6411/A Road to Perhapsburgh

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A Road to Perhapsburgh
Date of Scene: 01 June 2021
Location: Garage / Stables
Synopsis: Rogue and Remy Roadtrip to anywhere and nowhere. Maybe even halfway to Perhapsburgh. Who knows. They don't. That's for maybe certain. Verdict is still probably out there. Somewhere.
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    It didn't take much convincing once the idea was hatched, but what did take some convincing was actually getting everything prepared and ready to go. A sleeping bag, a change of clothes, and a HUGE tote baggie of food, snacks and all sorts of edibles. And then a bit of tetrising to get them all secured and properly placed inside the frunk.

    "Yes, Porsches have frunks." Says the cajun as he closes the green 'hood' to the car after he and Rogue got everything in side. Along with a tiny tent, they're good to go for a simple up state visit.

    With no where to go, and nothing planned, the couple are taking a mid week strole with a few 'just in case things' packed.

    Remy opens the passenger door for the southern belle, and then closes it for her too, having already started the car, to get the AC blowing softly, with the remote. "Ta ta weiner kiddos." Remy says to no one as he waves to the doorway where no one is seeing them off as he climbs into the car.

    "Here we go." And like that, the duo were off cruising not towards the high ways, but the sweeping, farm and landscape formed back roads.

Rogue has posed:
A drive in the countryside is the kind of thing Rogue likes quite a bit. And since it's summer vacation now, she can do just that without a caaaare in the world. Or something.

The Belle had packed a bag and joined him out on the driveway. Wearing a red Cardinals hat, she is putting the bag in the back and walking toward the car. "I would've brought Jeepers but there's no room... " She mutters as she gets inside, but pauses to look back at whomever he's talking too.

"There's nobody there." She tells him with a smirk on her lips, before she raises her aviator sunglasses up as she climbs in to the car, blue jeans and a light blue tshirt on that says 'RISKY BISCUITS' across her chestT in cloud lettering.

Once inside the car she rolls the window down and looks over at him when he gets inside. "So do we have any actual path we're gonna take or just gonna go look for cereal killers in the woods?" She grins at him.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Dat's why I wanna sell dis t'ing." The cajun notes with a smirk as he puts the car in D and rolls the thing to the gate before turning the opposite way everyone else does. No highways today.

    "Well, risky biscuit," He says, looking towards her and poking her ribs with a finger, "Ah'm taking a route dat'll put us close to Vermont, or New Hampshire, Ah don't remember which cause Ah sucked at geography fo' dis part-a-da world." Remy's voice thick with his accent as he rolls his window half way down and gives the car a bit of gas to get away from the familiar territory that much quicker. It wouldn't be much of an adventure if they didn't explore.

    "Anna, Ah don't t'ink any serial killer is gonna try an mess wit' you, de mighty biscuit woman." He teases again.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue puts her forearms on top of her thighs again and she grins at him, her hair loose around her shoulders. She glances down at her shirt and then picks at it with two ungloved fingers. She stares at the logo and then looks back over at him. "It's a friend's para-gliding company. I met him and his friends while they were flyin' around over a park in Jersey." She explains.

"They're fun, I've told you aobut them before." She nods, not sure if she has, but she's sure she has, whatever that means.

When the car moves, her eyes go out the front window, covered by the shades. She smiles at the scnery as it goes by, still in the familiar territory around the normal places. Greymalkin Lane and all that.

"Well... Imean, they wouldn't /immeidatley/ know I'm a power hosue. They might try'n ya know, turn me inta a leather chair first, or somethin'." It's possible she watched some horror movies last night...

"Then I reveal myself--" She pauses and looks at him with a pre-glare. "Not like that." Her eyes go ahead again. "And I wipe the floor with'em. Save the day. Boom, big heros."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy's facial expresion goes from, one eyebrow up, then slowly back down as he tries to recall her talking about the time where she flew with some hang gliders, then his eyebrows furrow with confusion mostly at the leather chair comment, and lastly he opens his mouth and turns his head to respond, but she's cut him off. Then finally he resets back to his cocky smirk, "Big heroes, ya the only one savin' people. You de big heroine, Ah'm some schmuck in de background."

