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Sunday In The Park With Gar
Date of Scene: 22 March 2020
Location: Centennial Park - New Troy
Synopsis: Terry and Gar spend some down-time together. Terry invites himself to the tower for a later visit. Raven will be thrilled.
Cast of Characters: Terry O'Neil, Gar Logan

Terry O'Neil has posed:
It's a cool 42 degrees in Metropolis, so it's not exactly a warm afternoon. Wind factor is pretty minimal, however, so it's not as cold as it could be. Fortunately, the sun is out and it does a fair share to minimize the chill factor. It seemed like such a pity not to take advantage of the day.

<<I'm heading to Centennial Park.>> Terry sends a text to Gar. <<Let me know if you want to hang.>>

It wasn't T-shirt weather, though. A light sweater and jeans do the trick. Unwrapping a gyro he bought from a nearby cart, Terry sits down by one of the benches near one of the lakes in the park and begins to savor the treat with a thoughtful look, looking over the sparkling water of the lake.

Gar Logan has posed:
<<Yeah, I'll be there soon.>>

Gar had been at the Tower going through a few things, and after making his way up to the roof and deciding it wasn't quite warm enough for the usual attire and going back down for a long-sleeved hoodie with a cartoonish slice of pizza printed over the front, he took to the skies as a more traditional pigeon this time, flapping his way toward the park.

It wasn't too hard to find Terry, even with others out and about. Red hair, pale skin, and so on. Flapping his way down, he lands nearby and offers up a few cooing sounds. Hey, some of them are green!

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry looks down at the sound of the cooing, and raises an eyebrow. "If you're begging off my gyro, I'm going to have to tell you that it's tough titties- you can buy your own." He smirks, "Or you can convince me to share."

He pauses, "... I hope I'm not actually talking to a real pigeon. That would be embarrassing."

He hastily looks around to see if anyone is staring at him.

Gar Logan has posed:
"Coooo?" The pigeon trills, meandering around Terry's feet, looking up with an inquisitive tilt of its head before its attention settles on the gyro.

"Coooo!" Now it's flapping its little wings, to allow it to alight upon Terry's shoulder. Aggressive little thing.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry frowns. It seems he mistook the bird for Gar. Though, to be fair, he thought green pigeons were only a thing you found in the Congo, not in Metropolis.

"Okay, shoo-" Terry waves his hand to try to dislodge the pigeon off his shoulder, "I'm waiting for someone and you're clearly not it. Shoo!"

He also moves his gyro out of the way, so as not to lose it to hungry rats with wings.

Gar Logan has posed:
Said pigeon flaps the wings and brushes against the side of Terry's face in the process, giving a little squawk before landing again atop his head, looking down from there so that birdy face is right in Terry's field of view, if perhaps on the blurry side.

"Cooooool of you to offer!" the pigeon says, leaping to see if he can't snag a piece of gyro meat on the way back down to the ground. One way or another, he chortles. "Got you good! You should see the look on your face right now!"

He's no Pigeon Pete. Might be worse.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Oh, you're awful!" Terry says, pulling the gyro away- but Gar does get a strip of meat, lucky him. "Pigeons can't digest that, you know," he says with both eyebrows raised. He crosses his legs under him while on the bench, and takes a bite out of his gyro to keep Gar from getting more. "At least you're enjoying having wings again."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan struts out of reach with the strip of meat in his beat, then he flips it up into the air and catches it as himself on the way down, having turned back to normal.

Stupid Human Tricks for the win.

"I couldn't help it, dude. The opportunity was right there for the taking, and you'd have done the same thing if you were me."

He mock-reaches out for what's left, but says instead, "I think someone else was enjoying it just as much last night."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry gives Gar a grin, "Oh yeah, Kian was having the time of his life. It was a really nice thing you did for that little bird-man." He looks at his Gyro, and then turns it around so the side without a bite is facing Gar. "Just for that, you get half of my Gyro. Consider it your reward for a good deed well done."

He leans over and offers the Gyro so Gar can split it up. Or bite it off. You never know with Gar.

