6406/Waving the White Flag

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Waving the White Flag
Date of Scene: 01 June 2021
Location: Xavier's School for the Gifted
Synopsis: The White Flag has been accepted, a tentative agreement between the school and the Brotherhood has been reached. Today is a good day to be a Mutant!
Cast of Characters: Raven Darkholme, Julian Keller, Clarice Ferguson, Jean Grey, Rogue, Jubilation Lee, Henry McCoy, Gabby Kinney

Raven Darkholme has posed:
The middle of the afternoon, the sun high in the sky over Xavier's School for the Gifted. A gentle breeze moved the grass of the front lawn, short and well kept though it was. When the clock struck one o'clock, a familiar purple portal appeared twenty yards from the front door. Anyone who was anyone knew that portal and what it meant, though most would not expect what happened next

Making no attempts to conceal herself, Mystique stepped through the portal in her white body suit and boots, plain white belt and no fancy head piece, her red hair hanging freely down her back. On the belt is a small pouch, nothing fancy, clearly posing as a purse or some kind. One hand hold a white flag, an honest to goodness white flag on a small pole, the other is held out to show it has no weapons.

Julian Keller has posed:
    Julian Keller is hanging out on the front porch, leaning against a rail. He's holding a rubber ball in one hand and squeezing it. It's something he does often these days, working on learning to control those new hands of his. He straightens, eyes narrowed slightly, when that purple portal appears. His first instinct is 'Danger Will Robinson' and it shows in the way those narrowed eyes give a little glow that spreads to encompass his entire body. Just a flash and it's gone. He's working on that control these days too. "Huh," he intones to himself when Mystique steps through. He casually makes his way down the porch stairs to get closer.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice steps out a moment after Mystique - taking in a deep breath and letting out a sigh as the portal blinks out of existance behind the pair. "It's a lovely day for it," she remarks, flashing the woman beside her a brief smile, before turning her attention towards the school. "...can't wait to see how this plays out," she young woman adds in a quiet tone. Her own hands are empty, and her posture relaxed. Hopefully, given that she isn't an uncommon sight on these grounds, her presence will be a mitigating factor to prevent any potential flares of temper or hostility.

Jean Grey has posed:
School is out. For summer, one might almost say.

However, like a good many of the students, Jean's permanet residence is at the mansion, and so the end of classes doesn't mean much of a change in scenery. Her schedule is a little less hectic now without having to run school full-time as headmistress, but there's still plenty going on, from a smaller set of summer classes to ongoing practical training, in the latter both as part of the school's public facing side and in its more covert identity. Indeed, in the latter case, another year gone means many students that much older, and closer (or at!) the points where they have to consider what they want to do with themselves -beyond- just being students. That might mean aspiring to the X-Men, or it might mean finding more typical careers in the wider world.

The appearance of strange portals might be another thing still going on, despite the summer 'break'!

As it turns out, this appearance doesn't seem to be too much of an invasion or ambush. Maybe someone told her something about it ahead of time! Or maybe Jean just picks up on the buzz of various other reactions, and soon makes her way out from her office. In an unusual appearance, she's not by herself, walking behind Charles, pushing his chair (something she does as a point of fondness and nostalgia, rather than necessity, since it's powered!). "Looks like our guest is here."

Rogue has posed:
SEated i nthe wheelchair, Charles Xavier is wearing a nice dark blue suit with a blue and white striped tie tucked bneeath the jacket, his intelligent eyes are directly upon their visitors. When they're within a comfortable distance from each other, Charles speaks up.

"A bit dramatic, as far as entrances go, wouldn't you say, Raven?" The man's calming voice speaks out to the woman in white, his eyes directly and solely upon her though his mind is surely on many presences around here, among other things.

"After all, I wasn't aware we were at war, thus a white flag seems a bit... unnecessary." He adds before trying to offer her a soft smile. "To what do we owe this visit then?"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Fueled by bad intel, Jubilation Lee zips through the Mansion in the most outdated, defiant method possible -- skating on the hidden wheels of Heely sneakers, the hit fad of the early aughts. She may have arrived all those years ago with roller blades and a cowlick, but now she's in gimmick sneakers and has long, luxurious hair that rolls down her back in ringlets. "Move it or lose it!" she cries out, zig-zagging through the corridors to avoid the living obstacles. "Hot stuff, coming through!"