    The car continues down the way and then they're getting out of the neighborhood Charles' house is in, and headed westward before they can head northward. "Y'know, I worry about how you spend ya free time Anna... dat's some messed up stuff."

Rogue has posed:
The response that she gets out of him just has her grinning in self amusement at making him a bit uncomfortable. "We live in a messed up world, Remy LeBeau." She tells the Cajun as she brings one leg up to make it easyier for her to turn and face him in the chair, putting
her back against the door and the edge of the bucket seat.

Her hands are in her lap now and she looks from the Cajun to the road and back again. "You wanna stop at a gas station and get drinks and such?" She asks him. Her hand goes down to her phone in her lap and she gathers it up. "It's still coffee hours. No wonder nobody was out t'wave goodbye to us. They're all still snoozin', I bet." Not possible, Scott wakes everyone up super early!

She drops her phone in her lap, not wanting to have her face stuffed in it all the ride. "So what do you wanna replace this thing with?" She asks him then. "And if you say a Nissan Rogue, I'm gonna get out and fly home." She states with a growing grin.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Yeah, we'll stop." Remy says, rolling his eyes softly behind his own sunglasses before he turns his head back towards Rogue's face when she twists to face him full.

    His hands grip the alcantera wheel and the little yellow stripe on the top stays roughly in the middle on top of the wheel as they're cruising along, and not long after they left the gated community with gated houses, the couple are driving past a corn farm with rows and rows that seem to stretch for ever in the distance. Nothing like Rogue's home growing up, but still, a hint of familiarity for the southerner.

    "Anna Marie... if you t'ink I'm spending good money on a shit car, You can get out an' fly home just as easily. Ah have class an' style mon cherie, nevah forget dat."

    The cajun smirks as the mock shame washes away from his face and his hand drifts from the wheel to rest on her bent knee in the seat. "Ah t'ink Ah'm lookin' at an old buick."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is biting her bottom lip as her eyes go to look out the front of the car, passing by the Corn fields that she flew over just last night on her way home after flying to the convenient store to get some snacks to watch those movies. She grins though and looks back at him.

"I just think you might do it t'make a joke at me. It's not bloody fair... 'Rogue' should be like the Dodge Spider, or like a Camero. Not a damn Soccer Mom car name. I can't believe how car names even work. How do they get t'take the name and lay claim t'it. IT's total bullshit." Did she use an English curse word? Yep.

She huffs out a sigh and slumps back against the car door, worked up about the Nissan Rogue is like a thing that happens at least once every couple months.

"A Buick?" She asks. "Do they even make those anymore?" She grimaces at the thought. "Those are like giant metal tanks from the 70s, yeah?" She doesn't know cars very well.

Her hand reaches for the door and she rolls the window down, letting it muss her hair up, but she doesn't care, beyond tossing it behind an ear so it isn't rushing over her face, but out the window and toward the back of the car instead.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy just noticed Rogue doesn't wear a seat belt, but he's not going to say anything about it, if any thing, she should wear it so she doesn't destroy the inside of the car if they get into a wreck, but again, he's not saying anything.

    "It's just a name, it's not like it means anything to nissan, it'll die off in a year or two anyways, don't sweat it." Remy says, rubbing his thumb against her inner knee as that's where he's touching her.

    Looking out the window, driving with a single hand, but smirking the whole time with his cocksure grin. "They do, and yeah, they're old people cars, but there's an old one from the 60's, ... Ah remember sein' one growing up, it was like, sky blue, all the colors of the sky, light, dark, everything, and it was menacing, but beautiful. Ah wanted to surprise you wit' it, but it reminds me of you. Curves, but strong. Old in some ways, but timeless, and always fresh. It's ... perfect."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks forward again as he puts his hand on her inner thigh. Her blue jeans have holes in the knees, as per her usual, but this pair has some butterflies patterend in to the wash fade on the denim. She grins at his response to her about the Nissan Rogue.

