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The Lounge in the Below
Date of Scene: 20 June 2021
Location: X-Lounge
Synopsis: Rogue and Jimmy do some socializing to get to know each other better, even take Jeepers on a walk to the creek!
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Jimmy Hudson

Rogue has posed:
The X-Lounge is a nice quiet place to relax, generally, since not that many people are down here on average except for momentary events usually around or after X-missions.

In the now, Rogue had taken the place over. She has a volleyball game on the tv, on mute, with music playing on the surround sound stereo speakers in the lounge. She's over by the pool table with her leather jacket on, her green and told suit on her body, but its unzipped and down around her waist. She's got a black muscle shirt on under her jacket, and is holding a pool cue in her hands.

She's quietly singing along to the classic rock piping in to the room and is walking around the pool table to line up another shot, the sound of clattering pool balls bouncing around the lounge as she takes said shot with some measurable success. She likes pool, so she's gotten fairly good at it, and its good power control for her super strength.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
Jimmy makes his way into the lounge. He wasn't allowed to drink in the mansion lounge, due to the kids, but people usually didn't bug him down here. And if he did it out on the lands, there was a mild chance he'd bump into Logan, and...he was working up to that. So, here he is. Fresh from working on his car, the handsome, but rugged looking man glances about to take the place in. Jeans, boots, and a faded Smashing Pumpkins shirt make up today's outfit. Sunglasses are pushed up into his always somewhat wild hair. He spots Rogue and brings his beer to his lips before setting down the six pack he'd brought with him.

"Hey, Rogue. Not interruptin', am I?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is straightening up after taking that shot when Jimmy strides in to the lounge with his beer. She just grins at that and plants the butt of the pool cue on the floor near her thigh high boots. "Not interruptin'." She tells him in her southern accented voice. "You look like ya just got back froma concert." She says with a grin as her eyes go back to the pool table and she walks around to the head of it to stand closest to where the cue ball came to a stop.

"Havin' a big Sunday?" She asks him with a smile before she leans over the table to take another shot.

She smacks the cue ball and sends it rolling down the green felt top to slap in to a striped red ball which thunks in to a pocket in the corner.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
"Ha. I wish. Never managed to catch them live, and these days Billy is so fucking nuts, it isn't worth it. Right-wing conspiracies and lizard people in Hollywood. At least the rest of the band were smart enough to ditch him. Nah, I was working on a student's car in the garage. Taught 'em how to change the fluids."

He pauses to pull another beer from the plastic loops and makes his way over to Rogue, offering it to her.

"Enormous. World-shattering. You?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue snorts out a laugh. "Well, I mean, is lizard people really that far fetched in this world?" She asks him with a grin as she straightens up again and watches him walk over to offer her a beer. She sets the pool cue down then and sits down on her left leg on the edge of the pool table. "Why thank ya, Sugah." She says with a continued smile.

A second later and the pop of the can hisses and snaps open. The Belle's eyes go to the tv for a moment while she liftfs the can up to her lips to sip from it. When she looks back at him she lowers it and smiles again.

"I'm glad ya've stuck around here." She tells him then. "It's been nice havin' more stabby claw-y types around. Logan can be hard t'track down, ya know? We need those mad skills on our ridiculous missions." She seems in a chipper and good mood, but she usually does... most of the time anyway!

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
"No, it isn't. But I mean, like...the crazy version of it." He grins a bit. "Like, when lizard people become thinly veiled racist shit." He hands over the beer and takes a pull of his own, leaning against the side of the pool table.

He looks to the tv and watches for a moment, briefly distracted by the volleyball...uniforms. His gaze returns to her, though, and he nods, glancing down into his beer.

"Thanks. I gotta admit I wasn't too sure at first, but...I was a substitute teacher before, so...might as well do that, but here, you know? Plus...the companies nice." He winks.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue laughs at that first part and just shakes her head. "People love pretendin' they got the skinny on info like that. It makes them feel like they're unique, and 'on the inside' of somethin' bigger than they are. Probably means he's got a self worth problem, or somethin'." Another sip of her beer is taken then. "But that's just my professional psycho analysis of someone I don't even know..."

