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Meet and Greet at the LM
Date of Scene: 31 July 2021
Location: The Laughing Magician
Synopsis: People gathered, talked, drank and nothing tried to kill John - miracles can happen.
Cast of Characters: John Constantine, Phoebe Beacon, Mina Murray, Morrigan MacIntyre, Natasha Cranston, Bella, Kaida Connolly, Tetsuya Wakao, Tara Tsabedze, Meggan Puceanu, Saeko

John Constantine has posed:
    It's just another day, nothing fancy has been incorporated into the Laughing Magician Pub or anything of the such. Bar's open, well drinks half price, stale pretzels and chips still on the house.

    There's only one difference; today is a day where the freaks are free to show their freak. That is to say, speak freely, that isn't to say that any of his wards are down. He's learned that lesson the hard way, wards are always up.

    Currently, however, John Constantine is not present. Leave it to the arrogant bastard to make a fashionably late showing to his own party?

    His best mate and the best cabbie to ever grace any space between Heaven and Hell, Chas Chandler, is behind the bar serving drinks, polishing glasses and casting annoyed looks at that stool that everyone save John seems to find offensive, the one at the end of bar, the only one with a constant direct line of sight to the door if need be.

    The jukebox is currently stuck on a random mix of The Clash, the Pistols, Pogues - not loud enough to impede conversation. However, the stage is set up for, perhaps, a band to begin later in the evening; likely some local hack talent.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    And in walks the somewhat familiar guise of Phoebe Beacon, who last time she was here was turned into a 1940's shop girl and then brutally murdered and mourned by her teammate, a mysterious Femme Fatale. That's what she gets for taking the cigarette holder and not playing along with a John Dunnit.

    Today the girl's braids are pulled back into a bun and secured with a strong loop. Her dark eyes were behind glasses, and she was wearing a GOTHAM ROGUES T-shirt this time, with a pair of jeans with patches over the pockets and knees. She has a simple canvas messenger bag slung over her shoulder and a pen tucked into her braids.

    And everyone and anyone who can pick up on magic would be able to sense this awful purity of light about her, a warm, comfortable, peaceful feeling.

Mina Murray has posed:
    Mina is newly-arrived in the Tri-State area, and looking to get her bearings on supernatural tomfoolery. It's not her first time, and she knows right where to go. And who to see. For if there's supernatural tomfoolery about, then John Constantine is likely to be near the epicenter.

    The door opens and the young-looking woman enters. Dressed all in black from skinny pants to overcoat with her dark hair into a ponytail, the eye liner and black nail polish puts her comfortably in the 'goth' camp. Except she moves with a grace and confidence that only comes with experience.

    She took precautions to be well-fed before arriving, which wasn't difficult given Bludhaven's abundance of street criminals.

    Pausing just inside, Mina looks around the place before heading towards the bar. There is no reaction from the wards... Mina is only half-vampire anyway... and she has no magical senses to speak of. She heads towards the bar, climbing up onto a stool. "Rye whiskey. Neat." she orders, with a distinctively British undertone.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan's still wearing her sunglasses at a back table. Sitting with a straight back against the bench that's behind her. She hadn't slept due to things last night and she was still a bit...weird trying to piece everything together. She probably put too much thought into it. If Sam or Steve needed someone to come in and try things they'd call. Chas had been offered a less fang filled greeting today before she'd settled at the back with a drink that wasn't alcoholic. After the grog bowl horror she wasn't going to to near any of it again.

She simply people watches from her spot in the back. Awaiting the person that got this whole shindig together.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    The outer ward ripples briefly, but it has limited strength -- and it's only tuned towards discouraging regular mortals. The bell rings as the door opens, and a shadow without a source flits inside before pulling up and solidifying into a tall figure clad from head to toe in a black greatcoat and opera cloak, with a crimson scarf concealing the lower half of their face.

    The Shadow looks around, blue eyes seeming to see straight through the outer form and into the soul within, before continuing on to the bar. "Bourbon. Straight, if you would."

John Constantine has posed:
    "Comin' right up, luv," Chas replies to Mina. He's just turning to grab a bottle from the shelves behind him when...



    ....ngggggg, groan. "Bloody WRETCHED HOUSE!" it all comes from the back room, behind the door marked 'Private'. The door opens a few moments later and in walks John. A flick of his wrist follows a, "Chas! Head's up mate!" A coin, silver, goes sailing through the air; for those that can see such, magic glistens off the thing. "Found it, it was in my sock drawer!" As he draws nearer the bar he adds, "Remember, coin, words, holy water, salt, fire..."

    Chas snatches the coin out of the air with an astonishing show of reflexes that belies his size and calm. "Been doin' this as long as you, John, think I got it. Back after."

    With that, the pair trades places, each vaulting the bar to end up on the other side. Seems John's tending for a bit. Hard to find good help these days, at least help that wants to work... well, for John Constantine.

    The Shadow might best look away from the new tender, no one wants to look straight into that... really, it's a frightening thing, John's soul. "Straight or not, still begs the question, you a top or a bottom?" he asks as he pulls a highball glass down and awaits the answer before reaching for a bottle from the shelves.

Mina Murray has posed:
    While waiting for her drink, Mina half-turns on the bar stool to look around the place. She catches the flit of the shadow, and when the tall figure coalesces from the darkness her reaction is schooled. A head tilt. A lift of a brow. Yes, there is familiarity.

    She adjusts her coat, as if to screen her soul from that piercing blue gaze. And then Mina offers a nod of greeting.

    The crash and change of service distracts before she can get a word in, however. "Ah, Mister Constantine." the woman offers, a wry smile touching those red lips.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    ... and Phoebe just moves away from the door and sits at the bar, looking awkward and young and certainly out of place in a New York Dive Bar for mystics. She breathes out, half expecting John to yell at her for coming in all glowy and wholesome and what the hell is she even doing here, and the teenager sort of sits apart from... well. The Others, pulling out a notebook and adjusting her glasses momentarily. She already has notes under 'JOHN CONSTANTINE'. Surly is underlined three times.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan doesn't bother moving from her seat when she hears the thunks and thuds. Someone was getting beat up by a house it sounded like. Then John appears and there's a soft chuckle to herself. She raises her glass in greeting, but lets him go about speaking to others for the moment. She was just here for a drink and some time out of the lab before having to get back to it.

John Constantine has posed:
    "Name's John, luv," he points out to Mina before, "Ya look like Chas left ya hangin', sorry about that, he's good at doin' that to the ladies. What'll it be again?"

    He'll get to glowy in a moment, trust that. For now, all it gets is side-long, narrowed eyed glances.

    As soon as The Shadow lets him know from which shelf to pluck a bottle, he's got drink poured in a blink. Man's got experience with that, pouring from a bottle into a highball glass, truly he does. Pulling the Silk tucked behind his ear and lighting the thing with a spot of hellfire dancing on fingertips - because who has time to dig for a lighter right now? - WHILE pouring that drink is well within his wheelhouse too.

    Pity the fool, however, that orders anything that requires more skill than that or more ingredients than whisky and a mixer.

    Silk dangling between lips as if it's an extension of them, he serves up the next drink with a wrinkle of his nose, 'beer on tap'.... but he'll be back and ready when Mina's repeated her order.

    "Shame that, pretty girl drinkin' all alone," he calls out with a gesture toward Morrigan meant to bring her to the bar.

Bella has posed:
Gossip moves in supernatural realms as it does in the mundane, and one way or another, be it a raven or a missive, Bella has come to learn of the little social gathering at the Laughing Magician. It took some mulling over, whether it was worthwhile or not, but eventually curiosity got the better of her. What sorts would such a gathering bring, the entertainment value along tipped the scale.

