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Time to Make a Change
Date of Scene: 28 June 2021
Location: Bushwick <Mutant Town>
Synopsis: One city block of Bushwick is rebuilt. Mystique was not arrested thanks to the X-Men, The Brotherhood, the Mutants of Bushwick, and one Barney Barton.
Cast of Characters: Raven Darkholme, Scott Summers, Erik Lensherr, Barney Barton, Remy LeBeau, Clarice Ferguson, Rogue, Simon Lasker, James Proudstar

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    Since before the fund raiser at Hope House, and the attack on Mutants that took place, all over Bushwick signs and posters have been going up indicating the coming of change. One of the more run down and dilapidated blocks has seen a lot of activity throughout this week, with the buildings and surrounding areas being cleaned and prepared for something.
    A recording plays every hour from the locations of the posters and signs, the message in a female voice:
    We will not stand idly by while mutant hating humans attempt to destroy everything we hold near and dear. This is not a call to war, rather it is a call to unity, a call to stand together against those who would undo the progress we have made here in Bushwick and make a change.
    To that end, the Brotherhood is donating the materials and knowledge toward rebuilding one of the blocks of Bushwick. This is the first of many blocks that will be transformed into affordable living and business spaces for the citizens of Bushwick.
    Join us in rebuilding this first of many locations. Free food from Fred's Diner will be provided, shakes from Mootant Shakes will be available. If we ban together, we can all to this and prove that nothing will stop us!
    Set out beneath heavy tarp pavilions with chairs and tables for dining temporary restaurant equipment for Fred Diner and Mootant Milkshakes offers up the promised free foods. A staging area for the reconstruction of the block has been set up in the middle of the street, if someone has a problem with that, well they can go around or bring it up with the Brotherhood. For the most part the buildings that have been selected are salvageable as they are, they merely need some major TLC; fortification of existing structures, repairs, new appliances, new paint job and furniture... all provided.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Mystique stands near the staging area in all her cobalt glory. In Bushwick, she never bothered to conceal herself because she was 'home'. One of those rare locations, a safe place where being a mutant meant being one of the normal citizens. Her clothing for the gathering is coveralls and a blank tank top, work boots strapped onto her feet, and an old cowboy hat on her head. She's ready to work it seems as she also wears a tool belt.

All around citizens of the community have already begun to gather, get assignments as to what they can do to help, and move off to join those work groups.

Scott Summers has posed:
Milkshakes again. He's going to have to start bringing more bottled water with him. That or he's going to get some love handles. But it's too hot for all that dairy, he didn't know how people could stand it.

At any rate, Scott is, as usual, here to help. He's got a button-down check shirt on, the sleeves currently rolled up past his elbows but able to be slid back down again if needed for safety, along with a pair of jeans and thick-soled boots. He even brought along his own toolbelt and his dark hair is tucked underneath a plain black baseball cap with an X emblem in yellow on the front.

"I'm good at mechanical things, but I can also help with any basic building. I got As in shop class, once upon a time," he says. "I feel like we're doing an old Amish barnraising. Community building efforts are good," he says, giving careful praise to the Brotherhood effort.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Erik is present, but trying to stay mostly out of sight. He's mainly moving around amongst the building materials and appliances, moving things around to make them easier to access and carry to the buildings that need them. Yes folks, Erik Lensherr, forklift.

Still, it's important that everything go smoothly here, a lot of mutants have agreed to clear out of their apartments so things can be upgraded and improved, and they need to be able to get back in there homes as quickly as possible.

Add to that, well, he is rather high on the wanted list in a lot of places, so subtle is the way to go here. Do the job, then get out of the area is the plan, but at one of the Brotherhood's first major events, he feels his presence is warranted.

Barney Barton has posed:
As he glances around the crowd, Barney Barton doesn't exhibit any emotions, he's not happy like some, or visibly stressed like some others. To him, it's an event he heard of as he walked throught the neighbourhood. Was it out of some interest for the mutant cause that he stopped by, finding a quiet corner from which he can observe? Was it out of some sense of fraternity, where he'd like to give a hand in the rebuilding of a place he doesn't know much?

Or was it for another more personal reason. A more urgent matter. It's hard to fill your stomach with empty pockets. And the posters mentioned free food. So here he is, dressed in casual clothes, a sport bag slung over his large shoulders. Who knows, aside from a free meal, this could be interesting.

Leaving his quiet spot, Barney walks towards one of the buildings, nodding at the folks at work there. "Anything I can do? I'll be happy to help."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Not to be outdone, meaning, he's not going to be the one with an armed with a gun and waiting to snipe the world's problems away, Remy stands with a milkshake in his hand, held up to his lips and taking a heavy pull from the straw.

    He smacks loudly after finishing and smiling like the goober he chooses to be today.

    Remy wears his Xavier's grey t-shirt and a pair of thick denim jeans. Yes it's the middle of summer, but New York heat versus the swamps down south, Remy's not at all bothered by the so called 'heat waves'. A hand runs through his mildly lengthy hair before he passes his milk to Rogue and winks her way, "Ah'm gonna go look busy."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice is here - in a simple pair of jeans, with a t-shirt - and a thing flannel jacket tied at her waist incase she needs to cover her arms for any reasons. She doesn't have a tool belt - experience with tools is nowhere on her resume. But you didn't really need experience with a paint brush or a paint roller to put one to use. "Okay, so... there's buckets of paint around here somewhere, I think?" she remarks casually to Magneto - taking a step back as he moves one of the appliances. "Were they over here?" she asks - indicating a direction off to the left - and starting to head that way without necessarily waiting for a reply.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is hear!

