7231/He Flies Through The Air With The Greatest Of Ease

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He Flies Through The Air With The Greatest Of Ease
Date of Scene: 05 August 2021
Location: The Danger Room - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: Vorpal and Kian train in the Danger Room while Kate ups the ante and Nadia wonders exactly how is Kian like Falkor. Surprisingly, Terry is not the one who pulls a Terry.
Cast of Characters: Terry O'Neil, Kian, Kate Bishop, Nadia Pym-van Dyne

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    The Cheshire cat finishes his stretches and glances at Kian, making sure his gear is all in place.  "So, that sport you showed me that they play back in your planet… I was thinking we could incorporate some of that into our combat plans.  Between my Rabbit Holes and your diving abilities, there's quite a few things we could accomplish together.  And we can bring Gar in as a third in his Akiar form…."
    He smirks.  "You know, we really should come up with a codename for you. Just for fun…" he finishes looking over the scenario in the console screen, and nods, walking towards the stairwell to the ground floor once the program is ready to run on his word.
    "You ready for this?"

Kian has posed:
    "No, of course not," Kían replies with an amiable sigh, "but being ready has never been a consideration before, so there iss really no reason to ask, iss there?"
    He flits into the air, effortlessly as ever.  "An' I do not want a code name.  I can not have one, really.  I haf chosen my name for a reason, an' earn it at my Firs' Flight.  It woul' not be right to call me by another name, an' I cannot have a secon' Firs' Flight.  I know why mos' poeple here haf them, but I do not haf frien's outside the Titans or family on this worl' that need to be protected.  So I will stay Kían."
    He hovers there a moment.  "An' I do not like thinkin' of it as combat trainin'… but I suppose that iss somethin' I will jus' haf to get use to."

Kate Bishop has posed:
    Kate is leaned against the control panel watching Kian and Terry prep.
    "Are you sure you don't just want to play bird quidditch or something with Gar and Kian Terry…?"
    Yup.  Sass.
    At least she has been sleeping better with the whole dream lands nonsense wrapped up.
    She fiddles with the controls and, "We could call you Birdy Buddy maybe.  Shorten to Bud.  I can put it in all of the systems as a codename in the files, Kían."
    She taps some keys and the room changes turning into a skyline above Metropolis.  Terry is on a rooftop not falling.  She isn't that mean.
    Well, she just didn't think of it.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
    A rare sight in the tower Danger Room is Nadia.  Outside of mandated evaluations she is pretty much never here, though a big part of that is probably because being here requires her to leave her lab and there always seems to be several things that need doing in there at any given moment.  Getting her out of there to eat is hard enough as is.  But apparently today is different, because there Nadia is standing in the doorway.
    For the moment she just seems to be watching, perhaps curious as to what all the others usually get up to in here during non-evalutation times, particularly whatever Terry and Kian seem to be planning.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "Your homeworld was an exception.  And it's really only a matter of time before your people encounter someone like the Shi'Ar or the Warzoon… and you need to be prepared to teach them how to defend them."
    The Cheshire cat steps to the very edge of the rooftop, turns his back to the void, and adds, "—and that training begins by making sure we all run like a well-oiled machine to trounce whomever seeks to threaten the peace of innocent people anywhere.  So… catch!"
    Crossing his arms over his chest, he leaps backwards, into the void.

Kian has posed:
    Kían also mutters, not quite under his breath, "An' I wish this was call anythin' other than 'Danger Room'," as the simulation begins.
    Without even half thinking about what he's doing, as soon as he sees Terry start to topple over backwards, he's on the move.  It really is an almost automatic response, although he doesn't have the kind of time he'd like, given the relatively restricted dimensions of the Da… the Training Room.
    That sounds much better.
    He plucks Terry out of the air in a practiced (literally) swoop and immediately begins heading up again.  "I am not goin' to be call Falkooooooor, no."

