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Bet Pay Off
Date of Scene: 25 June 2021
Location: Cerebro Room
Synopsis: Remy lost and is stuck doing dandruff duty in the brain room
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Standing at the metal doorway, Remy forwent the joke he had planned of having the looser of the bet earlier wear a french maid outfit, as he didn't want to go buy another one.

    The cajun holds a duster and a broom and a mop in one hand, or on one shoulder as the mop and broom are on his shoulder with the duster in his hand and his wrist keeping the tools from falling to the floor. In his other hand is a bucket of clean water and he takes a breath before stepping into the room and setting everything down behind the door.

    Lifting his hands up to his head, Remy tightens the black bandana he wears on his head, keeping his hair out of his eyes and starts with the broom on the long walkway.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had decided that the 'bet' was totally just Remy letting her do something she had basically no chance of losing. It was sweet, but she did feel a little guilty about it. "I mean it. There's more than one mop in the supply room. I can go get it." She insists, still in her red Cardinals jersey over a white tanktop and jeans shorts. "I mean, not that this room has a lotta floor space..."

She NEVER came in here, EVER. She'd been in it before, but it was rare. Usually other people mopped the place, but the chores were being divided up more lately.

Rogue takes a few steps down the walkway and looks around, then peers over the edge. "This feels like Star Wars." She says. "Ya know the part where Pretty Boy stabbed his dad?" She asks, looking back at Remy with a grin, he rhat turned backwards now, so her face is fully visible, happy expression upon her sculpted features.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    The cajun shakes his head, not daring to look over the side like Rogue so casually does, "Nah, Ah lost de bet, Ah gotta clean. Plus, how dirty can Chuck make dis place?" Little does Remy actually know.

    The cajun keeps dusting the walk way, and if Rogue were observant enough, she'd notice he wasn't leaving the center of the walk way, reaching out with the broom towards the edges to bring the dust and whatever else is on the floor to the middle as he's making a small little pile to be swept up later.

    Nearing the center console, Remy's foot steps start to be shorter and more trepid, not daring to get a hint closer to the edge, when he pauses and looks up and at Anna, "Why ya keep thinkin' Ah'm a big sci-fi nerd?"

    "Cause Ah'm not." He is. It was his one escape from the torment of growing up with who he did, but he was always teased about it, so... "Can ya stand ova dere... I need t'..." Remy pauses at the weird dashboard in the floor with the helmet and the -

    "Who's is dis?" He asks, picking up a loooong hair and frowning deeply as he holds it towards Rogue.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is walking just at the edge to look down at the drop off toward the base of the sphere shaped room. "I had t'replace some'a the pannels in here once when I first got here." She says back at him idly before she moves to the console and stands ther elooking it over.

She glances over her shoulder at him and smirks. "Who cares if you're a nerd or not? Nerds rule the damn world now, ya know?" She shakes her head and reaches for Charles' helmet. "This thing is pretty scary lookin' though..."

She doesn't dare put it on, just one of those 'fear' things that you have when you see something. Like Dentist equipment.

She sets it down and turns around as he stares at a hair. Her eyes peer as she walks toward him. "I dunno. Jean maybe?" She asks as she gest out of the way for him. The Professah had t'rush down here the other night, comin' outta the rain, which is why we gotta do this." She motions to the tire tracks. "Over there too." She notes..

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ah'm not the kinda nerd that would be rulin' de world now, am Ah?" Remy says with an honest look up towards Rogue as he holds the broom a bit too tightly and softly drops the hair back onto the floor onto the pile he's building.

    "Ah saw the tracks, it's why Ah got de mop, but ya can't mop until ya sweep firs' dat's just nasty." Remy explains as if she doesn't know already. He looks up towards Rogue again and a sense of peace washes across his face briefly before he gets back to sweeping.

    At her side, he brushes across her shoes and then requests simply, "Up." Expecting her to do her flying thing, but he keeps sweeping at her shoes if she doesn't.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks down at her shoes as he starts to stroke them with the broom. She smirks at him and floats up in to the air in front of him, floating up like a helium balloon until she's over his head and floating out over the rest of the golf-ball-shaped room.

