6512/Are You Sure This Isn't A Cartoon

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Are You Sure This Isn't A Cartoon
Date of Scene: 10 June 2021
Location: Roof - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Kian, Kaida Connolly, Terry O'Neil

Kian has posed:
    Kían isn't a lazy sort, but he does appreciate a good and cozy unwind where he can just lie down and do absolutely nothing of any importance.  It's a really effective way to clear one's mind.
    Besides, the stars over Earth make interesting patterns, different than the ones he's used to. Now that his evening flight is over, he's deposited himself on the roof, on his back on a deck chair.
    The Gods only know if any of the stars he sees are any he knows from his homeworld's sky.  Or are his homeworld's star.  Strangely enough, that doesn't seem to matter quite so much anymore.  Earth feels like home now.
    Before his evening flight, he had the foresight to bring up the "Earthday" present Colette had given him, or at least what's left of it.  He sips slowly and appreciatively at the bourbon while he studies the sky.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
To some, the sight might be a bit strange. There's what appears to be a plate of goodies wrapped in saran wrap tightly is rushing along the floor at a speed that would make a rhoomba quite jealous. Then the plate suddenly goes into, leaps across the open shaft that goes up to the roof and then starts going up the wall. There's a giggling little laughter from the plate that then leaps up out of the shaft and lands on the rooftop before rushing over to where Kian is laying down.

"Surprise!" The plate declares before falling down on one side and then wiggling out from under it comes Kaida who then whips out her sword and suddenly she zips around the outside edge and then whips off the top of the saran wrap before tossing it aside. She flops down next to the plate opposite Kian and gestures, "I saw ya up here and I brought snacks!"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
One of the things you learn about living as a superhero, is that you have to be flexible and know how to adapt. This also extends to dealing with other superheros, too! Terry had a pretty cool interview lined up, but a last moment emergency took precedent and his interviewee had to rain check.
5rThat's totally fine. Terry had accumulated over a month's worth of backlog evergreen content he could plug in at a moment's notice when smething like this happened. Tomorrow, as they say, is a new day.

Tonight, the stars are out, and a Cheshire Cat feels like stargazing. The Rabbit Hole that opens floods the rooftop with the fluorescent light from the Planet bullpen as the Cheshire Cat steps through, waving at a colleague that is just off-frame from the hole. By now, people at the Planet have gotten pretty used to one of their co-workers clocking out and stepping through a tear in the fabric of time and space...

But considering the precedent that Lois and Jimmy Olsen have set, it really wasn't /that/ far a distance to travel.

"Hell-oooo Kian!" Vorpal says as the hole closes behind him, seeing the winged Titan first and foremost, "I guess this is the point where I say 'Honey, I'm hooo-'" he pauses. "Right. Still need to show you some sitcoms... nevermind! What's up?"

Kian has posed:
    "Kya!"  Kían sits up sharply, the victim of unexpected mouse on one side and cat on the other.
    The cat gets precedence, and Kían gives Terry a hug.  "/Kié, tenár'h/," he says, and turns to face Kaida.  "Haf you met Terry?  This iss Terry, Kaida.  An' Terry, this iss Kaida."
    Cats and mice?  He's clueless.  They really haven't either on his world, or if they have anything comparable, the animals are sufficiently different as to not get the birdman's attention.
    Ooo, snacks.  "What haf you brought, Kaida?  They do not haf eggs or bird meat, do they?"

Kaida Connolly has posed:
A blink and Kaida stares at the open hole through time and space and it takes a lot of willpower not to try to get closer to see where it is coming from more clearly. Instead she stays leaned on the plate from one side and then looks to who came through that hole in time and space. She points at the hole and then looks over at Kian and then declares, "That's so cool!" She nods her head, "And way more convenient than running everywhere."

Then a bit of cheese goes into her mouth and the next words come out slightly mumbled.

"And way leff caworie intensif!" She nods and swallows before shaking her head and pointing at the plate, "And no! That is crackers and that is cheese and that is pepperoni!" She grabs up a cracker and puts cheese on to it followed by pepperoni, "I didn't really bring enough to feed three but I don't mind sharing. Mostly." She then clears her throat.

"ANYWAY! I am indeed Kaida, heroine, fighter of evil, righter of wrongs, and expert-ish swordsmouse! At your service, Terry." She bows.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Vorpal blinks a couple of times as Kaida is introduced, and then he blinks a few more after that, as well. He glances back at where the Rabbit Hole was, and then back at Kian for a second, checking to see if he had accidentally ended up not at the Tower, and not in Wonderland, but in Redwall. This not seeming to be the case, he says, "Well hello, Kaida- it's a pleasure to meet you," the cat says to the mouse.

Outside of Nadia, Vorpal has never quite met anyone so /small/, and with Nadia it is usually temporary. "I see you bring tribute, is that so the bird doesn't get cranky?" the Cheshire cat flashes a grin, "How did you tro meet/"

Kian has posed:
    Kían nibbles on a cracker, blissfully unaware that he's set himself up to be called 'Polly'.  "I think it was a place call Central Park?  I had gone up the coas' line a way from here, but it was a very nice flight an' the winds between the buildin's were amazin' up there."
    He blinks at Terry, in an expression of mild confusion the cat has seen many, *many* times before.  "Tribute?"

Kaida Connolly has posed:
A sputter of laughter and she shakes her head, "Deos he get cranky? I really haven't noticed! He's been nothing but nice to me." She then proceeds to consume her cracker sandwich with the speed that should not be possible for her size or how big her stomach should be. She lets out a happy sigh and then tilts her head at Terry, "And yeah, Central Park is really nice! Lots of food left around!"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"That tracks. Central Park is one of the great crossovers in our profession." The cat looks over the snacks, but doesn't take one just yet, he's still recovering from a sip of Lois' coffee. Lois' coffee is a thing in itself- it is extremely territorial and has a tendency to fight the presence of any other liquids or solids until it has processed.

