The rat boy definitely did not skimp out on getting his nutrients and calories in. His tail wiggles a little as he finishes the last of his meal, turning back to the guests now that he had a full belly.

He shuffles around, clomp clomp clomp, finding himself a little off to the side of Cassie, rat ears swiveled forward, the mutant boy going into full social observation mode, taking a stealthy siiiIIIIIIP of his pasca. Yup. Just like the spy movies.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana assuredly returns Harley's offered hug, giving the reformed Clownette a big smile. "You are always welcome here, Harley." She tells her, having been a big part of Harley's getting on the right track in life. Or so she hopes!

To Doreen Diana smiles and tilts her head a tthe squirrel. "That is so cute." She says to the sight of Doreen's little friend. "I am very glad you made it, I hope you have a good evening too."

Terry gets a grin from the Princess who strides past him and Gar. She reaches out to give Gar a pat on his shoulder. "I love the attire." She tells him. "Be good tonight." She warns Terry playfully.

She ends up walking to speak to Stephanie and Dick though, her eyes bouncing from one to the other. "Stephanie, it is so good that you made it." She nods to Dick. "Mister Grayson, you as well. I am always glad to see some Gothamites out of that city and gracing ours here."

With Phoebe in arm's reach, Diana raises her left arm and puts it around Phebe's shoulders to give her a side embrace. "And very glad to see you as well, Phoebe." The Princess tells the friend to the Themyscirans, and the young woman who helped bring Diana back from her coma earlier this year.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"That's me!" answers said 'Wondahgal,' brightly enthusiastic.

Of course, Harley has hit on the jackpot here. As a superhero who got her start as a superfan, Cassie is just the sort to happily gush on cue, when it comes to her oh-so wondrous mentor. "Oh, it's absolutely THE BEST." Desptie the fact that Di just sneakily ambushed her with some kind of date. In the larger scheme, this is forgiven. "Di's really, like, the title doesn't do it justice. Everything you've ever heard, it's true! Well, except the bad stuff about her being a dirty pagan feminazi, but that's just like, gross dudes on the internet and fuddy duddy conservative types, you know?" And just by Harley's punk-ish dress, Cassie can make some assumptions about how she might feel about that particular demographic! So she feels free to vent.

"But yeah, I mean, she's a really good friend and teacher, on top of being the BEST superhero," Cassie goes on. Superman, apparently, is a #2 at best in her book! She takes another siiiiip, and then opens her mouth to say something-

But is distracted when her peripheral vision picks up on what is apparently a human-sized rodent on her 3'. "Yo. Enjoying the party? Food's great, yeah? Some top notch cheese and crackers-" Beat. "OMG I didn't mean like, I'm sure you eat other things than cheese-" SO RACIST, CASSIE!

"Oh Pheebs is here!" Another distraction, as she looks back to see where Di has gone. "Phooooebeeeee!"

Donna Troy has posed:
    The socializing continues and brings Donna back around in circle, finally coinciding with Diana. "This is going great Di," she whispers with a glint of excitement to her sister.

    Tippy-Toe gets a delighted smile from Donna, and as she watches the squirrel's antics, she says "Harley, I have very good hearing and I heard you mention glitter grenades earlier. I also hear you have been training Terry. Does this mean you put the idea into his head? Because he has become quite addicted to them." She breaks into a broad grin. "In your next lesson do you think you could instruct him that they are not meant to be exploded at home? The roombas at the tower keep getting clogged up with glitter. "

    She leans forwards to Terry, whispering "Don't faint" into his ears, then straightens up with an innocent expression.

    "Cait, we could ask Pallas to put heels on your armor boots if you like," she suggest mischievously. "That way you would become more accustomed to them and be prepared for detours. But I don't really recommend them for fighting. "

    "Diana - maybe it's time? I think Caitlin is itching for the excuse to change out of her armor. "

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"Wait why are we going to Oregon? And the food here is really good, I don't think it's going to give you disintery Terry. Attacked by hungry guests, maybe." Nadia gives a furitive glance to either side holding her food and wine glass protectively as they make their way back.

"Terry is worried the food might cause disintery." Nadia helpfully informs Diana upon their return to the group. She too holds out her food plate to her friends and teammates to share from while she enjoys a drink from her wineglass. Though with Cait finally in hugging range the hugssassin is not to be denied, sidling up to give her armored friend a reassuring hug. "This armor is /so/ cool Cait. If you don't want it, I'd wear it!"

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan is left to grin at what Diana says, and he stage-whispers to Cassie, which is closer to a shout given all the people milling about and conversing, "See, no smiting tonight! At least not of me!"

Doreen's squirrel buddy gets another glance. Under other circumstances, Gar would be cavorting about in all manner of different animal types, making one bad joke after another. Here, it's been toned down for the setting.

As he gets /more/ food now that Terry's got the hook up, he clears his throat and says mostly to Donna, but also Diana, "It's great you guys are bringing more of Themyscira here, since..you know. This is the closest a lot of us are gonna get! Oh snap, is that a gyro and I missed it? And yeah, neat armor Cait! Definitely wouldn't fit me though!"

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe gives a squeak as she's embraced by Diana, and though she falls out of one borrowed heel, she gives the Amazonian Wonder a brief embrace, her head very briefly leaning against Diana's arm.

    "It's good see you back to your normal self, Diana." she greets Wonder WOman warmily while one stockinged foot hangs out a little from under her dress, but she hooks one toe into the heel to retrieve it -- when Cassie is heard.

    "Good evening Cassie!" she greets the Wonder Girl, stepping back into her shoe and trying to regain her balance.

