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Crocodile Mile
Date of Scene: 05 June 2021
Location: Back Yard
Synopsis: Jubilation Lee won an eBay auction for a new-in-box slip-and-slide toy from the 1990s, which promptly gets laid out on the Xavier's Mansion back yard. Students, faculty, and whatever Rogue is come to enjoy an afternoon slipping and sliding down none other than the...CROCODILE MILE!
Cast of Characters: Jubilation Lee, Ororo Munroe, Atrid, Rogue, Noriko Ashida

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Earlier in the day, every room in the Mansion received an interruption in the form of a loud banging. Someone (whoever could it be?!) ran down the halls pounding her fist against the door, yelling something about the social event of the season taking place in the backyard and to be there or be square. Also, wear a bathing suit! Any students with harder or pointier-than-usual skin might wish to just come to hang out.

    In the back yard of Xavier's, a looooooong blue plastic runaway has been laid out on a section of grass that's particularly soft and smooth. At the end of one side, a plastic curtain with a crocodile graphic leads to a splash pool. Jubilation Lee stands next to it, filling the splash pool with the business end of a hose. She's dressed for the occasion -- in this case, a bright pink bikini. "Friends! Aquaintences! Kids who secretly hate me because they ain't me! It is I, Jubilation Lee! You have heard the siren song of fun and allowed it to lead you to me!" she shouts into the air. Jubilee begins to pace down the length of the plastic runway, spraying the water judiciously to get it nice and slippery. "Thanks to some good fortune -- leftovers of the cash Warren gave me totally and completely in line with what I'm doing with it -- I have recently become the proud owner of a SUPER CROCODILE MILE -- the slip-and-slide toy that took the 1990s by storm! Thanks to our friends at the Marchon company!"

    By now, a gathering has formed -- students of all ages have crowded up to stare at the relic of 90s suburbs.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
A nice day, a sunny day, one that Ororo did not have to create. Her mood has been down as of late, so the idea of a day out in the sun, watching the students peeked her interest. Although she wears a bright purple, high hipped, one piece swimming suit, she also had a thin linen summer dress over it. Her feet are bare, which is usual for her.

Floating down from the roof of the mansion, she watches Jubilee making preparations and the students starting to gather excitedly, and a smile touches her lips. The first one in a while. Landing in the grass, well away from the wetness, she offers a nod to passing students, but remains quiet.

Atrid has posed:
Atrid Torsen walks into the back yard barefoot shirtless his chest and stomach athletically toned with muscle. He wears swim trunks that are red on the right side with flame decals on the bottoms. And white on the left with glacier looking ice decals he moves through the crowd looking at folks, he chuckles and waves to Jubilee as he stops short looking at her he gives a greeting nod. "Well aint this a blast from the past, yea?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue and Jeepers (her dog) were out for a walk around the lake, and were returning when they saw the blue slide up on the grassy hill that people love to sled on in the snowy months. She can already see, and hear, Jubilation up there with the hose and it has her smiling as she and the dog round down one of the pathways toward the very same location. Jeepers, a yellow lab, has his tail wagging at a million miles a minute as they get closer and closer to the action.

"Well this looks fun." The southern Belle says as she steps off of the path with the doggy and walk together twoard the slide where the pool is. She looks it all over and smiles at the sight of it.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Can I go down it, Jubilee?" Little Timmy looks up at Jubilation with wide eyes. The older girl stares down at him and squints a little, as if taking him all in. "....How old are you now, Timmy?" she asks, loudly so the entire group can hear. "Twelve? Thirteen?" She squats in the grass next to the slip and slide and stares at the faded box. "...Mmmm. Says Fourteen and up, Timmy..." Jubes stands up and taps her index finger against her chin. "...How about dog years? I'd say you're old enough in dog years!" Jubes bends down a little and offers her flat palm for the kid to high-five. "You made the cut!"

    "And that goes for the rest of you! Don't let society's obsession with a linear representation of time discourage you! We're all old enough to slip and slide!" Jubilee shouts into the air. She stands there proudly, still spraying the plastic with water, and looks out at the crowd. "We've got a really good looking crowd here, today! I think I see Ororo Munroe back there in the nosebleeds!" she calls out, pointing a finger out towards the fringe of the group. "Oh and...." That voice. Jubes turns her head and squints. "...Bjorn Jurgenson -- or something -- too!" she calls out, gesturing towards Atrid. "And...Oh, it's Marie and Jeepers Creepers!"

