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Warren Buffet
Date of Scene: 22 June 2021
Location: Main Kitchen
Synopsis: Warren shows up with a ton of leftovers from one of his corporate business meetings. What better place to give away free food than a school!
Cast of Characters: Warren Worthington, Clarice Ferguson, Jubilation Lee, Noriko Ashida, Betsy Braddock

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren has a literal truckload of food left over from the corporate lunch he had catered in the city. Not wanting to see all that food go to waste, he had the food delivered over to Xavier's and is in the final stages of setting up the last of the patters of cold cuts out onto the makeshift buffet.

Warren is dressed for comfort rather than business. The usual suit that he wears to the office has been replaced by a pair of shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt with strategically placed holes to allow his wings to emerge out the back. On his feet are a pair of Birkenstocks.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice pads into the kitchen - dressed in what some might recognize as a blouse and skirt belonging to one Lorna Dane. It seems someone has raided Her Majesty's wardrobe, after her impromptu sleep-over at the Mansion.
    Now, she could have teleported herself anywhere - including back to the Asteroid - but here she is, striding into the kitchen with a yawn, before flashing Warren a smile of greeting. "Hey. Oh- perfect." She snatches up a plate, and a bread roll, and without bothering to ask permission starts to make a sandwich.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    The floors in Xavier's are way too expensive for skating. It's self-evident. Everyone knows this. Well, everyone but one. There's a sound... that's getting louder and louder, and then... BAM. The door to the kitchen FLIES open and Jubilation Lee is standing in the doorway. She's wearing a pair of jeans that have been cut wayyyyyyyy too short (they just barely qualify as shorts, if we're being honest) and a yellow tank top. She wears a snap bracelet on one wrist and a bright pink headband.

    "Okay! This is a stick up!" she declares with an index finger pointed out in front of herself like a gun. "Nobody move!" She flashes a big toothy grin and puts away her finger. Life is fun when you're Jubilee.

    "Come to score some free food, I see..." Jubilee observes, her tone suddenly a bit icy. She recognizes Clarice as the one who came to the mansion with Mystique. But then... the food. Her smile returns.

    "Warren!" she nearly squeals. "Look at this! We'll never go hungry again." Jubilee reaches up and pats Warren on one shoulder, smiles, and then looks down. The Birkenstocks.

    "Oh, Warren..." she mutters, shaking her head. Jubilee steps away and reaches out to take a roll for herself before a certain someone hears about the spread...

Warren Worthington has posed:
Glancing up as the door opens, Warren gives Clarice a brief nod. "Afternoon..." he says in way of greeting as she starts to make herself a sandwich. "Please, help yourself," he grins, seeming to not care about the lack of permission. "I don't think we have met? Warren Worthington."

And then chaos ensues as Jubilation and Noriko both arrive. "Hey Jubes, Nori. Nori, don't eat everything. Leave some for the others," Warren says with a laugh. "Figures you two would find the food right off the bat."

Warren makes his way over to one of the beverage fridges and grabs himself a water, opening the top and taking a sip. "How is summer break going? They try to put you all into summer classes?"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko is constantly dressed like she's ready to rollerblade down some stretch of sci fi beach somewhere the natives can only see neon colors.  It's just one of those days.  Acidic green parachute running shorts, a neon purple tank, and a rugged looking messenger bag that's been reinforced for travel with...lots of duct tape.  Her electric blue hair is, quite naturally windswept.

