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Let God Sort Them Out
Date of Scene: 29 July 2021
Location: The Become Human foundation site
Synopsis: The children are safe, the base destroyed by the owners hands, but the question still remains: What happened to the founder? The Brotherhood, Aerial and the X-Men have seen to it that nothing bad can happen from this location again, but the insigators got away. Perhaps in time, the questions that remain unanswered will be answered.
Cast of Characters: Raven Darkholme, Scott Summers, Rogue, Clarice Ferguson, Henry McCoy, Remy LeBeau, Lydia Dietrich, Rahne Sinclair, Ruth Kincaid, Piotr Rasputin, Emma Frost

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Coordinating with Scott Summers, Mystique arranged the location for those willing to help with this mission to meet; a small house about thirty miles from the target location. The fridge has been stocked, there's food in the cupboards. The living room has been set up with a large screen television and numerous comfortable chairs around to sit in.

As for the cobalt mutant, she is wearing all black today. Her clothing is black tactical armor, most likely the real thing, along with a rifle on her back and her pistols on her hips. She seems more determined than she may have been before, but that might be due to the fact that she knows full well everything she has done since the day she was released by Waller, is being watched.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers wears his full Cyclops gear, a blue and gold bodysuit, armored along the chest and arms, with a built-in visor and earcom. He flexes his gloved hands as he arrives with the others, almost surprised to see Mystique there.

"I almost thought you wouldn't make it, given your present citcumstances," he says. "Ready to add to your rap sheet?" he says with a surprisingly jovial tone. He's grown easier with the Brotherhood leader in recent days, it seems.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is in her green and gold bodysuit, her leather jacket worn over her shoulders and her gloved hands stuffed in to the pockets of it. she is looking around the interior of this house they're in and eyes go to Mystique, but she hasn't spoken to her yet. she's chewing on a piece of bubble gum, blowing pink bubbles that pop quietly here and there as she blows them out. She is leaning back against a wall with her right thigh-high boot up on the wall behind her. Super casual mode... for now.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice is currently lounging on the couch, hands behind her head, gaze fixed on the TV - dressed quite similarly to Mystique. The TV is showing 'MIB,' and the camera locks in on Tommy Lee Jones as he remarks, "There's always an Arquillian Battle Cruiser, or a Corillian Death Ray, or an intergalactic plague that is about to wipe out all life on this miserable little planet, and the only way these people can get on with their happy lives is that they DO NOT KNOW ABOUT IT!" She lets out a quiet laugh, a grin crossing her features at a joke that- well, only herself and Hank would really get.
    At the sound of a rap at the door, though, she reaches out for a remote - pausing the image on the TV. "We're doing this, then?" she remarks.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Henry had dusted off his uniform, looking dapper as always. He's got his glasses case clipped to the front for now - never know if he'll need to read over any documents! As he arrived with Scott, he offers a smile to Mystique. "Quite the interesting times, Mystique." The man offers over. "Glad to see you out and about."

As the movie plays on, Henry glances over with a grin at Clarice. "Well done, Agent B." He chuckles.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    It might look like the same outfit he wore when the world saw him break like a tidal wave across the beaches of the brotherhood's morale as he hounded their field leader and the right hand of Magneto with some rather self damaging questions, and that's because it is. Even the socks. Maybe. He's not sure. He doesn't keep track of that. As long as they're clean.

    Remy is seated on a chair in the living room with his right ankle on the knee of his left leg, crossed as he holds a pack of cards in his hands and is constantly back and forth card spring flourish. He pulls his right hand from his left before his body, and then again with left to right. Back and forth.

    He wishes he had a toothpick or something in his mouth, as he's got his red eyes locked onto Mystique, but he's not showing aggression, not in the moment.

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
Lydia mills about, not sure how to go about getting ready for an operation of this sort. She never thought she'd be doing something like this, but she couldn't just sit back and let these children be abused like that. So here she is, dressed in tactical armor much like Mystique. She didn't think she was going to need it but Mystique insisted, for her own protection. She's still not comfortable in the stuff, more because of what it represents than any kind of physical discomfort, since she's been having regular training sessions with it on.

The ever present bioluminescent green mists that surround her churn with her agitation as she suppresses the urge to pace back and forth. Instead her hands worry themselves as she looks around at all the unfamiliar faces. She hopes she can contribute to this operation. All these people look like they're battle hardened veterans and here she is, just an English teacher.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne Sinclair is along. She's wearing catholic schoolgirl clothing. She looks like a ten year old, wearing a cross. She is also wearing a suspicious look on her face. She heard the man's name and that was IT. She was coming along.

She hasn't really had a lot of time to hug Rogue or Scott yet, but at least they can see that she's not-dead. Which is nice.

Ruth Kincaid has posed:
    Ruth is costume, something not nearly as sleek or professional as some of the others, just a dull red mesh with a bit of armor, and some navigation lights. Designed for visibility rather than stealth, but the lights are down to the dimmest glow they have without being off. There's numerous spots where what are clearly cameras look out from her helmet, gloves, and boots, but her face is clearly visible inside the visor. She's parked herself out of the way sitting in midair against a wall with her back to the ceiling.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Curiousity and concern are mixed with the knowledge of the damage of the mansion. Maybe Piotr shouldn't go on sabbatical anymore. A contact from Scott and he makes his way back home as soon as possible. There is a gathering and so he makes his way there.

He nods to those gathered and quietly finds a place to stand where he can watch the door. He isn't usually paranoid, but the mansion is destroyed and his family is potentially in danger. He is currently dressed comfortably, black loose fitting sweat pants and tank top.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Keeping herself in plain sight as people arrive, Mystique moves to the television and takes the remote from Clarice. "Arrangements were made with Amanda Waller," she states without hesitation. "I'm serving my time with her in Task Force X, with a bomb in my head for it, Cyclops. This," she gestures around like that means something. "It known to Waller and approved, for the most part."

She glances to Rogue for a very quick moment, then to Remy whose eyes she feels on her like laser pointers, She'd like to say something to them, anything really, but instead she will get down to business.

Clicking the movie off she says, "I want to thank you all for coming, this is too important to just let slide. Some of you know all the details, some don't, so let me fill you in on the newest intel." She nods her head toward Ruth. "We are going in to get the mutants out, but we are also there to get Aerial's mother out.?

On the massive screen is a satellite view of the property that the Become Human project calls its camp. The size is of this land is massive, and with the thermal cameras active, it can be seen that there are well over twenty guards patrolling the grounds, some on foot, some on ATVs. The entire piece of property is surrounded by a ten foot, electrified fence. The only entrance is the main gates, which you have to get past two to get inside.

The main building of the Become Human headquarters looks like a large farm house with three floors, and thermals indicate that there is at least one level underground, if not more. Around the house there are six guards that patrol regularly on the outside.

Fifty feet from the farm house are two smaller houses sit by side, and twenty feet from them is a large barn. These have three guards moving around them.

The guards wear military grade tactical gear and carry AR-15s, as well as side arms and hunting knives. I determined they are trained at a secondary sight, much like the US trains their soldiers. Religious army anyone?

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers frowns. Bomb in her head doesn't precisely sound like the rule of law to Scott Summers. "We really need to find you a better lawyer."

He turns and looks back at the various X-men, those under his charge, although it's likely that he'll be shouting orders to anybody he sees one way or another. Cyclops tends to just presume he's in charge unless someone tells him otherwise.

"We're going in with a standard formation with the primary focus on rescuing and freeing the captured. I'd rather nobody try to go the outright kill rout, but let's be clear, I'm not going to be crying over the spilled blood of these scumbags. These are some of the worst that humanity's so-called defenders have to offer. Odds are I'm going to break some bones myself tonight."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes go around the room to the others gathered, Rahne gets a warm smile from the southern belle while Piotr does as well. She's hapy to see them both here. When Mystique starts u p, Rogue looks to her run down on what to expect and she gives Scott a glance before looking back to Mystique.

