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Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
Date of Scene: 22 March 2020
Location: VIP Lounge, Hellfire Club, NYC
Synopsis: a few VIPs chat and drink and discuss VIP things.
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Tessa, Roberto da Costa, Alexander Aaron, Pietro Maximoff, Lorna Dane

Emma Frost has posed:
Sunday afternoons are usually a pretty laid-back time in the Hellfire Club's VIP. And quiet-- many of the more wild members are usually recovering from hangovers from the night before, and the not-so-wild ones are attending to family or business.

Music pumps through sound system, not as loud as it might in the clubs below, but enough to be easily distinguishable. 'Good Girls Go Bad' by Cobra Starship is currently playing... seems like club and dance music is what whomever last requested.

Speaking of 'good girls gone bad'... or at least hungover... Emma Frost is lounging on one of the couches, wearing a white tank blouse and jeans, scrolling on a tablet... with dark white-rimmed sunglasses on, indoors. Definitely hungover. A glass of sparkling water sits on a side table within easy reach.

Tessa has posed:
    Tessa has a way of just sort of appearing, but she has at least learned to make her presence known in polite company instead of just waiting for someone to notice her and have a heart attack. Like usual. She holds a glass in one hand - her other hand resting flat beneath it, palm up - filled with a dark concoction of blended vegetables and fruit among... other things.
    She clears her throat very softly.
    "Ms. Frost." She says softly. "There is a certain remedy that Mr. Shaw favors when a night's revelries... catch up to him." She extends her arms towards Emma to offer the glass to her. "If it pleases you."
    Tessa can often be found managing or checking in on parts of the Club when no urgent matters require her attention. She can be considerate! Sometimes.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto is one of those people recovering from the night before. Having hit a bunch of clubs after the high-school beach party, and then winding up at the VIP for somewhere to get himself together before making the trip up to Westchester.

Like Emma, he's drinking sparkling water but with lime cordial mixed in for flavour, dressed in last night's club clothes, a black button down, black jeans, and a wool coat now hung over one shoulder. Oh and shades, definitely shades.

Seeing Emma and Tessa he drifts over to pay his respects. "Ms Frost, Tessa, how goes?" he asks voice pitched quietly.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    The young Mr. Aaron had visited the Hellfire Club before. A small visit with Mr. Shaw, shared words with him and the good Ms. Fox. It had been productive, revealing, and altogether agreeable. Though he had not taken the opportunity to view the sights. No spare moments given to wandering the halls with a suitable guide. For if that was to be the time they would set their best foot forward it would be worthless.
    And why the young Olympian arrived on a Sunday morning/early afternoon for assuredly then the cracks would appear. Though, in fairness, the tour had been an uneventful one and ended up in the brilliant heavenly confines of the VIP area where from that elevator the young blond man emerged.
    With hair combed back and athletic form garbed in a well-tailored suit, he didn't stand out too much in the crowd around. Though his lack of a jacket might be worthy of remark. He enters, a pace or two, taking in the surroundings. Eyes light upon Tessa slightly and he'll offer a nod.

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
    There are more than just those recovering from hangovers within the VIP lounge. There are a few that are there solely because they want to. And, at least for two, there is no need to attend to family, for the two are family. Pietro Maximoff walks in, with Lorna Dane beside him. As the two enter, Pietro leans in. "I had thought that this may provide a better view than the kitchen of the school. Not that it isn't enthralling in its own way but, well, it isn't."

    At least, for Pietro, he looks the part of VIP. He is actually is in a fitted suit, though with a little of its own flair. Certainly tailored for him, he seems as comfortable in it as anything. He does offer Lorna to go first, casually, but only because he has already scanned the room and assessed the situation. You know, like big brothers tend to do.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna couldn't say no to her older brother coming over and suggesting they go out rather than stay inside. She had been to Genosha and back few times and to the club another handful.. but this was the first time that she was going with someone she rather trusted on the whole. Even if they had had to stop and pick up a new dress. Lorna's wardrobe was sadly lacking after the Palace had been destroyed and was left with only the cast away clothes she'd left behind in Westchester.

Perhaps it was the excuse she needed to actually put herself together.

