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Jukebox Zero
Date of Scene: 06 June 2021
Location: Harry's Hideaway (Bar)
Synopsis: Plenty of drinks, plenty of food, and some jukebox shenanigans
Cast of Characters: Joan Wright, Logan Howlett, Nicolai Codona, Betsy Braddock, Remy LeBeau, Clarice Ferguson, Rogue, Scott Summers

Joan Wright has posed:
There's a bit of a bouncy feeling going on over at Harry's Hideaway tonight. The place is pretty full up with most of the seats at the bar taken up and most of the tables spoken for as well. A couple of students stand near the jukebox, fiddling with the buttons. Based from some of the glances they're giving and the laughter coming from them, nothing good is coming out of the programming for the next few songs at least. As evidenced by the students gathered throughout, enjoying their respective meals. It's not too late in the evening.

And amongst the sea of teens in the main table area, Joan sits at her own little island. Enjoying the food being offered. Some errands just happened to bring her in to the area and well. When near Harry's... She takes a bite. MMM. That's a good burger.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan was at the bar. Cowboy hat. Cowboy boots. Leather jacket. Jeans. And a scowl. His right hand was lovingly embracing a mug of beer, the good Canadian stuff that "Harry" imports in from the Great White north. Cold. Delicious. Beer.

As it was right now, Logan wasn't talking. His eyes were on the TV near the bar. After all, the hockey game was starting, and Logan never missed the NHL playoffs. 'specially when his team was fighting for its very life.

Nicolai Codona has posed:
    Sure it would be easy for Blink to just... blink them here, but Nicolai can be old school sometimes! That is to say, he never misses an opportunity to ride. When he wanders through the door to Harry's, he's running a hand through his unruly mop of dark hair. It's been established, this does NO good. He has helmet hair and there's not much to be done about. He nudges Clarice with an elbow along the way, "So, I'm starving, please tell me this place has a decent burger?" His accent might be difficult to place, but it's there. It's light but it's there... and a little Dracula-esque. He can't help his birthplace.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy Braddock had just wanted to get out. Between Sion and working on other business building, even the serenity of her little treehouse abode wasn't enough. Time for a drink and some indulging in bar food. Purple hair is loose in long waves, over the short, lightweight dress of lilac with silver embroidered elements. Surprise, she's not in heels, but in simple gray ballet flats to keep it casual... as casual as Betsy can manage. She doesn't do quite so bad, but she's not like... Logan, blending into the bar. Her tiny silver purse hangs cross body, bumping at her hip as she crosses to the bar momentarily. She'll flick the side of Logan's hat with a smile, taking up a lean before she will wait her turn to order a gin and tonic, potato skins, and an order of jalepeno poppers. "Your team winning, Logan?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Dat's when Ah go 'Ya lookin' fo' dis?' And then all de cards I had fanned out around de place, explode!" Remy says with a motion of his hands for an explosion, but he's so into the story it takes both of his hands to illustrate how large the explosion was. Remy then lowers his hands, and leans forwards for emphasis and anticipation, to see how cool Rogue might have thought his story is.

    The two are walking in while Remy is at the tail end of a rather bizarre and false sounding story, but sometimes, we allow ourselves to run amuk with brazen stories and spinning webs of fiction.

    The cajun is wearing a dark blue blazer with flashes of fuchsia beneath as the lining is visibel for moments. He wears a simple black button up shirt tucked into a pair of slacks that match the navy color top, and tan shoes finish the look.

    His arm is around Rogue's shoulder as they walk into the usual bar with a hand held up towards Harry as they enter and he shoots a finger at the man who obviously does not care much for Remy, who says to Rogue, "Oh look, some acquaintances." Referring to Logan and Betsy, but Remy does get a hint of familiarity from a few others in the bar.

Logan Howlett has posed:
His scowl deepening, Logan looks over his shoulder at the jukebox, and shakes his head. "Kids." He mutters absently, while taking a drink of his beer, nearly draining it in one gulp. His eyes find their way back to the television, as the Leafs score a goal. "Dammit!" Logan says, his mood darkening.

"Damn Leafs."

That is when Betsy shows up. Fixing his hat back to where it was, Logan guffaws, "Ha! Bets. No. Typical. Back in my day, we would have taken those skinny punks out with some hard checks. They are skating all around them! #$@^"

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Sure - decent enough. The fries could be better," Clarice complains as she walks in beside Nicolai, glancing around cautiously for familiar faces as the pair make their way in. Her hair doesn't seem //quite// as badly affected by the helmets, and she's wearing a large, somewhat goofy grin from the thrill of driving at high speeds on a motorcycle. Look - some people just aren't used to such mundane forms of transport. "Burgers are probably a good call, though."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has her leather bomber jacket on over a dark green and black tanktop that is tucked in to a pair of slim fit jeans with torn knees and heeled boots poking out of the belled bottoms. She's listening to Gambit's story with her sugnalsses on as they go inside the bar. She smiles at his words.