Gar Logan has posed:
"Aw, I was kinda more curious to see if I could actually do that instead of just turning into a regular bird. I thought it'd mean more to him in some way. I just hope he doesn't expect to see me that way all the time now," Gar explains, rubbing the back of his head along with an ear. "But I was trying to test myself after the last couple weeks. It's been a while since I've tried to become something new without a lot of study first. I had no idea he was telepathic through more than just contact, too." That explains some of the silence while they were both Akiar.

After sitting down, he snorts. "Like I'm gonna turn down free food." He leans closer and, sure enough, opens wide for a sizable bite, peering with one eye open just in case Terry's got anything up his sleeve when his guard's down.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry rolls his eyes and chuckles, and puts enough of the Gyro in Gar's mouth for a sizable bite. "You really are spoiled rotten, aren't you?" he asks, but with good humor.

"You'll find it funny, but it's weird not seeing you on the couch when I get back from work," he says, trying to sound casual.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan makes a show of chomping so very slowly, savoring the food. "Excuse me, but did you or did you not offer? You could have told me to go get my own," he points out, clearly forgetting or ignoring what he was told while he was still being one with the pigeon.

"Were you thinking I was gonna take root and become part of the couch?" he wonders, a slow grin creeping into place. His hands settle in his lap, thumbs actually fiddling with themselves.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Maybe. Then I would have had to water you with febreeze and feed you pizza, until you eventually blossomed with little couch fruits or whatever." Terry takes a bite of his Gyro after Gar bites down on it.

He looks out over the lake. "I have to admit you were kind of magnificent yesterday. The way you were flying..." he sighs and leans back against the bench, "I've always wanted to fly, you know. I figure I'll never know what it feels like. So... what was it like, being a Kian-ite?"

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan leans against the bench and crosses his legs at the ankles, stretching them out. "That doesn't even make sense, but you had me at 'pizza.'" Note the sweatshirt image.

He grows quiet and glances over toward Terry after the nice words are shared, causing him to consider his response. "I felt more alive, I think through the way he was feeling. It was a very strong emotion. I've always just been a regular bird, but I had wings back here and it was kind of weird." He points to his back.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"And how do you feel now?" Terry asks, finishing the last of his gyro. He turns to look at Gar and meets his eyes. "Have you been sleeping any better?"

Terry hadn't mentioned it before, but he had definitely noticed Gar's restless sleep back at the aparrtment. He crumbles up the paper wrapper for his gyro and looks around for a nearby trash can. He spots one not too far off and he balls up the paper, trying to judge the angle.

Gar Logan has posed:
"I..don't know. I kind of feel like I have a craving for birdseed," Gar admits, brows scrunching together. "And like I should be preening myself." A by-product of such a focused change, into something he'd never been before, with that strong mental connection that existed?

He adds, "I slept better, yeah. I felt more like myself again." Funny how feeling useful, feeling connected to doing something with other people, can help. He looks on to see how good Terry's aim is.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry's aim is not that good. He sighs and gets up in order to pick up the ball and properly plunk it into the can. He comes back and sits down, one arm over the back of the bench. "That's good, then. We can't have your beauty sleep getting disturbed, otherwise you might start looking like the Martian Manhunter," he teases, leaning in to nudge Gar.

Gar Logan has posed:
"You were /this/ close." Gar holds his hands a few feet apart for emphasis, and as he rests one across the back of the bench that arm crosses over Terry's, just there a moment before. A pause, then he rolls his eyes. "We can't have that. He's bald, and I still have my handsome mane of hair." Messy, though it is.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry's heartbeat has a slight uptick at the contact, and he mentally kicks himself. Why must he get like this anytime Gar touches him? But then again- why shouldn't he?

"Oh, I forgot to tell you... I got to interview Power Girl the other day. She got the message I sent. Was a million to one chance, really."

Tentatively, he unclenches the hand that is draped over the back of the bench and rests is on Gar's shoulder, essentially making it so that his arm is around Gar's shoulders. "It's going to go up during the weekday. I need to write some more stuff to go with it.." he says, sounding perfectly casual.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan feels a little tickling sensation along the arm, so he turns his hand over a bit and it finds Terry's shoulder in a similar way. "Power Girl? I didn't hear anything about that. How did it come about? What did you talk about?" he wonders, curiosity piqued.

