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Date of Scene: 31 July 2021
Location: Jubilee and Noriko's Room
Synopsis: Noriko wakes up Gabby and Rogue to tell them about Jubilation being alive and visiting her in the middle of the night...after they had already seen Jubes in the morgue earlier the day before.
Cast of Characters: Noriko Ashida, Gabby Kinney, Rogue

Noriko Ashida has posed:
A pall has settled over the mansion in the last some odd hours.  Noriko was finally reported to be safe and sound in bed after getting a shower last anyone heard from the girl utterly devastated from the day's events.  No doubt someone or other would check on her during the night.

And someone did check in on her in the night.

Noriko stares up at the ceiling with a secret, a miraculous secret, or so she thinks.  She steals a glance back to the bathroom door.  Surely the pitter patter of the water is real, the renewed scent of Jubes mixed in with some earthy vibes about Jubilation's sweatshirt she's draped in is real.  Noriko breathes in deeply.  Suddenly it hits her like a drunken revelation.  She has to tell someone.


In the wee hours of the morning, Noriko appears above Gabby and tries to take her hand even before she forgets to wake the girl up with no regard for anything.  "She's alive!" she hisses. Dawn is coming soon, but a shaft of moonlight dances in her lively dark eyes.  "She's alive Gabby!"  She just squeezed way too hard.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney was tired. So very tired and with good reason after they had all found out about Jubilee's incident and odd, mysterious death. Heart complications? At her age with no prior indication of them? Something didn't seem quite right to her about that, but... But she wasn't a doctor. McCoy would find out for sure. With such reassurances in mind, and feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted at her friends loss, she had dozed off finally just laying ontop of her blankets instead of under. She'd just flopped down still dressed and passed out.

At least until someone grabs her hand waking her with an excited hiss. Instantly her eyes jerk open and she starts to sit up blurting, "I didn't turn the toilet paper the wrong way, Ellie!" ... Then it dawns on her that is not her roommate. Nor is she getting yelled at for forgetting something stupid again. "Uh. What?" A little garbled she stares at Noriko. "What... are you okay? What?"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Jubilation!  She's alive!  I was lying in bed and-she-we have to go get Rogue-I'm wonderful. Amazing.  She said she'll never leave me.  Come on!"  Noriko looks Gabby up, down.  Still dressed.  Good.  "I'll give you a ride."  Which really means she just scoops Gabby up into a princess carry for the short blip of a ride it is to SUDDENLY BE IN ROGUE'S ROOM, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, holding Gabby? and declaring with unbridled glee,

"She's alive!"  Psyyyyych.  No...seriously.  Rogue isn't in her room.  Noriko shrugs.  "One sec."

They nearly run right past Rogue when Noriko backtracks a bit, not that anyone will notice right?  Right.  Who cares!  "Jubes is alive!"  She says with that broad, sure as the sky and her hair are blue grin.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Wait how could she be--" Ah but it's too late. Gabby's scooped up causing her eyes to widen in surprise. If she wasn't awake before she certainly is now after zooming one place to another in Noriko's mad dash search for Rogue. "Uh. Are you sure? Was it a dream or..." She tries to reason only for a small frown to creep over her. "No, you would know that. Why don't we start with what happened?" Somehow she's managing to be calm and collected while curled up in Noriko's arms princess style. Maybe she's one of those people that are nice and normal when they wake up and then get insane later?

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's television was on, playing some late night movie on TMC. She wasn't in there, as noted, as she was coming back from the kitchen with a cup of hot tea between her hands. Wearing a baseball tshirt and some green gym shorts, the Belle freezes when Nori just appears....

The energetically exclaimed declaration of Jubilation's reincarnation has Rogue just raising her dark eyebrows. At first she's wondering if its indeed true, but soon she's coming down to 'reality' about it.