Kian has posed:
    Kían excuses himself to go look at some of the displays -- that is kind of what everyone's here for, isn't it? -- pausing to collect himself a small plate of fruits and vegetables, and another glass of wine.  It's easier than trying to figure out what is and is not safe to eat.  And pausing again when someone asks if his wings are really real ("Uh, yis.").
    And the fact is, this many people this close together is still a bit overwhelming for the alien, even among friends.  And who knows, maybe some of the displays will make sense to him.
    Spoiler: they don't.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry withers as the trifecta hits him- Donna's whisper, Nadia's misinterpreting of his reference, and Caitlin sassing him. He feels positively Kaida-sized at this point. He gives Cait a slow, studied look, and says "Biatch, I'm no queen for a day. I am queen for ALL days~" and then he glances at his hands. He's holding the plates, so he can't snap. "... curses. Foiled again."

"I can't promise to be good. Gar gets bored when I do," he says, trying to claw his way back from Blushville, population: Him.

An an opportunity presents itself. "Phoebe! I remember you- you probably don't remember me because the last time we met, I was a cat and tripping on feel-good magic!" he grins, and takes a bite out of one of the Themysciran pizzas, "Don't worry. that only happens when I've got fur."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
The grin that comes to Stephanie's face is easy and light as she shakes her head in answer to Natasha Cranston. "No, not legally at least," she says with a sigh. "Unless this is considered Themysciran soil and they have different laws on the matter at least," Stephanie says, perking up a bit as she realizes that might actually be a possibility.

She settles comfortable against the man's side as she looks around the event. "I wonder if this is what Themyscira is like then. Sort of reminds me of the way they show the Roman amphitheater," she comments of the large arena.

Whatever else Stephanie might have been about to say slips out of her thoughts as Diana Prince herself comes over to them. Stephanie looks pleased as punch that Diana remembered her name. "Your Highness, very nice to see you again. This is such a lovely place that you've put together," she says.

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen notices Ratchet chowing down, also noting that he TOO seems to be of the rodentus persuasion, how nice! But her attention is soon back on Diana and Cassie. Cassie is basically saying everything that is on Doreen's mind right now, "Oh WOW! Can she really pull planets with her lasso then??!!" Doreen has heard things, has no idea how true it is, but Cassie says everything she's heard is true and Doreen has no reason to think she's exaggerating. So the naive Squirrel Girl listens intently.

When Cassie addresses Ratchet with talk of cheese and crackers it completely goes over her head that it MIGHT be stereotypical. In fact she chimes in, "I haven't had them yet but that's my next stop!" Of course she too is a "rodent" person and it's probably not that big of a deal for her to say such things..

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana's gaze goes over to Donna who gets a soft smile and a single nod. "Yes, it would likely be time to push toward that." She says, glancing toward the stage. "Just let them now that we are preparing for that, the rest should be ready and waiting... I hope." Her grin blossoms a little before her eyes go back toward Stephanie.

"Thank you." She says with honest sincerity that is ever-present upon her voice. "We hope to provide a lot here for the community, and those who wish to come here from anywhere, really."

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "I recall -- Terry O'Niell, Daily Planet, right?" Phoebe gives a small smile, and then she stiffens a moment. "Magic? I don't know what you're talking about, but I make a mean lavender-honey cookie?" she states, embarrassed over being outed.

    Gotham heroes and their alter-egos, amirite?

    "Mostly I think we've encountered each other at other Themysciran events -- I attended one last year. I do volunteer work with the Amazons and their outreach programs -- just haven't been so available due to some personal life hiccups --" she trails off, looking both horribly embarrassed and uncomfortable with the situation.

    She might cry.

Henry Devine has posed:
"Uh-" Oh lord, he's hardly ever spoken to other people. "Y-yes um..." He attempted putting on a super deep voice, clearly trying to mimic an adult. "I like the...food." Thankfully, that was ALL the input he managed to get in before Cassie bolted off to the next distracting thing. Watching her go, he holds up a whole block of smoked cheddar to his snouth and takes a massive bite out of it. Mm, yes, his disguise is FOOLING them ALL.


Slinking completely ungracefully to another group, he finds himself coming up besides Wonder Woman herself, still scarfing down on his cheese. He still kept the low voice, trying to keep himself as incognito as possible. "Um, so, what...-are- the Them-is-scarians? They sound...-cool-." Yes, he was adulting this so well. No suspicion, only passing glances. Man, why didn't people become spies more often, this was -easy-!"

Harley Quinn has posed:
Cassie's words make Harley positively beam. "A kindred soul!" she announces, "Didi is my numbah one hero too. Doubly too because she actually saved me from myself a yeah ago. I owe her biiiiig." she nodding enthusiastically. "So if ya evah need someone ya can come ta me. Aaaaand, we totally need ta hang out." as for those internet dudes she frowns. "Well, get me names and I can make suwah they nevah type again..." by breaking their fingers? Most likely! Maybe she isn't *that* reformed...

But then she eventually turns to join the rest of her buddies to wait for the announcement, standing next to Doreen, arms resting on her hips in a punkish pose!

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"You got off lucky this time, mortal!" Cassie retorts at Gar, a briefly serious, booming quality to the declaration replaced quickly with laughter.

