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-1 Wuff
Date of Scene: 28 July 2021
Location: New Zealand, Christchurch
Synopsis: A video of people beating Rahne causes a rapid response team to be sent to New Zealand. The question of her survival is up in the air.
Cast of Characters: Rahne Sinclair, Henry McCoy, Samuel Guthrie, Clarice Ferguson, James Proudstar

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
- Still at Xavier's -

It's late the next day, and the rapid response team of random people has started to gather. Clarice Ferguson was texting Rahne, when the phone stopped getting messages.

Xavier himself has chosen to allow Rahne some freedom, and a bit more time. Given that it could simply be a celphone glitch, or perhaps something else that's minor. Rahne was never good with her celphone. In his own words: Rahne deserves privacy, and he won't intrude without some kind of evidence.

At the same time, Clarice is worried. And someone on her friends list has nudged her that time may be an issue.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Once the Professor has given over his advice, and explains his involvement, Henry directs Clarice towards the kitchen. They can get a snack there - there are brownies! Henry had one in hand before going to see the Professor, after all. Once in the spacious kitchen, he heads over to one of the cupboards. "Milk? Brownies?" He suggests, retrieving a glass and plate for each of them.

He pushes out a stool for her as well, so she can settle in at the counter. "Perhaps we could try to locate the phone?"

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie comes walking in from the garage area. Sam is just getting back from classes. Today was book classes, not physical stuff, so he comes in wearing the dark pants, and polo shirt with the police academy logo on it. He had a bookbag over one shoulder that he sets on the counter as he is heading to the fridge himself. Giving the doctor first access and is then pulling out the pitcher from the fridge, then moving to get himself a large glass.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Mystique is trying to," Clarice explains unhappily as she's directed towards the kitchens - still holding a shirt in her hand. "Maybe we should toss this in a bag so I don't get my scent all over it," she adds - not that Creed would have any trouble separating out Clarice's scent, from Rahne's. He was so familiar with her own smell after all.
    "Sam. Oh, umm - hey," she greets the man - flashing him a brief smile as she pulls out a stool that is tucked under one of the kitchen counters and drops onto it.
    "Oh, and brownies and milk would be nice, thanks," the disheartened, frustrated woman replies as she slumps in the seat. She feels rather useless at the moment, and she hates feeling that way.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
One of the others, a Bridgit who has random control over flames in her vicinity, walks in with a yawn. She's from a rich family, and there was at one time some evidence that she may have been related to Rahne. But nothing came of it so she was simply treated like any other student.

She looks in, sees people, and adjusts her pyjamas. "I might go to the pool," she says. "If anyone wants to come." She might be leaning a bit more towards Sam coming, but she also isn't in the loop to the problem at hand.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Brownies and milk all around! Henry gets out enough for everyone. "Hey there, Sam." He offers in greeting. Milk is poured, the man nodding to Clarice. "Well, I am certain she has some skills and tools at her disposal." The man offers over, putting the milk away once everyone had a glass.

He glances to Clarice, nodding. "I understand - it's ... difficult waiting." The man agrees. "Especially when we are awaiting information on those we care about."

A nod to Bridgit. "Evening. Brownies and milk for everyone." He grins.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over and starts to get stuff out to make a sandwich. He offers Bridget a smile and says "I am grabbing some food, just got in." He explains and looks over to Clarice, and Beast "Whats going on?" He asks, as he starts cutting the bread to make himself a hogie.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "I should be there - looking," Clarice complains - looking down at her hand, and trying to will one of her javelins into existance, with no results. But she could still have Ritz send her over.
    She gives Hank a small smile as he sets the brownie and milk in front of her, and breaks off a piece of the brownie with her fingers. "It's probably nothing," she tells Sam. "I just- haven't been able to get a text back from Rahne." Her attention shifts to the other girl for a moment, then back to Sam and Hank. "Maybe she broke her phone. Who knows." She nibbles on the piece of brownie, before taking a sip from the milk, eating without much excitement - even though she loves brownies as much as the next person.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Trying to be helpful, Bridget pulls out her own phone. She dials Rahne's number, and gets an instantaneous send to a disconnected number dialtone. She frowns. "Her battery dead, maybe? She was always crap with that thing." She isn't without empathy, she just came from a rich family is all.

