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Date of Scene: 24 June 2021
Location: Tynan Ireton's Safehouse
Synopsis: Taskmaster talks with Ty, giving her a thumb drive with work on it.
Cast of Characters: Tynan Ireton, Tony Masters

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Well, its early evening, and its been raining a little bit. Tynan has been hiding out inside her Task Master given safehouse for the past few days. Its an unassuming one story house with a garage on the outside. Once inside though, those who know of the house know there's a hidden elevator behind the closet. If one goes down, it skips a basement level, and goes to a sub-basment. While not large, it is good for young mercs to get their footing on multiple skill sets while in peace. It has a sound proof gun room, and a armored demolitions area with a thick steel blast door.

    Currently Ty is down here, having a soccer game on a large 70 inch TV, listening to loud dance music, and cleaning a large amount of guns. 2 Colt .45s, 2 9mm Berrettas, a MP5, a Benelli M4, and a GM-6 Lynx. Off to the side there is several swords and knives that look recently cleaned. The woman is said to be carrying all this on her missions. Something seems a little odd about that...

Tony Masters has posed:
Tony Masters knows the codes, of course. Since he provides the space and the safehouse, the property owned through a variety of dummy corporations, Taskmaster enters silently, evading the ample security measures before he reactivates the protections to keep out any interruptions. He had enough of that the first time the two of you crossed paths.

His distorted voice comes down the stairs before him, his cloak shrouding his form, although there's no doubt he's well-armed, the criss-crossing hilts of matched swords across his back.

"I trust you're finding the space sufficient to your needs," he says. He doesn't bother to try to look harmless. He isn't, not ever, not even when he comes in peace.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty blinks a little bit, but then turns the music off. "Aye. Quiet enough area that nobody really bothers me, nor is there enough trouble for the police to overly patrol the area.", she says. The woman waves a hand over her guns, and they just seem to disappear. "And the demo room makes sure that if I manage to screw up, nobody is going to notice.", Ty continues. The woman moves over to the blades.

    Ty picks up a celtic long sword. She tests the weight of it, before she circles the blade. It disappears before finishing the spin.

    "Is this a social call, or a work call?", she asks. The woman cracks her neck. She is young, and only semi tested in what was likely fairly safe for a mercenary jobs.

Tony Masters has posed:
Tony Masters considers, "Social with a side of business. I don't consider it work unless I'm there to spill blood. And if I were, you would already be dead," he says. He doesn't say it with braggodocio or swagger, merely the cold stating of facts.

"My initial welcoming of you into the fold here was abridged and interrupted. Since then, I have not heard much from your quarter. Are you finding the New World profitable? Any interesting jobs come your way?" he asks. "I also have a few potential opportunities for you, if your schedule is open."

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty shakes her head a bit. "I havn't really had many jobs. The occasional job of dealing with gangers, or bounty hunt. Just enough for food, but not enough to really stretch me.", she tells. The woman has been itching a bit for a challenge. Especially after that video of her facing a symbiote on her own in a mall came up.

    "Sometime, I do want to try my luck against you.", she says. "Just for giggles.", the woman says. He likely remembers that she made her guns appear out of thin air, and just made them disappear in front of him. Such an odd girl...

Tony Masters has posed:
Tony Masters doesn't show an exterior reaction to the behavior. If it surprised him or took him off-guard, his face is safely hidden behind the stoic confines of his death's-head mask, the luminous yellow eyes glaring out with empty light.

"If you want to try me in combat, I would recommend joining some of my training classes. There, I will let you take my measure within safe boundaries. If you were to attack me out in the field, I would be far less generous and far less merciful."

He reaches into his cloak and draws out a small thumb drive, flicking it with his finger so that it lands perfectly on the corner of a table. "I have five jobs on that drive. I'll send you the encryption key after I leave. It will be valid for one hour, then the drive will wipe itself."

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty shakes her head. "Can't do the training courses. My style is just...a little odd.", she tells. The woman picks up the thumb drive. "Besides, being from Madripor, safety is kinda secondary.", she tells. The woman stretches out a little bit.

Tony Masters has posed:
Tony Masters cocks his head, "I can handle a little odd. Just means you might not fit in the broader training courses. You're not a beginner regardless. I can understand the desire to measure yourself. But if you want to commit suicide, you have plenty of guns available which would dispose of yourself much less painfully than I would."

"What kind of work do you want primarily? Bodyguard? Assassination? Black ops teams?"

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    "Dad trained me in all the IRA tactics, skills, and strategies. Whatever is needed, I can perform. I do have a code about attacking innocents.", she points out. "Thats not going to happen.", Tynan tells him. The woman changes the channel on the TV, before putting the remote on the table.

Tony Masters has posed:
Tony Masters has the mask on, which does an admirable job of hiding the eyeroll that comes with the 'innocents' bit. More and more of these coming through the pipelines these days, it seems. He rather misses the grand old days of psychotics without morals being the norm.

"You are free to choose your own jobs as you wish. I'm not assigning you anything. I have no interest in sending an agent to do a job that might have a bout of conscience and change their minds before the target is dead."

"The IRA had some good operatives, but they also failed fundamentally to achieve their goals. I prefer success."

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty eyes Tasky a little bit. "A, I don't fail. B, if I take a job, the target is dead.", she says. The woman takes a deep breath. "A lot of what happend was cause of the leadership. We had the damn Brits on the ropes.", she tells. The woman takes a deep breath though.

Tony Masters has posed:
Tony Masters isn't going to dispute politics with her. Especially because he doesn't actually give a damn.

"There are always excuses," he says simply.

"I'll take that as a promise on your part. I expect operatives to succeed when they take missions from me. Those that fail generally don't get another."

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty nods her head. "Alright. Well, I need to get a few more things ready. And well, you know how tempermental explosives are.", she tells. The woman points to several types of explosives that have been prepped.

Tony Masters has posed:
Tony Masters nods, "I have a few hours to kill myself," he says. There. He made a joke.

He turns and sweeps up the stairs, not even bothering to say goodbye, his cloak trailing in his wake. "I'll be in touch." he finally says.