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We Are The Champions
Date of Scene: 11 July 2021
Location: Circle Q Rooftop, Jersey City, New Jersey
Synopsis: A clandestine gathering of teen heroes on the rooftops of the Circle Q convenience store in Jersey City, New Jersey, results in an unlikely team-up. Look out, world, here come the #Champions!
Cast of Characters: Kamala Khan, Kaida Connolly, Heather Danielson, Cindy Moon, Vivian Vision, Bart Allen, Emily Roberts, Madison Evans, Ben Reilly, Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe, Doreen Green

Kamala Khan has posed:
    If you've seen the rooftop of one Jersey City convenience store, you've seen them all. Tonight, however, this particular rooftop has been prepared for a gathering of heroes. Teen heroes, but heroes nonetheless. Preparations for this have not been auspicious -- in fact, the only suggestion that a gathering was planned is a semicircle of folding chairs, wooden milk crates, and stacked newspapers. Strange things are afoot at the Circle Q...

    Ms. Marvel sits on top of the Circle Q's air conditioning unit with her legs dangling over the side. She's staring at the chairs, crates, and stacks. She holds a single pizza box with both hands.

    "I'm...Ms. Marvel!" she mutters to herself. "Ms....Marvel! .... Ms. Mar-vell!" She's practicing.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
Most of the news Kaida gets is through the Titans, through TV, or by reading over shoulders. She also hears things. Big ears and all that. With some knowledge in place, Kaida set out for this meeting and arrived early. Being small and a mouse lends to scoping things out. Making sure you might be welcome and all that. So, up she slips to the roof, sniffs and... pizza. Sneak closer, zip here, blur there, and...

"First one. Definitely. Keep it simple and also open the pizza box. Very important step to open the pizza box." A tiny voice says from Kamala's right. If she looks, she'll see no one even as the tiny blur moves to the left and uses a tiny sword to reach out carefully and try to lift the lid of the box with it.

"Just a little, for like a second." The mouse girl repeats.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    As a member of the Titans, Heather is rather easy to find. She also has a public ID. I mean lets face it... when your powers manifest publicly on camera and film and all that.... it's difficult to put the genie back in the bottle.

    As such, her facebook is easy to reach for anyone who wants to find the eighteen year old model turned superheroine and Titan. She's been toying with different costume ideas... and it was suggested that she not show too much skin. But either way, she figured that Bart got the same invitation and she showed up at the door to his quarters. "I'm ready!" she announced with a dramatic pose. Likely the same pose she will appear holding half a second later.

Cindy Moon has posed:
Web swinging is great when you're in a big city, but once you get out and more into the 'burbs where the tall buildings are only a few stories tall, it becomes a bit harder to accomplish. Sometimes you have to hitchhike. Silk has spent the past half hour jumping from car roof to car roof to get to the Circle Q. When she finally gets there she flips off the car, and checks to make sure she's got the right one, and considering that there's a small gathering of teenaged costumed, she figures she's right on target.

"Thanks for the ride!" she calls out to the driver of the car, who didn't even slow down, or probably even notice that she was there. "Boy," she says, hands on her hips. "Jersey drivers really /are/ the worst."

She looks to the roof, and *Thwips* out a line that attaches to the edge, and pulls herself up in one swift motion. "Hi!" she says to the gathering of heroes. "I got your flyer! It had glitter!" She pulls out the flyer that's on pink stationary, calling for all teen heroes who want to make a difference in the world to come gather here. There is, of course, glitter.

Vivian Vision has posed:
While Jersey City is a bit out of the way for Viv to visit on a school night the wonders of the Hyperlink and synthezoid flight make it a fairly simple trip. It of course helps that she can do her homework on the move. As well as remotely carry out most of her duties elsewhere.

To avoid alarming the locals she arrives wrapped in a holographic cloaking field. Making herself blend seemlessly with the background until she seemingly lands out of thing air holding a tupperware box of baked goods. Cellphone traffic allowing her to pick out the location without trying.

"I trust I am not late?" she wonders aloud. It's probably a rhetorical question, she's got an internal clock after all! "I thought I would bring homemade cookies so people did not have to purchase snacks in the store below and upset the customers."

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen either got the invitation or heard about someone else who was invited, and when Heather asked for a ride, he decided to take her up on it. One moment she is calling out she is ready and next instant she is streaking through the city riding in a ted and white Rickshaw covered with lightning bolts, and stickers on the back from around the world. He looks back for a moment, and says "Should we take food too?" Before she can answer he has picked up some food from different places, hanging from bags on the outside of the shaw. Then up the side of the building and Bart and the Impulse-shaw, with Heather inside, and food from a dozen different styles hanging from hooks on the back like baggage.

Emily Roberts has posed:
Between the shelves of a school library during summer break probably seemed like a safe place to whisper about a rumoured super teen meeting. Unfortunately for the whisperers, and fortunately for Emily, she'd been spending an awful lot of time recently checking out the school library and its resources.

Of course, having only just gotten powers in the first place, and not even having had the time to figure them all out, she's a little underprepared. She had no idea where she was meant to get an outfit from (Is there some secret superhero tailor that makes them to order?), so a quick rummage through her closet and an order from American Apparel was about the best she could do.

Reaching the Circle Q, she looks down at herself and tries not to wince. While her black and white chucks are classically stylish, they don't really scream 'Super Hero'. The black spandex leotard fits the bill a little better, even if it does leave her legs uncomfortably on display, but gray hoodie worn over top mostly ruins it. And she's pretty certain the old halloween mask she's wearing beneath her hood will get her laughed out of the meeting before she even has a chance to say hi.

Hearing a commotion on the roof as people apparently start arriving Emily takes a deep breath, steps out of the shadows, and *jumps*...

"Shit shit shit shiiit lookout!"

...and overshoots the edge of the building just a little, too high and too far and now falling fairly close to where the super teens (with *actual* costumes she notes depressedly) are gathering.

Madison Evans has posed:
    Wear a mask. Such a strange request. I mean - sure, Madison got it. Super heroes, secret identities, masks... But it didn't specify, did it? It could be a medical mask. Or, you know, a Jack Skellington mask.
    ...or perhaps in Madison's case, it's no real suprise that the mask she has is a Darth Vader mask. So she shows up at in the Circle Q in her Jedi Academmy Alumnus shirt while wearing a Darth Vader mask (wasn't Vader technically an alumnus of the Jedi Academy?) - heading up the stairs when she's pointed in that direction with her her hands shoved into her pockets. Charlie had forwarded the invitation to her, and she wasn't sure she reeeeeally belonged here. But she thought she might as well listen in, and see what's up.