Dressed in a set of coveralls that have had the legs cutt off to just above mid thigh with the frayed ends dangling around in the breezes, a white tanktop on under the denim straps and a dark green net-like wrap around her shoulders to keep her from bumping in to people but also let some air in in the hot July weather.

The Belle accepts the drink from Remy and sips on it as she adjsuts her designer aviators over her eyes and runs a hand through her white and grown hair flowing loosely over her shoulders.

She sips on her drink and looks at the gathered crowds.

"Try and behave yourself." She warns the Cajun who seems very eager to be here.

A wave is offered toward Mystique... it's not a very excited wave though....

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Also wanted by pretty much every law enforcement agency on the planet, probably in some third world nations as well, Mystique would prefer to make herself the target over Erik, and so she is remains out in the plain open.

"There's lots to do," she offers to those gathering around the table near her. On the table are numerous little placards with jobs like: construction, electrician, dry wall, painting and each placard has a colored arm band by it. "Look over the possible things needed, pick an arm band and go find your job foreman. If you want to eat first, Fred's Diner is serving up fries and burgers, there's bottled water and soda, and of course Mootant Milkshakes because they really are to die for."

She looks over the clipboard in her hand then speaks into the walkie talkie, "Two more headed your way Raymond, if you've got enough for that business, send them to Washington in the apartment buildings."

After a moment she takes a look around again, not that she hasn't been watching everything at once since arriving early this morning. Remy gets a nod and Rogue gets a smile, a real smile, she's just happy to see her which means technically Rogue is the only one who likely doesn't have to work... favorites, who knew?

Looking to Barney, "What do you feel comfortable helping with? There's even still some apartments needing to be cleaned out, we didn't quite make it through them all, so anything you're willing to do, we're willing to let you, and feed you for it."

Simon Lasker has posed:
Simon knew that all sorts of big important people in the world of mutant kind would be here, so he is making some attempt to appear competent. He is even wearing something other than a leather jacket and jeans! He actually dug out his old welding duds from when he did this professionally. He hopes people appreciate his effort. As he looks more carefully at some of the actual buildings, he wonders if it is actually going to be helpful.

"So is this just going to be one of those things where we get out paint rollers and do the classic charity gig? I feel like I got all dressed up for nothing." He appreciates that this will be a nice thing to do for the community, but it doesn't really give many opportunities for him to show off and is therefore kind of boring. He clearly has no issues with priorities at all. He doesn't know why anyone would even say that.

Hearing Scott's voice immediately puts Simon on edge. He is so used to that voice being associated with detention and homework to be unfazed. "Hello Mr. Summers. Fancy meeting you here."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar walks up at the head of a small mob. He's dressed in coveralls with his hair pulled back in an intricate braid, that keeps it close and manageable. He is wearing workboots and has a tool belt over his shoulder, it looks like a toy.

    The group with him is similarly attired, they seem to know each other, some of the members are from the Fire Fighter's cook out. They may be recognized from the Centinel Hotel project, mainly working the night shift. They are attired if not in coveralls then definitely in work clothes and are carrying what tools they have, hammers, sledges, wrenches. Jim, looks over the assignments and starts to point people where to go.

    He gets his people working and then nods, looking around, Jim heads off into the scrum, the big man easily visible among even this crowd. He doesn't immediately settle into one job, moving from group to group and offering assistance, encouragement, and nod of respect.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers nods to Simon, "I volunteer for a great deal of charitable efforts. You might have missed me due to your own lack of attendance, Mr. Lasker. Maybe I should make volunteer work an option to avoid punishment, since you're so willing to do it on your own time," he says.

Scott is doing some supervision, as he habitually does, providing insight and helping to interpret some of the blueprints laid out for those less versed in spatial geometry than he.

He gives a nod towards James, acknowledging the young leader's presence, and generally makes the rounds, stopping now and then to show someone how to properly drive a nail straight.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy takes his shake back and smiles as he pops his hip back out towards Rogue and lifting the drink to his lips he says around the straw, "Seems ya motha is a big-a fan of yours as evah." The cajun grins and starts to find some purpose for actually being here. Cleaning out appartments sounds... useful.

    A bandana goes up around the back of his head to over his hair and some rubber gloves and the cajun looks like the mom from Dexter's lab without the apron in no time. Where's this altruistic side of the scoundrel been all this time?

Barney Barton has posed:
The folks at the building having directed him towards the table where Mystique is directing the work, Barney had made his way there. The place is covered with mutants, some of them he recognizes - wishing they don't in return. Memories being what they are, he can't really remember if he ever fought with - or against - any of them.

"Cleanin', ma'am," he replies to Mystique with a grin, "Be it four-legged or two-legged, I'll get 'em. Now, you prolly meant using a broom. T'is all fine."

Before getting on his way to one of the designated appartments, he grabs a hot-dog and a bottle of water. Just enough to get started. "They sure had fun 'round here," he comments, looking at the damaged buildings.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sees Mysti's response and it makes her glance over in Remy's direction when he speaks of it. "Yeah..." She says with a soft exhale. "I don't know what t'think of all'a this...." She mutters as she relinquishes the Mootant Town Milkshake back to Remy.

Rogue turns then to start to wander some, seeing Scott she tries to catches his eyes and offer a wave to him too, along with a real big smile for the XM Leader, as she doesn't worry about HIS TRUE INTENTIONS like she might with her 'mother'.

So for now the Belle is wandering and watching, not yet pitching in like she did with the construction of the big Emma Hotel (her name for it).

