6922/Shopping for Charle's Gift.

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Shopping for Charle's Gift.
Date of Scene: 14 July 2021
Location: Waldrop's Bazarre and Unique Shoppery.
Synopsis: Remy and Rogue goes shopping for Charles' birthday gift. Jean shows up and ideas begin to fly!
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue, Jean Grey

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    It was a place he's seen in passing a hundered times since moving up to New York.

    It's a place they've driven past countless times since starting lives through the family at Xavier's.

    Today, while there's a weak two measly clouds in the vast blue sky, Remy and Rogue, and maybe Jean, she's in her own ride, pull into the nearly empty parking lot outside of the shopping center converted into a singular store.

    "Waldrops Bazarre!" Remy says as he shuts the door to his german auto and starts walking in. Wearing a simple black t-shirt and a pair of brown cargo pants and some simple tennis shoes. "Ah know Ah'm gonna find a treasure worthy of Chuck in dere."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue opens the door to the car and steps out, her sunglasses being put on her face and her eyes now going to the store sign. She grimaces. "I'm not so sure about this one, Mistah Cajun." She says, closing the door behind her as she pauses to see if Jean is turning in with them or blazing by like she doesn't even care!

She then turns back to go walk up to where Remy is. "This is the kinda place that sells like a aligator head wearing sunglasses. Like if Applebees had a place t'buy all its wall coverins it'd be in here, right?" She grins at him.

Her hands dip in to her low-rise jeans pockets and she just walks along the pavement toward the doorway....

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Nah, you're thinkin' of Fuddruckers, not Applebees." Remy says with a wink as he opens the door to a thrifty, dirty, antique sort of paradise.

    It SMELLS old inside. Like the place your grandma's grandma would have been living in. The cajun takes a moment to breath in the air with his hands on his hips. "Oh yeah, if dey do got a aligator head wearing sunglasses, ... dat's for me. Not Chuck."

    Stepping fully in and waving a greeting to the young teen flipping through a magazine at the register just near the door. "Welcome to Waldrop's stay away from the walls drop." To which Remy chuckles once and walks deeper in, past old action figures, and creepy American Girl dolls across the aisle.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue doesn't see Jean's car outside yet so she just goes on inside and shoots her a text on her phone telling her they stopped at the place after all.

Once inside, she stuffs her phone back in her pocket and then smiles at the girl behind the counter. "This place is great." She says to her. "But I'm sure you're probably sick'a bein' in here so I'll shutup." She holds her girn as she moves to follow after Remy.

"You got a hellava decoratin' sense." She tells him with a smile before she looks to the American Dolls. "Oh my god, I bet Jean had a buncha these growin' up. Bet ya $20 bucks she says as much if she comes in." She then looks at the action figures and tilts her head. "I wonder if these are valuable..."

Then she whispers at him. "What are we lookin' for exactly!" It's a very loud whisper.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Yup, and Thanks." The young girl says before flipping another page as Rogue and Remy disappear out of sight.

    The cajun stops next to the dolls and without much movement, there's a green piece of paper put into Rogue's hand. "Ah'll be expectin' fourty in five minutes." Remy says with a singular wiggle of his eyebrows as he shrugs at the action figures and walks further into the store.

    "Ah don't know, but Ah do know if we see it, we'll know." Remy explains his goals, meaning he has NO plans, and NO ideas of what to actually buy Charles, but at least they're trying, yeah? Instead of doing a badly baked upside down cake.

    Remy bends down into a stack of milk crates and says, "Oh. My. God." before rumages around a bit before snapping back straight and a pair of orange sunglasses with the slinkies on the lenses with eyes on the other end bounce around near his waist! "Eh? EH? What about thes- nah. They suck."

Jean Grey has posed:
A couple needlessly mysterious text messages from Rogue and Jean is on her way to meet up. Conveniently, she's on her way back from the city (whatever she does there), and this strange shop is somewhere along the way back to the uppermost wilds of Westchester. She has, indeed, passed it any number of times while driving along the sleepy mainstreet of the equally sleepy small town, one like a dozen others that dot the Hudson. She pulls in outside, and a moment later is making her way around and to the shop.

<< What a quaint little place. >>

Jean's actually mostly thinking to herself, not projecting the thoughts as a form of intentional communication, yet by habbit she does a quick sort of ping to find Rogue inside - maybe just to make sure she has the right shop - and a touch of momentary thoughts might go along for the ride. She does seem to appreciate the antique aesthetic, which definitely speaks to the whole culture of increasingly upstate New York. Her parents would like it.

"Here you are. Wow, would you look at all these?" She's not really focused on anything in particular, but just seems to be looking around at the collection of items on display. Inevitably, she passes the dolls. "Wow. I remember when my parents got me one of these as a little girl."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's voic ecan be heard in the back laughing to help guide Jean toward where she and the Cajun are. She's laughing at those glasses he digs out of the box. "Please don't say we came in here for those. I don't thinkt he Professah is gonna put'em on, no matter how much we beg'n plead for'im too." She says.