Ben Reilly has posed:
Ben Reilly just hitched a ride on top of a bus out to the burbs, avoiding denting in any car roofs, keeping his head down and his hood pulled up. Not exactly disguise, but at least it stops people yelling HE IT'S SPIDER-MAN at him. Cause he wasn't Spider-Man. Even if he sort of was Spider-Man. It's complicated.

A few drainpipes, a garage here and there and finally he's scrambling up to the top of the convenience store with the rest, seeing a few familiar - well, not faces, but masks. Maybe a face or two. One thing he had over the old-fashioned Spidey suit was pockets, as he put his hands in his and strolled up tot he gathering group, "Sup?" he said, all cool-like.

God, stop trying to be cool, you goon.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
Charlie is camped out down the street, atop another building, sitting cross legged on top of a very similar HVAC to the one Ms. Marvel is using as her chair down yonder on the Circle Q.

She squints a little as she watches the convergence of very young superheroes on the building in question. "Woosh.. okay this is a lot more people than I thought it would be." which is really honestly just muttered to herself. "Also.. question answered on how the Spiderfolk deal with not being in downtown major metros with skyscrappers... I mean it is porbably that or actually ride in the bus right. Would anyone even care... maybe the train system too.. though I wonder if any of the clearances are too tight..."

Oh right. The gathering. Hey look Maddie made it too and wore a mask. A Darth Vader mask. I mean. That isn't ominimous. Sigh.

She hops up to her feet and steps forward vanishing from her rooftop and appearing on the edge of the Circle Q rooftop in a dramatic slash of pink and purple smoke a heartbeat later.

When it clears the redhead is just there, and any super senses knows she wasn't a moment ago. Anyone with mystic senses though would have felt a BANG of Chaos Magic. She is in full on bat-clan geared up outfit which looks very authentic down to the utility belt.

"Ooh pizza!" not bothering to try to be cool despite the entrance.

Doreen Green has posed:
As does happen a LOT, Doreen is just THERE, at the right place, right time. It's just the way it is with her, some might even call it luck, but there she is leaving a KFC restaurant, and a very tasty dinner when a piece of paper floating in the breeze lands in her face..

"Huh? What's this?" She reads for a moment, "A new team of heroes.. The Champions?! This is it.. this is what we've been training for Tippy-Toe.. maybe the Avengers finally got our letter!" She starts running off towards the meeting location. Tippy-Toe is chittering excitedly..

"I guess responding after three years isn't that big of a deal. They are really busy dealing with global and galactic threats right? Who knows? Maybe their response just got lost in the mail and we just happened to run into it?" Tippy-Toe shrugs and Doreen keeps running..

Kamala Khan has posed:
    Zip. Blur. Blink. Blink. Ms. Marvel turns her head and stares down at the pizza box in her lap and the mouse girl trying to pry the box open with her sword. "Oh!" she replies, trying her best to not sound utterly shocked. "Yeah, yeah, sure..." Ms. Marvel moves her fingers so they're not in the way of the pizza box lid and flashes a grin. Tiny mouse girl. Must be here for the meeting. It's the only explanation. Ms. Marvel continues the grin and carefully slides the pizza box to her side -- or perhaps slides her body to the side of the pizza box -- to not disrupt the smaller girl. Ms. Marvel stands up to greet the others.

    "Silk!" she announces. "I knew that flyer was the right move!" And then, there's Viv Vision. Ms. Marvel's grin widens. "Viv! You made it! Of course you're not late!" With Kaida, Silk, Viv, each addition seems to relax Ms. Marvel, ease her nerves, and give some suggestion of confidence that this is going to work out. This was a /good idea/.

    Two brown eyebrows rise, cresting just above the edge of Ms. Marvel's domino mask. Oh. Em. Gee. "It's Impulse...And Knockout!" she hisses, her eyes darting back to the single cheese pizza she got for this. Welp. Ms. Marvel's hand slips into the hidden compartment of her bangle bracelets, producing her cellphone. Tap, tap, taptaptap, tap. Two thumbs move expeditiously.....SEND. Downstairs, Bruno's phone goes off. <NEED MOAR SNACKS.>

    Ms. Marvel straightens her domino mask and waves excitedly at Madison. "Lord Vader," she greets with a grin. "Oh! Hey!" Ms. Marvel continues the wave in Ben's direction, remembering him from some shared heroics. She's about to say more but then... SMOKE. Charlie. "Yes, yes, come get some...pizza! There's... not plenty, but... we'll make it work!" Ms. Marvel clears her throat and turns her body, as if to address the group... But...

    Suddenly, Ms. Marvel's arms extend forward and her hands grow. Cupped together, they're roughly the size of a loveseat. "Here!" she shouts up at Emily, shifting left and right to try and get her makeshift landing pad into the right position.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
A grin and a wave is offered to new arrivals but it can be something if a futile gesture when you are so tiny so instead of focusing in many greetings, she lets Kamala have her show and focuses on pizza.

Then more blurring and pizza is mentioned and 3 pieces are missing and Kaida blinks awkwardly at others. She swallow what she was working on and then points.

"Oh, look! More snacks on the rickshaw! Yay more snacks and ignore what is left of the pizza." Which has inexplicably half-disappeared into a space that should not fit it.

Cindy Moon has posed:
Silk looks like she's about to web a landing pad for Emily to land on, but it looks like kamala has it all under control. She looks around at all the new faces and the edges of her eyes crinkle when she smiles. (Not that you can see her smile since it's behind her mask.) "So many people, Ms. Marvel! This was a great idea!"

She gasps as she sees Kaida. "A mouse!" She peers at her outfit, or lack there of. "Hold on. I need to do something. She holds out her hands, and from the tips of her fingers spins a blood red mouse sized scarf. "Here you go," she says handing it over to Kaida. "That'll make you look more heroic."

She turns and looks at the rest of the people setting her hands on her hips. "Hi everybody! We should all probably introduce ourselves! I'm your friendly neighborhood Silk!"

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Windblown for sure, Heather managed to be a bit less surprised upon her arrival via superspeed rickshaw than others might be. After all, she is a teammate of Bart's after all. But as she looks around and sees the number of folks present, her blue eyes go wide and she grins. "Bart. Titans requisition order six please." she states as she rolls her neck and looks about to the others. "For the record, a number six is..." and before she can finish, the odds are Bart has already ... acquired enough food for at least himself and Heather. If not the others. "...a sandwich smorgasbord." she finishes as the food arrives via Speed Force Uber Eats. "Anyway, hi!" she announces, lifting a hand to wave at other folks. "Greetings from... oh, looks like three of us Titans showed up. So greetings from us all." she states with a shrug. "Sorry I didn't wear a mask. I don't actually -use- a mask.... and I'm still working on a costume. But it'll be blue, that's for sure!"