"Hell. I could handle that all on my own..." She brazenly says before glancing to the others. "Most of us could, for that matter." She adds with a little cocksure grin. Her foot drops off the wall behind her and she stands up straight, with her weight shift to her left leg and her hip out a bit, hands still in her jacket pockets...

"I'm ready t'do this though." She pulls her yellow gloved hands out and offers them palm-up. "Who wants a ride?" She asks in a sassy tone.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Definitely nice (that Rahne is not-dead) - as far as Clarice is concerned. As more people pour into the room, the magenta-hued mutant has the decency to swing her legs off the couch, leaving room for others. Her gaze seeks out Lydia and Rahne, who both recieved encouraging, supportive smiles from her. The expression fades, of course, and a cool expression takes it place as she regards Remy for a moment, before the other X-Men are giving more polite smiles and nods. "You think we don't have good lawyers?" she remarks dryly - though truth be told the bomb bothers her a great deal as well.
    She turns her attention to Ruth next, and she is studied with puzzled curiosity - until Mystique clarifies the matter. So much for the 'new recruit' theory.
    "I'd have a hard time teleporting us into any of the buildings without proper visuals and building plans," Clarice remarks. "But I can blink different teams to different locations on the compound - essentially simultaneously." Though - Mystique knows very well the extent of Clarice's abilities.

Henry McCoy has posed:
At the mention of a bomb, specifically in Mystique's head, there's a slight growl from Henry. "That is ... unacceptable." He says, quietly. Still, she's bearing the burden. Already his brain is spinning on methods of resolving certain affixtures, perhaps after this mission. His eyes go to the briefing and he focuses.

"Do we suspect they will have any advanced technology or weaponry? Any extraordinary individuals on the sight?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy's cards fall silent as he catches them in his left hand and holds them secure there as Mystique gives them the run down. The cards find a pocket of his pea coat and his plate armor on his shins clatter as he shifts to sit up straight. A look is given to Rahne, and then Piotr and Rogue. Even a level glance is given to Clarice, daring her to try something.

    It's quite easy to read that Remy isn't exactly pleased with the current situation but he's being as polite as he feels is needed. Not talking over Mystique during her briefing, and not even trying to correct Scott about rule of law being what it is. He stays silent and stands up and raises his hands up over his head before his back pops a few times and he lowers his arms while twisting and stretching.

    "Dis gonna be a mutant Ruby Ridge." He says to himself and frowns. Then looking around for the blue fuzzy teammate. Remy gives a nod of his chin towards Hank and shuffles through the room to the furry one, moving close enough to whisper something into the man's ear before looking back to Rogue, wanting to take her emotional temperature, make sure she's okay with what's going on.

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
"I have a question," Lydia asks meekly. Excuse her. Spectra. She's still getting used to this code name stuff. "How many of us can fly? Do we want to do something with that? Like the cavalry?" Her eyes flick to Rogue and nods. "I can carry a couple of people, too," she offers.

"Though," she muses, "I might be a primary target because I glow." She shakes her head. "Sorry. I'm not very good at this stuff."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
The smallest and least threatening member of the group offers Ruth her hand, a bit of comfort in a likely frightening situation. She has short red hair, she has the look of someone who is most likely to not set off any alarms. She also has a hint of gold in her green eyes.

"Ah need a way in. DInnae worry about me after, am very sneakery." Yep. Said that out loud. Her eyes look around, blushing just a little.

She gives Rogue a shy smile, still the Rahne we all know and love. But she's also a werewolf, with combat experience. She's probably good.

Ruth Kincaid has posed:
    Aerial raises a hand and acknowledges with a wave as her mother's mentioned, and Scott's vehemence makes her cringe a little. Hey man, you may have a point, but that's still her mom you're talking about. "I have a full sensor suite and networking," she nods to Clarice, "I can get you visuals and coordinates." And with a nod to Rogue, "And I can be backup transport. My flight effect chains by touch, I can carry everyone in or out at once and keep them safe. If you want me to be a decoy, I can also go bright." She flares her suit's navigation lights briefly. "As long as I've got the sky to my back, bullets will only knock me around." She reaches down Rahne with a bit of a smile to accept that offered hand, and pulls Rahne weightlessly up into zero-g to float.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
The look of Pete's face goes from grim to determined. He looks at Rogue and raises his chin just a little,"You fly me over, drop me into the midst of the compound." His thick Russian accent making his voice more distinct despite the usual gentle nature that Collosus usually represents,"I keep their attention while others enter." His attention moves from person to person. His attention stay with Mystique for a moment, his expression a mixture of distrust and sympathy for the bomb comment.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Mystique shakes her head slightly, "The bombs to ensure I don't go off mission, it's part of the arrangement for not being in a cell. I do something I'm not supposed to do and BOOM. That's justice, that's how everyone gets to know that I'm paying for my crimes by doing what needs to be done." Her eyes shift to Remy as she says this, then she gets right back on track.

"Those who survive this will be handed over to local authorities. Local police have tried twice to visit the location, however these people are really good at concealing what they're up to," she continues. "The only person who doesn't get to walk away from this is the good Reverend, Franklin Jeffery Sinclair. That is the agreement I made with Cyclops, and to make it even more of a surprise, Cyclops is running the entire op. Since Aerial is the only one who knows what her mother looks like, I'd strongly suggest we don't get overly kill streak until we have her safely out."

This is when she moves to hand out the communication ear pieces that will link all of them together. Normally each organization has their own, but for this they need to all be together on the same channel.

"Cyclops, you might want to coordinate with those of us who don't know your standard formation." She offers with a slight grin. "Hell, not just killing everything that moves is new to me as well, which is why /your/ leading."

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers nods and points to Rogue, Henry and Piotr, "Those three are senior X-men. Fall into line behind one of them and you'll be doing the right thing. You heard the orders. Aerial, make sure to keep your comms open," he says, making sure that everybody gets a little earbud passed around and coordinating the signal to make sure they're all on the same page. "We have to be sudden and precise. The minute they realize they're going to lose, they might turn on their victims and try to make it a massacre. We're not going to allow that today, not on my watch, everybody got that? Protect victims first, punish second. Mystique's called dibs on the Reverend's head, but anybody else wants to wing him a few times, feel free."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes are on Raven as she talks about the bomb in her head. She accepts the comm from her and doesn't say ayhting, just looks down at it and then goes to put it on her left ear under her white bangs. Her eyes go to Piotr and she grins at him. With Cyclops' orders given, Rogue nods once. "Pete and I from above, Hank and Remy comin' in from the ground. Ya'll o nthe ground make'em look out at ya, and I'll drop Pete in from behind. Then I'll sweep around the edges and see if we can't just mop'em up like a muddy puddle."
Rogue motions to Piotr to come with her outside. "Lets take t'the skies, Big Fella." She says with a grin for him.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Colossus's notion of being a big, loud distraction in the front yard isn't a bad one," Clarice remarks - given his nigh invulnerability. "While he's distracting everyone up front - I could teleport teams next to the buildings - out of sight - to storm their different targets and subdue everyone they find," she suggests, almost completely in contradiction to Rogue's idea. She does allow herself a moment to be distracted by the fact that Rahne is- well, //floating// thanks to to Ruth's gift, as she gets her own comm piece settled into place.

Henry McCoy has posed:
There's a slight nod from Henry to Remy, the Beast's eyes going to the other man's for a moment. "I will look into it." He says, before looking to the others. "Distractions will abound, I am sure. But I will be glad to lend a hand to any out on the battlefield. Hopefully we can avoid too many severe injuries to our opponents - capture them and recover who we're here for."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy blinks blankly towards Mystique. Why did she have to pointedly look at him directly with bullshit he already figured out. Does she think he's that much of a dunce to not catch onto these context clues. The cajun remains silent standing next to Henry he thought this part of the discussion was already done.

