7095/So Long Germany!

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So Long Germany!
Date of Scene: 27 July 2021
Location: Not a car dealership as Rogue might be expecting, but it's more a series of shipping containers on the dock that have been made into a temporary facility for a quick auto transaction.
Synopsis: Remy gets rid of the porsche, but gets something a bit more slow. A bit more. Him. Rogue approves and has a moment.
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    The six cylinder engine revs high and slows back down to an idle as the Porsche ends up at the dock location that Remy had been made privy to not too long ago.

    The green exotic blipsas the car comes to a stop in front of the green shipping container with a small window carved into the side and the white light shining inside. Seems like a very fair weather sort of facility and operation. The doors both open at roughly the same time, the car and the building, with Remy's boot hitting the pavement first as the auto trader leans against the frame and crosses his arms.

    "You wont be minding if we skip the formalities cajun."

    "Not at all Moe." Remy replies as he takes the keys to the Porsche in his hand and looks over the top of the car towards the passenger that should be climbing out by now.

    Maurice steps out, a heavy set man in a suite just slightly too tight and with a towel draped around his neck which he uses to pat at his bald head beading sweat. "Who's the ravashing woman, Cajun?" The man asks, dabbing his forehead before he smiles, hard to peg the man in the dark of the evening with his politeness and charms, but there's a seedy nature flashing behind his eyes and by the very context of this business deal.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue steps out of the car they arrived in, and raises her sunglasses up to push the silver limbs in to her two toned hair. She's wearing a black tanktop with a pale green hoodie tied around her waist over a pair of low rise jeans with torn knees, and cowgirl boots on her feet that disappear up in to the jeans overtop of them.

She walks toward Remy, to join him on his side, her left hand runing through her hair to push it out of her face. She smiles at the implication she was the woman spoken of, but she lets Remy answer that question.

"Well this doesn't feel shady one bit." She says with a grin toward Remy.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Maurice is the first to speak in response to Rogue, "I assure you that the Cajun is getting an on the table honest deal." He says, dabbing at the back of his neck now as he steps closer to the southern duo and holds out his hand towards Remy.

    Remy's hand slide around Rogue's waist as she approaches and he looks into her eyes from behind the cheap gas station sun glasses he wears. "Moe is right hun, if anythin' Ah'm loosin' money on dis deal t'make sure it's on de level."

    Remy's hand then slides from Rogue and fishes the key fob to the Porsche out of his pocket and places it into Maurice's upturned hand. Then flips his own over and gets a rudimentary plain looking car key.

    Maurice then looks up to the black sunglasses Remy still wears, "She's in the back, can't miss her." And then he steps out of the way with a hand motion to guide the couple in the direction.

    Remy starts taking a few steps, taking Rogue's hand in his and she can feel the smile on his face, a kid in a candy store, only the anticipation is much more overwhelming. When Maurice speaks up, "Watch out for this cajun miss, he's got tastes he can't afford. Car's an' women." He says, giving a confident and charming off brow sort of 'thinking' compliment towards the couple, a chortle in the back of his mouth.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes go over to Remy when he puts his arm around her back. She smiles at him before she looks back at this man they've come to trade the Porsche in with. "Its not his money that keeps me around him." She fires back at the guy with a bit of sassy implication. When Remy pulls his hand from her waist she looks back over at the Porsche....

Her mind goes back to the first night he pulled up and showed it to her, she was on a bench waiting for the buss to take her back to Xavier's. It was back before she liked to fly much, especially at night. She didn't want to skateboard home either, so she was on the bench and he just roared up and picked her up....

When Remy takes her hand she looks back at him and smiles again before looking back to Maurice. "Don't gotta worry about us though, we always get by in the end." She states with another little grin.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "I hope you do." Maurice says, a kindness in his tone as he looks down at the key in his hand and tosses it up and down once before he makes his way back into the little makeshift office and disappears for the night.

    "It's not as fast or as ... luxurious, as the Porsche, but it's something I've wanted a long time." The cajun says as he steps up to the shipping container Maurice mentioned and the metal locks screach as Remy turns them to unlock the doors, and then with a heavy groan from him and the metal door, he pulls it open.

    What greets them are silver gills, the grill looking like something that has lines and lines of horizontal and angry teeth, the chrome of the bumper reflecting the little light getting in, making the car look like a demon.

    "Wanna get outta 'ere?" Remy says with a drop in his tone to a husky baritone and a wiggle of his eyebrows.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches Maurice go back in to his office before she looks at the new car as its revealed. She walks toward it and stands in front of the shiny grill while her eyes go over it. Her right hand goes up to raise her sunglasses up on to her hairline, which pushes her white bangs off of her cheeks some. She nods softly after a moment. "Manlier.." Is her appraisaal. She looks up to smile at Remy before she nods her head at him. "Yeah, lets get goin'-- Oh, but hold up...."

Rogue turns around then and jogs back to the Porsche. She takes her sunglasses off so they don't fall off her face, then leans over and down over the hood of the green Porsche....

The southern belle places a kiss on the hood of the Porsche, a nice soft and simple smooch given to the car before she whispers something to it and then turns to jog back to Remy.

She grins at him, making her way to the passenger door. "Don't make fun... it earned it." She says as she moves to get in the new car...

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy is already in the car and waiting for Rogue to shut the door before he twists the key and the car roars to life. V8 rumbles softly before them, and Remy's hand falls off the large wheel to the shifter, puts it in drive with a clunk from the transmission and the car slowly starts to move.

    "Not making fun, that was sweet." The cajun says with a glance across the car towards Rogue and grinning from ear to ear. "Ah didn't realize you felt so strongly." The car rolls out of the container and onto the docks before rolling past the Porsche and Maurice in his office. Remy rolls the window down and gives a wave, to the man or the machine it's not clear, but he does as he rolls onto the street.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is brushing her hair out of her face as she settles i nto the new car and gives it a couple bouncy tests on the seat with her ass before she glances behind them in to whats behidn the chairs before she looks back over to him on her left. She flashes him a grin. "It was a good car, we got Jeepers in there after all. Memories are... like, well, I mean they're what we need in order t'know how not to be as crappy as we were the previous day... but really they're there to make us enjoy what is yet t'come too. Or something, I dunno." She settles her sunglasses down over her eyes again before smiling as they pull out of the lot.

"I wanna get a muscle car like this... I seen one for sale in Salem Center, its green too... but I kinda want a red car now...." She looks over at him, and at his hands on the wheel, then back up at his eyes. "I like this car, it feels roomier..."