6466/The Karaoke Trifecta, but they are actually four

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The Karaoke Trifecta, but they are actually four
Date of Scene: 05 June 2021
Location: The Sing Sing Karaoke Bar
Synopsis: It's Karaoke time at Sing Sing! Harley, April, Kian and Terry go and sing in duos. Kian and Terry do their best muppet impression. We find out April is the best planker in this side of Manhattan and they have the time of their life. Literally! They also end up going to April's apartment and actually see Dirty Dancing, among other shenanigans!
Cast of Characters: Harley Quinn, Terry O'Neil, Kian, April O'Neil

Harley Quinn has posed:
    Come to New York, she said.  It will be fun, she said!

    > We will go to my favorite Karaoke place!

    This among a lot of other messages about favorite songs, which ones they'd want to sing and how they'd get Kian smashed.  It's all a bit out of the blue perhaps, and maybe a bit sus too?  Yet when they are getting close to the place, and Harley actually approaches the door it starts to dawn on why she has decided to bring her very NOTICEABLE and PUBLIC Titans friends here.  Because the moment they see her the security gets on alert, a talk to comms.  A couple of more security people approaching.
    "Relax!  Yes, yes, I know I was sorta thrown outta heah last time!  But I was innocent!  Honest!"  She gestures to Terry and then Kian.  "They can attest ta my innocence!"  A wide little grin thrown to them.  A pleading one actually!
    Ulterior motives… but it's all for a good cause!  And that good cause is having Harley being accepted in her favorite karaoke spot again.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    A flash of that Cheshire grin, and Vorpal raises a hand.  "It's okay, there's not going to be any trouble and a whole lotta fun.  We are, in fact, exposing a dignitary from an alien species to one of our time-honored traditions, Karaoke."  The Cheshire gestures to Kian.  "Wouldn't it be a shame to deprive him of such a glowing review of an activity and a place that might generate some tourist revenue?  And, the tower has a charge expense."
    Who is to pay for it?  Not him, at least, that's for sure!  He gives Harley a curious look, clearly saying without words that he would very much like to hear the story about how she got thrown out!

Kian has posed:
    Kían sticks close to Terry.  The stairs were too narrow, the ceiling is too low, the music is incomprehensible.  What keeps him here are his curiosity about another Earth thing he hasn't experienced before, and that abandoning his friends would be rude.  Also, the room itself is not that small, despite the ceiling.
    He can only blink innocently at the bouncers; he's got no idea what Harley is talking about, and Terry gets a funny look at 'dignitary'.  "I…" he begins, and there he ends as well.  Nothing involving Terry or Harley is ever easy to explain to him, and if it involves both… yikes.

Harley Quinn has posed:
    Placing both hands above her heart Harley puts in her best doe-eyed expression, those baby-blue eyes the epitome of feels.  "Yes, it's for charity…" she says, "…lonely and abandoned in this world, with only booze to keep him by…."  She lets out a heartfelt sigh.  "Let him have karaoke.  FOR ONCE!"  Okay, she may not be helping much with her antics but… it works.  The security just ushers them on with a small gesture of 'go on'.
    Harley beams delightedly, giving an OK gesture with her fingers at the duo.  "Step one achieved."  Then she nears Vorpal.  "Remembah… I will need ya ta write this cool review on theah page.  And then they will know they have moouh ta gain in having me in than out!"
    As they walk inside there's a singer on stage.  A bad one.  Singing 'All by Myself' by Celine Dion.  A cry for help?  But Harley seems to know that one.
    "BOOOOO… ya always heah singin' that crap song!"
    And then as if this just hadn't happened she looks at them.  "Man, last time I was heah theah was this super crazy shadow monstah attackin… I saved the damn place alongside this Hermione gal, but then they banned me!  Dunno why, I just blew up the windows o' the place…."
    Ooookay then….

April O'Neil has posed:
    April had been on an a mission of her own today, when she got the text.  As it so happened she wasn't too far from this place.  When she arrives though, she might be hard to spot, wearing a grey pencil skirt and a white blouse with a matching grey blazer jacket on over it.  She's also wearing a very nice shoulder length blonde wig that covers her normal auburn hair.  A pair of large black framed glasses rest on her face and she's walking in like a business woman trying to enjoy a bit of respite from her busy work schedule.
    She finds her way in rather easily, quickly and is looking for Harley and the others.  Will they ID her?!  Maybe.  Harley is hard to predict about that stuff….