Doreen Green has posed:
And that is when Squirrel Girl finally arrives! Of course she's already stuffed her face with fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and spicy rice. Yet... there is pizza, "Is this the meeting place for the Champions? I'm Squirrel Girl! I sent a letter to the Avengers three years ago, did they set this up? Or are we kind of doing our own thing?"

She doesn't seem to mind either way though, "It's kind of hard to fight crime alone in New York City.. no idea how Spidey does it.. anyway I'm here! Sign me up!"

It's honestly as if there is no doubt in Doreen's mind that this is going to happen and that it's going to happen flawlessly! "This is going to be great!" She looks at everyone briefly and is not at all surprised to find a mouse next to the pizza.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision puts down the cookies she's made near to the pizza. The container has a few different types ranging from a plain butter cookie through chocolate chip to an oatmeal and raisen. Each marked with neat little labels with allergy and nutrional information.

"Good evening Ms Marvel," she replies. "I see you have been busy with the invitations." The synthezoid turns to wave at the other heroes she knows from elsewhere. Mostly fellow Titans.

The other two Happy Harbour students get polite waves too. Sadly a mask doesn't stop a synthezoid from running vocal analysis software. But she does at least pretend a level of ignorance for politeness sake.

When Doreen arrives Viv looks between Ben and Silk. "I do not wish to assume anything, but I do not think Spider-Man 'does it alone' at all..."

Kaida Connolly has posed:
A blink and stare at Cindy as she approaches and Kaida nods, "Yes, I am mouse." She prepares to dodge attacks only to watch a scarf be made and she stares at it before taking it and cackling madly. She drapes it out and is suddenly a bolt of speed that likely only Bart can easily keep up with that now has a red flickering blur behind it.

"Hahahaha! I have a scarf now! Does it look awesome?" She immediately runs about at 'normal' speeds of around highway traffic and leaps here and there before landing on Heather's shoulder.

"Be honest, it is amazing, right?" She laughs again and spins around before then pointing at Silk, "I nominate her team seamstress!" And then she is back by the pizza.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
Charlie tilts her head glancing over at Doreen now "You sent a letter. To the Avengers?" she blinks behind her goggles. "I wonder if they even read those...." she trails off and then gestures to Kamala "I think she set it up."

She does turn her attention to Lord Vader there and nods "Hey. Glad you could make it." she isn't sure this is Maddie's scene and all but well this is at least someone she knows right.

Then she looks around. "So yeah... uh. I'm Misfit. From Gotham." which .. honestly if anyone has met anyone from Gotham is pretty painfully obvious."

The attention bounces to Heather and Bart "You said Titan's right. Robin's on that team ye?"

Ben Reilly has posed:
Ben Reilly raises a hand, "Scarlet Spider. Hey," hes ays, making his way over towards the pizza. He sees a lot of pizza, since he makes his living mostly by delivering things to people for a gig app, but, like most teenagers, he can't really get enough of the stuff.

"Hey, it never hurts if you don't ask. I just kind of accidentally made my way into the Titans, but it's worked pretty well for me so far," he says.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen has been to a few of these type gatherings, and as Heather is speaking tables are appearing around the rooftop with food and drinks on them. A red cooler will appear, and then disappears almost as soon as it was seen. Soon Impulse has multiple tables with food from all around including the sandwich spread set out. He is spotted as he slows down to make a scooby sized sandwich, rickshaw down on street level now.

Emily Roberts has posed:
Landing in a giant pair of hands is surprisingly comfortable, if a bit embarrassing for Emily given the circumstances. "Um, Hi! Uhh... sorry. Haven't got a handle on strength yet. Still... kinda new to this whole... thing."

Carefully getting off the cupped hands, and thankful that her halloween mask hides her flushed cheeks, she offers an awkward wave to the rest of the crowd and starts shuffling aside so she's closer to the fridges of the group.

A belated thought strikes her, and she pipes up again for just a moment to reassure everyone "Just a halloween mask! Not an actual Gorilla girl. Not that there'd be anything wrong with that." Heaving a sigh that's more groan than exhale, she glances around at the heroes assembled; a couple of whom she recognizes but most of whom she has no clue about.

Upon realising that Heather hasn't worn a mask, and looking around once more, Emily heaves another sigh. If you can't trust super heroes to keep your identity secret, who can you trust right? "So... I can ditch the mask then? I feel like an idiot and this thing is surprisingly hot."

Madison Evans has posed:
    Madison giggles with delight as she's greeted as 'Lord Vader' - and her eyes widen as she watches Kamala's hands expand to catch the falling Emily. "Cooool power," she breathes quietly. The request to introduce themselves brings and uncertain sound from the teen, though. "I don't, uhhh... have a secret identity, really. Or a mask, obviously, I mean- I just... I had this one in the closet, so- I mean. I'm not really a super hero, I mean, I have powers, but my mom doesn't want to me- ahem. Anyways. I guess I'm just... The Jedi?" she offers uncertainly. "A Jedi, anyways. Hi."
    Yup. Jedi, despite the 'Sith Lord' mask. "...oh. I don't know how I'm going to eat pizza //or// cookies while wearing this." Oversight. Oops.
    "WHOA! Look at all the food?! What kind of power is //that//?!" Man. Her Jedi powers are suddenly feeling rather inadequate.

Cindy Moon has posed:
Silk laughs in delight as Kaida tries out her new silk scarf. "Yes! It totally looks amazing!" She looks around the place and wiggles her fingers. "Anybody else needs a scarf?" She looks at those who are still workshopping their costumes, "Or a costume? I can make one, especially if we're all coming together as a team."

She looks longingly at the pizza and the rest of the food. "Oh, man." she says. "I knew that one day I would rue making my mask hide the lower part of my face"

Kamala Khan has posed:
    Ms. Marvel spreads her hands so Emily can get herself back on the ground. Those hands of hers shrink back down as her arms retract back to normal. She nods at Madison with a smile. "Thanks! I call it 'embiggening!'" Her eyebrows rise. "The Jedi? Huh. Better take off that Vader mask, then, huh?"

    Ms. Marvel's smile is unyielding. "Thanks, Silk! I, uh, didn't expect to have such a turnout. I wish I ordered more..." She turns her head and squints at the... "...pizza..." Half of it gone. She takes a deep breath and summons her smile again, this time for Viv. "Yeah! The word spread like wild fire."

