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Wonder Quinn
Date of Scene: 19 August 2021
Location: Carl Shurz Park
Synopsis: Harley and Diana meet in a park for a catch up and friendly banter! Maybe some bounty hunting deals are settled too...
Cast of Characters: Diana Prince, Harley Quinn

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana had been curious about Harley's state of being more recently after the situation with Mystique unfolded. She'd sent a text to Harley with the number she still had for the woman's contact information and had been elated to get a response from the former Clown Princess of Crime (so many royalty titles).

A meeting had been setup at a park on the upper east side, a way for the two women to get out in to the sun and enjoy a bit of afternoon together. Diana had selected a nice seating area in the park that had a selection of food carts and drink stands setup too.

Dressed in a light white top and blue jeans, Diana looks ultra casual today, she does have a light jacket but its folded over a forearm as she holds a fresh drink in her hand and is walking to an open table. She has a pair of darke designer sunglasses on over her eyes, providing SOME cover to her true identity but much about her person stands out even a busy park area like this.

Harley Quinn has posed:
> Dear Diana, the clownette accepts your invitation for tea and biscuits at the Carl Shurz. *winkyfaceemoji* I will have my Royal Seneschals contact yours to set up the details. XOXO *attached picture of two hyenas with their tongues out*

Yes, that had been the reply from Harley when things had started to move towards getting that meeting done. And is it a little bit teasing? Yes. But she was also excited! It had been a while since she had actually met Di, at least in a non-formal event. Last time had been during Caitlin's 'ascension', and while that had been super fun they didn't have a lot of time to talk. Something she would make sure to solve today!

Getting to the Schurz isn't hard, because she has google. And it tells her where to go! So she approaches that area, eagle eyes seeking until ...

"I spy with my lil eye...." her voice being heard while she is approaching. "... a Diana in disguise!" she is dressed with a yellow top today, most likely one of April's, shorts because it's way too hot for pants (in her opinion) and sneakers. As for her hair? It's held back in a single ponytail, the different colors mixed and mashed together.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana had shown a warm smile at the responsieve text she'd gotten back from Harley too. She liked that kind of playful happiness, it was the kind of thing that kept one... well... balanced! Even if Hyenas were a bit odd of a pet choice still!

When the voice of Harley is heard, the Princess of Themyscira looks up to see the young doctor approaching her. She stands up then, her lips painted in a deep crimson. "Harley." Diana says with affection toward the reformed criminal. She moves to offer the woman a soft hug with one arm as the other hand still holds her cup of tea. "It is so good to get a chance to meet you on a lovely day like this one. I'm sorry we haven't had more chances, it has... been hectic. To say the very least!" When she pulls back she smiles again to Harley. "How are you? How are the Hyenas? They looked haaappy."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Big wide smile, sparkly blue eyes. Such a happy-looking clownette! Of course that Diana knows better, and of the fractured persona underneath. Still, if one goes by the news she does appear to be keeping her nose out of criminal activities ever since she was lasso'ed by the Princess.

The hug is returned, a warm one, Harley never the type to hold back on displaying emotion. "Helllooooo..." just before she announces. "European greeting.." which means she turns to place a couple of kisses. One on each side of Diana's cheeks.

"And it's fiiiinneee. Last time I went ta visit ya foh this I was sorta detoured by yoh gardenah." she lets out a laugh. "He was goin' on and on about bein' Thor. But I know bettah." she taps her nose, as if she could sniff those lies from a mile away! Details that it was actually Thor.

"And well, I am fine and dandy. Did ya see the pic I sent ya? They awhe a pair o' spoiled hyenas is what they awhe now! Fat and lazy. And my roommate spoils them even moouh than I do...!" she complains with a little pout.

It's a pout that quickly disappears when she asks Di, "And what about yooou? Tell me everything."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana had happily returned the kisses for the fun of the gesture. She settles in soon there-after though and has a grin show at the mention of Thor the Gardener. "Ah. Yes. Well, that.... uh. He's no longer working for us." It was a bet that Diana had won and the Thunder God had to tend to the Embassy's Garden for awhile. He'd been a good sport about it too.

The response about the Hyenas has the Princess continuing to grin. "I did see it. They looked like they were having quite the time. That roommate of yours gave an interview to my protege Cassandra Sandsmark, I watched it, she looked like quite a bit of fun herself." The grin shifts in to a warm smile for Harley.

"As for myself... well... gosh. From wild dopplegangers, to far too much time n a medical bed, to helping youthful superheroes gain their footing in the field, and from..." She points upward to the sky above them. "Defending the planet from very very grumpy alien hordes, I am not sure how I ever find time to enjoy tea in a park with a friend."