Unfortunately, it's long since Bella had last seen one of her fesitive royal blue gowns, so dressing to impress was unlikely. Instead it was the usual fair, a black brocade strap jacket over sheer black top, with a flouncy flared mini skirt and stockings to complete the look along with stiletto heels and feathery cuffed gloves, the whole affair predominantly black, as is her makeup. She'd fit right in at a Goth con.

Walking past the door, Bella looks at the gathered, somehow managing to look disappointed as she heads towards the bar without saying a word.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    The Shadow's eyes narrow briefly at Mina's nod before offering a courteous nod in return, but recognition is curiously absent. John gets a somewhat longer glare than most other patrons, but ultimately the Shadow looks away to focus on his drink.

    ...He /must/ have removed his scarf in order to drink; it only stands to reason. But for some reason no one can quite recall seeing him do so, or what his face looked like underneath...

Kaida Connolly has posed:
It's not like Kaida was even remotely in the know about anything magical. What she did know is she saw people go into this place and it was closed. Suspicious! Plus food smells means it's very important for her to investigate. One cannot allow suspicious food to be uninvestigated. So, she sneaks around the place, looking for the best way in. She does so for a very short period of time. There's enough space under the door for a whole ARMY of mice to get in. OK, maybe not an army but one industrious one.

And then there's a ping on John's wards that someone has arrived. From the front door and the door never opens or closes. For her part, Kaida wiggles in and then is under a chair like a shot. Sniffing at the air, ears flicking and her eyes scanning around the room.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
"Bold of you to assume I'm alone, John." Morrigan chuckles to that in response. She didn't think Riordan was hanging about in the shadows anywhere, but she didn't know who else might be skulking. She gathers her drink and makes her way over to the bar, but doesn't sit close to anyone. She sit at the end of the bar if that were an option, but she wasn't tangling with John's seat. "So how are we since that little incident the other day?" she asks John.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    The Shadow was passing familiar for Phoebe, something to do with the Cheetah Cubs, but she keeps to herself -- being out of armor, anyway. She looks to Bella as she walks in, seeing the disappointment, and watches as John sets something alight, and then glances down to her notebook.

    "So, ah.." she begins, but once Morrigan speaks, she quiets herself, and turns back to her notebook, cheeks and ears darkening slightly.

Mina Murray has posed:
    How curious. For while Mina seems to recognize the Shadow, the recognition is only one-way. Then again it HAS been a very long time. She raises her glass, more wetting the lips with a twitch of nostrils than actually sipping.

    Perhaps the sting of the rye obscured her scent, for it isn't until the disappointed Bella approaches the bar that Mina reacts. She stiffens noticeably before recovering her composure and offering a polite nod. Mina isn't hear to talk so much as to listen, after all.

Bella has posed:
Sitting at the bar, Bella casts another glance at those gathered, snorting as she peeks at John, before turning to the bartender, "...do you serve, erm, only regular normal human alcohol...?" In a place such as this, given the invitation, she has to ask. It seems like this would be the one place she just might get 'her' drink of choice, even if not on tap.

Mina recieves a polite nod from Bella, and a less polite studying gaze.

John Constantine has posed:
    Glare's met with a cheeky grin and a wink for The Shadow. Man's looked Hell in the face, Death and walked away laughing. Being Thrice Damned does a little bit to a man, makes him less concerned with mask wearing entities giving him the 'stink eye'.

    "If you're makin' a sketch there, luv," he begins, words aimed at Phoebe, "...left side's my best."

    "Best come out from under that chair, aye? Before you find yourself under a boot heel?!" What the bloody hell is he going on about now? Kaida, your arrival did not go unnoticed this time!

    "Things unseen can't be unseen in here," John points out for Morrigan's benefit along with, "Holdin' true so far, time'll tell, aye?" For someone currently dealing with a death curse placed on him by the Duke of Hell, he seems unconcerned, truly he does. Been down that road before, hasn't he?

    As the crowd grows, even beyond those in John's immediate orbit, as seats fill and standing becomes near the only option, it's a safe bet that half are here just for the fun of it and the other half are split between those who would like to see someone slip a blade into John's black heart this eve and the other half who would be wont to stop such an act. Tomorrow, the sides are like to flip, it's a day to day as to who he counts as enemy and who he counts as ally.

    Faded denim blues land on Bella, he can't quite keep the little sneer of contempt from the curl of his lip before it turns to a grin. But... business is business and this is neutral territory so, "A, B or O, luv?" Normally he'd be whispering that there, but not today. "It'll be chilled, unless you want me to nuke it." He's kidding about the type, he doesn't really have such figured and sorted.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan gives an apologetic look to the Shadow when she interrupts, "Apologies, go ahead." she nods to that. Then she settles her elbows on the bar as she listens to folks. John gets a look and there's a chuckle, "Yeah, but there's a lot of things we probably can't unsee." she shrugs. Then she's quieting down again. Not really wanting to interrupt too many folks if they want to talk or ask things of the Laughing Magician.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
A blink as she hears someone call out about being under a chair. Her ear twitches and then she peers out at the culprit, giving him a hard look before she moves in a near blur of speed. Her path takes her to the top of the chair nearest John and she eyes him carefully, tail stiff, leaning toward him and sniffing a little as she watches him, "How in the hell did you see me?!" She points at him and squints, "You used a trick or something?!" She then looks at the other people here, quickly standing up straight and planting a hand on her hip, looking at a couple of semi-familiar faces before looking back to John, her other hand going to the hilt of her sword.

Or at least that sword like thing she wears.

Bella has posed:
In jest or not, Bella seemed to have taken it at face value, as she chuckles at the unexpected reply. "I would love a glass of O," she answers with a pleasant smile on her lips, "...chilled is fine, but warmed up just a bit, say...37C would be such a lovely touch."

At Morrigan's words to John, Bella quips, "better to see than be blind like a fool."

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "Not sketching. Making notes." Phoebe states quietly, and sets her notebook down, and rubs the back of her head "... just had a question about a particular type of creature that's been popping up around me and trying to kill my friends, no big deal."

Mina Murray has posed:
    Mina wets her lips with the whiskey again, only she actually takes a small sip this time. "I say, this place has everything." she offers, looking from John to Bella and then back. "And I would expect no less from Mister Constantine."

    Crossing one leg over the other, her gaze wanders over to the Shadow. "I thought, perhaps, that you might have been someone else. Miss Mina Murray, at your service."

Natasha Cranston has posed:
     The Shadow nods at Mina. "I am not the first to bear the mantle of the Shadow, no," he replies -- and at least the voice, distorted beyond what a regular human throat could produce, is familiar. "It is a pleasure and a privilege to meet you, miss Murray. Welcome to New York."

John Constantine has posed:
    He can multi-task, yes he can. A little gesture with his hand has Kaida rising from her perch, something invisible holding her by the tail. "Nuh-uh, little one, no weapons pulled in here. ...and nothing gets in here without me knowin' it," might be aimed at both Morrigan and Kaida that last bit. It's mostly true, only something with power enough to break through hours and hours and hours and hours and so many many hours of ward weaving done by John Constantine gets in without his knowledge and that's next to nothing.

    "Sounds a party," he replies to Phoebe. "Might wanna see 'bout getting that taken care of, maybe when there's not so much goin' on." It's not a direct offer, but a round about 'maybe come see me later' thing? Maybe?