"Feels like those damn things have been around since I was a kid. I'm pretty sure that's where my Aunt Carrie came up with the word anyway, back when she started callin' me that. Doesn't seem like a word that'd be in her vocab otherwise..."

She smirks again at him but that fades as he tells her about the Buick. "That's really sweet." She says to him in the end, staring athim through those sunglasses. "I mean... I'd prefer a sexy car, like a... I dunno, whatever Wonder Woman drives. But I'll take this, I guess. Makes me feel like I have a giant ass or somethin' though." She grins at him.

"What car do YOU imagine yourself as?" She asks him then, pulling some hair out of her face as the wind rushes in to the cab. She never wears a seat belt, it's true.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Without thinking about what he's saying, and trying to be the ever-flirt he is, it just comes out, "You do have a giant ass-" And then he cuts himself off from speaking again. Not to mention how Wonder Woman probably doesn't drive, not to counter about her Aunt's poor taste in cars, not to discuss the open ended topic of what kind of car he is. Nope. Remy is going full silence as that nuke is likely going to have a hell of a nuclear winter.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just smirks at him and lets her shoulders slump. She just staaaaares at him after he says that about her.

Slowly she starts to shake her head from right to left. "You know nothin', Remy Snow..." She slowly says to him, quoting one of her favorite fictional characters from the past 10 years of television.

She then smirks at him and looks forward again. "Wonder Woman had some pretty sports car in the parkin' lot when she was at the school. One'a the kids showed me a pic of her leavin' in it. I dunno what it was. Probalby one'a those Italian things that ya can't even buy, ya gotta like have built around your body as you just sit there and watch it get put together by muscley bodied Italian men." She looks back at Remy and flashes him a grin then.

"Dreams become reality, for the rich." She adds before she leans forward over the cosnole to turn on the radio and fiddle with the stations, he knwos her well enough to know she's looking for the classic rock tunes.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ah like your ass." He says as recompense, but then he lifts his hand from her leg to flick the sunglasses up to rest on his forehead, the bottom of the lenses on his eyebrows, "Your ass is better dan Wonder Woman's. Fo sho."

     Then she starts to drone on and drop a few hints about Italian men and their big buff arms and pecs. Remy glances to Rogue, looking like he has four eyes because of the sunglasses, "Sorry, ya got a k-mart frenchman, rock is on preset 4." And with that, Remy's hand goes to the shift and flicks it over and a click of the paddle behind the wheel and the car jolts forward, picking up speed down the backroad and zipping through the silent tuesday morning.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just grins at him and nods her head at his response. "Yeah, yeah, as much attention as ya pay to it, I'm rather certain that ya do, ya Swamp Rat. She chides the man before she turns to put her back against the bucket seat again sitting properly in the chair once more. She drops both of her feet down to the floor and looks out the window again.

"That there is the cowboy's hosue I told ya about. The leather worker?" She says to him, pointing across the street to a ranch house fenced in, nice place with a few trucks parked in the driveway and farming equipment.

"Gotta remember t'look up his number and see if he'll do them repairs to your pretty jacket." She does a quick grin then before she hears a song come on the radio that she likes, Aerosmith's Dream On. She reaches out to turn the volume up with the button press.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy simply smirks but drops the topic as he continues to drive, pushing the car a bit more vigorously down the road and the farm goes by in a matter of moments. "Ah, thought he might have been further away de way you was talkin' about it." He notes, but down shifts the car again to make it rev higher and sound louder and push faster.