As she says this, a young man in a apron and a paper hat approaches. "Princess Diana." He says, another cup in his hand. "I brought a second tea for your friend." He stammers out nervously as he offers it to Harley. "Here, Miss. Same as what Won-Wonder Woman has." He's clearly smitten, by both of the ladies.

"Awww, that is so sweet of you, David!" Diana says to the young man.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Oh no! I hope you didn't fiwah him! Poor guy, it seemed like he could really use that woik too." Harley shaking her head a bit to herself. Feeling for poor Thor! Unsure if he will get a new job! Not that she believes it was Thor at all. Never! But the clownette quickly smiles again, "Wondahgal, and yep, she told me about it when we weah doin' a new podcast a few weeks back. Ya'll have ta listen to it. Vorps participates too!"

The mention of doppelgangers has Harley twist her nose. She had faced her share, but then she peers up at the sky. "I haven't heard much o' that. We gettin' invaded?! Do I need ta go get my shotgun?" does Harley even own a shotgun?

Saved by the bell though as David comes by with the drinks, receiving a big wide grin from Harley. "Helllo theeeeree..." a pause, " ... David." she leans over, "Say.., are ya on Tindah? I have a friend that's lookin' foh some action and.., ya know." a wink. Oh God.

But well it does make David wander off real quick no matter how smitten he was with Diana actually remembering his name! Harley's attention goes back to Diana and she points out, "All work no fun is no good for anyone, Didi. Not even for Wonderwoman."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana leans on to the back corner of her park chair in front of the table before them both as she watches Harley interact with the young man who brought the extra drink for Harley. The exchange has the Princess waving as David scurries off. She looks back to Harley. "I think he's a bit young for Tinder." She says with a wicked grin shown. Apparently even Wonder Woman knows what Tinder is.

"I think you can avoid grabbing for your shot guns too. The aliens, this time, were here for some .... very specific reasons. They got hostile, but I think we have taken care of it. I hope, at least." She raises her tea up for a sip before she purses her lips and runs her fingers through her own tied-back dark pony tail.

"I have my fun!" She says of the all work and no play aspect. "I mean, very rarely do I not feel... happy, relaxed and encouraged about the state of things. We live in wonderful times after all, wouldn't you say? Even the bad things in this world should know that they are on borrowed time, and we are only continuing as a people, on a global trend upward." Could be an idealistic viewpoint on the state of Earth, but its her's to believe in!

Harley might not think it sounds like she's having that much fun either, and just hiding it behind such a argument too!

Harley Quinn has posed:
Oh? OH? Harley latches on to that comment by Diana, her leaning going her way instead. "You don't saaaay?" a gleam in her eye, "Does that mean you awhe on Tindah? And if not do you wanna be? I will let ya know that I have successfully used my skills on that app to find many matches to my roomie!" she announces proudly. "I can do the same foh ya.." so generous she is!

With Diana sharing that they are safe of the aliens for now she seems relieved, taking a sip out from her drink. "Already had enough o' aliens when I was fendin' off that big ass creature of the otha realm who was bringin' the doppels in..." wait what? "Can ya believe it tried ta make me mad?" she cackles at that. "The nerve on that thing..."

Yet she stops talking after a bit, watching Diana and her defense on having fun. Is she psycho-analyzing Diana now. Those blue eyes do roam the other woman thoughtfully for a few moments. "Ya really awhe a believah of tis world, ain't ya? But wouldn't expect less.." does she agree though? Maybe not.

"Still, rather defensive weren't ya? And .., you haven't forgotten what's my phd, have you?" another siiiip from her drink. "Still, you talk about being happy for others, for the world, for all that happens around you..." she shakes her head. "But nevah you directly. Almost as if you weah livin' in yoh own dome, or island, away from everyone else."

Well, that was direct!

Diana Prince has posed:
There comes a playful melodic laugh from the Princess about the Tinder suggestion. "I will consider it. I am not sure I am ready for that kind of... playfield though." She says before taking another sip from her lidded tea cup. She listens to Harley's further talk of aliens and it has her shaking her head gently but still shooting a smile over to the other woman. "I am very relieved that the situation with those alternate reality twins has seemingly come to a close." Hers was particularly harrowing...

The talk of digging deeper in to Diana's actual well being has the Princess softening her expression some before tilting her head. "Have you been speaking to my sisters? Troia or Wonder Girl?" She asks then, her naturally husky voice sounding happily accusatory. "I uh...." Diana doesn't wait for an answer though, she looks away to the park goers storlling along the fairly busy path beside where their table is. "I am trying to open myself up to more... avenues, of personal, enjoyment. It is challenging though. Especially, as you know, there's so little time to ever really 'toy' with. But yes, my sisters have been... kindly pushing me... toward such things." Donna and Cassie knowing Diana's past love life and what went wrong there, and how incredibly stupid it is she's still suffering from it all these years later.

