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Digital Spelunking
Date of Scene: 25 March 2020
Location: Hammer Bay
Synopsis: Doug and Mystique find the next clue on the attack on Genosha
Cast of Characters: Raven Darkholme, Douglas Ramsey, John Constantine

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    "It's not much further Doug." Mystique says as she changes her white heeled shoes into something a bit more rugged and for better grip on the climb up the large robot before them.

    The sun is reflecting on some nearby damaged buildings, and causing the damaged sentinel to look rather ominous as the two mutants approach the doomsday weapon. The birds are flocking overhead and the island itself seems alien in its stillness. "Tell me you're not spooked by this." Mystique asks with a look over her shoulder as the battle dress she normally wear fades away into a pair of black cargo pants with the gun still strapped to her right leg, and she's wearing a black sleeveless turtle neck, just to keep herself protected and covered as she approaches the foot of the beast.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
    Cypher climbs over a rubble outcropping, and he scans skyline... but the place seems pretty much deserted. He picks his way down, and says, "Of course I'm spooked by it." He says. "I'm spooked by *you*. But there are more important things at stake than my fear of ghosts and anarchists in love with *mayhem*."
    His treaded boots crunch on the rubble, as he steps out into a boulevard. "This used to be full of street vendors and people walking and flying in each direction, at all hours of the day and night." He murmurs, "I bought a girlfriend a scarf at a kiosk right there."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    "I'm not an anarchist, and I'm certainly not in love with mayhem." Mystique counters as she makes her way to the base of the collapsed robot and holds her hand up to her forehead to look up and back at the giant monstrosity.

    She looks over her shoulder towards Doug as he reminisces and yet she looks upwards again towards the buildings or where they stood and does the same thing but silently. "Loss is constant Douglas." Mystique murmurs and moves forward towards the machine and starts to find a way to either climb or enter the hulking behemoth. "Any idea on which direction we need to head, I'd like to be out before dark."

John Constantine has posed:
     The role of GM will be played by John Constantine.

  The massive structure before the two mutants is an intimidating one, a Titan frozen in time, halted by an unknown force, be it from internal or external means, the hulking sentinel lies, posted against the ground. Plans to destroy the sentinels were underway, but not quite ready to go as of yet.

  The Wild Sentinel was made up of the smaller ones, recognizable pieces welded together violently, the foot was no exception, pieces of a normal Sentinel could be seen plastered around it, a face covered in royal purple, a hand with fingers flayed in jagged, inhuman shapes, such things were clearly seen now that the behemoth was still.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
"The words say one thing, and your body count and 'explosions caused' statistics say another." Cypher responds. "But right now, we're working together." He looks up at the Sentinel, and then he exhales. "I didn't have time to physically study one before. This was not the finished product of a manufactory... this was a splice-job." He says, "Hundreds of Sentinels fused together into a gestalt."

He approaches it, studying the massive, inert form, and then he mutters, "I need to find an interface port. If I remember right on this model they were on the back..."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    "The back... Of course." Raven says with a roll of her yellow eyes and she takes a deep breath and widens the gaps of her fingerprints on her hands so that she can grip things a bit more forcefully as she places her hands into one of the gaps at the welds and starts to heft herself up. "Lets see if we can find you one real fast, without you complaining about the things I've done. Or why I've done them." She says with a soft sigh. Hate's getting lip from these young kids. Especially when they feel like they have the upper hand in the 'situational relationship'.

    "I assume they're all welded facing outwards, gotta find a way inside I'm worrying."

John Constantine has posed:
     Along the foot, a panel had been knocked loose, a stiff tug will find access to the interior of the machine. Wires and piping were cobbled together, but in almost a less...grotesque way. There was almost an order to it, of course, it had to function as a war machine.

  Of course, no one would stop the pair, no one actually wanted to be around the Wild Sentinel. Not after G-Day.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
    Doug takes a flashlight off his belt and clicks it on, as he looks around the interior guts of the Machine. "This is a masterful piece of garage engineering," Doug says, "It's like someone got a bunch of sentinels cheap and... smashed them together. Or that the Sentinels welded themselves together based on a program somebody wrote."
    He climbs up, and then says, "I'm going to need to get inside." He says, "Help me up."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    Mystique takes a moment to open the hatch and climb inside, or half way, with one leg hooked in and she reaches down towards Doug and the muscles in the blue woman buldge ever so slightly. The cells in her legs, arms, core and all over expand and then tighten as she braces to lift up Doug.

    "The engineering is impressive." Mystique notes, keeping the chatter idle and yet quiet as they are moving inside a killer giant robot made of smaller giant killer robots. "But if it was humans that made this I'd be surprised." She muses as she lowers Doug inside until his feet find purchase. "It seems very robotic in nature."

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
    "I don't like the implications of that." Doug says, as he explores the innards of the creation. "...The Sentinels themselves evolving to be the perpetrators of our genocide. It'd fit the model, though... they're made to be enforcers of a eugenic purity. They'll start with mutants. Move on to parents of mutants, and metahumans... and then start eliminating anyone who shows an unacceptable level of genetic drift. The buffoons who designed these things had the most elementary understanding of the way evolution *works*. The ultimate endgame of the Sentinels is the complete extermination of all Homo Sapiens life. Sapiens Sapiens, and Sapiens Superior alike."
    Doug continues to pick his way along, and says, "Would it be amusing to find yourself in the position of fighting to save the human race?"