Doreen follows up on her gushing, which leaves Cassie in the position of figuring out what of her overblown Wonder Woman praise is strictly, ACTUALLY true and what is more like... exaggeration for effect. "Hmm. I don't know if the loop can stretch quite that far. Though maybe it could! Ultimately, a lot of stuff where the Patrons are concerned - the gods and goddesses of the Greek Pantheon, as you'd know 'em - ends up following rules that are a little uh, more metaphorical than literal. So sometimes what you can accomplish, well, the symbolism matters a little more. I guess what I'm saying is, I wouldn't say for sure that she COULDN'T do it." Cassie may be hyping Diana up to some impossible standards, here! And much more casually: "I think pulling, like, an asteroid or something would be easy peasy."

And since Harley is still there, she gives her a big double thumbs-up after singing all of these (possibly dubious) praises for their #1 hero. Also, maybe or not-so maybe breaking fingers of miscellaneous internet dudes? "Haha, awesome. I'll keep that one in mind!" She is maybe not quite so goody goody when it comes to certain topics.

Anyway! Now it seems the ceremony is happening. "Ok, 'scuse me again, gotta go over in case they need me for the ceremony. I'm not sure they need me, but just in case."

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna gives Diana a nod and a smile, then makes her way to the stage, ushering Caitlin along with her. She leaves Caitlin to the side and steps behind the curtain for a few moments. When she returns she steps to the microphone and gives a gesture. The lights drop, and spotlights shine on the stage. "Ladies and gentlemen, Amazons, Americans and others," her amplified voice rings out. When the general hubbub settles and she has most people's attention, she continues.

    "My sister Diana has already welcomed you to the opening of this magnificent Arts Center, but this is more than just a party. We hope sincerely that this will be the start of a greater understanding and co-operation between our peoples."

    "When I first came to America a decade ago, I had never before left the island of Themyscira, and everything was strange to me. Over that decade I have come to appreciate so much about your society, and I view America as a second home. As a founding member of the Titans I have used the skills taught me in my own home to help to defend this country with as much pride as I would defend my own."

    "The first real friend I made when I came to these shores was my future fellow Titan, Caitlin Fairchild. As you all probably know, Caitlin is a woman of great bravery, and even greater strength. As a Themysciran, it amazed me at the time that she had not been properly trained for battle, as is the tradition in my homeland. Nevertheless, over the years I have known her, she has become a great warrior."

    Many of you may know that during the assault by Doomsday back in 2017, Caitlin was injured. What fewer know is that after Doomsday was defeated, Caitlin was invited to come to Themysicra to recuperate. Over the years since then, she has spent a lot of time there. She has come to appreciate our ways in a way that I hope more people will in future. She has received the training of a true warrior. And earlier this year, Caitlin received the blessings of Athena herself to become one of our sisterhood."

    "Caitlin is not the first American to become an Amazon, that honor went to the lovely Cassie Sandsmark, who you all know as Wonder Girl. But Caitlin's case was a little different. Cassie had links to us already, but Caitlin had to forge them herself. The Amazon way is part of Cassie's heritage, but Caitlin's is purely American. Yet Caitlin has proven that America, like Themyscira, can breed true Amazons. "

    "When Caitlin passed her final tests to become an Amazon, her success was celebrated across Themyscira. We felt that as America had given us our latest Amazon, it is only right that we should celebrate this fact /with/ America. So we will now perform here for you an ancient ritual, the investiture of an Amazon, the presentation of her bracers. To this end, I would like to present to you a very special guest to perform this ritual."

    "This is not her first time visiting America -- a few months back, she lead an army of Amazons to crush the Warzoon invaders outside of Metropolis -- but this is the first time she has been presented to the American people." Donna steps to the side, making space on the stage in front of the curtains. "She has lead the Amazons for three and a half thousand years, she is the mother of Diana and myself, please welcome Queen Hippolyta of Themyscira!"

Hippolyta has posed:
Queen Hippolyta takes the stage, resplendent in a purple dress expertly draped around her form. Her bearing is regal, as one would expect in someone of her position. She is accompanied by her honor guard, and a contingent of Themysciran royal musicians. Those in the audience familiar with ancient Greek music (and, admittedly, that is a very specialized field) might sense a vague similarity in what is being played with the Seikilos epitafios, but it is much more sophisticated, far more complete.

As the music comes to an abrupt halt, the Queen of Themyscira looks over the assembled crowds and smiles radiantly.

"It fills me with joy to set foot on your land once more under the auspices of peace and rapprochement, for it had been millennia since I had seen the sons and daughters of this world. Tonight, we shall rejoice with you, for we celebrate something that has never happened before."

She steps back and her demeanor becomes serious. Hippolyta slowly raises her arms and turns her face skyward. As the kithara and aulos begin a steady, quiet melody, she speaks with a resonant contralto.

"I sing of Pallas Athena, the glorious goddess, bright-eyed, inventive, unbending of heart, pure virgin, saviour of cities, courageous, Tritogeneia. Wise Zeus himself bare her from his awful head, arrayed in warlike arms of flashing gold, and awe seized all the gods as they gazed."

"But Athena sprang quickly from the immortal head and stood before Zeus who holds the aegis, shaking a sharp spear: great Olympus began to reel horribly at the might of the bright-eyed goddess, and earth round about cried fearfully, and the sea was moved and tossed with dark waves, while foam burst forth suddenly."

"The bright Son of Hyperion stopped his swift-footed horses a long while, until the maiden Pallas Athena had stripped the heavenly armour from her immortal shoulders. And wise Zeus was glad."

The queen lowers her arms and the instruments are stilled, and her piercing eyes settle on Catlin, her face solemn and serene. "You who in the world of man was born Caitlin Fairchild, have come upon the auspices of Athena. Through her patronage, you have been embraced by all upon Themyscira as your sister. Owl-eyed Athena the unwearying now calls upon you. Caitlin Fairchild, I impart upon youthe oath of Athena:"

She speaks with a slow, measured tone.

