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Remy Seeks Out Rogue
Date of Scene: 10 August 2021
Location: Garage / Stables
Synopsis: Remy and Rogue have a discussion about life the universe and everything
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Remy LeBeau

Rogue has posed:
With everything going on around the school, Rogue hs returned to one of her original places. When she first came to Xavier's she found a corner in the garage up off the floor. Since the garage has tall vaulted ceilings and fancy chandeliers hanging from large dark wood rafters, the flying Belle made her way up there to find a corner to hide in. This is where she is now. Sitting up on one of the rafters and smoking a cigarette like she did when she first got here too.

She has the little window pushed open to exhale the smoke out of, and a Folgers coffee can that has been up on the window sil there for 3 years that she puts ash and cigarette butts in....

Wearing a green tanktop with torn knee blue jeans, and cowgirl boots, the Belle is in relaxation mode, smoking and listening to Tik Tok on her phone... back in a comfort zone.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    The garage door opens upwards, thankfully the motor and mechanisms are well maintained and oiled, quiet as a mouse. The extra light spills into the garage before the old red car lopes into the front of the garage, and idles momentarily before shutting off.

    Remy's car isn't well hidden and is noticeable by most anyone, especially from up on the hidden perch at the top of the garage, so he wasn't sneaking in, even if he thinks he is.

    The driver door pops open and Remy steps out before shutting the door with some effort behind the throw. He's upset. He storms towards the tool box, looking to fix something on his car. He wears a navy blue t-shirt with Yankees slogans on it, and a pair of dark blue jeans, and even a black ball cap on his head turned backwards so he can keep the hair out of his face.

    Were he thinking right he'd look up to Rogue's hiding spot, but he's quite upset.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue hears the familiar engine before the car pulls inside. When it does she's looking down at it from her corner up i nthe Above and Beyond. She watches the Cajun storm out of his car and she releases a puff from the cigarette before she pauses the Tik Tok video and lowers her cigarette down to her thigh.

"Lose a card game?" Rogue calls out down from above. He may not even be able to remember she has that spot up in the rafters, though he has parkoured his way up there a few times to join her for a smoke in the past.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy's hand snaps open the drawer of tools and pulls out a small plastic box and a screw driver with a huff before slaming the drawer shut again. "Non." Remy replies curtly, expecting Rogue to be behind him, but she's not and the cajun pauses at that... his mood shifting from disdain and rage to confusion and curiosity.

    "Did you touch a telepath again?" He asks, looking around, not up though, having forgotten that.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sees him grumpily slam the drawer shut and then spin around only to find himself in befuddled about where she is. This makes her grin and she picks up her empty cigarette pack and throws it down at him to hit him in the chest.

"Yes. But that's beside the point." She replies to him before taking another drag on the cig between her fingers.

"So what happened?" Rogue asks as she blows the jet of smoke out from between her red hued lips.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy doesn't even budge when the empties hit him in the chest and he looks down at it clatters on the floor. Looking back up to Rogue he sighs softly, letting some of that resentment and tension go from his shoulders. Bending down he picks up the empty and looks up to Rogue, "Dis might be de one thin' dat kills ya."

    "Ah ran inta Mystique again... an' Blink, an'... Hank." Remy says, shrugging his shoulders and letting them slump low as he holds the trash and the tools in seperate hands. "Ah'm just, Ah don't know how t'feel, and Ah'm mad that pink one stole the plate off my car."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue puts out the cigarette and drops it int he coffe can before she turns and dangles her legs off the edge of the rafter. "Nah." She says in her smoky voice as she glides down off of the rafter now toward the floor. "I'll just brush a finger across Logan's neck and be right as rain again." She says with a smirk at him. "Besides, I got a advanced healin' myself, I doubt cigarettes are able t'wear it down like regular people's..." She doesn't know for sure though.

Rogue walks up to hi and pats his chest softly and smiles up at him. "Calm your tits." She says quietly at him with a wink before she walks toward his car to inspect the damage.

