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Here's your MONEY
Date of Scene: 16 August 2021
Location: Remy's Apartment over Music Center
Synopsis: Rogue goes to pay Remy some BLOOD MONEY! Er, just some money from Blink from Lorna to Remy for a ticket, or something? Who really even knows!
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Remy LeBeau

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had been in the kitchen overseeing some of the supply runs to help rebuild the damages done to the schoool. She was near the patio doors when Blink arrived and spoke of Lorna paying for Remy's ticket, or something? She doesn't know, it happened in a Blink...

A envelope of money was left on the counter though and Rogue thumbed through it before stuffing it in to a pocket. When she got free time she drove down to Salem Center to check if he was home.

A text is sent before she knocks on the door, but after she pulls up behind the Music CEnter store to park behind it. <I'm comin' up. Better send your current lovers runing.> She teases him before she starts up the stairs.

A knock comes to the door a few moments later and she tries the knob to step inside....

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    The knob is unlocked, but as she's turning it, the door bolt is heard being undone and so is the chain- The door opens a few inches and the chain draws tight with Remy's face obscuring the view into his place with a worried look crossin' his face as he whispers in hushed tones.

    "Hey babe, uh, bad news-" He pauses and looks her up and down, "Lookin' good by the way, but Ah got a girl comin' over and she sounded quite upset, she even tol' me t'get all mah current lovas ont'the pavement ina hurry." He says, looking back up to Rogue and smiling with that thousand dollar grin of his, "Lemme get de chain." And with that he shuts the door and opens it quickly without the chain lock keeping it closed and backing up to let Anna in.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is wearing a white tshirt with a single word on the chest in black letters 'RIOT'. She smirks at Remy as he makes his joke and she waits for him to unlatch the tiny puny little chain before she comes in. She's got a pair of new looking jeans on and some simple new sneakers on her feet. Her aviators are up on her forehead and her hair is loose about her shoulders. "Cute. NOt even invitin' me for your escapades?" She jokes back before going in to the kitchen area to set her phone and pocket book down.

"Got somethin' for ya." She says as she turns around to face him, a smirk on he rlips. She holds up a envelope of something.

"Apparently Queen of Lornas has paid for your plates ticket." She states, waggling the pudgey letter around some between them.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ah'd invite ya if'n ah knew you wouldn't kill me, or anyone else AH invited wit'." The cajun winks as he steps into the less than perfectly furnished apartment and walks around to the half kitchen area that's attached to the living room/dining room. It's very small.

    He opens the fridge and pulls out a hard apple cider, and then thinks better of it and pulls out a second one.

    "Oh, somethin' fo' me?" The cajun asks as he pops one bottle and then takes off the second one, passing it to Rogue as he takes the envelope. Then his smile fades away into a line where his lips should be. "Ah told 'er not to... Dat it's dat purple girl's issue t'fix..." Remy says with a sigh.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue accepts the bottle and then floats up on to the counter to sit down on the edge of it, her legs crossing at the knees as she opens the bottle and takes a sip from it whilst he's inspecting the envelope.

Her green eyes go from it, to him, then back to it, then back to him....

"That's how people like that fix things. They just jam a hand down in to their 'coffers' and yank out a wad'a someone else's cash. Got the monies? Make the problems go away...." She states with a smirk before taking another sip / pull from the glass bottle.

"Wait, you not gonna use it? I coulda run off with that and bought some new glasses or somethin'." She says then with another little grin.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy doesn't even seem bothered by Rogue floating up and sitting on the counter casually, as she's the definition of casual. The way she moves and does the things she can do without even seeming entertained or impressed by herself any more, though the more he's around her, the more he gets used to it too.

    "When Lorna mentioned paying for it for Blink's sake, Ah told 'er no, dat de teleporter did wrong, dat the teleporter needs to do right." The cajun moans and grumbles as he looks down at the envelope.

    Putting his drink down he looks at the money. "Nah, you go an' take dis back t'Lorn, an' tell her she's not able t'pay de other girl's debts."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue kind of expected this reaction from him, even if it'd been out of Blink's own pocket. She watches him for it and isn't surprised by it. She does smile softly. "Pay day for me then!" She says with a growing smirk that comes and goes. She sips her drink again and takes the envelope back before shaking her head. "I'm not gonna go find some Queen, or whatever she is, and stuff a bunch of money back at her. I barely even know Lorna, as I never see her at any X-Men training sessions. It'd be weird." She summizes at the end there.

One of her feet bounces around some as she holds her bottle on top of her upper knee. "HOw much is it anyway? I haven't counted."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy looks towards Rogue, daggers from his eyes towards the woman still seated on his counter. He would say something if he even suspected she was that sort of person, but he knows in his heart of hearts that she's not like that.