"Fair enough." The Belle replies to him as her eyes roam around the round room some more.

"Oh god." She says a second later, her eyes down below the walkway. "There's dirt down there too." She says. "You'll have'ta give me the broom and dust pan, I guess." She states. "Since you're scared'a heights for some reason."

She grins at him, still not believing he's telling the truth about that.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Watching her go up puts a smile on his face like a kid at christmas. "Ah can't do dat... if Ah could heights wouldn't be a thin' t'worry about now would dey?" Remy asks, smiling up to Rogue as she sort of floats about the room like a lost plastic baggie in a storm.

    "Ha ha, not fallin' fo dat Anna." Remy reports. as he keeps sweeping at the top, though he finally pauses to walk back to the door and grabs himself the dustpan to finish this part of the job.

    "Ya shoes clean and everythin? Ah don't wanta have ta mop again cause a you."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue smirks at the man and takes out her yellow gloves from her back pocket. "I'm serious." She says as she swoops down beneath the walkway and disappears under it.

She's down there for a few seconds before she swoops back up holding her gloved left hand up with her pointy finger held up, covered in a layer of dirt.

"See?" She asks with a grin. "Gonna have t'mop down here too..." She says with a heavy sigh. "I can do it though, it's not a big deal." She reaches for the mop and bucket....

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    She may not feel it, he's not sure if he's strong enough for her to even register for her nerves, but there's a swat at her wrist as he's quickly by the mop and bucket. "No. If you must, you can use the little hand brush and the dustpan to get down there, but no, Ah lost the bed." The cajun says with a glare.

    "My jobs."

    Remy passes the pan with the handle built to hold the brush to it and he steps back over to the walkway and starts to mop that finally, putting an end to the debate at last.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just smirks at him and she lowers down then to sit her butt down on the edge of the walkway. Her right hands move to her left to pull the yellow glove off of her hand and forearm by the two middle fingers, then lays it over her lap as she crosses her legs at the knees.

"Fair enough." She says again with a smile up at him, he rhat still on backwards showing her pretty face and big smile.

She places her bare hands on eitehr sides of her thighs upon the edge of the walkway and just lounges there like its no big deal, because not much is to this southern girl.

"But seriously, don't you like... know parkour or somethin'?" She asks him. "I've seen you jump around, you're like a cat!"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy's mop flops heavily on the metal tile as he pauses to look towards Rogue, "O'course Ah can do all dat jumpin' around an' dancin' an' acrobatics." He lowers his hand on the mop and lowers his chin to rest on the end of the handle as he squints a little bit and sniffs his nose once. "But Ah can't fly, and fallin' can and does still hurt."

    "Or worse."

    The cajun doesn't say a whole lot after that as he turns away and picks up the mop to try and scrub out the tire marks on the tile and he's trying to be a good kind of boyfriend for Rogue, but he's starting to worry about that, doubts creeping in, in no small part to everything Mystique has been doing and saying lately.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just smiles at him and shakes her head side to side. "Okay, okay. Have it your way." She states before uncrossing her legs and dangling her feet for a few seconds. She does decide to rise up back on to her feet though, floating back up to her rubber soled shoes and turns to look back at the entrance and then back to where the Cajun is.

"The baseball was fun though, we'll have t'try'n put together a real team sometime." She says with a smile toward him.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ya leavin' me?" Remy asks, those eyes of his looking over his shoulder a bit too quickly as if he thought she was going to go. Yeah, he might have played his hand too fast in that moment. He wants her close, here, in this moment.

    Clearing his throat once, Remy picks up the mop and carries it back over to the bucket, and towards Rogue, "Yeah, it was, Ah t'ink dats a hellova idea." Remy steps lightly as he stands next to Rogue, his hands on the mop handle and with it between them he pauses, very close to face to face. "It would be fun."

    "Here." He says smirking that devilish grin as the mop is finally put in Rogue's hands. "Help me out down dere princess."