The 'ping' from the Headmistress has her looking toward her before she arrives and she's grinning when she sees the redhead and hears her speak about the dolls. "I knew it!"

She holds up the money and waggles her hand around. "Who needs brain magic when ya got... uh... I forgot where I was goin' with that." She takes Remy's glasses off then and puts them on herself, her sunglasses up on her hairline now.

"And I'm goin' t'college t'be a teacher, when I could just open up a crazy store fulla' weird crap instead." She says to the both of them.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy shakes his head at Rogue's positive affirmation of not requiring 'brain magic'. "You're something..." He says simply before turning back towards Jean and shaking a finger at her, "Ah figured you were a Polly Pocket kinda girl, notta American Girl ... girl." The cajun notes with a shrug and watches his money continue to find its way towards Rogue in one way or another.

    Leaving the slinkey eyed girl and the red head, Remy continues deeper into the odds and ends sort of store when he stops mid walk and his hands reach out to both sides of hte asile and he braces against... a Rambo lunch box, and a stack of records, none worth any kind of true note.

    "Dat's it." He says as if he was looking at the holy grail or the fountain of youth. But instead he was looking at a large, see through neon green, plastic ball.

    A hamsterball for a human. "ANNA! JEAN! COME QUICK AND BRING MONEY!"

Jean Grey has posed:
"You can't just scavenge the manor and sell all of Xavier's old family heirlooms for money," Jean deadpans back at Rogue, as if suspecting that her friend's vision of living the easy life selling 'weird crap' does not give a lot of careful thought as to where she'd get that stuff in the first place. The smoking/make-out room, probably. It's full of weird antiques. "Besides, education's important." She's really proud of her for those ambitions, even!

"My parents are a little old fashioned," she tells Remy, turning briefly to reach out and run her fingertips over one of the dolls sitting on the shelf. "Remember, I grew up around here." Jean's definitely done her best to cultivate the image of a fashionable city girl, but it is something of a fabrication of her later life.

She easily gets lost among all the bric-a-brac, distracted until Remy calls for them. Or for their wallets, at least. She comes following, then looks at the ball. "... Are you serious? He can't even stand, how would he use that? It's the sort of thing you see people crowd-surfacing around in at concerts, sometimes."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue laughs softly at the comment from Jean and shakes her head. "I ain't stelain' nothin' from the mansion..." She mutters. "... except my bed if I ever leave." She loves her four poster bed....

She removes the slinky eye glasses and puts them back where Remy found them, then follows after Jean, glancing at those dolls again after seeing a finger touch from the Headmistress... she files away that gift for later!

Once she sees what Remy is basking at like its the holy grail she just starts to laugh, at what Jean says about it too. "Oh god, if we went back to the school with that... like Hambone would get in it and roll down the hill. Probably pee himself like a Hamster does in one too. Then it'd just... ugh, yeah, uh... someone would get a broken neck!"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy actually drops to his knees and hugs the thing and the plastic doesn't give or even budge. "But it's solid, we could put Chuck in it, and he could possibly roll up de stairs, or up anythin'." The cajun says with a laugh, and then a smaller chuckle at Hambone in his head before he chuckles again and mumbles. "Dumb kids."

    "Ah'm gettin' it and it's mah gift... though we need a bigger car or truck or somethin'.'"

Jean Grey has posed:
Rogue's interpretation of a likely sequence events causes Jean to give quite a laugh. "It'd be a hit with the kids I'm sure. But Charles? I don't know."

"Well, we're all adults there-" A sideglance at Rogue. "-barely. So if it's your gift and your money..." Didn't he call them over for money? "Well, then I guess I can't really say anything about it, hmm. But it's... yeah. Come to think of it," and she looks back over her shoulder toward the front of the store. "I don't even know how they managed to get it in here. Does it come apart or something?"

Jean stands with her hands on her hips, looking the ball over like it's some kind of alien device, something truly out of this world. And she's met actual aliens!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue puts her hands on her hips as Remy just looks like a 12 year old who found his favorite toy. She hears the idea that Charles could use it to go upstairs and it makes her openly laugh again. She shakes her head side to side. "I don't think that's how physics work... But I mean, I barely passed that class, so... what do I know!"

She glances toward Jean and then toward the ball. "How /did/ they get it in here..." She takes a step toward it and peers around it. "I think it breaks inta halves..." She notes of the seals on the thing.