He glances toward the hand at his own shoulder, but he leaves his where it is.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
And that heartbeat uptick happens again. "Well, I was at that Pro-HUMANA gala, covering it for the planet. Power Girl made quite a scene at it, in the best possible way. I wanted to do a follow-up with her about the genocide on Genosha and how groups such as HUMANA not are sympathetic to that, and enable it. I imagine that this will get some angry letters from Caradenza and his supporters."

He leans a little. It's not exactly that he's leaning into Gar... except he is, sorta. It's a tentative lean.

"Maybe I'll get 'decent humans' sending me death threats over it," he chuckles.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan can't really feel the heartbeat, not in a spot to do so, but there are other ways of telling. "Those are the people who are against anyone like me, right?" he questions with a frown. "What did she do? Pinch someone's head until it popped?" Probably not, as that might have received a lot of negative coverage. Wishful thinking? Just kidding?

The lean is a little more obvious, and rather than letting Terry stumble forward by moving away, he keeps where he is. Even inches into it. "Yeah, like death threats would be all that surprising for you now."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"She confronted Filip Caradenza. This is after confetti had rained, full of pictures of the man's infidelities..." Terry grows quiet for a second. "Yeah, against anyone like you. Which makes them idiots."

He can almost hear the little voice telling him it's nor or never. He remembers that moment in the elevator and, feeling a little short of breath he leans in on Gar and returns that gesture- a nuzzle across the cheek. "I mean, who does that, right?" he says quietly. And then there's the silence full of little terror as he awaits the reaction.

Gar Logan has posed:
"What a dummy," Gar answers, just shaking his head as he mulls over things here. Cool day, nice park, some people out and about but not too many. It's even a little secluded.

He starts to add, "You know, I was.." but there's a halting of the words when the nuzzle is felt. Terry can tell that his cheek, plus the area closer to the ear - it's slightly fuzzy. Not really beard hairs, but actual fur. It's the same around the shoulder and upper arm area when he's not wearing long sleeves, such as when he was in one of Terry's tank tops. It's like his animal sides show in this way, more often than not.

The nuzzle brings a little grin. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were acting like a cat. That's nice, though." He returns it.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Just returning the favor," Terry says quietly. "You probably were too hopped up on pain meds to remember..." he hesitates for a moment as he is nuzzled back, and then he smiles. He knows he's blushing. He doesn't care... too much, and he turns his head to face Gar's.

"I have... a very important question to ask you. Gar..." he says quietly, looking into Gar's eyes, leaning in just a little.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan's lips turn toward a half-smile, some of that blush noticed. No doubt he's feeling a rushed warmth to his cheeks and ears as well, but it doesn't show quite as easily when he has no pale skin. Speaking of which, "What is it? Too long in the sun?" he teases, one of his eyebrows sliding upward.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
And that ignites a certain spark in Terry. He's being teased, alright. His green eyes get a certain catlike glint to them, which might just be the sun playing tricks.

Terry O'Neil leans forward, his gaze a little intense, his lips getting close, oh so close-

And he stops just a few inches from this becoming the threat of an actual kiss, and instead says with a raised eyebrow- "How is it that you can eat. so. much. and never put on a single pound?"

Gar Logan has posed:
Is this the moment? There have been times over the last week or so where even Gar has wondered where things might go between the two, but he'd hesitated to push things further. Terry /seemed/ to want that, and there were a few instances that saw them close to doing something beyond light teasing and touches that both noticed and then backed off of one way or another.

This time...is no different, even after Gar's lips began to part. It leaves him looking at Terry in confusion, then he deadpans, "I have a Stomach of Holding. I thought you knew that."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
His heart is beating fast, even after the joke. Goodness knows he wants to kiss him right then and there... but... he's not ready yet. He doesn't know what's holding him back, but maybe it's him realizing that this is terra incognita for Gar. This isn't just about kissing someone, but also about the whole package that comes with that kiss. Terry senses that, if Colette's plans for the Titans start taking shape, Gar's star will be on the rise again.

Would Garfield Logan, back in the limelight, be ready to be seen with a guy in public? Terry wasn't sure if Gar knew himself if he'd be ready to go that way yet. Wasn't it his responsiblity, then, as the slightly more experienced of the two (credentials: getting punched in the eye by your crush, for what it's worth) to be the calmer head and make sure that he wasn't pushing until Gar was ready?