    She would find out about her bad intel soon enough. The front door swings open and Jubes leaps into the air, landing right on the rail that goes down the steps. "Put me down for some Thin Mints and Do-Si-Do's!" she shouts as she grinds down the rail. Jubilee shifts her weight over one hip and pulls her Ray Bans down the bridge of her nose. Are the rumors true?! Did they finally allow Girl Scouts on the grounds?

    "Oh..." she mutters, staring at the two visitors. Her eyes narrow. Mystique.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Stepping out onto the lawn is Henry - dressed in his standard teaching attire. Khakis, a button down shirt and his reading glasses. He makes his way over to where the portal had appeared, eyebrow arched. Charles seems to have said what was on Hank's mind, no need to add to that. A simple nod in greeting to the guests. "Afternoon, ladies." A look then to Jean and Charles, cedeing the negotiations to the Professor and Headmistress.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
It may have been over kill, or as Charles put it, dramatic, but it was meant to make a point all the same. Mystique chuckles quietly, offering a smile before tucking the white flag into her belt.

"We may not be at war," she explains as she starts to walk toward the collecting group. "But we all know exactly how people feel about me in general, so I thought it a wise choice."

Amber eyes scan over those present, she expected a couple of them, the others not so much, but over all she was pleased to see that one, she wasn't being attacked on sight, and two, they actually showed up.

"I assume you understand my hesitation at just popping into the school however? I'm not trying to freak anyone out, or cause a stir, but I needed to talk to you, and Jean at least, but I'm glad others are here, especially you Henry."

Julian Keller has posed:
    "Huh..." Seems Julian is on repeat. But really, Charles' appearance on the lawn warrants a second 'huh'. Before he was just casually interested, now he's intrigued. He tosses the ball from one hand to the other and manages to catch the thing easily. That's progress. Hell, he even buttoned his own pants this morning! Go Jules! For his part, his plans for 'starting a life' were waylaid graduation year by suddenly finding himself... without hands and in need of new ones.
    "College campuses, 'round two in the morning, they sell those things like whoa. Girl Scout Siblings become really popular during cookie season," he asides over his shoulder to Jubilee. "Might have a box or two of those Do-Si-Do's in my room, for the right price."
    He moves a little closer to the 'grown-up' talk to make sure he doesn't miss any of it.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice takes in the gathering group as she approaches alongside Mystique, her posture remaining relaxes and casual as she nods greetings to those present. "Professor Xavier, sir," she starts. "Jean, Hank." Julian gets a nod, and Jubilee an amused smile. "If they show up - put me down for Thin Mints, Samoas, and Tagalongs," she calls. Girl Scout cookies are //good//. They must put something in them... Hrm.

Jean Grey has posed:
"I have to say I'm with Charles on this one." Which should hardly be much of a surprise. Jean is very much Charles' protege, and so much of who she is, her beliefs and philosophies, follow from what he's taught her. So it's rare for them to disagree. "I'd hardly say we're at war. But," and she offers this next as a bit of a concession to Mystique, dipping her head, "I understand your abundance of caution. And I -- we -- do appreciate you sending along a heads-up about it, so there weren't any surprises or misunderstandings." In the end, though, Jean flashes a fairly open and disarming smile, and seems happy to go along more pleasantly, with the introductory tensions disarmed somewhat.

"Right on time," she offers Hank, as he makes it out to join them, with Jubilee also making a typically dramatic wheeled entrance at the same time. She glances back toward Mystique then, and toward her own escort, and suggests, "So yes, let's talk. Maybe we could go around back, sit in the garden? I'm sure there's more lemonade. It's wonderful in this heat." New York City and its environs have gotten an early jump on summer, as things would have it!

Rogue has posed:
One certainty about Charles Xavier is that he will always afford the person in which he's listening to the utmost of his attention, there-by his eyes remain laser focused on that of Raven's own. He lets his smile fade a moment before renewing it after hearing Mystique's response.

"Yes, well, everything aside, I'm sure we still share common ground on a great many things. You are, in fact, welcomed here." Charles speaks initially before he puts his eyes on that of the young woman who accompanied Mystique. "Miss Ferguson--" Charles says to Clarice. "It is quite good to see you as well."