The speedster suddenly stops just inside the kitchen, the door swings as if a ghost entered through, and Nori is rubbing at her eye.  Then suddenly she is at the sink.  Then she is blinking through the blurry water in her eye at all of the food.  "Free?"  Her eyebrows arch hopefully as her eyes shoot to Warren.  Clarice gets a glance of seeming passing interest before Nori looks to Jubilee.  Suddenly she has a roll all spread-ed up.  Naturally.  This all pretty much unfolds in a series of stop motion like moments.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Clarice," she introduces herself simply. "I'm a friend of Lorna's," she offers by explination, as she starts spreading mustard and mayo on her bread, and starts topping it off with meat, cheese, and vegetables. She's piling it up high - seeming to think that everything looks delicious, and therefore //everything// belongs in the sandwich at once.
    Her movements pause, however, as she catches the look Jubilee shoots her - and counters it with a smile. "Hey. Yeah, thinking of liberating some of this food in the name of the people of Genosha. All it takes is a little..." She taps a pickle with her finger - and it disappears in a flash of purple energy, only to reappear on her sandwich. She repeats the feat, before topping the sandwich off with the other half of the roll.
    How is she going to get her mouth around that thing? She'll figure it out.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "It's good, Warren. Looks like I can quit my job at Burger Joint!" Jubilee declares suddenly, her eyebrows rising with excitement. But then... her face softens, as if to communicate a maximum amount of disinterest in what Clarice is up to. Whether it's on purpose or by accident, Jubilee doesn't see Clarice's demonstration. She has already looked away. It was on purpose. On any other day, with any other combination of company, she might stick around and start plucking meats and cheeses and things, anything to fill up that roll she claimed, but that's not what happens here. Jubilee instead reaches out and takes a napkin for her sandwich, which... is really just a roll.

    She's already pushed off with one of her sneaker skates -- Heelys -- and spins around just by the door. "Don't fill up on this stuff, Nori!" Jubes whines. "Party for a new girl, tonight, remember!" And with that, she presses her palm to the door, opens it, and skates off!

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Nori reaches up to rub her eye a little, the soft tissue rapidly working its way back to normal color after the irritation.  "But-" It's almost unclear who Nori is protesting when she first whips her eyes around toward Jubes and Warren.  "Okay.  I just ran into a bug on my way back.  I can't help it if food finds me..."

The speedster shrugs and smirks.  "No summer classes.  I'm just working.  Been using a courier service app thing in between my shifts at the bowling alley and Pony time," she says as if this were the most natural thing to say in the world.  "Thanks for the extra food, even if I can only have a tiny snack of it."  Nori says the last part loudly as she watches Jubilee go.

"Oh...are you talking to me?" Nori looks over to Clarice.  "Nori.  Not a friend of Lorna's.  Not an enemy either."

Warren Worthington has posed:
"Pleasure to meet you, Clarice. New to the school, I take it?" Warren comments, as he glances between Jubilation and Clarice his eyebrow raising slightly at the 'cold shoulder' he believes Jubes is giving Clarice. "I think I have 'seen' you before in some capacity or another, but since I haven't seen you around here I'm just going to assume yes."

The angelic winged mutant looks over to Nori and chuckles, "You can make a dent in it, just don't eat it all. I knew it all wouldn't go to waste here."

Warren glances at the door as Jubes rolls back out, then back over to Nori, "Is there something I should know?"

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "I do believe that girl has a problem with the Brotherhood," Clarice remarks easily - staring at her sandwich, as she still ponders how to take that first bite. She's about to do so when she glances towards Nori. "Oh, I meant to- Yeah, sure. Talking to you, as well. Nori, nice to meet you. And good thing you're not an enemy - I'm part of her Royal Guard."
    Her attention shifts to Warren next as she shakes her head. "Just a friendly visitor, is all. Either that or gathering intel for a hostile take over. There seems to be at least one person who believes the latter," she remarks, before finally taking a bite of that sandwich, causing some of the fillins to fall out on the plate she holds. Darn. Oh well.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy Braddock has been busy busy busy. One of the casualties of her schedule is that her small kitchen in her bird's nest bungalow is bereft of goodies. There's the sound of heels against the floor at a doubletime pace, before a a braided and business-suited Betsy appears through the door. Purple hair is pulled back in a severe braid, with sparkling hoops hanging from her earlobes. The suit is a summery linen in a pale petal pink, the skirt ending only a couple inches above the knee. Violet eyes land on her favorite winged one, and there's the bright smile. "Warren, love." There's an air kiss at his cheek, eyes sliding over Clarice with a slightly raised brow, before there's a waggle of fingers to Noriko as well. "Need a quick snack. Larder is bare. I'll have to pick up some things while I'm out." She'll let her eyes wander about to see what's out and quick quick to grab and eat on the run.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko offers to Warren.  "Fleeb, the old RA?  Jubes took it.  She she's helping plan some party for some new girl who I haven't met yet.  I guess she planned on me eating a normal portion there," which is a king's feast for anyone else.  "I can really screw up party logistics."  A soft smirk and the rest of her sub is gone.