"Did ya record this one?" She asks him. "All these damn cameras in the world now, and I don't ever get t'see any'a these tall tales of yours, Cajun." She says at him in her southern gal accent.

Once inside, her hand goes up to remove her glasses by sliding them up to her hairline, her long white bangs moving a bit wider apart on either sides of her face as she looks around the bar, spotting some familiar faces who all get a smile from her as they move toward the bar. Harry gets a grin. "Heya, Mistah." She says all coy-like to the older balding man behind the bar.

Nicolai Codona has posed:
    "I wonder if they have anything top shelf?" It's more a rhetorical wondering to himself really. He really doesn't expect this place to have Macallan Red. He's looking around for an empty spot anywhere, at the bar... a table... finally he spots a table being vacated and heads that way so maybe they can steal it before someone else does. When he grabs Clarice's hand, it's not in any sort of romantic way, it's just to keep from losing her in the crowded bar. Something catches his attention at the bar itself. Purple hair? Nah, it can't be.
    ...but Nicolai has to see, so he's dragging Clarice on a side trip instead. As he gets closer, he sees it IS! He lets go of Clarice's hand once they're closer and steps up behind Betsy. He's pretty sure she KNOWS he's there already, but he tries to sneak his hands over her eyes from behind as he murmurs, "The last time we met, I showed you how to remove blood from your Dior, guess who?" in French. It sounds so romantic, everything sounds romantic in French, even talk of getting blood out of designer clothing.

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan chews her burger. Seeming content enough with what has been declared to be 'decent enough'. The bouncy music to the jukebox seems to cause for her to bob her head a bit to the music as the Damage Control employee lives in her own world. That is until she glances up, seeing one familiar face in the crowd. Mouth still full she doesn't call out but instead lifts up the non burger holding hand to give Remy a wave.

The students near the jukebox continue laughing. Oh dear. This CAN'T be good.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ah, o' course Ah didn't get any footage... Ah was too busy being a bad ass." The cajun says with a shrug of his shoulders as he approaches Harry beside Rogue with a look on his face. "Please don't make me havta carry her home. She's very... hard to steer." Remy says with a teasing wink that is sent to Harry and Rogue before he whispers something into the southern belle's ear and steps away from her and the bar.

    Lifting a hand back, the cajun gives his quick order, "Make sure ah don't get any of what he's drinkin'." With a point to the stocky angry Canadian, and a hand slaps Logan on the shoulder as he moves past and gives Betsy that winning smile, "Get tired of the tree house?"

    Remy isn't stopping for small talk much as his steps towards the bathroom and other ammenities continues unabaited, seems the man has a mission.

    He spots the raised burger and gives a likewise subtle nod in hello to Joan as he steps past the jukebox and notes to the kids, "Dat man over dere with de humongous arms... he likes his hockey, you wont like him when he can't hear his hockey." And with that, the cajun slips past and into the bathrooms.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy is busy laughing at poor Logan's frustration with the game. "It's not over until the moose sings, or whatever you Canadians say." She will lift her glass for a sip, eyes on the game Logan is so invested in, as she relaxes a bit. And so it is when hands come up over her eyes, Betsy reacts... not well. First comes a telekinetic punch for Nicolai's midsection, before her hand encircles his wrist by her temple to try and spin him so she can twist his arm up behind his back and shove him away from her... the French didn't even have time to set in.

Logan Howlett has posed:
In the background Logan can hear several familiar voices, which made him relax - just a bit. Of course, Betsy was beside him, which he appreciated. If it went down, he knew he could reply on her to do what needed to be done. There was Rogue, and her accent. The Cajun. That elicited a frown. A deeper frown. "Always Cajun. Out to relax. Have a few drinks. Get away from those grounds. You?"

A few others. Clarice. Nikolai, new to him? Or was that voice familiar? Joan. Other voices in the bar. It was a busy night in Harry's, that was for sure.

Finishing off his beer, he signals the barkeep for another while looking sideways at Betsy. "You know Bets, I am surprised you are here. Geeting someintel for your new place, or letting yer hair down?" Logan signals to Harry that Betsy's drink was on him.