"Nori... what do you mean?" She asks, trying to make her southern hued voice calm and collected to ease the teen down from the excitedness. Her eyes drop to Gabby in Nori's arms and she frowns a little.

"Lets put Gabby back on Gabby's feet. And come on--" Rogue says as she turns in to her room and walks on inside. "So what happenedDid you have a weird dream or somethin'?" She asks once inside the room with chairs and a comfortable aesthetic to it all Rogue's own.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Gabby gets some kind of feeling of what it's like to be Noriko, bouncing from one place to the next like a squirrel, only she's stopping for everyone else's benefit, not her own.  It's a politeness now somewhat ingrained in the girl, for the most part.

"I mean-No-Not-"  Noriko's mind bounces around and now she sets Gabby down as an afterthought that suddenly disrupts all other thoughts.  That done, she continues, pacing in a light blur as the words shoot out of her mouth, "I mean I thought it was a dream at first because whoah.  I mean who wouldn't want a dream of their girlfriend coming to them naked but-"  Noriko shakes her head as if snapping out of what she realizes she's saying.  Just a more disturbing indication that the girl really believes it.  What she's saying.  That this all happened.  Her face snaps into a flush with her immediate self awareness.

"Okay.  I mean the mud was weird, but what kind of dream Jubes would then go need to clean up after?!  She's in the shower!  She said I left her behind.  But no way.  I told her no way I'd leave her behind.  Ever."  Noriko just rattles off without a filter.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney finds herself back on her feet with a thankful nod tossed to Rogue. It wasn't that she didn't mind zoomie rides but this was not the sort of situation where that was really appropriate. There were more pressing matters at hand. Like... "Mud?" Eyebrows shooting up again she looks back to Rogue, then Noriko thoughtfully. "I... I got nothing," she finally admits with hands lifting in a helpless shrug. "I mean weird stuff like that happens sometimes to me when I get injured and heal up, but that's not Jubilee's power. I mean. Unless." She pauses with a thoughtful look. "She did kind of get raised a little bit by Logan from what I hear. ... Pretty sure healing isn't contagious though. ... Then again, he *does* have a lot of kids he doesn't mention." Maybe Jubes actually *was* one of his kids that he never told?

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sets her hot tea down on her desk by her laptop which is on Youtube with a video about Jet fighters on pause She turns then to look to Nori as the rapid information is laid out for both she and Gabby.

A looks is given between the two other girls before Rogue centers her stare on Nori. "And you're... sure this wasnt'a dream?" She has to ask. "I mean, can ya take me to her then?" Rogue has to further ask.

She glances to Gabby then. "Youd idn't see any'a this?" She asks the smaller one, since her own observations seem to indicate she hadn't...

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Totally sure.  Pinched myself," Noriko insists with an emphatic nod of her head, eyes sincere.  "I think I know my own girlfriend.  I know it's hard to believe but-yeah that's why I'm here."  The speedster agrees to take them to Jubilation.

"She's just taking a shower right now to get the mud off her legs.  I'm sure she's probably out by now or will be soon,"  Noriko leads them along to her room stage whispering over her back.

When they arrive, the hall is just as quiet as it is any other night.  No signs of major disruption that anyone would be able to spot inside or out, but spotting inside would take an expert as the room is an outright mess.  There's an intentional perpetual pile of clean clothes (hopefully) on Nori's bed and things just everywhere on the floor.

No lights are on and they will find no lights on in the bathroom.

"Something's wrong..."  Noriko glances back to Rogue and Gabby, chewing her lip.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney stands a moment letting the thoughts run rampant through her mind. Was Jubilee a long lost sister? Quietly she mumbles, "Nori would be sister-in-law then," to herself. The thoughts are shaken off with a quick jerk of her head as she decides to follow along to see for herself. Rogue had the right idea: See what's up first. When they arrive to an empty room, and Noriko seems less certain, she just marches right on in walking past her friend to head for the bathroom. It's flung open wide to stare inside before shrugging. "Was used recently and there's definately a muddy towel. So that part of the story is legit," she assures glancing over her shoulder to the other two. "Did she go to grab food maybe?" Even as she asks this though her eyes skim to the window to see if it was open. There's only so many ways they could miss one another in the hall after all.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had been going through some old photos she'd taken of Jubilee too, mostly school stuff, like the Crocodile Mile recently, or the Lemonade stand further back and the images are upon her computer too but hidden behind the web browser partially obscured. She closes the lid on her laptop too because she doesn't want to make things worse....