Henry McCoy has posed:
A nod to Sam. "We're just concerned, Rahne hasn't been reachable since after Kitty's birthday party." A smile from Henry. "So we're waiting it out while we're looking to find out where she's gotten off to." A slight shrug. "Just one of those nervous times, where we have to do a bit of waiting." A look to Clarice.

"I understand that feeling, all too well." A slight nod as he takes a sip of the milk. "I can assure you, it never changes when you're worried over someone. We just have to have faith in her, and keep doing what we are doing."

Henry smiles then to Bridget, nodding. "It could be something happened to her phone, yes."

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie hmms and nods his head a bit to this and pulls his own phone out "She sent me a text she was going on a walk, I told her text me if she needed anything, but aint heard anything back. She does not text much, I did find it abit odd."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "She was here at the school - and on the Asteroid. She had plenty of time to recharge her battery. I- I assumed it was charged," Clarice explains (well - complains), "But that could be it, yeah." She lets out a frustrated sigh before adding, "And it's not that I don't trust her - that I don't have faith in her. It's just- things happen. People get hurt. I got hurt, even with back-up. Even with friends right there, and she's on her own.
    "...I just worry about that, is all."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Bridget is still playing with her celphone. She has something that none of the others here had - she grew up normal, and rich. Until bad things happened, but still. "Well, you could ping it. Even if it's dead, it should show a location." She knows her phones. "The cops do that when a phone's been stolen. If you're really worried. It's not like that's intruding on privacy or anything."

Then she waves a bit, heading out to the pool. She stole some cookies in passing.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Henry listens to the talks, absently finishing his brownie. "What ifs are always the direst of thoughts to have, Clarice." He explains to Clarice. "They never get easier - and yes, people do get hurt. Our friends often more than others. But we will be there to help, as soon as we can, if it is needed. I promise you that."

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie will continue making his sandwich, and says "A lot of folks see Rahne as the little girl she was when she got here, but she is as tough as most anyone else here. Girl's got backbone, and the skills to back it up. Don't mean Ah don't want to make sure she is ok, but Ah trust her. You tried calling Moira, see if she has heard from her?"

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
A sudden message from the Asteroid cuts through all the chatter, overriding Clarice's celphone and delivering what ends up being a call to arms.

There is a video clip, of what appears to be Rahne viewed through a celphone camera. The video is titled 'Alien killed in New Zealand!' and has a fifteen second clip of people confronting the small redhead, who goes down under a club of some sort, then a young man smiling at the camera with a 'We got it!'

From the Asteroid, "Sending teams to target location. Gather whoever you can, portal in sixty seconds." Then, static.

. . .

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Yeah, I- I mean, she'd told me the name - Moira McTag-" Clarice starts - cutting off suddenly at a sound from her pocket. She pulls out her phone, watching the video clip as her expression changes from worried, to actively anxious and afraid - to angry. "She was attacked. Mystique's ready to have us teleported to Christchurch. Who's coming?" she asks, looking between Hank and Sam.
    Would she be alright? Would they be too late? Shit. //Shit//. She doesn't even have her throwing knives on her!

Henry McCoy has posed:
The plate is quickly put in the sink, along with Henry's glass. No need to leave a mess! He then nods to Clarice, a slight frown on his face and a low growl of agreement. "I'm going." He says, firmly. "Where do we need to be for the portal?" He asks, looking then to Sam.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie puts his half made sandwich in the fridge, and looks to the others "Let's go find her and make sure she is safe and bring her home." He does not let him believe that this is anything more than a rescue. Rahne is fine,, Rahne is like a little sister to him, and someone is messing with his family.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "It... might be better to go outside. I mean, umm, probably a bad precident to sent - a Brotherhood teleporter snatching people up from inside the school," Clarice remarks in a distracted way. She doesn't like to think that sort of thing matters - but the truth is, it probably matters.
    Unlike Hank, she pays no attention to her discarded brownie and glass of milk as she heads towards the nearest door heading out, her footsteps hurried.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
There is more than enough information to worry them. The attack, awful. The guy, looking so smug with himself. But then there's the title. Not 'alien spotted'. It says that they KILLED her. If Mystique is sending out all hands, and it does seem so, she saw that title as well and is pulling out all the stops.