"Tribute is a sort of payment given to a figure of authority in order to appease them so they don't do nasty things to you, Kian," he says, nuzzling the bird-man and then finding a place to sit, "We all know what a terrible temper you have!"

Turning his grin to Kaida, he then asks "So... what's your story, Kaida?"

Kian has posed:
    "Temper?  When haf you ever seen me angry, /tenár'h/?  I do not think I haf ever got angry at you.  Baffled, confused, maybe sometimes annoyed, but never angry...."
    Kían is very, very good at not getting Terry's jokes.
    "But I thank you for the vote of confidence that I am your superior.  I suppose I haf been a Titan longer than you, but not by much."  He grins, sitting down with Terry, and rests his head on the cat-man's shoulder.  "I would not expec' me to gif too many orders, though."
    He beams at Kaida.  "I am please to see you haf stayed aroun' here.  Although you may haf to fight Gar, an' the speeders, for food.  Good luck wit' that."  Big grin.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
"I fight no one for food!" Kaida declares and puts a hand on her hip, "I am sneaky and fast!" She suddenly is at the edge of the roof in a near sonic step that has her standing there with her hands on her hips and then with a small rush she's suddenly back at the plate, spinning once and bowing, "No one beats me when it comes ta food!" She huffs and puts her nose up before popping back down to her seat and taking another sandwich.

"Now, as for my story." She says almost ominously, "Well, that is a tale." She flicks an ear, her own tail twitching, "Many moons before this day, a time long before the meeting of Kian and I, a small mouse was captured by a big lab for purposes most mysterious." She nods and castually takes a bite of her cheese and pepperoni sandwich.

"Now, one might think that I was that mouse but no. I was but an unsuspecting intern, trying to make her way in this big world of ours. Small, even then by the standards of society." She leans in for dramatic effect.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Fury said to a mouse, that he met in the house, 'Let us both go to law: I will prosecute you - Come, I'll take no denial--

Memory is a funny thing. For a momentt, one mouse's tail played in his mind while another mouse was recounting hers.

"What a coincidence! I happened to be an unsuspecting intern before /I/ transformed!" He leans forward, ears perking.

Suddenly, there is a campfire that apepars in the space between them, to complete the atmosphere. This campfire produces no heat, although it does elicit the pleasant smell of firewood. "And what happened then?"

Kian has posed:
    Kían is momentarily taken aback by the appearance of a campfire... but Terry, of course.  He adds to the illusion by causing a little infrared radiation to emanate from it.
    "You might be surprise by how much Gar an' the speeders can eat.  Oh, an' be very very careful about sharin' a pizza wit' Kori.  Hers are... nnh... challengin'," he says diplomatically.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
A blink at the fire and Kaida stares at it a moment, looking to Terry and Kian before simply assuming that one or both of them is some kind of weird campfire making super person. By their powers combined, they are Captain Campfire! Kaida looks to Kian and nods before clearing her throat and shifting around to face the fire.

"Right, yes, anyway. At first, the internship seemed normal. Nothing exciting and college was going well. All was fine until strange dreams began. The young biochemist in the making was staring to have odd dreams of mice in fields, a wise older woman, a voice that would haunt her dreams but whoes words she could not recall upon waking."

And then came the day that our young heroine would sneak into the main part of the lab and meet a strange mouse. One who appeared to have opposable thumbs. Appeared to be looking back at her. One that seemed to give off an aura of wisdom and intelligence far behind its stature or ability." Kaida makes small gestures with her hands, trying to guide the story along as she speaks and pauses momentarily to pop a bite of food into her mouth.

"And then disaster!" She bursts her hands apart, "An explosion rocked the lab, the intern, having only just recently slippoed away from the main lab to escape notice is caught up in the blast. Taken from the conscious world by fire, shockwaves, and debris." She stands up suddenly and falls back on to her back flipping her cloak over her and covering her face with an arm.

Kian has posed:
    "Maybe 'disaster' iss not quite the right word?" Kían questions mildly.  "I haf thought the acciden' that brought me to Eart' was a disaster, but it brought me to Terry, an' to Gar, an' to this completely weird place where my /rhy'thar/... nnh, sorry, my powers are not so weird an' I can feel normal for the firs' time in years.  I would never haf thought that my powers would ever feel normal, but here they do."
    he shrugs, and curls a wing around Terry's shoulders.  "Or, I am in a coma on my home world, an' I am havin' an unbelievably detailed dream."  Another huge grin.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
The Cheshire smirks and pokes Kian gently in the ribs, "I don't think you're creative enough to come up with /me/! Odds re you are not having a dream, Kian."

Patting Kian's hair, he faces Kaida and gives the appropriate response to the cliffhanger: there is a tremolo from an unseen piano, alternating between two chords and a prolonged suspension for the sake of... well, suspense.

"And when... what happened?"

It's Vorpal asking, but there's also the sound of multiple voices- like unseen kids glued to their radio serial.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
Well, this is weird. Kaida didn't expect it to be this dramatic but she's not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth. She slowly pushes her cloak away, and moves her arm as she pushes up and looks around. She looks at her hands and then at herself before gasping.

"The intern found that she had survived but had changed. Changed so completely and greatly that she now looked similar to that poor mouse woman trapped in that clear cage. She was now a mouse girl. Small and furrry, with ears and tail to match. She was now smaller than she was and yet so much bigger!" She popped up and stands strong, hands on her hips, "Faster than ever and tougher, too. Stronger than any mouse." She grins, "And that is how I came to be as I am! A mystery yet to be solved and yet a heroine more powerful than ever before."