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Dyani's School Tour
Date of Scene: 30 June 2021
Location: Back Yard
Synopsis: Dyani's parents come to accept Xavier's as Scott, Hank, and Rogue introduce themselves to the family. And Clarice makes her feelings about hugs known.
Cast of Characters: Clarice Ferguson, Dyani Zitkala, Scott Summers, Henry McCoy, Rogue

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    It's a warm but otherwise beautiful day for the family reunion - and while Dyani and her parents get reacquainted over tea, cakes, and other treats - Clarice stands a short distance off, gazing towards the lake and obstensibly allowing the family a modicum of privacy. Certainly she's not hiding or avoiding her own complicated and poorly examined feelings.
    With so many students and faculty away for the summer holiday, it's quiet, and peaceful - and there's nothing to interrupt the family - or the swarm of bees that are cheerfully stealing food from the table, and carrying it into the white box tucked out of the way under the same table.

Dyani Zitkala has posed:
Tuari and Mitena Zitkala were here to see there daughter Dyani, and to see this amazing school for Mutants. Before Dyani was abducted by Hydra, they had searched for years for just such a place and never found it. Now after everything the family had been through, not only was their child safe, but there was a wonderful opportunity laid out before them.

After cake and tea, conversation and bees... because there is always bees... her was ready to meet whomever they could about a tour of the school and getting their daughter enrolled.

Dyani however had taken to flying around in the open because she's been in an apartment room for days and needs to stretch her wings. She is laughing and giggling, presently zipping around with the bees following her, as if the whole hive and she are playing some sort of game.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers comes down to greet the parents as well, as one of the senior staff and alumni. He's at his most laid back, his eyes hidden behind benign looking ruby quartz glasses. He wears a simple polo shirt, khakis and loafers. Anyone who didn't know better might mistake him for just another New England academic at a typical private school, rather than the dynamic field captain of the X-men.

Finishing with the handshaking, he watches Dyani fly for a moment, "Always a pleasure to see one of our students so ready to thrive. I think she's going to be an excellent addition to the school," he says. And he reminds himself to make sure epi-pens distribution is kept current to all the classrooms and dorms. Got to stay alert, after all.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Having heard of the imminent arrival of guests, Henry had made himself available. He's dressed in khakis and a polo as well, his reading glasses hanging from the colar at the moment. He was presently watching as the young girl flitted about, grinning at the joy she was having. "The house, the school, we all tend to see each other as family here, and will protect each other. She'll learn how to better practice her gifts, and use it to make her life better among humanity and mutants alike." Henry explains to the family.

Henry nods to Scott, grinning. "She'll fit in, I am sure."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice remains a short distance away - letting the staff greet and talk to the parents. After all - this was //their// school, she wasn't really a part of it. She only wanted to help with the transition - make sure Dyani felt safe, and happy, though she'd had little doubt the girl would. And seeing her flying about in the school's yard was certainly better than keeping her locked in a bedroom in a New York apartment. A smile breaks across her features as she watches the girl cavort, her finger going out to provide a landing spot for the single bee that flits her way.

Dyani Zitkala has posed:
After a few more loops, Dyani flies over and lands before Clarice, taking her hand and pulling her toward her parents and the staff, "We would not be here without you Clarice, you are hive, come talk." She urges, then pauses and stares.

Henry she has met and petted, loves him. Scott is new, so he gets really looked at. Her head turns completely to one side, then completely to the other and even as she is doing that, there are a few bees that fly right up to Scott's face and hover there, as if they are looking to.

Dyani Zitkala has posed:
Tuari watches his daughrer flying around with an odd sort of goofy smile mingled with a 'that's my girl' expression, all the while holding Mitena's hand. "We're both just so darn happy this place exists," he comments. "She ain't been to a real school since she was ten."