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    "That's a hell of a leap in logic Doug." The shapeshifter says as she climbs fully inside the machine as well and shuts the hatch back up. Just to cover their tracks and it's an incredibly old habit for the spy. "Sounds to me like you've already peeked inside their code and already found these flaws possibilities within their parameters, which, I've never heard of one attacking a human." She says as she blinks once and suddenly the low light isn't so low for her any more, thanks to the shifting.

    Mystique steps forwards and lifts a hand to the cables, "Do you see any access points you could use, or do we need to head somewhere more central?" The azule woman inquires.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
    "I hacked into Project: Wideawake when I was thirteen years old." Cypher replies. "I didn't know what I was looking at at the time, but I've had a long time to think about it. I'm looking for something, a node, a nexus--"
    Doug shines his flashlight around and his techno-organic arm ripples. "I can try using my arm to interface between the Sentinel and my computer but I need a *data port*." He mutters, "And then I'm activating the self-destruct on this nightmare before we leave."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    "So if I, as you say, end up saving humans by stopping sentinels, you're as much to blame as killing humans and mutants." Mystique says with a look over her shoulder to Doug, "Lets not get bogged down in the ethics of everything, the ripples through time are bigger and not as big as you might think." Mystique prattles as she walks and keeps her eyes scanning around looking for any kind of access point for Doug.

    "If you're going to blow this thing up, lets stop judging others for their explosive pasts then, seems hypocritical to me." She winks over to Doug and keeps moving as if this is normal every day for her.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
    Doug gives a soft 'hmph' and then he says, "I suspect that the primary data conduit for the Sentinel is along its spine, based on the layout I'm seeing here. Good thing this thing is lying on its side. We shouldn't have to go too far along it to find what we're looking for there. I'd really love to rip out its brain module and take it back for Shadowcat to pick at it, but it's probably bigger than I am."

John Constantine has posed:
     Once the two reach the spine of the beast was thick and arranged almost akin to a humanoid neurological system.

  Neural webs of fiber optics could be seen, each going to specific locations in this massive sentinel. Iron and light, all working together, controlled by a boards and sensors.

  Banks of solid state drives had been stacked, but one stood out, sticking out vertical from a plinth of metal and fiberoptic wires.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    "Thats what we're looking for." Mystique notes and moves closer to the stack and looks back to Doug with a cold sort of smile aimed at the boy. "Lets get to work so we can leave and get back to more work. Plus I don't want to be anywhere on this island when you set this thing off, making me uncomfortable." She says as she looks past the panels and boards towards Doug and his arm, thinking he's somewhat interesting and would have been useful on her teams some time ago.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
    Ahhhh, but Doug is loyal, not to Xavier, but to Xavier's people, particularly the New Mutants, and that isn't going to change. To sway him, Mystique would have to go through them. Doug climbs up, and carefully disconnects the hard drive. "All right," he says, unslinging his computer, "Here we go."
    He opens his computer, and then his arm ripples, forming a cable connection using itself between the hard drive and his computer. "This should work... let's take a quick look at what we've got here."

John Constantine has posed:
     The SSD accessed by Doug directly starts to stream data to his computer. The code is shown, but there are bits of the stream that are highly corrupted at first glance.

  Logs accessed lead to the last entry from one of the smaller drone sentinels. Optical sensors show a man dressed in black, and pale skin. He turns and with a doll's lifeless eyes, he stares into the camera feed at the sentinel. A small smirk before he plugs in a wire, a small gleam of the jewel on his forehead before the feed cuts out.

  The two would instantly recognize this man: Mister Sinister.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
    "...What in the world. Why would he-- what would he have to gain by destroying the world's largest reservoir of mutant genetic material?" Cypher seems genuinely baffled. "I daresay I can clean up most of the corrupted data and get a look at those files... but I can't do that here."
    He sighs, and looks up at Mystique, and he says, "This is the part where you help me place the shaped charges in this hulk. I can tell you where to put them..." But he's pretty sure Mystique's the past master here when it comes to handling explosives.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    Mystique's mouth purses tightly, the blue lips becoming almost yellow in her rage. Without much of a warning, she reaches out and touches Doug. "Guess that is my next move." The shapeshifter grimaces and snarls, "I've got the charges, I'll handle the rest, you get out and get back to the camps, I'm sure you can find your way home from there." Mystique seems to be almost protecting the young Doug, he is nearly Rogue's age and she notes that, he's still a boy, "Bad things are coming, either get your hole ready or get ready to fight." She says, fists clenched and she starts to walk off into the upper part of the giant body.

    Mystique has work to do.

Douglas Ramsey has posed:
    "The choice there is obvious." Doug says, as he closes up his computer and sticks the hard drive into his bag. "Listen... at the end of the day, I'm one of Charles Xavier's soldiers. Whatever I think of the man himself... I've chosen my allegiances."
    "But as long as I don't end up putting innocent people in harm's way... I owe you one." Cypher takes a piece of chalk out of his belt. "I'll mark the best points to plant charges on my way out, to save you time."

John Constantine has posed:
     (GM's note: The Wild Sentinel mentioned in this scene refers to a remnant sentinel, larger than normal, but not the Magneto Memorial built of the largest one.)