When Nori leads them out of her room, Rogue follows along, glancing over to Gabby. "I think it woulda come out already if Logan were related to Jubilee in any capacity." She says with a slight grin as the trio wanders through the expansive halls at night while most are asleep in their rooms.

When they reach Nori and Jubilee's room, the scene is... taken in. The place is a mess, but that's not a huge deal to the Belle, she used to have a messy room too until Carol's mind taught her better.

Rogue dips in and out of the bathroom. She'd checked the shower and saw it was wet, but ... "Nori, grief is a weird thing." She says, starting to break on her disbelief of this having actually happened as told to them....

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"She's fine.  She's here.  I mean that's her sheet right there."  Yeah Noriko is pointing toward a sheet that definitely comes from the morgue.  There are muddy, mussed up footprints once one looks close enough and Noriko does have mud on her legs like it'd been smeared.  Still tempted by the idea that they might be related in some way, Noriko says, "That would be awesome!  Well, official after I-" after you what Nori?  Girlfriend resurrections are almost liberating.  Almost.  "I mean."  It's like the world has flipped sunny side up.  The dour speedster's brain hops around quite a bit.

How could Jubilation just walk her way here though?  Is that likely?  Did the sheet have help in getting here?

Life is full of possibility again.  Life is life!  But then Rogue and Gabby emerge empty handed.  The looks.  "No.  She's alive.  I saw her."  It's like Jubilation has to die all over again.  "You don't believe me..."  Noriko takes in a deep breath as she stares from Rogue to Gabby.  "I'm not making it up," she insists.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"I believe something is going on," Gabby attests with a look toward the sheet. Yes. THAT sheet. That was even more disturbing. "I just don't know what entirely at this point." She reaches up to rub her nose briskly a time or two rather wishing she did have the family nose right now. It would come in handy. "Maybe we should get Logan involved. He can take a whiff and figure out if it's somehow Jubes or... or some shape shifter fucking around with you."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's arms fold over her stomach as she watches Nori react pretty much how she expected her too. She doesn't argue it though, not immediately. Instaed she just looks around the room some more...

That muddy sheet is curious, but Nori can run out to th elake and back in a literal flash. Things get weird in Mutant High...

Rogue is about to say something when Gabby speaks of a shapeshifter. She immediately starts wondering if Mystique would benefit from such taunting in any capacity... but no, thats not really even slightly her style, even if Jubes and Clarice had been at odds lately.

"I'm..." Rogue sighs. "I better go find Jean, or the Professah..." She relents. Something here is off, no matter how you wanna shake it down. Nori may need some 'help' getting to sleep, if nothing else.

She walks past Nori and reaches out to touch her shoulder lightly. "I do believe that you saw somethin' odd. I just don't know what yet." She says with a soft smile. "Hang out here while I go see if I can drum up some help."

She glances at Gabby. "Logan included, if ya know where he is."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko's breathing visibly slows and then more noticeably she brings it back down to a pace that other people see more comfortable with.  "Okay," she seems to keep her calm enough as it is, but there is that sense, that winding worry in the speedster that Jubilation is missing.  She can't shake it.

"Something's wrong.  She said she'd never leave me," Noriko just shakes her head and sighs as if she could figure it out before anyone else had to be bothered.  "But I could be looking for her!"

Still, in the end, Noriko is kept there, in one spot...for the time being, watching Rogue depart.