    "Things get burned in, no doubt," that's definitely aimed at Morrigan. Those paying close enough attention would see it, that split second that the arrogant swagger fails, his brow furrows, eyes distant and lost in something that can't be unseen. It's brief, so very brief, nary more than a heart beat, maybe two and it's gone. A momentary glimpse into the guilt and conflict of a damned soul that.

    The Silk between his lips, bobbing as he speaks the entire time, is near burned down so he plucks it away, stubs it in an ashtray and removes a bottle from a mini 'fridge behind the bar. Forty-five seconds on high and the glass poured from the bottle is settled in front of Bella.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan's head turns to regard Bella and there is a nod, "Guess there is that." she states. The request for blood doesn't get a response from the woman though. She looks to the others when there are introductions, "Nice to meet you, Miss Murray." the Irish woman states. She then looks to Phoebe, "What issue are you having? My libraries are extensive. Might know what's bothering you." she offers. "Kaida, I don't think you need to stab anyone." she tells the mouse when she realizes that she's there.

Bella has posed:
"Is that so...?" Bella asks of Mina, before smirking at Constantine, "how do you manage to trick people into thinking you're anything but a spectacular failure...?" Is it a case of reputation perceeding? Or Bella just being abrasive? Remains to be seen. Whichever it is, she does at least mitigate her words with, "props on the wide bar selection, however, that is considerate."

When Mina introduces herself, Bella shifts her gaze intently towards her, thinking a moment. As if trying to pick something out of a haze, eventually asking, "...formerly Harker per chance...?" Yes, that definitely rings a bell, and makes the woman tremendously more interesting than Bella imagined.

When the warmed up liquid is set before her, Bella smiles contently, "now this makes a fine establishment, cheers to you, Mr. Constantine."

Mina Murray has posed:
    Mina smiles to the Shadow, nodding once more. "Thank you." Yes, that certainly explains the similarity. Likewise, Mo receives a nod of acknowledgement and thanks.

    Hearing Bella, then, Mina turns and lifts a brow as she subconsciously adjusts the black scarf about her throat. The smile remains, but becomes somewhat forced. "Yes. I was Mrs. Harker for a short while. But that was a long time ago." A long time ago? The woman looks to be no more than 20. She looks Bella over more closely now as well, gaze passing down and then back up again.

    "You are French, are you not?"

Kaida Connolly has posed:
"Ack!" Kaida calls out as she is yanked up by the tail, twitching in the air as she goes floating up and her body almost moves along itself as she attempts to swipe at whatever has her by the tail only to discover nothing. She stares and then points at John, "Cheating twice!" She states and then flails at him with her hands, "You act as if the sword was the most dangerous thing! Put me down!" She calls out and then she huffs and blinks at Morrigan, "Oh, hi, Morrigan!" She waves upside down.

Slowly she looks around at the others, sniffing at the air and then wrinkles her nose.

"Eww! You're drinking blood!" She then looks to John, "That is a weird drink!"

Bella has posed:
"Ah...the plot thickens," Bella muses, as she keeps studying Mina, before shaking her head, "I don't see it...word is you drove him quite mad with desire, were you trying to tempt? Or was it circumstance beyond your control?" Who that 'him' might be is apparently meant to be inherent, as there's no added explanation to the benefit of anyone who might not follow. The guess about her place of origin gets a surprised arched brow.

"You've a very fine ear for minute accents my dear," a fond smile takes over Bella's visage, "...it wasn't quite that at the time though. But to be fair, in our times, it is indeed France. Interesting what time does to places and names."

The outburst from Kaida has Bella looking her way the same way an aristocrat might at some riff-raff crossing their paths, "oh please, it's quite refined and wasn't taken by force now was it? Calm yourself. Nothing weird about it, after all, it is the life flow...the truth."

John Constantine has posed:
    "Don't remember claimin' ta be anything but," John replies, evenly. "Nothin' more than a Petty Dabblin' bar owner," he continues. "...pity the fool that believes different, aye?" It's not like John's asked for a reputation on either end of the spectrum, truth be told. Blue Collar Warlock doesn't advertise his business or announce success from the rooftops, they put nose to the grindstone and get it done when it needs doing, no matter the effort or cost it takes. All in a day's work. Flashy capes that flit about and robes of 'status' are meant for the likes of Strange, not John Constantine in his trench coat as worn and battered as his hellfire soot laden soul.

    "Name's John," tone a little more steely. "Mister Constantine was a right bastard." His father that is. Apple not far from the tree, or so it seems on the surface most days.

    Once the little mouse decides better of pulling even a minute weapon in John's house, he sets her down gently on the bartop and nudges a bowl of potato chips and pretzels in her direction with the same little gesture he'd used to pluck her from her perch to begin with.

    It's the way of him, up one down the next, John's mood was decent enough, as his moods go, when he arrived. Talk of things that can't be unseen and unbidden reputations that can't be undone have him souring quickly to it all though. Good thing the ONE employee, outside of Chas and Meggan, that he's managed to hire shows up for work. Stench of Fae about that one should anyone take note, Unseelie even. Brutish man, not to be trifled.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan looks to Kaida and there's a dip of her head to her, "It's nice to see you again." she states. Then there's a bit of a soft look, "Some people have to drink different things to survive, Kaida." she points out to the mouse girl. She then finishes off her drink and settles the empty glass on the counter.

She then slips off the seat, "You all have a good evening. John and Kaida, I'll probably see you around." she tells them. Mina and Bella get a nod before she departs as well.

Mina Murray has posed:
    "It is only a weird drink to some." Mina replies, looking with a touch of amusement to the small Kaida. "And if *Mister Constantine*..." A knowing look is given to the man, then. "...says the sword won't be necessary, then it IS his establishment after all."

    Taking another sip of the rye, Mina turns her attention more fully to Bella. "As for driving Him quite mad, I assure you that he had achieved that state long before ever making my acquaintance." She smiles, then, nodding. "And yes, I've had the good fortune to be well-travelled. Though you do have me at a disadvantage." With names or age?

    Her gaze shifts from Bella over to Phoebe, then. Curious. "Some type of creature has been trying to kill you and your friends?" Ah, so the game is afoot! Was this why she was sent to New York?

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    The Shadow turns back to their drink, but then suddenly pauses and taps at their ear - and a barely visible earbud. "Speak." A pause. "I see. Inconvenient. Well done; I'll see to the matter personally."

    A few dollar bills are placed on the table to pay for the drink, a brief tip of the hat to Mina, and the Shadow turns and leaves, vanishing into mist and shadow even as the door opens...

Kaida Connolly has posed:
Still a bit pouty, Kaida is set down and eyes John a little longer till some food is pushed her way and she eyes what is in the bowls, "I smelled more than this." She states and reaches out to grab a pretzel and sit on the edge of the bar, "So, what? You're all vampires or somethin'?" She asks and takes another bite of her pretzel, finishing it fairly easily before grabbing another, "And do ya have beer cheese?" She asks of Chas before looking back to the leaving Morrigan briefly.

Bella has posed:
Bella motions at Morrigan when she notes about different types of nourishment for different people for survival purposes, "there's that," she notes faintly, not truly meaning to be heard.

Kaida's outburst has Bella scoffing, "please, you think just about any person capable enough to dress themselves without dozens of servants is a vampire? That's a ridiculously low bar." She then points at John, "besides, that one will never be one of us, it's not in his cards. He's also smart enough not to want it."

John Constantine has posed:
    Once his relief shows, John places hand to bar top and vaults his lanky self right on over to take up residence on that stool everyone always seems to avoid. "Take what's given freely, little Mouse, don't ask for more and don't ask question unless prepared for the answers." That's advice John Constantine could due to heed himself, innit?

