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Spirit of Restaurant Food
Date of Scene: 29 June 2021
Location: Freddy's - Queensland Park
Synopsis: A brainstorming session is underway. And boy do those winds change in horrifying directions
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Jon Kent, Michael Hannigan, Terry O'Neil

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    With a cup of coffee, now empty dropped back onto the saucer, the man in the black hoodie and black pants looks across the table to the musician and the formerly bleeding teenager, "So. Dat was a real ghost, anda real demon..." Remy repeats as if he's fighting the idea of going into shock.

    "And dey were tryina' kill you." Remy asks, pointing a finger at Mike. Looking over to Jon and squinting softly with his black and red eyes, the cajun swallows at the nothing in his throat, closing his mouth again. "And you're... super..."

    Remy raises his mug and motions with it for the waitress to come back in a hurry and refil it.

    "Ya tellin' me dis Voodoo shit ain't as fake as Ms Cleo made it outta be?"

Jon Kent has posed:
     "Boy. Superboy." Jon comments, bandages having been wrapped around his chest. "But apparently demons can...hurt me." Jon's plain white tee with the three streaks of browning blood is all he really had on his top, the Superboy hoodie he'd been seen with every time was next to him, shredded for the most part. "Who's Ms. Cleo?" Did I mention he's fifteen? And from 2040?

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Well, with the attack in the dressing room, the reports following up afterwards, and well, still having to get the stage makeup off. Nick Drago never did get to go out for burgers with the rest of the group. So, instead the musician traded in the stage attire to a lesser quality street attire and is now at a different restaurant with a different crew. Namely the 'save Mike's ass' crew.

With the lateness of the hour it's been a bit easy to get a table where no one was lingering around them. This is perfect considering the talk of ghosts and demons being brought up. A glass containing a clear liquid is set down. With the lack ok ice or any visible traces of condensation, it's a tad indicative of room temperature liquid.

To the inquiry regarding Ms. Cleo, the musician gives a shrug. "Well, with the added time to reflect on it. I think only the ghost was trying to kill anyone." Mike replies, "If that was the other's intent I'm not sure he'd have bothered with the chains first." He tilts his head towards Jon, "Especially if he's already capable of hurting him."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "So it's a debt collector then?" Remy asks Mike before he glances back to Jon and shakes his head, "You ain't even got 'air on your knees do ya?" The cajun rolls his eyes and looks to Mike, presuming the man is the 'adult' here that has the teenagers protecting him and shaking his head.

    "What's 'ell want witchu?" The cajun asks as the waitress brings the mug over and pours the black water into Remy's mug, "T'anks love, but do try t'not go so far, Ah'm gonna need an IV."

    Turning back to Jon and frowning, "You alright kid? Cause if you are a Super-boy, Ah don't want trouble from you guys on my doorstep. Ah don't have the class to hang." Remy admits and at least he knows it's true, and looking back to Mike, "So hell wants ya fo' somethin' and an unrelated ghost wants t'kill ya..." Remy notes aloud, hand moving to rest on his stubbled chin, "Why?"

Jon Kent has posed:
     Jon dabbed his shirt just a little before looking up to Remy. "Hair on my...I never looked. Hold on." The kid literally leans over and pulls up one of the legs on his jeans, his body under the table before swinging back up. "I yeah. There is hair."

  It was about that time that Remy had the second question for Jon. "Me? Yeah. I mean...I don't think I'm that hurt. It's just...unusual. Plus it's not like my dad is gonna find you cause I got hurt." Yeah, that was the elephant in the room where Jon was concerned. Big Blue was his dad, and no one really knew how protective he would be of the Teen of Tomorrow.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Mike's brows furrow at the mention of a debt collector. Head glancing aside in thought. But Jon's movements to check on the status of his knee hair. His head tilts.

"I don't know what that demon's deal is." He admits, "First time I've ever seen it. Second time for the ghost guy. And yeah, I get the general sense he's not all that fond of me, or the Hawkman."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy winks again as the waitress wanders away, giving her his rakish grin and charm as he leans back against the plush padding of the booth. One arm across the back as he takes a much more civil sip of his coffee this time. "Superman's boy can get hurt, and the rockstar has a soul contract out an a ghost with a grudge." Remy says rather casually, not really looking around the restaurant as he knows well they're really the only ones inside.