Mitena is watching the teachers, because that is really who they are here to see and talk to. "Do you think the bees will be a problem?" She asks, clearly concerned about the idea of both the bees and of course leaving her daughter here.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers shakes his head to Mitena, "I'm sure there will be challenges involved, but nothing we can't handle. Many of our students have unique difficulties that require ingenuity to accomodate, but it's important that we do that and not try to force them to fit into a pre-conditioned slot. We want them to be themselves, fully mutant, and explore who they are, not make them conform or fit in," he says.

"Of course, around here, fitting in is pretty easy because everyone's so different."

Henry McCoy has posed:
The Beast grins, chuckling. "We will make sure she catches up in schooling too. I take it as a point of pride that our students excel in their studies." Henry offers over. A glance at the swarm following her, the man hrming. "I am certain accomidations will be arranged, to avoid any unwanted stings or problems." A glance to Scott, then Clarice. "If it is something aligned with her gifts, it will most certainly be something that we learn more of as she progresses in school.":

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Yes, yes. I'm hive," Clarice agrees - letting the girl draw her over towards the group, where she offers a smile to the parents, and both teachers as well. "Honestly - the bees haven't been as much of a problem as you might think. I've been around them... what? A week now? No stings. Dyani keeps them calm - especially when she is happy, and content. Right, Dyani?" she asks - directing a smile at the girl. There's a fondness in the expression that wasn't there a moment ago.
    "And like I said - they're good people here. There's no one I'd trust more to keep her safe - and give her an education."

Rogue has posed:
The double doors to the kitchen open up and Rogue pads out on to the patio of the back of the mansion. She has her phone up to her ear in one hand a silvery Capri Sun pouch in the other, the straw in her mouth between her lips. She's talking around the straw as she walks out on to the patio talking in to the phone.

Her long two-toned brown and white hair flows around her otherwsie bare shoulders, she's wearing a black tanktop and a pair of blue denim jeans shorts. A pair of flip flps on her feet that smack quietly on the stone patio surface. She says 'Later' to whomever is on the phone and hangs up, then steps over to the stone railing and leans over it on to her forearms, sipping on her drink pouch and staring at the people in the yard.


Dyani Zitkala has posed:
Profuse nodding is the answer Clarice gets from Dyani, then the younger mutant says, "Oh yes, we keep the hive very calm. They only sting if we tell them to sting, other wise they are our eyes and ears." She reaches up and takes a bee off Hank, because they don't need to be getting fresh with the staff.

"Even if they get stepped on, we feel it, but they do not sting," she adds after collecting a d bee off Scott. Really, the bees seem to just be buzzing and watching. "We cannot see very well, so we use the the bees as they see smaller easier. Big stuff, like Mister Henry, we can see very well, little things like text, we do not see well at all."

Tauri lays his hand on Dyani's shoulder when she gets close enough, not seeming to mind the bees at all, even when they move off his daughter and onto his hand. He is hive after all. "She's always kept the best care with them. In all these years I've never once been stung."

Mitena reaches over to pluck a bee off Clarice, "We've both gotten used to it, but she does control them well, and I assure you that everything with in what, oh... five miles, will bloom."

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers smiles, "Sounds like we don't have anything to worry about. Between your daughter's diligence and the scientific genius of my friend here," he says, clapping Hank on the shoulder, "everything should be just fine and dandy," he says.

Did he just say fine and dandy? Look, being social doesn't come naturally to Scott, he's doing the best he can. If it comes out a little corny, well, it's not like he has a cool image to begin with.

He seems to feel Rogue's stare downward and tilts his head up, crossing his arms over his chest, "You don't want to get in a staring contest with me," he says with a hint of amusement.