    Remy looks to Hank and nods as the orders go out. "Ah'm not carryin' you dis time." He says with a break in his facade with a smile crossing his lips towards the large furry man.

    Taking the offered ear piece, Remy slips it into his right ear and does a quick mic check. "Everyone named Michael, please stand up." Then when nothing happens, he nods, "Mic's good." He says to no one in particular and starts towards the door. No need to wait around. Gambit considers, but there's already a lot of cooks in this kitchen, best to wait quietly to find out what the plan is without giving his own two cents.

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
Since Rogue seems to be the one that's able to fly and has been put in charge-ish, Lydia, I mean, Spectra is going to go stand over towards her. "I'm going to follow your lead, she tells her. "I can fly and carry a couple of people with me. Uh. I do shields that are bullet proof, and I can do tentacles."

It looks like Rogue is just going to take care of her own people, so Spectra shrugs as she pops in her earpiece, and turns to the rest of the crowd. "Who wants a lift?"

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne is currently trying to keep her skirt from floating up. "Yeep," she says, the zero-gravity an unplanned clothing choice. She nods, she waves to Piotr and to Clarice and Lydia. She seems to be as ready as she ever is. Earpiece in (when possible). Panties, not showing (also when possible). Claws, hidden.

"I'll be in quiet," she says. "Dinnae expect much, but might find somethin' hidden." She taps her nose, that sensitive sniffer. Then nods meaningfully. Then she asks, "Can someone drop me, quiet-like?"

Ruth Kincaid has posed:
    Right, they don't know what her mother looks like. And out of all the useful tech she'd got in her suit, a printer isn't one of them. Ruth sets Rahne back down so she can fish out her civilian wallet from her pack and get some family photos. "Miranda Kincaid." Blue eyes, chestnut hair, a bit chubby, conservative dresser, cross necklace. She takes a moment to wire the communicator into her comms and synch the channels. "I'm going to be recording everything for evidence, for if I'm called to take the stand." She sighs, "So try... aaaas much as possible... not to do anything that would anger a southern conservative jury. If I see a chance to pick someone out or get them away, I'll yank them out."

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Taking an earpiece and placing it in his ear Piotr nods to Rogue. He walks towards the door with her and rolls his shoulders and neck a few times. Walking tank or not, loosening up is always wise. He glances around the room once to those gathered, marking the faces once more and then steps outside with the southern belle.

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
Spectra grabs a couple of people who are ready to go, and envelops them into her ectoplasmic mists, and then spreading glowing emerald wings, she takes off towards the site, flying around in an arc so that her approach isn't noticed and waits for Rogue to create the distraction before sailing in over the fence and dropping them down to the ground.

Really, she feels that she should be part of the distraction, since she can't exactly sneak while glowing green like this, so she takes a more roundabout way to get into the compound proper, just to make sure that if anybody sees her and her team, they won't see Mystique and /her/ team sneaking in.

Rogue has posed:
The X-Van parks not too far away from the planned attack zone. The grou pall disembark from the inside and Scott tells them where to get in to position and when to make their approach. 'Wait for my signal.' He tells them all over comms.

The team is in position, the Base they're attacking seems quiet and dormant....

But that all changes whne the ruby red kinetic energy beam tears through the night and rips in to a vehicle parked on the base sending it rolling end over end before it bursts in to flame!

'X-Men, roll in!' Cyclops announces. 'Brotherhood, you're a go!'

Rogue and Piotr sweep in from the sky above, the guards all looking in the direction of the ruby energy beam that just sparked the explosion on their property! Once they're all in place, Rogue releases Piotor after giving him a "Give'em Hell, Sugah." whispered in to his ear.

Ruth Kincaid has posed:
    Floating skirts are so common a problem for Aerial that she has an answer quick at hand. Just a tiny bit of double-sided tape on the hem to keep it down and in place, and Rahne's good to go. Next is offering tethers to Rahne and Mystique, elastic wristbands on strings connecting to her suit. "Secure yourselves, I don't want to lose you at speed."
    Then UP. She flings the Earth away, relatively speaking. Too far up for anyone on the ground to see people floating in the sky. Looking at her screen, watching through the zoom in her camera, waiting for a quiet spot with no people to open up, then DOWN. The ground silently rushes back up to meet team sneaky, and after gently bumping to a stop Aerial snaps the tethers free off Rahne and Mystique to drop them back to Earth inside the compound.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
An alarm goes off, loud shrieking through the night air. As it turns out, the barn is in fact home to a couple of rather large armored vehicles. As soon as the alarm sounds, the front and back of the barn spring open and the vehicles open fire on the closest target, or rather the most scary looking target, Piotr, as they start to roll out.

At that same moment bright flood lights come on to illuminate the area and the ground around the buildings explode dirt in every direction as thick metal walls spring up to offer cover to the guards on the ground. One might have guessed that the small houses were the guards bunks and the alarm sends many of them scrambling out and to those locations of cover. Anyone in sight is opened fire on in short controlled bursts from the protection of cover. Seems their training might actually be worth while.

The farmhouse is another matter entirely, when the alarm sounds every window and door has solid metal shutters slide into place, and the sound of electricity crackles from them. Just before this happens, Aerial is able to get a read on the house, but afterwards there is nothing but static.

The last line of defense this place offers is the launching of smoke canisters, hundreds of them, that go off and fill the night with white/grey smoke that lights up due to the flood lights, making it difficult to see who is where and what is going on.

Rogue has posed:
With Piotr dropped off, Rogue sweeps around in the sky and comes right back in with her arms sweeping around to put her fists forward! She flies right through the back of one of those spot lights and sends sparks shooting out in all directions!

On the ground, Cyclops ducks behind a tree and then spins around the other side to send another column of ruby red energy sizzling in toward the base to collide with one of the guard towers to try and bring the roof down on top of those within it!

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "I do not like these guys," Clarice mutters needlessly - as metal walls shoot up, assault vehicles roll out, and the building where the children are being kept abruptly gets more armored. For the moment, though, she focuses on disarming some of the opponents before they can do any serious harm to any of her allies. She draws javelins from the quiver at her back, hurling them quickly and with precision towards the nearest guards from her vantage point 'hiding' near Lydia. Though how much 'hiding' is really taking place between Lydia's green glow the the floodlights is debatage.
    When the javelins hit home, they teleport the guns away with a blink - sending them each clattering to the ground on a very distant floor.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Well, charge the wall. Literally and figuratively! Henry starts bolting towards the compound, using all four limbs to move with an alarming speed. Claws are extended, digging into the ground as he launches towards the intended space. A glance back to Remy and a nod - the Beast ready to charge through the upcoming kinetic explosion.

Either that, or leap over the wall - but he trusts Remy!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    The cajun hits the dirt, his boots quickly getting muddy in the underbrush, but with the metal walls up, and he and Henry needing a way in. No faster and more distracting way to get in than to blow up a piece of the wall.

    Who needs plastic explosives, when the wall itself is the bomb, bigger, louder, and purple-er than anything these Branch Dividians could have been trained for.

    "Don't get shot!" Gambit warns Beast as he puts a hand on the wall and the thing starts to show purple light through unseen cracks and crevices and without warning, the section of wall explodes, sending shrapnel inwards to the camp, with a huge wall of dirt, mud and detris errupting from the ground and obscuring anyone's vision as to who or what might be bounding in on all fours, and what playing cards might be sailing in behind him.

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
Spectra's mist solidifies and snaps to her skin forming a chitinous armor around her. She makes her way towards the farmhouse, not really sure about how to get in. One of the problems is the smoke grenades. This isn't something that she expected and isn't sure how to deal with it, so she creates a giant fan out of her ectoplasm and starts waving it to clear it away. She's kind of glad that she's away from the others, because this is something that's surely going to get her noticed.