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    April manages to evade Vorpal's cousin radar.  It's totally the blonde wig.  If she had gone for red hair?  Busted!  But alas.
    "I see.  Shadow demons tend to do that, don't they?  I remember when I used an army of mirrors to save the city from a shadow creature.  Remember that, Kian?"  He grins.  It had only been a year ago, more or less.
    Since he does not ID April, he is instead busy with contemplating the repertoire.  "I think we should acclimate Kian with a gentle and culturally appropriate song, don't you?"
    The Cheshire scratches his chin.  "I wonder if they have 'Surfing Bird' by the TrashMen?"

Kian has posed:
    As it happens, Kían has been provided with an ID that, for lack of any better date to use, gives him a birthdate of Feb 20, 2000.  The birdman was adamant that his age in their years is at least 21 and might be 22 by now, and the only date that made sense to use was that of his arrival on Earth.
    So he's legal, as far as anyone knows, although he regards the idea of being carded for age an indignity.  He has his wings, he's been an adult for at least seven years, maybe eight.
    This planet is weird.
    "Blew the win—no, I am not goin' to ask."  Certainly he's learned by now that asking Harley only means answers he won't understand.
    He spins a chair around backwards and settles in, leaning forwards and resting his arms on the top of the back, watching the stage without much comprehension.  "I am sure they will not haf any music I know."

Harley Quinn has posed:
    "Ya a big damn action hero, Terry… so proud o' ya!"  Harley even leaning over to give Terry a good squeeze on his cheek.  "It was only the one this time!  And it was apparently vulnerable ta high pitched sounds.  So o' course I sang Boss Bitch ta it.  It was a smashin' success.  Then this samurai cut it's head off…."  Really.  Are half of her stories even true?  They must have some kind of truth to them, right?!
    Terry's suggestion of a song has Harley quirk a brow.  "Oooo, I like wheah yoh mind is goin'… I am suwah they must have the Petah Griffin one at least?"  Look, it's a classic!  "And Kian, we awhe heah ta sing.  Imagine this as yoh debut in the performance arts!"  She's opening her arms wide, on the tips of her toes.
    Right on time for her to notice the blonde bombshell going past.  Oh my!  Harley comments, "Oh, if only my heart wasn't already taken…"  A wistful little sigh escaping her lips.  Yes, she doesn't seem to have noticed that the blonde is April!
    Or does she?  "Hol' up… I could recognize those legs ANYWHERE!"

April O'Neil has posed:
    April did indeed spot them at the table and did indeed try to just walk right past and see if they'd spot her.  But they didn't!  She is just THAT good at disguising herself… as Kelly McGillis from Top Gun…?
    Maybe it's just a coincidence.
    Oh, Harley spotted her.  Wellfoo.
    April turns and drops down in to a chair at their table.  Her hands going up to her glasses and she pops them off to make a big show of it.  "Ahhh!" she says, mouth wide open.  She then big smiles at them all.  "Hey.  None of ya noticed it was me, I'm so good at this."
    She reaches a hand up to fluff at her poffy blonde wig and then leans back in her chair and crosses her legs at the knee.  "Hi," she says to Kian and then to Terry she grins, and to Harley she reaches over and pats the shoulder of.  "Got ya!" she teases her roommate.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "This is a crash course on Earth music, my dear visitor!" Vorpal says and leans over to brush Kian's hair with affection.  He also knows the bird-man is very particular about his hair so this is also the cat teasing the bird.  "And if only Gar could have come, I am sure he would have provided us a magnificent introduction.  But, what are you going to do?  You must now learn the art from Harl and yours truly."
    He rubs the cheek where Harley squeezed, and grins.  "We should start with something that isn't too outrageous.  Like the Elton John-Rupaul version of Don't Go Breaking My Heart—dibs on being RuPaul!"
    And then Harley zooms in on legs, as she is wont to do, and the conversation gets derailed when a blond woman turns out to be—his cousin.  The cat raises an eyebrow for a second and then drops on a chair to give her a close look.
    "Waaaaat… April McGuillicutty Alberta Honeydew O'Neil, if that's not the most underhanded trick ever!  You were going to just sashay past your dear cousin without even saying 'hi'?"  He glances at Kian.  "Can you believe this woman?  This woman who is my cousin?  Whom you haven't met?  And I just realized that?"
    He spins again to face April.  "April.  You've never met Kian.  How dare you."
    He says it teasingly and with love in his heart.

