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Uncanny Quietness
Date of Scene: 03 June 2021
Location: Main Room - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: A plan starts getting chalked up!
Cast of Characters: Irina-As17, Irie West, Donna Troy, Rachel Roth, Kate Bishop

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 has been staying with the Titans for a while now, thanks to their very gracious offer after the day she was brought in by Gwen, which resulted in an attack on the tower itself. Since then she'd been spending a lot of time, at first, recovering from the neurotoxin that had been released into her bloodstream, and afterwards remained due to not having anywhere else to go.

Through this time many kidnappings and attacks had happened through the city, some of which were defended against. At this time she had requested a meeting with those who were available to explain her building stress and fear of the upcoming weeks, and th reasoning behind it, as well as fully update everyone who might not be entirely aware of the situation. As such she stood in the main hall, waiting for everyone to arrive, leaning hevily on her cane.

Irie West has posed:
Irie has only met Irina in passing, having been busy with school and her own life, and has recently returned from her school outing to Rome. It was a wonderful vacation, and she even got to do a bit of heroing in while she was there. All in all a satisfactory trip.

When she hears that Irina is calling a meeting, Irie is more than happy to show up to lend her support and to offer to help in any way she can. Also, she brought snacks! Potato chips and popcorn are laid out in separate tubs on the table, and a plate stacked full of cookies are off on the side. After all, you can't have a team meeting without snacks.

"Hi Irina!" she calls out to the ex-raccoon when she sees her. "How you been holding up?"

Donna Troy has posed:
    It will have become apparent to Irina in the time she has been staying at the tower that the Titans don't exactly have the most formal of command structures. People seem to come and go whenever they feel like it and do whatever they feel like. There are certainly some specific heirarchies at play -- for example it seems that Caitlin is in charge of the medical facilities and the kitchen, though it may simply be that nobody dares challenge her dominance of these locations. Visitors to the labs can quite reliably find Nadia there, but it tends to be Cyborg who calls the shots. She might have heard that when it comes to magical questions Raven is the go-to, but equally she might have heard that it's best not to go to her if you can avoid it. In her current recuperative state Irina probably hasn't spent much time in the training facilities, but has probably heard that Donna tends to reign there with an iron fist, though the word is that it's a lot better having her work you too hard than to find Robin there and end up as his sparring partner.

    Then of course there's Gar, who you call on if you're looking for pranks, or Vorpal if you need something covered in glitter. There seems to be a veritable horde of speedsters coming and going, often too fast to keep track of.

    If you want to talk to someone in authority and let them know exactly what your concerns are, who do you talk to? Unclear. It might take a little longer to figure out exactly what the power structure is in this busy, confusing, enthusiastic place.

    Or perhaps not. Shortly after Irina sends out her message, she receives a response from Donna, inviting her up to the main room and letting her know that she and Raven will be in attendance.

    Shortly after Irina arrives, the door to the women's dorm corridor opens and the promised Donna and Raven appear, holding the end of a whispered conversation. Donna gives a nod to whatever Raven had just told her, then descends the spiral staircase into the main room to give Irina a wave.

    "Hey there Irina. Nice to see you out of the medical bay. What did you want to talk to us about?" She heads over to the table to inspect the supplies Irie had provided before nabbing a handful of popcorn and greeting Irie with a grin and a quick one-armed hug.

Rachel Roth has posed:
    Garfield is the Snack Commander. Purchasing bite-sized foods is one of the only responsibilities that most of the older Titans are willing to give him. Regardless of this, yes, it's best not to talk to Raven if you can help it. Needing her in most ways is an affront, and the small ways in which she'll get back at people can somehow be torturous.

    Raven's comment is best left for the imagination, as it is on some level a combination of distaste for the meeting and a statement on the attitude of the person holding it... But, Donna has voluntold her to go, so she's there.

    It might be strange that Raven says this next thing before anyone but Donna has even spoken to her, but she says it all the same. "Calm down."

    Ah, empathy. She can feel what you're feeling, even if you're not really showing it. Great.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 almost hyperventilates when Raven says that. She stands there breathing heavily with cold sweat exuding from her skin. This reminds her of the period she spent doing missions, it was the worst, the worst. "Sorry..." She tells the woman, even more nervous than before. She tries clearing her throat and straightening out her thoughts. "Um. I first wanted to apologize." She takes a breathing pause. "For involving all of you in this, even though it should have been my issue to solve. And even though I was the reason for all of it happening."

