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Tail between his legs
Date of Scene: 31 May 2021
Location: Breakstone Lake
Synopsis: Remy returns to the school, seeks out Rogue who's been abandoned by her students and left fishing alone
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    It's been a while since he's stepped onto the school grounds, but the cajun was granted access with the same thumb print he registered so many years ago, and it always causes him a bit of grief and a chuckle that his thumb print hasn't changed since then.

    He avoided the garage, though he did park the Porsche in front of the doors with a 'for sale' sign in the passenger window. Remy seems to be changing a lot of things, as he wears that now familiar pea coat with the sleeves rolled up over black compression sleeves covering his wrists up.

    Finding his way to the dock, Remy finds Rogue already there, sitting on one of the posts and facing out towards the rippling waters. "'ow did Ah know you'd be out here?" He asks, stopping on the wood and planting his feet, ankles nearly touching as he calls out to Rogue.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had come out here with a few of the students staying over for summer cacation. They'd shown some interest in fishing equipment in the garage and Rogue had said she'd take them down here to use it all. Which she'd followed through with.

Of course, the kids lasted about 30 minutes before they started to lose interest. They skipped out on her about an hour ago and yet the Belle was lingering. She's currently standing on the edge of the dock with her face toward the sun over the trees. She's slowly reeling a fishing rod in, the lour bobbing up and down i nthe water as it leaves trails across the mirrored surface.

She hears his voice and smiles, then looks over her shoulder toward the guy. "Because I'm a human sunbeam and impossible t'miss?" She jokes with him.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Mutant sun-" Remy catches himself, and his bizarre train of thought and shakes his head. "Yeah, you are." He's never cared about semantics like that, but that's part of the reason he's back, not that he'll tell anyone else, but the man has seen some things he doesn't want to see again.

    "You are /impossible/ t'miss mon cherie." The cajun says, his voice lingering in his drawl as he finds a support post, props and elbow up on it and gives Rogue the once over with his eyes undressing her even as she stands there. "An' ya know it too." He winks a red eye.

    "Why ya got so many fishin' rods out? Y'ain't been hangin' out with some always bored speedster, have ya?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's phone is resting on the table on the deck behind her right shoulder, it's playing some classic rock music, Meat Loaf, the volume quiet so as not to making it overbearing against the nature sounds outside this evening. She's got a dark green bandana on her head, tied back behind the crown of her head, with her long hair draping down around her shoulders. A flannel shirt is tied off at the base of her stomach above her jeans waistline. She's just smirking at his words.

She glances over to the other fishing equipment and shrugs her shoulders. "Some'a the kids were here, but they got bored instantly. Not enough 'thumbs up' buttons, or 'Emojis' involved in fishin', I guess."

She reels her line back in, empty of any fish, then she sweeps it back over her shoulder and casts it back out over the water making the tell-tale clickity-clickity noises as it goes, followed by the soft gentle'ploop' of hitting the water. "What are you doin' all the way out here?" She asks, looking over at him then. "Thought this place makes ya uncomfortable."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy bends over at the waist and starts to untie his shoes. Responding to Rogue as he does his minute task. "Of course they did, they have the attention /of/ a gold fish."

    The cajun notes and then unrolls his socks off his feet, paler than they should be, but hey, he's always wearing shoes and working at night. Not a whole lot of sun light to tan him.

    Remy moves over to sit next to Rogue and even closer to the end of the dock, pressing his chest against his knees, one at a time, as he rolls up the hem of his pant legs until he's got makeshift capri pants and he sits on the very edge of the dock.

    He dangles his feet in the water, and then takes up a singular rod before casting his line out into the water as well and laying back onto the wood dock, hands lacing behind his head like a pillow with his elbows jutting out. "Not as uncomfortable as where Ah've been the past few days... Not sure Ah wanna go back dere eit'er."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue keeps her eyes on the water as she listens to him moving around. Her stare goes over to him and watches as he dips his feet in to the lake water. "Might be pretty cold still." She says to him as a light warning to the temperature of the lake as a whole in the arly summer.

At what he says to her, she lingers her stare on him for a moment before she looks back to the water and flicks her lour around on the surface of it, the little neon green feather on it fluttering in the wind coming off of the water.

"Where ya been then?" She asks. "Or is it a big secret?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Not a big secret, just, something Ah didn't want t' bring back around here. Dangerous crap Rogue. Dangerous."