    Ms. Marvel's hand rises to wave at Doreen. "Uh, yeah, this is the place," she replies uneasily. Champions. Champions. Huh. It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

    "So, uh... Help yourselves to however much pizza is...left... I'm Ms. Marvel! And, welcome to New Jersey!" she calls out, grinning from ear to ear.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"It depends on which Avenger you contact. My father probably reads every email he receives," Vivian muses. "I do not think many of the team read generic messages, there is almost certainly a civilian team who checks the mail once it's been run through various security scanners." She pauses and frowns. "Actually Captain America probably /does/ when he has time. He's so polite I think he'd be offended if people were writing to him and not getting a response."

She shakes her head at Doreen. "We are not officially linked with the Avengers." She blinks for effect. "Well aside from my family connection I suppose. I am Vivian Vision by the way, for anyone who I have not previously met."

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Smirking, Heather shrugs her shoulders. She reaches for a turkey and swiss hoagie, then a squeeze bottle for dark mustard and applies it to the sandwich. She looks over towards Emily as she asks about the masks and she shrugs her shoulders, "I couldn't have a secret ID if I wanted. But if I could, I would." she adds. "The question is, do you want a mask to be a part of your uniform?" But she smiles, "I know a few designers who could help anyone with costume ideas. I am just indecisive. I mean... I can't go crime fighting in a bikini, no matter how many guys might want me to." she adds with a smirk before she takes a huge bite. While she doesn't eat like a speedster, she does make a lot of young women jealous.

    The fact is, she eats so much more because her powers require it. But after that bite, she inclines her head and shrugs, "Perhaps a domino mask. Something to break of the face a bit, but leaves you enough uncovered skin on the face to not overheat?" she asks.

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen grins widely, looking from Silk, to Ben, "Oh you two work with Spider-Man?! That's awesome! He gave me access to his Spidey-Comm app so I can help you guys!" She then turns to Kamala, "Oh we are going to need MUCH more than this.."

Doreen takes out her phone and dials a number. One MIGHT hear squeaking sounds on the other line, "Yes Monkey-Joe we need like.. six pizzas.. yes with everything.. and extra cheese.. yes we have the money! I just finished that hard drive restore for that rich guy.. okay I'll text you the address.."

Doreen hangs up, "We'll have a lot more pizza soon! But thanks for bringing the cheese Kamala! It's easy to underestimate a big turn out.. trust me. The first time I threw Tippy-Toe a birthday party, we had almost a thousand guests from all around.. mostly Central Park but some of the guests came from upstate. Squirrels spread news pretty fast.."

She turns to Vivian, "Oh well that's okay! I pretty much figured that the Avengers weren't going to respond at this point.. three.. years.. I mean that's.. wow I think I should have given up on that idea a long time ago huh?!" She snickers and scratches the back of her head while Tippy-Toe chitter-snickers.

Cindy Moon has posed:
Silk nods to Doreen. "So /you're/ Squirrel Girl! I guess the big bushy tail should have clued me in. Good to have you on the team!" She looks at Tippy-Toe curiously, "Do they need spider comms as well? I'm sure Spider-Man would set you up." Sure he would, Cindy. Suuuure.

She turns to Ben and gives him a cheery wave. "Hey, Scarlet-Spider! Good to see I'm not the only spider person who's interested in this team! I'm surprised Spider-Man isn't here. He always wanted to be an Avenger and I guess this is going to be the next best thing."

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen will sees Doreen and her little friend and he if off again, but right back. He has a bag in hand, and says "Pardon me, You said we have squirrels coming more like your friend here?" He motions to Tippy-Toe. Eastern Grey he asks. and reaches into the bag he brought, and says "Can I offer her some nuts?" Be it pet or side kick, best to ask the main hero first.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
"Well I guess we don't need me bouncing out and getting any extra food..." she notes looking over the spread that Impulse has laid out. Then at Doreen when Squirrel girl orders even more pizzas. "Food. Check."

She grins though to Lord Vader, aka The Jedi. Then points at Bart who has slowed down enough to eat the sandwhich without issue, or make it. Something. "Speedster. Member of the Titans. Super Power is well.. uh.. doing things really fast.... like setting up a buffet or punching bad dudes."

She considers "Isn't Spiderman a bit old for this meeting?" amusement.

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen glances at Bart as he offers nuts, "Sure! Tippy-Toe loves nuts! That pizza is what she's -really- looking forward to though.." Tippy-Toe jumps up and down chittering some more. She was excited about pizza but nuts means she can have food -now-..

"She won't be stuffed any time soon I can promise you that.."

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen nods and holds a hand out with all kinds of nuts in it for Tippy Toe. He looks over to Jedi, and says "Name's Impulse, I'm a member of a couple groups, but well, I am a bit all over the place." He shrugs and smiles "Titans there is also my cousins, Kid Flash may be interested, will have to let her know about it, but Flash Flash, he is to old if your wanting to do the whole young hero thing." He offers in explanation. "In fact, I know a few heroes I can tell about the group if you want who could not make it this evening.

Kamala Khan has posed:
    Ms. Marvel grows, costume and all, to about ten feet tall or so. She puts both hands up, palms out, in a 'don't shoot me' kind of gesture. "So, uh, you might be wondering why I asked you all here. I don't want this to be like a time share presentation, but if you just give me a minute or two of your time, I promise that I'll shut up." She takes a breath.

    "So, Hamilton's Grocer. You might have seen it on your way over -- it's over on Grove Street. Tiny shop, fresh fruits and vegetables, you know, plus they have this arcade game with a loose coin return. Totally cool! Anyway, there's this store, right, in their family for three generations. Mr. Hamilton used to give me licorice when I'd pass by on my way to school," Ms. Marvel explains. Her attention briefly shifts, her gaze going long as she gestures in the direction of this grocery store she's talking about. "Last week, the store was ruined -- Monstromo was thrown right through the store's glass and wrecked everything. Action Man thought he was helping, but... Not everyone's insurance covers this kind of stuff..."

Ben Reilly has posed:
Ben Reilly takes a piece of pizza, peeling his mask up enough to expose his mouth and taking a few bites before he answers Silk's greeting, "Hey!," he says, raising a hand, "He might feel like he's stretched a little thin. I don't blame him. I'd feel the same way if I were in his position."

Like, literally the same.

"I'm not sure I'm good enough for the Avengers myself. I mean...who am I to stand shoulder to shoulder with freakin' Captain America? Just cause I got a few super powers? Nah."