After Jean offers to go to the backyard, Charles smiles again and folds his hands over his lap. "Yes, I should hope to speak in a more comfortable setting. Not that it isn't lovely out here, but it is a bit... well, yes."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Really, dude? Black market Girl Scout cookies?" Jubilation mutters, her eyebrows rising just a little. After some consideration, she leans in. "We'll talk later," she whispers before straightening up and folding her arms across her chest.

    Jubilee's index finger pushes her sunglasses up the bridge of her nose so she can truly look bratty. Clarice's comment about cookies earns a long stare from behind those dark lenses. Long and silent. Finally, something pink peeks out from between the girl's pursed lips. It grows larger and larger, rounder and rounder. And then.... *POP*. She never stops staring, even as she starts slurping the wad of gum back into her mouth.

    But then... Wait. Invitations? The garden? Lemonade?! Jubilee's tough girl act is dropped in an instant. Her head goes on swivel, darting between the Professor, Jean, Hank, and even Rogue.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Henry's eyes meet Mystique's, a slight smile on his face. "Always a pleasure to see you, Mystique - specifically in polite circumstances." There's a motion from his hand, to the backyard. "I am sure there are some snacks in the kitchen as well. I could whip something up quickly, if we're pressed for something to nosh on."

There's a glance to Jubilee and Julian - perhaps a touch of concern at their presence, but the man isn't about to shoo them away. Not that he could, likely.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
The invitation to move to the backyard is accepted by all present, a wonderful idea given the weather and lemonade was always a welcome beverage. Mystique would head that way first, so that the others could keep their eyes on her if that was their thinking, and also to allow them behind her as a show of trust. They may not be enemies, but they certainly weren't friends either.

Once in the backyard, she will settled herself into a chair and wait for the others to get settled, looking comfortable and relaxed in appearance.

"The reason I came by to offer a white flag is two fold," she begins, just getting right into it. "First is to show that I personally have nothing against anyone here. I know it has appeared that way in the past, but I've been doing a lot of talking with Erik and soul searching, and come to realize we are all Mutants, thus we are all family, even if we do things differently. Jean, Charles, you are welcome to dive into my brain and find that out for yourself if you'd like, I'll even drop my shields."

Julian Keller has posed:
    "I'll cut you deal," he promises Jubilee with a little bump to her shoulder by his own.
    For a moment or two, Julian debated internally. Is this worth moving ALL the way to the back yard? In the end, his curiosity wins out over the apparent laziness of the day and he follows along, tossing that ball from one hand to the other and back again. He only drops it once.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice meets Jubilee's gaze - her smile growing wider the more the girl attempts to glower at her. She's got some spunk at least, that one. At the suggestion of moving to the garden, however, she accompanies the group, knowing her way around the school well enough. She's always been fond of the school grounds - a peaceful and beautiful retreat from a world that sometimes hates them, and who can blame her, being such a visible and recognizeable part of the Brotherhood?
    She settles into one of the chairs - surprise registering on her features briefly as Mystique offers to allow Jean and Charles into her brain, as she shoots a glance towards the blue skinned woman, before returning her gaze to the Professor Xavier and the Headmistress. "And I have almost no mental shields to speak of." Though she's working on that. "If my own impressions of how things are within the Brotherhood these days are of any value."

Jean Grey has posed:
"You two are welcome along if you want," Jean adds, as she starts turning Xavier around to wheel him down the path around the house. "You've both been involved in 'extracirriculars,'" that's quite the euphemism for 'Violent Superhero Action,' "So you may as well hear this, hmm?" So they're invited along a little more formaly, rather than having to comically tail the adults and hide somewhere to eavesdrop!


Once they've gathered out back, they're free to enjoy a similar if more expansive vista than the front of the house, settling around the large brick patio with its abundance of outdoor furniture. The lake is scenic off in the distance. Jean wheels Charles right up to and under one of the painted ironwork filigree tables, making sure he's situated before going around to take a chair nearby herself. Refreshment services are cajoled/bribed out of the students, whether those present or perhaps one of a more helpful variety from inside. Either way, they soon have snacks and the promised fresh-squeeze lemonade. It is in fact very good in the heat.