    The new, brute of a tender, snags a bottle and a highball glass to settle both in front of the Laughing Magician without request. Only takes a week or so in the man's employee to know his proclivities. John's settle in for the night it seems and barreling down the path to piss drunk at break neck speeds. He pours his own, slams back the first, pours a second, does the same and then, third's a charm, it's poured and sipped at.

    No longer in a chatty mood, he stares a bit off into space before down into his glass, back up, he settles into tapping fingers to bar top in beat with whatever punk sound the jukebox chooses next.

    "... 'sides, most times that takes a drainin', and I'm not palpable to that lot," he murmurs, maybe loud enough to be heard, possibly not.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
A blink as she looks at John and points at him, "I have money!" She states and nods her head before letting out a huff, "Act like you never seen a mouse with money before." She then looks over at Bella and tilts her head, "It's hardly the way you are dressed or servants or whatever that make me think vampire." She nods her head and taps her nose, "I coulda probably sniffed it out with my nose if I wanted to." If she knew what to look for, "I'm a mouse. Bloodhounds got nothin' on me!"

Bella has posed:
"Cheers to you, little mouse," Bella raises her glass at Kaida and proceeds to enjoy another sip, and from the looks on her visage, it is good quality. She's savoring every little bit.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "Most people haven't seen a mouse with money before." Phoebe replies quietly. She didn't die this time, promise!

    She pulls a different pen from her hair, and continues her note taking. "And I'm saying that with the understanding that you are all pretty extraordinary people, let alone magical, mystical..." she continues drawing off a moment and distracted with something in her notes, which she crosses out.

Tetsuya Wakao has posed:
Into the bar walks another customer, well, one definitely not quite from around New York at least. The off white coat he wears doesn't really suit the dingy mood, but Tetsuya's there mostly to look around it seems. His eyes are looking left, right, center. Taking it all in whenever he gets let in and hands in his coat pockets as he starts towards the bar, being careful of anyone else it seems.

John Constantine has posed:
    "Well, put it up then and you'll like get that cheese," John tells Kaida around the glass he's raising to his his own lips. Really, he's just sipping, if by sipping one means quarters at a time. Fourth 'sip', that one's gone and he's on to his fourth glass. He'll have the bottle gone within the hour at that rate. Man probably loses profit just on himself, truly.

    Most pings from his warding gets only a mental note from John, aside from little mice hiding under chairs, he doesn't like hiders in his bar. Tetsuya, however, has him looking up from his reverie of staring through the warm gold liquid of his recently poured into the bottom of his glass.

    Faded denim blue eyes narrow just a touch. There's the Divine, the Heavens of whatever one believes and then there's Hell, Hades... whatever one might call it. Between them you have John Constantine and both... make him twitchy.

Tetsuya Wakao has posed:
Perhaps seeing that he's attracted some attention, Tetsuya starts making his way to the bar. It's still slow as he seems to be looking around. Perhaps his first time seeing anything like it. And it's a slow walk, too. He's obviously not used to the sights a bit.

Considering a bit once he gets there, he seems to be looking for a menu before turning to whoever looks to be manning the bar. "Don't suppose you have sake here?"

Bella has posed:
Having emptied her glass, Bella raises the empty glass towards Mina, "hope we'll get to chat soon, I would like to hear some good gossip," she winks, and then turns around to offer John a polite nod of her head, "I'll visit this place again, I am fond of your selection."

And with that she heads out.

John Constantine has posed:
    The place serves blood - warmed - and Asgardian Mead, sake isn't out of the question. The person manning the bar is a rather intimidating large bloke, no one really knows his name. Could be John doesn't either, but he reeks of the fae, Unseelie variety even. Not over chatty, he offers nothing more than a grunt, and a few moments later, some served up Sake.

    "New to town?" John asks, raising his voice loud enough to carry over the sounds of the jukebox should Tetsuya not be close enough. His tone is just a hint of an edge, just a small dagger with a warning tip. ... don't fuck with me in my house is what that warning translates to.

    See, the 'Divine' in nature tend to have a record of doing just that, fucking with John Constantine, they make sport of it some weeks.

    John takes somewhere between a sip and a swig from his glass and rolls the scotch about a bit in his mouth before swallowing.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "... hm." Phoebe pauses, looking to Tetsuya as she purses her lips. She's quietly continued to make notes -- and she did sketch John. On his left side as she sits at the bar and doesn't drink anything.

    "This place is utter bananas." she murmurs to herself, giving a little bit of a smile. No further out of the ordinary than her usual digs. From her messenger bag, the teen pulls her own drink. It's a water bottle, it has a cutesy little version of her on it with #GothamHope. It has seen much, much better days.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
Pulling out a folded five dollar bill, Kaida slaps it down on the bar and smirks at John before she nods to the new guy and requests beer cheese. She then looks to John and then around at this place before saying, "This place is weird. You have it shut down but you're letting people in and those people aren't just normal people." She nods her head and looks to Phoebe and then at Tetsuya, "At least I assume not all are normal." She shakes her haed, seated on the edge of the bar, small feet swinging back and forth, "Bettin' that bartender isn't normal either." She shakes her head before leaning back and looking at the guy, "No offense."

Tetsuya Wakao has posed:
Tetsuya looks over at John, and actually does seem to recognize the warning tone, but also... dismisses it? He looks right at John, too. "Yes, I am. A fisherman who likes snakes said to come and see if this place still exists. Someone told him about it. I guess I will have to mention it to him after all." Picking up the sake glass, he looks at it carefully.

"Hm..." Taking a sip, he eyes the bartender. "Good brew. Thank you."

Turning to look at John, Tetsuya sighs, "If I was here to cause trouble, you would know it before I walked into some place this heavily warded. I take it you are John Constantine?"

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "... I just --" Phoebe blinks at Kaida. And then looks to John. And then looks to Kaida again, and then Tetsuya, and then back to John.

    "... damnit. I missed a ward being up, didn't I?" she frowns,a dn then she digs around in her bag and then takes out a different notebook.

    "Which explains why everyone else is passing it by outside, and that one guy looked very confused." she murmurs quietly.

John Constantine has posed:
    "Wait until I release the monkeys later, talk about bananas," John deadpans for Phoebe's benefit. He's not serious is he? He can't possibly be. But he seems so and his poker face, his ability to sell just about anything as truth, well... it's conned him out of Hell itself more than once, so... maybe Phoebe is left expecting monkeys later? Maybe it'll be the band?

    He plucks his pack of Silks from his coat pocket and plucks one from the pack before settling the rest down by an ashtray at his elbow.

    His left really is his better side, it's the side with that tiny scar on his jawline; demon claw, vampire tooth, Red Cap nail, maybe just a plane old dagger? Anyway, not that he remembers, it's all blurred when it comes to such. It adds character.

    Hellfire dancing across fingertips lights that Silk Cut between his lips, it's left to bob up and down as he speaks, "One to speak on normal there, Minnie," he quips in reply to Kaida. "Least I can reach the doorknob walkin' in a place and have no need to worry about my tail gettin' caught under a boot heel."

    The little mouse girl will get her cheese, yes she will.

    A little tickle has him plucking the cigarette from his lips, a cough, a little splutter and it passes. Seems the normal for a man that smokes as much as he does, dunnit? But for those that can see it, tuned into it, that little cough results in a faint, flickering flash of a dark aura settled over the Laughing Magician, there then gone; painting it for what it is, unnatural.

    "Depends that, on who's asking," he tells Tetsuya.

    "If that book's ever made to movie," John begins, obviously regarding Phoebe's not taking. "...make sure they don't cast me as a brunette."