Cindy Moon has posed:
Silk blinks at Charlie. "Uh. Yes. Yes he is. Older. Old. So old." Good job there, Cindy. Nearly gave away Peter's age. So smooth. She nods at Scarlet-Spider, "I mean, I'm pretty sure every Avenger feels that way. He's freakin' Captain America. He punched Hitler. How can you compare to that?"

She shuts up, though once Ms. Marvel grows and starts speaking, listening attentively.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
"OMG!" Yes, she just said O and M and G. Kaida bounces excitedly and then races over to where Doreen is and races around her several times, "Squirrel!" She is not a dog, but she is rather interested in seeing such a thing. SHe giggles excitedly and leaps up on to Doreen's shoulder unless stopped before waving, "Hi, I'm Kaida." She then points over to the pizza, "There's still have a pizza left." And she then races over to the top of a chair and sits right down to watch Kamala's presentation.

"Whoa. That is terrible." Kaida suddenly stops and frowns as she watches.

Emily Roberts has posed:
Finally having enough of the heat wearing a vinyl halloween mask causes Emily yanks back her hood in frustration and pulls the mask off, revealing both her identity and sweaty flushed skin. Grumbling under her breath and dragging fingers through her dark red-brown hair to tidy it up, she finally introduces herself.

"So I haven't thought of a fancy superhero name yet, but you all know what I look like now anyway so... just call me Em, I guess." A soft 'ugh' as she wipes the back of her arm across her sweaty forehead, and then she throws a wave at Vivian. "Hey Vivian. I'll get that email to you soon. I just got a bit distracted by trying to get ready for, well..." She gestures around the rooftop.

She turns her attention to Silk and takes a step towards the other hero before Ms. Marvel is suddenly calling everyone's attention and beginning to give a speech. With no mask hiding her face any more her angry expression in response to Kamala's story is obvious to all.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"If people wish I could quickly put together a smartphone application that allows encrypted communication over the internet?" Vivian offers. It's only a matter of moments work for her to code something like that. "It wouldn't require much of my processing power to monitor it and, if required, to assist with co-ordination."

Her attention shifts to Ben. "But you've been at Titans Tower and they have saved the world multiple times. Surely if you can be comfortable around them then you can work with the Avengers? They're really a lot more normal and approachable than you might imagine." Of course she's got the benefit of family connections to work it.

A portion of her mind looks up al the information on the Monstromo attack and the location Ms Marvel is talking about. Then she projects a holographic image of it for everyone to look at.

Doreen Green has posed:
And -that- is when several squirrels, led by Monkey-Joe, arrive with six huge pizzas that are loaded with ingredients, and extra cheese, "Hey thanks Monkey-Joe!" Monkey-Joe chitters something. Doreen widens her eyes, "Oh yeah! It IS my birthday today isn't it?! I was so excited about this new super hero group that I forgot! I just turned twenty one!"

She effortlessly lifts the giant stack of pizzas and sets them on the table with the rest of the food, "This is perfect! It's the best birthday I could have imagined!" She smiles at Kamala, "We'll find out who vandalized and destroyed Mr. Hamilton's store. And I can ask some squirrels to help rebuild actually.. believe it or not, they love to keep busy, and gathering food for the winter only takes like.. a week. Most of my friends are already done to be honest.."

Madison Evans has posed:
    As the pizza arrives, Madison claims a piece of it - then, a bit uncertainly, angles her mask up to expose her mouth so she can eat. And - yes, most of her face as well. She turns her attention towards Kamala as she speaks, what she can see of her expression intent, and concerned. She frowns, looking between the others - and then suddenly giggling. "Oh. Em! Hi!" she adds, before her attention goes to Kamala once more. "I'm not sure what I could do to help with that. I mean, I want to... I - well. I know some super strong ants I might be able to borrow to help with rebuilding and carrying stuff?"

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Shaking her head, Heather looks to Bart, then Ben, and lastly to Vivian. "So, as representatives of the Titans, we are not here to try to take over or whatnot. I came because I wanted to help out and be supportive."

    That said, she finishes her first sandwich and looks to Emily. "So, you're strong?" she asks. "If you want, I could try to help you figure out a name."

    And then she inclines her head and looks to Doreen. "Oh hell... we have a -birthday- girl here?" she asks as her face lights up in a cheery smile. None of that fake model smiling. This is pure joy. "Do we sing? Or hey Bart. Cake?" she asks with a smirk. "And as for gifts... hell, I had no idea. But I'm gonna figure out -something-!"

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
Charlie points out "Well... I mean Ms. Marvel there said who vanalized the store... some Villain who was thrown through it by Action Guy or something. Didn't have Damage Control insurance I guess... which is probably pretty expensive." she frowns.

"I wonder if there are charity funds or non-profits who help people recover from supervillainy... or maybe city funds or federal programs?"

She will need to look into that really.

"I imagine there has to be something... I can ask Oracle about it."

She walks to one of the tables Bart setup and picks up a slice of squirrell delivered pizza.

Ben Reilly has posed:
Ben Reilly raises a finger to Vivian's point, "That would make sense, if I'd ever thought of it like that. Which I hadn't, but, now that you mention it, yeah, not totally sure I belong there either. Fake it until you make it, I guess. Plus I needed help and some of the Titans were there for me," he says.

Not that he wants to air his dirty laundry at a pizza party. He's not a guidance counselor, after all.

"That said, doing good for the little guy sounds like a good campaign to get behind."

Kamala Khan has posed:
    "We don't have that kind of insurance here in Jersey City. We're not New York," Ms. Marvel gently corrects Charlie.

    "So, like, the Avengers and the Justice League -- they're great, don't get me wrong, Titans too, I appreciate you all coming! But... When they save the world and all, that's great, but what about Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton on Grove Street? That's /their/ world. Just... a few blocks here in Jersey City."

    Ms. Marvel's features soften. "See, the way I see it, there are Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton's all over the world... Grocery stores getting leveled because the Action Men of the world don't know what it's like to have a mortgage payment. I mean, no offense..." She looks over at the Titans assembled. "...I'm not calling /anyone/ out." Her eyes shift from them.

    "The way I see it..." she repeats. "...There are people, all over the world, people with power -- punching /down/. Every one of us is a lethal weapon, right? So, do we need to really let our powers do all the talking? Let violence do all the talking? That's not the world /I/ want..."

    Ms. Marvel shrinks back down to normal size and hops up on the HVAC unit again, now satisfied that she's gotten their attention. "...Stuff like Hamilton's Grocer happen /all the time/ ... and, also, other things that are much worse. I want that to change, don't you? I mean, I'd like people to be /glad/ when a hero shows up, not worried that their whole world is going to be turned upside down. We can do that...So..."