Her short hair was clipped back carefully, and the smears of her makeup were actually neat and tidy for once. She wore another black dress, but this one was a sheer lace that draped over her arms and figure loosely, while a slip beneath could be seen in a matching black. A pair of heels and a clutch completed the look. She glanced around from beside Pietro, and smiled faintly as he let her go on ahead. "I suppose it'll have to do.. otherwise we can also watch high schoolers pretend they're interesting.."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma takes the offered drink, and takes a deep swallow, making a face as she does. "Thank you, Tessa." She places her tablet aside as Roberto greets her. "Berto." With no sense of irony, she tsks at him. "Sunglasses inside? Were you drinking last night?"

Spying a newcomer she doesn't recognize, she lifts an eyebrow to Tessa in an unspoken question. Before she can do much else, however, two of Magneto's three children enter, immeidately getting attention from the attendants there, fetching drinks. Another does the same for Alexander.

Tessa has posed:
    Tessa bows her head respectfully as Roberto addresses her and Emma, and greets him "Mr. da Costa. A plesure to see you again. I hope you're well." Her voice isn't quite bland or monotone, or even insincere, it's just... polite. Like, super polite, to the exclusion of all human emotion. It's pleasant to the ears, and a little odd to the eyes, given the composed look of focus seemingly welded to her face.
    Her head turns to observe Alexander entering, and she returns a silent nod of recognition.
    Seeing Emma's look, Tessa bows closer to speak into Emma's ear very softly. "Alexander Aaron, Ms. Frost. Eighteen years old. Happy Harbor student. Legacy member invited recently. Son of Ares. May or may not be a demigod from Olympus."
    This is said with absolute straight faced sincerity before Tessa straightens up and adjusts her glasses.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    The tow-headed Olympian accepts the drink from the server. And isn't that so quaint? He thanks the server. And perhaps seems to present the image that he means it? Horrible. But holding drink in hand, Alexander advances further into the room, turning his head to follow the progression of Lorna and Pietro as they step forth in their regal manner.
    Something said causes him to smile a little crookedly as he steps out of the way and then moves to head toward that overlook, letting him cast his gaze down upon those few who might be there at this time.
    He does, at the least, a good job of being in the general area but not too close as to imply eavesdropping.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Despite the pounding in his head, Roberto manages a bright smile for Emma. "On the advice of my attorney I decline to answer that question," he offers glibly. Especially as someone from the shool is just walking in. "But seems like you had a good night too. Mind if I sit for a few, I promise not to teenager all over the place," he says.

He can't hear what Tessa says to Emma, but he does look back at Alexander, giving the other kid a nod, before he turns back to Tessa. "Doing well, thanks, Tessa, you? I am sure my dad would also like me to extend his greetings, to you and to Mr. Shaw." He doesn't seem to like speaking for his dad if his tone is any indication but it's good manners all the same.

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
    Well, if there is one thing that is a constant at the Hellfire Club, it is how observant the staff is. He and Lorna had only stepped in the lounge to see the immediate response from the waitstaff. He waits until Lorna is attended to before shooing away the help with all the patience that Pietro can muster.

    Which, fortunately, is more than usual today.

    "Well, in my experience, people don't necessarily pretend to be interesting here. Oh, there is more than enough pretense, but being interesting is usually not on the forefront." A glass of water is handed to the Maximoff as the server immediately vacates, which seems to suit Pietro just fine. "Though, if you really wanted to watch overblown reality scenarios, we could have stayed at the school..."

    A little bit of a tease, from the older sibling.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna smirked at her older brother, and shook her head as she turned to order a simple mimosa. She didn't go out partying, she never really had, and now with Genosha's destruction it felt wrong to even consider it. The trips to the club so far only worked out well because no one had gone running to the media that the Queen of Genosha was visiting.

So she swept her gaze across the room, and glanced back to Pietro. "I still don't see why they'd let teenagers in here, but oh well. Money talks. Where did you want to sit? We could join Miss Frost or just get a table to ourselves." She very much doubted they would be alone for long even if they did sit by just the two of them.

Emma Frost has posed:
"Legacy Members" is the technical term for the teenagers in the VIP: spoiled brats whose parents have far more dollars than sense and thus insist their special snowflake spawnlings are allowed to sit at the adult table. To a point, it's not bad for them... most Legacy Members are generally well-behaved... inside the Club, at least.