"While we may fight that we may live in peace,
Slay not the foe whose ire your might ease,
And bring no harm to him whom you can bind,
Do not subdue when words can change a mind.
Raise not the sword until, with gentleness
you've raised your hand in sign of openness.

This is the first law of the Amazons, and the oath of Athena Glaukopis. Caitlin Fairchild!" she turns to face the red-headed Amazon, "Do you swear to follow the laws of Athena?"

Abigail Brand has posed:
Abigail has a drink. Watches the show. Stays in the background. Admires the speakers. Raises an eyebrow of respect. Remains in the background, while adjusting her emerald dress.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin is nudged up the stairs, to stand off to the side while Donna speaks and then, silent still, when Hippolyta steps forward to address the large crowd. When the song concludes, Caitlin steps forward towards where Hippolyta stands and holds a respectful attention as the song is sung.

When the Oath is recited to her, Caitlin drops to one knee with her hands resting on her thigh for support and her head bowed respectfully. At the thundering question, Caitlin looks up at Hippolyta. Any trace of the drink or her nerves is quite gone; she looks alert and calm, all at once.

"All my life, I've done my best to serve my team, my home, and my God," she says. Light glints off her breastplate, catching the crucifex expertly hammered into the reinforcement over her sternum. "And now I've discovered another home. Another family." She looks over at the Amazons, and can't hold back a smile for Donna, Cassie, Phoebe and Diana. She looks back up at Hippolyta. "Some new sisters, and some I've had longer than I realized. Before all here-- friends and family both-- I will faithfully uphold the laws of Athena, the traditions of my sisters, and the principles of my new home."

She exhales slowly, trying to keep the elation from her features as strong emotions rush over her. "This I most solemnly swear."

Hippolyta has posed:
As soon as Caitlin has answered, the musicians strike up again. The Amazon guards present Hippolyta with gleaming bracers, which she takes up and holds up to the heavens as she intones:

"Mother of arts, imperious; understood, rage to the wicked., wisdom to the good:
Upon the earth, the arts of war are thine, much-formed Drrakaina, divine:
Over the Phlegrean giants rous'd to ire, thy coursers driving, with destruction dire.
Tritogeneia of splendid mien, purger of evils, all-victorious queen.
Hear me, O Goddess, when to thee I pray, with supplicating voice both night and day,
And onto your daughter, peace and health, propitious times, and necessary wealth,
And, ever present, be thy augurs aid, O, much implored, art's parent, blue eyed maid!"

She lowers her arms and presents the bracers to Caitlin. "Henceforth you shall no longer be simply Caitlin, but also Aikaterine, The Pure One, the first Amazon to be born in America, not of divine stock. In you, we reassert the promise of a future where Themyscira and the world of man exist side by side..." a brief glance at Donna, "Learning from each other, and growing all the better for it. Rise, Aikaterina. Amazon." He extends her arms to either side after Caitlin has taken the bracers, to gesture the amazons around her, "Sister."

And then, there is a moment of silence. "Daughter."

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
The bracers are handed to Caitlin after the prayer and she slips them onto her wrists. Perhaps it is some trick of the light; they slip over her knuckles easily enough, but in a few moments they fit as closely as if the fine-seeming gold was hammered in place around her wrists.

Caitlin rises, smiling with a deep and profound gratitude for Hippolyta's words, and moves to embrace the Queen when she calls her 'daughter'. Something is murmured into Hippolyta's ear-- quiet, meant only for her-- and Caitlin turns to the crowd with a brilliant, uninhibited smile and a little damp on her round cheekbones.

She brings her hands up in front of her in an X-shape and sharply raps once bracer against the other. There is a melodious ring that sings out across the room, up to the sky outside, and a flash of coruscating light from the Aegis steel that lingers for a few moments too long for it to be an accident of reflection from the room itself.

Diana Prince has posed:
While the event was unfolding on stage before the audience, Diana had slipped away amongst the crowds.

By the time that the bracers were granted to Caitlin, however, the Princess appears again. She's no longer in her fancy evening dress, and has instead changed in her iconic armor. She's walking across the stage and only stopping when she comes to stand behind--and to the right of --her mother, the Queen.

Diana's eyes are on Caitlin now. "Aikaterinn..." She lingers the name for a moment. "You are my sister now. You are with us in all that we do to protect the world. When the troubles that plague this world call out for help, you are duty-bound from hence forth to answer that call, just as I am. Just as all of your new sisters are."

Diana turns then to the crowd and raises her right arm up to motion toward Cait. "I present to you, the world of men and the free people of our ever increasingly united home, your newest Amazon and protector... Aikaterine of Themyscira."

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Cassie, like Diana, briefly vanishes after finding her mentor initially. Mystery!

She returns a bit later, keeping hidden as not to reveal Diana's surprise. Still, it wouldn't be very Cassie to just wait there quietly on the sidelines. Getting out of her dress has meant access to one other thing: POCKETS. So by the time Queen Hippolyta is yielding the stage to Caitlin, Cassie has arrived again on the outskirts, carrying... (among various forms of Amazonian iconography) her phone. This she lifts up toward the stage to start recording.

There's probably someone getting actual, official news footage, but whatevah! These are the more personal memories.

Well, 'personal.' Almost as soon as she gets them, she's already sharing some images and clips on her own account. Gotta work that Amazon hype train for her followers. There are a whole lot of :woman_gesturing_no:!

Then soon enough, they're at the end. In proper Cassie fashion, an exuberent 'WOOOOOO!' can be heard from offstage, perhaps undercutting some of the Themysciran solemnity. Then again, if she wants to be an American Amazon... well, this is how American Amazons do.