"Oh so is that one of those twenty four seven kinds of gigs?  Someone has to stay attached at the hip at all times?"  As for hostile takeovers, Noriko shrugs to Clarice, "Wait...doesn't it mention hostile take overs in the brochure?  I want my membership fee back," she says dryly, standing in front of a bunch of bunches of bananas.  One, two, three get plucked in a blurry stuttered pace as if selected.  She gives Betsy a nod in greeting with perfect timing as if she were already aware of Betsy being there behind her in that very moment.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren lets out a quiet 'ahh.' as Clarice explains, nodding once after she is done. "Well, I know a few things about hostile takeovers. My advice, don't. It's really not worth the hassle. You would end up spending more in expenses and collateral damages than you would make up for in the takeover. It's a financial loss. Tell Lorna I said hi."

He glances back towards where Jubilation left again and shrugs, "If you're here and the higher ups aren't raising any alarms, then I can only assume you are meant to be here, regardless of 'feelings' one way or the other. It's not my place to say."

As Betsy arrives, Warren smiles towards her and leans in to return the air-kisses and offer up a hug as well, "Hey there, stranger! I didn't know you were stalking the halls here again! We will have to catch up sometime you are not so pressed for time!"

Warren looks back over to Nori and nods, "You're going to starve if you are regulated to a normal portion. Please, help yourself to more. It's not like I can't help restock the place if needed. Who is the new girl, do you know?"

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"Well, I've kept myself busy, Mister Worthington. Didn't you receive your invitation to the grand re-opening of Sion yet?" Betsy will tease with a smile, before her brows lift, and she looks between the three of them. "What is this talk of hostile takeovers? Warren, are you giving lessons in world business domination?"

She sees bananas, and snags one and a sleeve of crackers from the cupboard to add some carb to her snack. Violet eyes flick to Clarice, curiousity lingering a moment. "Do tell our mutual Romanian friend that I've been keeping an eye out for him?" She certainly hopes Clarice knows she means Nicolai.

Eyes dart over to Noriko. "Normal portions. Do any of us eat normal portions? You should see me when I have time to sit down for a meal." She will lean in, that euro-style cheek kiss to Warren, before she will wave her snacks over her head. "Be well, lovelies. I have my own business dragons to slay. Warren, I'll try to call you later. Maybe drinks, or dinner, to catch up? " She will wave with her empty hand, before she will head for the door.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Well. I think Lorna would take it very personally if I went through with the take over - so I guess I'm willing to entertain your advice," Clarice agrees with a smile. She nods towards Betsy, adding a cheery, "Sorry about my abrupt, you know, departure... a week or two ago. That was, uhh..." She offers a shrug of her shoulders, then takes another bite of her sandwich - almost choking on it as Besty brings up Nicolai. She coughs."Yeah, I- uhh. I'll talk to him later today. I'll, uhhh... yeah. Let him know." Abruptly, she seems like nothing more than an embarrassed, awkward, and even uneasy //teen//, her whole demeanor changed by Betsy's innocuous comment.
    After gathering some of her composure once more she adds towards Noriko, "Ideally, yes, but Lorna doesn't much care for being followed around all the time. So... What can you do?"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Oh I meant.  I think she's expecting me to eat normal for me, at the party later?"  Noriko rephrases tentatively.  "That's why she was warning me not to eat too much here."  She rolls her eyes with a smirk.  "Impossible, but not worth the risk," of eating till she pops or incurring Jubilation's ire, Nori does not clarify.  Instead, Betsy's comment about business dragons gets a flash of a squint, probably not even a conscious expression.