Logan allows himself a laugh. "Moose sings. Nice one. Ain't heard that one in ages." Literally. Then shi* happens, and Logan simply blinks, and takes a drink. "Nice "punch". Kid should know better. At least you didn't eviscerate him." Big word. Little Logan.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue reaches a corner of the bar and puts her forearms on it as she leans against it. She smiles at the whispered words in to her ear through her long loose two-toned hair before she bumps her shoulder in to Remy's chest before he departs for the bathroom.

She puts her eyes on to Harry who's already setting that apple ale down in front of her, knowing full well what she likes to drink so it seems. Rogue puts one gloved hand around the beer mug's handle and she smiles at the bartender. "You're so sweet t'me, Mistah." She says to him.

As she's raising it though, is when she sees Betsy's reaction to someone touching her in a surprising way. IT makes Rogue's eyebrows raise up. "Dinner and a show t'night, apparently." The Belle mutters before taking a swig of her drink.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "This isn't really a top shelf sorta place, Nicolai," Clarice remarks as she lets him lead her towards the table. ...before her heads to the bar. As he approaches Betsy, Clarice's eyes widen. Isn't that- can't she...? But before she can blink away, Nicolai is covering her eyes - and thing things get //interesting//.
    As Betsy shoves Nicolai away, Clarice blinks - and reappears in the man's path - bracing herself so she can attempt to stop him before he collides with anything too solid. It isn't until after she does it that she rememebers their sparring match - he probably has this covered on his own...

Nicolai Codona has posed:
    Nicolai wasn't ready for the punch, it lands, it likely would have if he'd been ready for it... because it's not like he could SEE it coming. However, he isn't a slouch when it comes to these situations, so he may be rocked back a bit, he may gasp and choke once, but while he's doing so, his own hand comes up to snag Betsy's even as she's grabbing him. He turns into the momentum she's trying to put him into, but he's taking her with him if at all possible. If it works, it'll put them face to face, each with a hold on the other. ...and he's actually GRINNING. "You weren't nearly so rough the last time we danced, Bets," still in French. Hell, maybe she was too drunk to remember! But she'd have to have been seven sheets to the wind and nine days to Sunday drunk to forget those *eyes*. Those creepy, slightly glowing eyes that he isn't hiding with sunglasses at the moment. "This is my friend, Clarice," he adds in English.

Logan Howlett has posed:
After the little bit of excitment, Logan goes back to enjoying the game, and the company. Betsy was one of the few people he liked let alone respected. A warrior. That was when the Habs scored and tied it up! "Yah! Bout time! Now we got a game!" Taking a large drink of his beer, Logan smiles, and says "That's more like it!"
"Nice shot Bets. Remind me not to get on your bad side." Logan's eyes sparkling with mischief, and then turns back to the game.

Joan Wright has posed:
As Remy speaks up the students look over to him. One of them laughing a little longer before catching on. Their eyes look over to the indicated man at the bar watching hockey. Smiles dying away, one of the students hits the cancel button. The jukebox awards their defeat with 20 dollars worth of coins. Clink. Clink. Clink. Clink. Clink. Clink...

Having completed a basic formality, Joan takes another bite of her burger. But the sudden movement at the bar causes for her to look over to the cluster of people gathered near the TV. Watching the man stumble before Clarice appears behind him. Oh! Well that's -different. She looks back to the one who apparently did the shoving. Some lovely shades of purple in the bar tonight...

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    The cajun merely slapped the jukebox on his way past for emphasis when the durned thing simply turns off stopping the change from dropping out one quarter at a time. Without so much as a glance back to the havoc he's going to be causing, Remy slips into the bathroom.

    It takes a handful of minutes before he's coming back out and he's drying his hands with a paper towel. "Refreshing." He says to no one before he walks past the still dead jukebox and he walks past Betsy's situation with a curious look and a shake of his head. A comment is forth coming, but he knows better than to raz her in the middle of her working.

    Remy sits at the bar next to Rogue and leans in her direction with eyes on Betsy and Nicolai, "Who's the lady killer with de eyes?" He asks Rogue, and then looks her way, growing a smile as he does so.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Apparently Mister Romania has forgotten how the supermodel moves. She will use her TK to start to shove him down, before she blinks at those eyes. "What the seven blazing hells are you doing in this hole in the wall?" It comes out in French, because...well, that's what he was speaking. She releases him, moving to lean back on the bar, brows drawn down. She will soften with a look at Logan, blowing him a kiss. "Love you too, bub." There's even a hint of laughter in that, as she picks up her drink.