The excitement is followed by her quickly following Diana up onto stage, now obviously in her armor as well. Which is less iconic for her, worn only rarely by the youth superheroine. But given the circumstances, it fits! Diana re-introduces Cait, and she stands back beside Donna, lifting her own wrists in the familiar salute. And once again, with feeling:


Terry O'Neil has posed:
Wen Hippolyta appears, Terry freezes and grabs Gar's arm, eyes wide.

"That's... Queen Hi- holy shit. That's. Gar. She's." History Nerd Terry is suffering a catastrphic operating system failure, clearly. He's even forgotten to eat, "Three thousand... Theseus and Herakles and..." Oh god. Is he going to faint again?

But he doesn't. Instead, he watches everything with rapt attention, even frogetting to bring his phone out to record this, too wrapped up in the fact that he's witnessing history... all of it: ancient history, new history, future history. When Diana presents Ai-cait-erin to the world, he can't help but let out a 'WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!'- it just comes out, totally uninhibited. Fortunately, he didn't bring any glitter grenades with him, even though Harley might have.

And then, when it's all over, he brushes an arm across his face, because he's not crying, you're crying. "So... that makes three Amazons on our team," he says, by way of drawing attention from the sniffles, "That's a record, right?"

In th eback of his head, there is a little voice rattling off newspaper headlines :Caitlin Fairchild: All-American Amazon. A good front page candidate in tandem with the coverage of the opening. Other outlets were here, of course, and they would be writing about this. But he had the upper hand by virtue of being a team-mate and, therefore, having direct access.

He's heard that some people at the Bugle play darts with his byline photo.

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen doesn't understand what most of the ceremony means, she's really young, inexperienced mostly, and has never actually met an Amazon before, except for the ONE time she briefly met Diana in Gotham... and the time she saw Donna when Toy Man created a dome over a part of New York City. But that was a while back. Either way it's pretty clear that Caitlin becoming an Amazon is a HUGE deal and she can't help but clap loudly when Caitlin is initiated. Tippy-Toe is clapping too, high pitched squeaky shouts accompanying. Doreen is very tempted now by the crackers and cheese and it's not long before she retrieves a platter, and then returns to the group with it, "Soooo.. not just crackers and cheese.. but summer sausage!!" She tries not to go into a feeding frenzy. Instead she politely eats this time, offering some various foods to Tippy-Toe as well.

She looks at Cassie, "Sooo Woman REALLY can pull planets then! That's amazing!" She can't help but talk with her mouth half full. It's a habit! She's around squirrels most of the time after all!

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley's expression goes from surprised at Hippolyta's presence, then astonishment (which is just surprise 2.0) at Caitlin going up on stage then realization. "I knew it!" she shaking her fist. As the presentation is finally done and there's a new sister among the amazons, one Harley knows well it means it's time for it. Because yes, she brought a little glitter bomb of her own..

So as Terry goes out with a Woooooo, she goes in with a Weeeeeee, followed by a, "That's my pen pal!" and then followed by a glitter bomb 'popping' up above her head..

And yes, it means those in the close vicinity will get glitter bombed if they don't step away fast. But its a party! And now it was time to celebrate!

And that means taking advantage of those free drinks..

Gar Logan has posed:
"Dude. It's Hippolyta, not holy shit," Gar says, much quieter this time, in fact only meant for Terry's ears. Of course he's heard of Hippolyta, and before she's begun the ceremony he's got his phone out to get it all on video. Being very close to the stage, as a Titan, his spot is impeccable.

It also means the plumage on his tux might just be spotted by the Queen. "Aikaterine? Did they just give her an actual Amazon name?" he asks, also under his breath but caught on video all the same. So, too, does he catch the big 'WOOOO' from Terry next to him.

Clearing his throat he adds, "I'm guessing the only group with more Amazons would be theirs, and since we're never actually gonna get to go to Themyscira itself, this is pretty dope." While the cheering commences after the bracers are demonstrated and all the singing and music's happened, he keeps recording while switching the phone to selfie mode again. "Guys, I think we're as close to being Amazons as we're gonna get now."

After stopping the recording, he nudges Terry. "Should I go ask the Queen if you can get her for an interview? I got Amazon sistas I'm tight with. It's like I'm already family."

Donna Troy has posed:
    While Hippolyta had been giving her speech - and had glanced for a meaningful moment in Donna's direction, Donna had mouthed the reply 'thank you'. It had been Diana who had championed the Embassy, and the Arts Center, but Donna had always spoken up in support, had been trying to add her own voice to the task of persuading Hippolyta that now as the time. It hadn't taken long for the Queen to realize that while Diana might be leading the charge, the idea of bringing Themyscira closer to the world outside is perhaps an ideal even dearer to Donna's heart than Diana. Her mother's choice of words fill Donna with a profound gratitude.

    During the rest of the ceremony she stands beside Cassie, her eyes damp. She joins Cassie in returning Caitlin's salute, as do a dozen other Amazons around the room, the sound of clashing bracers ringing across the room.

    And then the ceremony is done. Donna is speechless, so she contents herself with wrapping her arms tightly around Caitlin, grinning from ear to ear and giving her old friend a powerful hug. Then Cassie. Then Diana. Then Hippolyta. Apparently Donna is in a hugging mood

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Queen Hippolyta.

    Phoebe freezes where she was standing, and watches as Caitlin is lead away. Her eyes are wide as she watches with fascination, witnessing history as the First American Amazon is honored.