She lowers the drink down to her lap and holds it between both of her hands as she looks back to the television. "Only sport I ever really enjoyed playin' in school." She idly comments before she looks back at hima nd grins ath is compliment.

"Smooth talker." she says back at him. She looks back at the tv then and raises the can up again. "So ya been workin' on a car or somethin'? Ya smell like it." She's got a good nose it seems!

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
He chuckles and nods, before he moves to sit on the edge of the pool table and face her a bit sideways. He brushes his fingers back through his hair before he nods. "I was, yeah. I was helping one of the kids on their new car. Needed to know how to change fluids and stuff." He pauses to lightly pick at one of his sharp canines before he takes another long pull from own beer and turns towards her.

"I played baseball in school, but only for a few years. Big one for me came later. Drag racing. Not the same, I know."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue lowers the can of beer after taking another pull from it. She trades hands, moving it from her left toher right as she looks over at him and is soon to reach up and push some of her white bangs out of her face too, the brown and white locks are brushed smooth and soft today, apparently she hasn't been doing any fighting or nothing to get them all riled up like they sometimes are.

"Drag racin', huh?" She asks with a grin. "Why Jim, ya might of fit right in down in ol' Mississippi afterall." She says with a wide grin at him. "Still doin' any'a that? I'd love t'see it. Been a couple times when I was little. They're so damn loud... but it's like, ya know, like a jet engine. I've grown t'have a new found love for such things, as it so happens." She says with a hint of a grin showing.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
He chuckles softly and shakes his head. "Haven't in awhile, but hardly against it. My powers first triggered during one, y'see. I just..." He shrugs a bit and grins. "I had to see a counselor once when I was younger cause I kept fucking up. I was told I had some ...condition? Adreanline junkie, but in more official terms. The racing helped that a lot."

Jimmy grins a bit wider and considers that. "Well, you can I can go for a drive sometime. There are a bunch of rural backroads around here we can race down without anyone being hurt. And we can both survive if something -does- happen."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue frowns at the part about him having to get counseling, but she does nod a couple small times to him. "Havin' somethin' like that t'focus on can help ya take your mind off all the bad stuff. It's one'a the reasons I'm grateful for... like, my love'a the jet there in the other room." The Blackbird, obviously. She helps Forge work on it all the time, since it needs constant maintenance.

She's sipping from the beer when he suggests a ride in the backroads,w hich has her laughing softly and nodding her head again. "Sounds like it'd be a heck of a time." She tells him. "I've been eye'n a Dodge Charger online that I wanna buy once I graduate college." She tells him. "Been contactin' the owner'a the thing. He lives near here. He's not sure he wants t'sell it yet, but I think I can get a good deal on it outta him."

She grins then. "I can be persuasive, ya know." She tells him in a whispery voice.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
He laughs softly. "I have -no- doubt. I know I'd have a hell of a time telling you no." He drains his beer and sets the empty can aside. He glances back at the remaining four beers and nods to himself. He walks back over and scoops them up before he makes his way back over to the southern girl.

"A Charger'd work for it. A lot better then my SUV I've got right now. I miss my old roadsters," he says with a sigh.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had shifted her gaze back to the television, but looks back to him when he stands up to go get the other beers. She watches him come back over and then drifts her eyes back to the tv.

"Yeah, all I've got is the Ford Ranger that Jean picked me up for my job with the school. It's nice'n all, and I love it. But it's not really my 'style', ya know?" She asks, her green eyes going back over to him. "I need somethin' that says me when I pull up." She lets a grin play over her lips again.

"So I'm savin' my money, best as I can anyway. Bein' legal aged t'drink has a lot of it goin' t'Harry's little Hide'n Place."

