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Date of Scene: 11 June 2021
Location: The Match Game Set and Studio
Synopsis: A quick chat session at the end of filming.
Cast of Characters: Greer Grant, Michael Hannigan, Michael Holt, Koriand'r, Gar Logan, Jon Kent

Greer Grant has posed:
    The lights stay up and flashing brightly as the balloons and confetti fall rapidly around the place and Greer Grant smiles to the camera and raises her right arm and gives a wave as she signs off and the camera zooms out and pulls away before sweeping over the crowd.

    The applause light goes dark and the lights reset to normal. A bunch of stage hands appear out of nowhere and begin their work of resetting the set and cleaning up the place. Brooms and leaf blowers move the balloons and confetti. A production manager comes out with her clip board held to her chest and the microphone that was at her mouth is lifted up out of her way as she motions with a large hand to the 'talent' on the stage.

    "Great show today Miss Grant, and you too everyone else. Most of you are familiar with our post show activities. There are rooms with more drinks and actual food if you want, come, this way." The woman says, as she starts to walk away from the group.

    Greer reaches up to her collar, the free floating tie and collar is easily popped off with the velcro coming undone with a simple tug, and then the false cuffs at her wrists are just as easily undone as she gives a wave to the others and notes, "I'll catch up, just have to change."

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Dressed up as his stage persona Nick Drago, Mike Hannigan is wearing some higher quality attire than he typically does when off the clock. It doesn't matter that it's still a black tee and jeans. They're still nicer. As there is no performance or a kid making a special request for full blown stage attire, his hair is pulled back into a ponytail, making it a bit neater in appearance.

As one of the returning faces for the celebrity panelists, Nick is already getting up from his seat from the upper right corner of the set. Picking up the open beer he nicked from the craft services table during one of the previous film breaks, he gives a slight nod as the usual instructions are rolled through for those new to the experience. He takes a step down, pausing as Greer starts to walk away, giving a bit of a slight smile.

Michael Holt has posed:
Mr. Terrific is there in full costume, black bodysuit with a leather jacket with the words FAIR PLAY down either of his sleeves, along with the T-mask bonded to his face covering his eyes, nose and mouth, the lenses leaving his eyes pure white. Billionaire, superhero, inventor and Olympian, he's followed backstage by four silver spheres that over in the air around him, the drones he calls T-spheres attending to their master.

"Stealth mode," he says aloud and they simply vanish from sight. He suspects others aren't as comfortable with weaponized drones flying around them as he is.

"Thank you, Ms. Grant," he says, inclining his head towards Tigra. "You handled your hosting duties with aplomb, as usual."

Koriand'r has posed:
Kori went for fashion today, rather than her uniform. A lovely red tank top style dress that hugs the curves of her body all the way down to her knees, and on her feet is a pair of dark leather strappy pumps. Her fiery red hair has been left down, haloing her face.

On the air she was funny, quick witted and way to blunt, which lead to a few retakes because the Tameranian has no filter at all, but she clearly enjoyed herself.

Now in the back by the crafts table, she was looking for something to eat that she hadn't had, or hadn't had in a long time, and mustard, she needed mustard.

"I do hope the requirement of retakes because of me was not too annoying, I would hate to think that I had been a problem." she offers now, looking toward Greer as she says it.

Gar Logan has posed:
As far as these things go, it was rollicking fun. Gar scored himself the famed 'Betty White' spot, which had him as the final celebrity panelist. He enjoyed it because it brought more attention and chances to be silly. But, his answers tended to be on the serious side after the joking, because money was on the line for the contestants.

Speaking of which, they've been ushered off after filming. The Titan, in his costume, makes a straight line toward some of the snacks. "Oh man, all that talking, I've worked up a huge appetite!" Which is typical with anything he does, for those who know him. "A little of this, a little of that..hey, that was a good show. Close one! I thought for sure Janet was gonna take it, but Brad pulled it out in the end!"

He /is/ talking about the show, isn't he? This was the kind of one-upsmanship he got into with Kori, if not Vorpal as well.

Jon Kent has posed:
f Superboy stepped off the platform, and held out a hand to Greer. "That was fun, being on this side of the action. Last time I was just...well it was sad. Getting a match is hard on this show."

  He was in as much of a costume as he had, jeans, red Chuck Taylors, and the hoodie he always wore, bearing the 'S' of the House of El.

  After paying tribute to the show's host, he turns to his fellow panelists. "Nick!" He offers, waving his hand way up high in the air. "That was a hoot." He says, smiling wide to the Rockerboy.

Greer Grant has posed:
    "You did great. This time and last, but yeah, it's not as easy as it seems." Tigra says towards Jon and then walking past the re-gathering group, Tigra slips into her changing room and is back out within a few seconds. And not changed at all, she's still in the black bikini, but it's not her traditonal one with the teeth woven into the straps. She only had time to set down the accessories she already removed.

    Walking past Holt, "Thanks Mister T. I've had a lot of practice." She smiles and lifts a hand to run it through her hair to brush her locks behind her shoulder when she's already approaching Kori, "Honey, there's no re-takes, and you asking to do another take was hilarious. I'm going to make sure they keep those in. You're a natural." Tigra says with a hand patting Kori's shoulder as she ends up next to the titan and reaching past to grab herself an hors d'oeuvre.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
After the momentary period of observation is over, the rocker finishes his way down the steps, moving towards the backstage area. He takes note of all the hero types gathered. The pair that's working to decimate the table's contents. Hearing his name called, he turns his head, seeing the wave coming from Superboy. Giving a tilt of the head, Nick gives a smile and holds up his beer bottle in mock toast. Steps adjust and he heads towards the one that addressed him.