    She smiles, she claps for the Titan, and heartfelt cheering (as kids these days are wont to do), and the young Outsider looks to the other Titans, gives a smile, and turns to make her way back to the wall.

    After all, it's no fair if anyone's partaking in the wine to get over any social anxieties.

    ... also to get further away from any Donna hugs. That would not be a good way to make acquaintence with the Queen of the Amazons.

Henry Devine has posed:
Ratchet stares in utter awe of the spectacle. Ceremonies were already foreign to the sheltered and unsocialized mutant, but the brush with -divinity-? It floors him, jaw hanging wide and all. Never before had he scene nor experienced anything like this. To say the least, he finds his mind expanding just a little bit more than moments before.

He stares at this newly minted Amazonian, Caitlin, and a trickle of...wanting spills into his heart. She had a family. A -calling-. What did he have, in comparison?

Ratchet takes a few more bites of the cheese, munching ponderously. "...Maybe -I- should become an Amazon." Yeah...hang up this spy biz for good. After all, being in this pinchy suit thing was beginning to hurt his armpits...

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia watches the ceremony unfold with a big grin on her face, in between face fulls of /plakous/ anyway. She's excited, she's happy for Caitlin, she's worried she might have to help carry Terry out, and she's draining her flute of wine. Once the flute is drained she is clapping and cheering for Caitlin, it's her special day and Nadia is thrilled to share it, thrilled for her friend's happiness and just generally thrilled. Some of it may be the wine, even with her enhanced metabolism the Themysciran wine packs a punch, but most of it is her and feeding off the energy of the crowd around her.

Kian has posed:
    There's a celebratory keening from Kían -- some of his teammates will have heard it before.  And having caught his breath, he makes his way back over towards his friends.  "We are becomin' a team of Amazons an' speeders, it seems," he comments, and then giggles.  "Maybe we shoul' try to get a speeder Amazon?"

Hippolyta has posed:
The Queen of the Amazon's eyes glitter, although it is hard to tell if it's because of tears, or because of pride, or both. She gladly embraces Caitlin, and all of her daughters, and as the formal part of the ceremony winds down, the queen does not vanish, as one might expect, into an alcove like some VIP. No. Instead, she gently grabs Donna's hand and says, "Daughter, I would like to greet our guests," it is, after all, one of the rules of hospitalty that the Amazons live by, "I trust you will direct and make the appropriate introductions." This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Donna, She Of The Hermes-Tongue, appears to be completely speechless. Not at all.

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen watches the glitter scatter everywhere, including her platter of food, but GLITTER. Doreen sets the platter down and jumps around trying to get as MUCH glitter on her as possible. Tippy-Toe is careful not to fall off of Doreen and ends up with glitter all over her fur.

Doreen, now all glittery, glances back at the food platter, "Well that's THAT then. I don't think glitter is all that edible.." Tippy-Toe disagrees and squeaks her disapproval of squeamishness. Doreen sighs, "You can eat all you want to. But don't cry to me if you get indigestion!" Tippy-Toe salutes and leaps onto the platter!

Diana Prince has posed:
The Amazons on the stage were not the only ones to celebrate the moment. The honor guards also stopped their horse patrols along the pathways of the courtyard and rasied their arms in to the air to chant in Ancient tongue words of praise for their new sister.

This had the whole crowd reacting as well, people continuing to record and cheer along with the show.

The glowing spheres that are housed inside of the bronze sconces all flared to life much brighter than they had been before, which bathes the courtyard in a myriad of different colors. But when it all settles down again, the festivities pick up, the music starts again and the guests begin to mingle once more. What comes next for the party is dinner being served to those who desire it, and another show in the grand Arena is announced to be beginning soon... A chariot race of all things!

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry is still brushing his eyes a bit, and he laughs. "If you want a speedster Amazon, just give Donna some hooch. did I ever tell you about that one time when we were stuck in the White Hole..." he pauses. Now is not the time for stories. "Gar. It's just kind of... crazy." He is covered in glitter. He doesn't care. He is in his natural element. He is kindred spirit with Doreen in that. "I mean. She is three thousand years old. Or older. Can you even conceive of everything she's seen? Everything she /knows/? And she talks to gods. This is just between us but Wonderland isn't /that/ impressive, compared to that. I mean, next to her, Diana is a baby. We're just blips in the radar of time.We'll be dust before she even notices."

Deep thoughts from the Cheshire Cat. And then he stares at Gar Logan.

"Garfield Logan... do not... even... joke about that. I don't think I could /ask/ her anything. And even if I could... Lois would throw me out the window for nailing THAT interview over her!"

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin descends from the stage once Hippolyta releases her, though it's a cumbersome gauntlet of giving everyone all the hugs! She squeals with laughter as the glitter bomb goes off. Oh well-- won't hurt anything!

Caitlin's definitely a hugger, and she embraces everyone in turn. Donna gets an extra long, extra-special hug, and before they break she beams an uninhibited megawatt smile at Donna and rests a palm on her cheek for half a second. Donna's quickly handed off to Hippolyta and the redhead dips a curtsey to the Queen, then ducks behind the screens for just a few moments while the crowd mills around.

She emerges just a minute or two later, having doffed the armor and changed into a silver gown. It's not as glamorous as Stephanie's black dress or Gar's outrageous plumage, but it shimmers under the light and flows easily when she walks. The modest scoop neck and demisleeves are a good fit for her conservative sensibilities, but with the glitter on her hair and the smile on her face, it still contributes to making her look radiant as she rejoins the Titans and their friends on the ground. "I didn't look goofy up there, did I?" she says. There's a little paleness to her cheeks now, the adrenaline crash coming along after the highs of emotion. "And oh my gosh if anyone has some more wine, I need more wine. Definitely more wine."