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Is John powerful enough to summon The Monkees to play his dive bar?

    "I don't plan on making movies out of the notes I take, Mr. Con -- John." she corrects herself. "I'm just... trying to make sense of things. Meggan was unable to help me the first time I met her, the only other magi I know is notoriously hard to find hanging around at accessable dive bars." she gives a slight grin.

Tetsuya Wakao has posed:
Tetsuya looks at Phoebe. "One thing I have learned since I was a teenager and involved in the mystic, don't try to make sense of it. Your mind will thank you for it eventually." He smiles. "I tried before, ended up as someone who does what he accidently does for a living." He motions at John with the sake glass.

Taking another sip of the drink, Tetsuya looks carefully at John. "Easy. Smoke too much and all those people you messed with might cause a war just to try to get you. No one wants that. Even if I've heard one or two not involved will be sitting back and watching it for amusement. Not involved in the whole Christian side ones, anyways."

He also remembers to put down money for the drink. Two different currencies at that. The first is American, the second is Japanese yen.

"But, well, I believe the term 'secrecy is a magician's best friend' applies doubly so to myself. I simply came here as a request from my benefactor." A tilt of his head has him looking considerate, "By the way, what scheme are those wards? And did they pick up on the Blessing and such? It's why I walked in the front door instead of trying to sneak around."

Tara Tsabedze has posed:
Tara Tsabedze slips silently into the establishment, silent and unseen as if she merely slide through the shadows themselves. Moving slightly into the light, she pushed back the hood of the over sized jacket she wore to reveal there was nothing human about her. Feline ears protrude from her head among tribal braids, long down her body. Cat eyes of amber survey the room for a moment, taking in who is present. Her face is a combination of human and feline, complete with whiskers on her split upper lip. The long flowing linen skirt she wears has been adjusted to allow for her tail, that is already flicking slightly behind her.

What ever she had expected to find behind the seen but unseen door she had found, this was not it, but a smile is offered to those who look her way before she makes her way to a table.

John Constantine has posed:
    See now, that's the difference between John Constantine and the likes of Strange or the other of his ilk, with relatively less power, he's the Every Man's Magi. He's all trench coat and arrogance stepping from the shadows to do battle with the demons that threaten on the daily. He doesn't hide in his gilded castle and wait for things to go twenty thousand ways to Sunday before coming down to mingle with the commoners. He tries to stop it before it gets there.

    "Well, I'm pretty notoriously... the opposite, truly. But makin' sense of it? Only bit I can offer on that is, everything makes sense with magic even when it doesn't. Believe what your eyes are seeing and doubt it all the same."

    Faded demin blues focuse on Tetsuya again and John snorts out a laugh along with a billow of smoke from his inhale a moment ago. "Whatever 'scheme' came to mind when I was weaving them," he answers vaguely. Because it's true, close and knowledgeable inspection of them would find them to be powerful indeed, but a powerful hodgepodge of this language or that, this belief system or that, Hebrew, Hindi, Christian... others. No rhyme or reason to it, just works is all.

    "Why'd you bother to ask, if you knew the answer in the first place. Seems a game to me. Not much for games myself." That's so much bullshit! But he sells it!

    Could be Davy Jones'll be walking through the door any minute to pick up that mic on the stage too.

    Nothing, NOTHING comes into John's home unseen, period... not unless it has power enough to pass through the best wards he's ever laid on a place. He's looking right at the newcomer when Tara decides to show herself.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
Looking at the new arrivals, Kaida sighs and shakes her head, "Bah! I gotta be somewhere but you." She points at JOhn, "You are a jerk but you have a nice place and good cheese." She then leaps up to his eye level casually before landing on the ground and walking toward the exit with hands behind her back, "I may return for that cheese." She nods her head and chuckles lightly as she heads toward the exit shaking her head.

Tara Tsabedze has posed:
Although a creature of magic, born of the moon and walking in Her shadows, Tara doesn't rely on magic for everything. Her silent entrance was a use of skills, talent and natural grace. She wasn't attempting to block magics or work around them, merely accustomed to keeping to herself out of fear of the reactions of humans. When you look like a predator, it tends to cause issues. No, she was merely following the natural movements of one who has been chased by pitch forks and torches.

Settling at the table, her eyes return to looking around the room then settle on John, noting he is watching her. It is not uncommon to be stared at, so she offered a nod, a smile and looked to see what exactly was available to drink.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe gives a wry smile. "It's not the outside or effects of magic I'm trying to make sense of, John." she states quietly, "... after all, you and probably every other magi in a two block radius was able to pick me out of a crowd. That's potentially dangerous, isn't it?"

Tetsuya Wakao has posed:
Tetsuya smiles towards John. "Curiousity, and seeing if I guessed right. My knowledge is more... ah... farther away, than I would like? But I came pursuing some old trouble I heard might be here."

Phoebe's words has him looking at her, then giving a hum of thought. "So that is what they are called here? Magi?"

Consideration is given as he looks at Phoebe, "I am guessing you are having trouble?"

John Constantine has posed:
    Looking for something to dim that glow, huh? I hear markers made by the rulers of Hell works wonders, but I wouldn't recommend it," John replies before he polishes off what's in his glass and refills it from the bottle. "Might be I could come up with another option though. Some sort of mask for it, maybe a lampshade to dim it at least." He doesn't elaborate further, but if there's a spell or a trinket to be had to do it, like than not, he can find it.

    "Seems the bigger issue's the thing what's trying to kill your friends."

    To the departing mouse he states, "Thanks, luv! Was beginnin' to wonder if I lost my touch!"

    Tara's silent greeting is met with a raise of his now full glass in her direction. As far as drink menu, it might be safer to ask what *isn't* on it.

    "I pretty much find myself being called, That Fuckin' Bastard more oft than not."

Tara Tsabedze has posed:
The one thing about being in America that never ceases to amaze Tara is just how many choices get offered on menus. Gluttony was certainly present in this country, but with good reason. They had the means, the money, and the power to offer it. The choices of menu are abundant, far too many really. Sitting back, she removes the hooded jacket to reveal a tight fitting body suit in dark purple over her upper body. The peach fuzz of black fur over her deep ebony skin became much more obvious without the jacket, but again she was used to attempting to 'blend in' in a world that she never would.

"So many alcohols," she mutters, her soft voice touched heavily by an East African accent. "Is there tea anywhere on this thing?"

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "Not any worthwhile." The Gotham teen replies, switching out the color of her pens in her braids as she looks out of the corner of her eye with curiosity to Tara, and gives a little smile -- until she sees the cat ears. Then she tries not to stare, before she gives a breath out, and then looks back to John.

    "... and yeah, the beasts showing up are pretty worrisome, but it seemed a bit heavy for the conversation going on."

Mina Murray has posed:
    Returning from the more quiet area near the stage, Mina ends her call and slips the cell phone back into her pocket. The overcoat, skinny pants, boots and loose shirt are all the same shade of black. Like her nails. Returning to the bar, she looks around at faces both familiar and new.

    "Very sorry about that." she offers, to no one in particular. Looking to Phoebe, she asks. "Are we still discussing the attacks? Because I was hoping not to miss that."

Tara Tsabedze has posed:
The menu gets set aside now. Alcohol was never a good a good idea, unless to celebrate something and right now, there was nothing to celebrate. Ordering a cup of tea, worthwhile or not, she offers Phoebe a nod and smile when she turns, and a polite "Thank you for the information."

With the arrival of new face, Mina gets the feline's attention for the moment. She isn't staring, merely looking the woman over before she turns her attention away. The place was certainly interesting, not precisely the normal sort of establishment she would go do, but the allure of the mystery behind the seen but unseen door had been too much to pass up.