"You should know better than to sneak up on me, Nicolai. You know what I could do." She seems to have recovered her composure. "Now, what the hell are you doing in this neck of the woods?" It's in English this time.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue takes a moment to pull her gloves off of her hands, one after the other, then she drapes them across the bar top while she glances over to the two, Betsy and the guy, since she can speak French she's listening in on the conversatoin as best she can over the rest of the noise.

Her eyes do glance to the tv though to see the game being played, though she doesn't follow any sports so she's not privy to what's at stake there. Her stare goes back to Betsy and the guy before she grins a little when Remy returns.

She nods over to them and shrugs her shoulders. "No idea, think he just spooked her. Sounds like they know each other though." She says back to him with a grin, not that he can't understand them himself. Or... some of it. Remy's grasp of French is sometimes questionable...

She pulls a bowl of peanuts toward them though and takes two, putting them in her mouth and smiling before chewing away.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    The French is lost on Clarice. What isn't lost on Clarice is that she was told to stay away from people with a very specific ability. And here she is - just a few feet behind Betsy Braddock. //Great//. "You know what. I forgot that I had- things. To do. And it looks like you have friends here anyways, Nicolai, so I'll just... umm..." It's a lie. It's not even a //good// lie. But with a wry, almost embarrassed smile - Clarice blinks out of view.

Nicolai Codona has posed:
    "Well, I figured you were too good to be sneaked on," Nicolai points out with a lopsided grin. It's a grin that fades a little when he has to address her next question. "I was chasing Cristian's killer, have been for about a year now, but..." He gestures to where Clarice just was? "Huh... Anyway, I've made new friends and they helped me finally put an end to it all." But he looks back to the empty space Clarice once occupied and wonders, "Should I go... I mean how does one go after a woman that ... blinks?" He knows that you're generally supposed to go after the upset woman! But she made it a little impossible. "I think I need a drink, before this unsolvable problem makes my brain explode." He waves a hand in the air, "Tender! Drinks, are on me! For Ms. Braddock here and any of her friends, run a tab please! And bring me a bottle of the best bourbon you have along with a glass."

Joan Wright has posed:
As the jukebox stops dispensing the change, one of the students starts cursing. The other two start laughing at him. True friendship right there. Ayup.

As Clarice vanishes once again, Joan's head turns to look to the recently vacated spot. She swallows the bite of food. "Hmm." Reaching over, she grabs her glass, taking a sip. Are the adults at Harry's always this rambunctious?

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ooh. Drama." Remy then straightens up in his stool and turns to face the two rather comfortably, reaching across to grab a peanut or two with Rogue and then places his chin in one hand and gets ready to watch intently.

    The purple woman disappearing jogs his brain a moment, but he doesn't think anything of it at the moment as he leans back, holding onto the bar with one hand and grabbing a pile of napkins in the other and throwing them in a flower of large confetti towards Betsy and Nicolai.

    "BOOOO!" Remy calls, "We wanna see a fight instead of you two pretty people catchin' up. Boooo!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is enjoying a couple peanuts at a time between sips of her ale. She does glance at Betsy and hed her friend but doesn't focus her attention on them as that'd be downright rud----

She shoulder bumps Remy when he throws those things at the two of them and looks over at him with a smirk. "Don't be a jerk." She says at him. "Maybe they're havin' a rom-com style meetup and this is the start'a the good stuff for'em?" She reasons it, in just the kinda way she would.

Her eyes go back to the hockey game then and she bites on another peanu. "How many innings are left?" She asks, Logan probably.

Joan Wright has posed:
It is an innocent question Rogue has asked. But even the most innocent of questions can have an effect. Case in point, the butterfly courrier of comments flutters about the room. It reaches a certain architect's ears. See how the vocal butterfly just climbs in. And well now it's just wriggling in...until it delivers the message to the brain. And now it is time to open the envelope an-

Joan sets the glass down hard as she turns, starting to cough towards the floor.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"I'm trying to unwind. Been busy." She says to Nicolai, before she pauses. Violet eyes soften a bit. "I didn't know, I'm sorry to hear it. And you don't go after teleporters, unless you can do it too. Sending a text might be a better idea."

There's a laugh, as she glances down the bar, a bit of a purple glare at Remy. "You may regret that tab. Some of my friends can drink like fish wish they could." Finally, Betsy's food arrives! Potato skins!