Then it's down to business. Jean listens a moment, glances briefly at Charles, and back. "I don't think that's necessary. Trust is something that should be built, hmm? Not cajoled or scanned. We'll do that by finding ways to work together, keeping to whatever promises we make." Of course it's also hard to tell if she might go looking anyway; that trust thing is a two-way street!

Rogue has posed:
To Hank, Charles spoke befor they ventured off around the mansion. "Hank, yes, please, your help with the food and drinks would be very much appreciated." Did he not trust the students to bring them Lunchables and Surge soda? Possibly! Do they still make Surge soda? Probably not.

Back around the school and settled in now, Charles thanks Jean with a smile and a soft word before he looks to Mystique once again.

What Mystique says, what she offers, is met with a soft wave of his hand. "No no." He adds on to Jean's response. "That wouldn't be necessary, Raven." He draws in a light breath and glances out over the backyard. " would much prefer to take your offer based solely on your promised word alone." He motions to Jean, and then Hank as well.

"We are all on the same team here, as they say. We need to trust one another, if we're ever to advance in our desired causes."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Quick of feet, Henry jogs ahead, running interference. No need for any 'concerned' students, after all! Also, it gives him some time to rustle up some snacks. Chips, popcorn, drinks - all are brought out to the backyard patio for consumption. If need be, he can fire up the grill for burgers - plenty of summer cookout supplies at the manor.

Once all set out, Henry finds a place to settle into - comfortable and relaxed. His nose twitches, as if scenting the air. "So, what exatly is on your mind that required a meeting?" A slight smile. "You've always been a mutants first sort of person, Mystique - I don't think anyone questions you in that now.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilation briefly breaks from her stare to nod at Julian -- just the most subtle response, meant to be hidden from anyone paying attention to just how unfriendly she's being. Stare stare. Frown. Occasional blown bubble.

    "I've got homework to do," she announces suddenly before walking up the steps towards the front door. So much is wrong with that announcement. No one does homework in the summer. And Jubilee barely does it even outside of summer! One last stare. One last frown. One last bubble. And then the door is closed!

Raven Darkholme has posed:
So much acceptance, it wasn't exactly expected. Mystique is well aware of her reputation and the things she has done in past, she expected at least some of that to bleed over into the meeting but is actually pleased it isn't, at least not yet.

"This brings us to the second reason I'm here," she starts, accepting something to drink. "Kick is in Bushwick, and a lot of Mutants and humans alike are using it. The Brotherhood ran into a trap set for us at one of the creation sites. They were using mutation suppression gas, it hit me, Clarice, another member and Havoc."

She gets into the pouch and pulls out a small, very tightly sealed, bag of white powder.

"Henry, would you be willing to anaylze the hell out of this to find the markers so we can start to find out who is making it?" She offers the bag to Henry. "We have to do something about Bushwick, Charles. We can't just let it rot and fester, these are our people we're talking about here and they are suffering. I know you can't take them all in, but if you could see your way as to working with the Brotherhood to set up patrols, to keep them safe..."

Julian Keller has posed:
"I'll patrol," Julian pipes up. Odd that, the Keller boy volunteering to run around in the slums? Maybe he's growing up a little bit.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice, for her part, takes a glass of the lemonade and sips it, leaning onto one arm of her chair casually. At the mention of the raid on the drug facility, her gaze flicks from Mystique, to the Jean and Charles, and she takes another sip of her drink.
    "We're doing what we can to patrol Bushwick," Clarice supplies. "And we've run into things a few times that needed dealing with. Of course - we're very careful to ensure that there's no collateral damage, and that our people are kept as safe as possible. But I've already heard people complaining about the response times of civilian law enforcement to that neighborhood... And we all know how ill equiped they'd be for whatever they managed to find, anyways."

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean continues playing along in her role that straddles the lines between 'headmistress and mutant leader' and 'surrogate mom,' in this case standing back up to meet Hank when he returns with his haul of goodies and helping make sure everything is set out. She pours some of the lemonades for those at the table, although leaves the potential for going full on grillmaster to Hank alone! Respect a man and his grill.

Other than that, it is a focus on their business, as Mystique brings that to the fore of the covnersation.