She goes full chthonic on anybody who shoots at her or anybody near her, green glowing tentacles whipping out all over the place to grab guns and bodies and slams them into the ground or each other.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Skirt, down. Check.
Ride, achieved. Check.
Clarice, worried. Check.

Rahne glances up as she's taken off, and gives a wave. Before her face settles into a grumpy look, so if anyone sees her they think that she's a student. Students are grumpy right?

Then, the drop. The darkness. Mystique close by. She offers the shifter a nod, then starts looking for ways to get lost.

"Let's do thes."

Ruth Kincaid has posed:
    "I briefly had visuals on the inside of the farmhouse," Aerial reports over comms, "I'm sending you teleport coordinates! Probably off by a few feet, but it was clear when I saw. Floorplan coming soon." She zips up to above the roofline, so there's no way a bullet from below can drive her back into a wall. And then she's got her favorite less-than-lethal ranged weapon at hand. Green glow in the dark dollar store bouncy balls? Oh, launched at just under the speed of sound. A very high caliber rubber bullet. And anyone who drops gets a free metal tether to keep them restrained.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Strong as she is, Pete doesn't shift form initially. Dropping a 250 pound man from height is going to make noise. As she drops him, energy sparks to life around the big Russian and his metallic form doubles his mass. The result is an impact crater and mild impact tremor. He didn't sign on to be subtle after all.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
The interior of house is not set up like a house at all. The walls may look plastered, but the reading indicates they are in fact metal with faux walls over them. The first floor is much like any first floor of a house, living room, kitchen, dining room, but that is there the similarity ends. The second and third floors are rooms, a lot of tiny little bedrooms, also formed out of metal with fake walls over it, and gates for doors.

At the moment of the picture, there were at least ten armored people moving through the first and second floors.

The scan from Ruth's armor manages to penetrate the layers to the underground, indicating a extensive complex beneath the earth with numerous layers of it's own, but the details are sketchy as best, a lot of fuzziness to the image, as if something is deliberately in place to keep just such a thing from happening.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Mystique is staying close to Lydia and Clarice for the moment, since Rahne is intending to do her own sneaky thing. She has her pistols in hand, ready, but intends to aim for legs and hands, can't fire a gun if you have no hands.

"Clarice, see if you can get us inside. Be ready for anything, we have no idea what they're up to in there at this point!"

Rogue has posed:
With the guards firing on Cyclops, the X-Men team leader is waiting for the distraction to fall in to place. When Gambit detonates the wall, Beast lunges in, Colossus starts his ground assault and Rogue sweeps through the sky taking out guard lights...

Cyclops has his distraction. He steps out from behind his cover and starts running toward the guards. His hand goes up to his visor and he starts unleashing rapid red laser blasts! He aims for the guards in his sighe, pelting them with kinetic energy explosions!


Meanwhile Rogue is back in the air sweeping around with her knees together and her arms out wide as she curves around in the sky.....

.... a second later and the Belle just rockets over the base again, and another guard light explodes in a burst of electricity and sparks showering everywhere!


"Colossus!" Cyclops says over the team comm. "Take out their vehicles before they can man them!"

"Beast and Gambit. Make sure they don't converge on our other team!" He adds as another burst of red lights up the night sky!

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Got it," Clarice murmurs quietly, studying the scans and coordinates on a cellphone. "Sec," she mutters to herself, as she scrolls through the various levels, studies the information, and makes a hasty decision. Get the kids out. Get them fast. And the kids must be in those cells. "We're going to the 2nd floor. There are cells on the second and third floors. There are hostiles on the second floor, we're going in hot," she warns the others. "Read? Three, two-" And portal.
    Clarice is through in an instant - hurling more javelins towards weapons, but one man tries to jerk out of the way and loses a chunk of his arm, instead. He starts scrambling back, screaming.
    Oops. well, they were going to know they were there momentarily, anyways.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Wall exploded, Henry just continues with his momentum as the rubble falls to the earth around him. The cards zipping by his head and frame are of no concern - Remy's aim is trusted. Any hapless, or even skilled security is swatted at. While he's not as titanic as Colossus, or as strong as Rogue, he still can lay a punch in with bonecrushing force. Claws aren't used at the moment, his large hands batting people through the air like ragdolls.

"Do we have eyes on the target?" He asks over the comms, all the while trying to follow Remy's sage advice of not being shot.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    The cajun leaps through the debris and dirt blown up by his explosion behind the blue beast and finds a large chunk of the wall to put himself behind as bullets begin to be aimed in their direction. He knows no one is reaching out to him on the comms, so there's no response from the cajun as he takes a practiced risk as the hail of bullets takes a moment and he rolls out, with a trio of cards in each hand, charged and primed.

    Moving towards the nearest guard tower, the cajun in a full sprint as he throws one hand out, the cards fanning through the air before they hit an armored vehicle near the base, the explosions enough to rock the hulking craft to roll sideways and push the guys against it out into the open for others to take care of.

    With his other hand, he flings the cards at the guard tower's struts, trying to damage the frame and cause the thing to topple to the ground like a ... like a broken guard tower.

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
Spectra keeps a shield up to protect Clarice and Mystique from gunfire once they're out of the portal, and decides to try something. One way shields. Things can't go one way but they can go another, that way no incoming bullets can get to the other two mutants, but javelins and bullets can get out. It's rocky at first, but soon she gets the hang of it, and everybody can go whole hog.

"I'll bubble any kids we find just so they don't try to fire *ACK*" Suddenly one of the guards pop out from around the corner and unloads upon her. If it wasn't for her chitinous armor, she would have been mince meat. "Stop that!" she shouts at him, very crossly, and a tentacle snakes out and grabs him around the waist, and another around his gun. She *yanks* the gun out from his hand and then whacks him with it, knocking him unconscious.

"Holy Shi-" the guard behind him stops, eyes wide in horror as a third tentacle just grabs his head and slams his head against the wall.

Spectra looks at her work and frowns. "I hope I didn't kill them," she says, worriedly.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
An ATV whips past Rahne's location, and can be seen screeching to a halt. There is some yelling, then, someone is dragging her out of the shadows by her hand. She looks so tiny compared to the men, but they instantly lower their weapons, not looking to shoot her. Disguised as one of their own religious students, or one of their kids, she gets pulled onto the ATV. Then they turn, buzzing her off to a place unseen.

It appears that Rahne has infiltrated. Or been captured. Either works.

A moment later, where the team can't see, Rahne is taken off the ATV and taken ito the building, to one of the lower levels. She cries on cue, she looks small and weak and young.


Ruth Kincaid has posed:
    "Mobile enemy reinforcements inbound. I'm going to--" BANG. Aerial abruptly vanishes from where she was hovering as a lucky shot pings her off into the sky. "--take?--" She sounds surprised and confused for a moment, then not quite as suddenly she zips back into place. "--take care of that."
    Straight line to an ATV's roof. Fire tethers from the suit, claim the ATV, taze, and secure the occupants, ZIP next ATV... a train of ATVs trail behind Aerial like a balloon parade as she circles-- well, polygons-- the compound. She missed someone? An insufficiently secured and apparently taze-resistant guard in one of the floating ATVs draws a gun on her, and her HUD blinks. She turns, "Don't do it! The recoil will--" BANG! The guard and his gun disappear, the muzzle flash explodes backwards, the bullet he tried to fire drops limpy to the ground from where the gun once was. "...And now I have to catch you," she sighs and zips off.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Take out the vehicles the man said. Collosus nods grimly and starts towards his taget. Nothing runs well if the engine is torn out, said engine thown into the front of another. Collosus has all the subtlty of the proverbial bull in a china shop and even when people start showing up he doesn't give them much concern. If bullets fly at him then that's fewer that fly at the others and not a concern for him in the least. Not a killer within him, destroying machines is easy enough and knocking down a few bad sorts isn't a real issue. If you kill someone, you remember and are more careful and concientious about it.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma has not been having the best days. To say nothing of how the most recent attact at Xavier's has victimized a staggering portion of her wardrobe, and how she does not have enough makeup to hide the bags under her eyes from spending her waking hours performing telepathic therapy on the students, Emma just hates instability. It is the reason why she works alone. Now here she is, driving a 'X-Van' so that the X-Men can do their X-Things.

