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Rogue's Present for Remy's Birthday
Date of Scene: 07 July 2021
Location: St Louis: Busch Stadium: Home of the Cardinals, Game 87 of 162. St. Louis Cardinals Vs the San Francisco Giants.
Synopsis: Rogue and Remy enjoy some baseball in Saint Louis.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Remy LeBeau

Rogue has posed:
Rogue and Remy had packed up and gone on a trip Monday evening, a trip to St. Louis of all places. The Gateway City. Theyd'd totten in to town a bit late and just headed straight to the airport before walking around the city a bit at night.

Rogue had been there before, but she'd said she was 4 or 5. She could only remember holding her mother's hand and walking down a street with giant buildings around her. Her first big city.

Today, it's Remy's birthday. Theyd' been doing quite a bit of touristy stuff like going up in the Arch and then visiting the Budweister Factory. Rogue liked both of those things quite a lot! Free beer at the Factory!

Now, they're at the Cardinals stadium, with nice seats and enjoying a baseball game together. Rogue wearing her red jersey with red cap, her designer aviators on her face and a pair of jeans with holes in the knees. She's got her mesh long gloves on, which get her a few looks, but it has like a 'goth' appeal to it, since they're black, so it all works out!

She's holding a cup of beer and a hotdog half eaten in the other hand, sitting on the edge of her seat and watching the game unfold and play out!

She grins over at Remy. "Least there's no rain or nothin', yeah, Old Man?" She teases him.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    The Arch, he's seen better curves at home.

    The Airport, he's flown faster planes at home.

    Budweiser Factory, he's ... okay that's pretty interesting.

    All of that pales to the simple joy he feels surprising Rogue with the tickets he bought, legitimately, to tonights game. The Cardinal's biggest fan, Might Woman, all geared up already wearing her jersey because she knows Remy likes to see her in it, and it just makes sense being in the city.

    Nice seats, not far behind the first base dugout, and safely behind the large net a few rows back, Remy reclines with his foot crossing over his leg and he rolls his head back with a Giant's cap on backwards as he fake laughs way too loudly and obnoxiously before smiling back to Rogue. "Course dere ain't. Paid stormy an arm an' a leg to be sure." He winks with that devil's grin of his.

    The cajun wears only the ball cap to show his support for the other team cause it's more fun to have an interest in the game and of course he can't root for his girlfriend's team, that would be bandwagoning. He'll bandwagon the other teams for the rest of his life for this.

    He wears a simple polo with none of the buttons done up, showing of a hint of his thin chest hair, and he leans back to put an arm around Rogue's shoulder and smiles, taking it all in, but mostly her.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's jersey was customized to have the name 'ROGUE' and 69 on the back, because she's just that mature, it certainly is fun to wear at a ball game too like this and draw attention more than she normally does. She enjoys that kind of attention, after all, and that's something REmy would know very well. She's likes it when random people make comments at her, it happens a lot because of her hair, the white bangs drawing comments all the time. Usually 'Is that natural?' because the strands are so stark white that they don't look dyed at all.

But yes, in the moment the Belle is sitting with her back straight on the edge of her chair watching the game. She doesn't know player names so well but she's learning them, looking at the field and deciding which ones are the hottest, because that's just how you do it with these male sports!

She takes another bite of her hotdog and smiles over at the Cajun beside her. "We should drive down t'New Orleans." She finally says with a little grin.

He might think that means she wants trouble, because she does.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy leans back, almost bumping into the dude sitting next to him, so he can look to Rogue with that sarcastic look plastered on his cajun face.

    "An pray tell, what would you wanna do a t'in' like dat fo'?"

    The cajun can not possibly fathom why anyone would want to go to New Orleans. "Ah mean, if'n dats whatcha wan', dats whatcha wan'."

    Remy rolls his fingers in a wave up her arm so he can bend his elbow behind the chairs and move his hand between her shoulder blades and give a little scritch through her shirt as he teases and uses the touch of her back to sneak her beer out of her hand with his free hand and takes a sip, refusing to make eyecontact because he knows she'll be upset that he refused to buy his own earlier when she offered.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue doesn't fight him about the beer, because it's his birthday. She lets him take it as she smiles over at him, turning a little toward him on her seat to stare at him more than the game.

"It's a tourist city too, ya know." She says, finishing off the last bite of her hotdog. She crumples up the paper and plastic wrap, chews and stares, her green eyes hidden by her shades. "Lots'a things t'look at down there. Plus you're a local, you could show me the best spots." She grins for a second.

"But I know... people there don't like ya." She states with a bit of a understanding morose tone. "I'd like t'see'em try anything, but I know you don't wanna deal with that either." She smirks then a bit before looking back to the game.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy finishes his sip as she speaking about New Orleans, and he lowers the cup to rest in the cup holder that's part of the chairs in front of them but meant for them.