It pained her enormously, Donna's take of her shows easily that she's not doing too great, she's clearly not sleeping enough and seems to be a bit obsessed with the situation. It was really grinding on her. "As you may know, the people responsible for my upbringing have been kidnapping mutants and others with special abilities to...perfect the process they started with me." The next part makes her breathing erratic again for a second and she feels great guilty. "One of yours even ended up getting snatched and I assume he had something important about his body that they needed, luckily he came back fine. Still it must have been a terrible experience and I am deeply sorry about it."

She puts both hands on her cane and leans forwards a bit, by now she should have gotten over losing her tail and recovered her normal sense of balance, but it didn't seem she was doing her exercises. "There's an issue. They stopped. Everything. There isn't even a single sighting of them. That can only mean they got everything they needed. I used to think they just wanted a powerful army until recently, now I think they want something even worse. We can't let them make it."

With a long pause to let everyone process what's been said so far she continues, now feeling more confident and passionate about her own discourse. "Luckily, we have been able to track down the location of the base and a route through it, down to the labs. All we have to do is mount an offensive. Gwen is very, uh, passionate about the idea of bringing me along and using the splicing chamber they have down there in the lab to let me regain my powers. I can't say I'm not very attracted to the idea, but I've already caused so much harm, I really could not stand endangering anyone else over something like this. But I think she won't take no for an answer either."

Irie West has posed:
Irie's own position in the Titans seem to be to provide hyperactive positivity. She's also seems to have taken up the mantle of Assistant Snack Commander for when Gar isn't around. After all, her appetite is legendary, a rival to that of Bart's. Darn speedsters eating the Titans out of house and home.

She enthusiastically returns Donna's hug with two arms of her own. She likes hugs, and will return them without question. "Hey, Donna! Raven!" She doesn't hug Raven. She tried that once and the results were... not good.

She, then, settles in one of the seats to listen attentively to what Irina has to say. One of the good things she's learned about going to school is patience when people are giving lengthily explanations. A scowl pulls at the corner of her lips, more at Irina's self esteem.

"Okay. First. You're not being a burden to anybody. Stop putting yourself down. If you don't I /will/ hug you until you do. Second, we're here to help. That's what the Titans /do/. It's our job. Well. Not actually a job since we don't get paid but you get the idea. Third, I'm in. Whatever you need I'll help. I haven't been on an official mission since I came..." she catches herself, "... here, and I've been itching to help. And fourth: Don't let /anybody/ pressure you into doing something to your body that you don't want to do. I know Gwen is trying to help but it's your body."

Donna Troy has posed:
"Don't apologize for the actions of others Irina," Donna says with a smile. "As for getting us involved, that's why the Titans exists, Irie's right. To get involved in things. You know, the whole big tower shaped like a letter 'T' thing, it's kind of a beacon."

    Donna does not mention the fact that officially Irie isn't exactly a member of the Titans at this point in the time stream, but she's hardly going to miss Irie's little slip. She gives Irie a quick smirk, but says nothing.

    Donna flashes Irina a broad grin and takes her popcorn over to the sofa to sit down and make herself comfortable.

    "Okay, we know where their base is. That's good. But we need access to the labs there, and they may have prisoners who need rescuing, so we can't just smash everything to pieces. Not a problem." There's a short pause while Donna chomps popcorn thoughtfully. "No. The Titans are on the case now, Irina. We'll get it done. We've taken on alien armies and won, we can deal with these creeps. Don't worry, okay?"

    "We'll want as much information from you as you can provide us on them. Anything you know about the place they are holed up, though I'm sure we can dig up some additional information once we have the basics. Anything you can tell us about what we'll be facing in there. Then we'll do some scouting and plan our approach, okay? Also I'm going to want you to discuss any plans Gwen has about splicing chambers with Caitlin first. She's our genetic engineering expert."

Rachel Roth has posed:
    Raven is not for hugs. The act of doing so is dangerous to one's health, and often sets in motion a permanent series of consequences that most cannot and/or will not outlive.