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Taking a moment to look around the arrival area, Erik does notice the new arrivals as they show up. Something may be wrong, because he's actually got a little smile on his face as he sees the number of people who have come out to help the people of Bushwick.

Since Clarice is actually headed in the right direction for the paint, he simply replies, "That is correct, and they've started painting in the first two buildings, so just find a room and begin."

Noticing Simon and Scott talking, he heads over and greets them "Simon, Scott, welcome. Thank you for coming out to help our people." As James goes by with his group of workers Erik says, "James, thanks for bringing more people in. If you'd like, these first two buildings need old drywall pulled out and new installed."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Thanks, boss!" Clarice calls back towards Magneto. Not normally how she would address him - but shouting out 'Magneto' in Bushwick would probably draw a little too much attention.
    She finds the pallet covered with metal, gallon-sized buckets of paint. Each one has been labeled with a different appartment number and room name - it looks like residents got the opportunity to have some say in the paint color. ...not bad. She finds two gallons labeled for the same apartment and grabs them both, starting to walk towards one of the apartment buildings.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers nods to Rogue when she looks his way, raising a hand in greeting before he pats the shoulder of a teenaged mutant with dreadlocks, the young mutant's jaw something resembling a piranha's maw.

The sight of Magneto makes him flinch a bit and likely always will. Whatever Erik has become, Scott spent a great deal of his well-spent youth in the field often opposed to Erik's strategems. "Magneto," he says, rarely calling the ruler of Genosha by his civilian name. He shakes his head a little as he overhears Clarice call Magneto boss, "I've been here, as have a lot of the X-men and your Brotherhood. I think you're the one making a cameo appearance today," he says.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar smiles and nods to Scott, and the looks after his charges with raised eyebrows. He chuckles and shakes his head, and then puts his back into the work.

    James looks over towards Erick and nods slowly, his motions akin to those one uses when confronted by a large predator in the wild. "We can get on that." He gives a sharp whistle and the group follows him into the structures, the small group working as a force multipler, their powers enabling to get the work done in a fraction of the time moving through the building quickly, once they hit stride they even send a few folks out to grab pain, to paint the walls that have just been installed.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
A single brow lifts as Barney offers to take out the trash, albeit in another meaning of the term entirely, then a soft chuckle if offered from Mystique. "The two businesses there need swept out," she offers with a slight grin. His was not a face she knew, but that didn't mean she was entirely comfortable either. Instinct was to get out of the middle of everything and be some place else, but she took the bite, time to chew.

"Getting reports that the second floor of both the apartment builds are complete, and their moving to third floors now."

Another glance, this one to check Erik's location, years of watching his back, although totally not needed, aren't unprogrammed in a span of a few months.

"We still have a few apartments looking for families to live in them as well, reasonable rent programs available, so if you need a place to live, let me know!"

A young woman runs over to Mystique, another speedster who stops just barely in time. She gives some sort of message, then shoots off toward the back of the block again.

"New batteries to the F group, their walkie died!" She's totally got this. A lifetime of being a terrorist now turned 'nicer-ist' trained her for this, right?

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Somehow he walks around and hasn't done a dang thing as he walks past Clarice and Scott, giving a nod to both, "Lookin' sharp fearless leader." Remy says with a confident wink and then a nod to the purple girl but not much more, still recalling the last time they talked and how... awkward that chat on the train tracks was.

    "Your majesty!" The cajun then says and even curtsies pulling his shirt away from his side as if it was a dress towards Erik, yeah, he's pushing buttons today, he pushes buttons every day. Like a child in an electronics store. Everything must be pressed!

    The cajun then walks past casually as if he isn't going to get daggers in his back and walks towards the appartment Mystique mentioned, seems he's really going to clean something, or he's going to scam someone out of their per diem.

Simon Lasker has posed:
Simon finds it mildly cathartic to hear that from Scott now. "Hah. I don't go to the school anymore. You have no power over me!" Someone else might have seen this as an opportunity to have a better relationship with out the shade of a teaching faculty-student relationship hanging over everything.

Simon grabs one of the construction armbands and sets it up as a headband. Headbands are way cooler. He wonders what the heck kind of construction they are going to leave to amatures ... he suposes by now even he qualifies. Its been a while since he did this professionally. "So what are we puting up/tearing down today?" To be honest he wouldn't be surprised if all the buildings had wooden frames. The fire department had reports about that once upon a time. Ah well, hammers and crowbars are still interesting.

He gives Erik a salute. There is a conversation that will have to be had at another time.

Rogue has posed:
Magneto gets a small glare from Rogue. She trusted him a little less than Mystique... she thinks. Wait, does she? Okay she's not sure who she trusts less... Magneto technically never did anything arguably bad to her...

She'll have to think about that one for awhile.

In the now, Rogue turns to the tables with the supplies needing to go up in to the building and she spends a moment talking to some of the people about what needs to go where... and soon she's just shooting off in tot he sky with a arm load of supplies heading for the top floor of one of the apartment buildings!

She gently glides in through an open window and vanishes inside....

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice nods to Remy - her expression almost wary as she passes him by. The way he greets Magneto, though - that brings her up short as she shoots the man an annoyed look. She was fiercely loyal to the Genoshan throne - was it any surprise she disliked people making light of it?
    And so she alters her trajectory slightly, bringing her up behind Remy - so she can thump him with one of the gallons of paint as they pass one another once more. "Ooops. So sorry," she says in a 'no I'm not' tone of voice, as she brushes past without so much as a backward glance.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
"Yes, I try not to show up personally too much. All things considered, if people knew Magneto was here every couple days there would probably be trouble, and these people don't need that. My past doesn't exactly make lots of public appearances a good idea, so I try to work through my people. This, however, is an important day, one of the Brotherhoods first big, open projects, so I felt my presence would be beneficial."