    "Sounds like ya both are outta my league and expertise."

    The cajun leans forward, his arm on the table and the other hand around the mug now pulled close to his chest. "How can Ah help?" He's interested and his curiosity is peaked.

Jon Kent has posed:
     Superboy's eyes looked from Remy to Mike and back. "Yeah, we can get hurt. It just normally...takes a whole lot more than a claw to do it."

  But, of course, Jon also leans in at Remy's question. "Yes, Mister D. How can we help?" Cause he has stumbled upon this problem, and he was not going to let it go because he got a couple scratches.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Mike pinches the bridge of his nose, "There is no contract. At least, not one I agreed to." He sighs, "But, not everyone bothers asking."

A thumb taps against the tabletop in thought. "I'm not sure. I didn't even know this was a problem til tonight. Best I can think is up concert security. Although, teleporters are kind of tricky to compensate for. He pauses, "...And wards could very well hinder just as much as they help."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
It's not that Terry has a car, yet. It's that he's borrowing his mother's car- which means that he needs to be /extra/ careful with it. Why does someone who can rabbit hole anywhere in the world at a thought would need a car anymore?

Well, that's because there is something about long drives between cities with only your thoughts and your playlist (Nick Drago, Lady Gaga... yes, ABBA, shut up) and other things that is appealing. It's time for yourself that just isn't there when you treat distance like a mere suggestion. So, every now and again, he borrows mom's car because his old clunker got totalled by the Warworld invasion.

After finally finding a good, secure parking, Terry walked the five blocks back to Freddy's. By this point, he no longer looks like a Cheshire cat- he had transformed in front of the dinner guests before they went into the diner, just to avoid the confusion from Superboy and Remy when a non-Cheshire-Cat-redhead sits down at their table acting as if he knows them or somethingg.

"Hey," he says, pulling up a chair and sitting down. It's summer, so he's in jean shorts and sneakers, and a black tank-top with the words ' 'Cause Earl Had To Die' accross the front and 'Goodbye, Earl!' on the back.

"Are we still talking about the magical mystery tour that exploded in the dressing room?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "We was cat-man-do." Remy says as he rises up to his feet and gives a nod to Nick. "Ah'll help when I'm around, but Ah ain't got de spare time t'be a security guard fo'a concert o' band mon ami." But, something compelled Remy to sit back down and, so he does and takes another long slow sip of his coffee, falling quite silent and chooses to listen to the conversation before making up his mind. This time.

    "Non, do not fret on account'o me. Continuez s'il vous plaît"

Jon Kent has posed:
     Jon looked down to his chest, pulling the slightly ripped tee to get a view of his chest. "Thanks for the assist with the mallet, by the way." He tsks once, letting the tee shirt go. "I'm gonna have to throw this shirt out when I get home. Mom's gonna freak if she sees this..." Yeah, Superboy has super-parents. Or rather, one super parent, and one nosy mom.

  "So, Mister D, I'm with you all the way to catch Gentleman Ghost and...fart demon."

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Mike nods to Terry's question. "Never saw the demon before, saw the ghost before. He's really not happy with the Hawkman either. Didn't make any contract with either of them so its not that." He gives, catching Terry up on the points made. "...Come to think of it the Hawkman was there the first time the ghost started chasing."

Pale eyes glance over to Jon as he talks about getting rid of the shirt. The way he addresses him finally registers, "Hey, I'm off the clock and out of the gear, so if you want you can just call me Mike. Drago's just a stage name now."

He looks to the shirt. "...What about your hoodie?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Well, I must admit there isn't a dull moment with you, Mikey. Whether it's singing for the masses, building lego weapons in dreamland or catching you in your dressing room in a bad reenactment of The Blithe Spirit, you always seem to have something going on, it must be exhausting. No wonder you sleep like a log soaked in morphine..." he stops himself, and then glances at Jon, and Remy, and then back at Mike. "... Er."

