6497/Little Red Room Reunion

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Little Red Room Reunion
Date of Scene: 08 June 2021
Location: Playground Medbay
Synopsis: Janet and Nadia visit Natasha back when she was in recovery. It's fairly positive. Characters changed hands during a pause, so it ends abruptly.
Cast of Characters: Natasha Romanoff, Janet van Dyne, Nadia Pym-van Dyne

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
(Set shortly after Natasha was recovered from the cloning facility)

    The overall tone of the situation has changed both quickly and drastically enough to give one whiplash. After four months missing in action, Natasha Romanoff has gone from being largely recognized as a traitor - and a kidnapper of children, besides - to quite suddenly being something of a victim; which is not traditionally a word one associates with the Black Widow.

    Still, it's a step up.

    Natasha finds herself somewhat isolated in a wing of the Playground's medbay, her exposed skin seeming to be more abrasion and bruise than not, hooked up to an IV and looking... restless. Natasha is NOT used to being idle, but even her body takes time to heal from... all of this.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
There's a single knock at the door and it swings open before Natasha can acknowledge it. Janet lets herself into the room without a trace of hesitation. Against the backdrop of drap professional clothing, Janet stands out even more; white calf-length jeans and a sleeveless, near-gossamer daffodil-yellow blouse with the tails tied off just above her navel. The glittering gold accessories and four-inch wedge sandals furthur blur the line between fashion chique and appropriate attire.

"Hey girl," Janet says, and beams a smile at Natasha. Her sunglasses rest atop her head and she walks furthur into the room, holding a large purse over her shoulder. "I talked to the doctors, they said you're not gonna make it. Super sad. Can I turn your room into an art studio?" she says with a teasing lilt to her voice.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Peeking in behind Janet is another familar face with chin length brown hair and bangs. "Hey Nat," Nadia waves, giving her a bright smile before stepping in after Janet. Nadia is dressed in one of her more typical outfits, her favorite red bomber jacket with the purple and pink metal decal of the GIRL logo on the back, over a loose black T-shirt that reads 'Just a GIRL who loves hornets' and a red and black pleated plaid skirt.

She seems to be in pretty good spirits, considering she just met her own twisted clone 'Despair', whereabouts currently unknown. But she also did manage to recover her lost friend so there's that.

"How is your recovery going? I made you some cookies." She holds up a bag, keeping her distance for the moment. She probably wants to hug the other Red Room Alumna but is just waiting for the right moment.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Upon hearing the knock, Natasha's eyes snap wide open, and she starts to sit up from her reclined position... until she registers that it's Janet Van Dyne, come to make a spectacle out of concern, god bless her. "Ah." Natasha says, and slumps back onto the bed. "Janet. I should have known they'd send you to finish me." She says with severe dryness, and a straight face.

    Natasha DOES, however, affect a tired sort of smile for the arrival of Nadia. "Hey kid." She says softly, then eyes the bag and sighs: "You're an angel."

    Everything's relative, post-clone moods and sainthood included.

    "Well, barring a second opinion for Doctor Van Dyne's prognosis..." Natasha looks up thoughtfully, "... I should be out of here in a week or so." Natasha sighs. "It's a little embarrassing." She admits, "I wasn't even this banged up after Loki's Dark Elf..." Natasha gesticulates vaguely in search of a word, and settles on, "... thing." She IS tired. "What about you two?"

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet grins at Natasha's riposte. Weary and tired, but the humor suggests she's indeed recovering.

"Oh you know, the usual," Janet says. She moves to the little table in the corner and starts unpacking the carry bag she has with her. A miniature one-shot coffeemaker is put down on the table and next to it, a bag of fresh-ground coffee in a silver baggie. The smell alone suggests it's a large step above anything that can be had at Starbucks.

"Doing some of the PR warpath for damage control, doing interviews, trying to fend off the media. Steve hates talking to the press and Tony just wants to talk about himself all the time. So I'm giving them a whole lot of nothing important to work with while you're on the mend."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
A grin spreads across Nadia's face when Natasha calls her an angel and she follows Janet over to the table setting down the bag of homemade cookies next to the coffee. To some definitions of homemade anyway, labmade? The cocoa and sugar might have been bonded at the atomic level into some sort of new baking molecule, but they certainly smell good and were likely not made that long ago.

And once she is in close where there is no escape, the hugssassin slips close enough to give Natasha a hug. "I'm glad you're safe after that house of horrors. And Ying and the other members of the Science Class are safe, too. Well some of them weren't so happy about being rescued and had to be locked up. But still safe. Hopefully they'll come around with time. I never imagined they'd go as far as they did. I don't think Science is really good or bad but what they were doing with it was wrong..." She says straightening up again, "I'm still trying to figure out their endgame." She shakes her head.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Despite herself, Natasha breathes in the aroma of the presented coffee and mentally floats a bit with that odd little 'caffenated through osmosis' feeling that tends to strike in the coffee aisle. "Someone with a phd is gonna kill me if I use this, but I think I've earned a poor decision or two." She says dryly, and then smiles a little. "Thank you, Janet." Keeping it polite. She doesn't know if she has the endurance for heartfelt hugs right now.

    TOO LATE! Natasha winces with a sharp little breath, but contains her discomfort - physical or otherwise - save for a brief look of discomfort that only Janet can see over Nadia's shoulder. She pats Nadia's back very, very lightly. She listens with a bemused expression as Nadia talks a mile a minute, and shakes her head. "I'm not sure. It seems to involve a lot more shortcuts than I tend to associate with the Program, though." After a moment she adds, softly, "... I'm glad they made it out. I can't imagine what... that woman wanted them for, if she was just looking to copy the ones that worked before."

    Natasha makes a very distinct point of referring to Mother in vague terms, though her use of 'was' is a bit conspicuous.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
"I just brought the coffee, I take no responsibility for lab experiments masquerading as cookies," Janet adds, quickly.

She moves to the other side of Nats bed, hands resting on the rail near her. Offering comfort via proximity rather than adding to the stress Natasha feels when touched. But the affection in her face is no less present than on Nadia's features.

"You two have done a lot of good for the girls from the Red Room," Janet points out. "They've got choices. Options. For the first time in their lives. What the Program did is bad, but I'm confident that you've got the ones you saved on a path towards happiness. That is an absolute win in my book," Janet says, and beams proudly at Natasha.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"Hey! They're good cookies! I only blew up ONE kitchen!" Nadia protests when Janet describes her cookies as lab experiments.

"Yeah." Nadia agrees with Janet. "Even after a whole year outside, there's still so much to learn and experience than I ever knew in there. It's a whole other world out here. After last time when they got taken again though. I think it might be best to just help them disappear. Find what normal lives they can with new families. Unlike me, the others are all orphans. But hopefully the 'Program' is destroyed now." She doesn't really sound convinced of that last bit though.