He watches Simon go over to the table after making a comment to Scott, then shrugs a little, "I think he'll always be a bit... hotheaded. Ah well." Nodding to the X-Man, he heads back over to the supply dump, floating groups of appliances over to the buildings they will be installed in.

Barney Barton has posed:
Cleaning. Right. By the time he reaches one of the buildings with the appartments to clean, hot-dog and water are gone. As he enters the designated building, Barney finds a broom right away, as if it was waiting for him.

A young man having told him to go up to the second floor, Barney shakes his head and opts for the basement. Cleaning can mean many things, and there's many ways to use a broom. By the time he reached the barely lit basement, the broom had been broken in two, the brush discarded, and the ends turned into quite pointy spearheads.

The young man, standing at the top of the stairs, calls out, "Huh, sir? I meant, upstairs!"

The only reply the young man gets, is a quick, sharp sound followed by a rather loud squeak sound. After a moment, the same sharp sound is followed by another piercing squeak.

"Yeah, you go, kid, I'll be up in a minute,"comes Barney's low voice in reply. Which is not /exactly/ what he was tempted to reply at first, but hey, threatening to clean the floor with the young man's ass might not be the best way to get a full meal.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers shakes his head at Simon, "I was never interested in power. Just guidance. But you're right. You're on your own now. I can't make you listen to me anymore."

He turns his gaze back to Magneto. "People do seem to have strong reactions to you. Can't imagine why," he says. "But it's okay. Mystique's been doing a good job as leader in your absence. She's impressed me with both her capabilities and her willingness to try to tame the...excesses of the Brotherhood and let us meet in the middle for the good of the larger community. I won't take up too much of your precious time. I'm sure someone around here needs a metal detector," he says, moving on and heading along to another group of volunteers.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
When most of the jobs are handed out, and only a few arm bands remain sitting on the table, Mystique takes a moment to wander her way toward the pavilion with the food. No one is asking for ID or indication of whether there was actually any work done by the person, you go in, get some food and it's all free. She gets herself a bottle of water while listening to two conversations as once, one in the Brotherhood comm, the other chatter over the walkie talkies.

In the midst of all this busy work, people coming and going, a nine foot clay golem makes it's way by the scene. It pauses only for a moment to look things over, leans down and helps a kid who fell down to get back up, then continues its patrol along the road and away from the block.

Mystique stands there watching it go, blinks a few times, then shakes her head and starts her walk toward the table at the center of it all again. Lydia really did a good job on that thing, and she hoped it worked out.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar team comes out the first building in dribs and drabs grabbing more supplies and heading into the second . The group maintains a playful banter but is getting the work done, moving with professionalism and looking like they've worked as a group before. The painters are the last to emerge, heading into the second building even as the first spaces being completed an settling in to their own rhythm.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy takes the paint can unawares and takes it quite square. The thunk of his butt causes the man to stumble forward to a knee and he rubs at his backside with a frown on his face. "Yo, don't damage the money maker. Mah girl would kill me, and den you." Remy says with a frown as he keeps rubbing trying to massage out the sting of the paint can.

    Remy looks around to see if anyone saw his embarrassment and satisfied no one did, he gets back to walking into he apartment to get to cleaning something.

Barney Barton has posed:
It doesn't matter that they run fast, try to hide or climb on some rubbles. If they are in the basement at this time, with Trickshot in there with them, it can only mean that their life expectancy has run out.

This is far from being a challenge for him, but it still beats sweeping a danged floor. After a few minutes, it's over. "There, /that's/ cleaning," Barney grins as he starts walking up the stairs, holding the two improvized spears covered with a half dozen, bloody, rats. All pierced directly in the head, no unnesscary suffering.

The young man at the top of the stairs steps back, a disgusted look on his face at the sight of the skewered rats. Barney shrugs, heading out of the building, stopping to look around and locate the nearest pile of trash to get rid of his preys.

Once done, Barney turns to the food pavilion, having deserved another hot-dog. Despite him having hunted rats in the basement, his clothes and hands are perfectly clean, indicating that there has been no struggle at all. "Y'know," he comments to no one in particular, "Fresh paint doesn't kill rats, trust me. Been there, done that, lost the t-shirt."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's butt comes out of the apartment window on the top floor first, followed by a long wooden table that she's carrying a bunch of empty cans and supplies upon. She floats right out the window and carefully balances the table in the air as she waves to one of the men inside it with a shouted word of 'I got this' to go with it.

She turns then and floats down toward the ground to land near one of the disposal areas and sets the table down beside it before she reaches up to start to tie her dark brown hair back behind her head, leaving the white bangs loose to flow in the warm summer winds. Once her hair is tied back she starts chucking cans in to a dumpster with loud thuds every time they hit the back of the metal dumpster wall!

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers turns his head towards Clarice, "We're Americans, Clarice. We're not crazy about kings around here. In this country, he's just another person, the same as everyone else. All are created equal, after all," he says.

"I have respect for Magneto, what he has accomplished in Genosha, for his intellect, for what he represents to many mutants. I get it, I really do."

He sighs, pulling off his cap and running a hand back through his hair, "We have a truce. Maybe I didn't honor the spirit of it. Old wounds tend not to heal very cleanly. I'll try to be better."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
To those who are observant, who watch the coming and goings, to those who pay close attention to the people around them, it may become obvious that there are some people working here that may have other ideas in their heads. They are working, carrying supplies from place to place, helping clean up, but at least a few hour there keep looking toward that central table where Mystique has been all along. The truly paranoid may notice that these people appear to be taking up random positions that surround that central table.