As soon as she arrives, Emma lets the kids exit before she slams the back of her head onto the backseat, sighing deeply and promising herself that it gets better. It basically has to, right? It can't get any worse? So Emma lets the vanguard take charge, effortlessly mind-linking the X-Men so they can communicate and coordinate as one with all but their thoughts.

She does consider not even leaving the vehicle, but there is enough dignity in Emma to not behave like anyone's chauffer, even if that is what she effectively is. Surprisingly stealthy in her platform heels, the woman sneaks closer to Cyclops so that she can assist the man if needed. Scott also provides amazing cover just in case.

Telepathically: 'Good luck, my darlings! Bring back our children at any cost.'

Rogue has posed:
Cyclops is charging his way in to the carnage left behind by Beast and GAmbit. He spies two more enemy guards rushing the location that the Brotherhood is inside of, and he fires off two more ruby red blasts that collide with both of them, sending them cartwheeling in to the dirt!

When Emma appears beside him he looks over at her for a quick moment. "Welcome to the Party." He dryly tells her. "Heads up!" SCott says before blasting a Guard off of an ATV rounding a corner!


Up in the sky, Rogue sweeps around the roof of the building and comes back down toward a vehicle that has gotten started up. She grabs it by the back bumper and just flips it up in to the air to land on its own roof!

Without pause, she sweeps across the yard then and picks up two soldiers to carry them up in to the air toward a pond down the grassy hill to the east. Within moments they are being splashed down in to the water!

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice studies the doors with frustration - and then decides to take what she decides is the most direct route to getting the doors open and the children out. She darts, from behind Lydia's shield to grab one of the guards she'd disarmed - and slams her back against one of the electrofied doors for a moment - then pulls him upright again. Meanwhile, another of her portals appears - shielding her from more incoming fire, and redirecting it back towards themselves.
    "How do we get the doors open?" she grows out. "I'm going to count to five, and then you're going to start losing fingers. One,-"
    Does anyone doubt that Clarice means it? Certainly no one that really knows her.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
The guard starts screaming in pain and before Clarice can even finish her sentence, the man is dead from that moment of contact with the door... seems these people are not playing around.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
It should also be noted that the children in the rooms are sitting on the ground, dead center of the room, away from all the furniture and walls.

Henry McCoy has posed:
The Beast was charging towards the door - prepped to slam into the metal object. Clearly, he's not concerned about making it through - until, that is, the death of the man touching the door. He skids to a stop, flipping an ATV as he does to clear a rider. Into the comms, he growls. "Do not touch the door. It is charged lethally. Anyone have some insulation?"

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
Spectra positions herself in front of Clarice, using herself as a shield while she does her magic. She grabs one of the wounded ones and hauls him up to his feet by his neck. "I've got another one here in case that one doesn't talk," she says, doing her best to sound menacing.

She looks behind her in time to see Clarice fry the guard she was trying to interrogate and she winces. She jerks her guard around to face the purple mutant and growls, "You better talk or that'll happen to you!" Yeah, go Lydia! You can go home and panic about it later!

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Pushed through the second entrance door, which would have been a pain to bypass without blowing it up, the captured redhead finds herself inside. Without fuss, without powers. Not without surveillance, with Emma tapping into her skull.

She's taken down, not up to the other kids. A long corridor, bare walls and scanners, and she's made to hold up her arms while they wave metal detectors and other scanning devices over her body. She opens her mouth, and they check there. It's really invasive actually. Good thing she had the presence of mind to ditch the earpiece.

Then, a large room opens up and she sees a huge glass bubble inside. She blinks, seeing a girl who looks around sixteen, hooked up to machines. Taking blood, getting other liquids. Strapped down. It makes Rahne's eyes darken.

She only gets to see the people in lab coats working for a moment, before she's through and into a smol room. Sat in a metal chair. She's then told...to wait.

"Who be th' girl?" she asks. She is, of course, not answered.

She doesn't need one. ~Miss Emma, can ye get info from these assholes?~

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    With Hank shoving off to go help get ingress into the main facility, the Cajun is left, all squishy and highly noticable, as he is. The man can't help but watch his handy work as the tower comes falling down like a tree felled by his explosive axe. It's the small things in life you have to learn to enjoy. Gambit dives forward as gunfire bursts out around him, taking cover behind the toppled tower, and pulling another handful of cards out of his pea coat. "Dese guys better be payin' for our drycleanin'..." The cajun bemoans into his headset and into the telepathic link from the ever fashionable Frostie.

    "Rogue, Ah ain't got eyes, gimme somethin' t'blow up!"

Ruth Kincaid has posed:
    It's hard to save a man who's fired himself like a bullet out of the reach of your power and continues to fire at you to spite himself as you try to close the distance to catch him. Aerial is not one of those super speedster dodge bullet kinds and every time the fool lands a hit she has to adjust to the change in circumstance and fix her velocity again, but finally she wraps a tether around him and adds him to the collection of trailing captured floating unconscious bodies and still-running vehicles. And she's getting enough stuff piled up that she's actually approaching her carrying capacity. So she drops everything off a few counties over and heads back for the portal into the house. "I'm coming in."

Emma Frost has posed:
Scott is being the stoic hero as he always is, and Emma is really just staring at the man as deadpan as his voice sounds. "Heartfelt welcoming, Summers."

When Cyclops finds his target way over there, Emma makes sure to duck, not daring to touch the dirty ground her hands as she looks in the direction.

She keeps the team connected, and as Rahne finds an in, Emma communicates so to the X-Men present, frowning as she extends her telepathic skills towards the targets suggested by Wolfsbane.

~You did marvellously, darling. Let us see what Auntie Emma can take from their heads...~

Charles and Jean might want to give her some speeches later on the nature of free will, but where Emma is concerned, when children are in danger, everything is on the table, mind control included.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Demolitions, a poet with a destructive streak. It is easier to destroy the machines. Collosus tosses another scrapped vehicle and turns towards a gathering of crazy cultist types. More bullets. He grabs the hood from a vehicle and charges into the middle of them, wrapping two of them up in the hood. He flings the hood at the rest, laying out a pile of them.

Rogue has posed:
clops puts his back to the horizon and turns to face the building they've been sieging. "Its taking too long." He says through gritted teeth as he stands there beside the White Queen now. His eyes go over to her as she telepaths to those inside. "If you can help them, I think they need it." He tells her before he starts walking forward as he spies another guard firing shots off from inside one of the guard houses.

r fires again, his optic laser bursting through the window to hit the guard in the back!

Over where Remy is, Rogue sweeps past him in the sky and speaks over the team link. 'Cajun, ya got a trio of the ATVs comin' up from a side path. Looks like a exterior patrol is comin' home. They're liftin' up their guns and gettin' ready to fire around the corner." She reports as she flies around the roof again on her way to the guard houses that Cyclops shot at.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Spectra, you are an absolutely darling," Clarice all but purrs as she takes the man from her tentacle - and holds him up against a //wall// instead. "Now. You heard me already. I'm going to count to five, I'm going to remove a finger, I'm going to five again- you gett he idea? And when you're all out of fingers, I'll toss you at a door.
    "How do we get the doors open?"
    With a tap, she blinks his pinkie finger away. "Oh, did I forget to count? My bad. One, two..."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Throughout this upstairs activity, Mystique has been posted at the stairs in case any other guards decided they wanted to come up or down from the third floor.