"I'm coming!" calls Bridget from the pool area, who apparently also saw the video. She looks panicked, she looks like she's in a swimsuit.

She's too late, as she slides into the food area, and the trio are vanishing from sight.

- Christchurch, New Zealand -

The portal is always disorienting and nauseating. No change there, nothing but the Ritz doing their best to help. It's late, nighttime there. The street lights are on, and the morning is coming soon. It is a city street, with a nearby store. No sign of the film-makers.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Teleportation is always disorienting! Henry takes a moment to catch a breath, lowering to a crouch in order to keep stable. "Quite the jaunt." He grumbles, looking around the area they've arrived in. Sharp senses start focusing, trying to locate the scent of their friend.

"Everyone be on your toes. I am not sure what reaction we're going to get from the locals."

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie closes his eyes for just a moment after he sees they are not getting jumped right after the port. He gets his bearings, and resists the urge to take to the air right off the bat. He looks around the area, looking for flyers, and such that might be about to tell about the "alien"

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice takes a moment to swallow her bile - sure, she's getting used to Ritz teleports, but she is looking forward to getting her own back. "Alright. So - Sam - you'll need to know that I don't have any powers at the moment. In fact, I'm completely unar-" she starts, before with a blink of white portal energy her throwing knives appear nearby. "...nevermind. I'll thank Ritz and Mystique later." She jogs towards the throwing knives - quickly strapping the holsters that contain them onto each thigh.
    "Alright. Hank, have you got her scent?" Ridiculously - probably uselessly - she still holds Rahne's shirt in one hand, and she tucks it into a pocket so it partly hangs out at her hip.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Another portal opens seconds later, dropping other mutants slightly to the west. Apparently this is a major effort being put out, which is a huge sign of trust. Or faith, or value. Either way the little mutant made an impression on Mystique it seems.

There is a scent. There is more than just a scent, there's a place where blood hit the pavement not fifty feet from the drop location. Rahne barely walked out of the portal before she'd been accosted.

No body. But to the West, a message comes. 'Found the phone. Smashed.'

The scent doesn't lead west though. Perhaps an aerial view might help?

Henry McCoy has posed:
The scent is there - but Henry still scents the shirt to be sure. Soon he's heading over in the direction of where the blood landed. From there, he looks around - trying to see any obvious drag marks or sign of struggle. After that, he's scenting the air again. "I can smell her. Any thing else I am missing here?" He wonders, looking to Sam and Clarice.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie expected them to be a bit more subtle but at the other teams coming in, he does reach into his pocket fishing out a com and sticking it into his ear, as he takes to the sky. The Rocket man is loud and bright, as he starts to scan around, ready to start a search pattern.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
The bloodstains are not horrible, but given that the person who made them isn't huge they might be. There are some truck tire marks nearby, heading down the road north-ish, but a truck can't be tracked by scent. Or can it? They're new enough.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    A comm was with Clarice's throwing knives - so this is tucked into her ear as she's still for a moment, her gaze scanning their surroundings as she watches for signs of trouble. "We've got her phone - it's been smashed. No sign of her, yet." Her voice is carefully controlled and flat as she follows Hank to the splatters of blood, looking down at them and trying to ignore the sick lurch in her stomach.
    She is going to find these people, and they're going to regret their choices.
    "I don't see anything worth following except these tire marks. They could have thrown her in a vehicle..." Which means she could be anywhere by now. If she's even alive.

Henry McCoy has posed:
The Beast crouches near where the tiremarks are, trying to find any scent on them too. "It's... really faint, the scent." He explains. "We should be able to follow it." A look up to Sam, his hand going to his earpiece. "Sam, are you on comms?" He asks. "Can you see the tiretracks, and if so... see where they went?"