Kian has posed:
    Kían laughs, and leans into Terry's touch.  "All I know about your music iss that ha'f the notes are missin'," he comments, then their space is invaded by a stranger… who is not a stranger to Terry and Harley, it seems.  Automatically, Kian gets to his feet and bows in greeting.  "Kié, Ap-ril-mik-gil-ik… nnh.  I hope Ap-ril iss acceptable?  That iss a very long name."
    He settles back into his chair.  "There iss nothin' here I could sing, Harley.  I do not know any Earth music.  I will listen an' learn, though."

Harley Quinn has posed:
    "And we awhe the best wheah it comes ta teachin…"  Harley even offers a sagely nod, though then at Terry's proposition of a song she chimes in, "Dibs on Elton!  Foh Kian ta sing it o' course!"  Yes, she is calling dibs for another person!  It still counts, right?
    But yes, legs.  Harley is beaming with satisfaction at having detected April.  Though is it really her?  "I just hope ya ain't a doppelganger, eh?  A blonde one…"  She's leaning over, elbow on the table as if trying to look more closely at April's disguise.  The pat on her shoulder does convince her it's the real deal though so she appears to relax some… was she really considering a doppelganger?  Hey, she has fought ZZGU's minions!
    "So, is this the plan then?  Duos?" she questions, looking between the other three here.  "Ya two go first…."  She points at Terry and Kian.  "And then the gals take ovah and knock ya off the rink…?"  Is she turning this into a competition?
    A look to April.  "Ya need ta choose our song, though."  Never trust Harley to choose a song if they want to win!
    "And ya can sing, Kian.  Because they show ya the lyrics while ya sing.  That's the beauty of it all!"  Though then she letting out a mischievous smile.  "Ya know, we need some booze heah…."  A gesture.  "Bartender!  Booze!  And leave the bottle!"
    Booze does loosen tongues as they say.

April O'Neil has posed:
    April's eyes go up to Kian as he stands up to introduce himself.  She gets a better look at him like this and it has her tilting her head a second or two.  But, of all the people in Manhattan, April is the most open to any and all.  Look at who her best friends are, let alone where they live!
    She smiles at him, big and bright smile.  "Nice to meet you, Sir Kian.  A friend of my cousin's is a friend of mine," she says.  "And 'April' is fine enough," she states, showcasing a grin there-after.
    Her blue eyed gaze then goes to Terry and Harley and she sweeps it back and forth between them.  "Song?" she asks, glancing toward where the signing is done.  "Oh for god's sake, that's right… I mean, uh…."  She looks back to Harley.  "The Dirty Dancing song?" she asks.  "It's the only duet that is popping in to my head right now."
    "I need a drink…" she mutters, waving the waitress over to place an order for a vodka and cranberry.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "More than friends, actually," Vorpal says to April, with eyes full of mischief.  Trust him to drop a bomb like that right here and there.  "To me and Gar," he clarifies, in case April draws an erroneous conclusion.  "But come on, I have the perfect song for us!"
    He drags Kian by the hand, reassuring him at every step of the way that they should have no problem whatsoever.  Provided they had the song.  "See, this is something anyone can sing…."  Looking over the listing, his trademark Cheshire grin shines bright as he finds what he was looking for, and pumps his fist in the air in silent victory.  "Okay… listen, it's super easy."
    As he queues the song up, and the initial beats begin, he leans in and whispers to Kian.
    "All you have to do is sing 'mana mana' into the microphone when the words come up."

Kian has posed:
    "Kya!"  Well, the birdman isn't given any choice in the matter, barely getting enough time to ask Harley and April to get him something 'strong and sweet' before being hauled to the stage.
    "Nnh… readin' the words does not tell me the melody," Kían points out, positioning himself a little behind Terry, "an' I still read English slow.  This iss a bad ide—"
    And then Kían has a good idea and puts his hand on Terry's shoulder… so he can read the melody from the cat's mind.