Nicolai Codona has posed:
    If Clarice went home, is her cell service THAT good? If so, Nicolai should look into changing carries. But he does take the advice and fires off a quick text. "If one thing father's death taught me, it's that you can't take it with you," is his reply regarding the tab. His bottle is delivered along with his glass and then he thinks to order a burger with the works. Priorities.
    In response to Remy, he turns toward the man, runs a hand back through those thick dark curls of his and... winks.
    "Fifth," he tells Rogue, It's almost over, they only play six." So deadpan!
    Then his attention turns back to Betsy, "He was a good man, but justice is now done at least."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy pauses as several things happen and it's almost an overload for the rapscallion. "Okay okay okay. One at a time."

    The cajun has to blink very slowly before he shrugs out of the whirlwind of possibilities swarming his mind. He could pick on Rogue, but someone's done that, he could respond to the hair slick and wink move, but he simply shakes his head, and then there's Joan coughing up a lung over there and Betsy is trying to stare not so telekinetic daggars into his arteries.

    "Nope. Ah got nuthin'." Remy surrenders his part of the conversation and holds up a hand. "Hey, Harry, Ah still 'aven't gotten a mint julep yet..."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just grisn at the cheeky response she gets. She's wise enough to know he's messing with her, she can see the thingy in the corner that says its period two. She takes a swig of her drink and looks over to the guy who said it though. "You're funny." She says to him.
Her stare goes to Betsy and she offers the woman a smile. "You doin' okay, Sugah?" She asks the one known as Psylocke. Just gotta make sure after all! Looking out for each other.

A glance is given to the coughing one down the bar and she recognizes her, from that hotel building she thinks. She shoots Joan a smile too.

A glance is given to Remy as he asks for that drink. "What do those even taste like?" She asks him of the selection he'd just asked the grumpy bartender for while her hand moves back to the peanut bowl to grab a couple more between her fingertips.

Joan Wright has posed:
Mostly recovering Joan sits back up again. There's a bit of a sour look on her face as she makes sure she doesn't start couging again. Eyes starting to open up she sees Rogue smiling her way. The lips contort into a pained smile as she lifts up a hand to give a small wave of acknowledgement to the smile. Come to think of it, she seems familiar too. Just not Crazy-guy-in-vicinity-swinging-a-katana type familiar.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"I ould have offered to help, if I had known. I'm sorry for your loss." Betsy will shift to the side to give Nicolai more room at the bar, even as she starts to eat her potato skins. Do not stand between a hungry Psylocke and her food. "So your hunt brought you here? And will be staying a while, now that the task is done?" She asks, an eyebrow lifting.

Her head turns, violet eyes landing on Rogue. She'll smile brightly at the belle, a little wave. "I'm fine, darling. Just he thought he was funny, sneaking up on me, after I haven't seen him in ages."

Nicolai Codona has posed:
    "I suppose I will. There isn't much left back home but an empty castle," Nicolai replies after a moment's thought. He downs the one glass of bourbon with one swift bend of an elbow and pours himself another. "I'm not sure if you heard about the murders in Bushwick, but it was the same 'man'." The way he says that last word is ... well, it's clear that he doesn't think of the 'man' as a man at all, it's spit out with disgust. Monster is more like it. His cell phone that he'd laid on the bar dances and vibrates and lights up with the words: Drag Prieten. He takes a moment, reads the screen and apparently answers a text. "I didn't think to let you, or anyone else really, know when it happened. I supposed I just reacted and kept reacting until a few nights ago." When his burger shows, he starts to pick at it between sips from the bourbon.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Taste's like sugar mint and booze." The cajun nods and smiles, "Y'anna try o' mine?" He offers long before the drink will be made. Harry will likely have to scrounge around for some fresh mint leaves.

    "Ah never thought it would be a good idea t'sneak up on ya." Remy says towards Betsy as he pops a pair of peanuts into his mouth and spends a few seconds chewing on them, allowing the crack to echo in his cheeks. "Shoot, ain't a good idea t'sneak up on /any/ woman." He nods as if agreeing and reassuring himself, followed by an elbow in to Rogue's side, expecting her to do the same, but then his face grows a bit more serious at the mention of Bushwick and a solid frown passes his face.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks over to Logan who is just zoned in on the game. She grins at him and takes a peanut out of the bowl... then tosses it at him, bouncing it off of his shoulder. She then just waves her fingers at him and gives him a big smile before she looks back over to Remy when he speaks of the drink again. "This is why Harry grumbles when he sees ya." She says softly to him. "Ya make him go find things like mint leaves." She snaps her teeth at Remy then.

"Lemme knwo when it gets here." She says as she slaps the bar softly once and then takes her drink and starts to walk away.