Regreting life choices is very likely for the saps who dared attack Rahne.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie sees the happening and while his first instinct is to head straight in, he has been taught tactics. He puts his hand to his ear. "Beast, Blink, Raise your hands, Ah see her, picking you up, going to do a fly through. Beast, Blink I will drop you in the middle of them. Going to make one heck of an entrance, so Ah got their attention Hank. He comes around ready to pick the two up, and jet to the site blasting straight up after dropping them off and hovering about ten foot in the air, to try to draw any gunfire there might be.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Raise our han- oh," Blink remarks, as she quickly catches up on the man's meaning. She raises her arm even as she asks, "Any sign of Rahne? How do we know this lot have anything to do with it? It's been hours since the attack." Their culprits should be long gone if they have any sense.
    But maybe they'll have seen something. They could be witnesses.

Henry McCoy has posed:
The Beast raises his hand, large as it is, for Sam to grab and lift him up into the air. "It's worth it, as it is our lead. They will know something, or we'll find another lead." The man assures Clarice, shaking off the last of the teleportation dizziness. "Get us there, Sam. Keep an eye out for anyone targeting Blink, too." He warns.

After that, his eyes are focused on their target.

James Proudstar has posed:
Their are some ill gotten goods that are judt hard to return and oh so useful in a pinch and besides, for what did Hydra really need them? Nothing good and now on her maiden flight The Neryx slips through the air in stealth mode. James can recognize Sam and spot his tactics from years of training with the guy. He slips the quinjet in behind and above him, dropping the cloak as he brings up the outside floods and kills the sound dampeners. He even fires off some chaff. The big man, unbuckles and activates the auto pilot and the rear door. Dropping the fifty feet to the forest floor.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Sam snagging the other two turns this into an entirely air-based chase, aside from the other groups who haven't their updates and are still looking. The fires up ahead do show that someone, some ones, are having a celebration.

Some kinds of fires. Bonfires of sorts, to celebrate...something? They point to the air as they see lights in the sky, then they start to get agitated.

The really dark thing is, they're largely gathered around a culvert. A big drainage place where sewage goes, largely roped off so people can't go there.

Great place to dump a body.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie will look down at the group. He blinks a bit as the ship appears ready for a fight but seeing who it is, he relaxes a bit. He will hover in the air, and calls out "Put down any weapons you have." He will let the blast field flare some, trying for intimidation.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    They're dropped - and Clarice lands agilely, rolling as she hits the ground to disappate the forward momentum, and popping smoothly back up to her feet. She stands at the ready - her hands near her sides where her knives are strapped to her thighs, but she doesn't draw any of them yet. She doesn't //know// if these men harmed her friend or not. And there's no point in hurting the wrong people.
    "We're looking for a friend," she states flatly. "Shortish girl, red hair."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Tumbling as effortlessly as can be, Henry lands in a dramatic fashion. The blue-furred Beast peers over at the people assembled, yellow eyes slitted. The air is scented, checking for traces of Rahne as Sam and Clarice do the talking. Fingers dig into the soil, ready to pounce as needed.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar drops to the ground in silence, and rolls to his feet keeping to the shadows not that he's on the ground. He uses the terrain, moving like a ghost in the forest, the only sign of his presence is the whoopibg war cries that echo through the night. This is a land of indigenous peoples as well, different but similar and the stories of things in the dark, they're universal. James uses the fear he knows. He also sends a message to the Neryx to land in a nearby clearing.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
And you know what normal people who think they're in an alien invasion do, when a whole bunch of people who look like aliens drop out of the sky, after flying in on a rocket shaped person? They run away, screaming.

"It's the other alien!" One guy shouts that, points in Clarice's direction. But then he's faced with a big blue furry alien and shrieks. His friends are already scattering, and if they'd been actual heroes of Earth protecting others from aliens, they wouldn't have ganged up on a little girl to start with. No, these are bullies.

These are cowards.

There are some Maori in the group. They seem to be a bit separate, but still quite scared. This group, these people, are frightened. And yet they acted on it to harm someone who deserved it not.

Oddly similar to the Mutant equation.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie will start looking about trying to spot someone who looks like he might be in charge or even the boy who was on the video. When he spots him, he will fly down and grabs the man by the shirt, and up, he goes. Sam's blast field will protect him if the guy pulls a gun or what not. Sam takes him high into the air, where the others are but dots on the ground. "Where is the girl you hurt." He does not worry about denying being an alien. "Tell me, where to find her." He does not say he will drop the man but he is implying it awful hard.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Anger flashes across Clarice's features at the words shouted out, as they men try to run. //Alien//. These are the hateful idiots who hurt Rahne, then. Who may have even killed her. "Where //is// she?" she grits out angrily, drawing her knives now. She flings them towards the retreating men - aiming for legs, trying to injure them and slow them down - to prevent their escape.
    She leaps towards the nearest man, moving quickly, sweeping his legs out from underneath him and shoving him hard, to propel him to the ground.
    If he hits his head, or lands in the fire? Then oh well.