"I'm going to clear the upstairs," she finally states, then heads up the stairs. Even as she goes, she changes and looks like one of the guards from the second floor, most likely the one that just died.

Emma Frost has posed:
Scott thinks she can help. It is really cute. Emma is a telepath! She can't turn things around really quickly if she pushes the boundaries of what most people would find acceptable. Thus, she will assume Cyclops just gave her a carte blanche to do just that. They can discuss semantics later~

Emma advances towards whatever entrance she can scan from her teammates heads that would be closer to Rahne. She doesn't have the whole picture, but she might have a more complete picture than most as she tries to navigate the mindmap.

~Hold on, darling. Things are getting quite hectic here, but I am on my way.~

Ruth Kincaid has posed:
    Aerial clears her throat as she approaches Clarice and humming electric wall, clearly nervous with voicing, "Hey uhm... before we go about torturing and killing people for information on how to shut this stuff down, can I just take a minute to..." She flies back outside, scans around for a bit, then picks up a heavy vehicle and-- "Throw this truck through the generator?" --sends it screaming through the air and through the side of the barn, which explodes into the compound blacking out.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
It was mayhem. Numerous guards were will coming in via ATV, many still remained outside behind their barriers, the barn was on fire thanks to a truck blowing up the power generator, and obvious there was no longer any power. The massive flood lights went out, bathing the area in utter darkness.

With the power out, none of the cells are electrified now, but the children in the tiny rooms remain sitting dead center of the space, on the ground, Indian style. They don't look up, they don't move, they are motionless there as if waiting to hear a command.

Among the chaos the X-Men, including Rahne, feel their minds touched by the ever beautiful Emma Frost. In the basement she was able to determine from the guard that the girl in the glass bubble was Angelina Deakin, and her mutation was being used against all the other mutants in the house. In fact, the guard with Rahne had been thinking it was just about time to release the gas, because things were going south very quickly.

No sooner had the thoughts passed to the X-Men, then the AC vents in the house began hissing out some sort of gas.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had just flipped a couple ATVs over outside of the walled-in area. She had quickly flown back to the interior of the yard and ended up on top of the building that was being seiged on the inside. This is whewre the Belle is now, crouched on top of the building with her hands down on the corner of the roof between her boots. Her white and brown hair is flowing in the night air breezes as she just watches the situation outside, like a lovely southern girl-shaped gargoyle the Rogue'ish one monitors and speaks to Scott and Gambit on the comms about what she's seeing...

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    As the power goes out - Clarice lets out a frustrated around. If the doors didn't unlock, they're going to have to crack open each and every cell individually. //Great//.
    Of course, without the hum of electricity - the hiss of the gas becomes even more noticeable. It's only by the light of Lydia's glow that Clarice can catch glimpses of the vents. "Well. I don't need you anymore," she remarks. With a blink, she deposits the man in one of the empty cells, before opening portals in front of the vents that feed into the upper atmosphere, hoping there's enough of a pressure differential to suck most of the gas away.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Mystique had made her way up to the top of the stairs to the third floor, guns in hand. It has been a long time since she used rubber bullets, but that is in fact what one of her pistols was loaded with. The other still had real bullets, a threat was a threat after all. When the gas starts hissing out, she frowns and comments over the comm, >>Got more cells up here, someone try to get the windows opened and find out how there's still power!<<

Henry McCoy has posed:
Inside, they need to get inside. The electricity running over the doors has been removed - now it was just a barrier. With the generator down, Henry bolts towards that big steel door. <<Rogue! Defenses are down, I'm getting the door!>> His oversized hands reach out, claws digging in where they can. The ATVs and guards are ignored for now.

There's a roar and he hefts with his considerable strength. A groan of protest and the hinges sheer away with a loud snap and crack. As an ATV rider closes in, guns blazing, Henry turns and tosses the steel door directly at the poor man. The ATV is smashed out from under him - the troublesome gunman rag-dolling into the air.

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
Spectra turns a little green as the man's pinky gets removed with surgical precision, but somehow manages to stay stoic in the face of blood. God, there's so much blood coming out of that finger. How much blood can a man store in the finger?

She looks rather relieved when Blink ports the man away, though the release of gas causes her to worry. "We need to get the kids out of here before whatever this gas is gets to them. Stand back. I'm going to see if I can brute force the door open."

She wraps her mists around an arm, augmenting her strength greatly. When she does this she's strong enough to lift a small car, so she hopes that'll be enough to break the lock. With a swing and a "Heeyah!" she punches where the lock is at full force, hoping to pop the door open.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne has been put in a metal chair, and is currently human. She's being parked there until they decide what to do with her. She's listening, she's waiting. She's mentally linked to the team.

She can hear all of this happening, sense the underladen panic, and the fact that she is...apparently...near the source of the gas. So perhaps she should get off of her soft little tushy and get to work.

She stands up.

Instantly she's ordered to sit back down! Her guard gets into her face, fully expecting the child he's facing to be simply needing to pee or some such. "You'll get a chance later. Park your a**!"

She smiles. Then she stops smiling.

A moment later she opens the door, hybrid form active, and starts taking down the people in the 'bubble room'. Angelina needs some saving, and she's decided to make some people sad.


Ruth Kincaid has posed:
    "Gas is on a pressurized release, doesn't need power. Not seeing any backup power. Gonna break the windows and vent the gas, stand clear, it's gonna get windy. ...And also, just trash any ductwork you can see, the more gas you spill /outside/ a room, the less will get through to those kids." That said, Ruth angles her flight around the building, firing gravel from outside fast enough through shutters and glass to breach the interior. And once the building's properly de-windowed she parks herself by the biggest opening she can find -- probably McCoy's new door, and starts launching the air instead. Wind rushes past her and out the front, drawn in through the windows under the pressure and sucking the gas with it.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy rises to his feet rolling away from a collapsing guard tower with a fan of cards held in one hand, a purple smoke fizzling off the cards as he scans the area for something he can help with. The man's pea coat flutters in the assault as he lowers his hand with the playing cards, and sprints to the former underside of the tower and vaults up it so the man is now standing on top of the toppled structure and with this vantage point, begins to get to work.

    A single card is thrown, many follow in rapid succession as he begins to pepper the ground around the facility, making it filled with pot-holes that the atvs will have to definitely slow down for or risk having the riders bounce hard enough to loose their seats.

    The cajun doesn't say anything about the sudden appearance of the ivory telepath, and he remains quiet during the attack, not knowing what to say without sounding like some sort of quip cliche.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Few ATVs are making their way out of the forests surrounding the property now, with the lights out knowing where they are becomes more difficult. The guards near the house continue to shoot at anything that moves, having switched to night vision goggles they can see where everyone is, even if some of them are moving far too quickly to really get in good shots.

From one of the many guards the words, "Green thirteen!" is shouted, the tactics of the fight instantly changing. Anyone remaining on the ground is now charged at, and when/if the guard gets in range of someone, a smoke grenade goes off, but it's not smoke coming out, it's the same gas that is being pumped into the house.

With the front door removed, and several of the windows now open, the effects of the gas inside are lessened, but those Mutants inside on the first, second and third floors, still start to feel the effects... an overwhelming desire to just stop, to sit down and just, wait, do nothing, as if their minds, bodies and souls are just ready to be done with this fight. Thankfully the movement of the air from outside and Clarice's portals makes the effect only ten percent of what it would have been.

Mystique is not one to give up, no matter the odds. She may have to retreat, but the war will always be waged. The sudden desire to do just that, to just sit down, is so foreign to her mind that she starts to stagger slightly. The compelling nature of the gas may be weakened, but it still nags at her mind like an itch that just can't be reached.