Naturally enough, she frowns at the other woman's report. "It wouldn't be the first time we caught on to trouble there, to someone taking advantage of the concentrated and vulnerable mutant population for one scheme or another." And where Clarice provides what is their intended solution, she looks thoughtful. "As long as you-" And apparently she's thought of Jean's concern already, of any potential spillover and its potential for backlash, "-right, keep things somewhat moderated, it seems like a good idea. There's obviously a lot of blurry lines when it comes vigilantism and other extra-legal efforts, but it's not as if we're not fundamentally doing the same thing. And they need the help, obvioously."

There's a pause, and she wonders, "Are you looking to work jointly? I suppose the other obvious thing to mention is Emma Frost. She's been working on her own project, in the neighborhood."

Rogue has posed:
Charles eyes the bag of powder as it is passed to Henry, but he knows it couldn't be going to a better pair of hands than Dr. McCoy's. He takes his eyes from that and puts them back upon Raven as she explains further, then a look to Clarice and Julian are afforded as well.

To Julian specifically, Charles shows the young man a smile. "Your enthusiam is appreciated, Mr. Keller. But we should look at activities in Bushwick with a very leveled stare, an urge of caution to be taken before we lay claim to patrols of any nature." He glances back to Raven then. "The last thing we want is to appear as though we're 'claiming' territory within the neighborhood. But yes, I do agree that more measures need to be taken to further smooth out the rough edges of that place. The people there deserve peace, as much as any of us do."

Charles accepts a glass of lemonade from Jean with another light smile and a soft thank you. He holds it in both of his hands above his lap then.

"When I heard of Emma Frost's endeavors in the area, I was in full support of it. I very much hope she's having success too. We will happily provide her, and yourself, with assistance where we can, as well, though I leave it up to individuals here to decide where and how they'll provide that."

Henry McCoy has posed:
A glance to Mystique and her sample of Kick - Henry's brow goes up. A look to Charles, then Jean. "Truth be told, I've seen the effects of this substance." He offers over, reaching out to take up the bag. "I've been treating Christian - he's been detoxing a few nights now." A slight frown, the bag considered. "It ran amok with his mind, causing his gifts to be out of control. He was manifesting constructs that were trying to kill him."

A pause, looking to the others. "He's got some severe injuries, though I've stabilized them all. Right now, we're mending him and keeping him clean of this stuff." He looks back to Mystique. "He gave me a lead on a provider. I thought it might be prudent to do some investigative work."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
A soft snort is heard at the mention of Emma's name. Mystique nods as well, adjusting herself in the chair before taking a sip of the lemonade. "Yes, she is working her own plans in the neighborhood, but that doesn't mean her plans are the best plans, or the only plans. Her initial ideas failed, and she is now working toward a new idea that seems to be having better results. In regards to Bishwick however, she has actually said that you were all too good to come help, that you'd never even consider it. And yes, I do mean jointly. You can ask Clarice, when we dealt with what happened in that warehouse, not one human there was killed, nor was any mutant, and the mutants they had working as slave labor were all freed."

Once again her eyes travel around from face to face, taking in each person present before returning to Charles and Jean. "The only humans that need to fear death are those who act directly against mutants, to further define, if they are hurting mutants. Even then, if you would prefer they be handled by local law enforcement, so be it. My only care are the mutants of Bushwick and getting that place cleaned up so they can have a better life." She glances over to Clarice for a moment, "She has had a great deal to do with that change." Credit where credit is due. Another sip is taken, slowly, giving people time to think on that. "I'm pretty certain you heard about the islanders the Brotherhood recently aided? Clarice is the reason it happened."

She looks to Henry now, one brow slightly lifting. "I also have been given a lead toward that matter, though I did not know how it was connected to until now. I'm more than willing to work with you in finding whose behind this, I had intended to infiltrate the facility as a 'concerned parent' to garner information, would you like me to share the results?"

Julian Keller has posed:
    Caution? Does Julian Keller even know what that word means? He's still holding that little rubber ball and Charles' insistence on 'caution', have him squeezing that ball a little harder. There's another little flash of green glow in his eyes, but to his credit, nothing in the area implodes or explodes or otherwise ends up in pieces. There was a time that to basically 'stand down' would have set off his short fuse.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice looks somewhere between embarrassed and gratified as Mystique lays credit for the new direction the Brotherhood is taking at her feet. "I just feel - well. Not working together is ridiculous. We have, ultimately, more in common than that which separates us. And some of the more... aggressive stances do likely cause more problems than the solve." She takes a moment to study Julian - not very familiar with the fellow, but curious.
    The embarrassed smile on her feature's disappears at the mention of Christian as her gaze snaps is intently towards Hank. After a moment's consideration she asks, "Christian is here? Can he have visitors?"