Henry McCoy has posed:
A smile at the explanations, the Beast nodding. "I am sure there will be some happy people to see all the flowers and plants in bloom." A chuckle, the man nodding to Scott at the friendly clap. "I am certain everything will be just fine, as Scott mentions. Did any of you have any questions for us? Any assurances we can offer over?" He looks to the parents, then Dyani.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "And of course - you're welcome to see the grounds. I mean, I don't think I've ever wandered into the classrooms or dorm rooms myself..." Why would she? "But there's a rec room, the kitchen - and out here there's a garden I'm sure the hive will love, plus the lake, the stables, umm... isn't there a tennis court?" She gives a shrug of her shoulders before adding. "Anyways. It's peaceful out here - it's a good place."
    She glances up towards Rogue - giving the woman a brief nod of greeting, before her attention returns to the people around. Yup, nothing to see here. Just a member of the Brotherhood trying to sell folks on Xavier's School.

Dyani Zitkala has posed:
Tauri was convinced before even coming. He wanted his daughter to get an education of course, but more importantly to him was the need for her to be around other mutants. Where they lived in Arizona, on the Navajo reservation, there just weren't any other mutants and Dyani had no real friends other than the bees, hornets and wasps.

Mitena in the other hand... brace for impact. "There're female teachers as well, mother figures she can talk to? Are the children chaperoned when leaving the school? Are there other children her age? What are the living arrangements? Who officially runs the school?"

Tauri puts his hand on Mitena's shoulder as he says, "Breath woman, let'em get a word in. I know you're worried, but look around you. Every person here's a mutant, Dyani will do great here."

Meanwhile, Dyani has settled on holding Clarice's hand with one hand, the other is petting Hank's arm again. She's a simple kid really, with simple needs, except those eyes of hers, but she'll figure it out eventually.

As Clarice waves, Dyani's eyes follows the direction and she sees, sort of, Rogue. Almost immediately several bees head that way to check Rogue out.

Rogue has posed:
Plastic pouch crinkle noises, nearly empty straw sucking noises.
Rogue's green eyes look over and angle toward Scott as he speaks to her and she lowers the Capri Sun down to rest it in her hands on the stone railing of the patio. She smiles at him. "Try me, Summahs." She says in an overtly flirty tone of her naturally husky voice. He knows her all too well to know she's teasing him, as ever.

Her gaze goes then to Clarice who gets a slight grin. "As much as you're around here, ya might as well move in, Fergi." She tells the Portaling One.

It's the bees that draw the Belle's gaze next, she tracks the handful of them coming toward her from the young girl's direction. She's not afraid of Bees, of course, but it is interesting. She tracks them for a few moments before looking to Dya.

"Neat trick. Now I know who t'go too for honey." She says to the new girl, smiling her way, and her parents way. "This is the best school in the world, don't fret on it, mom." She says to the motherly one.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers points to his glasses and then back to Rogue, a few times in repetition. Just so she knows he's watching her. And, well, who could blame him?

"We will make sure the students are well-informed about the hive. It's good that they're peaceful, but sometimes people in search of mischief might not be and I want to make it clear that they're not to be disturbed or provoked."

Henry McCoy has posed:
The blue man is certainly not upset about the petting. As he listens to Mitena's questions, he nods in approval. "Yes, female teachers and older female students. We have resident advisors, too." The man explains. "There are children of all ages, usually though they are closer to teens than not. We have some students who manifested early, like she did." A tap on his chin. "We have dorms for students, part of the tuition and all. And the Headmistress is Jean Grey."

He's certainly not shy about answering, and clearly not bothered by the litany of questions. It's good to find a family involved in their daughter's well-being. A smile to Rogue. "Indeed!"

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "I'm happy enough with my room up above," Clarice answers - jerking her head skywards. "You should come see the place sometime. Now that we're allies and all," she remarks - without expecting Rogue to take her up on the offer. "And seriously? Who called me 'Fergi'? Ugh." She shakes here head - her attention shifting once more to the conversation at hand. She doesn't have anything to add to Hank's explination of the school, however, so she lapses back into silence - giving Dyani's hand a little squeeze.