    He rolls his window all the way down to get the feeling of the wind across his face and the sounds of the six cylinder scream and pop that little bit more forcefully. And then after a moment or two, the man slows it back down and smiles over to Rogue, "Though this thing is nice." He has to shout over the lyrics of the song, though he smirks, smiling as Rogue seems happy to loose herself in the moment, so he stops talking.

Rogue has posed:
With all the confidence that the Belle has, she's not confident enough to sing along to lyrics in front of anyone else. She does MOUTH them though, and smile over at Remy here and there throughout the song, but when it's said and done she just sighs and looks back out the window.

She dials the volume down again after its done and they've moved on to something less her style. "I wanna have ahouse like one'a these fancy ones someday. With dogs that are runnin' up and down the drive way barkin' at anyone who dares drive up on the place." She states.

"Have a horse barn with ridin' fields, and a fancy wrap around porch that I can walk around and watch the weater as it comes in and goes out. Like storms and snowfall." She purses her lips for a moment thne goes on. "Put a Christmas tree up and can see it from the street as ya drive by, all lit up and sparklin' from behind the sheer window curtains." She nods once then and runs her hand up through her hair.

"That sounds like heaven on Earth t'me."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy stays silent the whole time, watching the woman mouth along moderately well to the older song, as it seems she really enjoys it and her happiness does put a smile on his face, but he doesn't dare interrupt the moment she's having.

    It's peaceful.

    It's quiet.

    It's wholly unique.

    By the time he realizes it's past, she's already turned down the volume and is talking about ... wanting a house like these.

    Without much warning they're suddenly out of the farmlands and into some wooded areas, just so the sides of the road. Paved, and maintained, but it's not far to get between the trees.

    "Ah... never gave mah future much thought..." Remy explains with a glance towards Rogue, not sure if the guilt he's feeling is warranted, but there's a pinprick of worry entering the back of his head. "Ah've never really thought past today, past what's right here in front of me."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes go back over to him after he says that about how he looks at the here and now. She takes a moment before she smiles at him. "Heard someone say recently that if ya focus on the past, you'll be depressed, and if ya focus on the future you'll be stressed. The real path is to just enjoy the moment." She trials her words off there and looks ahead again.

"Seems like ya gotta think /some/ about the future though, otherwise ya might run inta an iceberg." She smirks faintly then before she looks back over at him. "We're in the forest now." She says. "This is where the serial killers are. Or at least the giant bears."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy reaches up to his head and takes the sunglasses off his forehead and puts them down into the center console with a lift of his eyebrows at Rogue, "Sounds like a smart person or a druggie. Likely both." The cajun says.

    Pulling over off the road to the likely the fourth gas station they've passed and is finally allowing Rogue to go get that coffee she mentioned a few minutes back. (HALF AN HOUR AGO). "Ah'm gonna put some gas in, grab whatever ya want." Remy says allowed trusting the snack grab to the belle. He has no reason to not trust her but he does call out before she gets inside.

    "Watch out for those bears you were talkin' about!"

Rogue has posed:
When they pull in to the station lot, Rogue sits up a little higher in her seat and she smiles over at him. Once parked they are both getting out of the car, her hands going up to her shades to raise them up to her forehead. "Salt and Sugah, I know." She says with a grin before making her way in to the station.

She's seen inside through the glass windows, talking to the person behind the counter as she makes her way down the aisles. She spends some time at the coffee machine inside before she gets some snacks off of the shelves and eventually goes back to the front of the store to pay for it all.

When she comes back out she's got a grocery bag in one hand and a tray with two drinks in the other. She says goodbye to the store clerk, since she was the only customer inside the clerk's attention was fully on her.

The Belle makes her way back to the car and spends a moment outside just sorting out the stuff she bought before she climbs back inside with her phone in hand, texting right quick before she puts the phone away again, back inside their fancy fancy two seater.