    Ms. Marvel turns her head towards the Titans. "...Again...no offense to the Titans..." She tilts her gaze back to the others. "...Or the Avengers. Or the Justice League. Or the Bat...uh, people... But... Maybe the world needs..." There's a pause. Her gaze shifts over to Doreen.


Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen smiles and nods, "Yep.. the big Two One! Never really liked the taste of alcohol but.. I guess I'm allowed to buy it now!" She looks at Kamala again, "Right.. when I was first starting out? Squirrels would cause more damage than intended.. but we've worked on that! Squirrels can communicate with each other pretty fast, it's almost lightning quick. We've done a good job at keeping the damage down at this point.. I mean we saw Spider-Man doing his thing, not causing an entire block to fall into chaos after a fight, that kind of thing. It can be done!"

She munches a slice of pizza, "Other heroes are so worried about the world being destroyed that they don't realize how much the damage they cause hurts the average person. I know that now too.. it's one of the things I mentioned in my letter."

"But together we can help by focusing on the smaller scale stuff! I think everyone would appreciate it! It takes a lot to help -everyone-. We can do our part just like you said! I'm ready!"

Cindy Moon has posed:
Silk looks at Madison and Emily trying to eat pizza behind Halloween masks and just heaves a heavy sigh. She quickly spins a couple of domino masks for them and hands them out. "Here you go. Hidden identities and eating pizza, all at the same time!"

She slowly nods her head as Ms. Marvel speaks. "So you're talking about doing more community actiony type stuff rather than super hero actiony type stuff." Her head bobs a little faster as she thinks about this. "I don't know about you all, but I don't get paid to be a super hero, so I know what it's like to worry about bills, or having your apartment get destroyed because the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom are fighting once again." She looks up at Ms. Marvel, "So where do we start?"

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
"No Offense taken." she notes about the Bat people comment.

"Though.. to be fair we don't tend to level businesses or buildings. Hard to ninja chop someone into property damage and honestly we are more worried about preventing the Riddler fromn bombing a bank .... but yeah I get the point."

She frowns a touch. "I grew up in Suicide slums and spent a stretch on my own after my mom died homeless...." she is still a teenager too.

"So... I get what your saying Ms. Marvel. Having some down to earth or ... street heroes is a good idea to look after people..."

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen looks over and nods a bit "It is an important thing, and when you do it right, the city will appreciate it and maybe even build a museum to you, not that you should hero for a museum, but they are really cool. He is off and back with a stack of twenty cakes with a candle in each one of them, all different flavors. "Helping rebuild things goes a long way, but you do have to find ways to pay for the building supplies even if your furnishing the labor."

Heather Danielson has posed:
    "Okay. Birthday cake is important. But I think what you said really resonates." Heather says to Kamala. "I do my best to use what little celeb status I have to do charity work... I am like an honorary den big sis for a bunch of girl scouts. But I think you are on the best track there Ms. Marvel."

    That said, she strides towards the hostess and offers a hand, "As a Titan I take no offense to your comments. And I cannot speak -for- the team. But I can speak for myself... and if you want to help Ms. Mom and Pop American, or wherever the forgotten victims happen to live.. then I will help however I can." she says as she offers Kamala a hand.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision gives Heather a puzzled look. "I had not come here with the intent of representing the Titans," she points out. "I am happy to help out different groups in whatever way I can. Many of the tasks I carry out for various groups can be done remotely. Information, communications and assiting with co-ordination. Nor do I have any interest in taking control of anything..."

Despite what the media might suggest not every AI wants world domination!

"There are a variety of non-profit groups which help out with the cost of rebuilding after a supercrime. But there is only so much those groups can do. Limited resources, staff and time." Her subpersona does a little more digging and brings up the building blueprint as it appears in the city council records. "It wouldn't be that hard to simply carry out the repairs ourselves. But if superheroes do too much construction work it could create ill-will with construction workers who may feel they are going to lose their jobs."

Emily Roberts has posed:
Emily mouths 'later' at Heather's question about her superpower, not wanting to interrupt Kamala's speech with discussion about her power or potential names. At the end of the admittedly rather impressive speech, Emily raises her hand while wearing a thoughtful frown.

"Umm, so, just to be clear. We're talking about minimizing property damage and stuff, right? Like 'Fight them at the local park so nobody's house or business gets destroyed' kinda thing? I... always sorta thought that would have been the objective of all superheroes. I don't think anyone goes out *intending* to punch the badguy through someone's family business." Despite seemingly not being completely on board so far, Emily does still seem curious to see where Kamala's going with this.

Being handed a domino mask by Silk leaves her looking slightly bemused, but she puts it on nonetheless. "Bit late, but, uhh, thanks. Uhh, don't suppose I could get your number after this? You said something about making costumes?"

Ben Reilly has posed:
Ben Reilly mostly just eats a lot of pizza and listens. Banter with super villains, he's great at. But with his own peers, he still feels a bit shy, a bit of a nerd, a bit more like Pete...Ben Reilly and not so much the Scarlet Spider.

He perches on the edge of the foot, balanced easily on the balls of his feet.

Madison Evans has posed:
    "...oh. Hey. Thanks!" Madison says brightly - taking the mask she's offered, and trying it behind her head. "Man. How do you do that? I mean - my mom knits sometimes. Takes her foreeeeeeeever to make anything."
    She pushes her Vader mask up even further, and picks up the piece of pizza she'd been forced to temporarily set aside, to take a big bite. "Ooonoooiffeewan-" She pauses, chew chew chews, and swallows.
    "Sorry. You know, if we want to help more people- I mean... I don't know. We are trying to just make sure the shops don't get wrecked? Or use our powers to rebuild? It's just- I don't know. My mom'd probably rather I was doing the rebuilding. She doesn't want me to get killed or whatever."

Vivian Vision has posed:
"Do we need to limit ourselves to any one of these options?" Vivian wonders, looking round at everyone. "We can simply fight crimes /and/ take measures to help the victims of crime. Not to mention the preventative measures we can take. Like helping community outreach programs and applying social media pressure on companys who might not be breaking the letter of the law but are certainly not complying with the spirit of it."

"Powers which might not be good for open conflicts can often be used in other creative ways to help."

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen nods at Vivian, "She's right too! We can fight crime -and- rebuild! Squirrels are everywhere! I can ask for volunteers to commit to helping damaged businesses and homes rebuild. That would be a good start at least!"

She munches more pizza and Tippy-Toe devours a slice herself, "It looks like there are enough of us to multitask! And I can use my Youtube channel to spread the word!"