John Constantine has posed:
    John pushes himself up from this stool, polishes off his what... fifth, sixths? Who's counting anymore. "Drop by tomorrow, before open," he tells Phoebe. "We'll get to figgerin' it out."

    "I'll be right back," he offers to the room at large. As soon as he stands from it, that stool he was sitting on suddenly seems a very unappealing thing, really it does, who would possibly ever want to sit in that thing.

    Without much further ado, outside of snagging his bottle from the bar, he heads for the door marked 'Private'.

Tetsuya Wakao has posed:
Tetsuya shakes his head, "And I thought I caused trouble." He says more to himself. Looking over at Phoebe, Tetsuya seems to consider.

"You give off light like one of the Sun God's chosen. Are you sure you wish to hide it?" The man seems to be curious on it.

Mina Murray has posed:
Mina Murray returns to her glass of amber liquor, giving it a curious look and even a sniff before taking a sip. John was here, which means her drink hasn't been tampered with. Period. At the mention of 'giving off light', she looks curiously at Phoebe as well.

And she just listens, for the moment.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "... if it means that I don't attract mastiff-sized creatures with mouths in their chests that spit acid?" Phoebe states, raising an eyebrow, and she looks to John, and marking his reply... she gives a nod. "I'll be there." she states, and then she leans back.

    "Phoebe, by the way. I can't remember if I introduced myself." she adds embarrassedly, a hand rubbign at her neck as she gives a smile.

    "And my main problem is -- I have no idea how I got these powers. Or why. Just that one day I had a real bad time, and they turned on."

Meggan Puceanu has posed:
Trenchcoat and arrogance may be the proprietor's calling cards. Summer sunshine and living in the moment could be the dominant features associated with the spritely Englishwoman brightening the establishment by doing nothing more than opening the door. A slice of Hell's Kitchen in microcosm comes with her: energetic Latin rap caught up in a swirling profusion of traffic, humming bus engine and impatient car horns blaring. Pedestrians trail by in clumps, brightly coloured, chattering into their phones or at one another. A food truck peels into a spot opened up a few doors down from the bar's entrance, and that colourful impression ends with the door slipping shut.

Stretching her arms over her head for a moment, Meggan blinks to adjust to the darkness. Then comes a smile for all and sundry, though she doesn't favour any one person with too much attention. Staring would be rude! Besides, enough faces lack familiarity to justify it. Instead, she weaves the most circuitous of routes for the bar, not aiming to catch the tender's attention right away. Somehow she gets there as quick as the average person beelining for a stool. There's something of an empty one but nope, not going there. "Hullo!" Still not totally evening, is it? Wouldn't quite matter, as she carries a hint of petrichor and the scent of the sea in her wake, smiling over at Phoebe as the most identifiable face. "He's not run off to burn a swathe through Deptford yet, has he?"

Tetsuya Wakao has posed:
Tetsuya's eyebrows go up at that remark from Phoebe. He obviously looks a bit surprised, "Interesting. I wonder if it has something to do with the divine here? You do seem to have that... air about... well, I know them as kami. And I am Tetsuya."

Humming a bit, Tetsuya asks for another glass of sake as he finishes his. "I am still surprised that whoever or whatever has given you that blessing is not at least trying to do something about such attacks. At least it seems like one to myself, but the styles and practices are different here."

Mina Murray has posed:
Mina Murray crosses one leg over the other, swirling her glass of whiskey while regarding Phoebe rather curiously. And rather openly. "Mastiff-sized creatures with mouths in their chests that spit acid? That's a new one for me." she admits. "And I've seen more than my share of monsters."

Then Meggan opens the door and her attention shifts in her direction. "Burn a... what? Oh not at all, actually. At least I don't think so. He just got up and left without an explanation." Pause. "Which I'm sure comes as no surprise."

Adding to Tetsuya's theory, she offers. "I must confess that I'm not privy to the details, but perhaps the gift was intended to be used in opposition to these beasts. I'm Mina, by the way. Mina Murray."

Tara Tsabedze has posed:
Given the size of her ears, Tara could no more pretend she wasn't listening then the sun could stop shining. It isn't intentional, it is what it is.

"You say that you woke up with these powers," she asks to the glowing woman. She may not be glowing to everyone, but to Tara, Phoebe glowed like a lighthouse.

"I am Tara Tsabedze," she then offered, so as not to be rude.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "That are able to change their 'face' from their chests to their back. Like pushing Mr. Potato-head parts through Play-doh." the black teen explains, holding up her hands a moment and crossing them for effect. "I have searched my friend's database, at the Themysciran embassy, the New York Library, I can't find any track of these creatures." she explains to Mina "It's a pleasure, Ms. Murray." she gives the woman a smile, and then turns to Tara. "I wouldn't say woke up. These powers awoken when I..." she trails off a moment, and then she gives a breath out. "Had a very bad day and stopped someone from being beat up." she over-simplifies, and then turning to Tetsuya, she gives a wry little smile.

    And she respons, in very Rural-sounding Japanese <Perhaps they wandered off or got distracted. I don't think my 'guardian angel' is up to the job.> she jokes.

Meggan Puceanu has posed:
The shelves of liquor don't get a second look from Meggan, as she might well be more interested in the other people already there. Looking a little too long at the open space not occupied by Chas or whomever else is on duty could prove pretty telling about her plans and she makes no attempt to hide her intentions. Might just hop over and help herself or start working, be as it is.

Mina's response she nods to. "Good, that means he hasn't heard of it yet and not his problem. From what I can tell, still about instead of rushing off with his hat on fire." An enthusiastic laugh brims over, and she tips her head, a wash of gold-and-silver hair falling over her shoulder. "Meggan Puceanu." As in, that environmental activist who keeps the European climate activist movement rolling on, and gives CEOs at great multinational corporations headaches. *Lots* of headaches. "Pleasure to meet you if I haven't. If I have, good to see you again." English accent through and through, though it's Lake District, not London. She casts a curious look back in Tara's direction, finger-wiggling a polite hello. "Powers are a funny lot, aren't they?"

On the surface, what would she know about it?

Tara Tsabedze has posed:
Golden amber feline eyes remain focused on Phoebe, though not particularly staring. Tara seems to be looking almost through her, or perhaps around her. Taking a breath in through her nose and mouth at the same time, one brow ridge raises.

"You were then likely born, toughed by the divine it would see,." she offers, understandable through the East African accent. "Perhaps something in your heritage will link you to what the nature of the powers are, and thus what the nature of these beasts who haunt you are."

John Constantine has posed:
    During the time that John was in the back room, the band for the evening arrived and started setting up. From the looks of them, everyone would probably be best served by the jukebox continuing to provide the evening's musical fare.

    Their name is the Coveralls - and John thought the Ancient One was a lame name for a resurrected vampire sorcerer? Really? But, given the budget available and the fact that mundanes can't enter the bar tonight, didn't leave many choices did it? Whole lot of them look like a bunch of middle-aged hippies.

    When he comes walking back in, John's attention is *immediately* drawn to Meggan, it's like a magnet that pulls those faded denim blues that way and won't allow them room to move for a beat or six. He cuts a path in the faeling's direction and once there? The kiss he lays on her hits 'get a room' levels of long and drawn before he pulls back again.

    No one claimed the Laughing Magician was a family friendly establishment, innit true? Nor should anyone expect John Constantine to behave such even if it were.

    "Wassat about a hat burnin'?" he asks.