Emma chuckles at Roberto, nodding to Tessa as the woman murmurs in her ear. "Yes, but my ID is a legal one," the telepathic board member dryly points out. "And I don't normally indulge to the extent I may have last night, but certain people give me a headache." Like Deadpool, who keeps showing up no matter how many times he gets kicked out. She downs the rest of the 'pick me up' quickly, then chases it with some of her sparkling water. "That's disgusting, Tessa. How does Shaw drink that? What's //in// it, pickle juice, coffee, and vodka?"

Tessa has posed:
    Emma's opinion may have merit, but it's also spawned some of the Club's greatest members along family lines.
    Also some of its worst, but that's a given.
    Tessa takes the glass back with a slight bow of her head and says "No vodka, Ms. Frost." Without confirming or denying the others. "Mr. Shaw likes to say that it builds character."
    Tessa looks to Roberto and nods her head. "I am well, thank you Mr. da Costa. We're grateful for your patronage, and to be in your father's thoughts."

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    A lift of his drink is given in response to Roberto's nod as Alexander takes a moment to consider a comestible offered by another server and shakes his head to wave it off. He considers the people below, the workers, the people dealing with the aftermath of the night before. Though he does spare a glance over toward the colorful pair, one eye widening slightly more than the other before he looks back.
    Close enough he'll offer a greeting, "Ms. Fox." First perhaps due to nature of already knowing her. Then he tilts pale hazel eyes upon Emma and says, "Ms. Frost. Thank you for the invitation Mr. Shaw granted me. I appreciate the effort made on my behalf."
    That said he takes a sip of the drink that he had so recently availed himself of.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto registers the nod from Alexander, but doesn't do anything as gauche as to wave, just waits for the other young man to join them.

Roberto nods to Emma, "Actually my ID is real, Thomas Magnum's... " he lets that hang for a moment and then shrugs. "And right legacy memebers. But we've got to learn how to act somewhere, might as well be here. Plus, keeps all our youthful mistakes out of the view of the press."

"Glad to be here," Roberto says to Tessa with a nod. Wrinkling his nose a little at the sound of the hangover cure she gave Emma.

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
    "Oh, I suppose we should join Miss Frost and company. It wouldn't do to go to a social club and not be social, I would imagine." Granted, Pietro couldn't care less if he was social or not...but he isn't exactly here for himself. So, with a incline of his head and a tip of the water glass towards the growing circle around Emma, Pietro lets Lorna take the lead to join the party.

    There might have been a chuckle as the two approach in regards to identification cards being real or not, but as far as commentary, there wouldn't be any to be found from the speedster.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna sighed heavily as her drink was brought over to her, and she took it with a small smile flashed to the server and she glanced back to Pietro. "What? You mean you don't want to stand here and just look like two weirdos with drinks in our hands?" She teased, lofting an eyebrow upward as she shrugged once and made her way over to the little gathering at the table Emma sat at.

She approached, and with a wave of her hand, a chair came floating from the table over to settle in before her. If teenagers were allowed to be present then her using her powers casually in public was going to happen. She sipped at her mimosa and settled in, crossing her legs. "My what a morning crowd." She mused.

Emma Frost has posed:
"Building character, mm?" Emma muses. "Perhaps young Mr. Magnum-- I mean, Mr. da Costa would like a glass as well, then." Her tone in perfectly calm, though Tessa likely would recognize that there is a hint of humor there, but only the barest hint. "Good to meet you, young Mr. Aaron. I hope you are enjoying the facilities thus far?" She removes her sunglasses and tucks them aside, revealing tired and slightly bloodshot eyes. Oh boy, she must have hit it hard the night before.

As Lorna and Pietro approach, Emma gives them a nod of greeting. "Ms. Dane. Mr. Maximoff. Please join us." Lorna's casual use of power isn't even something that draws attention in the lounge. "You look far more perky than I am this morning, Lorna. Though I may have something to discuss momentarily with you, privately."

Tessa has posed:
    Tessa adjusts her glasses. "I can prepare another, if you wish to test Mr. da Costa's fortitude, Ms. Frost." She says.
    Tessa can play along! It just tends to be hard to tell when you're not familiar with her peculiar nature.
    Tessa turns to Alexander and bows her head with a bit more reverance thanbefore, now that he is a patron of their Club, which seems to have upgraded him in importance. At least in terms of what kind of performance Tessa feels is appropriate to put on.
    She is just an assistant, after all.
    "Mr. Aaron. Thank you for coming, it is wonderful to see you again." She says, unfailingly polite. "I hope that our establishments have been to your liking. Please let me know if there's anything I can do for you while I'm here." There's a pause. "And... 'Tessa' is fine, if it pleases you, sir. I hold no station here."
    Tessa bows her head politely to the arrival of the Pietro and Lorna, but does not interject herself into their exhange with Emma, since there is a crowd now, and they approached Emma first.