    With the announcements over, Jubilee wiggles her fingers at the gathered students. A few in the front who are familiar with what Jubilee did in Washington cringe suddenly... but then they relax. "Who will be the first to go down the SUPER CROCODILE MILE!?" she shouts!

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo offers a slight wave as she is called out for being in the back.

"I am just here to be called chaperone and make sure no one gets hurt, carry on."

Atrid has posed:
Atrid Torsen chuckles and waves at Jubilee. "So thats what yer doin'? Playing out here with a big ol' slip n' slide and such." He chuckles. "It's time that these kids learn that ages on boxes are merely suggestions and not rules we can play young and old lets have fun yea?" Atrid smirks. "By the way Jubes, my real names Atrid, I went by Bjorn out there to protect myself." Laughing he shakes his head. "I think I'll let a few others slide first yea?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue and Jeepers arrive at the Crocodile pool as it is being filled by the woman with the hose. Naturally Jeepers puts his head under the hose and tries to bite the stream of water repeatedly before he's tugged back by the leash. Rogue laughs softly and looks at the kids. "Nobody's tried it yet?" She asks. "Bunch'a scaredy cats?" She asks them all.

Thankfully she's wearing a pair of cut-off jeans shorts and a tied-off shirt over a black tanktop. So she lets the leash go and walks down the slide, her dog bounding around to all the kids who are present.

"I'll do it." She says as she reaches the far end and looks back to see Storm watching too. She reaches up to tie her hair back and then drops her hands to her thighs and starts to run for it! She's fast too, and doesn't even use her flight power or nothing. Just hits the slide and lands on her butt, legs up and rolling on to her back as she screamss and sprays water every which way!

!**** SPLASH! *****!

The Belle lands in the Crocodile pool, and is immediately jumped on by her dog who is thinking this is the greatest day ever!

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilation grins down at Little Timmy's enthusiasm for going down the dreaded Crocodile Mile before tilting her head to the side to give Atrid a nonchalant, confident glance. "To protect yourself from... people knowing your name?" she asks with a teasing tone. "Well, Bjorn. Atrid. I will forever know you as the guy that tried to ask me out in front of my girlfriend." She grins and raises her eyebrows, having just returned the ball to Atrid's court. Some of the kids gasp with trace amounts of shock and horror. They are staring at Atrid, horrified. Some of them look impressed -- this guy had the bravery to do that in front of Noriko Ashida, easily the scariest, meanest, toughest girl in the whole school.

    ("Nice knowin' ya!" one kid murmers to his friend, who starts to laugh quietly.)

    Back to the presentation. "Who will be the first!?" Jubilation repeats. "Who will be the first to---" Jubes turns suddenly to watch Rogue go flying down that blue plastic runway. Her eyes light up. "YES! MARIE!"

    The crowd seems energized by this... and begin to line up at the start of the slip-and-slide.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo moves up a little closer to the celebration of water and sliding, more enjoying watching the children then any intent to actually try that thing. Atrid she doesn't know, but she's not going to push herself on the boy, it is summer vacation after all.

"Nicely done Rogue," she calls to the woman after she takes her slide and is 'mauled' by the dog.

Atrid has posed:
Atrid Torsen shakes his head back and forth looking up at Jubilee. "In my defense I didn't know you had a girlfriend." He says simply. "And I didnt attempt to push it further or ask again after I found out." He says easily. "Than again in y'all's defense I didnt ask either. But I've started dating someone recently anyway." Grinning he looks back at Ororo he nods. "I'm Atrid, I'm new at the school." Grinning he than runs. "I'm next!!!" Shouts Atrid as he runs and jumps onto the slide heading down into the pool next.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko arrived back at her and Jubilation's room only to sense something amiss in the sea of mess that is the landscape of their room.  After a split second pause, she zips directly to find...

Jubilee's bathing sui-OH YEAH SLIP 'N SLIDE DAY!  Nori's eyes widen and she quickly changes out of her running gear into her bathing suit, slipping on some tropical eye-bleeding inducing short shorts, and some 5-10 dollar gas station specs with black lenses and neon green plastic stems.

Noriko sprints back downstairs having forgotten her flip flops and appears next to Jubilee with bare feet and beach towels folded under her arm.  "I'm not swimming."  She smiles easily and looks to Atrid.  "What's up?" she asks when he suddenly runs down the slide.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue springs up out of the water and pushes the dog away from her. He jumps and barks at her, moving in a circle around her as she sheds water on to the lawn. She huffs out a heavy laugh. "Wow, that's fun!" She says, maybe overselling it some to help inspire the fraid-y-cat kids from trying it. Of course her clothes are soaked now and she has to laugh and rub a hand ove rher forehead to wipe the water away from her eyebrows.