>>"Only three kids up here, their doors are still sealed."<< she offers over the comm, then decides that the third floors need more ventilation. The glass is broken out, and small explosives are placed on the steel hinges of the shudders. >>"Fire in the hole!"<< And she dives for cover.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    It's a familiar sensation to Clarice - and that in itself gets her adrenaline pumping. No. //No//. Never again. <<Stay clear of any gas if you can. It saps you of your will,>> she grits out into the comms. "We need to get those kids out of those rooms now, and get them out of here. We can't stay in this building. Can we blow the hinges?"
    She keeps her attention on continuing to drain away as much of the gas as she can, even if what she really wants to do right now is to tear into more of the guards.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Stamina, agility, strength - all these are heightened on Henry. He bolts into the building once the front door is ripped away. <<Where? I can help tear down gates and bars!>> Any hapless guards are simply slashed with his claws - the time for non-lethal having been long gone for the Beast.

The mention of the gas has him looking to the vents - wondering where the source of the toxin was coming from.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had spent a few minutes trying to rip holes open in the side of the building, specifically by ripping windows out of the wall and just tossing them aside. But ultimately she backs off when she sees gas cannisters being shot at their people.

Its then that the Belle flies away from the building under seige and tries to swoop down to grab one of the gunment with the gas to fly him up in to he yard further out away from the building. "Come on now, that's not how ya treat your house guests." She tells the man as she tries to pick him up and carry him off!

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
Spectra finds it surprisingly easy to punch a hole into the door, so she takes her other hand and grows some emerald claws to rip into the other side of the door and with a great heave, she rips the door off it's hinges.

"Let's get these kids out!" she shouts to the others and moves to the next door, and with her claws, rips that one out too. She'll continue this until she's got all the doors open on this level, and then move upwards to work on the next.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
People are screaming and running from the entry where Rahne was taken into, and from the outside it likely looks like a purge of some sort. Scientists in white coats are fleeing, and possibly even a scratched and bleeding guard or two. Something in there is a bit more scary than they had planned to handle at this stage in the proceedings.

Rahne, having dealt with all the people, looks at the controls which are handling Angelina. She frowns, sniffing the air as she does, and ...pauses. There's somebody else still in here.

She doesn't know what to do with...buttons, controls, levers. She looks up at Angelina, and promises her. "Ah will be right back." Then she goes to look for the smell.

A locked room, to one side. Inside is an older woman, wearing a plain cotton dress and keds. It's so clearly a cell; it has a bed, a chair, a sink and a toilet. And a desk? She must be made to work.

The door is slashed open, and then Rahne shifts.

Human. Small. Not scary. "Es safe. Ye be free."

Ruth Kincaid has posed:
    When Clarice speaks up, Ruth's eyes widen behind her visor and she shudders out, "This is gas is the mind control..." Right then. She can help with this. Life Support Mode: On. "Alright. I'm coming in and I'm sending out strings from my suit. If you grab one you'll float with me, but you'll be able to breathe safely." On her way in she flies by Beast and leaves a string with an elastic wristband on its end floating in the air behind her trailing back to her suit. Another shoots out towards Clarice. Her flight bounds down halls, lines spooling out behind her and leaving a tether floating behind for everyone she passes. "I don't know if it will undo what's already done, but make sure each kid gets one!"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    With the lights out, and the atvs deciding to keep their perimeter locations, it seems quickly enough to Remy that they're being boxed in. This group of men is beyond well planned. They're professionals.

    Speaking into the comm, <<We're bein' fenced in.>> Before a canister goes flying through the air and with a luck and deftness, Remy snatches one out of the air and holds it up, though in the dark he can't see what it is. <<We got smoke grenades.>> Remy notes before he charges the canister and with a heave, he drops his arm and hooks his elbow behind his back and gives a Center Fielder style throw to get the thing over the wall and then it too explodes into a brilliant purple explosion, lighting up the area briefly.

    The cajun lowers himself off the tower and lands on his armored legs with a heavy thud, catching his fall also with his hands into the ground and dirt... Laying backwards, Gambit puts his back on the fallen look out and his eyes get heavy. This could be a great place to nap!

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Outside is wide and open spaces, but the air isn't moving, there is no real wind just a slight breeze. The gas from inside moves out the openings that have been created, to join with the gas that the guards have been dropping from smoke grenades. Invisible, will sapping gas, everywhere.

The scientists scatter into the forest, unseen by those near the house. The escape plan may not have done off without a hitch, but most beat feet away from the scene hoping and praying that whatever that thing was in the lower level, stays there.

The older woman in the cell looks to the door when it is opened, and seeing were-Rahne does not exactly looked happy to have been rescued. In fact she moves back and into the corner of the room, starting to spout prayers against demons and evil things.

Mystique does not have the ability to open the doors on the third floor, she is lots of things, but hasn't gained the ability to enhance her strength. Rogue has removed the rest of the shudders and opened up the windows, but it was still getting more and more difficult to focus on what she needs to be doing versus what the will sapping gas is trying to convince her to do.

She makes her way back to the stairs and that's about as far as she gets before she just stops, looking down the stairs and can't find in her brain what she was about to do. It had something to do with strings, maybe? Oh well.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
The voice that comes out over the speakers from all around may be recognized from the video Mystique shared, regarding the place. The good Reverend Franklin Jeffery Sinclair, "And the good Lord declares that all who have mutations /are/ the devil and the devil must be cast out!" This is followed by a single chime of a bell.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Darn. Thought she'd not seen that. Rahne figured she'd shifted in time. She peeks into the room, her small self much less of a threat, and holds out her cross. "Ma'am? Th' Laird be with thee." She pauses. She waits, hoping that the lady will look up.

She hears something, her ears far too powerful to miss it. Then everyone would hear something truly unexpected over the mental link.


Rahne says, "Get out!" to the lady, then dashes to the bubble. She starts poking at buttons in a panic, her heart starting to race. Some way to get the girl out, something. Anything. She looks up at the bubble, then down at the controls.

She hears it again, and this time tries to send it along the line.

<"Autodestruct engaged. T-minus 5 minutes.">

She's not leaving without Angelina.

Then...because she cares...


Rogue has posed:
The man that Rogue picked up spun his rifle around and fired at her face, but with her seventh sense at play, the Bell just turned her head and tilted it a little to he side before dodging the cannister entirely. She tilts her head back and then just head buts the guard in to unconsciousness before flying him out to a muddy patch in the earth where she dumps him with a wet thud!

She sweeps back around in time to hear the announcement about devil mutants which just has her smirking....

The Belle's yellow boots touch down on the ground and she looks down at Remy. "You sleepin' on the job now, Mr. Devil?" She asks him, her hands onher hips before her right goes down to help him up. She looks up to where Rahne spoke from and then at the countdown?

"Lets round folks up, I think its time t'get the heck outta Dodge."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "I can get the kids clear," Clarice answers Ruth, as she tethers herself to the woman's bracelet - and abruptly finds herself struggling to work in zero G. "How the he-" she mutters to herself. Struggling to kick off walls, and pulling herself along by doorways - she tries to get herself a clear shot at each of the children, so she can toss a javelin at each of them. One by one, she clears the children from the second floor, sending them to Genosha where they're expected - and where they'll be kept safe.
    "There's three on the next floor," Clarice adds. "We better see if Lydia has those doors open."

Ruth Kincaid has posed:
    Priorities have changed. So much to do and so little time and... having the speed of a speedster but not the superhuman reflexes to use it well is such a curse. Ruth puts away the bouncy balls she uses for nonlethal and instead pulls out the tungsten-carbide screwdriver kit. That was a gift from her dad, too. BANG comes a collision of metal on hinges, plastic exploding off the handle as the shaft becomes a railgun bolt. BANG on the lock. Yank the door out, set it down. In, snap a wristband on kids, ...and on Mystique, and on Lydia, "Spectra down, Mystique down, got them on tethers for evac." Grab the shafts again, next door, come on come on. "Mom, come on where are you?" Ruth taps something--
    And then Rahne is gifted the graceful notes of Miranda Kincaid's ringtone filling the basement. o/` OUR GOD... IS AN AWESOME GOD, HE REIGNS... FROM HEAVEN AB-- o/` The older woman blinks in confusion and shuts it off.
    Ruth disconnects the call and mutters under her breath. She went the wrong way. "Someone get in the basement, please!"