To the pool tables. There's three of them through the archway in to the back corner, and Rogue is gonna go do a perimeter to watch the patrons playing. She likes to spy on people playing pool...

Scott Summers has posed:
The familiar tall man with brown hair and ruby lenses steps inside the bar wearing a floral pattern shirt and blue jeans. He gives the interior a quick scan, nodding to himself as he notices the familiar patrons. He makes a straight trajectory for the bar and orders a long neck before turning to lean against it.

When the bottle is uncapped and slid his way, he salutes the bartender by raising it to tap against the brim of his glasses and then takes a quick swig. He sighs and then holds the cold glass against his forehead admiring the cold while he collects his thoughts.

Nicolai Codona has posed:
    When a lull in his conversation with Betsy happens, Nicolai turns his back to the bar and his barely eaten hamburger. Why did he even bother. "When someone else is buying your booze for the evening, it's impolite to make that face," he calls over to Remy and his frowny face. He lifts his glass of bourbon in a 'toast' gesture before polishing it off. He doesn't immediately pour another, but it won't be long before he does.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"I mean, you know New York is my base. I might even be mildly offended that you didn't contact me when your hunt brought you here." Betsy's kidding about the offended part, at least.
     Eyes slide to the Cajun, a slow forming smirk given. "Those may be the wisest words I have ever heard from you, sir." That's when violet eyes shift again. "Scott. Nice to see you out and about." There's a purring bit of tease in the words, before her attention turns to Nicolai. "I still think you're a fool for that tab, Nicolai darling." She smiles at him. "It is wonderful to see you again, even not in my designer dress to go out for the night before it got interupted." She's talking about Romania, of course.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Oh, you're buying?" Remy asks as he turns to watch Rogue walk away towards the pool room and he rests with his back against the bar. He expects her to break hearts, and even a cue ball or two if she really wanted to.

    "Ah love dat woman." He says to no one as he watches Scott walk in, order a drink and get it before Remy's has even been gathered together to begin the process of being mixed together.

    Remy gufaws and frowns, but doesn't vocalize it any louder. "Heya Scooter." Remy says with a nod before taking another peanut and chomping away, and asking Betsy, "Huh? Ain't ever heard a compliment like dat before, w-what did Ah say exactly?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is over by the pool tables, doing a slow circle around them and watching the people playing. She offer smiles to those who look her way, and even a few words with some of them, but ultimately she keeps walking and keeps sweeping her stare from one of the three tables to the other.

She does come out o nthe other side and starts to walk back the way she'd come from, seeing that Scott has arrived now she ends up behind him and speaks to him from behind.

"Heya, Scott." She says softly, her husky voice pretty unmistakable so he doesn't even have to turn around to likely know who it is.

She ends up back near Remy though and looks around. "Did your damn Girl Scout drink show up yet?" She teases him, bumping shoulders with the well dressed Cajun.

Joan Wright has posed:
As another person enters into the bar, Joan flashes a curious look over. Not recognizing him, she glances back to what's left over her meal to finish off the burger. Yet another rambuctious adult to add to the count. How odd that the students are the well behaved ones?

She glances to the other tables that are keeping their antics to the white noise level. Just perfect li-

Joan pauses, looking to a pair of legs sticking from behind the rolled aside juke box that is now suspciously further from the wall. Seems that one kid REALLY wants to get his money back. Giving a sigh, she sets the burger back down and waves over to the bar area and gestures to the jukebox upon getting a staffer's attention.

Scott Summers has posed:
An eyebrow raises above a ruby lens when Remy is accused of 'wise words'. His gaze settles momentarily on Remy before he offers an up nod toward Betsy. "Thanks. Believe it or not, its the third time this year. I even went to the beach."

He speaks with a little friendly self-deprecation, half-grinning at his own workaholic tendencies. Head tilting, he looks to Nicolai. "Oof, open tab with Logan around? Bold move."

Remy's guffaw gets a shrug. Scott taps his beer bottle, "Benefits of keeping it simple. Evening, Remy."

Scott turns and up-nods toward Rogue, "You staying out of trouble tonight or stirring it up?"