"Ororo, you should try it." She says across the distance to the lovely lady herself. She flashes her a grin and takes a step back just as Atrid comes splashing down the slide and in to the pool, re-drenching her all over again as she failed to realize that was going to happen.

Water sheets off of her face and she stands there with her eyes closed. "Right." The Belle utters. "Welcome t'the school, Pizza Guy." She tells the young new comer to the place.

Rogue looks at Jubilee then, re-wiping her face off. "Where'd you find this thing?"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilee's hair blows a little in the wind created by Noriko's sudden appearance at her side. She glances over at the other girl and grins before tilting her head towards Atrid's sudden run for the slip and slide. "No, it's Bjorn Knudsen!" she shouts, a hand coming up to her mouth to make her voice louder -- all to make sure that Ororo knows his 'real' name. She lowers her hand and then turns towards Noriko. "Hey," she says with a grin before spraying the hose at the blue plastic of the slip-and-slide.

    "I'm glad you asked, Rogue!" Jubes replies, her voice made loud enough to travel the distance to the various mutants gathered to enjoy the slip-and-slide. "...I was able to get this thing through a financial transaction between two private citizens, courtesy of eBay dot com! YouTube also helped!" Jubes grins and then tosses the hose to the side. Her attention shifts back to Noriko, her voice lowering so it's no longer part of the show. "...You don't have to swim," Jubilee replies with a grin. "...It's just a puddle at the end."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
There is no way in heaven and earth that Ororo is going to slip or slide anywhere. She has no interest in looking like Rogue just did sliding down that thing, nor in finding out how gravity works on that level. She much prefers watching from a safe distance, it is enough to light up the darkness that has been her mind for a the past several days.

"I will pass Rogue, but thank you for the attempt to get me to try it." Her eyes shift to following Atrid Bjorn Knudson as he moves and slides, at least he seemed to be fitting in.

Atrid has posed:
Atrid Torsen pops up next to Rogue. "Well thank you, so this is where ya were headed with all those pizzas that day I saw ya outside o' the Pizza Joint. I work there now, and thanks to Gabby giving me a few people to contact I managed to get in here." He says though with the mention of Gabby he blushes and smiles a bit in a goofy kind of manner. "Come on folks its fun and the waters nice and cold!" He calls back before looking up to Noriko. "Oh hey hows it goin'?" He calls out to her.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko leans to offer a small wave to Ororo, one of those not held way up high or anything, so it might be missed, but Nori doesn't seem too committed to making sure it is seen.  She then grins to Jubilee.

Nori stays quiet most of the time, unaware of her terrifying reputation, or just not caring, but it becomes clear that she was paying at least marginal attention when she response to Atrid.  "Starving.  So you work at that pizza place now?  That means you have to hook us up right?"

"Hey Rogue.  Nice run."  Nori looks at the puddle when Jubes informs her she doesn't have to swim.  Then she looks sidelong to Jubilee.  "Does that mean you expect me to get wet?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just gives Ororo a small smile as she can tell the older woman just isn't having this thing. Makes sense, relaly! "Probably best that one of us remains dry, so when we inevitably have t'take someone to the ER, we're not all drippin' wet in the hospital, huh?" She says with a laugh to follow her words.

Of course, Atrid is jumped at by her dog, Jeepers barking at him and jumping all around him as he gets out of the pool too. Rogue nods at him. "Yep, was bringing' all the pizzas here. We go through them like they're water here." She motions at the slip'n'slide and the abundance of hose water being used there-in.

Nori gets a grin from the Belle who also pays it to Jubilee too. "Well, you found gold here, Missy. I thinkt his is gonna get used a lot this summer. Ya know what? We should set it out on the dock and let people flide in to the lake."

Thats how the Crocodile Miles always go bad... when someone starts coming up with ways to 'improve it'.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "That's okay!" Jubilee calls out to Ororo. "I'll let you borrow it so you can practice when no one's around!" She nods her head a couple times before returning Noriko's sidelong glance. "You don't have to if you don't want to," Jubilee replies softly, her constant smile making the words take on a sing-songy sort of vibe. Jubilation takes a breath and nods in Rogue's direction. "I can't believe they sold these to kids back then!" she replies with some volume. "...It's like parents didn't care about their kids /at all/!"