He sits back a little. Time to change tracks. "Sorry I didn't help earlier. I should've known what magic could do to you. Next time, let's agree that if another mystical baddie pops up, you let me give you some sort of magical construct to wield before you Leeroy Jenki-" he trails off, remembering who he's talking to. "Ask your dad about Leeroy Jenkins. Wait. No. Ask your mom." He pauses. "... wait, I don't know who your mom is. I have no idea which one of them might be more in touch with... here, just." He reaches for his phone, googles it, and slides it over to Jon and returns to the original topic.

"So Hawkman is a common link. Maybe the Gentleman Ghost objects to him going around bare-chested? Is he The Victorian Principles ghost, too? Nevermind. Either way, we know Hawk has done something to piss /him/ off. We don't know what it is that you did... so as far as we're concerned, you're still a target and will most likely be until we Ghostbust that ghost..."

A glamce at Jon, "Google 'Ghostbusters' after that," he says. Between Bart and Irie, Terry has learned how to footnote for time travelers.

Jon Kent has posed:
     Jon looks at the phone as Terry plays Leeroy Jenkins "Ok, in my defense. The fart demon showed up after Gentleman Ghost. I didn't even know he was a demon until he starts talking in rhymes and stuff."

  'Leeeeerooooooy Jeeeeenkins' from the phone, since he rewound the video. "I know what Ghostbusters is, I have seen the movies, Terry. My mom isn't like...fifteen in 2021."

  "I...got this when I was thirteen...I know I was getting too big for it...but I kinda...feel bad. It was my first super-anything." He adds in for Mike. "Kinda sad. I'm not even in my own time to retire it."

Michael Hannigan has posed:
"Life's not a guaranteed thing. Best to get as much out of it as you can." Mike agrees, brow raising at the stumble through words about the manner in which he sleeps. "...That was the meds. Sometimes I burn more energy than I should." He pauses, looking over to Jon as he describes the hoodie. Frown deepening. "...Can I have a go at the hoodie? See if it's salvagable?"

Mike looks to Terry, glancing to Remy for a moment before looking back to Terry. "First time the Ghost popped up I was walking from Happy Harbor to go a restaurant. Next thing I know I'm getting yanked up in the air by t- " He pauses. Oh so that IS the name. "-yanked up in the air by Hawkman and the ghost is riding some ghost horse after us shooting something from that skull cane. So that guy is shooting something at us so of course, I pull me and the guy FLYING me into a dream realm only to find out that ghost can do the same freaking thing."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"A dreamwalking ghost? Interesting." The redhead taps his fingers on the table. He hasn't ordered anything yet... and, truth be told, he's not hungry. He had switched to Vorpal right after having lunch, and so in human Terry's chronology, it's only been about thirty minutes. Except for the need to shift between forms when he spends too much time in one, Terry could potentially exploit the fact that he has two bodies and stay awake longer, and wait longer between meals...

But that way lies catastrophe.

"What should we do? Should Supes and I alternate bodyguard duties? I wouldn't mind coming along on your tour... get me a press pass for backstage and you can say I'm doing a feature on your tour. I can disguise myself with illusions... since I don't really do the entertainment beat."

Jon Kent has posed:
     "Sure, go for it. I don't think my Boy Scout sewing badge can help it out." Yes, Superboy is/was a Boy Scout. "Oh dang...I guess there goes my Star badge."

  Jon takes a sip from the strawberry milkshake, and looks to Mike. "Up to you, but we need to get it to stop. Gentleman Ghost is a butt and the demon...yeah that's bad news."

Michael Hannigan has posed:
"Well he wasn't good at it at least. Dream t-" Mike pauses, "He said something about Vengeance and thousand baby suns..." He bites his lip before giving a slight grimace, "Ok I don't know why he showed up the first time around but I think I know why he's pissed now. He got his ass kicked by some pre-schooler's dream. In particular a baby sun character. Still no clue on the demon."

He holds his hand out to Jon for the hoodie. "No boy scouts for me. Just no money growing up."