Jean Grey has posed:
The report on (as well as seemingly *from*) Emma causes Jean to give what can only be described as a very tired kind of sigh. "I don't know what I -- or whoever -- did to offend Miss Frost most recently, but you can be sure we haven't been doing anything to interfere with her projects, or witholding assistance, insofar as we're qualified to give it. I personally authorized a week of volunteer work -for credit- for the school, when she was building her hotel, and dozens of students went down to help out. Your daughter was flying around carrying girders herself. I'm sure I have some pictures of the whole thing on my phone. We got Mootant Town Milkshakes!"

Which is all to say, Jean calls bullshit on that one.

She sounds exasperated, but takes a breath, and eventually a sip of her nice cool lemonade. "Admittedly, I haven't kept up with everything she's doing since she quit her position here. Still, our position remains that we're happy to do anything we can to help, given the obvious restrictions of being a public-facing institution. And for smaller 'projects,' like your patrols, we can certainly lend out some manpower. I think there's plenty of people who'd be happy to help." And with the way Mystique stresses Clarice's role in things, she turns her smile toward the other woman. "I'm happy you feel that way, truly, and if you've helped turn your boss around, well..." Her smile turns a little cheeky, "That's all the more impressive."

As for what is happening with Christian and the drug, she's less well-qualified, but does agree, "If the effects are that dramatic, it's something to do everything we can to shut it down. As for visiting... well, once he's able to leave our med-bay?" Apparently the open welcome and newly-minted friendship with the Brotherhood might end at actually being allowed in secure X-Men facilities.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
The fact that there was a gathering in the area was of course a matter of interest to a few of the students who were doing their dutiful best to avoid going out and interrupting. It did however mean that the gossip of what was going (or potentially going on) reaches the ears of Gabby. Who of course had no fear what-so-ever. Curious and bold she heads out to the area sneaking closer. And closer. Until she finds a spot to hide amid the bushes. She remains there a short bit only to lean her head out with leaves and a few twigs stuck in her hair. "Christian is here? I haven't seen him in ages! Also why is Mystique here?" She asks giving Raven the hairy eyeball as best as she can. So skeery.

Rogue has posed:
Charles is quiet for a few moments while the others speak. He doesn't speak up again until he hears Gabby's voice. "Young Miss Kinney. You're welcome to join us up here for lemonade if you would be so interested."

He draws in a breath then and looks back to Clarice. "Yes, Imust commend you for your efforts in, well, everything that you've done to better these situations, Miss Fergusson. It truly is appreciated, and I will be the first to say that I'm impressed."

He shifts his stare to Raven then. "I do hope that we can better improve our lines of communication then, Raven. If patrols are needed, then fore-warnings are also in order. We need to know where we should focus our efforts, or at least do everything we can to that end."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Still not used to her name being used, the slight mental twitch was slowly going away now. Mystique offers Charles a nod, "That is my hope, as well as Erik's. To bridge the gap that formed. I also want to tell you all that the Brotherhood will no longer engage in acts of terrorism, of any kind, for any reason. If a current members chooses to go against that decision made by Erik, they will be dealt with. Our current goal remains a better home and place for mutants, but we realize that old methods and ways need to change in the ever changing world we live in."

Another sip of the lemonade is taken as her eyes shift to the voice, Gabby. "I'm here because I'm welcome here," she offers with a smile. "Feel free to come join us, ask your questions, in fact any questions anyone has are welcome. I'm an open book today. This visit is /very/ important to the Brotherhood, to me and to Erik."

Julian Keller has posed:
    Julian finds himself somewhere nearby, but not too near, to sit down. Gabby's arrival on the scene seems to ruffle him a little, causing that damned glow to give him away again. His eyes flash green, but well, anger isn't the ONLY emotion on the scale and isn't the only one that'll ruffle the young man. For now though, he just sits and listens. ... he's totally not planning on patrolling Bushwick to keep folks safe all on his own, not one bit, promise.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Caught in the act of sneaking! Of course Gabby had already revealed herself, and the telepaths here likely knew she was here. Not to mention Dr. McCoy's nose was just as good as Logan's these days. The important part was that lemonade had been mentioned. "Ooh, the sweet kind or the pickle-your-tongue kind? Nevermind I'll try either." With that she shakes herself free of the foilage pausing just long enough to dust herself off... and glance toward Julian. There's a hint of a smile flashed his way though it's far weaker than her usual cheery self.