Hop-skipping in her attention back to Clarice, Noriko fires off simply, "You do it anyways, just to annoy her."  She flashes a grin she redirects to Warren, bananas in one hand, the other one raised up to say goodbye with a wiggle of her fingers.  "Pony says 'Nay' by the way."

ZIP!  A gust of air leaves the door swaying behind her.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren chuckles as Betsy makes her exit, and calls out after her, "Call me soon!"

Warren reaches over and snags a couple slices of meat and cheese, curling them into a little roll together and then taking a bite off the end. "Probably a wise choice, Clarice. The risks just outweigh the potential rewards," he says with a grin, taking another bite. "So, just here for a visit then? I am going to have to assume Lorna is around somewhere then if you are. Maybe I will have to stick around to say hi."

Nori gets a look, "You names the pony, Pony?" he questions, but it is already to late as the speedster has zipped off for parts unknown. "Well, I suppose I should at least give kudos that she is remembering to feed it. I can stop worrying that I would have to re-board it."

He looks back over to Clarice, taking another bite from the meat and cheese roll-up, "How long are you all staying?"

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Well. ...until I get Nicolai on the phone, I guess," Clarice mutters. "I just- I spent the night. Apparently it's a bad idea to teleport when you're not completely sober. Or so people keep insisting. I've never tested the theory." She takes another bite of her sandwich, eyeing the food still layed out on the counter. "This is a lot. And if there's a party tonight, too... Would you mind if I sent most of this to Genosha? They could use it."
    After another bite she adds, "...what pony?"

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warrren look from Clarice to the food and back, and shakes his head. "By all means, send over as much as you want. I would much rather it go to people in need than let it go to waste. If there is provisions for a party tonight, and nobody has flocked in here to devour the food by now, I think it is a safe bet that the majority of this can get taken away. Besides, it saves me the clean up!" Warren grins and takes another slice of meat and cheese to snack on. "So, are you and Nicolai...friends?" The tone implies 'more than' friends. "Or just someone you wish you were friends with? Sorry, couldn't help but notice the reaction you had when Bets brought up his name. Feel free to tell me to stuff it, since it really is none of my business."

"Oh...I get her a pony for her birthday...and yes, teleporting when drunk sounds like a very bad idea."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Stuff it," Clarice says a bit gruffly - as she starts tapping some of the trays. They vanish in a haze of purple energy - reappearing on (hopefully) empty tables in Genosha. Assuming no one has //moved// the tables. "We're just friends. But it's complicated." And she doesn't particularly want to get into it, to judge by the expression on her features - a strange mix of anger, and frustration, and regret.
    "I should go, though. I have things I need to do, today. Lorna was in her room when I left it."

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren nods once, "Stuffing." Warren pops the last of the meat and cheese roll-up into his mouth and chews slowly as he watches Clarice teleport the food from the kitchen to wherever they end up on the other end. Finally he pipes up with a, "I get it. Been there before myself."

Warren shrugs a shoulder, lifting a bottle of water up to his lips and taking a swallow. "Ok, Clarice. Enjoy the rest of your stay, however long it may be."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "No. I don't think you do," Clarice answers. She taps the last of the trays - sending the condiments disappearing from the kitchen before she finishes off the last of her sandwich, and tosses her plate into the trash.
    "Thank you for your donation to the people of Genosha," she adds almost relexively. "And for the sandwich," she adds as she starts towards the door, any hints of her easy-going, jovial demeanor now erased. It's Tuesday. She promised Mystique she'd deal with the Nicolai mess today.
    She might as well get it over with.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren Worthington hrms to himself as he watches her turn for the door. "Ok. I'm sorry." The shrug of his shoulder causing the wing on that side to rise and fall, feathers ruffling with the movement. After she leaves, Warren lets out a little sigh and starts the process of putting the folding tables away to leave the kitchen more or less how he found it.