The head looks between the two. "I'm alright with you guys popping along for tour. Will need to tell Hank about this. Maybe one of my friends more versed in magic. Maybe they got some ideas."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"In other words, let's ring up Amanda and get some witchy help?" Terry grins, "I like Amanda. She's also the only magic contact I have outside of Raven... and you don't want to inconvenience Rae unless it's an End Of The World kind of thing."

He grabs his phone and starts texting, "I'll get the logistics figured out. I'm messaging Lois to tell her I'm going on tour with you. Which is probably going to put me on Jason Astudillo's hit list for elbowing in on his beat, but... he ate my sandwich, so he can die mad about it."

He glances at Superboy, "Wanna masquerade as my photographer? Then you'll have a viable reason for hanging around backstage. " He peers at Jon and hmms. "How old are you? Sixteen? I guess we could always say you just haven't grown into your age. Jabberwock knows that Olsen looks like he's twelve in all of the early photos I've seen of him when he started at the Planet..."

Jon Kent has posed:
     "I have to ask my parents." Jon comments, before looking to both of them. "Well, technically I'm negative five, sooo. But I'm..." He reaches for a phone, a phone that he has no charger for and doesn't accept any signal from this current cellular technology. "Dangit. What is today? June something? I'm almost sixteen, or negative four." Yep. Time travel.

  "But I can be anywhere in a fl-no that's another guy. I can be anywhere fast, at the least."

Michael Hannigan has posed:
"Mo's another mystic possibilty.." Mike replies, "Hawkman did break the window to her office after the first incident and I see her on a fairly regular basis. Although, she might yell at me for not finding a more mundane solution for dealing with the ghost the first time."

The musician looks over towards Jon, giving an assessing glance to his appearance "...It actually isn't much of a stretch. The age issue. Shaw Studios has a Work Study program with Happy Harbor. High School Age. And we have done some over the top learning events before. A summer tour program seems plausible."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"You know, ;I now know so many people associated with Happy Harbor, and I've never even been there. Maybe I should go there and give a talk or something. And try not to dwell on the fact that I probably would have been much happier going there than Our Lady Of Catholic Guilt Where All Gays Go To Hell."

He frowns and looks at Nick with a puzzled look. "Mo? I don't think I know this Mo. Unless you're talking about one of the stooges..."

Jon Kent has posed:
     "It is an option. But how exactly am I going to hide? I don't really have disguises. I just kinda... put on a different shirt." Jon admits, looking at the two scheming older folks. "And I don't know if my mom is going to be happy about the Teen of Steel coming back home with claw marks on his chest." Even if it was his time's Lois. But he will definitely ask if at all possible. "I think they are a little...cautious after I got burped out in this time."

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Mike shifts his eyes over to Terry at the mention of a Catholic school. "Happy Harbor's a pretty alright school. Wish more schools were like it when I was that age. Maybe I wouldn't have had to switch to the homeschooling route. Could check it out for the Fourth celebration. Wade's made sure I don't have anything going on that day. As for Mo, that's a shortened version of her name."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Give her my apologies, then. Even though I don't know who she is." He pauses. "God. I hope she's not one of the Titans. That'd be weird. I just realized that Wally having his daughter around is kind of like a countdown..." he glances at Jon, and chuckles, "I guess you are, too. I mean, this means that in four years, you are going to be born. Count well enough and you can pinpoint when..."

He suddenly opens his eyes, and shudders. "... oh god. I just realized that if I have some of my dad's memories, that means... oh god. Don't think about it. Don't think about it. Don't think about it."

He glances over at Nick and grabs his arm. "Quick. Distract me!"

Jon Kent has posed:
     "DUDE. STOP." Jon says pretty sternly, before he covers his ears, which does NOTHING. "-Oh god.- I'm a New Year's Eve baby."

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Mike blinks. "Uh, why do you drive on a parkway and park on a drive way? Why is there braille on drive up ATMs? Why is stuff transported by truck called a shipment while stuff transported by ship is called cargo? Try not to think of pink elephants."

He picks up a menu, "You know, we should actually order food. Let's look at those!"