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    Toward Tessa, the Olympian nods once. "It's been a positive experience, and I will, thank you."
    But then his attention shifts, "Yes, ma'am." Alexander says as he looks at Emma steadily. Then as the others join the area near the matriarch of the club, he lifts his glass in greeting and then looks back. "I appreciate your hospitality."
    That said he takes a sip and murmurs, "If you have the time or the inclination, I would also appreciate any information you might have about what role my father had played here in the past. Though it's not time sensitive." Perhaps rude to ask of such here, perhaps not.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto smirks faintly taking up a spot by the wall as the Maximoff and Dane are invited to join. Keen to hear what's going to be discussed. "And sure, set me up with one, always game to try new things," he says not backing down from a challenge.

Otherwise though, he's content to observe for now.

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
    Pietro seems perfectly content to be the weirdo standing with a drink in hand. At least he is standing with everyone else. He did cast a bit of a smirk over to Lorna before she pulls herself up a chair, but there's no further comment from him. He does remain standing...but he does not remain standing still. There is a shift here, a toe tap there. A glance over towards the balcony to the floor below. Looking completely like he isn't relaxed in the presence of others.

    But then Pietro speaks. And with the ease of which his tone sounds, he would sound as if he is perfectly relaxed. "Hello, Ms. Frost. A pleasure to see you again." Smooth and cordial. Even if Pietro's actions seem fidgetty. "I would ask how you are feeling today, but your eyes tell me that is a question that would not be prudent at this time."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna inclined her head at the various people about the table, polite, as she maintained most of her attention on Emma. She sipped at her mimosa and if she noticed or cared that Pietro was constantly moving, she didn't seem to care all that much. He was a speedster after all, and it was in his nature. She leaned back in her chair as Emma spoke, "I dunno if I've ever been described as 'perky'" She mused, her lips hooking into another smile as she glanced at Pietro and back.

"Privately? Of course, I'll be here for a while. Pietro has decided I needed to get out and be around other people today." Her voice warmed as she spoke and she exhaled a soft breath.

"Any details on the fundraiser you were speaking of previously?"

Emma Frost has posed:
"Well, it will black tie, of course. We already have a few private promises for large donations to be made at the gala." Emma sips her water. And of course-- these sorts of things were a social function and a way for the rich to one-up each other with increasingly large and larger checks for the charity in question. "I expect more to come over the next couple of weeks. The gala will be the second weekend of April, currently. I do hope that will be workable for you, Lorna." She nods. "And you, Pietro, of course. And your sister." She muses. "There will be an empty chair left at the head table in memory of your father. The rest of the details I'm afraid I haven't had time to look at-- Sebastian is handling it."

Tessa has posed:
    "Very good, Mr. da Costa. I will be with you in a moment." She says, and leaves towards the bar. She gently moves the bartender aside and moves to a small lockbox that, for all its ominous contents, may as well release a cloud of dry ice when it's opened. She stands in front of the blender, making it difficult to see what is deposited inside before everything is violently mixed together and poured into a glass.
    Tessa returns to Roberto with a glass full of dark greenish grey liquid with a sharp smell to it. "I hope it helps you, Mr. da Costa." She says softly, offering it to him while holding it much the same careful way she did with Emma.
    For the record, it tastes sour, yet sickly sweet; intense and lingering, built on a foundation of everything that makes you hate vegetables as a child. It is almost nostalgic in its foulness.
    But it clears hangovers pretty fast!

Alexander Aaron has posed:
    "You have my thanks, ma'am." Alexander says as he sets his nearly empty glass down upon a nearby suitable table. Then his hazel eyes drift over the others nearby and spares a nod more inclusive of the whole. "If you will please excuse me."
    Though he does offer in departure, "Ms. Fox."
    That said, the blond youth turns and starts to walk towards the elevator once again with an easy step and his hands returning to his pockets.