    "Or a target." she responds to Donna, commenting on the shape of the tower. She has noticed that her comment has made Irina worse, but isn't going to try any more than that. "It was the one alien army, Troia. The one time."

    Still, she does get to thinking for a period of time. "If they're entirely scientific, then it would be easy enough to teleport a team or two into their laboratory for a smash and grab that they won't be expecting and will be hard pressed to respond to. We will just need to know where we're going when we get in there. Can you provide that?"

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 shakes her head at Irie. "I...having them back would be what I want the most in the world right now." She presses her lips together, looking down at the cane, theres a build up of anger and resentment in her before she shoves it back down. She smiles at the three, seeming a bit surprised, somehow, but very happy. "I started noticing they were lying to me when they told me all heroes were self-serving gloryhogs, but then I kept meeting people who were the exact opposite. Like you guys." She decides to wobble over to the couch and take a sit, making sure to gravitate far around Rachel's personal space.

"So, Gwen's been studying me and the tech they used, and she will be putting in more work now that I gave her some pointers, to understand how everything works exactly. I'm sure Caitlin would be very interested if she's into genetic engineering too. But as far as I understand once you have the specific animal DNA mapped out you just need to initiate the sequence and apply it on someone compatible. At least that's what I saw the technicians doing on my last return trip there. But they have to be compatible, like I was with raccoon genes." She explains carefully, there's visible strain in her face as she tries to remember every single detail and piece things together from small bits of information.

She smiles to both Donna and Raven, she was very glad because finally, she felt useful. "Yes, I've been through the whole thing myself many times. We have the exact GPS coordinates going more or less to the entrance of the lab, but the insides are magnetically shielded, I can point you the right way though. We can skip about three floors if we teleport to that point. As for what we're facing inside, uh, I saw them mass-producing animal soldiers, like I was. I don't know how much stronger or weaker each one will be, but with the advances they surely made with the people they kidnapped, you can expect extreme resistance. The strongest ones will definitely be inside the lab guarding the splicing chamber. If you guys want to take it with you it'll be kinda hefty, it's more or less the size of a of a container with a person-sized pod at the bottom."

She stops and thinks for a long time. "You'll have to break the wall around it and pull it out. It's square shaped and mostly made out of metal so it would be easy to know where to break. Uh, for the specifics, I think Beast Boy might be a better person to describe the team that got him. But I can say there are at least 60 average soldiers and at least three full teams of hybrids that should be somewhere between where I was when I was a hybrid and Gwen. That's what I estimate their numbers should be at based on how quickly I saw them growing while I was still allowed back there."

She goes for a long time not saying anything, she looks off nervously to the ground, gripping her cane very tightly. "I- I don't WANT to ask this... especially after you've all done so much for me. But if it's possible and wouldn't be a serious risk to anyone, if there's a way to get my powers back... I'm very sorry, I know it's selfish." Her line of thought is cut abruptly when she remembers another thing. "Oh and, there's something else. The lab's computer system is cut off from the rest of the base, we had to use different cards and codes and a bunch of security stuff to move from the regular base into the labs. That's where they store the data about the DNA compatibility and stuff like that. I don't know much about computers though, so I can't say if you guys would be able to access it, but you can at least operate the splicing chamber from the main console without needing, uh, anything fancy. I saw the technicians doing it to mass produce soldiers, and they normally weren't given any access privileges and had to walk around with guards."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate leans against the doorway to the room.

Absolutely positively having heard Irina's whole explanation but not wanting to wander in and disrupt the girl mid=stream like that. Once she is done though explaining everything Kate does speak up. "I mean... some superheros are self serving glory hogs... case in point Booster Gold."

She pushes off from the doorway wandering over to look through the vairous chips and popcorn in the tubs and samples some of the popcorn. "I wonder what Rocket would think of you." that was mostly to herself as she looks around the room at everyone and thne samples a the chips.

"If people are turning people into animal hybrid supersoldiers for nefarious purposes, we will definitely have to step in and put a stop to that. Especially if they are mucking around with our friends or friends friends. I mean. This is sort of what we do, even knowing the risks."

As for Kate and the tower. Well she lives here, goes to school in New York, and is in and out a lot. She definitely gives Donna a run for her money these days on training sessions with folk in the danger room though. Calls it team building.