"You goof," he says quietly, smiling fondly.

He does lean forward now. But his lips don't touch Gar's. Rather he himself kisses Gar's cheek, his free hand comes up to touch the opposite cheek. He rests his head against the side of Gar's head and says, "You get a pass on that because you're adorable."

Gar Logan has posed:
There's an increased heart rate in the green teen as well, but there seems to be a barrier between lips meeting lips. Anywhere else, like the cheeks, or nose, forehead or ears, and it's like there's nothing in the way. Gar can't quite figure it out himself. It's just there. Titans or not, he still has a public face that leaves him on the radar of some, for better or worse, and anyone who gets that close to him will have to find a way to handle that.

For now, he just grins. "I don't know what I'm supposed to say! It just gets burned away! It's probably from all the shifting. Sometimes I can only do so many things before having to eat or rest first. At least that's the way it feels. Same thing if it takes a /lot/ of focus to be something else."

Another kiss to the cheek, and an affectionate touch, then he feels his thoughts drifting as a general warmth settles over him that the sunlight alone can't bring. "I /am/ adorable, it's true." He flicks a finger lightly against one of Terry's ears, then nudges his cheek with his nose.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"And now you're testing your luck," Terry says with a grin, "This is how you find yourself pushed from the bench, you know." But he does no such thing. In fact, he slides closer to close the gap between them and they are, essentially, snuggling on the bench. He lets his head rest on Gar's shoulder now.

"I'll never really know what it's like to be you, and do the things you can do. But I don't really have to know- I'm along for the ride either way." He says, and rests a hand on Gar's knee. Maybe there is a bit of cat to him after all, because he finds the closeness and the warmth soothing.

Gar Logan has posed:
And who /wouldn't/ want to be closer to Gar like this? There's no need to wait for the list. Terry's got it covered.

"What are you talking about, testing my luck? I have no idea what you mean." The fact he's still on the bench says enough. The fact Terry's slipping closer into his space does as well, hip to hip, shoulder to shoulder.

The warmth /is/ nice, and reassuring, comforting, and it's good to know someone wants to be that close. But there's still that invisible barrier when it comes to the lips and certain other lips. "I don't know what it's like to be anyone else, and I'm fine with that. It's crazy enough just being me sometimes. You'll see if you stick around."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Mister Logan," Terry O'Neil says with a quiet smile, "I hope that wasn't meant to be a deterrent, because otherwise I'd have to disappoint you by informing you I'm staying for the full ride."

He looks at the park, at the sparkling water, and exhales softly, his head on Gar's shoulder. There was a warmth spreading across his chest that made him feel slightly giddy. Then his phone beeps, and he frowns.

Without moving out of his position, he digs his phone out of his pocket and reads the message, and groans quietly. Gar could probably see the message as well.

"I have to stop by the Planet. Looks like I dropped off the wrong USB drive for the Power Girl photos..." he regrefully extricates himself from the snuggle, but not without giving Gar's cheek another kiss- it was like climbing Mount Everest- once you did it once, it's easier to do over again*.

"But I've got an idea. You've seen my place. Why don't you take me to the Tower later tonight after I'm done? I'll bring food and you can give me the grand tour. Does that sound like a plan?"

*Footnote: This is not how it works. At all.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan snaps a couple fingers. "And here I thought you'd decide you'd be better off going back to being a long-distance fan."*

There's something that feels good about this. Reassuring. Comforting. Like he can just let his guard down and allow things to /be/ without overthinking stuff, without worrying that Terry's just going to run off.

The phone's interruption leads to a snrk sort of sound, a slow headshake. "If your head wasn't attached to your neck, sometimes I think you'd forget it was there. Go on. Shoo. Do what you have to do. It's gonna help your career."

He aids in this by extricating himself from the bench and Terry, after the attention to the cheek, going into a good stretch before rubbing his sides for a moment. "The Tower? I was going to check on Kian anyway, but that's fine. Food is always good. Raven will be happy to see you, too."**

*Footnote: It was probably a concern, yes. That's how it often works.

**Footnote: She won't be. Of that they can be reasonably certain.