Kamala Khan has posed:
    There's a twinkle in Ms. Marvel's eye as the enthusiasm on the rooftop cascades. Each person's input seems to brighten her spirits even more. She nods along to each of them before tilting her gaze in Emily's direction. "Not just minimizing property damage. That's just an example of a system that doesn't work for everyone. For everything. I mean, yeah, it's great when Superman kicks some monster across the equator, but who's helping those kids in Buenos Ares who can't go to school because it got flattened by the corpse? No one's calling the Avengers when some two-bit villain no one's heard of is poisoning the water supply in Karachi. They just... They just get sick."

    "There are all kinds of smaller problems we can help with -- and I say..." She tilts her head in Silk's direction. "...I say we start on Grove Street." Ms. Marvel smiles. It's just a speech -- she has no intention to leave the rooftop. She nods her head at Vivian and points a finger excitedly. "Yes, Viv, yes! See, we can be something /better/ than the people who show up with the biggest fists -- I realize the irony of that -- we can /inspire/ people..."

    Ms. Marvel smiles and hops off the HVAC system. "The way I see it, anyone who wants to call themselves a Champion can. Even Titans," she adds with a smile, moving to shake Heather's offered hand. "Come and help as you can. And...well, it'll be..." She squints and shrugs her shoulders. "Fun."

Cindy Moon has posed:
Silk wiggles her fingers at Madison. "Bioorganic webbing spun from my fingertips. I have really precise control over it. In fact, my entire costume is made out of it! Really handy, hunh?"

Her eyes crinkle as she smiles, "I'm in, Ms. Marvel. I know I'm not going to stop fighting the bad guys, but this will help with our public image so I don't have to run away every time the cops show up."

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
Charlie points a slice of pizza at Madison. "No dying." like it is some sort of pronouncement.

Then she takes a bite of it and listens to everyone talk.

Then she gestures. "I mean.. I assume we aren't talking about taking everyone to Karachi though, more local and grass roots sicne .. no offense.. a lot of people here look like they are still in school right?"

"I mean I'm game and can definitely show up... uh.. just about anywhere to help when called." she considers. "I just can't transport people.. but otherwise I can help a lot I think?"

Madison Evans has posed:
    "No dying!" Madison agrees brightly, and in an amused voice. "And - yeah! That is pretty neat! Could you make, like, a whole Jedi robe out of that stuff? Does it - do you make the webbing yourself - out of your body? Or is it some kind of tech? I have sooooooo many questions."
    But then again, she always does.
    "I don't know if my mom wants me going to Karachi either. //Where's// Karachi?"

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen looks over and says "And if you ever need to get somewhere, and having issues there, you can call the Impulse Shaw, I am willing to get folks to places they need to be, as long as I'm not at work, or fighting evil, and if I am working alone, I can still help.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    "No dying. That's my specialty.. or as Obi Wan once said, my speciality." Heather adds in her best impression of Ewan MacGreggor's voice. I mean it's terrible. But she gets the cadence right at the very least.

    She finishes shaking Kamala's hand then and backs away. "So there you have it. My personal and formal commitment to help out wherever, whenever I Can. I can't fly, or run stupid fast. But I -can- charter a jet like nobody's business." she adds with an impish grin.

Emily Roberts has posed:
Emily tilts her head "I'm still not really sure what we'll be doing except I guess taking care of the stuff that's beneath the notice of like the Avengers and Justice League and stuff. But... I kinda get the feeling that's what everyone else here was already doing?"

She shrugs awkwardly, and offers an awkward smile "But hey, I'm new to all this stuff. So, count me in too. Just, you know, some of us have school" And here she glances at both Vivian and Madison, whom she maaaay have spotted the identity of while the girl was changing masks "and I've got research and other commitments so.... but, y'know. Call if you need me?"

She reaches for her pocket to take out her phone, and touches bare thigh. Eyes closing, she mutters "Right, no pockets..." before gesturing towards Vivs. "Vivian can probably give you my contact details, right Vivs?"

Cindy Moon has posed:
"That's a secret," Silk tells Madison. "Just in case you ever get captured, or something." She looks thoughtful at the request. "Sure! Stand still with your arms held out," she says, and then gets to work. Thread spins out of her fingertips in the typical Jedi colors of creams and browns, quickly forming a reasonable facsimile of Jedi robes. It takes her a couple of minutes to get it done, but once done she stands back and nods in satisfaction. "There's... really no way to take it off," she comments, "so it'll dissolve in about an hour."

She nods to Emily. "Yeah, we all were kind of doing that. But I think this is going to be a more coordinated effort. She," she gestures to Vivian, "Offered to help with communications so if we all give her our phone numbers we can set up a network so we can help each other out with things like this. You know. Work as a team instead of a bunch of individuals."

Kamala Khan has posed:
    Ms. Marvel brings her thumb and index fingers up to gently press into the eyeholes of her domino mask. Madison. "...Not, like, /literally/ Karachi..." Ms. Marvel replies softly. She summons that smile again and allows it to grow as Impulse, and then Knockout, solve the 'how do we get to Karachi' problem. "...See!" Ms. Marvel exclaims, gesturing to the Titans with an open palm. "We /could/ go to Karachi if we really wanted."

    Ms. Marvel's arms cross across her chest in the wake of the dissent -- particularly Emily's. Her mouth hangs open just a little. Instead of words coming to the surface, Ms. Marvel turns her head towards Silk and Vivian -- they seem to be receiving her brain waves with accuracy. Silk, metaphorically. Vivian, also probably metaphorically. Probably.

    "I don't know anyone who was ever better off alone," Ms. Marvel adds, giving Emily a lingering look -- the one with school, research, other commitments. "But if anyone's not into it -- that's cool! Have some pizza! Go get a drink downstairs. No one's going to think any less of you." She shrugs her shoulders and takes a step into neutral territory -- an empty area of the rooftop, equally distant from those she perceives as her supporters and those she perceives as her critics.

    Ms. Marvel reaches out and places her hand, palm down, in the air, and waits to see whose hand gets placed on top.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian Vision holo-projects a globe with Karachi marked on it for Madison.

"I am happy to provide whatever help I can," she assures. "And to provide whatever logistical and communications support the group requires." There's a moments pause. "I have created a temporary forum as well. It's configured to allow anyone to join right now. So please do not post any personal information that could identify yourself or anyone else. I know some of us have public identities but just to be safe we should try and be careful."

She takes a few steps and finds a bit of rooftop furnature to sit on. "Depending on how widely Ms. Marvel wishes the group to spread later on I can add a TOR style arrangement so people in countries where the internet is restricted can also join. As well as more robust encrypted sections for planning crime fighting operations."