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Cassie is subjected to further hugging, which draws 'aw gosh' sorts of smiles. Her energy is still much more brightly enthusiastic than the tearful response of some of her sisters, but generally celebratory tone is universal. Indeed, even typically dour Helena seems to be... well, maybe 3/4ths the way to smiling! That's pretty good as far as she goes.

In fact, once the Amazons have finished, she steps up forward to take up their former place on the stage. "That was wonderful, your Majesty. To our guests, I would like to thank you all for coming to be a part of the ceremonies today, encourage you to continue to enjoy the hospitality of Queen Hippolyta of Themyscira and the rest of our Amazon hosts. The Art Center will be open to the public going forward, and the things you are enjoying, witnessing right now - contests, sport and art and entertainments of all kinds - are representatives of a culture ancient, unbroken, and still living into this modern day. I encourage you all to witness all the Art Center has to offer, and to tell your friends. Information about our schedule of special events and exhibitions, along with the daily operating schedule, is available at the front desk."

That is to say, Helena continues to do her serious job!

But Cassie is bored but that kind of stuff, and has abanadonned the stage as the others do. She claps some arms and shoulders as she heads down, and ends up going over to watch the races. Looking back to Di, she grins, "I think I'm getting bored doing the fancy party thing- when are the kanga jousts?" For her, it's no an Amazon celebration without a kanga joust.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Dick applauds with everyone else as Caitlin is officially named an Amazon, by the unexpected graces of the Queen herself. If his applause and cheers are perhaps rather more enthusiastic than one might expect of the Gotham socialite, well, then you probably don't know his secret. Nightwing is thrilled by the honor given to his friend and teammate, and at the moment is rather cursing not having come in his hero persona so he could be up front congratulating her with the rest of the team.

He'll simply have to catch her at a later time, but for now, he'll applaud with the crowd and just let his excitement for her blend into the rest. The folks who don't bother to hide so much have got this so much easier a lot of the time.

For now, he and Steph will just be a part of the crowd, as would be expected of Dick Grayson at a gathering like this.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan begins to cover up from some of the glitter, only to recognize that it's just going to make him...shinier. So, he lets it fall where it will.

"Fine, fine. We'll give Lois first dibs. I heard 'dinner' and I still want to see what's up with the Arena. The night's young and I haven't even made a fool of myself yet!" he explains to Terry, casting an eye toward the stage as it seems Hippolyta is sticking around a bit longer, in conversation with a few.

"Not /too/ goofy! But the armor's a cool look on you, Cait! Huzzah!" he exclaims now that she's among them.

He adds, "Terry, you get weird when you try to think too hard about some of this stuff. All the things we've been part of, and her being older than dirt is what's got you freaking out?" Now would be about the time Hippolyta ends up near, which would fulfill the prophecy of the fool well enough.

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen's eyes light up when Gar mentions Lois. She quickly gets REALLY close, "Lois? Like Lois LANE?! You know her?! I watch her all the time on TV!!" She is clearly very excited, "I've learned some things from her on air persona! I'm on social media, and I post a lot of livestreams, videos, the like. I try to document all of my crime fighting activities in case it will help the police! Well.. that's just ONE reason I do it but seriously! You actually know Lois Lane?!"

Donna Troy has posed:
    Maybe it's even glitter from Harley's glitter grenade that's in Queen Hippolyta's eyes, because the woman is heartless and couldn't possibly be crying tears. So heartless she would force poor Donna to be her guide and introduce herself to American Society.

    Donna will cope! Her voice has returned, no doubt to Hippolyta's chagrin, and she gives a smile. "Certainly, mother! People will be very glad to meet you, I shall introduce you to everyone. In my work at the embassy I spend a lot of time communicating with various business-people who want to enter into trade deals, open shipping ports, build airports and things like that on Themyscira. Several of the people who have communicated such wishes are here, and would no doubt /love/ to talk to you."

    Her smile grows slightly wider, but Donna is still feeling the warm gratitude of her mother's words, so quickly relents her teasing. Leaning in, she whispers "I can steer you away from those if you like."

    There is no question who Donna will introduce Hippolyta to first, though. Her beloved team. She makes a beeline for the largest knot of Titans, drawing the queen after her.

    "Gar! Kian! Nadia! Terry! I'd like to introduce you all to my mother." Her eyes find Terry's, and she pausesd a beat. "Queen Hippolyta, leader of the Amazons."

    She turns back to her mother, with a hint of mischief on her features. "Mother, these are some of my fellow Titans. All warriors. My adopted family here. I'm so glad I can introduce you to them at last, instead of just regaling you with tales of their exploits. And I am sure they are glad to meet you too, especially Terry. Terry, come say hello. Terry is a great supporter of all things Themysciran, mother. He's a student of history and is quite a fan of yours. I am sure he will have many questions for you. Perhaps you could tell him about what /really/ happened with you an Theseus. Just... please don't give him your cloak."

Henry Devine has posed:
DINNER!! Ratchet immediately swipes up a leg of tenderly fried lamb (or something a bit more proportional to his size), biting and tearing into the crispy, golden exterior and the juicy meat underneath. The boy almost wept. Eating like a king among demigods...he'd never thought he'd get this experience in his life. One thing was for sure: he'd never doubt his nose again. There'd -definitely- be no repercussions for this line of thinking.