"You been hangin' around the Brotherhood types a lot lately." She comments as she looks back over her shoulder at him. "Stuff like this is a byproduct'a doin' that, ya know? Why do you think I stopped?" She walks around the car entirley, her stride slow and evenly paced, taking in the whole of the car.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ah'm not hangin' out wit' em. Ah'm out dere in bushwick tryna help people. Ah just happened t'be de one t'go watch her get interrogated by a rope." Remy says with a shrug as he walks around to the back of the car and lowers himself to a knee in the middle, and with a large hand gesture he points to the empty spot where the license plate should be.

    "Blink stole my damn plate." He says with a frown and then gets real close to point at the screws, or where they should be. "See how smooth de screws are, dats gotta be teleport stuff, not a saw or prying."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue ends up at the back of the car when Remy is kneeling. She pauses and looks at what he's indicating, then slowly nods her head. "Yeah, maybe." She says. "I mean you were in Mutant Town though, right? For all we know there could be a mutant there who is like a pro at liftin' plates. Do you want me t'text her and ask?" She then asks him, looking over at him.

"I saw ya on the news thing, with Mystique and Wonder Woman. Why does everyone get t'meet her except me?" She asks then with a smirk. "So Mystique is already outta jail too then?" She asks further.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Rogue, de way de screw heads are sheered off, is too perfec'. It's gotta be 'er. Plus, Ah mighta got int' a yellin' match with Mystique." Remy says, looking down at the shiney chrome where the plate should have been, and lets out a sigh. "Maybe Ah'm bein' too hard on 'er..."

    The cajun then drops to his other knee and opens the plastic case to show of a bunch of speciality tools. Designed to get out broken screws. "Y'know... yeah, text 'er, and while you're up, can ya get me an electric drill?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue smirks at him and his request. She takes her fingertips out of her fake jean pockets (this pair only has fake pockets! fuck those!) and she starts to walk toward the tool bench. She looks over her shoulder. "ya don't knwo that. There could be a Mutant there named like Slip Screw or somethin' who uses tiny finger lasers to sear off license plates."

She pulls open a drawer and pushes her hair back to her shoulders with one hand as she digs around in the drawer to get the power drill. She pulls it out and unplugs it from the charger then walks it back toward him.

"Maybe I should just go talk to Mystique directly..." She admits as she makes her way back to him and offers it to him. "Here. Wait. Do you even know how to use one'a these?" She chides him.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy's pockets are real, and manly, cause men have pockets. It's a thing. It's not even a thing he thinks about as he pulls out his phone as he waits for Rogue to get back with the power tool. "Ya right... but y'know, Murphy's Razor or whatever it's called. Your first guess is usually the right one."

    Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

    The cajun is looking at Tik Tok by the time Rogue gets back and is swaying his shoulders from side to side listening to the same song she was listening to earlier. "Mystique didn't steal my plates." The cajun says, and reaches a hand up to take the tool and pauses to give Anna an unfun look. "Ah'm a guy Anna. We all know how t'power tool." He says, taking one of the screw tools and slotting it into the drill and tightening it.

    "Whatcha gonna say to Mystique?" He asks, looking away and putting the bit against the damaged screw in his car but not drilling it yet.

Rogue has posed:
Huuuuuuuuuuuuge smirk.

Rogue stuffs her fingertips back in toher jeans faux-pockets as deep as they'll get and she just cocks a hip out and watches him. "Oh right, Guy DNA yields unending supply of tool know-how." She leans over for a moment, her hair dangling down in front of her as she peers at the screws. "Do they go all the way through? I could probably just poke them out..." She mutters before looking over at him.

"She's my mother, adopted. I can guilt her in ta makin' her people maybe /not/ steal your license plate. I'm surprised ay even made it the whole way back here without gettin' in the sights of a copper..." She stands up straight again then and just shakes her head softly.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy slooooowly turns his head towards Rogue, "Look in the front seat." He says his face even MORE unhappy than he was moments before. The cajun then lowers his face back down to the drill bit and knows that he has to drill into the screw, carefully so to not drill into the car, so he can make a way to get a screw driver into the screw and pull it out normally.

