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Mr Ded
Date of Scene: 14 June 2021
Location: Horse Stables
Synopsis: Remy reveals a bit about his past with the Assassin's Guild and his former betrothed.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Remy LeBeau

Rogue has posed:
The wayward horse is finally brought back to the stables at the school and the Belle is putting her back in her stall. She's in the stall with the horse, getting her cleaned up and fed, cared for, etc.

The envelope that Remy gave Rogue is still sticking out of the back of her left pocket on her blue jeans. Her jacket is slung over the stall's door as she moves around in the stall.

She's been quiet, but doesn't come across as overly mad, just put off by interacting with Mystique when she doesn't like to do that.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy climbs off the back and has made his way out of the stable of the onery horse, as he's not about to put himself into MORE danger and risk when it's not warranted. He's about to get his ass chewed out by Rogue, likely worse and he sighs heavily as he leans against the stall with a frown. Ready to take his lashings.

    "Dat sucked." Remy frowns as he crosses his arms and bends a knee as he turns to face away from the stall, and down the hallway, not really able to look Rogue in her eyes.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue mostly finishes up what she's doing in the stall, the girls who are assigned to clean the stalls do a good job of it so its relaly all in order already really. So she steps back out of the stall door and just stops to look at Remy then looks at her jacket to grab her phone. "Yeah it did." She says.

"It always does when you're dealin' with that woman." She says while staring at the device. "She's got more blood on her hands than a whole school'a beef butchers."

The Belle then reaches for the hand sanitzer dispensor on the stall and squeezes some out on to her palms to rub it across her hands as she looks back at him. "So what is this note gonna have on it?" She asks him as she stands there rubbing her hands together.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy's hands are up on his eyes, palms pressing into his sockets, as if he's trying to numb the pain of a headache, but it's really fear and anxiety swarming the man. Badly.

    Worse than he can remember. This isn't like dealing from the bottom of the deck or, cheating some card shark out of his winnings.

    No. This is something much more real.

    Eventually Remy sighs and finds the words, "It should be some... thing from the Bella Donna branch of the Assassin's Guild." Remy notes, "If she was telling the truth, it'll say how I'm free of my debts and she'll stand my place for them..." Remy shakes his head, twisting the visions from his mind, knowing in his heart that they're not done.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's green eyes are up on his, even if his hands are covering those unusual eyes of his. She listens to what he says and just puts her hands on to her hips when she does give a bit of detail. "I see." She says softly. "They got a wikipedia page?" She asks him then, showing a smirk a second later.

"What debts?" She asks, her phone buzzing on top of her jacket on the horse stall while the horse they rode in on is happily eating oats out of the container Rogue filled for her.

The Belle glances at her phone but then just reaches for the note behind her to pull it out of her jeans and lift it up to start to open it. "You stole from them?" She asks.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "I stole a truce from them." Remy says, looking up towards Rogue, putting his hands down at his sides and allowing his shoulders to slump with a frown. "I-" The words are hard for him to find as he's been avoiding them, and running from them for so long. His hands begin to shake, and so to hide them he quickly stuffs them into his pockets.

    A sharp swallow, "I was supposed to marry Bella Donna. It was arranged to be a deal and broker peace between the Thieves and the Assassins guild. Yeah, you can say it is dumb and sounds like dat throney game show you liked."

    Remy turns away and starts to walk down the hall of stalls.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue will just stare at him, her black eyeliner making her green pupils stand out extra sharp as ever, giving him that predatorial stare that she's so good at. When he reveals this information she just seems stoic and cold about it all.

Up until he turns and starts to walk away...

It's then that he'll hear it, the sound of paper being torn. She's tearing the letter up and in to many many little squares. Slowly, just tearing it apart and holding the squares in a stack in her fingers.

She speaks out to him then. "Thank you for tellin' me, Remy." She says to him, walking over to a waste bin to drop the pieces of paper in to it. "If you're not gonna tell me all the details, then I don't want t'here them from anyone, or anything, else." She adds, now walking back to get her jacket and phone.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Anna..." Remy says, standing in the hallway, stopped, and looking back over his shoulder in profile at her. "It's hard to be forward about dis stuff. Ah been running from it and dem for ... for a long time." The cajun explains. "It's stuff dat could get people hurt, other people, not only me." Remy lowers his shoulders again.

    "Ah was engaged t'the daughter, pretty, but a mean streak, bein' raised an assassin an' all." Remy takes another breath and waits for Rogue, if she'll catch up to him. "Ah got int'a duel wit' her brother on our weddin' day."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue puts her jacket over her forearm as she walks toward him to join him, stopping in front of the taller man as he gives a little more insight in to all of this for her. She feels a warm breeze coming in from the open stables door back the way they'd come, but just stands there as her hair blows gently in the wind.

"You left her at the altar?" The Belle asks him, a blank expression on her face as she sstares at him. Slowly she shakes her head. "Remy... no wonder she wants you dead. You, like, embarrased her and her whole family I imagine." She sighs and looks away from him toward the end of the hallway that leads in to the garage of the school and mansion.

She looks back at him then. "You can tell me all of it, none'a those people are gonna do a damn thing t'me, Remy."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Anna..." Remy says, stopping and turning towards Rogue, there's tears welling in his eyes, he's beyond scared. They had a power over him in his youth, he's bringing up and living in memories he's long since burried. "Ah killed 'er brother. Ah killed my best friend growin' up... Ah stabbed him in de 'eart. ... It was 'im or me, fightin' over her... Ah won, but Ah lost everythin'." Remy says, he's beyond broken.

    He's seen death, he's dealt it. He never wants to again.

    That was all before the Sinster shit, but that's not here or there at the moment.

    "Anna, Ah'm not worried what dey'll do t'you. Ah'm worried what dey'll do t'everyone 'ere in de school."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue stops from walking away when he speaks again and she turns to face him now. She listens to what he has to say before she takes a step toward him, so that they're nearly touching up against one another.

"Remy..." Rogue whispers, her pink lips barely even moving, her voice weak, but tempting? She looks his face over for a second then speaks again, slowly shaking her head side to side.

"Ain't nobody gonna harm anyone at this school." She says in a soft tone. "I'll, utterly, destroy them... if they even try."

She reaches up to the side of his face then to press her hand against it, the 'switch' on apparently. "You don't have nothin' t'worry about here, Sugah. They step foot on the property, and there won't be a body left attached t'it to identify them."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Dey'll try. Or dey'll be smarter and do it off campus and hurt people we care about." Remy says, he's got that look on his face that he wants to run. Run away from everyone and to save everyone from his past. "Ah worry about everyone and you." More than myself. He wears that on his face but doesn't say it. "It's not about you or any one else bein' able to stop them... it's about not putting you in danger in the first place." The cajun notes with a frown as he puts his hand on the back of Rogue at his face. .. "I'm sorry."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue leans up then to brush her lips over his before she speaks again. "Hush." She tells him. "Now is not the time for apologies. Now is the time t'be ready t'fight." She then gives him a quick kiss, though it does linger for a few seconds before she pulls back and drops back down to her heeled boots.

Now she turns to walk toward the garage entrances. "Come on, lets go see what's goin' on inside. Maybe see about makin' a homemade pizza t'night, yeah?" She asks with a grin. "After showers. So we don't smell like a horse."