Henry McCoy has posed:
The running people are of no concern to Henry - Clarice and Sam have that well in hand. Besides, if they were foolish enough to attack any of the mutants, they'd deserve what they got at this point. Instead, he bounds over to the culvert, scenting the blood of Rahne. He breathes deeply, trying to see if there are any signs of their friend...

Also, he takes notes of the water flow, to follow any current if needed.

James Proudstar has posed:
As the crowd breaks and flees, James let's them go. He isn't interested in the cowards but he does walk straight up to the small group of Maori, "YOU KNOW BETTER THAN THIS! This how your parent's raised you? Beating up a kid cause she's different?" Then past them to the culvert, He whistles to Sam and Blink and pulls out a flashlight, shining it down into the culvert searching it with eyes sharper than any human's, his nose and ears alert for any sign of life or movement. It's one of those fancy red flashlight that don't ruin night visions but it provides near daylight to James' enhanced senses. "You see her Hank?" James sweeps the area.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
"She was an alien!" the one that Clarice bagged says, his hair in the fire, his back on a rock. Or his keys, which would be worse. Totally his keys. He's terrified, he thinks that they're being invaded. He tries to fight back, showing more fire than any of the others did, but he has no skill.

The guy that Sam nabbed is also screaming. He's waving his hands, trying to point, but it's really hard to do when being blasted around the area. Mostly what everyone hears from up there is:


Some of the runners see James. They see a spirit warrior, a power beyond them. Some of them learn from this. Some, unfortunately, do not.

As Beast and James slam into the culvert, they see garbage. Tree branches caught on random things, mud and sewage and places where anything could be hiding. It is the dry season, or there would be a flood in here...and any chance of finding a body in there would be gone.

It doesn't matter who finds her first. The problem is that she has to be dug out, and it looks as if she's broken. Caught on a tree branch, her face luckily upward. Perhaps a wolf instinct that saved her life.

To Beast's fingers, she has a pulse. To James' senses, she has a broken skull. And others, but that's a very bad start.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie has been working on his powers for some time, and now, he pulls to a hover, and dulls the roar of his blast field "She is not an alien, neither am Ah, but she is my sister, and you will tell me where she is, and by all you hold holy you better hope she is ok. " It is a darker side of Sam than most have seen, but Rahne is truly someone who he considers a sister, and while she maybe a bad ass mutant werewolf, part of her will always be the red fuzz headed kid, who was the first one of the other kids, to say he should have a second chance.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice shoves the man - rolling him away from the fire. She doesn't //want// him to go up in flames. People on fire are less coherent, after all. "She is //not//, you idiot. Where is she? What did you do to her? Is she alive?" She has another of her knives out - held to the man's throat, with a dangerous, angry gleam in her eyes. She lets the point of that knife begin to dig in threateningly, as she glowers at the man, holding him pinned to the ground.

Henry McCoy has posed:
There's a war inside of Henry at the moment, the man sprinting and bounding over to be near Rahne. As he checks her pulse, his vision starts to fade to red. The want to tear apart those who have hurt Rahne, those who have beaten an innocent, is near-impossible to ignore. "James." He growls out, the man tense as a trip-line. "Need the stretcher. The First Aid Kit. The neck brace." He says, no loss of anger and rage in his voice.