She reaches her right hand in toher jacket pocket then and pulls out her phone to swipe on it. It only takes her a few seconds before she brings up a picture of the green Dodge with the black racing stripes down the middle. She shows himthe phone then to show it off.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
He leans in to admire the picture, and he lets out a whistle. "Jesus. Yeah, I see what you mean. Much more your style. I could totally see you driving that baby. Or posing on the hood." He grins and pops another beer open, taking a long sip.

He sits back on the nearby couch and gets comfortable, watching her. "That's another thing we can do sometime. If ya want company when you go drinking. I haven't really gotten close to anyone here yet to do that, so.."

Rogue has posed:
The initial response fromt the man has her showing a grin at him. "All in due time." She sassily replies back to him as he goes over to the sofa to sit down. Her eyes go up to the television and she listens to what else he says. Her gaze goes back over to him on the sofa then. "Well..."

Rogue stands up from the pool table and walks over to sit down on the arm of the sofa, her left hand holding the beer and her right on her thigh. "You should come out with us sometime then>" She tells him. "We get a nice big group at Harry's now and then. Lots of good fun had." She smiles over at him on her left side then. "Less you're anti-social, like some others I know around here..."

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
He cocks his head to the side as he considers that a bit, and he ends up nodding. "Who all goes? And yeah, that sounds great, really." Jimmy takes another pull from his beer before brushing a few fingers down one of his sideburns, making sure it isn't unkempt like his hair.

"I'm not. I mean, I can be shy sometimes, but it's not the same thing. I'm not built from whiskey, growls and cigars like...someone." His relationship with Logan is a mystery to most, but it looks to be pretty cold on the outside. At least on Logan's part.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue lowers the can again after another sip and sets it down on the palm of her right hand, holding on to the top with ehr left as she listens to him beside her. She smiles briefly at his question. "Last time we ran inta Betsy at the bar even, which was a rare treat." She states, looking over at him again. "But just about all of jus, even Jean now and then. She opens up there, which is fun, seein' Miss Proper Proper Grey lettin' loose a bit." she holds her grin again before her eye sgo back to the tv.

The blue team is beating the white team! Rogue's score tracking methods are as much as that.

"Yeah, I can tell you're a bit easier t'talk to." She says, not saying Logan's name, because well, father's and sons are weird like that. She bites down on her bottom lip for a moment then before she raises the can up again for another sip.

"Usually I'm just there with some'a my friends from Salem Center though." She adds then again of the bar hopping.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
"Jean letting lose? Heh. I'd like to see that. Alright, sure. You know where my room is. Hit me up next time you're planning to go..."

He trails off. He watches her while she watches the television, the man swept up a bit in her southern charm. But who isn't? "Yeah, sounds like a blast," he reconfirms. Jimmy brings his beer to his lips for another sip, and then: "So, what're your plans for the day, huh? My Sunday is open."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue gives a little nod to him saying to invite him along next time. But his eventual question about her day has her glancing back over at him. She looks over her shoulder at the pool table,a nd then back at him. "I was helpin' Forge witht he Blackbird but he had t'bail out, said he might be back in a bit, but if he didn't make it back in a half hour or so t'just worry about it in the mornin'. Which was..."

She looks back at her phone then in her right hand. "An hour ago." She huffs out a laugh. Her phone is set down on her thigh and she looks back up at the tv. "So I dunno. Might take my dog on a walk down by the lake. He likes goin' down t'the shore and barkin' at the frogs."

She gives Jimmy a grin then. "You feel like goin' on a walk too?" She asks him ina playful sort of way.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
He rises to his feet and drains the second beer. He smiles and nods, turning to pick up his trash. "Absolutely. Sounds great. Haven't been down that way in a bit, and the company'd be nice." He rolls a shoulder and drops both cans in the recycle can in the room before he looks back over at her.

"It's good weather for it."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue wills tand up fromt he sofa then and shut off the tv before turning off the music too. She cleans up a bit before looking over at him. "Okay, lemme change and I'll meet ya upstairs, we'll get the woofers from the girls who are always dressin' him up in pink frilly dresses and be on our way."

The Belle grins as she walks to the door and makes her way toward the team locker rooms entrances.