Nicolai Codona has posed:
    "I'd guess the comment about sneaking up on women and yes I am," Nicolai comments before his attention turns back to Betsy. "I know, I should have. Wasn't thinking straight. It's been a long year. Cristian has been *with* me the entire time. Quiet but there." He visibly shakes, like a dog shaking off water. His effort to shake that off. "Anyway, the tab's fine!" To everyone else that's listening, he says, "I'm Nicolai, by the way. Nix if you prefer." ...or Haunt, but well... probably not the time or place for that either.
    "Listen, it's my damned money and if I want to spend it getting a bunch of strangers shit faced drunk, then so be it," he shoots at Scott, but his grin is friendly, his tone light.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"Exactly." Betsy says with a tip of her head to Nicolai. "Saying you'd not sneak up on a woman, Remy." She looks aside at Nicolai then, a hand landing briefly on his forearm. "It must be difficult." She knows exactly what he means about his father being with him. "We should go out on the town sometime, while you're here. My nightclub will be having a grand re-opening soon. I do hope you'll come."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Course not... Ah think Harry hates me." The cajun notes towards Rogue, bumping his shoulder into her as he leans against her for a moment and then rights himself with the bar.

    A point is aimed towards Betsy and Nix, "You two seem cute toget'er." Remy notes casually before he looks back at Scott and nods. "In de time you've known me, 'ave Ah ever kept it simple? Dat ain't de Remy way..." The cajun explains with a flourish of his hand and a bow of his chest, a flash of that bright pink liner to his coat is impossible to miss, unless you see only shades of red...

    "Hey!" Remy says, standing up and marching over towards the jukebox again and with some authority in his step as he ends with his hands on his hips facing the kid trying to get his money back. "Talk to the owner, don't let me find you next t'this thin' again! Ah'll beat you up silly boy!" He says, trying to end in a friendly, almost playful tone, to see how the kid reacts.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes go to the jukebox just before Remy sweeps over toward it. She just grins at what is going on there and then looks back to Scott as she resumes her leaning against the bar with the mug in her hand. "Never stop stirrin' up the trouble pot." She replies to him with a playful grin.

Her stare goes then toward Nico and Betsy. She smiles at them both. "Nice t'meet ya, Nico." She tells him, giving him a name he didn't offer as an option. "Do we all get t'come see your fancy club, Betsy?" The Belle asks. "I've heard tell of it, yet I've not had the pleasure'a seein' it in person... Gotta grab Jean and Ororo an' get them outta the house for awhile, ya know?"

Rogue reaches across the bar and tap tap taps Harry on his shoulder as his back was to her. "Get Remy his drink, Drinkman." She tells the bartender.

Naturally Harry just glaaaaaaaaares at her. "I'm out of Mint." He says in a gruffy voice. "Get him to order something that isn't weird."

Rogue rolls her eyes at the bartender. "Remy, I think you're right! He hates you!" She says to the Cajun scolding the kids.

Scott Summers has posed:
"Nightclub, huh? That invitation for everybody? I haven't been to a club since... well never." He grins lightly and takes a sip from his bottle.

Haunt gets a shrug, "Your money. Your rules. Thanks for the beer."

Scott hums for a moment and then nods in agreement with Remy, "Well, you've got a point there. Though might not hurt every once and awhile."

Rogue gets a side-glance, "Oh I see how it is. Jean and Ororo gets an invite on the town. Well, I'm definitely crashing if they are going."

Looking toward the Juke box, Scott hums as he hears Remy giving a playful scolding. He can't help but find the irony in the Cajun enforcing 'order' of any kind. This draws out a brief chuckle before he takes another long drink.

Joan Wright has posed:
The initial shout was sufficient warning for the guy behind the box. "Shi-" The jukebox rolls forward rather quickly as the student behind the machine squirms to his feet, getting ready to bolt towards the door. But with the positioning of the Cajun, he stops, glancing over towards a, less than enthused, Harry mirroring Remy's pose. The student grimaces, reaching an arm up to rub the back of his head. Eesh.

Joan tilts her head down at the display, covering her mouth up to suppress a laugh.

Nicolai Codona has posed:
    "Absolutely, still have the same number?" The number she probably gave Nicolai in Romania when he gave her his, when they promised to keep in touch and maybe did for a month or two until life got in the way. The father thing is put on a back burner and left there other than, "He's gone now." It's hard to say if those words are relieved or sad, maybe a little of both. "Yeah, there are a few less than desirable characters back in Romania that could attest to how 'cute' we are together," he tells Remy.
    Then he moves off for a little private chat with Harry. A credit card is produced, ran for spending limit, recorded and Nicolai says, "Keep it running until two." A little more quiet conversation, a little pointing to the people it's been obvious Betsy is familiar with and then a handshake. "...oh, and send someone out for the mint. ...and tip yourself handsomely at the end of the night."
    To the casual observer, it might seem that he's just flaunting his wealth, trying to be 'big shot' or whatever, but to those that know him? Well, he's just... learning to deal with being filthy rich since his father passed. Making others happy, makes him happy so.
    When he returns to Betsy he says, "It was great to see you again, but I should see if I can find Clarice and get back. If you or yours need me and anything I can do, please call." To everyone else, "It's been a pleasure."