Dyani Zitkala has posed:
Mitena listens to Hank's answers, and between those and her husband's reassurance she seems to settle a little bit. "I worry. I know most parents of mutants get all bent out of shape, act like some sort of evil force embodied their child... the Great Mother made Dyani who she is, human or Mutant doesn't matter to us, but she needs a good place. I'm beginning to believe that this is the good place we've been searching for."

The bees buzz around Rogue, looking at her from many angles, then go zipping back to Dyani. Most just land on her, other continue past to buzz around the talking adults.

"We make honey now!" Dyani announces toward Rogue. "We will share with everyone, but we may need bigger hives. The little one only has so much room... hi! We're Stinger, or Dyani, whichever you prefer!" She starts waving to Rogue, which means that Clarice's hand is finally free because there is no way on Great Mother's Green Earth she will stop petting Hank unless he tells her to stop.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue gives Scott a lopsided grin before she reaches to the neckline of her tanktop to pick up her designer aviator sunglasses that she unfolds the limbs on and then slips up on to her forehead to cover her hairline and hold her white bangs off of her face. She adjusts them there until they are stable and then lowers her hands back to where she's leaning on the stone reailing.

She watches the petting to Hank which has her holding her grin on her visage. Her eyes glance skyward at Clarice's offer to which she shakes her head side to side. "Me'n space don't get along so well." She says, whatever that means, pay no attention worried parents!

The new girl gets another look then as the Bees cease their inspection of the Belle and return to their controller. "We could build ya a bee barn or somethin' t'setup hives in, if ya'd like, New Friend." She offers to Dya.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers lets Hank take over doing more of the glad-handing, taking a quick moment to pull out his phone to check his messages and his calendar. Scott tends to be rigorously scheduled, only to have to drop everything at a moment's notice when an emergency broke out.

"I'm going to make sure you both have my personal staff e-mail so if you have any concerns we haven't addressed here, you can have a direct line to get in touch."

He sticks his tongue out at Rogue, a little jealous of the aviator's. Gotta see if he can get a ruby-quartz pair of those...

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "And of course - I'm happy to help as well. I visit here often, so I'll keep an eye on Dyani for you. And if you need to see her... well. Don't hesitate to let me know. Arizona doesn't need to feel like it's all that far from here," Clarice reassures them.
    As long as they don't take advantage of the offer //too// often. She does have other things to do.
    "Dyani deserves every chance at a normal, happy life. This is the best place for it that I know of. After that - her future can be whatever //she// wants to make of it."
    Over her shoulder, she adds towards Rogue, "You're missing out! Maybe one of these days, though."

Dyani Zitkala has posed:
The parents take a moment to talk to each other quietly, mostly it's Tauri reassuring Mitena it's a good idea, but still the two step away to talk.

Dyani is immediately drawn by Rogue's words of a bee barn and starts bouncing in place, "Bee barn?! Do you know how many bees we could have with something that large?! It would be amazing!" Keep in mind she is still petting Hank's arm, so he might be getting jostled a little, but still, happy kid. "Think of all the honey! We would help build it!"

Grinning great big at Rogue over that idea, she then looks to Clarice, "We cannot be anything out there, they do not like us out there, but we still want to learn everything we can."

Rogue has posed:
At Scott's response, Rogue looks back at hi mand smooches her lips at him playfully, because the back and forth is imperative around here, it's part of life at Xavier's! To some extent anyway...

She regards Clarice again and grins lightly at her before she shrugs her shoulders a little whilst leaning like an expert. "Maybe, someday. Tell Raven t'cook me a banquet dinner in the honor of my bein' there and we'll see." She gives Clarice a grin too before Dya's happiness has her looking to the girl.

"You're gonna rub the fur right off'a the Doctah's coat." She jokes at the happiest new student around. "But yeah, I'm sure the Professah would let us build ya a Bee Barn somewhere, maybe out near the student garden. Bee's like gardens, right?"