She raises her drink up for a sip from it. "I'm ready t'blaze another trail." She tells the driver, offering him a bag of white chocolate pretzels she'd gotten inside.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    The car didn't need a whole lot of gas, but Remy wanted to be topped up, just to be sure. He has put away the nozzle and is climbing inside when Rogue steps out, so the car is on and rumbling by the time she gets in an is texting someone rather important Remy assumes.

    "Thank ya." He says, taking a single chocolaty pretzel and chomping on it as he puts the car in gear and the back tires chirp as he gets on the gas and they roll out of the gas station and are quickly back on the high way at a rapid pace once again.

    "Any bears or killers in dere?" Remy teases once the pretzel is gone.

Rogue has posed:
The southern belle is happy as can be, a big smile on her face. "Just sent a text t'Kitty and Jean. Letting them know where we are. I guess Lockheed was in my room eatin' all the snacks in my desk drawer. Lil'bugger knows when I leave and he snakes in there t'get at them all." She says with a big grin.

"No bears in there, or killers, unless that clerk is one. I mean... that sounjds possible too." She snickers at hersle before she reaches over to snatch one of those pretzels too. She pops it in between her lips and chomps on it.

"I love these." She says through a full mouth. Another sip of her mocha latte is had then and she clear sher palette. "Shoulda packed that tackle box and found a nice quiet place t'fish out here. Gotta be some around here we could stop at."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Skipping ahead to the last topic Rogue brought up, Remy shifts gears again and smiles towards Rogue, "After last night, no, Ah don't trust you or me to catch enough fish for either of us to eat. We got other food in the frunk anyways." The thief says with a laughing smirk as he keeps driving down the road.

    A few miles later, Remy turns onto a dirt road, that's a bit bumpy so he has to slow down a bit, but he can't help but have a growing smile on his face as he looks over at Rogue as they are both kind of knocked around the car like rag dolls. "Ah. OOF. Ah don' t'ink dis is -OW- what dis car is made fo-"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just laughs softly at what he says about the fish. "Not fair, that lake is tormented by mutants all the time. Course the fish don't bite around there, they've evolved and stay way far to the north." Is that true? Sounds like it oculd be!

But she settles back in to just listen to the music while they drive onward.

At least until they reach the dirt road and they start getting jostled around. This makes her look over at him as she's bouncing around in her seat, no seat belt on.

"What are we doin' on a dirt trail like this? The May rains have washed the whole damn thing out..." She looks out her window and then strokes her hair back over her ear. "This is where the murder ovie starts..." She mutters as she leans back in to the car again.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    The cajun just smiles at her silly theories and ideas about fish, but he's now a bit too focused on the driving part of the trip. And it's hell.

    It's about ten minutes of bouncing and jostling and being tossed about before Remy stops the car, and he has to get out and stretch his legs a bit. "Ah gotta pee. And if anyone's gonna be murdered, it's me." He says.

    He's not out of the car long, but by the time he gets back, he's surprised that Rogue hasn't demanded to drive for a bit, as it's not even lunch yet.

    Going on in the hell that is this bumpy dirt road, Remy finally gets to where he wanted to go, and there's a large open field, looking out to the hills and the start of the mountains not too far away. "Ah wanted t'show you some free country, not dat dis is specifically special." He admits.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue isnt' one to sit in the car and just wait. So by the time that Remy gets back he finds her sitting cross-legged on the woof of their vehicle. She's got her phone in her lap and is texting away, try as she might she's a 2021 girl of 21. She's hooked to her phone, maybe not as much as others, but still.

When he gets bakc though she puts it away, which is one of the driving examples of how she's better with her device than most.

At what he says, she looks up and slides off of the hood to her feet again. "I like it here." She says to him, just roaming her green eyes around before she turns to him and walks toward him. "It's peaceful." She says with a grin.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy turns off the car and steps out. The cajun watching Rogue move closer to the vast prarie dotted with trees and with the sun over head it's beautiful.