Kate Bishop has posed:
    "One vote for Falkoor.  What you don't want to be a Luck Dragon Kían?"
    She is such a brat.  For the moment is seems like she may be keeping things pretty simple there.  Skyline.  Able to train with rabbit holes and flying and all that.  Good work out.  No drama.
    She taps a button and small aerodynamic drones start to materialize here and there all over the skyline.  Swooping in towards the two Titans.
    No shooting.  Just… the wings look very sharp.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "That's right… I haven't shown you that movie yet, have I?" Terry says, clinging to Kian.  Thinking better of it after a few seconds, he adds, "Forget the movie.  The movie sucks.  The book is wonderful.  I'll lend you the book.  Or we can read it together…."
    Right, they're training.  "We've got bogies… with sharp wings.  Do a dive-bomb and drop me.  They'll chase you and I can come at them from above through a rabbit hole.  Sounds like a plan?"

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
    "Falkor?" comes Nadia's voice from the doorway.  "What's a Falkor?" she asks walking into the room.  Movies from almost four decades ago still exist outside the realm of what she has managed to experience in the past year even as she has filled in a few pop culture blanks.
    Once inside she sets about stretching, limbering up, still not quite sure what she is going to do yet, still curious about the others' plans and whatever this Falkor is.

Kian has posed:
    "Using wings as weapons is wrong," Kían says, with a definite note of disgust.  "We will divide taking care of them."
    With an almost careless flick of his wings, level flight becomes a power dive towards one of the drones; the birdman releases Terry and peels off sharply, upwards and to the right, to get the measure of one the others.
    There are many options, when the fundamental atomic forces are at one's fingertips.  If they scan as largely electronic, that's easy to interfere with—a localized EMP will do the trick.
    If not, well… Kian has learned that only a few atoms split inside a small space can do a lot of damage.  And, remembering the robot spiders, there is such a thing as a few too many.  He's careful.
    Also, has he ever mentioned that he quite likes fireworks?

Kate Bishop has posed:
    "Falkor is a luck dragon.  From the classic Never Ending Story… book and movie and don't listen to Terry the movie is fine."
    She watches how it is playing out now.  "Kian, people do a lot of things you feel is wrong.  I mean that is why they are the bad guys or villains.  They do bad and wrong stuff," she notes with amusement.
    They do seem to be scanning as electronic.  Four of them split in half and reconfigure midflight into eight drones.  Still with sharp little wings.
    A handful dive towards the falling Terry.
    The eight smaller ones curve up elegantly after Kian.
    At this point there are a few dozen in the sky too.  Kate isn't playing around.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Terry falls, and a pack of the drones fall after him.  Then, suddenly, there is Rabbit Hole, and Terry is no longer there.
    He's right behind the drones!  "Surprise!" he says, swinging an enormous glowing mallet towards the nearest one, summoning up another Rabbit Hole to suddenly not be there but several dozen feet higher by the moment its compatriots have a chance to respond.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
    Nadia looks up from her stretching as she squats knee bent standing on the toes of one foot with the other leg extended.  "Neverending Story?  Is it like really long?  Why doesn't end?  Luck dragons sound pretty cool though.
    Watching Rabbit Holes in action never gets old and Nadia actually claps as she rises to her feet, limbering up finished.  "I really need to figure out how exactly you do that one of these days!"

Kian has posed:
    Kian isn't playing around either.  Misbehaving robots—and that's what these drones are, as far as he's concerned—simply need to be shut down.  His world has a robot-based economy, and that's just what needs to happen in order for things to continue running smoothly.
    So without much warning, the drone nearest him gets a thick, writhing bolt of electricity, which arcs to the next and arcs to the next and may carry on that way for a while.  He hasn't had a chance to judge their resistance, and the only thing he's really concerned about is making sure that it doesn't arc to Terry or any of his teammates still on the floor.
    Unlike Terry, he doesn't feel the need to offer commentary along the way.  They're just robots.