Scampering back, he glances over to the Queen, who seems to be making her way over to the group of individuals everyone seemed to gravitate around, with that nice lady too. Maybe he should too? He slowly slipped between the tall-folk, going full incognito as he CLOMP-CLOMP-CLOMPs his crappy little dress shoes over to the introduction of the Queen.

There, he keeps off to the side, going back into full obervation mode while he STEALTHILY munches the HECK out of his fried lamb goodlordthisthingissooogooood.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"Hi Donna's Mom! er I mean Queen Hippolyta!" Nadia catches herself midway as she greets Queen Hippolyta in the same way she greets most of her friends parents with a bright smile and an eager wave, "It is wonderful to see you again! This time in America!"

After a moment though she takes a step back while simultaneously pushing Terry forward towards Hippolyta from behind with one hand while more overtly appearing to snag a wine flute from a passing server with the other putting her years of assassin training and misdirection to their best possible use.

Gar Logan has posed:
"As it happens," Gar says to Doreen, "We're neighbors, and Terry works for her. He could tell you exactly how she takes her coffee, too."

With the highest of the high muckety-muck Amazonians being brought over, he grows a little more serious - for him. At least, he offers her a suitable bow before saying, "Nice to see you, Queen Hippolyta. This is gonna be a great place to come visit again and again, especially if there's always cool stuff going on."

A little bit of word salad there. Not every day you get introduced to royalty.

He prepares to keep Terry from toppling, should he pass out.

Kian has posed:
    Kían bows in greeting, after finding a place to stow his plate and glass that isn't Gar.  He'd like there to still be food on the plate when he gets it back.  "I am please to meet /q'chal t'Dóna/," he says, apparently not overawed -- but then, he didn't grow up hearing stories of Wonder Woman and Amazons and all.  It means more to him that he's meeting Donna's mother than Queen Hippolyta.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
TerryOs has run into a critical error and will reboot now :( We are currently gathering data on this crash in order to improve your future user experience.

The redhead is pushed forward, and his expression is not unlike that of a deer constellation frozen in the cosmic headlights. He is pushed forward because there is no internal movement coming from him, and it almost looks like he has forgotten how to breathe. He is a ginger, and therefore already pale, but he blanches and becomes almost practically transparent. Gar /is/ right, he has the bad tendency to overthink. He overthinks a lot of things, which means that he is very, very conscious of /everything/ that encompasses Queen Hippolyta. It's like the sheer weight of history suddenly sat down across from him at the cafeteria and asked him if it could steal one of his french fries.

A year ago, Pre-Cheshire Terry would have totally fainted. There is absolutely no question of that. He has lived through a lot since, in that one year, and even though he is definitely absolutely 'losing his shit', as Harley might delicately put it, he does have /some/ shit to hold on to.

"Q-queen H-hip-pollyta i-it is... an ho-onor... I... d-don't want to take u-up your v-very v-valuable t-time" His hands cross over his chest in a subdued facsimile of the Amazon salute and he bows. Gar, then, says his thing, and Terry takes that moment to make himself less visible And you might think he learned some ballet from Nadia's training, because it's almost like he /glides/ backwards, seemingly without moving his legs, and disappears behind Kian's wings through deft positioning.

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen nods, eyes still wide, very much intently paying attention to Gar's every word now, "Wow.. neighbors?! You are SO lucky! I'd love to meet her some time!" She watches as Gar is called to meet the Amazon's leader.

She watches the clearly very important person and bets that she could literally blow up a planet if she wanted to. She 'hmmmms' and then turns to Tippy-Toe, "Enjoying yourself? Wow that whole PLATTER is gone?! Sheesh! You had dinner already! That hotdog was bigger than you!" Tippy-Toe offers a shrug and a squeak sound that basically says, "I dunno!"

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Or so he tries! Terry bumps squarely into Caitlin, who tips the scales at over three-hundred-fifty pounds of Amazon warrior. It's entirely possible he could have hit her with a running drop-kick and done no more than hurt his own ankles.

"Terry's just /thrilled/ to meet you, your Majesty," Caitlin tells Hippolyta. One hand rests on Terry's shoulder with a reassuring squeeze, one that also prevents him from really going anywhere, either. She beams a smile at Terry and lifts her wine glass at him in salute.

It's possible that's her fourth or fifth now, hence the uncharacteristic levels of snarkitude.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Watching the fun from a bit of a distance, Dick hides his grin by taking a sip of his drink as Terry's attempt to fade from the scene is blocked by the newest Amazon. It's weird how the man can be a reporter, a hero, and still have this much trouble with certain social occasions, but at least it's fun to see happening. Given the number of Titans around him, he's fairly sure the young man will be caught before he hits the ground if he does manage to actually faint.

Hippolyta has posed:
Hippolyta's lips betray the hints of a smile, as her daughter returns her turn with another, but then relents. "I think it would be wise to schedule a different time for those meetings," she agrees, "This is a celebration, not a trade meeting, after all."

As Donna introduces her to her friends, the Queen graciously nods at them. "Although we have already met some, it is good to finally make the acquaintance of those who could not come before. You have my eternal gratitude for providing my daughter with allies worthy of being celebrated." Nadia's excitement and informality is greeted with a smile, as the queen is already familiar with it, and when Terry is thrust forward, she raises an eyebrow. "It is certainly a welcome sight that there are men who are knowledgeable of us. There is certainly much that we can disclose that your history might lack..."

She looks at Donna for a second, slightly puzzled by the remarks about cloaks, and then Terry's bizarre display makes the queen lean slightly towards her daughter and whisper quietly while Caitlin intercepts the redhead: "He seems to be under a nervous condition. Perhaps we should call Areteia to provide him with one of her soothing draughts?"