Moving closer to the gathering she reaches out to snag a cup to pour some lemonade. It's Mystique's suggestion that earns a renewed grin. "Really? Well, okay." Lifting the cup to take a sip she pauses. "So you're a shapeshifter. Do you just like..." Her hand waves at Mystique vaguely, "Walk around naked all the time or do you ever wear actual clothes? And if you don't, then *where* exactly do you hide your guns? Do you ... make pockets?"

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "I- well. I can be annoyingly persistant - just ask Mystique," Clarice replies - that gratified embarrassment slipping back into place as she takes another sip of her lemonade. "I'd hope we can improve communications. And anything I can do to help with that, or to foster greater trust between the organizations..." she offers. "I want this to work." Obviously.

Jean Grey has posed:
It seems like they've covered the big stuff, so Jean is willing to sit back and relax a little. She has one of the chips that Hank so thoughtfully wrangled for them, even! Chomps a chip, even.

Gabby's arrival and (not wholly unwarranted) concern causes her to echo an explanation after Mystique's, although essentially repeating the same point. "She came, with prior notice, to come and discuss working together a little more, rather than getting in one another's way. Sounds like a good thing, right? And we have some pretty good snacks." The snacks may not have technically lured Mystique out into their presence or anything, but who doesn't like snacks?

That said, even she's not quite prepared for Gabby's line of questioning, and her own reaction is to turn around back to Mystique with an equally curious look. Inquiring minds want to know!

Rogue has posed:
Charles is enjoying a drink from his glass when he ehars Mystique say that the Brotherhood is no longer doing their... old methods of, well, yes, the T word. He has to immediately stop his drinking to let that sink in.

Is this a Charles-day? Did the clouds part and open the heavnes to everything he'd hoped for from the Brotherhood? Admittedly, even he thinks something about this feels too good to be true, but he's an eternal optimist... He just, smiles to Raven. "Splendid." He tells her with a single nod.

His eyes go to Clarice then who gets a warm smile before Gabby chimes in with her question. This makes Charles suddenly laugh, he can't hold it back. He just lights up and laughs happily. "I don't think our guest is required to answer that question, Miss Kinney, and I also don't think many of us need to truly know the ansewr to it." He says ina equally happy tone of his cultured transatlantic accented English.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Henry has been considering the baggy of illicit Kick. A look to the others, snapping out of his reverie. "I'll see what I can do. He's got a collapsed lung, and ... detoxing pretty badly. This substance is absurdly addictive." He explains to Clarice, though she likely already knows. "I'm doing my best to clone a replacement spleen for him." A shake of his head. "He did a number on himself." Poor Christian!

As Gabby makes her questions heard, he hides his chuckle by taking a quick sip of lemonade. Ah, the wonderment of youth!

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Both of Mystique's brows lift rather high, that was not exactly the sort of questions she was expecting, but they were asked. She laughs with a slight shake of her head.

"I have no issues with answering those questions Charles, it isn't the first time I've been asked." She looks to Gabby. "I can wear real clothing, though rarely do because they get in the way, so yes basically I am naked all the time. I don't make pockets or hide guns, I keep them in my boots," she taps the top of her thigh highs. "Though I have no weapons today. I could make pockets in clothing if I wanted, but not in myself, though since my clothing /is/ myself, take that how you want to."

She reaches back into the pouch now and pulls out what looks like a ziplock bag with something in it. "I have no idea who does what around here, but this is from the island. A very poor attempt of a patch to look like a SHIELD logo. Whomever is in charge of that particular thing, there are unique scents on this one that Victor has already obtained, and I thought your trackers might be interested in. Clarice was very careful not to share anything else about this particular mission with me, only that is happened and the people were in need, so whomever is in charge needs this and to know that I found Dannou and his wife."