His feet brace, claws in the muck - almost as if he's trying to hold himself in place. "We're here, Rahne." He offers in a low growling whisper. "We'll get you out of here and better. Hold on."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar nods and sets the the light in a nearby branch to light the area. He places a hand on Hank's shoulder, James understands the anger, the rage, he knows it better than most. His voice is quiet and gentle, "Rahne needs the Doc, Hank. We need her to be all right, she's the heart, Doc, like Bobby for your class. There will be time for that later. Accounts will be settled." He takes off at a dead run, "On it, Doc." He moves through the forest in almost silence, the squeals of surprised bullies as he moves up on then out of the out of the darkness, the only sound punctuating his movement. he opens the quinjet and retrieves the items, shovel, medic kit, back board, stretcher, neck brace... auto defibrilator? Hydra did not skimp on the niceties, lucky for us.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Sam and Clarice both manage to get the needed information from their captives. But what they learn does not help them sleep at night, the thought of what they hear from the mens' lips the stuff of nightmares. Even with a fall, even with a knife threatening, the truth can only be the truth.

She's in the culvert.

She's dead.

Luckily Rahne is not one of those two things, but not for lack of trying. There is brain swelling and raging infections, there are broken bones and internal bleeding. She is a healing mutant, but it would take a Wolverine to heal through this kind of damage.

Done not by mutants, but by normal people who were scared.

Covered in muck, she is going to need all four of them. They can call on the others, the other teams.

They have actually started to show up, calling in reports. Have we found her? Can we help?

Is she alive?

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie 's face goes cold, and he considers dropping the man. He considers letting him fall and catching him at the last moment, but he does not trust himself to catch the man. His hands loosen but only for a second, but he sees Rahne in his mind, and he knows even in death she would not want him to murder the man, and thats what it would be now. "You better thank the good lord she was a good person, right now, Ah want to drop you, but she would tell me not to. Your going to prison for a long long time." He will head to the ground landing but keeping the man in hand, actually turning him around and putting him in zip ties. Yup he had them for class.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Dead? No. No. "Why would you do that?" Clarice asks. "Why would you do that?!" The knife in her hand trembles at the man's throat. It would be so easy to drive the point of it home, and remove this worthless piece of slime from the world.
    The knife drops from her hand, though, as she begins to pummel the man instead, tears streaking down her cheeks. "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? She's a good person!" she shouts as she punctuates her statements with blows. "She was a //kind// person!"
    Clarice, it seems, does not have Sam's self control - and she shows every sign that she intends to beat the man to death, like he'd done to Rahne.

Henry McCoy has posed:
The Beast nods in the affirmative to James, agreeing with his assessment. "They are not my focus, right now." Maybe later. For now, he's carefully moving the debris from around Rahne, careful not to move her to cause more trouble for her injuries. As the other team shows up, he snaps into doctor mode. "Get the stretcher over here, out of the garbage. We'll slide the back board under her, then lift. Carefully. She's in bad shape." He says, confident in his ability to get the young woman out of the filth, and onto the jet. From there, medical aid will be top priority.

James Proudstar has posed:
Two of the fleeing bullies head to the 'safety' on the quinjet. Sitting there with its open ramp, only to find Jim on his way back, he doesn't waste time tossing them aside like refuse and moving back through the night. Warpath doesn't spare a moment's concern for where they land and is back at the culvert handing Sam the shovel as he lands.

    Jim nods at the man in cuffs with a soft smile, "Always Sam." Jim places a reassuring hand on Sam's shoulder, and calls out, "SHE's HERE! She's alive and in bad shape! We need to get her out." but he doesn't do anymore to intercede. Jim leaps across the culvert and slides down the opposite bank. He lays the medical implements, next to Hank, there's IV antibiotics and fluids in the med bag, as well as splints and anything that would reasonably in an EMTs bag. He starts to delicately remove the largest pieces of detritus. Tree trunks, boulders, half a car, James starts to clear the area to give the others access. He move slowly, gingerly, conscious not to jostle the delicate red haired girl underneath.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
One captured, one beaten to unconsciousness. Possibly beyond, but in this situation who could blame Blink for doing so. But the call that Rahne has been found, and alive, has people gathering. One places a hand on Clarice's shoulder. Another is running up to Sam, excitement in her eyes!

But it's not over. The greatest problems now are twofold. She can not be moved without hurting her worse, and the mud. The mud gets into everything. It's filthy, it's filled with sewage and excrement and bile, and there is no way to give her fluids.

And then, a mutant that nobody knows steps forward. "I am here to help," he says. "My ability is to put things into suspended animation, for up to a minute. I can let you move her."

He's not from the Asteroid, or from the Mansion. Do we care where he's from?