She raises her Capri Sun up again for another ho9peful sip to get more tasty juice outta the straw before she straigtens up then and slaps the railing once. "Ya'll have fun now, I'mma head inta town and see what kinda trouble I can dig up." She offers a mocking salute with her left hand to the group in the yard.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers smiles, "You'll never stop learning, young lady, here or anywhere else. Welcome to Xavier's," he says. "If you'll pardon me, I have a bit more work to keep up with, but we'll take very good care of your daughter."

To Rogue, he responds, "You never have to dig for trouble, it usually finds you, in my experience," he says as he heads on in, leaving them in Hank's capable and furry hands.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "...does she know how to cook?" Clarice muses uncertainly. 150 year life - she probably knows how to cook something. ...right? "Honestly might be easier to pull that off than you'd think, Rogue," she counters, without anymore explination than that - accompanied by a shrug of her shoulders.
    She glances at the two parents in conversation, then adds towards Dyani, "The world is changing - a little bit at a time. There'll be a place for you in this world. At the very least, in three years time or so - Genosha'll be built up again. Everyone's welcome there, and you really can be whatever it is you wish to be there. You'll see."

Dyani Zitkala has posed:
After a short time talking, Tarui and Mitena return to the small group of teachers.

"We agree this is the best place for Dyani right now," Tauri says, his arm around his wife's shoulders. "It'll be difficult, but we'll make it work."

Dyani eyes Rogue for a moment, then looks at Hank's arm and tilts her head sideways, as if trying to see if she made a bald spot, but at the same time, not stopping the petting. Whatever it is her parents are talking about seems to go over her head at the moment as she is very much interested in making sure she isn't balding the teacher.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Thinking on that a moment, he nods. "If she focuses on her studies, there could be scholarships applied." He offers. "Don't worry after the finances too much - we'll sort things out." A glance down to where Dyani is still ruffling his fur. No sign of a bald spot - thick fur that it is. A look from Rogue to Clarice, then a shrug. "I would not be surprised if she could cook, of course. She's had time to pick up any number of skills." A chuckle.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "And if needed, I can help out," Clarice offers. It's not like she does anything with money, anyways, other than buys some clothes and keept Mootant Milkshakes in business. She beams for a moment at the girl's parents as she adds, "I'm glad you like the place. I knew you would."
    Clarice is standing near Hank, a pair of human-looking parents, and a girl with bright hair, antenna, faceted eyes, and dragonfly wings. The group appears to be in conversation - as a more-than-usual number of bees flit about the area.
    "You're probably right," she agrees with Hank. "And I don't think there's any one person who knows everything she's capable of." Maybe Magneto - but probably not even him.

Dyani Zitkala has posed:
Tauri reaches over and tapes Dyani on the shoulder, just once and lightly. This causes Dyani to immediately stop what she is doing and look at her father. "I already know you'll be good, kiddo," he says, now that he has her attention. "But you need to remember your place, your purpose and your people when you act. I know you'll make your mom and me proud."

Dyani goes all sorts of shades of red, looking sheepish as she eyes her shoes. "We will be good and learn lots of things papa," she says softly, chewing at her bottom lip. "So that some day, we can live in Genosha and make the world better for Mutants and humans."

Both parents step in to hug Dyani, careful of bees, but their already used to it.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Henry gives a smile at the show of affection in the family, nodding happily. "She'll do well, indeed." The man assures, looking then to Clarice. A grin at her comment. "I suspect she is skilled in so many things, that it is better to assume she knows how to accomplish something than not." Sage advice about Raven. He looks back to the family. "Whenever she'd like to start moving in, we'd be glad to welcome her."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Honestly - I think the sooner is better. I've been keeping Dyani safe - but this is a much better environment for her," Clarice supplies without hesitation. "She doesn't belong cooped up in a safe house..." And the last thing is she wants, is the girl //wandering off// again out of boredom. She shoots the girl a look that, for a moment, is almost stern.
    Nope. She hadn't been happy about that little incident at all.

