6648/Mutant Town, Brotherhood, and Ice Cream.

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Mutant Town, Brotherhood, and Ice Cream.
Date of Scene: 20 June 2021
Location: Big Gay Ice Cream Shop
Synopsis: Patrol and Ice Cream in M-Town
Cast of Characters: Talia Wagner, Negasonic

Talia Wagner has posed:
Field Trips for Sullen Teens.

After being gone from the school for like two fricking weeks at the start of summer and maybe worrying some folk that TJ may have moved on to another timeline after all she showed back up at the school.

She looked super relaxed like she had been off on some spa trip somewhere though.

The suggestion from her to Ellie was a trip down to the city, walk a foot patrol serious like in Mutant Town, and get some food.

I mean it isn't like anyone is skipping school. Summer is officially ongoing. Also she was tight lipped about the whole MIA business promising to talk about it later in the city.

Super Mysterious Like.

It is hot as hell though.

"Hey. Ice cream before we start pounding pavement through M-Town?" pointing at Big Gay Ice Cream

She pauses "Oh and those questions.. I'll answer them now."

Negasonic has posed:
Even in the heat, Ellie is wearing her leather jacket, hoodie, and jeans with boots. The weather cannot hold her down, she will not be manhandled by the mechinations of Mother Natures oppression! Fight the system.

Waiting on the sidewalk, sitting on a bus stop, she glances up at Talia's arrival and gives her one a cool-gal up-nod, "Sup. Sure." Acknowledgement, agreement, two words. Impressive.

Up from her seat, she walks alongside the relaxed looking mutant towards the ice cream shop. "Where the fuck have you been?"

Talia Wagner has posed:
TJ is showing a lot of skin.. uh.. fur.

Someone isn't using their image inducer today.

She has on a very light weight, short sleeve red hoodie, a white tube top that shows her stomach and manages decency for the moral majority. Instead of the black leather cargo pants and stompy boots though she has on a pair of black shorts and sandles.

She gives a sharp canine flash of a grin over to Ellie and the acceptance of the ice cream.

"Well. I came down a couple weeks ago to hunt a serial killer that was draining mutants life force in M-Town. I thought it might be Selene... energy vampire mutant.. it wasn't." which you know is totally a casual topic for a walk to get ice cream.

"I ran into my grams, which she absolutely hates being called, and a bunch of the brotherhood and we took down the Spider Mutant Life Stealer Abomination before it could do more serial killing."

She holds the door to the shop open with her three fingered blue hand.

"Wonder what flavors they have."

Negasonic has posed:
"So a regular Tuesday night for mutant town." Ellie says of the explanation Talia provides, hands shoved deep into the pockets of her jeans as the pair walk towards the ice cream shop. Her tone is monotoned, a constant smear of smarm lathered upon every single resonnance. It's sort of her calling card to be sarcastic even when casually talking.

If you've got it, flaunt it.

"Probably a lot. I'm just going to have chocolate, though." Because simplicity wins! "With gummy bears."

"Is that where you've been? Hanging with Mystie?"

Talia Wagner has posed:
"Chocobears. I bet that is a menu item." yes pun intended. "Ah yeah fucking jackpot. They have Paletas ... hah they even did them in pride month flag designs. Clever girl. Clever girl." Jurassic Park reference. Though she stops to wonder for a moment if they made that movie in this timeline. Sheesh.

"I mean. Sort of. They kidnapped me. It was a pretty friendly kidnapping though, no fighting since I knew they would be .. uh violent if I didn't accept the offer to get post serial killer killing drinks." which meant it was a lethal sort of justice too.

"They needed to make sure I wasn't going to be a threat to any of them or Gramps really with the stuff I know.. paranoia runs in the fam on both sides. I stuck around a bit longer though to get to know them and their operation... they genuinely seem to be trying to turn a corner. Be more civic minded..."

She hooks one thumb out at the street. "They even have a joint thing where Blink is organizing neigherhood watch patrols with the Brotherhood, locals, and Xaviers to keep M-Town safe...."

Negasonic has posed:
"Chocobears." Ellie inclines her head, "That tracks."


"Sounds like kidnapping to me. Implied violence isn't not violent, it's just implied. Don't victim shame yourself. You were forced into something for someone elses intentions. It doesn't matter if they're paranoid, that doesn't excuse their behavior." The goth mutant puts in her order and then waits to the side for Talia.

"Vigilantism is fun when the executive branch of the government has no effective oversite."

Talia Wagner has posed:
"I mean yes. It was still kidnapping. I just understand their paranoia and motives." she orders herself a pansexual Paleta. A Fruit pop made with Blueberry, Lemon, and Raspberry fruit juice and fruit. "Sweet."

She tosses a twenty down to pay for both of them and then waits with Ellie for the order to come up.

"I mean. Superhero-ing is all about the Vigilantism. Only a handful of the teams are Government sanctioned officially.... like all the others fall under lose supervision of people like the DEO or something like that."

She glances at Ellie "You saying you don't want to vigilantee is up a bit or help the Brothrhood... that is so not the song you sang when we first talked aboutr Magneto and Mystique."

Negasonic has posed:
"Yeah, I know. I'm contrarian by nature." Ellie shrugs indifferently, "I feel like I have to disagree just for the sake of not agreeing." It's pretty simple, at least for her. "If there's a 'group' I would join, I guess the Brotherhood is it." She shifts from foot to foot so her hip can press against the counter waiting for their order to arrive.

Talia Wagner has posed:
Also, yes TJ tipped the whole change from the twenty, waving it off and indicating the tip jar.

She leans her back against the end of the cold case soaking in the cold while she waits for your Chocobear to be made.

"Well I suppose that is what I like about you." she notes with amusement.

"Have you met Blink, if you want I could introduce you both. I think she is the culprit behind the brotherhood fliers at the school TBH... it goes without saying don't tell my sorta-dad about these convos.... they seem fine with the shared patrols and all. Civic minded. The whole more vigilante ops.. not so sure how chill Jean would be."