Irie West has posed:
"I can phase people through most anything," offers Irie. "I can only take two people with me, though. One for each hand. I don't know if I can get past the magnetic shields, but once inside I can phase us through the floors." She looks up at the disapproving glances of Donna and Raven and says a bit more sullenly, "Anyway. I phase and run real fast, and I want to help if I can."

She nods when Irina says that she wants her powers back. "Okay, cool. I just wanted to make sure that Gwen wasn't pushing you into something you didn't want to do."

Donna Troy has posed:
    "What do you mean one time, Rae?" Donna demands with an expression of faux outrage. "It was twice last year alone. Or do Brainiac's robot space zombies not count? Besides, I can't believe you've forgotten how we first met. I mean okay it was only a very small part of the alien army that day, but we kicked their asses and our eyes met over a burning Khund battle-barge. How can you have forgotten?"

    Irina will have picked up by now that the Titans indulge in a lot of good-natured joking around when they're not actually fighting things. It's a friendly group. "That's exactly what I wondered when I first heard we had a racoon-hybrid visiting the tower Hawkeye!" Donna calls out to the latest member of the team to join the conversation. "Come on over and let's knock out a rough plan." She gives Kate a grin and shuffles up a little on the sofa to make space for her.

    "Okay, so we have teleporters and matter phasers, so entry won't be too difficult. Magnetic shielding sounds like a Cyborg problem, but if he doesn't have a fast solution we can always look to cutting off the power supply. Or just smash it. I'm thinking we'll want to go in big and noisy on the main facility. Gar has been itching to step up a bit, so I'm thinking we might offer him the lead on that, as he has experience of the place. Gar is good at big and noisy. That might be the best place for Rae's talents too. Deal with the numbers fast, so we can concentrate our attention on their stronger defenses."

    "The labs we infiltrate a little more subtly, but with power. Hefty won't be a problem, we have a few people on the team who can lift uh... a lot. Might actually be a good idea to do that infiltration in two groups, a tactical team to pin the defenses down and a heavy team to go in behind, smash the guards and grab the chamber."

    "One concern here though, Irina. Sounds to me like you're probably not the only one who was involved with this lot under false pretences. Which means a lot of the people we're fighting are people we want to rescue, which makes things more complicated. Ideally we're going to want to go into this as well-informed as possible. Perhaps a stealthy scouting mission before the big event. What do you think, Hawk?"

Rachel Roth has posed:
    "There are certain numerical requirements that need to be met, Troia." Raven responds, "I have not forgotten how we met, but that was more of an Alien Platoon than an Alien Army, and we most often deal with numbers in the tens. War World- That was an army, and it was only the one real engagement for us before /someone/ didn't get off of the ship in time." Offering a short shrug and a scoff, she counters finally: "Brainiac's robot space zombies don't count."

    "We might let Gar what now-" the rest of Donna's plotting, of course, cuts Raven off by design and necessity. Raven's expression sours somewhat, but she stays silent to let Troia finish, brewing better words for more private affairs.

    Instead, once Donna is -finished,- Raven speaks up again. "We need to know what we're fighting. We need to know what the Hybrids can do, and what to expect from the more powerful among them. It's best if we plan for the absolute worst-case scenario."

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 holds her chin thoughtfully. "The magnetic shielding just protects the lab from incoming or outgoing, uh, computer stuff. Like waves and that kinda thing, it's what keeps it separated from the computer system of the rest of the base." Is the first thing she replies, looking thankful they had two ways to slip inside. "I can give you the exact coordinates of a big platform right before the entrance to the lab, using the GPS data we got, if you want to teleport in. I like the idea of having the steal and the beating team, the lab will definitely have the strongest hybrids. As for the soldiers, um, so as far as I'm aware I was the only one raised or uh, who really lived there. The rest of them are hired or come in from different companies and stuff, I'm not really sure on the details, but they were soldiers before who got introduced into the program willingly." She tells them before turning to Rachel, she feels a little shiver up her spine in doing so.