Dyani Zitkala has posed:
Dyani hugs both of her parents, the bees all taking flight around them for a moment. Only when the adults step back to the bees return to the perches some where on the girl's body.

"We are grateful for Clarice giving us a safe place to stay," she says first. "But we are going crazy being in that room all the time. We like to fly, it's how we experience joy with our hive."

Looking over to Henry now, she says quietly, "Can we please come stay here so we can fly?"

Henry McCoy has posed:
There's a nod from Hank, the big man smiling. "I am sure we could arrange for that, yes. Do you have many things to move here?" He looks from Dyani to Clarice. "Clothes or belongings?" He wonders, looking over to the parents after, to make sure they are all right with the quick pace of things.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Not that much, I'm afraid. A few changes of clothes... The hive box, but it's already here," Clarice gestures to the white box tucked under the nearby table. She looks to her parents and add, "If you have things you wish to send here for her, I can help with that, of course," she promises - an encouraging smile on her features.
    "...I know this past week must have been a lot for both of you."

Dyani Zitkala has posed:
Tauri brought a few of Dyani's things in a pack, and Mitena had a few in a suitcase, neither knew if Dyani wanted the things or not, but it was all the things they remembered she once enjoyed.

"We have only a few clothing things," Dyani offers. "They are difficult because of our wings. Clothing are not made for wings. We think there are a few at the apartment, but not many." She glances to Clarice for a moment, then to her parents.

"We think it's a good idea for her to be here instead of an apartment," Mitena says. "She's not safe at our farm any more, we're pretty sure if she came home, she'd get taken again."

Tauri mutters something in Navajo, that makes Mitena elbow him and Dyani giggle profusely. "Sorry," he then comments. "But my wife is right. It's better for Dyani to be here, if that's alright."

Mitena looks to Clarice, "This week has been... heaven and hell at the same time. Heaven in knowing Dyani was alive, and hell because we knew she wasn't safe, and won't be safe until she's some place like this."

Henry McCoy has posed:
A nod to them all, Henry smiles. "We'll keep her safe, and more importantly, teach her to be safe on her own when she is ready. "I am sure we can work on some designs to accomadate your wings. We have a few students who have unusual clothing requirements." A chuckle, motioning to himself as an example. "And faculty." A cheeky grin. "If, for some reason, you are bothered again or feel your farm is being watched - please do not hesitate to tell us. I've got some contacts who can make short work of those goons." Avenger and X-Men friends!

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "And I also consider your safety a priority," Clarice reminds them. For Dyani's sake. "But... I think you'll be alright. And hopefully we can learn more about the people who put your family in this position, to put a stop to it." There's determination in her voice as she says this. She would like nothing more than to stop these people.

Dyani Zitkala has posed:
Dyani shifts slightly, her wings fluttering. "Real clothing, we would like that." Is her response to Hank, beacuse she really would like actually clothing that isn't make-shift shirts cut to fit her.

Now it is Clarice's turn to get a hug from Dyani's parents, both of them at the same time. She may not want the hug, but she gets one anyway. Dyani grins as she rocks on her heels and says, "See, she's part of the hive."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice abruptly finds herself on the receiving end of a hug - and she goes stiff and awkward in their arms, unsure of how to respond. One hand goes up to awkwardly pat one of them on the back, but as soon as she can extricate herself from the hug - she does so, looking uneasy and uncertain. "I- uhh, well. I should- I have a few other things to handle today," the woman claims. "Look, why don't I leave you in Doctor McCoy's hands? You guys can see the rest of the grounds together and, umm, stay for dinner." Yes. Clarice just voluntold Xavier's to have some dinner guests. "And then I'll come by later to collect you. Good plan?" She'll wait for the slightest sign of agreement from either Hank, or Dyani's parents - both do not seem to be required, before she disappears in her usual flash of purple energy.
    Someone does not know what to do with a hug.