    "...also, someone tell me how 'the Divine' has become a topic o' conversation 'round here?" His brow furrows and he whispers, all sotto voce to Meggan, "Don'tcha think when people talk about being 'touched by the Divine' that it sounds a little pervy?"

Mina Murray has posed:
Mina Murray leans an elbow on the bar, taking a sip of whiskey before she offers. "I will conduct a little research of my own..." But that's about as far as she gets before John returns and captures Meggan in a lip-lock. Mina watches shamelessly, a dark brow lifting and her upper lip twitching into an amused expression.

Tara Tsabedze has posed:
Tara lifts her shoulders in a slight shrug, ignoring the lip play between John and Megann, a playing smile playing across her lips as she says, "It all depends on where the Divine touches you."

As her tea arrives, she adds a touch of honey and stirs. Honey doesn't like to get stirred in, so there is a lot of stirring, but she doesn't do that annoying things of tapping the spoon against the sides of the cup.

"I can see the essence of the energies that flow around a person," she explains to John, since was asked. "When I look at Phoebe, the energies that make her light up like the sun seem divine in nature, which leads me to believe she is touched by the divine."

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe looks properly embarrassed, and turns away from John as he lip-locks with Meggan, and her ears and cheeks darken a bit as she gives a soft 'ah well this is awkward' sound, and then breathes out as John begins talking again, because that means he's not snogging.

    "Well... I don't know any heritage. I'm adopted after I got left in a liquor store in Gotham." Phoebe explains in embarrassment. "All I know about the powers is I got them, slept for three days, and there are certain things I can do with them. Like make a really big glow-stick."

Tetsuya Wakao has posed:
Tetsuya's attention turns towards Meggan. He was mostly looking at Phoebe up until that point. And immediately the man stands up, setting his glass down and gives a deep bow towards Meggan. "Kami-sama." He says politely, and respectfully at that. That's before he rises up and sees John do the whole kiss and blinks. He looks at John. "You certainly know how to attract the attention of powerful beings.

He shakes his head, moving to seat again and grab his drink again. And he's just taking a sip when Phoebe says she was abandoned, causing him to choke a bit. "Abandoned?"

He sounds surprised and shocked by that. Then he shakes his head, "I, too, am more used to sensing the divine. Phoebe has something like what Meggan-sama has." He motions at Meggan. "Ah... my apologies, is sama the right honorific in this land? She does appear to be like the kami of my homeland."

Meggan Puceanu has posed:
The Coveralls is a terrible, dodgy name and probably exactly why Meggan intends to applaud enthusiastically for them. Stringing together two complementary notes without breaking a string or their voices will only enhance the situation. It's exciting.

Which gives her exactly two seconds to admire before she turns back to John, and he is pulling her into a kiss that hardly seems unwilling on both their parts. He's not laying one out on an unsuspecting woman or detonating a femme bot before she can deactivate him somehow. When he pulls away, she's still laughing. Though at least she has the grace to duck her head and sketch a bow in turn to Tetsuya. It's not half bad! Partly because she happens to be floating two inches off the floor, but no matter.

"You can find out after your shindig," she replies, tilting her head to the others. Obviously, it's meant to be some kind of party.

Or it means something else. "Divinity's all of a flavour, innit? It looks and feels sort of different, but it's still like paint. Supposing that paint were magic."

She smiles at Phoebe. "I'm adopted, too. Making big glow sticks is nothing to look past, it's a lovely talent. Everyone needs the light, even if they complain about no flashy shows or sparkles. Missing out on that." Yes, John, the blame meter has to be burning. "People mostly call me Meg. Unless they're my army, but if the army has shown up, something went terribly awry."

Mina Murray has posed:
Mina Murray seems neither surprised nor actually bothered by the concept of abandoning a child. She's seen much, much worse. Mina listens to the others for a few moments before she speaks again. "Can you tell me more about the creatures? I don't recall encountering any specific creatures matching your initial description, but my memory is sometimes fuzzy."

"Lithium will do that, I'm told."

Tara Tsabedze has posed:
Picking up the cup of tea, Tara meanders her way to the bar where the others have gathered. It's rude to call out across the room, and with the extremely horrible band playing, even more rude. Setting the cup down she looks to Phoebe, "There is no shame in your origins," she offers softly, golden eyes watching the woman again. "You are alive, and well, that is what truly matters."

Her attention shifts to Tetsuya, "I am afraid I do not know if she is a -san or a -sama."

John Constantine has posed:
    "See, touched by the Divine, sounds pervy dunnit?" John comments. "Not everything that's light is lit by the hands of the Divine," he adds after a beat, a little more seriously.

    Both eyebrows shoot up, his eyes widen comically. "... really big glow-stick. Girl just proved my point, dinnit she?"

    The jukebox dies, the lights dim overall, but brighten over the stage.

    A man steps up to the microphone, receding hairline, little bit of a pot belly. ...but when he speaks, just from that, it's clear he has a voice. "Hello, my name's Marlow, this pretty thing is my wife, Lettie...", woman looks like she used to be a knock-out in her day, still might be in some eyes. Lean, lithe, auburn hair with some gray starting to peek through, "... and we're The Coveralls. Only reason we agreed to play this gig is that rat bastard John Constantine promised to sit in a song or two, so... John get that scrawny ass up here, boy."

    ... ... "Bollocks, thought he'd forget that."

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "Lithium's a hell of a drug." Phoebe replies with an unfortunate understanding, and she folds her notebook closed, and tucks it away. She brings her pencil back up to her hair and places it in the braids and bin, and she breathes out. "But you and I are very, very different, Meggan. We saw that at the lighthouse." she states softly.

    "The first creature I encountered in a subway. I thought maybe it was just a quirk of New York City. It was about the size of a doberman, but twice as wide. It has no neck, no head, and instead of its face being where it should be -- its eyes and mmaw are in its chest. Its teeth aren't dog-like, but more jagged, almost like a crocodile, and they stick out all over the place when it's closed." Phoebe replies to Mina. She looks distantly, as if caught in the memory.

    "The second one was bigger, bulkier, the size of a mastiff, but still had the same features. This one spat acid that melted through armor, and even gave me trouble healing it." Phoebe looks at her arm, rubbing it thoughtfully until the band starts up.

    "... she'd be whatever she asks you to address her as. Honoriffics are meaningless in America. We don't have respect for anything." she offers as a joke to the room that is full of non-Americans.

    Her gaze does turn to Tara, and she gives a sad smile.

    "... your ears are beautiful." she states as John gets pulled up.

Tara Tsabedze has posed:
Tara offers a slight bow as she voices softly, "Thank you Phoebe, I was born with them."

Her eyes look toward the stage as the man is called up, wondering just what was in store for him and what sort of music this band would play. She was particular really, all music had a place in the world, so long as it didn't sound like someone strangling a cat... could be her cousin, never a good thing

Mina Murray has posed:
"Lithium is worse than dropping a Taddie. Significantly." Mina agrees. Then she reaches into her long coat, pulling out a pad and a pen. While Phoebe offers her description, the woman takes notes. "... doberman, but twice as wide... no neck or head... crocodile teeth..." Scritch-scritch-scritch. Is she using a fountain pen?

The second creature is likewise chronicled, then Mina caps the pen. "Americans do respect some things, in my experience." But she doesn't elaborate.

Meggan Puceanu has posed:
Meggan shakes her head. Questions of san or sama, whether people are quite different, she might not be entirely in agreement with. Arguing in a bar isn't quite her style. The sunny gilded depth of her smile never wavers. She alights on the ground after a moment or two. "A good heart makes all the difference. Yours is very good."