Coming to a stop before the man of similar height, he speaks "Yes it was. I take it you had fun then?"

Michael Holt has posed:
Michael Holt nods to Greer, "Your practice shows. Practice does make perfect, after all," he says. Moreso in his case than most, of course.

A large portion of the food isn't edible by his standards. He maintains an extremely strict dietary regimen to maintain his physical condition and 'jalapeno poppers' do not fit into his daily caloric allowances. Still, the water is crisp with a hint of lemon. Unsurprisingly, Mr. Terrific played the Richard Dawson role, droll and dry and usually giving the correct answer, even if the contestant didn't know it was the correct answer.

Koriand'r has posed:
This, that, some of those, Kori isn't being picking now that she's seen all the choices, and it all gets covered in mustard. She notes Greer being there, beside her, touching her and offers a smile. "I don't know how these things work," she offers with a giggle. "I thought everything was recorded and edited, like fashion shoot pictures. If they look bad, you redo them... is there any Dejon here?"

She turns now with a plate of things, looking around at everyone there. "It was fun though was it not? Especially you Gar, you can be so silly sometimes."

Gar Logan has posed:
"Just sometimes?" Beast Boy retorts, feigning mock-offense. "That just means I'll have to work harder next time," he decides, after having stuffed his face first.

He makes a few greetings, or at least post-show reconnections with the others, commenting on a particularly amusing answer or moment they had. Or, in Holt's case, didn't have, but he lingers near the host herself. "Say, what do you think about Vorpal and I being celebrity contestants one of these days? We could play for charity." Upon looking around, he squints. "Where'd he get to, anyway? Did he have to go use the litter? You know anything about that?" he asks the tigress, giving her a crooked grin.

Jon Kent has posed:
     "Yeah, lots of fun!" He offered to Nick, the fella that gave him words of encouragement before his first Make A Wish kid visit. A visit that went swimmingly, thankfully.

  "I-ooh pigs in blankets!" He chirps, practically floating over to the craft services table. "Yes! Tiny sausages and tiny pastry!" Yum!

Greer Grant has posed:
    Stepping away from the table with a handful of finger sandwiches in one hand being used as a plate, Tigra looks behind Kori's back, towards Michael Holt with a grin on her face, "You did quite well yourself, straight laced and stone cold. It'll make for great television." The hostess says with a laugh before she takes a bite and suddenly can't talk any further with her face stuffed.

    "Nah, you're silly most of the time. You're cute /some/ times." Greer smirks after she roasts the Beast Boy briefly and nudges Kori in the side hoping she might laugh too but then Greer shrugs and motions with her chin, "There's some over there, behind the Frenchies, new you were coming so we prepared." Tigra winks and turns to walk towards Nick and Jon, only to have Jon float past, "Enjoy." She whispers before stopping next to Mike. "Good filming today."

Michael Hannigan has posed:
"Excellent. Glad to hear it." Nick replies, turning his head to watch as the super glides on over to the food selection. He tilts his head down, chuckling to the sheer amount of excited energy being shown.

Head tilting up, he starts to lift the beer towards his lips. The action ends up being aborted as the presence of the show's host is registered. Bottle lowering, he turns, facing her. "Yes it was." Nick agrees, smile deepening, "I always enjoy coming over here for these. Glad to see you back for them. I mean, Emma did well but not quite the same."

Koriand'r has posed:
Kori immediately goes to the Frenchies and looks for what she wants and there it is! Dejon is perfect on what ever those things with pastry are! She slathers it over everything, the pigs-n-blankets, the potato salad, the carrots and celery, everything, then starts munching away.

When she is nudged she giggles, "Oh Gar, you are cute all the time, I promise that is very much true."

Michael Holt has posed:
Michael Holt nods, "Perhaps a bit too cold. I think I made Contestant #2 urinate themselves a little bit when I gave them that staredown. I had meant it to be humorous, but I suppose I went too far," he says.

Michael is entirely aware that he isn't cute, definitely feeling a bit like the adult chaperone with a room full of high schoolers. Of course, when he was in high school, he was seven years old, so he's mostly just imagining it.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan clears his throat, giving Greer a wide grin. "So..about that show idea?" There's a lot going on. Easy to have missed it.

Then his phone lets him know he's got a message. "Oh, Vorpal had to go to the Planet right away. There's an interview he's working on." He sticks his tongue out at both Kori and Greer. "I am only 99 and 44/100% cute. Wait, that's a soap jingle..."

Shrugging, he grabs up a handful of more snacks. Can't go wrong with those, and he heads over to clap a hand against Michael's shoulder. "Take it from me. Not everybody's a natural when it comes to laughs. I can give you a few tips, though."

Greer Grant has posed:
    "Alright everyone, glad to talk with you and catch up a bit..." The striped woman says with a laugh before she is holding a phone in her hand and reading her messages that she missed during the filming and slowly her smile fades into a deep frown. "I must be going... Seems the Avenger's aren't as inactive as I was lead to believe." The heroine says as she is walking through the gathering, hugging everyone as she moves past and is quickly out the door.