Mystique continues to listen to reports through the various communications devices, she probably has too many going at once really, but it was a lot of work in a big area and a lot of people to keep track of. She keeps looking around as she works, speaks into the walkie talkie, speaks into the comms, then finally starts making her way toward Erik.

"No one said we were going to trust each other out of the gate Scott," she comments as she reaches her destination and hears the last part of his comment. "Rogue is still waiting for me to do something of the old self, I think she's convinced it will happen, she just has to wait it out and she'll be there to scream 'Told you so!'. Thing is, it's not going to happen. This..." she gestures toward the work. "... this is just the start, one step on the long road. Most of the mutants here in Bushwick know full well that we mean what we say, we've been here day after day making their lives better. Not everyone knows that because they aren't here, but I come to Bushwick every day to make sure things stay on the right track."

James Proudstar has posed:
The group piles out of the second building in a rush of tools and bodies and conversation, "Okay, great job gang. Nicely done, let's grab some food and we can get back to it. Take your time no need to rush. He motions towards the pavilion letting the kids head over and descend like the swarm they are on the food.

     James smiles and follows after them letting them get settled and taking sometime to check in with others.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "You show some //honest// respect, then," Clarice counters cooly. "He's my King." She's about to step through the door of one of the buildings when she pulls up short, looking towards Scott instead. She studies the man for a moment - then nods in appreciation. "You know - Mystique is not the only one behind those changes. She and Magneto work hand in hand. You think the Brotherhood changes like this without his knowledge and consent?" She gives a nod to Mystique as she makes her presence known as well.
    "We want to build a better future. We want to stop the people who mean us harm - and help our people to live without fear, and get the help they need. As long as we can agree on those things, then we should be fine."
    She turns then, jogging up a flight of stairs in search of apartment 4e. "Where's 4- nevermind. Found it!" she calls out brightly, as she nudges the door open with her shoulder. She's relieved to see that drop cloths are already in place, and the trim has been taped off by a speedster. "//Nice//." Poping the top open with a tool, she dumps paint into a tray so she can get to work.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Muttering beneath his breath, "Ah'll show you some honest respect." Remy mumbles to himself as he enters the building taking his time and falling far behind Clarice because why stay close and continue to be berrated further. The cajun makes his way to the fifth floor and finds a push broom and an open apartment and begins to shuffle debris, detris and dirt out of the place.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers doesn't believe in Magneto, the man. He probably can't, there's too many miles down that road. Charles always found a way to forgive Erik and, if Scott ever saw a flaw in his mentor, that was probably it. He resented Erik because he was Xavier's blind spot, the recurrent problem that never got solved because Charles wanted his friend redeemed and brought back into the fold.

And now that it seemed to be happening, at last, Scott couldn't fully bring himself to trust it. But he could understand loyalty to an imperfect man, too.

"I'm glad to hear that he's supportive of the changes Mystique has been making. It gives me greater faith in the alliance we've begun to build," he says to Clarice. To Mystique, he adds. "I think Rogue's afraid of it," he says. "But she doesn't hope for it. She hopes that things will get better. I believe she cares about you and you care about her. I also know that doesn't always make things easier."

Simon Lasker has posed:
Simon returns to the food at about the same time Barney does. "I feel like that misses the point. You paint to stop the walls from rotting. Normally you deal with the rats first." He grabs a burger and a hotdog and heads over to take a seat. "Seems like you got that part down though."

Ah well, he may not have been able to impress everyone important, but at least he gets free food. That is always a good thing. James's crew also contains people Simon knows, so there is also company. Maybe this isn't a disaster after all.

Barney Barton has posed:
When your life - and your next paycheck - depend on what you can see, truly see and observe - you tend to keep an eye out for any possible trouble. It's a second nature - backed by army and FBI trainings - which saved his life more times than he can recall.

So while he eats his second hot-dog in peace, his eyes scan the surroundings. Naturally. Tho what doesn't seem natural, are these guys seemingly taking position in a large periphery around the main table. He's seen that more than once, but usually, it's /him/ that is being surrounded.

Stepping back from the food table, Barney decides to take a better position, his back literally against the wall of a building, the sport bag over his shoulder slowly sliding along his arm. "And all I wanted, was a meal," he sighs to himself. He might be wrong, and nothing's up. But instincts tell him that might be wishful thinking. What isn't clear, is /who/ they are after.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Utterly unaware of any brewing trouble, Clarice is busy brushing a sagey green paint onto the walls of a living room while she hums to herself. After a moment, she sets down her paint roller, pulling out her phone so she can pull up some music. Only once that's playing does she get back to work, seemingly cheerful and relaxed.
    Though anytime she hears footsteps in the hall, she'll pause in her work, gaze turning towards the door until they've passed her by.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Erik moves into a job that would be at best difficult for anyone but him. Large spools of wiring follow him to a building, then start uncoiling themselves and snaking into the basement windows. They continue to feed into the building until the spools are empty. A short time later, old looking wires with patchy insulation start coming out the same windows, wrapping themselves around the now empty spools.

This done, He moves to the next building and repeats the process. There's no point in doing all this if faulty wiring causes the building to burn down in a week or two.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue finishes up her cleaning and walkspast some of the folks who are taking a breather. She eyes Barney the Rat Killer for a moment, wondering what his mutation is... but then meanders her way over to the table to get a cup of water. At the table she scans around for Mystique once more before someone offers her a cookiee so she kindly accepts with a quick smile.

Water, and cookie... not a bad day!