April O'Neil has posed:
    April had just placed her order when Terry explained the nature of their relationship.  "Oh," she says softly, looking between him and Kian, then she widens her eyes.  "Ohhhh… well then.  That sounds like fun," she states with a grin for both of them.  Her eyes go to Harley.  "How many people assume you and I are in a thing anyway?" she asks her roommate who's staring at the pastries behind the bar.
    "Oop, we've lost her for like fifteen minutes now," April says with a grin.
    She looks back to the two of them to see them rushing up for their chance to sing.  "Have fuuuuun!" she shouts after them as her drink is brought over to her.  "Oooh, that looks so pretty," she says since it has an umbrella in it and a little lime poking out.
    The reporter plucks up the drink, and leans back in her chair, them legs of hers crossed and casual, the drink in hand and going up to her lips.  She will cheer at appropriate moments for her cousin and the lovely Kian with him.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Fortunately Kian has a License to Vorpal.  Unlike Gar, who trips balls and drops out of the sky whenever he comes in contact with the Wonderlander.  It's easy to follow the gist of the song from Vorpal's mind, and Kian might even get snippets from the original television skit, which would make it clearer to him why, as Vorpal 'doo dooo doodoodoos' into the mike, a gaggle of Smouths appear and dance.  He might be accused of cheating by using his powers of illusion, but the vocals are all him, all he is doing is adding a little set dressing.
    Of course, at the scat section, Vorpal says, "Take it away, Kian!"
    What has he done?

Harley Quinn has posed:
    Oooo, bombs dropped!  Harley looks at Vorpal and Kian with a growing mischievous grin on her lips.  "Oh, you naughty cats and birds…" she comments with a giggle.  But then they are going off to the stage.  And without their drinks too!  Fine… she will order.  And since April is already ordering FANCY drinks she does the same.  "Fine then, I will have a Cosmopolitan in honah o' my ol' bud Spiral.  And lets get a couple of Pina Coladas foh the singahs…"  A beat.  "Also, a bottle of vodka.  And leave it heah…."
    Smashed.  That's how people will go home tonight.
    And yes, she did leave to look at pastries, and drinks, and put in her order.  But she is quick enough to come back!  "Ya already stole my hyenas April!  Ya wantin' ta steal my heart too…?"  She lets out a dramatic little sigh, turning and almost making as if she was falling on April's arms before she gets back up to her full height.  She whistles as Terry and Kian get ready to sing before looking at April.
    "Sooooo… time of my life is it?  Shall I be Swayze or dya wanna be him, mmm?"

Kian has posed:
    Freestyle?  Kían can do that, although he's not an especially accomplished vocalist, he can hold a tune.
    What's perhaps weird is that when he does, it's in a 24-tone scale, not twelve.  Muppets, meet Ravi Shankar.
    In any case, as long as Terry can hold the tune and timing in his mind, Kían can manage to muddle his way through.
    {This is very weird,} he 'sends to Terry while they are in contact.

April O'Neil has posed:
    April is watching the show on the stage between the two, and it has her grinning from ear to ear while she sips her drink.  At least up to the point where Harley reappears beside her and nearly falls in to her lap to make her dramatic response!  April keeps the Clownette from falling clean over and laughs at her.  "Hey, Bud and Lou needed some domesticating or they would've torn my cute little home apart.  It's not my fault if they're fond of my brand of love and care."  Ooooh, them are fighting words!
    "And I will definitely be the non-Swayze side of that song, otherwise you're gonna jump at me and expect me to lift you up, while in fact I'd crumple into a pile on the floor."
    She grins then and looks back to the stage.  "I'm not sure Kian is fond of this activity," she says over the sound of the song, eying the booze as its delivered to their table.  "Oh god.  Hangover Sunday, incoming…."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    {Have you been asleep all of this time?  That's every day for me!} Vorpal sends back as the song comes to an end and he chuckles, giving Kian a hug before jumping off and back towards the tables.  "Not too bad for his first outing, eh ladies?  We will have him as a singing sensation in no time.  Although the quarter-tone scale might be more of a hit for Bollywood than Broadway."
    "Wait.  There's pastries?  Harl, no, I need to go see them for myself!  How can I know you've gotten all of the delicious things of deliciousness?  I bet you Kian hasn't had one of those delicious Argentinian alfajores that they sell… hold my beer, I'll be right back!"
    And now it is his turn to vanish behind the counter.