    The cajun answers, but doesn't answer as he remains on his back, allowing his feet to rock in the water and the chill rising up in the show of the hint of goosebumps up and down his legs and even some visible on his neck.

    "Ah ran int'a drug deal in Bushwick, den Emma saved me from gettin' killed by the dealers." Remy pauses to look towards Rogue, and he allows his eyes to linger on her, remember those things about her, memorize the way she looks now, in that flannel, and he grins before it fades as he starts talking again.

    "Some one's makin' power suppressing and power giving drugs, and Ah saw Emma get reprimanded by Erik... Ah can' 'elp no more. It's too much."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue starts to reel the lure back in on her line while she listens to him. Her aviator sunglasses are up on her forehead, resting over her bandana, giving her that Vietnam helicopter pilot look that she seems to like. She listens to Remy's short tale and then glances over to him where he's laying. "Emma's hotel must be havin' some growin' pains, I guess." She says then. "To be expected, really. Sorry ya got tangled up in that, sounds pretty bad. Though, maybe I'd like some'a those suppression drugs." She says with a smirk.

Her eyes note his trench coat has come back and she nods once toward it. "Got a new one? Or finally got the repairs done?" She asks him befor eher eyes go back to the water and she leaves the lure about half way from where it had first fallen in the water.

"Emma need some help, I can help her." She offers then softly.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy looks down at his sleeves and shrugs, "Nah, dis is de one Ah've been wearin' as a back up since de old one got messed up." The cajun says with a shrug, "Ah'm startin' t'like it though. It's less cowboy and a bit more ... dashing, Ah think." He says, giving her his best smile.

    He reaches down to his pole and lifts it to his belly and uses both hands to tick the reel a few times, something to do while he's idly laying on hte dock next to his best friend. "Ah bet you'd be able to actually help. Ah was ... ... not useful." Remy says with a shrug, looking odd while on his back. "You can actually do somethin', plus y'got that switch she gave you, no need for suppressing powers non?" Remy asks, looking over to her and wedging his pole between a couple of slats in the dock so he doesn't have to hold it and he can put his leg on her thigh, and softly rub her leg with gentle motions of his thumb.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just lightly smirks at what he says before shaking her head. "I doubt you weren't any help. You're capable, ya know?" She says as she looks back at him. "More than you give yourself credit for sometimes. Course, it depends on your mood and you seem a bit somber in the moment. So whatever happened, I guess it hit home." She pulls her lure back in and then sets her pole down against the side of the dock. She steps over to the table and grabs her glass of lemonade that she'd poured out of a bottle on the table. She moves to sit down beside him on the dock, folding her legs underneath herself. "Mags was there too, huh?" She asks him. "If he was around, then I'm guessin' something big was indeed goin' down. Stoppin' him last summer was how I got that Mighty Woman name, if ya remember." She raises the glass of lemonade up to her lips to sip from it before she looks back at him. "We should get your other jacket fixed. I think I know someone who can do it..."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ah'm capable, but Ah'm also not an idiot. If dere's a problem where, Blink, Emma, Magneto an' ya smurf mom can't deal, and they start fightin' each ot'er, den Ah ain't able t'do squat." Remy explains, and shakes his head, "Lotta in fighting over dere, Ah can't picture it lastin' long dat way."

    Remy looks over at Rogue as she gets up, pulling his hand back as she does so, but he does seem a bit more phsyical lately as when she sits back down beside him, his arm snakes back behind her and rests his elbow at the small of her back and his hand rests up near her shoulder blades and he's scratching through her shirt slightly.

    "You've known someone dis whole time?" Remy asks, his red eyes snapping open with his jaw dropping slightly, "You wound me Anna." The cajun says, his face lighting up with that boyish charm and then he looks past Rogue up into the clouds. "How do you not go flying every day to get away from all de noise?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue leans back on her hands then and looks over at him with a smile at his hand behind her that her arms go over top of now. She's got no gloves on but she does have that switch Emma had given her, and Jean had helped refine some since Emma's departure.

"Well, as it so happens I ran in ta someone because of my flyin'. Just a guy who runs a saddle shop near here, he's a leatherworker. Found him out in the woods a month or so ago, his horse was hurt. Flew in and checked on him. He was pretty surprsied by my arrival, but I helped him get the horse home and he showed off hsi workshop. fancy place. He had some clothin' he'd made. I dunno how any'a that stuff works, maybe it's out of his filed too. But seems like it was right up his alley, so t'speak."