"Okay, so um. I was the first line of soldiers, right. I could easily beat up an entire squad of policepeople...unfortunately, I have to say that's from experience. Gwen knows exactly how strong I was since I fought her, it was more about speed. Anyways, I was significantly above your average person. From what I was able to gather from the attack on the tower, they've improved the method a lot. You can expect fighting something like...uh...thirty at least? I can't say with precision, something like that, finding people who are compatible was taking a while. Since my last visit, about half of them were a little bit weaker than I was(peak human), then the other half could do things like hurl cars or run as fast as an actual animal, they'll all have kevlar armor. Those could probably still get mopped up by Gwen fairly well, I think, though. And then I think some of them go even above that, especially since they managed to kidnapped one of you guys. But I was already out of the loop and living here by the time they advanced enough for that. I also can't really tell which animals you'll be facing, but you can expect the ones that have most combat use, like claws, reflexes, speed, durability."

She pauses for a while, getting a serious look on her face as she tries to think back to the combat trials she experienced right near the end. "I have to say the strongest one they tested me against, at the time, was a lizard guy, he was so fast he could run up the walls and across the ceiling but also had a carapace that just made all my blows bounce off. I think he might have been present during the attack here."

Kate Bishop has posed:
"MMm space zombies." she muses then more serious "I worry that stealthy scouty mission could end up with my being turned into a cheap knockoff Hawkgirl." okay not entirely serious, she plops down on the couch though since room was made, with her popcorn of choice being pulled along closer now. "So the magnetic setup is more like a faraday cage..."

"I agree with Troia and Raven though respectively. This is made much more complicated if any of them are duped pawns that think they are the good guys. If you are sure they are mercs who volunteered though that is a lot less troublesome.

"Regardles we need solid intel either from you Irina or from .. stealthy scouting or hacking." she pauses filing the hacking idea in the good idea column "to make sure we know what we are dealing with. If you are on the upper end of them though we could run you through the danger room a couple of times and then create variations on your profile and see how thirty of them perform."

A glance at Raven then back to Irina. "If I've learned anything it is that the missions we go on way too often end up in the worst case scenario... I mean hell Terry and I keep getting sucked to the dream dimension when we sleep right now."


"Nothing is normal or easy around here. The easier it appears the less easy it will be."

Irie West has posed:
Irie nods when her powers are mentioned, and leans back in her chair within easy reach of the snacks. She's been chowing down on the chips the entire time and doesn't seem to be slowing down. Good thing she brought enough for everybody.

Not being much of a planner and more of a doer she doesn't speak up since she doesn't have much in the way to contribute yet.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "A platoon is part of an army, and robot space zombies totally count," Donna argues. This may be an argument that will go on for some time. At least she's not responding to Raven's provocations about not getting off ships in time.

    "Honestly the important thing is we know what the upper end of their capabilities are. Assuming they've got those guys in the lab, the rest will be the not-so-succesful experiments. And when it comes to the flexibility that animal-related powers grant, Gar has every single option in one small, noisy package."

    She gives Irina a speculative look, then glances quickly in Raven's direction. "One question Irina, from your experience, would you say that there's a certain amount of animal instinct as well as animal physicality that is imparted to the subjects? Because if so that's definitely something we can work on."

Rachel Roth has posed:
    "Yes, but if we're only fighting a platoon, then it's not an entire army, now is it. A platoon isn't an army." Yes, it appears this discussion of semantics is going to continue, and likely for a long time.

    Raven spends some time thinking, and coming up with plans. There's a small degree of speculation that has to be done, some thought as to the nature of the enemy, and Raven gives that some time now.

    "Honestly... Do we even know anything about this organization and why its soldiers fight? I would imagine even among the ones we're not rescuing, there are plenty that don't actually want to follow their orders."

    Raven doesn't address the statement about being sucked into some dream world just yet. That's... For later. If they need her. Maybe. She hasn't decided yet because, frankly, one of the victims is Terry.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 nods to Kate. "I'm positive they were hired military, I remember the scientists saying they didn't want to have to train anyone from scratch like me. The issue is uh, if I speculate based on what the last tests I did and what I saw. I'd have been around the lower 60% or something close to that. The next 30% should prove troublesome but people like Nightwing and Gwen can definitely take them down, it might slog the pace down a lot, but if we teleport right outside the lab that shouldn't be an issue. The upper 10% I think should be evenly matched with Gwen, that's who'll be in the lab, we can expect like 6-8 of them based on the space available. Then...uh, there's whatever took Gar. You guys need to get that report from him, what exactly they were like. They do look extremely hybridized and animal-like but the animal instincts aren't too strong. They're there but someone raised with discipline and training can ignore them like I did."