Harley Quinn has posed:
    "What's wrong with brand o' love and care… and stuff?!"  Instant jealousy!  Poor Harley… even the hyenas choose someone else.  Oh, her poor heart can't handle this… but at least the singing going on does perk her up and she watches along, swinging her hips from side to side, occasionally giving a little bump to April.  Vengeance!
    "You have… chosen wisely."  This about choosing to be the not-Swayze.  How could she know Harley was going to jump at April otherwise?!  Must be some kind of mutation that gives her telepathy.  Must be!
    "I don't wanna see a lick left in that bottle and glasses when we awhe done, Ms. O'Neill!"  Threatening words!
    As the song comes to an end she claps loudly and whistles.  "How was yoh first experience in karaoke, Kian?  Liked it?"  She grins eagerly at the birb.
    "Bring me one o' those alfajores!" she says over to Terry.

Kian has posed:
    "It was… differen'," Kían says to Harley a little blankly, and ruffles Terry's hair affectionately before he bolts off after… whatever he's after.  "Weird by my standards, not yours.  Although everything here iss weird by my standards.  You woul' think I woul' be use to that by now."
    He settles into his backward-facing chair, and pours himself a little of the vodka, takes a sip, and pours a little more.  He looks over the table as if seeking something specific.  "Are there no flavorin's for this?"

April O'Neil has posed:
    April laughs and shakes her head.  "Those hyenas love ya way more than they love me, you're just being paranoid," April protests to her roommate before she looks over at the vodka bottle and stares at it like its her nemesis.  "Oh dear," she says with a heavy sigh before taking another hit from the glass she already has of its contents."  She looks back to Harley then and smirks.  "We'll see how that goes.  I might end up passed out after two or three."
    When the two singers return from the stage, April claps for them and watches Terry rush off to the counter.  She looks to Kian then and grins at him.  "You did good.  It gets easier if you drink a lot though," she says, holding up her glass and clinking the ice around inside of it with a big smile.
    When she looks back to Harley she snickers at her.  "I thought you got kicked outta this place?" she asks, oblivious to this part of the story.  "Are we about to get tackled by security…?" she asks, giving a look around the place...

Harley Quinn has posed:
    Paranoid?  Harley?!  SURELY NOT!  (Just kidding… she's a li'l paranoid android…)
    "Well, Kian.  First…."  And Harley extends the two pina coladas towards the birb.  "Ya can have both.  One was foh Terry but noone told him ta go look foh sweets so…!"  Yes, it means Kian has BOTH drinks to have.  As for Harley, she downs her Cosmopolitan like it was water… what a waste.  "Oh my, it's makin' me want ta burp…" but she keeps it in!
    "I WAS kicked…" she says, but then grins mischievously.  "But then I used my Titans contacts ta get me in again… Terry is gonna write a glowin' review of the place later too…."  She's looking at the entrance.  "Though dunno, could be fun bein tacked by that security guy…."  Yes, she is looking at the mountain of muscles near the entrance, then winking at April.  "If ya know what I mean…!"  Yes, Harley.  Everyone does.
    She serves a couple more vodkas, one for April and another for her and clinks glasses before downing it.  "Alright, onwards to the stage…."
    The Time of My Life it is!

Kian has posed:
    As he does with everything else new presented to him (at least the things that aren't trying to actively kill him), Kían regards the drink curiously.  "Uh… thank you."
    While they make their way to the stage, and while Terry is on whatever mission he's on, he sniffs at the glass and takes a sip… followed by a much bigger sip.  It's sweet and creamy and meets with his full approval, and if Terry isn't back soon he may just take Harley at her word and have them both.

April O'Neil has posed:
    April takes another swig of her drink before she stands up and exhales.  "Okay, okay," she says to Harley and the song thing.  She's done this before, though it's been awhile.
    The reporter's hands go to her blaser and she unbuttons it, then pulls it open and down off of her shoulders.  She drapes it over the back of the chair she had been occupying and then walks with Harley in her high heels toward the stage.  "I could've used another whole drink or two before doing this though," she says to the other with her, showing a quick smile again.
    Once on the stage, April looks out to the occupants of the joint and waves to them.  "Wow, those lights are bright," she says, squinting from behind her glasses.  When they both get a wolf whistle from someone in the crowd, April does a little pose, touching her hair like Marilyn Monroee and smiling along with the gesture.
    She'll then look to Harley and to the mics to grab one of them and test it with a little "Hi hi hi."