    In the passenger seat, wedged into the seat so they wont flap away is a ticket. He got pulled over, and before she can even look back to the back of the car Remy says, "Twice." And then the sound of the drill spinning follows his voice. Slowly at first, then it starts to speed up and whine loudly.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue steps around him and walks up to the car to pop open the door. She sees the ticket right away and plops her butt down in the chair then picks it up and starts to look it over. She frowns, then looks at the second one. She hears him call up to her and after a moment she calls back. "I know this Cop." She says. "Officer Mileau.. Mill Ewwwww...." She sounds out his name. "He's put the cuffs on some'a the people I took down as Mighty Woman."

Rogue leans out of the car and looks back. "You want me t'call'im and see if I can sweet talk him in to... cancelin' this thing? Wait, can they cancel a ticket?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Dey will cancel the second one, cause ya can't get a ticket twice for the same thing, and Ah t'ink if Ah get my plate back soon, the first one will be dismissed too." The cajun says with a shrug of his shoulders as the drill continues to whine against the back end of the car. He lowers his volume and grumbles profantities and insults to himself, making sure Rogue can hear it over the sounds of the drill.

    The sounds stop for a moment and then they start up again as he starts to work on the second screw.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue puts the tickets back where she found them and then steps out of the car and closes the door with a thud. She walks back to him as he continues to try and get the screw stems out of the bumper. "So what amde Clarice do this to ya if she is the real culprit?" The Belle asks as she pulls over a stool and sits down on the edge of it with her hands between her thighs palm together. She watches him work over his shoulder.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ah said, me an' Mystique got into a shouting match at Fred's." Remy leans back, lowering the drill to rest on the smooth concrete and he sits onto his bottom with a deep breath as he tries to relax himself and not think about that again, but he feels he has to. "Ah mean, the woman says she can't go t'jail because her work is too important. Says Ah am a hypocrite and don't deserve a second chance if she doesn't deserve one..." Remy takes a long breath as he pauses to find the words. "Ah'm not like her... Ah never wanted to 'urt anyone. Ah-" He lifts the back of his hand to wipe at his nose. "Ah didn't mean t'kill 'im."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue stands up and walks over to crouch beside him. She puts an arm around his shoulders and smiles over at him. "You're nothin' like her, Remyy LeBeau." She says softly before giving him a moment of having her head rest on his shoulder. "You're just lettin' her get inta your head. She's good at that, ya know? Even without psychic powers, she gets in there just as good as Jean does. Maybe even better!" Her head straightens up again and she exhales. "Why don't ya work on this later and we go get some dinner and not thinkin about whatever the hell happened in Mutant Town?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy's hand reaches up to touch Rogue, but mindful that he only touches her hair and pats her head. "Dank's Anna." The cajun says, and sniffs his nose hard, keeping the emotions and the gunk in his body where they belond. "Ah t'ink we should give 'er a chance though... Chuck would..." The cajun says, "Ah don't wanna be a hypocrite." He says looking towards Rogue with a smirk on his lips, and yeah, his eyes are a bit puffy and red, but he's not crying. Not at all.

    "Okay, dinner. What're ya thinkin shugg?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue gives him a big happy smile as she ruffles his nice head of hair and then moves to stand up and straighten her clothing out around her waist. "We can take my truck." She says to him, the red truck being parked behidn the garage i nthe circle drive there that a lot of the cars park at when not in use. "We should hit up the arcade in Salem Center, I think. Play some'a those games that make ya smile, get the positive chemistry goin' inside'a that head'a yours." She says at him with a pat / pet to the back of his shoulders.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Lifting the tool and the case of tools off the ground and putting them on the back of his car, the universal signal for 'I'm not done.' the cajun looks up to Rogue and pushes himself back onto his feet. "Ya drive a hard bargain." With that smile and warmth returning back to his features as he stands up tall next to Rogue, "Ya mom's gonna be the death a'me." He teases before smiling fully and then putting an arm around her waist as he allows her to guide them to her truck. "What telepath did you touch and when was you gonna tell me?" He asks, getting that devious look in his eyes.