A nibble is taken of the cookie, a sip of the water is had again, and the Belle watches Magneto drag wires about. "Ya know, if this kinda work is kept up, this neighborhood might actually turn inta a nice place." She mutters! Don't wanna say that TOO loud...

Raven Darkholme has posed:
As Mystique moves, the positions of those in the gathered people's changes as well, starting to make it more obvious to those who were paying attention, who the target was. They were good, hadn't tipped their hat until the last few minutes, but it was clear now who their intended target was.

Because of all that was going on around her, Mystique hadn't noticed the changing positions until now, as she starts to make her way back to the table their shifts stands out to her. There were still mutants everywhere, coming and going, eating, moving, lifting, hauling... if she was the target, and she was suspecting she was, they were all in danger if these were mutant haters.

Reaching up she adjusts her hat, at the same time speaking into the Brotherhood comm, >>"Erik, time for you to leave, we got a situation rising, I'm the target.<<

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy remains unaware of most everything going on, as he's on the fifth floor of a building, inside and away from sight of just about everyone. So he's playing air guitar with his broom, and even occasionally fighting an invisible sith lord that must be slayed. Maybe a dance or two with a passionate romance with a beautiful dance partner. The cajun is lost in his own world of drifted off imagination.

Barney Barton has posed:
He too, observed how the men repositioned themselves as Mystique moved around. So, she is the target. Fine with Trickshot, as long as it's not him, whatever. Still, unsure about the standing of his own records with the police, maybe now would be a good time to leave.

As he turns to do exactly that, there's a nagging thought harassing his mind. It's annoying, and distracting. So much that instead of turning to the next alleyway, he starts climbing the stairs of one of the appartments, and up to the roof, his prefered and almost natural spot. Why the hell did he go there? Oh yeah, that nasty nagging thought.

Kids. There are /plenty/ of kids down there. And while he's no bloody heroes to save the widow and the orphan, he's not a total jerk either. So instead of leaving, he's now standing there, by the edge of the roof, with his bow now in hand, watching what's going on. Just in case.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    As the message goes out over the comm, Clarice tenses - her hands freezing in the middle of a wide sweep of her paint roller. She hastily returns the roller to the paint tray and moves to the window, looking out over the area below. "Damnit," she mutters. Wrong side of the building.
    She hastens to the other side of the building - hurried footsteps echoing up the stairwell as she call but runs from her apartment, down and across the hall, and steps into another apartment where she can down into the staging area to try to get a feel for the problem.
    "Blink - we should go," Ritz remarks as the other teleporter closes the distance between them - rather than remaining at a discreet distance from her.
    "I can help - I know how to fight."
    "And everyone will wonder why you're not using your portals. Mystique can handle this," Ritz insists quietly.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers is a master of tactics and geometry. Things like pincer movements and uniform team strategies tend to catch his eye, little pinpricks of order in the chaotic world. It takes him just a matter of seconds to follow along from people working in concert to an attack squad to inferring their target based on their clandestine movements.

He knows he doesn't have to alert Mystique because she's Mystique and so she's surely noticed the same thing as him. He just breaks into a run towards her and, in the process, he reaches into his back pocket and unfolds a visor, replacing his ruby quartz glasses with his combat gear.

"X-Men, Brotherhood, high alert! Hostiles on-site, converge on Mystique's position.

Can Mystique handle it herself? Probably. But, for all his belief in co-existence, Scott would never underestimate the effectiveness of an overwhelming show of force.

Rogue has posed:
But Cookie and Water...

Rogue notices the lines of troublemakers a moment before Scott's voice points it out on their team comms. She sets the water down and stuffs the cookie in her mouth before she takes to the sky again and flies a good forty feet in the air before spotting Cyclops on the ground, and tracking the movement of others she can see.

"What the hell is even goin' on here now?" Rogue asks, actualy feeling some measure of concern for Mystique, who she does NOT yet see visually, but is scanning for her frantically.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy drops his broom turned sparring partner at the call from Scott and frowns. Of course there's a problem, and of course he's five stories up, again the fastest way down would be through a window, but he can't trust anyone to catch him this time.

    Leaving the stairs.

    Remy finds the circular spiral staircases and looks over before vaulting down into he open air, catching onto the opposite rail several feet down and using that break to twist and fall through the air and catches himself on the next landing, repeating the move a few times and he's suddenly on the bottom floor and bursting out the door into the main lobby and then the street.

    "Anyone got eyes on Momma Smurf?" No they didn't give her an actual codename, but if they did, he'd at least suggest that. Despite how obvious it is.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Erik.. does a very un-Erik kind of thing. Nothing. No overwhelming displays of power, no threats just.. keeps wiring the building. He does glance over at Mystique's position, noting a number of people, both X-Men and Brotherhood headed in her direction, and the smile grows a little. There's a start here.

Of course, should things go bad, it's not like he'll let anything happen to her, but for now... there's more than enough firepower heading to assist, no need to jump in with the nuclear option right away. And besides, this is also work that needs doing.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Sitting in the swat van three blocks away, the control leader of this particular SWAT team curses, "We've been made. Move in!"

It was unexpected that so many would actually move to help defend her. In fact, not only had the X-Men and Brotherhood started to move, a few of the mutants in the crowd had as well. The great reveal here may be a shocker, this wasn't mutant haters or a terrorist group...