Harley Quinn has posed:
    "Drink 'em both!" Harley says over to Kian in her best bad conscience cricket impersonation ever.  Look, Harley has years of trying to be a bad influence on others!  But now it's singing time… so Harley hops up onto the stage, opening her arms to the crowd.  "Sing sing!  DID YA MISS ME?!"  Such a diva, she even lifts her chin up as if to receive the cheers of the audience… and sure, there are some, but most are wolf whistles and comments about the shorty shorts.  Ah well… tough crowd.  And then they wonder why she gets thrown out of these places.  She is perhaps close to starting a bar fight in the place when April goes and does her Marilyn Monroe pose.  That makes the clownette grin widely.
    "Seems like someone's gettin' in the mood already…!"  She goes to get a mic for herself too.  "Heeelllloooo, Mannhhattannn…!" she says, "hope ya ready ta get rocked by the time of my life."  A beat.  "'Specially as I will be Swayze…."
    Lights dim, she turns to April in a pose, music starts.
    "Now I… had the time of my liiiifeeee…."  Not a bad singer indeed!

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Terry returns, like the messenger of the gods, with an armful of delicious Southern American sweets.  Chief among them the alfajor, which can make Terry tempted to turn over to the dark side, were one to be offered, they are that good.
    "Here, you have got to taste this," he says as he gets onto a seat and offers one to Kian.
    April and Harl have started, and he takes a moment to contemplate things, as he does sometimes.  His cousin is performing a musical number with Harley Quinn, who is a loved friend and ally, and he is feeding South American sweets to a bird man from outer space who also happens to be his shared lover with Gar.
    Oh.  And he's the Cheshire Cat.
    "Just a regular day in the neighborhood," he quips quietly, and then waves his hands, casting an illusion to enhance the performance.
    There are now rhinestones involved.  There's twinkling.  There's spotlights.  There's also that ever-present fog-machine fog that makes its way into almost every eighties movie, for some reason.  "Woooo!  You go, girls!"

Kian has posed:
    Kían slides the other piña colada over to Terry, in exchange for the pastry.
    Eyes go quite wide.  "Oh.  My."  He quickly takes another one.  Since his mouth is full, he curls his arm around Terry.  {These are very good!}  Never let food stand in the way of conversation.  Also, there's a lot of sugar involved, and that appears to be the primary birdman food group, based on observation since Kían's been at the tower.
    The second alfajore, he dunks in his piña colada, like it was cookies and milk, and joins a happy "Kya!" to Terry's "Woooo!" for the girls on stage.

April O'Neil has posed:
    April waits for her time to chime in and when it coems she raises the mic and looks to Harley.  "Cause I… had, the time of my liiiife."  And she fades on in to the song.  She looks around when Vorpal's light show and fog show start which has her smiling even more as the song starts to pick up in that classically familiar way that everyone and their mother know so well.
    As the song picks up beat, April will transfer her eyes from the monitors back to Harley to keep up with her part of it!  She'll even start to move to the song and move closer TO Harley to heat up the lovely romantic aspects of the music.  Of course the crowd is going to like this part of their duet too!
    And what the crowd likes, just encourages more of the same, so the reporter incognito is playing it up more and more.  She's not super drunk yet, just a little tipsy after one vodka!

Harley Quinn has posed:
    A little hip thrust, a wink to the audience, then a sashay across the stage.  Yes, Harley knows how to get a crowd going.  And with both April helping with her singing and Terry on special effects it's starting to turn into a smashing success!!  As April moves in Harley answers in kind, moving real close to April as they sing, even daring April for them to go on through some of those moves….
    It's a classic after all!  And Harley may be just as tipsy too.  But then again that's also her natural state.  Tipsy!
    Eventually she starts getting to the climax, "So I'll tell you someeeethhiiin'…" beat "…this could be looooveee becaaause…"  A pause as she gestures encouragingly for April.  Is she telling her to go and jump?  "Iiii have had the time of my lifeeeeee…"  Arms wide to receive April!