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Henry had determined the gas had to be coming from the lower levels, so that's where he heads. The steel door barring the way was no match to his strength, ripped from the hinges he tosses it aside like it's made of cardboard. The momentary pause to remove the door is just that, momentary.

Bolting down the stairs he moves along the long hall at the bottom of the stairs and emerged into the main room of the laboratory like basement rooms. Spotting Rahne trying to find a way into the glass room, and hearing the count down continuing, the muscular man of blue fur just goes /through/ the glass to allow free access to Angelina.

"Remove the IVs," he instructs as he slides to a stop, turning to head back toward Rahne and Angelina.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy isn't exactly asleep, but the spark of life, that way he's always looking around and never static is simply gone. He's slumped over, his back against the ruination he's helped cause. With a vacant almost lost stare, Gambit looks up to Rogue as she lands in front of him and he droops his head to the right, as if he doesn't have the strength to keep his neck up right. "Way hay an' up she rises. Wayhay an' up she rises. Way hay an' up she rises. Earlah in de mornin'." Remy sings very slowly, not at all helpful.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
If Rahne had known how to remove IV's, she'd have done so already. She looks at the bubble, looks at Henry, then glances at Ruth. At a distance, but she deserves a glare for that celphone thing.

Then she realizes that time is at a premium. Claws come out. "On et," she says.

And then the IV's are removed. One way or the other. And the glass is getting opened as well.

"Hold y' breath.


Raven Darkholme has posed:
A new kind of chaos has ensued. The count down continues, time marches on despite the desires of those who might not want it to. Children begin popping into Genosha at the designated location, where people are waiting and ready. They've been told what to expect, and as each child appears they are taken to be treated.

The third floor cells are still closed, all that is needed for those last three children is for them to be opened and they will join the others in Genosha.

"T-minus four minutes."

"Get thee from this defiled place children of God! Seek comfort in the knowledge that He will welcome you with open arms unto Heaven!" Man this guy really likes to ramble.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue peers her eyes down at the Cajun as he starts to ramble out songs. "Pirate shantys... you only go t'Pirate shantys when you're drunk, or...." She doesn't finish that thought and just hoists the man up off the ground and puts him over her left shoulder like he weighs absolutely nothing. "Time go!" Rogue shouts to the other visible X-Men she can see.

She'll lift up off the ground moments later and fly Remy toward the X-Van parked amonst the trees on the edge of the property. "Settle down now, lil sailor." She tells Remy as she puts him down in the back of the van before looking out to the battelfield again.

<"Rogue is ready at Evac. Unless needed elsewhere."> She says on open team coms.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Boss? Spectra?" Clarice asks in concern as she helps with getting both of them helpfully braceleted into place. She'll deal with them later.
    She has a feeling no one wants to be in Mystique's vaciity when she comes out of her funk.
    As they enter the third floor Clarice adds, "Just get the doors open - I'll get them clear." More javelins are thrown as she bounces off of walls. She's slowly getting used to zero-G, and the tight confines of the narrow corridors help her to kick off doorways gracefully, and flinging her javelins mid-arc.
    <<We've got the kids clear. We just need to make sure we gather up the team and get out. Anyone have eyes on Ace's sister?>> Clarice asks.

Ruth Kincaid has posed:
    Ruth nods to Clarice, "Got it." The doors themselves are a smidge heavier than a person, so nulling their mass isn't instant, but after that they're easily enough lifted and set aside once the hinges and lock are blasted to nothing. "If there's a party left, it's in the basement where I heard my mom's ringtone from just now. I'll fly, you port?" She reels in the strings from her tethers and pulls everyone close, then with a number of launches jinks and zags down the stairs.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Way hay and up she -" Remy pauses as he gets near the van and smiles as he slaps his hand against it and says, "This baby can fit so many- Way-oh on the railroad~!" The cajun begins to sing once again, but a different song. The same one he was singing when Rogue found him wandering the woods a few months ago when Cinnamon went missing.

    Nevermind the things he could have gotten up to while being fireman carried by his affectionate girlfriend, the cajun leans against the van heavily and looks at her face as if he's never seen her before and gets that flirty crooked smile he wears, "Ain't you the cute-purt-most beautiful creature Ah evah laid eyes on."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
With the IV's removed, all be it the way easy way, Henry scoops up Angelina in his long arms and immediately heads back the way he came. There is a pause, long enough to ensure that Rahne is there, getting the older woman, and following, but then he continues to the stairs.r
Emerging from the basement he says, >>"I have Angelina."<< in answer to Clarice's question, but he doesn't exactly pause there either. Once in motion, he stays in motion, headed out the front door and toward the X-Van.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
The older lady is left for Rahne. Suits her, she's not a hero type. The hero saves the girl, that's Henry. She runs into the cell and grabs the lady whether she wills it or not.

"Ah be a believer too, but ye need tae calm for...ten seconds..."

She's having to fight the lady, who clearly doesn't like werewolves for some reason. But then she's running. He and Henry are getting out, dashing with all of their enhanced speed, and heading for the closest place they can get the hell out of here.

Heroes never look at explosions.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Mystique is on a string and doesn't care. She doesn't even care that Lydia is on a string, in fact there isn't a single part of her that cares about anything. She wants to, deep inside of herself she knows she supposed to care, but she doesn't. No one will want to be around later when this wears off.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue listens to the coms and glances back to Remy as he dreamily flirts with her. She just huffs out a exhale and grins for a second before her eyes go back to the compound. "Damn right I am." She says in her naturally husky voice back at him.

Scott comes bounding out with Emma toward the Van and as they get it ready, Rogue just looks back at them all and says. "Taken t'the air t'watch us all out." She states before a second later her hands go to the edge of the black suped-up van and she's just GONE.

The van shakes a bit in the wake of Rogue's movement but settles down again while Cyclops gets the engine started. <"Team. X-Men are ready to go.">

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    <<"The children are clear. Aerial has Mystique, Spectra and myself. I have eyes on Wolfsbane and Beast - each retreating from the main building with a passenger apiece. Anyone spot the Reverend? Is everyone else clear?>> Clarice speaks into the comms. The last thing she wants in a job like this is for someone to get left behind - but the main objective has been achieved - the children are safe.
    But have they prevented this from being able to happen again?
    Where was that damned Reverend?

Ruth Kincaid has posed:
    Ruth holds her hand to the side of her helmet and spins up a flywheel. Her visor glows brighter for a bit as she sweeps her gaze around. "He's not here. When my mom sobers up we can ask her if she knows anything." Pause. "I can ask her. None of you should have to put up with that."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
At the last minute, Rahne can be heard on Henry's communicator. <<For god's sake, I thought I waus talking on this th' whole time! GET OUT! There's a BOMB!>> She's practically yelling, as she dashes through the area packing a human. Damn humans, can't even leap over walls without help.

<<Get OUT! I swear, I'm having thes thing taped tae my forehead...>> She cuts off then, hoping that folks are safe.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
The countdown continues as the Brotherhood plus Aerial, and the X-Men make their hasty tactical retreats. Any hope of leaving evidence for the police to find disappears exactly three minutes later. The explosion is massive, loud, and shakes the earth in several directions at once. The entire piece of land that once housed this group is simply gone, a gigantic pit of flaming wreckage. There is no way that anyone still there could have survived, and clearly no trace of what transpired there to be gone later.

What happened to the good Reverend? Where did the scientists escape to? What was the purpose of that gas? These are all questions that will remain in the minds of those escaping the explosion, but the mission was a success. The children have been freed and will receive the best possible care in Genosha.