She smiles to Harley. "Never enough time..." She finally sums it up as.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"That's the point o' it, ya can't think it too much, instead just do." Tinder. Right. It's almost as if she is some kind of Guru of that blasted app. Harley the guru of finding love with a swipe? "It's fine. I will get you rollin', don't you worry too much..." a gentle little smile on her lips. But oh no! What is she going to do? Not that she actually shares, instead her focus is on what is said next and the answers to her questions of digging deeper, both hands now coming up to hold her chin, elbows on the table.

"I haven't talked with them, no." She then winking, "But maybe I should. To see what their thoughts are on this." the rest she listening in mostly silence, thoughtful, fingertips taptapping on her chin. "What's stoppin' ya? And don't tell me it's time, because if theah's a will theah's a way. And you ain't evah been someone lacking a will. So it's somethin' else."

"I suppose I could start tossin' up some guesses on what it is but ..., ya know how my mind can get uh .., creative. So ya should stop me before I start to!" by telling her the real reason!

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana keeps her eyes out over the walking path and beyon that the railing that looks out over the water of the river that this park sits on the edge of. She keeps her hearing focused on Harley though, smiling lips growing up and down in strength at the words that the former Gotham crime girl was saying to her.

After a sip is taken from her tea, Diana lowers the cup again and looks over at the other woman at the table with her. "I did not know this would be a session in your office today, Doctor Quinzel." The Princess states softly, a tinge of a playful undertone to her voice and expression.

She does look down though to form her thoughts on how to reply to Harley. "I... have been in love twice in my life." She says then as she raises her eyes back up to Harley's, though Diana is wearing those large designer shades still. "I am roughly nine hundred years young, mind you..." She shows a quick grin before continuing. "But yes, I have felt true love twice. Both times ended in tragedy, and though I have loved many people, I only consider those two times to be true... romantic-inclined love." She turns her stare off to the grassy park ahead of them to watch a family playing with their dog in the sunshine and lovely park atmosphere. "The first was with an Amazon back on our island. I was much younger then, and she was the first to treat me ... not like a Princess. I felt it was infuriating in the early days, but for whatever reason..." She shakes her head and laughs a litlte as she looks down at her shirt and brushes away some random specs from it. "I grew to desire that kind of treatment from her." Once more Diana looks to Harley then and smirks very softly.

"Ultimately, I tried to show off for her and it lead to a disasterous effect, that ... claimed her life. I... vowed to be a better person from that day forward, and ... I don't know. I hope I have achieved that..."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"This is just two friends talkin, if it makes it easiah foh ya." Shoulders rising up in a brief shrug, the clownette taking another sip from her drink, continuing on her leaned posture, close to the other woman, "And least I can do aftah all ya done foh me." the gratitude visible in her expression. In fact Harley *does* seem to be more stable than she was a year back. Is she happier? Who knows... They ways of the clownette are mysterious ones.

But true to what she was before she does listen, intently, smiling a touch more widely when Diana decides to open herself more to her, "She treated you like a person, instead o' puttin' ya in a pedestal up theah, unreachable." a grin.

It's a grin that fades when Diana speaks of the tragedy that occurred with the other amazon. "I believe the whole world knows you have, Di. But it's not being a bettah person we are talkin' about heah." she pointing at Diana's heart afterwards, "It's about yoh happiness. The two aren't the same."

Diana Prince has posed:
Another small sip of the drink is taken before she lowers it back to her lap, Diana then looking back to Harley as she points at her heart. She shows a soft warm smile to the blonde (among other colors) beside her. "Very true,a nd very wise." She quietly says firstly back. She takes a breath in again between her red hued lips and just gently shakes her head to the left and right, a vague gesture as she thinks.

"I am happy quite a lot of the time, almost all of it. I would say I do feel loneliness when it is dark and quiet. Which could be why I try to avoid any down time, or time of sitting alone without responsibilities." She smirks at Harley then. "Thankfully those times are few and far between... But--" She then watches a couple, young and seemingly in love strolling down the pathway holding hands, the man telling the woman a story that has her visibly laughing.

"My memories do not fade. I have memories of both of my times of being lost in romantic love, and they stay with me as though they happened... minutes ago. I have memories of sitting under a tree near the palace stables with Thalia beside me, reading poetry and other... more adult literature." She spares a glance toward Harley to share a grin with the other woman. But the grin fades as she focuses back on what she's talking about.