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    As Vorpal claps, he leans in and tells Kian, "This is from a movie.  We'll have to show you.  But this is going to either be epic or it'll be a disaster when Harley gets distracted and forgets to catch April."
    He then shouts, "Don't hesitate, Baby!  Nobody puts you in the corner!"
    Then he takes a sip of the drink.  Technically speaking, Terry O'Neil isn't old enough to drink, but the Cheshire Cat has been around for a very long time.  Who's going to tell him he isn't old enough?

April O'Neil has posed:
    April's eyes are on the monitors as she's singing as she's not entirely sure on the lyrics, she's only seen this movie a couple times before her mom died, it was one of her mom's favorits.
    She's smiling while singing, watching the show put on by Vorpal and the much better crowd pleasing antics of the singing partner she has in this daring endeavor!  But when it comes to the jump time, April looks hesitant, like her eyes even go huge at Harley!
    'Are you sure?' She says with her faaaace.
    But when Harley encourages her, she starts to run across the distance on the stage and the lunges herself at the other woman!
    Of course this has people in the crowd gasping in shock!

Harley Quinn has posed:
    That little hesitation means the timing is just a touch off.  "Like I nevah fel—" interrupted as there's an incoming O'Neil her way.  "-Ack!" is the last thing heard before she has to bring her arms up to receive that lunge.  And please do give thanks to Poison Ivy for that little infusion of strength on Harley.  Because she holds April up!  Woohoo!  Both hands too!
    But it also means she can't sing her part.  She looks up.  "Ya need ta pick it up!" she whispers.  "Also… when we get home I am gonna make ya watch the movie!"  Because if you don't time your jump right damn right Harley will make you watch the movie!  But at least she will watch it with April too!
    She will let April pick it up for a bit before eventually letting her slide back down.  All sensually of course because that's how they do it in the movie, holding on to April and nearly touching noses, singing those last lines until the music finally dies off.
    Yes, Harley likes putting on a show.  What a surprise!
    She holds April's hand and bows to the audience before grinning at April.  "Ya smashed the audience with that jump…!"
    And now it was time to return to the table.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Vorpal wooooooooos and claps, also very glad that April did not end up overshooting into the crowd and breaking her arm like she did that time she flew out of the barn when she thought she could fly.  Because he isn't quite sure that this time around she would let him write limericks on her cast.
    "Well, ladies, you're definitely the victors here.  You also may have just launched a thousand fanfictions," he chuckles and sips on his drink.  "Kian, meanwhile, has discovered the magic of dulce de leche and I have taken his drink as tribute, so all is well with the world."

Kian has posed:
    Kían doesn't 'wooooo', but he does keen like a hawk, which is probably an unexpected sound inside the club.  He leans into Terry and takes another long pull on his drink, saluting Harley and April with his glass as they return.  "I concede, you were better than us," he says, grinning broadly.  "Although remin' me some time to introduce you to our music."  He takes another pull from his drink.  "An' our liquor, if I ever can."

April O'Neil has posed:
    April and Harley combined both have a bit of a desire to please an audience, so it seems, so April plays along.  Her eyes are HUGE while she's lifted up in to the air above the Clownette.  Did she really expect Harley to go through with the full lift?  No, not really.
    She squirms a bit up there too, thankfully she's in good shape so she's not just folding down the core over Harley's head!
    When she slides back down her roomie she holds on to her and finishes the song before grinning at her and turning to the crowd.  "Wow," she says.
    Soon after their moment in the spotlight is over and they're both bounding back to the table.  "In heels no less!" April says, having to take her shoes off now cause her toes hurt like the devil!  She sets them on the ground and slips back in to her chair.  "Oh my god, if I'd had another drink or two I would've died."  She laughs.