A small amount of time later and the three of them are outside in the heat and the sunshine, walking down toward the lake on one of the pathways. Jeepers, the yellow lab, is pulling Rogue along by his leather leash, though she certainly can stop the dog if she really wants to.

Dressed in a light blue tshirt, some jeans shorts and some runners now, Rogue looks over at Jimmy from behind her aviator sunglasses. "Least it's not /too/ hot outside." She says with a big smile at the man.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
He nods and goes to change as well, preparing for a warm walk. When he meets her outside he's changed to a pair of hiking boots and shorts, along with a short-sleeved shirt with a faded Marathon or something advertised on it. A pair of sunglasses help keep the sun from his sensitive eyes.

He walks along with her and chuckles, nodding. "Not bad at all. But it might be 'dip in the lake' weather. I dunno. We'll have to see when we get down there." He's also very friendly to the dog, seeming to have a weird kinship with canines that he shares with his dad.

Rogue has posed:
As it so happens, the sounds of school kids playing in and around the lake can be heard in the distance, but they're off to the west, where Rogue, Jimmy and Jeeper sare headed to the east. Jeepers has a pair of sunglasses on too, large and plastic with dark lsenses and pink frames. He doesn't seem to mind them at all, and they're on by a stretchy strap around his head.

The suggestion of a dip in the lake has the Belle laughing. "Yeah, I mean, that goes for about every damn day'a summer, for that matter." She says to him. "One'a the reasosn I love it here so much is the lake is nice for that, as is the pool itself. But the lake is... clean and fun." She motions up ahead. "Pugsley Creek is up this way. It's more of a half-river really... sure is a big creek, whatever the damn size difference is between thsoe two things. But yeah, it's got a tire swing that is fun t'use t'swing inta the lake with." She states with a grin at him.

Jeepers, of course, is just sniffing everything along the pathway and wagging his tail as they walk the beaten trail alongside the lake.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
"Well, leads the way, beautiful. Sounds like where we should be heading."

He grins at her, those pointed canines giving him a feral, but attractive, appearance. He has some similarities to Logan in appearance.,..but -so- many differences. Tall, a bit leaner in muscle...less caveman looking. But the teeth are there.

He puts his hands in the pockets of his shorts as he walks along at her side, taking in the beautiful, sedate surroundings around them as they go.

Rogue has posed:
They eventually reach the creek and the tall grass around its shoreline parts to reveal a sandy beach area setup near the tiree that the tire swing is hanging from. ITs here that Rogue leads them, or Jeepers leads them, and the Bellen leans down to unclip the leash from the dog's collar.

"Behave yourself." She telsl the dog before she takes his sunglasses off and lets him go.

Needless to say the dog just starts running for the water and leaps in to it from a few feet away!

SPLASH! The dog is in the water and swimming out in to the calm flowing stream.

Rogue smirks and folds her arms over her stomach, holding the leash and pink sunglassees. "He's a wild man." She says of her dog before glancing over at Jimmy. "Nice spot though, huh? The students are too afraid to come out this far. The 'Breakstone Slasher' and all." She grins and looks back out at the water, the yellow lab's head visible as he swims around happily.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
Jimmy chuckles at that and shakes his head as he watches the dog swim out into the water. He makes his way over to the tire swing and he leans on it, arms around the rope.

"So it's just us, then?," he asks curiously. He glances over at her, flashing her a lopsided smile. He idly kicks his hiking boots off and lets his bare feet dig into the grass, getting a bit more comfortable.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue keeps an eye on her dog out in the water, her hair blowing in the wind a bit now, no longer smooth and freshly brushed as the wind is making it that haphazard mess of locks that is more common for her

She looks over at Jimmy as he leans on the tire swing and kicks off his boots. She laughs softly at him. "Yeah, I mean, generally so anyway." She motions to the water. "Have at it." She tells him."

She walks toward the tree the swing is roped to and sets down soe of the things she's carrying. "I'll push ya if ya like." She says with a soft laugh. "I promise not t'put ya in orbit either."