She pulls one hand off the dock and uses it to push her hair out of her face before leaning back agan. "The 'switch' works, yeah, I'm still scared'a it though, some. Like if I get worked up in the Danger Room, angry and punchin', then it's not gonna work at all."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "You were creepin' on de neighbors?" Remy asks Rogue with a scanalous look across his face before he smirks and winks, before taking a bold action and removing his hand from her back, to reach up to her face, but instead of doting on her, he reaches up to her forehead and takes the sunglasses off her face.

    With a motion the cajun has the aviators on and gives her his best 'Top Gun' grin before he continues his remarks, "You not only creeped on the neighbor, but you showed off." Remy lowers his chin and looks over the top of the glasses, "If you think he can fix mah duster, it's worth a shot. Ah can't imagine it would hurt to ask."

    Remy then cants his head and turns his chin with Rogue as her thoughts get a bit more rambly and she's talking about several things at once, so he takes a breath and allows everything to catch up, "Ah also don't think you should worry about dat, until something happens, not dat Ah think anything will. Ah mean, it worked pretty good in other high stress moments, like at de baseball game de other day." Remy winks.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue feels her glasses get yoinked from her forehead and she smirks at the action. Her left hand comes up and she sweeps the doo-rag off of her head to wad it up and drop it on her lap. She /also/ smirks at the baseball reference.

"I suppose." She says at him. "And you're probably imagining that I ran across some sexy muscled cowboy. Which isn't the case." She says with a grin. This was some guy in his sixties, big belly and white beard. Nice, almost like a bald Santa Clause. Wait. Is Santa bald?" She considers this for a moment but then shakes her head.

"But yeah, I should fly out there again and ask him about it. Where is it anyhow?" She then asks, looking back out at the lake as the sun is about to get in to the later evening position in the sky.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy smiles fully, showing off his teeth for Rogue as he shifts up, leaning a bit by resting on his elbows and looking out over the lake again, savoring the evening's attitude. It's much more serene than Bushwick has been.

    He rolls his shoulders again, not knowing where the old chubby farmer lives, as he's only just now heard about the man, but he does look towards Rogue again, "Anna, any one dat old dat wears a hat dat much ain't just cold, dey got a big ol' nasty bald patch." The swampman says with a nod as if he's stating scientific fact.

Rogue has posed:
A smirk plays across the southern belle's lips again at his comment. "Fair, I guess." She says to him. "Though I'm sure those fur trappers in Colorado didn't always have bald heads. They needed those raccoon hats t'keep themselves toasty warm." She moves to stand up then and gather up some of the fishing equipment to start to put it away, kneeling down beside the box that came with the poles and lures and such, her back to him now.

"So Raven was there too, huh?" She asks while doing this. "In your Bushwick Ddrugs thing?" She glances over at him, her white bangs laying down on either sides of her face as she peers over her shoulder back at him. "If she's around, especially with Mags, that means trouble is afoot, ya know." Of course he knows, he's well aware of the trouble that Raven Darkhole exudes.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "That's why I'm back here." Remy admits rather forthcoming. "They threatened Emma for things beyond her control or abilities. ... They're going to eat each other alive and Mystique will be there, watching with dat stupid smile on her face, or she'll be the one feasting de most. Ah don't know which will happen." Remy says with a long exhale as he looks back to Rogue as she puts the fishin supplies and tools away except for the one he was using. He hopes? He wasn't paying enough attention.

    "But yeah, it all stemmed from the drugs in bushwick." The cajun notes as he lets out another long breath. His feet still kicking softly in the water swaying in the cool wetness. "Scared me."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue left his fishing pole out, of course, just put the other ones away and the one she was using is laid down in front of the tackle box. It was a fancy box, like everything at Xavier's, looks old world, but still brand new in condition and she's trying to keep it that way.

She smirks at what he says and when she finishes she turns back to him and exxtended her feet out so her shooes are pushed up against his thigh, her hand sin her lap and the box behind her backside now on the dock.

"Scared you?" She asks. "Raven did?" Uh oh. "Or just like the whole thing did? Emma is a tough girl, she can handle those bullies. I've seen her handle way worse, if she wants to anyway."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "The whole thing. Erik just appeared with his posse, and ... openly destroyed Emma's hotel. Like threw knives into the walls and ... she has fight, but Ah saw her break in ways Ah didn't t'ink she could." The cajun notes and looks over at Rogue.