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy Braddock will shake her head, taking Nicolai's phone and put in her new number. "Changed phones a couple times since then, actually. So here's the number you can actually reach me on." She'll smile, leaning in to brush a kiss to Nico's cheek in a friendly, European sort of air. "Just next time, don't try to sneak up on me and put hands on, hmm? We can talk about that later." She means why she reacted like she did.

Her head turns to Rogue, a smile over her glass, "Of course, Darling, all of my friends are invited. So yes, Scott, that includes you." She'll tease him lightly. "But now I have had my cheat day bar food and a couple of drinks, and I should get back to organizing that grand re-opening."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    The Rajun Cajun stands actually somewhat heroically if he wasn't so annoyed. "You're with me Hambone." The cajun says, taking the kid's lapel in his hand and gently guiding him towards the pool hall.

    Not too long after he rounds the corner to the sticks and balls room, the thief's head pops into view and he looks around twice before he calls, "Anna!" And a hand shows up like a three stooges skit and motions for the southern belle over. "We're gonna teach Hambone how t' play pool. Work fo' you mon cherie?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes glimmer at Betsy and Nico, the invitation makes her smile nice and big. Scott, on the other hand, has Rogue's attention. She smiles at him sweetly and flutters her dark eyelashes in his direction.

Something happens. At Scott. Look out Scott.

Rogue 'floats' down the bar to touch shoulders with the X-Men leader. she siddles right up on beside him and looks him up and down. Seductive? Look out, Scott!

"Scott." She says softly, her voice sultry-er than normal. "You know..." She looks around for a second, then looks back at him. she leans toward him... Look out, Scott!

She starts to whisper, loudly. "You could invite Jean, yourself..." The Belle then blows a smooch kiss at him and hears Remy calling. "I'm cooooming!" She annoucnes as she picks up her drink and pats Scott's shoulder, then turns to walk after the Cajun. "Good to meet ya, Nico and nice t'see ya Betsy." Joan gets a smile too.

Scott Summers has posed:
Betsy gets a beer bottle salute, "Thanks. I'll do my best to dress for the occasion."

Pushing back his brown hair from his forehead with his free hand, he eyes Remy as things are sorted out with Hambone.

At Rogue's antics, Scott stands straight and stoic. His brow knits above his glasses as he tries to assess Rogue's game. He winces at Rogue's final suggestion. "Yeouch. Right to the heart there. But I guess you have a point."

Chugging his beer before setting down the empty bottle, he slaps both his cheeks.

Nicolai Codona has posed:
    There's still a mostly full bottle of whatever the highest price bourbon Harry serves happens to be sitting on the bar. Nicolai snatches it up and makes sure he passes by Scott on the way to the door. "You look like you could use this. It's pretty smooth, enjoy." He settles the bottle down next to the other man and heads on out, calling over his shoulder along the way, "Someone makes sure he partakes in at least some of that!"

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy will slant a gaze at the Rogue seduction, and then Scott's comment about dressing for the occasion. "I'll make sure I have some clothes sent over for you, Scott dear." There's a wink, before she sighs softly and finishes off that gin and tonic. "Just be aware I'll be expecting at least one dance from you, mister." There's a wicked little smile then. "But I better get back. So much to do! " She laughs, watching Nicolai on his way out the door. She'll drift over to Scott. "It's an excellent suggestion. Have a couple fingers of that bourbon. And don't worry about invites, I'm sending them to all the adults." her hand will reach out and squeeze Scott's forearm a moment. "Au revoir, my friends. Time to get back to work." She'll head on out the door, the only thing missing from that model walk is the lack of heels, but then she's gone.

Joan Wright has posed:
Laughter surpressed, Joan pops the last bit of burger from her plate, taking a glance around once more as she chews. The jukebox looks a little awkward with how far away from the wall it is but certainly that will be tended to now that Harry is aware of it. Meal done with she gets up from her seat to scootch over the extra few feet to the bar. Well, time to settle up.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott raises an eyebrow at the bourbon bottle. Rolling his eyes behind his glasses and offers an exasperated sigh, Scott nudges the bottle away after Betsy's departure. "Harry.. how about you put that behind the bar and put Logan's name on it. I came to let off some steam, not get drunk."

Soon after, Scott makes his own exit, mounting his bike, and tearing off back toward the mansion.