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen places her hand on top of the hand-pile Ms. Marvel started, "Count me in!" Tippy-Toe offers a tiny hand as well. She's just going to throw in her support and hope for the best like she always does!

"Come on! We can do this!"

Cindy Moon has posed:
Silk quickly steps in and puts her hand on top of Kamala's. "Like I said. I'm in. We spiders work together, too, so if something really big comes up I can get the help of Spider-Man and others on the scene as well."

Heather Danielson has posed:
    "Go team?" asks Heather. "How did you know I Was a cheerleader before I started modeling?" she adds with a grin, "Wait, I think that's in like every bio everyone has ever written about me."

    But she strides over with those long legs of hers and reaches out to place her hand in position, "Go... what did you call'em?" she asks as she looks to Doreen, "Champions?"

Emily Roberts has posed:
Feeling awkward, as the look Ms. Marvel is giving her really makes her feel like she's being seen as somehow against this initiative, Emily hurries over the forming hand pile.

"I just, no harm in asking questions right?" She smiles, though her voice does show a little concern.

Madison Evans has posed:
    "Ohhhhh it's like in India!" Madison says brightly - beaming a Viv. "Thanks! Super helpful." At least she knows where India is on a map?
    Her gaze goes Heather next. "You can charter a plane?" she gasps.
    And then, abruptly, she is spinning in a full circle and studying hear new Jedi robes. "WHOA! This is amazing, you're the be- wait. It's going to dissolve?" Aww. Maaaaaan. She quickly covers for her excitement with a broad smile, though. "Well. Just enjoy it while you can, right?" she asks.
    As hands start going in - and hesitates a moment - then puts her own hand in. Mom is gonna kill her mom is gonna kill her mom is gonna kill her.
    But what she doesn't know won't hurt her, right?
    Shit. If she runs around calling herself 'The Jedi' her mom'll figure that out.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen looks to them and puts his hand on the pile. "Here to help, and wil bring the Titans or the Outsiders to help if needed as well."

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
"We should probably start with Grove Street though like you suggested." amusement in her tone and eyes though. Yeah she is just sassing lightly at this point.

"This is awesomesauce."

She moves over and puts her hand without a slice of pizza in it on the hand pile, all gloved up and the knuckles look weighted for punching people sort of nasty like.

Ben Reilly has posed:
Ben Reilly thwips some webbing in and then lets it zipline him forward and in to join in the big hand thing.

"Never really been a sports guy, I haven't done one of these before."

Vivian Vision has posed:
"It's very easy to charter a plane," Vivian notes. "You can do it online." Of course they do rather expect to be paid and the Avengers aren't entirely keen with Viv making money out of thin air... "We probably will need to obtain some transport at some stage. But that's a problem for later."

It takes her a few moments to figure out what Kamala is doing. Synthezoids don't really engage in team sports or other such gestures.

Then awkwardly she gets up, heads over, and joins in.

Kamala Khan has posed:
    "Pakistan," Ms. Marvel mutters gently in Madison's direction before smiling at Emily. "Right," she agrees, her smile growing as the hand gets added. Nothing wrong with asking questions. She looks over at Heather and smirks. "It's on the back of your Titans trading card, Knockout!" It would be if there was such a thing.

    Ms. Marvel takes a deep breath and smiles. She looks at each hero currently a part of the hand pile. The first Champions hand pile. "...Well, I don't know what we're supposed to say... Or who's supposed to say it... I guess we'll have to elect a leader or something," she begins. There's a shrug. "...But, for now, 'Champions' on three?"

Doreen Green has posed:
When the countdown hits 'three', Doreen is all about it, "Champions!! Let's do this!" Tippy-Toe makes a high pitched whistling sound in unity, "Now.. about this remaining food.." And oh yes.. the cakes that were brought..

Madison Evans has posed:
    "...sorry," Madison murmurs. "I was close?" She was. Americans are awful at maps, and she was close. She looks properly chagrined, at least.
    When Kamala says 'on three,' Madison confuses things by going "Three, Two, one, - Champions!" Look, the affect is the same, even if the numbers were- you get it, right?
    It's not her fault! Ms Marvel went an //flustered// her!

Cindy Moon has posed:
"THREE!" Cindy yells, then raising her fists in the air. "Yes! Champions! WOO!"

She looks longingly at all the food and turns her back on everybody. "Dont look." She quickly spins herself a spider themed half-cowl and takes down the scarf that was covering her nose and mouth. Sure, people could probably piece the two together and come up with what Cindy looks like, but with this bunch? Unlikely. (Except for Vivian who probably already knows who she is) "Allright! Let's dig in!"

Emily Roberts has posed:
It feels a bit goofy standing on a roof shouting "Champions" so Emily's voice isn't nearly as loud and proud as some of the others. It's still said with enthusiasm though, and with a slight smile as her hand is thrown into the air by the ones below.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Vivian does not know who Cindy is! It's rude to do full scans of people with secret identities and compare them with images that match their general build and bodytype online. Unless they are super villains anyway. Besides even if she did find out the info would be encrypted for security reasons.

She's also in the camp with Emily and keeps her voice fairly low for the "Champions" shout.

And of course another subdivision of her mind is searching for various terms Kamala can shout. Like Champions Charge, Champions Capture, For social media operations Champions Cancel and of course for Superhero teambuilding in the woods Champions Camp. These all go into a very helpful spreadsheet for emailing.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
Well it is a little goofy. On the roof of the Circle Q. Doing a superhero cheer.

Still Charlie does it raising her hand during the name cry "Champions!"

She grins and steps back glancing to Viv. She fishes out a burner phone and flicks it on having left it powered off and shows its screen. "Can you connect me up?"

Because while to the AI it is obvious she is on another band of comms to an earbud and a HUD in the goggles, it is not one reasonably accessable or linkable. Not between Oracle and Batman's security.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
Having been mostly distracted by food, Kaida was liking what she was hearing. She is currently being recruited by the TItans but nothing said one can't be two things. Two things can always be true. So, as hands pile up, she waits till last and then leaps easily atop the hands and puts a small paw like hand on top of the pile and grins, "Champions!" And as the pile goes up, so does she with a laugh.

Kamala Khan has posed:
    And so, once the handpile -- the first Champions handpile -- erupts with some 1,2,3 (and 3,2,1) fanfare, Ms. Marvel takes a step back and folds her arms across her chest. Just like she practiced in front of the mirror earlier this afternoon. Her red scarf blows wildly, perhaps even heroically, in the wind -- the wind -- the invisible tickle of air that got to witness history being made. Maybe.

    Strange things are afoot at the Circle Q...

    Strange, wonderful things.