    His hand curls under her ankle and pulls up so her feet are in his lap and he's softly massaging at her calves as they talk.

    "What if you went out to talk to her. Ah know you two had rocky moments, but maybe that might help her, help the city and the mutants in it." Remy says with a lift of an eyebrow over the top of the mirrored glasses on his face. "Plus you can make more of a difference than Ah can."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has a small smile appear as he takes her legs up and puts them on his lap to massage them. Her jeans have tears in the knees and show off some skin there, but she probably has that switch active, right? Sure she does!

"I don't know if I could say anything to Emma Frost that she'd give a lick about." She replies to him. "She and I made some nicey nice while she was here, but I still think she looks at me like a low value redneck." She shows the glimmers of a grin. "Mystique and Mags though? I could maybe talk t'them about what happened and reinforce how fuckin' up a place that was designed t'help the innocent mutants of that neighborhood isn't exactly a good look for a mutant revolutionary group/"

She huffs out a laugh at that then as she lays her hands on her lap and glances at the lake as the wind coming from it sends those white and brown locks of hair across her china nd neck.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Maybe you should. But do be careful." Remy says, looking to Rogue with a sorrowful and hopeful look. "They seem like they're awfully dangerous at the moment. Ah'll come with you if you feel like ah could help." Remy says, prefering to stay here for a moment or two, remembering what life is about, but also how f**ked up things can get in a hurry.

    The cajun's eyes go out to the pond where the fishes don't seem to be biting today and yet, he doesn't much care, or even want them to, he wants to stay in this simple moment with the Mighty Woman keeping him safe, but also, keeping him grounded in a reality that he can deal with.

    "Don't let me become alone and fearful, okay Anna?"

Rogue has posed:
A buzz shakes the side of Rogue's hip and she reaches in to her jeans to pull her phone out. She lifts it up to look at the message for a second or so before she looks up at Remy as she hears his words.

After a second or so of staring at him she takes her feet off of his lap and moves her legs around so she can turn around and lay flat on her stomach on the dock beside him. She leans down on her elbows, her face going to just over his shoulder....

Her long white hair flows in the breeze gently against her skin, and brushing over his shoulder and the side of his face as she leans in, her lips close to his cheek and ear.

She hovers like this for a second, her eyes, surrounded by black eye liner that makes her green pupils pop all the more, she whispers, her voice loud but still weak like a whisper

"I'll protect you." She says, seductively. Letting her words linger like that. "But you have to take the For Sale sign off of the Porsche." She waits another moment before showing him a gri nad pulling her hair out of her face before she pecks his cheek with a quick kiss.

How did she know?

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy doesn't fight her as she shifts onto, and off of the dock so she can hover before him, with his face looking down at her and blushing briefly though the glasses don't cover enough of his face to hide the pink tint.

    He savors the way her hair tickles at his face but the kiss convinces the blood to stay in his cheeks much longer. "Anna..." He whispers, his hand shifting to rest on his cheek where she kissed him.

    "Wh- How'd you know about de car?" The cajuns asks, looking for her phone, but only getting a faceful of southern belle. "Ah thought y'wanted something with..." His voice shifts into a whisper and a deep husky tone, "Somethin' wit'a back seat?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is used to her wild hair, so she's just smiling through the locks that are gently swaying against her face, her eyes on his face as they rest here like this on the dock beside the large Westchester body of water.

She brings her phone up and lays it his chest then. "Hambone." She says, showing off a text from the young stuedent at the school. "He wants t'know if he can have for a trade for his XBox One and some of his comics." She grins at the Cajun.

She shakes her head side to side. "If you accept the trade, I'll neve'ah forgive ya. You gave me Jeeps in that car, ya know, back seat or not." She keeps grinning at him. "Unless ya need the money or somethin'.... in which case I get it."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "An Xbox /AND/ comics. Ah'd be a dumbass to NOT take dat deal." Remy says with a huge roll of his black eyes. "Ah ain't stupid." Remy says with a grin before he lifts his hand to wrap around and rest on Rogue's back, like an armrest of emotion. The cajun takes a deep breath and shrugs his shoulders. "Ah don't need de money, but dat's not somet'in' I'd pick out mah self. Yknow? It's not the Remy style." He tries to explain that it's just not him. He wants something a bit more his speed in life. "It makes me look like a dentist goin' golfin or somethin'." He chuckles.