    The mention of the lake summons a slight fit from Jubilee -- she closes her eyes, sags her shoulders, opens her eyes, rolls them -- a huge show of annoyance. "I /know! I thought of that, like, yesterday..." she hisses back at Rogue. The Crocodile Mile into the lake. The holy grail of back yard fun. Jubes stands up straight and lets her voice carry again, for the sake of the show. "Why, Rogue, I would never think to stick the end of the venerable CROCODILE MILE into the LAKE. Why, that would be unsafe and inconsistent with the usage and safety instructions provided by this product's original manufacturer, who would surely be liable for any injuries if they still existed!" Jubilee nods her head at the mutants, teachers, one and all.

    Jubes bends down and leans in towards Rogue. "Tonight!" she hisses quietly.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo lifts a brow slightly, listening to the conversation. Clearly the entire conversation regarding the danger of water slides would take place another time.

"That's a right Jubilee, I have no need to borrow it. I can always make ice in the entire lawn and practice if I wish."

Atrid has posed:
Atrid Torsen looks up to Ororo and smiles as he climbs out of the water. "Ooohhhh me too I generate Ice using my left hand though I dont think I could freeze the entire lawn yet." He says simply than looks back to Noriko after her question. "I mean I guess I could. I treated Gabby to pizza there the other night and she introduced me to her sister." He says shrugging. "Well one of them." Than he looks back to Rogue. "Yea Ill bet looking at the amount of preteens and teens here Id say its definitely a thing." He glances around a bit and than thinks about the idea for the lake. "Ohh yes sliding into the lake sounds like a blast!"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Yes.  We could use some foam to build a ramp under it on the dock," Noriko adds to Rogue's suggestion about the dock.  Her eyes flick over to Jeepers as she picks up Jubilee's reply.  "I'll go last," Noriko finally says and then suddenly appears leaning, hip popped as rubs the back of her neck fast enough that it seems like she burned herself when she says, "Ow," softly as some hairs get yanked from the absent gesture.

"I could give people a boost with that handle thingy we use when you skate Jubes," Noriko says as if Jubilation did not just over-announce how she could not and would never endanger anyone with such plans.

"Okay good to know.  Could I take advantage of your discount?"  Noriko tilts her head to Atrid.  "I mean.  I could give you the money for say..."  Noriko's mind wanders as she dreams of a stack of pizza.  Her eyes wander too almost like she forgot what she was doing, but her wandering eye is more fluidly darty appearing as her natural velocity is not that of a human.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo considers, looking at the slip-n-slide, then towards the lake. The one they have is far too small, for too thin for the wood of the dock, but there are other materials just as slippery when wet that are thicker and could tolerate the repeated sliding. If a layer of padding was added beneath, it would even be a more comfortable slide, and /that/ was something she would do... right into the lake.

"I believe we could in fact rig something up for water sliding into the lake," she comments. "Would take a little work to ensure /some/ safety, but over all it would be possible... if you are serious about it Rogue. I could acquire the materials to make it, use the earth to build up a ramp, but not a large one." She looks at the older students and Rogue quite seriously with that. "A small one would be acceptable and get enough speed to put people out into the lake. Life guards will be required."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is smart enough to take a step out of the way as the other kids start coming down the slide. She pulls her flannel shirt off and starts to ring it out, water pouring out of the garment. She strokes a hand over he rhead to push her two toned hair back behind her shoulders and just grins at Jubilee and Norko.

"Nori. You're afraid of water?" She asks as she twists her shirt up in to a wet rope. "I didn't know that..." She mutters. Jeepers is of course running around and goes right up to where all the kids are lined up and does that dog thing.

You know, where he suddenly starts to shake everywhere, spraying water across the yard... sorry Ororo soem of the dog water comes your way too!

Rogue can hear Storm and she grins and looks up and over at her. "Bobby's been away, sadly. He normally makes those ice ramps inta the lake, ya know? So we might have t'improvise in his absence."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Right, right, I forgot!" Jubilee calls back to Ororo. She pushes her sunglasses up the bridge of her nose and then slides her index and middle fingers just a touch below the material of her bikini top. A wrapped piece of gum is pulled out from under the bathingsuit, clamped between those two fingers. "Heyyy, that's a good idea!" Jubilee exclaims, her eyebrows rising a little at the thought of people getting pulled through the Crocodile Mile at high speeds... And into the lake.... But... Oh.