    "Go for a loop, tell me what the skies look and feel like and what the area looks like from above?" The thief asks, loving watching her fly, but not willing to do it with her most times. It's terrifying being up that high with just a girl between you and certain death.

    Still walking deeper into the tall grass as she's doing her routine through the air, Remy waits and asks, "Wanna stay the night?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue takes to the skies when he suggests it. She just looks up with a raise of her chin and she's gone a second later, nary a noise to even say she was ever there to begin with... such a odd power, controlling one's own gravity....

She's up there for a few minutes, he'll see her just soaring around with her knees together and her arms moving around to help guide her through the winds. She's elegant, if not a bit 'Peter Pan-y' in how she's manuevering her body up there.

When she gets back she's coming at him from the front and swoops down horizontally until her feet come down in front of her and she jogs on the grass to a stop. "It's quiet up there too. Bit chilly still, but not bad." She rubs the back of her arms, even though cold doesn't bother her quite as much as the average person it's one of the main reasons she doesn't like flying in the winter still.

She grins at his question. "Campin' on a Tuesday?" She asks. "I guess it's summer vacation. So... I mean, sure, yeah, it'll be fun. Did we bring campin' stuff though in our lame city-slicker car?" She asks then with another grin.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Yeah, capmin' on a tuesday, an' of course ah brought some gear, ah wouldn't suggest it wit'out it." Remy explains with a smile as he looks into Rogue's eyes and allows a contented sigh to escape his lips,

    "Ah could watch you fly all day. There's... magic in the way you move up dere." He says before turning back towards the car and popping the frunk with the key in his pocket, "You have a grace and-a confidence that's ... electric and beautiful." Remy explains as he digs into the trunk and pulls out a sleeping back roll, and a tent pack and starts to move deeper into the clearing.

    "Close the car for me, would ya?" He asks, as he finds a spot that's flat enough and clear enough to start working on setting up the tent.

Rogue has posed:
The Belle is there beside him as he's retrieving the camping gear out of the car's WHATEVER IT IS. She is grinning at him and even leaning over to bump shoulders with him. "The hand motions are mostly pointless. I just do them cause it helps me focus on the adjustments of the flowin' energy around me, or however Hank puts it." She's trained hard to make her flying more responsive. "Shoulda seen me when i first started... I was movin' around up there like a ... like a Buick." She says with a grin to end her comparison.

She follows along side him as he gets the stuff, but separates to go close the car up and retrieve their bag of snacks. She then jogs to catch up with him after closing the car up and locking it with a beep of its car alarm... just incase Forest Thugs try to steal it....

"If we like it here, we should bring others next time. Tell campfire stories. Ghosts and such." She states, moving along with him, the plastic bag swaying at the side of her knees.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    The tent is up in what seems like no time, maybe ten minutes for Remy to give up and read the directions, but after that it takes no time.

    He turns his head to look at Rogue as she stands there and chomps on the snackables, he had a gut feeling she'd be getting into the beef jerky first. "Only had a queen size sleeping back, so we're gonna have t'bunk together. Ah know how much ya hate that." The cajun says with a teasing smirk as he undoes the zipper and climbs into the bag, leaving his feet out so he can take off his shoes outside just to show off a hint of courtesy before climbing all the way in and asking, "What's with you an scary stories?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue gathered up some stones and put together a fire pit like she knew how to do from her survival training she stole from Carol. She is sitting beside it, not yet having gotten any wood to make a blaze when he talks about the sleeping arrangements.

She looks up at the sky and just smirks at him. "Bit early for that, Cajun." She tells him with a big smirk as she pops another pretzel in between her lips. "I dunno if I can keep the touch-safe switch thing active while sleepin' either. Could be dangerous." She warns him.

She does stand up though and move to walk around the tent to inspect it. "This is adorable." She says to him beofre she drops down to her knees in front of it and moves to crawl inside to sit down and look around inside of the thing. "Still though, it's early." She says with a grin at him.