Green eyes widen at the description of the hound in the subway, if a hound it can be called. "Sounds right strange, out of folklore. I know plenty of dog stories, shaggy or black, but none quite like that." Chewing her inner cheek mars the curve of her face. "Not fitting with anything top of mind, but remembering things straight up isn't my forte."

How terrible will this band be? Who knows, but she expects to find out, leaning in slight anticipation. Really, going to glow at any time now.

Tetsuya Wakao has posed:
Tetsuya shakes his head, then looks over at John. He blinks a few times. Then looks amused, "Some people never forget, you know." He turns back towards the group discussion it seems. "I suppose the honorifics are a difference in culture."

"Japan has always been big on them. These... dogs sound almost like demons. Are there equivalent in this part of the world? I would say they are oni, but I do not think there are any of those." Tetsuya takes a sip of his sake.

"As far as to who is calling them, I am willing to bet it is someone who feels threatened by that power. I would look into someone you have run across or perhaps saved a victim of in the past. Most of those that do such have those motives, and then there are those that... well... just do it because something wants to cause chaos."

The drug talk goes over his head it seems.

"If it is the latter, perhaps they are drawn to your light for some reason or another?" He looks considerate of /that/ one, then shakes his head, "And now I am very, very curious." A frown comes across the man's features as he seems to be considering something or other, then shakes his head. "Maybe I will be around when one shows up again."

John Constantine has posed:
    John strips off his trench coat. GASP! Yes, it does come off people. He hands it off to Meggan, the only person here that he'd trust with such a thing as his coat. On his way through the crowd, he loosens his tie a little more and unbuttons his sleeves to roll them up. It's a first peek, for most, at the tattoos that covers a pretty bit of real estate on those arms. Most of them, to anyone really in the know when it comes to spells and whatnot, mystical symbols of one sort or another.

    Now, Mucous Membrane MIGHT have sounded like dying cats to some; it's the nature of the genre really, but the Coveralls are not that and John, as it turns out, isn't some talent-less hack.

    He takes up Harlow's guitar and a brief back and forth between him and the rest of the band has him asking, "Seriously?" ... "Yeah, I know it, who doesn't, but..." It's really not his thing.

    Still yet, when the drummer beats out the first notes, John leans into the mic and says, "Not like you lot don't know who I am, so I'm gonna skip that and just get this bloody well over with."

    First song? It HAS to be a setup at his expense. Has to be, whether he realizes it or not.

    ...and so it happens that John Constantine covers Wayward Son - Kansas with the members of the Coveralls and he does so with flare and style.

    Metallica follows, Enter the Sandman.
    Hells Bells, AC/DC
    What I Like About You - The Romantics
    Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne.

    He hits them ALL, nails it, truly. This is what John Constantine having fun looks like. It's not all about slaying vampires and banishing demons.

Mina Murray has posed:
Mina Murray finishes her whiskey, but declines a refill for some reason. Her attention turns towards the stage, but she continues the conversation. "Most of my experience with... demons... have been humanoid. Or with tentacles."

She looks thoughtful for a moment, then adds. "Except for that time with the Martians, of course." The woman uncrosses her legs. "The acid spitting bothers me most, I think. Not that it wasn't inconvenient for you as well." She smiles a touch at the last and eases off of the stool. "I will be in touch, and you can leave messages for me here." How very old-fashioned!

A look towards the stage follows, then she adds. "I'm sure Mister Constantine won't mind. Enjoy your evening, everyone." And with that, Miss Murray heads for the door.

Tara Tsabedze has posed:
Taking a few sip of her tea, Tara sighs when her phone vibrates in her pocket. Removing it to look at the screen, she slides it back into her jacket pocket and flips the hook back up over her head. Several single bills are laid on the bar next before she looks to those present.

"I am afraid that I must depart," she offers apologetically. "It was nice meeting you all, should you need any assistance, feel free to contact me."

From the other jacket pocket she removes a few slips of paper and lays them on the bar, her name and number is all that is written on them, no fancy cards needed here.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe frowns, and she looks to her watch. "I Should be going too -- Tim'll wonder where I've gotten to --" she trails off, and she gives a warm smile to Mina and to Tara as they make their exit, and she does take on of Tara's cards. She gives her own in return, which have an old E-mail crossed out and replaced with a different one. Seems she lost some #gothamhope.

    To Tetsuya, she offers a small smile. "I don't know. I don't know how to work out what they feel like yet, but wouldn't you know it? It's hard to get a teacher." she replies to him, and when she offers her card to him, it's with both hands, offered politely.

    "... ah, sorry. My Japanese is a little rusty, but I think I'm doing this right." the teenager states.

Meggan Puceanu has posed:
"I'm interested in hearing more about what honorifics get used in Japan or anywhere," Meggan says sotto voce to Tetsuya, the better to not interrupt the performance happening. The crowd knows it here, and she does too. Something restless tends to spread in waves. Conversations lower or drag to a pause to see whether the musical performance might prove worth it, and the shivering electricity presaging a beginning, any kind of beginning, dances on the air with so much purpose.

The kind of thing she tilts her head to feel, as much as hear, ever so curious. When John hands over the coat, she takes it but doesn't do anything so gauche as wear it. The thing would probably drag on the floor if she did. Or bite her, no telling what that ancient bespelled garment might react to. Folding it in half means putting it safely on the bar beside her, and leaning against the slightly shabby garment as though keeping it from running away. She draws her fingers together, a laced bridge pinned at her hip.

Then, it's quite a time to feast. Not that the sustenance derived from a groundswell of reactions to a concert is predatory, exactly, but the emotional impressions that follow from popular hits being enjoyed by a group feeds that empath well.

A wave for Tara is too late, but she does anyway.

Saeko has posed:
The best thing about the mortal planes was the experiences, new things to try and interesting people to meet. Sure she'd visited Earth to offer blessings on behalf of Inari (and to cause a little mischief in her younger years), but things had been so much more interesting in the modern age.

Certainly, as the tenko strode into the pub, stretching her arms over her head and letting the illusion that had cloaked her form fall away she was walking into a setting most wouldn't have expected to find a being referred to as a divine messenger of a god.

Well places like this were known for the unexpected!

Tetsuya Wakao has posed:
Tetsuya looks at Phoebe, considering as he takes out of the papers with Tara's information after looking at it carefully. Never can be too careful on what you pick up, after all!

Nodding to Phoebe, he smiles and offers a card of his own in return. Which looks more like an official business card. He apparently works for Hajime Ryu Industries as some sort of consultant. At least the numbers got swapped from whatever Japan uses to American!

Then he raises an eyebrow as he waves at the two that left while he was taking cards. And well, yes, there's some things worth listening to. Apparently John Constantine having fun is one of them!

But he does look over as he sees another person that catches his eye. And gets up to do the same bow that he did towards Meggan towards Saeko, "Kami-sama." He says simply before moving back to his seat and... drinking sake of all things from the looks!

John Constantine has posed:
    By the time John's done rocking it on the stage, Chas is back behind the bar and that's his cue to go.

    A look passes between the two best friends, a little silent back and forth that tells John that whatever Chas took off for earlier played out without a hitch.

    Once back to Meggan, he leans in to whisper in her ear. ... probably not family friend that either, not with the way he tugs her earlobe with his teeth before stepping back again and snatching up that wicked trench coat that's surely as accursed as its owner. It's true, it might even bite.

    He slips his hand in hers and tugs her toward the back room with a, "If I'm not here, Chas there can always get a message," just for anyone that might decide to call on the Laughing Magician in the future, pity the fools really. But it seems no matter what his reputation for being a low down, cheating, scoundrel, there's always *someone* in need of his brand of assistance.