She takes the last drink of her lemonade before setting the glass down. "Communication is open, you are welcome to call on the Brotherhood to aid your endeavors, and I hope to work out an agreeable schedule for patrolling in Bushwick. It isn't about being vigilantes, but about offering a presence to curtail violence and crime."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Nor is it about claiming territory," Clarice adds - harking back to an earlier comment. "Bushwick isn't ours, or yours - or even Ms. Frost's. It belongs to the people of Bushwick, and we want them to be able to govern themselves - in peace, and in safety. But we also want anyone who considers exploiting or harming the people of Bushwick to know that they can't do so with impudence," she explains - her expression growing more serious and steely as she speaks.

Jean Grey has posed:
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Maybe Jean in fact knew some of this, being as close as she is with Rogue, but who knows. Do you talk to your friend about her adoptive mom's fleshpockets? Still, she can't help but grin a little at the ultimate simplicity of stashing the important stuff in her boots.

"Well, I'm definitely encouraged by this partnership," she finally declares, as things meander back into the more serious topics, although by now the mood itself can hardly seem so tense as it was when things began. It's quite the thing. "We might want to establish some regular channels for communication, whether that looks like some set meetings or just a secure frequency we can both access. But really that's kind of the small-picture stuff that we can hash out the details for as we go." And Jean doesn't seem like she's all that much in the mood for handling such little busywork now. In fact, standing up from her seat, she explains, "I need to go inside and handle a couple things, but you're all welcome to stay as you like."

Before she goes, she pauses for a moment, a hand on the back of Charles' chair. "Want to stay a while longer?" Always doting!

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney is quite interested in the questions she asked! These were important matters. She does pause to think of more when Mystique explains that she was, essentially, her clothes when shifted into another form. That led to all sorts of questions. Maybe it was just some weird sort of exfoliation, like a snake shedding it's skin. Whatever other follow up questions she may have had though, when Mystique produces that patch in the baggie it's her that steps forward to accept it. It's turned over in her hand with a little crinkle of her nose as she regards it. There's no attempt at smelling it, or anything. Just looking carefully. "This isn't made by a military supplier of patches. Their machines leave a little..." The hand holding the cup of lemonade raises to make a little zig-zag gesture in the air. "To finish off the stitches." Glancing up she looks around at the others only to shrug slightly. "Well, US military at least." Then the bag is offered over to Hank since other sciencey things were his deal.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Mystique stands as Jean prepares to leave and actually offers her hand to the woman to shake. "I'll have Clarice bring you a proper frequency for communication, and we'll keep someone at the comms in case you call for help. Thank you for seeing me." She then offers her hand to Charles, whether Jean took it or not. "I realize this all seems suspicious and odd. I won't blame either of you for 'looking into it' further, but you'll find I speak the truth. It's not an easy road the Brotherhood now walks, we have a long past to make up for, but one step at a time, we will get there."

Rogue has posed:
Charles draws in a breath and listens to the talk of the SHIELD patch, including Gabby's insightful comentary about it.

"SHIELD seems to be in a bit of hot water of late, and we've heard of groups immitating them for nefarious purposes." He comments. "This is something we should all be aware of, in fact, and keep a watch for any additional signs of this kind of activity. I would consider this a very high priority, in fact. The very notion of trying to ... drag that agency's name through the mud, and harming innocent lives to do it... well... it is deplorable, to say the very least."

At Jean then, Charles smiles again. "Thank you, Jean. I think I'll remain out here a bit longer, the weather will be getting much hotter soon, and well... it's best to soak up the sun while you can." He states with a general happy tone to his voice.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Mystique adds, "It isn't the real SHIELD, it was someone trying to frame SHIELD. That much is evident from the patch and other details left at the battle field."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice watches as Mystique rises - sipping at her lemonade still, and nibbling at the snacks. For the moment, she seems content to stay, and relax on the school grounds - though she remains attentive to any signals from Mystique that the woman is ready to depart.
    Such is the life of the Brotherhood's primary chauffer.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Mystique looks to Clarice, content to sit there and visit. "I'm going to head home, you can stay and visit if you want Clarice."

She looks back to the others, "I'll make sure to establish a frequency and share it, then if you have any further questions, or need help, you can call... and we can work out a schedule for patrolling Bishwick." Stepping away from the chair, she starts to talk back toward the front of the building as casually as she did earlier. Clarice wasn't the only teleporter, just the best one, a favorite.