"NPYD!" One of them bellows, starting to move toward Mystique's last known location. "Step away from the mutant and this will all go smoothly with no injuries!" The other's also start to move in now, the secrets out, they're trying to arrest Mystique.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Despite Ritz's urgings, Clarice refuses to leave, her gaze still fixed on what is taking place below her - her hands clenching in impotent frustration. She should be down there - she should be helping, protecting people - protecting Mystique. But Ritz is right - with that many heavy hitters? She's not needed down there. Instead she speaks into her comm again.
    "Who has eyes on Magneto? Your Majesty - where are you?" She's still a member of the Royal Guard. She still has a duty to ensure he stays safe. She's failed in that duty once before - she doesn't intend to do so again, even if she is without her powers at the moment.
    As the shout of NYPD goes out, Clarice frowns, her jaw tightening in frustration. Sure - of course Mystique had broken countless laws. And yet...

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers frowns and steps forward, "Officers, if you're here to arrest this woman, I'd like to see the warrant for her arrest? Also: really? Just coming in as a tac team and trying to nab her undercover? THat seems like a terrible, terrible tactic to use in a very defensive community and I would like to have a talk with your commander about his very poor choices."

"Nonetheless, we cannot allow you to commit violence here in Bushwick. Justice does not occur in a vacuum. Whatever crimes she may be accused of committing, she is a leader here and deserving of respect. IF you wish her to surrender to a nearby precinct, perhaps something can be worked out."

"But not like this. Not here. You'll only make everything worse."

Barney Barton has posed:
It isn't his fight, heck, it's not even his town. None of them are even his friends. Nonetheless, Trickshot can enjoy a few shots at the cops, from his position on the roof. Nothing really to get in trouble, just to even the odds - plus, it's good practice.

Listening to the visor-guy trying to talk sense to the cops, Barney shakes his head, maybe in dismay. Words, in his world, rarely fix anything. Action does.

It might not be noticed, with everyone screaming and running around, but a few cops - those that keep at the greater distance from Mystique - start falling on the ground. One. Two. None are dead, as Trickshot only actually uses his most basic arrows, less expensive too, that will just give a good headache. By the time their colleagues try to find out what has happened to them, the archer has already changed position. This might cause just enough distraction for anyone to run away, if they have to.

Glancing at the content of his quiver, Trickshot shakes his head, "No point wasting more here, let's enjoy the show."

Rogue has posed:
With the NYPD revealing themselves, and announcing their intentions, Rogue swoops down out of the sky and lands right beside Cyclops. She drops her hands to her sides and looks from Scott to where Mystique is and then to the Officers.

As 'Mighty Woman' Rogue had a working relationship with a lot of the officers in the Manhattan area... but there wasn't a lot she could do.

"God, this is absurd." She says, motioning to the buildings they were working on. "We're tryin' t'improve things around here, and ya'll show up with a SWAT team and stop our work t'arrest the woman who put it all together?" She states, anger rich in her voice.

"This is literally why nobody can have nice things!" She adds before exhaling and glaring at her 'mom'. There's really nothing they can do though when its the Police, and she's well aware of that.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Merde." The singular cussword. This is bad. This is bad. THIS is bad.

    The cajun steps closer but it still easily part of the crowd, and well, there's a singular option in his mind. Hopefully people are quick on their feet as he thinks they can be.

    Remy steps behind a larger mutant and pats the man on the leg and gives a nod.

    Touch, all he needs to do is touch inorganic, and this is tricky...

    He touches the concrete below everyone's feet and frowns as he closes his eyes, feeling the molecules, and feels just how he needs to charge them to make things happen. Just a simple smoke screen is all he needs. No one needs to get hurt, just a big plume from the top layer. Easy. Right?

    The concrete charges easily enough, but the distance is extreme, and yet it's not exploding in the traditional sense, just poping like a firework to make smoke. Briefly.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Erik keeps an eye on the forces converging on Mystique, but still takes no overt actions against them, especially after they announce their identity. He continues pulling bad wiring out of the building and spooling it up. As the other start to take action, even just talking to the police on Mystique's behalf, the smile grows.

Over the comms he answers <<Be calm Blink, it is being handled. I'm sure Mystique can easily extract herself from this trouble, and if not, there are many here who can and are willing to help her.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers maintains his eye contact, such as it is, his own vision a thin line of crimson directly at the lead officer. He points back at the popping Remy has created.

"You see that? That's a fuse. And it wasn't lit by the people of this community. It was lit by you, coming in here, strong-arming one of their leaders, imposing law by fiat. That fuse is burning. It is burning the thin paper of good will that has been built up, flimsy as it may be, after years of bigotry and Sentinels and supposed Friends of supposed Humanity."

"Do you think I'm threatening you, officers? I promise I'm not. I'm looking out for you. Behind me are warriors and monsters and kings. Magneto, among others, whose name with which I'm sure you're familiar. You've lit the fuse and it's sizzling towards them, waiting to go off."

"Me? My name's Cyclops. Leader of the X-men. And today I'm the bomb squad. Now back off and let me defuse this and save you from yourselves."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
The police were not prepared for the mutants to actually, well honestly, stay in one place. Normally when they came around the mutants scattered out of fear of being arrested for something they did or didn't do. To have them remain, and so many moving in, this is not what the mission parameters detailed.

"There is an outstanding warrant for the arrest of Raven Darkholme," the lead officers announces, but he does not sound as certain as he did before. "This doesn't have to be a thing people, we all know her crimes, she killed a United States Senator, you can't possibly agree with that sort of terrorism."

Mutants just got all close and person with Mystique and she was totally unprepared for that, for them to actually give a damn. However, with so many crowded around her, it was getting harder for the police to keep track of her, so she'll use that. Ducking down amongst those around her, she unfastens the tool belt and just changes, no longer the cobalt mutant with red hair, instead a deep, ebony skinned woman with long thing braids, not to similar to one standing in the group, but close enough that when she comes back up beside that woman, resting a hand on her shoulder.