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie was fixing to move to stop Clarice, but sees another doing it He looks to the person running up to him, and says "Make sure, this guy does not run off." He will move over towards the others, and looks at the new comer, and says "If you can help us, we would appreciate it."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    James' words are overlooked in Clarice's moment of blind rage, and grief. The man she's been pummeling has stopped moving - and as a hand drops onto her shoulder, she spins abruptly, her arm flying out to buckle the woman's knee and drop her onto the ground.
    "Blink! Whoa, hey, hey! It's me! Remix!" The blow that had been flying towards the woman stops abruptly as recognition strikes. "You got the guy. You got him. Alright? Let's go check on your friend."
    "She's dead... they killed her."
    "Not according to those X-Men you brought. Come on."
    Before Remix had even finished speaking, though, Clarice is off like a shot - running towards the ravine where she can see the activity is centered. "Rahne! Rahne! She's alive?" she asks desperately, as she looks down towards Hank.
    She pauses at the lip of the ravine, looking down to the others - and after a moment of contentration, there's a faint flicker of purple energy around her, but she doesn't blink away. With a sound that could be pain or frustration - it's hard to tell - she starts her way down towards Hank.

Henry McCoy has posed:
As the unknown mutant steps forward, Henry regards him. "If you are lying, it will go badly... but I suspect you understand that." A look to James and the others. "Get ready to move her when he says so. We have to move quick - our window is short." A look to each. "We will lay her down on her back, flat, arms at her sides." A look from Henry to the other mutant. "Can she be interacted with? Can we get the IVs in when she's under your influence?"

A look up as Clarice arrives. "We'll get her home and mended up, Clarice. I swear."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar stops what he's doing now mostly covered in mud. He moves to flank Hank, and nods, "He's too calm Hank, but I think he's genuine." he says sotto voce. "Tell me where to line up we'll pull her out." This part is louder. "We can get her on the plane in a minute or Blink might be able to teleport her directly to the mansion... if the suspended animation will let her take the jump?" Jim isn't as familiar with Blink's jaunt as he is with others but figures moving through space and time always comes at a cost? Jim nods, to Hank, this is his show. He stands ready to ease the small girl delicately from the muck and mire.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
"She can be, but she will be essentially a doll for the time under my influence," he says to Henry, noticing James' scrutiny as well. Then to Sam, a nod of respect.

"It stops all of her bodily processes, but it does not render her immortal. Simply paused for a short time. When you are ready."

Remix takes a second to check the guy that Clarice had been damaging, and whistles at how much the woman did. Damn, girl. She looks up at Sam, then at the vanishing Clarice, worriedly. If Sam takes that as a message, he'd be right to have done so. That, was worrisome.

Room for Clarice is made, but as she approaches it begins. He touches Rahne, and she seems to lose definition. As if her pores are gone, or she isn't quite real. "You have a minute," the man says, getting the hell out of the way. "Or slightly less, it's not always the same."

He doesn't say that it depends on the strength of will in the person captured, or that they can break free much earlier. He would rather she not, this time.


Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie :will move to stand behind Clarice, letting those who are theyre in the pit handle the moving. He just watches knowing those who know what they are doing are in charge now, and he trusts Hank, and James to follow Hank's lead.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "I... I can't. My portals aren't working. They're just starting to come back, I can't risk taking her anywhere."
    Activating her comms Clarice asks instead, urgently, <<Ritz - can you move her to the Med->> ...no. No, that wasn't right. Rahne is one of //Xavier's// people. What sort of trouble would it cause if they brought her there? If for any reason her treatment went poorly? <<...to the Mansion. Will it hurt her?>>
    She reaches out with one hand, touching Rahne gently, her fingers just lightly brushing the other girl's skin. "We're going to take care of things..." she promises numbly - confusion flashing across her features as the strange mutant's power take affect. She draws her hand back abruptly, trusting the others to move Rahne far more than she trusts herself in this moment.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar doesn't have time, to second guess. He starts the move, pulling the girl's doll like frame from the muck and mire like a magician removing the tablecloth from a table leaving the flowers standing. One smooth powerful motion, the sucking of the mud, makes a loud noise as she comes free and James places the girl onto the backboard, keeping her spine straight as he can and trusting her healing and the mysterious benefactors power to do the rest. He pauses when she's on the stretcher, it's a heartbeat maybe two while he waits for Hank to do his work but it's interminable none the less. He is a mutant of action and yearns to be in motion.