Kate Bishop has posed:
    "It is normal length.  The name is part of the story and movie.  It makes sense when you see it or read it."
    "No spoilers."
    Kate continues to banter and tweaks the controls.
    Up above Vorpal mallets one of the drones out of existance and vanishes before he can be sliced and diced.
    Kian's attack is much less flashy honestly, but it is much more effective than chaos kat.  The lightning chained like that blasts through all eight of the little drones.
    The next big one though completely shrugs it off.  Adapting.
    In fact, the four big ones that had been approaching Kian merge midflight and take on a drone-ish Kian shape and soar right at him now, moving just as nimbly.
    Heck, it throws lightning at Kian.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "The book is great!  The movie is ferret diarrhea by comparison, don't listen to Kate!  I'll lend you a book copy—"
    He frowns as the drones start to ape the bird, and he simply can't have that.
    The Rabbit Hole appears again and zooms towards his existing set of drones, seeking to scoop them up and throw them against the Kian-drone-formation in the hopes of disrupting it and potentially kabooming some of them.
    "I am the only one allowed to shock Kian around here, you flying roomba turds!"

Kian has posed:
    Kían ignores the lightning—three cheers for his rhy'thar.
    What he responds with is a tiny fission reaction inside the body of the merged drone—it doesn't take splitting many atoms to get a useful boom, and it shouldn't take much of a bang to completely disrupt the drone's systems.
    If there's anything left over after Terry's assault on it.  He may do it anyway just to be sure.  What he says in his own language is not translated, but it sounds contemptuous.
    And then with a flick of his wings, he dives to help (or catch, as need be) Terry.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
    "Oooookay, so what does the Falkor have to do with this?" Nadia asks watching the drone fight, "Which one of you is supposed to be Falkor?"  It's genuine curiousity and real fights are full of distractions anyway.
    While she watches, Nadia begins doing some basic hand to hand warmups.  Her motions fluid like a dancer, a very deadly dancer.  For someone so nice she seems to know a fair bit about fighting.

Kate Bishop has posed:
    "Well.  Falkor was the white flying dragon the hero of the story rides on.  Terry is basically saying he is the hero and Kian is his mount."
    Yeah she went there.
    The rabbit hole deposits a slew of the drones going after Terry on a path to collide with the Kian shaped drone now… right as Kian blows it up with some fission.  Dangerous much.
    Still points for the combo.
    The little drones break up into fours once more now and spiral down towards some people watching on the roof.  A dip dive spin, one of them actually hits a bystander and wraps around him, it looks like a rapid borg assimilation.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    As Kian picks him up, Terry whoops.  "Now that's showing them the team spiri—"
    Oh.  OH.  "Looks like the objectives changed from 'Beat Up Baddies' to 'Protect Civilians'.  Drop me and dive after that one—see if you can disable it without hurting the civilian?  I will try to attract the attention of the others."
    As he falls, he conjures up a construct flying carpet to sail him past the remaining three drones.  "Hey, losers!  Bet you can't assimilate me!  Resistance is… fabulous!"

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
    "Oh."  Nadia nods at Kate's explanation as she leans against the wall.  "So, Terry is mounting Kian and that makes Kian like Falkor."  She nods a few times in seeming understanding.  "Aren't dragons supposed to be bigger though, like that time Gar turned into a huge green dragon on the Warworld?  Wouldn't Kian be more like an angel?  Do people use angels as mounts?"

Kian has posed:
    "Nnh."  Kian would like the time to think about what to do, but that's a luxury he doesn't have.
    For lack of any other ideas, he drops down quickly behind the one trying to take over a bystander, and simply tries to depower it.
    Explosions being a really bad idea in this situation.
    "An' I am not an angel!" he calls down to Nadia.  "c'Rhys'yw, I had enough trouble wit' the pries's on my worl', do not get me tangled wit' the pries's on this one!"