Mystique no longer existed, the police would never be able to find her in the crowd now, but unless the others choose to step aside and let the police at least look, the tensions would keep rising.

>>Someone let Scott and the other X-Men know, they aren't going to find me at this point.<<

Rogue has posed:
There is chaos around them, but the focus of the southern belle is on the situation with the cops.

Rogue folds her arms over her stomach as Scott talks and she looks from Cyclops to the Cops, and back again. She glances at the sounds that Remy was creating but otherwise just stares at the police and nods once at them after Scott finishes his speech.

"What he said." She says to the officers, giving them a 'your move' kind of look.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    <<//Your// safety is still my responsibility, Majesty,>> Clarice insists into the comm - stubbornly sticking to the title to make her point as she remains at the window, looking down at the events unfolding beneath her. She clenches and unclenches her hand, looking down at her palm. She wants more than anything to summon her javelins - and she can't.
    Damnit. //Damnit//.
    "Take me down there," she shoots over her shoulder at Ritz.
    "No way. Between Magneto, Mystique, and Sabretooth - one of them would have my head for a move like that. I heard Magneto as clear as you did. It's covered."
    Clarice remains at the window - frustrated, and gripping at the windowsill. Her gaze goes to Scott - standing in front of Mystique and speaking out on her behalf. Huh - who expected //that//? She sure handed.
    The smoke cover obscures her view for a moment, and when she looks again - Mystique has vanished, the act confirmed by the words over the comm.
    Cupping her hands to her mouth she calls from the window, "I think we can stand down, guys! She 'ported clear!" Damnit. Which one //was// she?

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers steps back, hearing and seeing alike that Raven is clear.

"You guys really aren't very good at this. I've captured Mystique a number of times and none of them went this badly," he says. He turns and steps away. "Next time you try to do a fugitive apprehension, maybe don't try it on their home turf. Head on back to your precinct and soothe your wounded pride. Unless you feel like picking up some hammers and screwdrivers and helping out? I hear they need some help getting the sewer lines hooked back up," he says, heading back towards a construction zone.

"X-men! Stand down!"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy finds his way back to his feet quickly after the smoke rises and he takes a breath, patting the man's side again as he does so and nods, knowingly. "Anyone seen mah girlfri- Oh. Dere she is."

    The cajun walks up towards Mighy Woman and Scott and giving another nod to the visor wearing fearless leader. "Nice work, really showed dem." He smirks before stepping closer towards Rogue, "Dat was a bit... weird, non?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue does a quick look around to see if /she/ can spot which one is Mystique, and though she knwos a few tricks that others may not know, she isn't any more able to see her than any one else right now. Her arms uncross and she turns then to nod to Scott's orders to stand down. Soon she's stepping ovr to Remy and shaking her head. "I don't like this." She says softly to him. "Feels like... exactly what I've been expectin' t'happen." She mutters to the Cajun.

"Come on, lets help out a bit more and then get outta here..." She exhales heavily and walks toward some of the supplies that still need to go in to the building to replace the ones she'd taken out earlier.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Erik gets Mystique's message and just kind of nods to himself, totally expecting Mystique to easily vanish in a crowd this size. He turns back to the building and continues rewiring it, wires feeding themselves in to bring the wiring up to code. Today went quite well, all things considered. Mutant, X-Men and Brotherhood all came together to help the people who most needed it.. the mutant who couldn't claim the backing of one of the big groups, who just tried to make a life day to day in a city with all too many people willing to hate them for no reason.

<<Back to work, people. The police will never find her at this point, so they're no threat. Tell the local mutants not to start trouble with the police, we don't need that kind of thing happening while we're trying to fix things.>>

He turns to a couple of the people near him and starts them moving appliances into the apartments that are ready for them. Always a job to get done, after all.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar whistles as he walks up to Scott and the others. The irregulars are gone having done what irregulars do, confounding the authorities in little ways, harrasing and annoying but never confronting. Social media has 'spotted' mystique in half a dozen places in mutant town as well as Brooklyn, the bronx and time square. Mystique's scent is still in the air, it lingers on the breeze in the way of scents. "Rat Kings in the sewers, maybe they should stick to sweeping?" James picks up a broom. "There's still plenty to do."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice finally leaves the window - moving through the apartment and jogging down the stairs, with Ritz still on her heels. She both appreciated and resented the other mutant's presence. There's a tension to her form that only relaxes when she gets her eyes on Magneto - offering the man a brief nod, as she glances around at the various plain clothes agents.
    She'll remain down here - using the food tent as her excuse - keeping an eye on things until the police presence has decided to retreat from the neighborhood. Once she has a burger and fries in her hand, she passes by Scott, pausing long enough to murmur simply, "Thanks, Summers."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
In the swat van the mission commander is still cursing up a stream, sailors got nothing on this guy. It was supposed to be an easy tag, they knew she would be there at the center of everything because they'd been tipped off. There was no way to have predicted that the other mutants, and X-Men at that, would interfere with this operation... and yet they had. Lt Nathans sat back, throwing his headset off and making the guy beside him dodge it, "Call em back, she's gone by now... but this isn't over, I'm telling you Wilson, this isn't over."

Meanwhile Mystique is enjoying a hot dog, a milkshake, and a hard laugh. She seriously has no idea they would help, so she just hangs back for now to see the ending to all this, watching the police muttering and starting to slowly withdraw... which really is the smartest thing they could do. Mutants of Bushwick banded together and they spoke loud and clear.