Henry McCoy has posed:
As soon as James is in motion, so is Henry. Her arm is quickly swabbed to clean a spot - then the IV is inserted. She's strapped to the back brace, with a softer pillow under her head. "To where ever you need to, Clarice." He says, looking over to her. "So long as I have the tools, I will make sure she is fine. Mansion is easier for me, since I know where everything is." The man offers.

All the while, both hands are making sure Rahne is in position to keep from worsening her injuries, and strapped to the board to avoid her moving unintentionally.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
They get her into the quinjet, are setting her up for a long trip home while Ritz speaks with Clarice about how dangerous it would be for someone with Rahne's injuries (VERY!) and Sam worries about said injuries (He's sweet), and the medical team starts to try and get Rahne clean enough to strap down, with crap in her clothing (cut off) and hair (shut up).

When a message comes in, priority one, from someone who should not have this channel.

Moira MacTaggert is on the line. And she is frantic.

"We're closest! Scotland is just a bit away, I've got the facilities, COME HERE!" Is she alive, is she safe, thank you so much, you're coming here, it's so much closer, I'll clear the skies...

A look from the crew says that they do not want to argue with her. and....she is closest.

Everybody on board!

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie will get on the radio with Moira "We got her Moira, headed your way. Dr. McCoy is with her, till we get there. We will be there asap." He does look over to the guy he hogtied, and motions the person who he had watching him to come along. He looks at the man. "I ever hear of you hurting another soul, I will be back, and you don't get a second chance."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice makes her way up the hill with the others - helping to keep the stretcher steady as best she can. Once they're onboard the quinjet - she tries to stay nearby Rahne, while staying out of Hank's way. She's in no frame of mind to help - she's certain of that much, at least. Instead, she simply watches, murmuring quietly, "It's okay. It's okay, Rahne. We're here not. Hank's got you. He's going- he's going to help." He is - isn't he? Her gaze desperately tries to meet the doctor's for a moment. "He's going to help you."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar moves in a blur, carrying Rahne, and placing her across the bench seat, he's strapping her in when Hank arrives and let's the blue furry take over as he slips into the pilots seat. starting the pre flight check. He hears Moira's voice and looks over at Hank. "We're out in three, Hank. Call the ball."

Henry McCoy has posed:
There are quick calculations, with Henry looking to Sam. "Sam, we're going to need you to get us up to the Asteroid." He says, after a moment. He looks over to the comm unit. "Moira, we are taking her to a closer spot. I'll keep you updated, all right? You have my word." The man offers, his voice calmer than before. Rahne is connected to the monitoring equipment - EKG, all that jazz.

Looking to Clarice, I need you to make sure we aren't given a poor welcome, yes?" He says, motioning to the comm system.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
The last thing heard over the comms before acceleration hits, is a simple and panicked, "You're taking her to WHERE???" The stasis person is gone, not a passenger, not there to help. Seating is limited to just Henry, James, and Clarice, with Sam offering the push so desperately needed.

And the patient, who is taking up as much space in the plane as she does in the hearts of those that she touches. But for the tiniest of twitches, she never moves. But that twitch is there, and the spirit within her keeps her alive.

Until the Asteroid, and the facilities there, can take over. As Rahne sleeps in a darkness made of silence.

And while there may be repercussions for those who did this, there is a level of peace in it. Because victory looks like a red haired girl, too short for her age, and a heart monitor that she has not allowed to stop keeping time with her heart.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice nods in response to Henry's words - her expression grim, but determined. "There won't be any trouble - you have my word," she promises, before activating her comm. "We're onboard a quinjet - bringing Rahne to the Asteroid for treatment. Me, Warpath, Cannonball, and Beast," she explains simply. "I'll vouch for their behavior."
    She takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly before she adds, "There'll be some parts of the Asteroid marked restricted. Please honor those restrictions. There'll be access to quarters, the bar and cafeteria, the garden, and of course Medical." She'll lapse back into silence after that - her hand tucked into Rahne's, if possible, for as long as possible..."