    Jubilee's shoulders slump a little as Ororo starts adding disclaimers, requirements, and conditions. "Okaaaaaaay!" she calls out, managing to agree with equal parts appreciation and protest. "We'll do it your way!" Jubes grins while chew, chew, chewing on her newly started piece of gum. What a great day. Warm sun. Increasingly dangerous slip-and-slide. No school... Nothing'll spoil this. Record screetch.

    "She's not afraid!" Jubes suddenly says, loudly, and lacking the pretend bravada of earlier.

Atrid has posed:
Atrid Torsen shrugs. "I mean I can always attempt to make an ice ramp." He says simply before looking back to Noriko. "I mean I guess I can do that and let yall use my discount. As long as Im placing the order and paying it should be alright." Moving further from the splash zone he does start looking around a little nervous as he attempts to hide his scars from the crowd again. After all they were all staring at him before. "So anyone else need me to introduce myself now that Im here and out hanging out?" Chuckling nervously he glances around.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I'm not excited to melt plastic onto my skin or whatever," Noriko says, deftly sidestepping the whole water, electricity, fear, and everything.  "I'd like to help with the lake version," she volunteers toward Ororo, juggling her topics of conversation like she's just aware of them as she is her surroundings on the move.

"I want to be able to run alongside so I can pull people," Noriko says openly without even blinking.  "It would be fun."  That's enough reason for her.  "Probably won't need long and I can help with the safety of the slide part...but I can't lifeguard.  Unless we have a code blue," she holds up her two gauntlet-ed forefingers and electric blue bolts crack upwards with a little SNAP!

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo moves a little closer to the group for a moment, "I think I can arrange the materials and have it set up by next week end, and with Noriko's help it should be safe enough for anyone to use. Obviously one person will have to forgo the fun to lifeguard, or they can just come get me."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue rings out her outer shirt and throws it over her shoulder with a wet slap as it hits her back. She puts her eye son Jubilee and then over to Noriko. "Crap. I'm sorry. I think I've asked ya that every summer or any time we've been around a body of water." She frowns at herself.

Her eyes go over to Atrid then and she smirks at him. "Don't let them bully you in to pizza all the time. Sam Guthrie was the former Pizza Guy around here, but he's moved on t'be a cop now, I think. Ask him for advice on how t'avoid bein' pushed around for your pizza access."

When another of the students slides down the blue splashy trail of fun, Rogue grins as he hits the cold water pool. Jeepers barks at the teen and jumps in ot he pool after him to drag him out of it by his shorts. "That's my Baywatch Puppy." The Belle encourages the dog.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Don't listen to her!"

    Jubilation jogs a couple steps towards Atrid, trying to get her voice to break free of the crowd. "Don't listen to her! You should absolutely let us bully you into free pizza! No one bullies better than us!" Jubes shifts her weight over one hip and presses her sunglasses up the bridge of her nose. "You can't even comprehend the horrors we would unleash in the name of free pizza. You don't even know what sorts of horrible, blood-curdling things I can do with my powers!" She wiggles her fingers, as if it might be some kind of warning.

    Jubilee suddenly leans backwards, lolling her head back so she's briefly looking up at the sky. "Ah!" she suddenly shrieks. "I /forgot/ ... This is /SUPER/ Crocodile Mile -- it has a blow-up raft for maximum speed -- and minimal rocks across your stomach. I think it's up in the room." Jubilee stuffs each foot into its corresponding flip-flop. "If I'm not back in ten minutes..."

    "Wait longer."

    With that, Jubes is doing that awkward kind of 'run' that one can only do when trying to make haste in flip-flops...

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Ororo isn't about to get into the pizza debate, that's up to them to decide. "I think I will head back to my room," she comments. "And get the materials ordered."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue takes a step back as Jubilee gets intense about the Pizza situation. She cracks a smile at the display and then looks past the pinkini wearing fireworks girl to Storm. "This is gonna be a interesting summer, I think." She tells the teacher on duty here. Her eyes go back to Jubilation and then over to Nori, and then back to ultimately land upon Atrid. "I'm sure you'll figure it out on your own. Probably."

Rogue leans down to snatch up Jeepers leash and pull the dog along as Jubilee goes flip floppity running away. "I'm gonna go get dried off and see what IS going on with dinner around here." She waves at the kids. "Ya'll have fun and don't get hurt." She says, walking on ehr soaked tennis shoes toward the house, squish squish squish.