    A sip is taken from his cider and then a pause as he considers things. He doesn't know Lorna much, but he doesn't think she's the kind of person to simply give money away. He exhales from his nose a long breath as he looks at the envelope, then putting his hand on it and flipping it over, "About, three hundred." The cajun notes casually.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue lowers her bottle down after another sip and lays it down o nthe palm of her hand. She smiles at Remy and just shakes her head lightly. "Why don't ya jjust use it?" She asks. "For the ticket, I mean." She is quick to take a breath and hold a hand up toward him. "Blink made a mistake, I think, and she knows it. Or this money never woulda shown up like it did. She did it to make up for what she did. I mean, that's how it came across t'me. Only thing I woulda changed is ... well... she probably should've brought it to ya herself..." That last part is muttered as she knows that is a big issue.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ya damn right she shoulda." Remy says, but then he takes another deep breath and lets his hand falls way from the drink. He backs away from the table and looks towards Rogue. "Ah mean, Ah'm gonna, but ... dang." Remy says and shrugs his shoulders before he grows weary of the talk and moves to stand next to Rogue on the counter. His hands rest on her legs and squeeze her thighs softly before asking, "New jeans?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue can't argue that, but she can just smirk at him and then glance down at herself as he squeezes her legs through her jeans. She looks back up with a little tilt of her head so her white bangs don't cover her eyes whilst she stares at him. "Yes." She says with a small smile. "Fresh from Amazon delivery." She adds. "Ripped my last ones tryin' t'put'em on in a hurry. LIke the last seventy five pairs I've gone through."

Rogue huffs out a exhale.

"But yeah, I think you an' I should both talk to them if you'd like. I think I could help, especially with Mystique. However you got up on that weird space base'a theirs... I'd like to check it out now, I think."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "...Ah might pay ya t'see that." Remy says with those eyes of his looking up to her with only a singular idea behind them. "We gotta get you to go slower in some thin's, or get you some stronger clothes an' doors, an' ... everything." Remy says with a smirk as he gives a playful squeeze and steps away back over towards the table with his drink.

    A quick sip and the cajun turns back to his love, "Ah, if y'think that's a good idea, Ah ain't gonna tell ya what y'can and can't do, not dat ya'd listen to anyone who did dat anyways." Remy says before taking a swig, swishing the drink over his tongue for a moment as he approaches Rogue again and leans against the counter beside her. "What would ya say?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches him step away with a smile on her lips. She holds the bottle between her thighs now her hands gloved in short black gloves. She watches him come back and raises her drink up for another sip. But when she lowers it she shrugs her shoulders inside of that tshirt she's wearing. "I'd like t'know why Mystique is 'suddenly reformed'." She says. "I want her to tell /me/ why she is. Why she chose /now/ t'do it. Rather than when I was with her. Its... frustratin' t'me, ya know?" She asks then.

Her head shakes side to side. "I'd like t'ask her why the hell she's livin' on an asteroid too. I mean, for god's sake, that's kinda weird, right?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy shakes his head and shrugs his own shoulders, before he reaches out to her forehead, and brushes a few strands of white hair away from her face but his hand comes back down away from her with those sunglasses that he puts on his own face. Smiles galore from behind the shades, Remy cants his own head and looks up to Rogue, "Ah'm not the telepath here, Ah have no idea why any one does what they do."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue smirks at him as he takes her glasses and puts them on. She slides off of the counter and raises her bottle up to her lips for a drink while he brushes the white bangs out of her face. When she lowers the bottle again she's standing in front of him and peering at his covdred red eyes. She hooks a gloved finger under his pants waist band and just gives them a little tug. "How about some Chinese food take out t'night?" She asks him then as she grins and steps around the counter then to reach for her phone, her eyes going down to it. "Unless ya got some more girls comin' over soon?" She asks over her shoulder at him past her welath of snow white hair.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Girls, nah, I'll call 'em, and cancel, I've been cravin' some noodles and sass." Remy says with a sharp crack sound filling the apartment briefly before the cajun is walking away with a red palm and his girlfriend either really upset at his crass behavior or enjoying his vulgarity. "Ah suppose Ah'm buying?" Remy asks with a notion towards the envelope of money and with a deep sigh while looking at it.

    He wishes he could just forget about the whole thing, but what is a man without principles, plus, he was just admonishing Blink and Mystique about not being real and just, but who's he to say otherwise. What ground does he have to stand on.

    Remy lowers his drink from his lips and smiles at Rogue, "Ah'm gonna go get dressed, while ya place de order."