She looks over to Raven, there's a bit of a mystified look on her face, she's been under hard brainwashing and knew very little of how the world worked. "Um. I don't know if I'm a good person to answer this. But I think they want power, just like I do right now. I want to be more than myself. If they're soldiers who are being hired they're there to carry out their assignment and they're also willing to accept the genetic tinkering to make them stronger. They had proof shown to them that it worked, me. That's how they got drawn in. I think whoever commands them took volunteers and then gave them to the organization to be made into super soldiers, with promise of enhancements and such. I can tell this because they had me film everything I did, all my fights, and they filmed all the combat trials with human soldiers and then the same soldiers after being enhanced. They were using me to advertise their product, as they say." That was an expression she had only learned recently.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Poor Kate. Left to fend for herself as collateral damage because Terry is in the blast radius.

Such is life of a Titan.

She pops some more popcorn in her mouth as she listens thoguh taking in what everyone is saying. Then she reachjes and scoops up one of the tablets logging in and starting to pull up some programs. "I can work with that. Once we get you to run through a scenario or two I should be able to generate a training program with those parameters." she is already working on some of it, based on the description of the defenses and base. She will need to fine tune it later by cornering Irina and Gar about what they remember from parts of it.

It will be remarkably accurate with some fine tuning too.

"Man the idea they are selling super soldiers is ... urrgk.. need to shut them down for sure with some prejuduice."

Irie West has posed:
Irie nods in agreement with Kate. "Yeah. It's good that most of them are volunteers, though." she says. "If they were all like her," she says, nodding to Irina, "Then that's truly monstrous. Not that what they're doing isn't monstrous. It is. But.... you know what I mean. "

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Some prejuduce," Donna agrees, "...but not too much. There may still be some of them who are involved in this unwillingly, as Irina was. But even the mercenaries deserve mercy. We spare everyone we can. And we see if Caitlin can't figure out a way to reverse the tranformation."

    Donna gives a satisfied nod. "Yeah, that sounds like the basis for the plan. Hawkeye, Irina, you work together on that simulation. We'll do some scouting of the site via drone and maybe an initial silent infiltration via teleportation to get as much intel as possible before we go in. We'll need to get everything Gar can remember about the place too, then we'll be ready to go. Sounds like we have something to work on then!"

    Donna sits back comfortably at raises an eyebrow at Raven, an amused expression on her face. "Platoon is part of an army. We didn't fight the whole Warzoon army on our own either. And we fought more Khunds than that initial batch too. So it totally counts."

    She turns to Irie, grinning, and asks "Irie, is Raven as obstinate and argumentative in the... wait, sorry. I shouldn't even joke about it. Besides, I'm pretty sure she will be."

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 rubs her chin once more. "I'd be a lot more help giving you guys a good idea of what they're like if I still had my powers. Gwen can definitely help because she fought both myself and some of the animal soldiers that came after us. Nightwing fought them too I think. You'll want to try to talk to them if you can, and Gar. I'll try to get the info from him because I don't think what took him was normal." She uses her cane to help herself slide to a standing position, she had begun her exercises so she was getting more agile again. "Other than that, I don't think anyone left in there is there against their will, I went around pretty much the full base. Though there could be a very small number of people they're still research, like one or two. Oh, also they have automatic weapons but nothing super-high-caliber or explosives are allowed inside the base. So we definitely want to be fighting on the inside. I'll do the best I can to prepare you all, I'll draw up a map too."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate doesn't look up from the tablet. "Sure I'll taslk ot Irina, Gar, and Nightwing then... and try to nail down Gwen. No problem."

She bounces up to her feet. "Map would be fantastic Irina." she flashes a smile then heads to the fridge to get herself a drink. "Have you seen the Danger Room yet?" glancing back.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 shakes her head, smiling. "No, but I'd love to. Soon I'll be able to move around properly again, then you can show me. I think that if you want to prepare for the case the soldiers they have are really strong you should use Gwen's data and have people practice based on that. They all have very good reflexes, superhuman strength, speed and durability. The ones that should be guarding the lab at least." She says before starting to limp back to her room. "I'm gonna get started on that map."