Kate Bishop has posed:
    "Well he is the one that yelled Falkoor instead of some angel name… take it up with Vorpal if it doesn't make sense.
    "Also good luck with making Vorpal make sense."
    Several of the drones do peel off after Terry when he swoops temptingly by them.
    The one wrapping itself around the bystander seems to resist the easy off switch, it is integrated with the nervous system at this point… and well…
    A borgish person turns to Kian and metallic wings slowly sprout.  Razor sharp.
    They swipe at Kian.
    Hey at least there is just one now right.
    Kian is right though.  Normal robots are easy mode for him after all.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Vorpal frowns, seeing what Kian has to deal with, he turns around suddenly, his carpet flying towards the drones that are headed his way.  Is he giving up?  Surrendering?
    No, he's going to play dirty.
    "Alakazam!" he shouts, hands extended as he nears the drones, and the blast of the Substitutiary Locomotion lashes towards the drones.  As the spell is cast, he speaks very plainly:
    "Go and deactivate the borg.  Without hurting the host.  Go!"
    He hopes this works….

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
    Nadia just gives a light shrug at Kian's enmity towards religion.  "You say priests but I'm not sure if religion is even a thing anymore.  I mean look at Donna, she's like related to Gods or something.  If it's all real what does that even do to the definition of religion?"  Because definitions are important to a scientist.
    "Terry often makes sense."  She grins at Kate.  "Or maybe I'm just not used to 'normal' after growing up in a bunker.  I'm mean sure he's pretty wild, but I like the glitter."

Kian has posed:
    Great.  Can't depower it, can't blow it up, and it's taking over a bystander.
    Without thinking about what he's doing—and not even really realizing until it's too late that it isn't even a real person, just a projection, a construct—Kían grabs the victim and tries to mentally force the drone to let go.  It's not an elegant mental attack.  It's mostly born of frustration.

Kate Bishop has posed:
    Well a couple of things happen.
    With the wave of glittery magic, the danger room constructs actually get overridden.  I don't mean the that the program interprets that it should have the drones do that.  I mean they really get commanded and swoop away from Vorpal on their job.
    That could have impacts at a later date.
    The other thing that happens though is Kian grabs the borg-bird-human.  Tries to mentally blast it to shut it down nonlethally.
    Which does nothing.  The Danger Room has no idea what he is doing except grabbing the guy, so he gets stabbed solidly with both razor wings.
    Luckily safeties are on so he just gets encased in hard light and disabled from the field of battle.
    A tiny KIA flashes above Kian.
    On the bright side the rogue drones swoop in and do what Vorpal wants moments later.
    "Uh… okay… hmm…" Kate notes and ends the simulation.
    Vorpal's magick'd drones persist flickering and she has to hit the clear program button again to end it.
    "…good job?" she says, unsure.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "Well… hon, you've managed to get yourself killed for play-play, I'm afraid," Vorpal says, hovering down to the floor once the simulation ends.  "Mind you, if you had done it with a real person and not a simulation, you would have gotten away with it."
    He gives Kian a gentle grin.  It is the sweet, innocent smile of someone who is tickled that, for the first time in quite a while, is not the one who Pulled A Terry.
    "That… we're going to have to ask Vic about," he says, regarding the interaction of his magic with the drones, "but all of that flying around has built up an appetite.  Who's for Chinese?"

Kian has posed:
    For a moment, Kian just stares stupidly at the "fatal" blows.  "The trainin' room does not respon' to the min'-touch," he finally says disappointedly—whether in himself or in the abilities of the Danger Room is not clear.
    He flits down to join Terry.  "I do not know if it woul' haf worked.  It was the only thin' I coul' think of to try that woul' not harm the victim.  I did not even think this was a simulation, an' might not respon'."  He touches the spot where one of the blades "struck".  "An' I was maybe a little angered to see wings use as weapons an' not thinkin' very well.  I am sorry."