    Yes, ballparks are weird like that.

    The cajun reaches up to Rogue's chin as she starts to turn away and he brings his own face closer to her and smirks, "We'll go, but, Ah need a little bit t'get mah mind ready firs', that okay wit' you? Oui?"

    Then as he brings his lips closer towards Rogue's, he lifts his free hand to point up towards the screen and like he planned it, the kiss cam is showing them and he smirks knowingly and gives the girl a kiss in front of thousands that are cheering for it.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks over to him on her left side, her eyes going wider under her sunglasses at him accepting the idea of going to the city he was born in. She'd been there too, but it was around that same time.... when she was young and with her real parents.

She grins at him and is aobut to take her beer back when the Kiss CAm thing happens. This makes her do a double take until she realizes what is going on.

So naturally she has to ham it up. She stands up and acts like she's going to slap him one!

But then takes her sunglasses and hat off, grabs him by the collar and pulls him up in to a kiss, a fiery kiss. A kiss to make the whole stadium cheer for them both on the camera!

And it does! Because that's how Mighty Woman plays!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Playing along, Remy starts to stand up and reach up to keep her from slapping him, but then she grabs his shirt and pulls him to her. It's far more intense than he expected, but more than wonderful and fun and the people around them even cheer loudly for the couple.

    His hands flail wildly as their lips meet, and he settles into the passion and plays it up for the camera and the crowd. Hands at her shoulders and lower backs before breaking the kiss and taking a deep breath.

    Nothing like working in front of an audience.

    "Dat's no-... Ahem." Remy clears his throat and tugs at his own collar a bit. "Might need a moment after dat."

Rogue has posed:
Life is about the best moments you can mine out of it. The bigger and better the moment the better and bigger the memory will be, with positive moments like this your life might just be a positive place! Or so Rogue likes to think.

She parts from the kiss and gives the man a 'Happy Birthday' over the cheering and applause then turns to wave at everyone before the Kiss Cam moves on to another group of people, as it is prone to do.

Once they're seated again, Rogue reaches for her beer once more and says a few things to the people who are sitting around them, a lot of them having words to share which is just the kind of thing the Belle loves, so when it's all said and done she looks back at Remy and grins at him.

Another sip of the beer is had and she puts her hat back on her head, then lays her glasses on her lap. "Now that's how ya celebrate." She adds.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy gives a man behind them a high five after the camera has moved on, and another before he shakes his hand, faking the pain from their slaps. He claims his seat before Rogue does and it silently watching her as she finally finds her seat again and the cajun grins back towards her own grin.

    "Dats how ya /start/ celebrating." Remy says with a lift of both his eyebrows, a wiggle and then lowers them back to resting on his face. "I expect more from ya t'night." He says brazenly as he puts his arm back behind her and rests his hand on her shoulder. It's comfortable there. No other reason. Well, comfort and he likes the feel of her shoulder against his chest. And the smell of her hair.

Rogue has posed:
The rather overt commentary has the Belle smirking at the man before she softly shakes her head and motions to there being KIDS sitting in the row in front of them!

She leans back in her chair then and takes another sip of the beer before setting it in the cup holder on their shared arm rest. "Never know what might happen. It is crazy summer season after all." She states then with a continued little smirk.

She leans against him as much as she can in these unforgiving plastic and metal seats, then puts her eyes back on the game and watches as someone cranks one out of the park. This of course has the stadium all cheering as it gets one of the Cards players to run home and another to round the bases.

"This really is a whole different exeprience when ya see it live!" Rogue says with a silly doofy laugh following it, because hey, good vacation!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    There's some jeering coming Remy's way and more cheering towards Rogue. It takes a certain level of crazy to wear the opposing teams gear when you're at a stadium live. "Ya right." Remy says towards Rogue as the others around them seem to be hooting and hollering for the home run and some seem to be poking fun at Remy's Giants hat.

    Playing into it and standing up with the rest of the crowd, Remy turns to those behind them and shouts, "Give me your hate, Ah feed on it and only become stronga!" He smirks and gives a fist bump to the guy who pats Rogue on the shoulder and compliments her custom jersey and then Remy sits back down. "Ah know dere's kids, and yah, it's way better in person. Kinda don't wanna ever leave. Ah love baseball crowds. Almost as much as you."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is of course happily responding to those around her, even offering some hi-5s to the kids in front of her letting them slap her black gloved hands. She is soon to turn back to Remy then and just smile warmly at his endearing comment.

"Oh stop." She says. "It's your birthday, not mine." She reminds him. Once they settle in again though she leans against him and puts her eyes on the game, her left hand on his thigh as they enjoy the rest of the night together.

The rest of the game is fairly calm and standard baseball fun!