    "Dats why ya want me t'hold onto it? Sentiment?" The cajun asks, before he looks around and his eyebrows sink lower behind the glasses, "Where is Jeeps? Ya didn't leave him above dat music shop, did ya?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue stares at him with that predatorial look she sometimes gets, like she could eat him for dinner. But then she just lets that fade and lets a smile cross her lips before she bites her bottom lip for a second and nods her head, her own dark eyebrows raising up a little bit above her jade pupils. "I'm a sentimental lady, Mistah LeBeau." She says at him, playing up that Belle tone a bit. "But... I understand what ya mean. If you think there's a car out there that appeals t'ya more, well... you won the damn thing, so it's your call."

She then glances back toward the paths that wave southward toward the mansion. "Jeeps made a couple new friends." She says, her eyes going back to him then. "Wonder Woman enrolled a couple mutants last week. Jean met with her in private about it, I guess." She grumbles something, Wonder Woman being a hero of hers, and she didn't even get to gush over her.

Her eyes look back to Remy's own and she smiles. "Two twin girls. They took Jeeps on a walk, said I'd pick him up at their room once I went back inside. So he's in good company. They're super sweet."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "You got dat look in your eyes again." Remy says with a grin, but it's a bit nervous, but he doesn't seem to hide it as his grin wavers nearly exaggeratedly, he's showing off for her, trying to get her to go into that predator mode.

    The cajun's free hand lifts up the glasses off his eyes and he looks squarely into Rogue's, "Sounds like you're into twins If'n Ah didn't know any better..." He then squints slightly, as if he was trying to read her mind, or at least her reaction to the accusation. "And Ah'm sorry about Wonder Woman, Ah know you's a huge fan-a hers."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just smirks at him then as she finally reaches up to pull her hair out of her face off of her chin, moutha nd nose. She sweeps it over her shoulder so that it flows the other way, off to her right and leaves the left side of her face exposed and visible fully. "I do like twins, who wouldn't?" She asks. "But not 15 yea rold girls." She says with a smirk at the man. "Why? Ya got a secret twin ya haven't introduced me too? Don't make my heart flutter, Remy LeBeau." She teases him in return.

Her left hand comes up to take her sunglasses back from him then and she slides them on, over her eyes to stare at him from where she's laying. They aren't straight up pilot glasses, as they're designer-cut Aviators, so they ahve a slight feminine angle to their curves and style, she paid quite a bit for them last summer.

With the black reflective lenses facing him now she just stares blankly at him. "Don't think Wonder Woman would care much for me, so it's all good. 'Lowly Redneck' and all."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ah think ya hung out with Emma too much, not everyone t'inks like dat Anna. I bet Wonder Woman would be kind and sweet, even if she was a bit busy savin' de world from de moon crashin' int'us. Or whatever it is those supergods do. Ah try not to pay attention to it."

    Remy lifts a hand to help Rogue brush her hair out of her face, but it's really just an excuse to touch her and feel the feels of her skin beneath his calloused fingers.

    "Anna, y't'ink if Ah had a twin, Ah'd let him anywhere near you? Ah ain' no dumby." The cajun grins and even winks again, he knows what she's thinking, he's probably thought of it before himself. The power of twins. "Eh, either way, all in all. You's mah redneck and Ah wouldn't trade ya for the world."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just smiles suddenly at him and riases her glasses up to look at him. After a second she moves to sit up and get up on to her knees. "Come on." She tells him. "Sun is gettin' real low. We should clean upa nd go get Jeeps. You able t'go get some food or you gotta run back to your drug runnin' in Bushwick?" She teases him.

She moves to stand up then and leand won to pick up the tackle box with the fancy engraivings on it that someone probably carced 200 years ago. She holds up her phone then and starts to text back to Hambone. (He said 'Nah, get lost Poindexter.') She sends off to the notorious troublemaker of the student body.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy watches her stand up and pick up her tackle box and phone, leaving the cup of lemonade out on the dock as it seems she forgot it, but he'll take care of that without her having to ask. "Nah, I am washin' my hands o'dat." The cajun notes.

    He remains on his back and looks 'up' to watch her walk down dock, not moving a muscle other than his neck to watch Rogue saunter away in those cut up pants of hers and that flannel shirt. "Ah'll catch up in a moment Rogue. Gonna enjoy de stars for a moment, an' ya more dan welcome to watch wit me if'n ya want."