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
    "I am sure he would have appreciated the gesture, Emma." Pietro falls back to casualness and first names as he comments upon the empty seat for his father. There is a sidewards glance to Lorna in regards to the fundraiser itself. There is mild surprise...but not much more. After all, Lorna did mention something about Emma expressing good will to Genosha's plight. A fundraiser seems an appropriate response. "I will be sure to relay the invitation to Wanda when I see her next."

    Then, a comment to Lorna. "Well, you did. And I seem to recall it being a mutual decision. Far be it for me to dictate your actions." Dictate actions, no. Offer unsolicited commentary as to what he thinks of said actions? Oh, most definitely.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna shoots Pietro a look over the rim of her mimosa, which was edged in sugar, and she shook her head. Even if she was smiling at her older brother. "Uh huh." She drawled, and shrugged once as she turned her focus back to those departing and she inclined her head again in farewell. Not that she knew Alexander, but it was the polite thing to do.

Her focus returned to Emma and she hmm'ed, "I think that'll be fine, there's no set schedule that I have to abide by on that date.. at least that I know of. I'll check." She exhaled a breath as she considered the mention of her father having an empty seat left on offer as a memorial to the fallen King and she sipped at her drink for a moment.

"I think that that'll be just perfect. Thank-you, Emma."

Emma Frost has posed:
"We'll chat about your father privately, later, Mr. Aaron," Emma offers before the Olympian goes to leave. "I hope to see you back soon."

She looks back to Lorna. "Knowing Sebastian, the entire event will be tasteful and yet something your father would have personally enjoyed as well. Mr. Shaw is a far more observant man than many give him credit for, and also more... thoughtful." She smiles a bit at that one. "If you need, I have a couple of dress shops I can point you to for your gown. They do fantastic work."

Tessa has posed:
    "Mr. Aaron." Tessa returns politely as the younger man leaves, feeling no need to correct him on his way of addressing her if that's what he feels like calling her.
    Sooner or later she returns to the bar after peering curiously at each gathered guest's drinks. Luckily she doesn't return with green swill this time, but rather a small silver platter carrying full glasses of the gathering's chosen drinks and presents them onobtrusively without comment.
    There's a ghost of a smile on Tessa's face as Emma praises Sebastian, but it's hard to notice.

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
    The look from Lorna is met with one from Pietro. That certain combination of smugness with aloofness that Pietro does so well. It was almost as if he had experience witnessing that expression from someone else. Although, for Lorna's benefit only, he does add a tip of a wink to her...so fast that it was almost missed.

    Then, as quickly as the expression appeared, it vanished into a mein of passive indifference. "If you do go to a shop, you might want to take Wanda with you, Lorna. I wouldn't be of any help to you at all for that sort of thing." After the lack of help he was at the shop before coming over, Pietro is not kidding. No head for fashion on that one....at least not for anyone but himself.

    Then a shift back to Emma. "Yes, thank you, Emma, for your consideration. And please relay our thanks to Mr. Shaw as well."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna glanced up as Tessa brought over more drinks, a small thank you was offered as she was still working on her previous one and taking it slow. She seemed to be more inclined to sip and listen and talk. Her green eyed gaze lingered on her brother as he teased her over his shopping abilities. "Please, not again. Yes, I will ask Wanda to come next time." She grinned, and glanced back to Emma.

"I will take any suggestions, but if you can find me a mutant that is in design, I would prefer to support them." She murmured, her smile somewhat fading as she thought of the shops she used to frequent in Genosha. Her expression grew a tad morose and she sipped at her drink instead.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma smiles warmly at that. "At least one of the shops I was thinking of is mutant owned and run," she replies smoothly. "In fact, it's the same place I'm having my gown for the gala made, myself. He's simply a marvel." She accepts the new drink, thanking Tessa quietly. "There's a suit and tuxedo shop I've sent Alex to for his, Pietro, if you need the name."

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
    There is a soft chuckle as Pietro finishes his glass of water, holding out the glass for only a few seconds before one of the waitstaff scurries over to claim it. "I will keep that in mind, Emma. However, I am sure Janet would be just put out if I at least didn't try her first." One of the benefits of an Avenger, it seems.

    With that, Pietro seems to wander off towards the edge of the balcony. No excuse given or apology offered. It seems that his wandering attention has found something to latch onto.