"I could fly it home. Wait, shit." She just volunteered to be the first to wear it and fly it through the air? She sighs and raises a hand up to brush it through her white bangs. "I mean, if we reallya re gettin' it, I guess. Hmm... come t'think of it, I could use this thing t'fly around in on rainy days and not get soakin' ass wet...."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "DEAL!" Remy says, standing back up away from the ball and if it were just them he might have done something lewd, but instead he puts another twenty bucks into Rogue's hand and he spins around the front of the ball before dropping to a single knee and starts to look for a price tag.

    "How much does dis beauty cost?" The cajun asks, scanning and smiling with a look back to Jean, "I don't know how it got in here, I just know it's coming out... Don't judge me." He says before he stands back up and giggles again as he makes a quick rush towards the front of the store again, making sure he doesn't miss out on this treasure.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean stands there, hands-on-hips, with an exasperated sort of expression that suggests she has certain regrets in life, just listening to the conversation playing out around her. But Jean also seems to be in the minority here, as even Rogue seems somewhat intrigued by the possiblities.!

"I... It's one things for the kids to go rolling head-over-heels down the hill like they're in a washing machine, but think we'd have to stick to pretty even terrain to start, and see what kind of control he could manage." Presumably with her standing there to exercise BRAIN POWERS backup if necessary. Also, she's clearly a terrible Headmistress, unconcerned for the fate of Hambone.

As for Rogue flying it back? She's laughs, presumably imagining the sight of a hamster-ball soaring through the air with Rogue inside. "Don't get too excited, it's Charles' gift... at least in theory. Or this whole thing like when you buy someone a present that you really just want to use yourself?" Both she AND Remy are getting suspicious, nearly accusing looks, now!

Rogue has posed:
With Remy rushing off to presumably pay for the Ball and likely ask how to get it out of the store, Rogue just hangs back a bit and grins at him, then over at Jean. "Hey." She says softly at her.

"If any'a the kids act up, we can just convince them t'get inside, and then toss a stink bomb in the thing." She says quietly with a grin toward the Headmistress.

Don't leave Rogue alone with anyone and this Ball if they are truly buying it...

"Maybe we should do a bit'a lookin' around for other gifts for him too..." The Belle says as she starts to wander a bit. She spies an old world radio, the kind that kids might tune in to listen to Little Orphan Annie and her Decoder Ring, or whatever. Rogue twists the dials on it before she shakes her head.

"What do you get a guy who has a jet parked under his house?" She quietly pontificates since there's nobody else in the store but them anyway... that she's seen at least!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy bothered the poor unhappy teenager with paying for the large novelty hamster ball, and asking her how to get it out of the store, to which the teen simply, shruged her shoulders once.

    "Welp, we'll figure it out. Rogue, you're in charge of... well all of it." Remy smirks with a big stupid grin on his lips as he stays near the ball and then motions for the two ladies to go off and find their own presents. "Unless you two wanna split with me this one? But Ah kinda want de credit for dis one all to myself."

Jean Grey has posed:
Hanging back with Rogue, Jean ends up browsing in a similar manner, obviously having given up on the entire hamster ball situation at this point. But it is the sort of store, giant plastic balls aside, where it strikes her something interesting *could* be waiting to be discovered, to the Professor's eventual delight. If only that were the only thing on her mind. "No using it as a punishment device!"

Laughing brightly and shaking her ever-red head, she looks around the nearest few shelves.

"It's hard," she admits. "Not just because he has so much all ready, in that huge house, but, well... he's always kind of struck me as someone from a different time. Not even just his age, I mean, but he's just sort of that... he has kind of that Old World attitude about him. It was a little intimidating, when I met him, the very first time." Although clearly, that feeling has long changed into something much warmer.

Somewhere in her search, she stops suddenly. "What about one of these?" This shelf is clearly various home and kitchen items, but she's focused in particular on a variety of cups and mugs. There's a few different styles, from a German-style glass stein with a metal flip-lid top, to a few simpler pewter mugs, a few of them with interesting etchings and designs.

As for Remy's question: "Oh, no, you found it. You get all the bl- er, credit for that one!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had vanished around a corner when she heard Remy coming back and Jean asking about other gift options too. She returns holding a picture in a black frame with the picture facing her chest. She grins at Remy over the frame and nods her head. "I think I can fit it o over the aisles... and we can probably open the double doors in the front and roll it out that way?" She offers as potential solution, though there are a lot of things hanging from the ceiling....

"And yeah, the credit for the Ball is all yours, Mistah." She beams are the Cajun before she glances at what Jean is pointing at. "That's a good companion piece with this that I found, I think..." She says as she flips the picture frame around that is as wide as her shoulders, showing off a old time photo of people standing in front of a old Model T car.

"Look it." Rogue says, pointing over one of their shoulders and tapping the glass. "It's the School. And that's Greymalkin Lane... right?" She points, the landscape is the same, just in black and white and a 100 years ago...

She looks up at the two of them. "He'd like this, right? Memories of... random people I dunno the names of..."