Harley Quinn has posed:
    "Thank you… thank you…."  Harley appears to be 'on the clouds' while she walks past the tables, adoring the attention the crowd gives them both.  Kisses tossed here and there.  "I am back, baby.  I am soooo back."  Apparently Harley can be a bit of a diva sometimes… but then again, she missed coming to the Sing Sing Bar!
    "It's all thanks ta ya, April o' my heart!"  She leans to place a little kiss on the other woman's cheek before grinning at Kian and Terry.  "Damn, that felt good!"  she leans to rob one of them of their vodka if any is on a glass and down it on a gulp.  What a thief!
    "Ya should totally introduce us ta your music, Kian!  Why don't ya go back on stage and do an impromptu?"  In a public place like this…?  Maybe not the best of ideas.  She does lounge back on her chair though, relaxing from the effort.  "That was some high budget CGI, Terry!"  Yes, she noticed of course.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "Dahlings, you were waaaaaandahful!" Vorpal drawls, chomping on an alfajor, now that his drink has been recommandeered.  "We should do a group song… like 'Oh What A Night'?  You know that one?  The Temptations?"
    He grins, proud of his work.  "Thanks for noticing.  Industrial Vorp And Magic Effects are always top notch.  I should rent myself out to movie studios… you know how much money they would save with me?  I'd make a bundle, and then maybe the CATS movie wouldn't have been an abomination!"
    Teasing April, he says, "Ape, I didn't know you could plank like that!  You've been practicing, haven't you?"

Kian has posed:
    "Oh, not here, Harley," Kían says.  "It would not mean anythin' to anyone but me.  None of you understan' my language anyway.  Maybe later."
    He nabs another alfajor and dunks it in his piña colada as before.  "Maybe something simple, Terry tenár'h?  I can pull the music from your min', but I still haf to figure it out, an' there is very little time to do that.  We can do another, but it will haf to be easy."

April O'Neil has posed:
    April is leaning back in her chair now, smiling at the others as she listens to them and just continues to enjoy her drink.  She does take a moment to lean forward and snag the bottle as she replies to Vorpal first.  "Hey, crawling around in warehouses, and hiding from criminals in the rafters will give you some serious core workouts," she says, patting her stomach through the white top she's wearing.
    She tops her glass off again and adds a bit of the cranberry juice that was set down on the table too.  Make your own drinks at Sing Sing?  No wonder Harley likes it here.
    After another sip of her drink, April reaches up to pull her wig off.  GASP she's not a blonde!  She lets her dark hair down and tosses the clip on to the table, running her fingers through it so it falls around her shoulders.  "A group song?  I think that security guard was already nervous about our Dirty Dancing routine," she states with a big grin.

Harley Quinn has posed:
    "And I did sign her up foh Tindah…" Harley says oh so casually.  Perfect planking training?  Scandalous!  And down goes another vodka!  "He was nervous cos he was ready ta burst with oouh sexiness!"  She then follows it up with a cackle!  And woah, slow down Harley… Dirty dancing, dirty tongue?
    "I am all up foh doin' group songs!  Ya know ta finish the night with a blast!  Buuuuuuut…" and she pauses for dramatic effect, "we need ta go watch Dirty Dancin', and ya guys can decide if we do it aftah we get smashed, which may oouh may not involve not gettin' home conscious… Oouh we can slip out now and…" she lowers her voice, "I will steal some bottles and so…."  She's bobbing her head with a little grin.  Yes, clearly she thinks this is the best plan.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "I think that we should spare Kian the pain of doing another impromptu performance while linked telepathically to me," the Cheshire cat says with thoughtful consideration, "So Harl's plan of movie-watching may be best… including the sneaking of the booze.  So, shall we gather our stuff and proceed to the movieworthy location while we're still sober enough to get there by our own means?" Vorpal asks.

Harley Quinn has posed:
    So it is that plans were formed.  Bottles were stolen… is she banned again from the Sing Sing?  Hopefully not!  Such a memorable performance too….
    Yet it's only a small delay till they can resume the smash.  For once they are home the festivities resume!  The only downside is they have Bud and Lou, her faithful hyenas, to share some of the booze with.  Because yes, they drink, dear readers.  They drink.
    Finding the movie isn't hard, and then they are set!  Of course that Harley makes everyone sing along.  And if you don't want to or space out?  Another drink!  It's a fun game really….
    The night goes on.  April gets a few more friends on Tinder due to Harley snatching her phone and swiping right a million times.  Kian gets to perhaps share the song of his people at last!  Terry gets hired to do full on revivals of back to back Bonnie Tyler music videos with all the fog and antics of those 80s (along with Harley singing along) and….
    They eventually pass out near morning… Sunday hangover here we come!