"I have... memories with my second love interest as well. Though I knew him much less time, that time was arguably far more impactful to my life and my life's direction.." She sighs softly and looks back to Harley, the sounds of the park all around them, lovely and calm. "Steve was the reason I left the island. He was the first man I ever saw, and the first to reach Themyscira's shores ... in a very long time. He inspired me to go with him, to fight in a war that was destroying the world as it was known. The time we shared together was brief, but I still feel the warmth of his touch on my hands, the scent of his presence within my nose." She smiles again softly. "I still remember him desperately trying to protect me from this strange world, while also trying to teach me how to fit in..." The drama is clear upon her face, even with the glasses covering her eyes. "I believe having these memories on the edge of my mind, make it harder for me to jump in to new relationships."

"Plus--" She smiles again at Harley. "Who has the time?" She says letting another grin blossom upon her visage, knowing Harley had warned her about using that excuse.

Harley Quinn has posed:
A faint grin surges up on Harley's expression, "We all have oouh way o' dealin' with it. O' course *your* way had ta be goin' all responsible and workaholic.." she clicks her tongue as if she doesn't agree. But then again not that Harley can talk much, considering what she does to deal with it. But this ain't about her! Attention goes briefly to the couple walking down the pathway, "Do you miss that?"

Attention then goes back to Diana at the mention ..., adult literature?! She quirks a brow up, "Who would had known that amazons had a naughty side, mmm?" a wink. Is she surprised? Nope!

She listens as Diana then speaks of Steve Trevor, smiling gently, "They are good memories." she finally says, "And yer blessed ta have 'em. Ta still remembah those people in yoh life. I mean, look at me. I *wish* I could fohget some people o' my past, like those started with a J...., and endin' with a Oker." a beat, "But those are beautiful memories, they should not make you feel guilty to find new love.., or ta stop ya from tryin'. What d'ya think Thalia and Steve woulda have wanted? Certainly not ta ya ta be without anyone."

Diana Prince has posed:
The first two things that Harley replies to both have the Princess grinning happily at the other. The bit about the mysteries of the Amazons private lives just has Diana tilting her head. "Our origins suggest we might be the pinnacle of such things, but... that is a debate for another time." She shoots back before taking another sip of her drink and leaning to the side on her chair to face Harley a bit better, but also to let her free hand run through her dark haired pony tail that is blowing softly in the breezes coming off the east river waterway.

Diana purses her lips together in thought some before she glances back to the walking pedestrians, and then back to Harley. "You offer a similar argument to that of Donna and Cassandra. One that I truly cannot argue with. All I can really say is that time ... really does play out differently with how I seem to be designed. Thalia to Steve was nearly five hundred years between one another. It has been, only... a fifth of that so far since Steve." She then smirks at herself and shakes her head vaguely again.

"That is no excuse though, I know. Especially in 'man's world' as it is. Things move much faster here than they do back home."

She then dips her chin toward Harley. "And what of you, Doctor?" Diana asks. "How is your lovely endeavors in to the world of love and affection?" She pauses to smile and quickly speak up and add "Beyond the gentleman Hyenas, of course."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Theah ya go with the time thing again.." Harley lifting a brow at the other, "If I didn't know bettah I would say ya have some kinda fetish with time..." how exactly would *that* work?! But then she winks to show she is playing. Mostly. "They both happened in a particular moment o' your life. A defining one too." she points out, "Perhaps that's how true love is really supposed ta go. Most people ain't alive *that* long most o' the time ta know how it really goes." which does make the clownette think on it for a few, leaning back on her chair, tapping a finger to her lips.

"O' course this only means we need to go out moouh. Because what best places ta find definin' moments than singin' karaoke, mmm?" another wink given at her friend.

The question then turned towards her about love has her lifting her shoulders, jaw tightening just a touch. "Mmmm, ups and downs really. Was seein' this gal but we awhe in the process o' breakin' up. Maybe foh the best.." she takes another drink from her mug, draining it. Something left unsaid.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana laughs softly at that bit about time and her fetish for it. "Maybe so." She quietly says back about it before she just focuses on Harley to pay her the same kind of attention back that she'd given her. She does nod her head gently to the other's words and shows a brief sympathetic expression toward the notion of an ongoing breakup.

"If I only had a hundred years to live, and of those hundred, a ... fraction of which are in quality health and vibrancy of life... I would likely rush, rush, rush, to fill my life with as many chances for True Love as I could muster. But... it is a foreign concept to me, as my situation is to those who are in that one."

A light grin touches her lips again toward the other. "So I understand Tinder in that regard, and I surely encourage you to 'swipe right' as much as it takes." She pauses then, and tilts her head. "Is right the direction for positive interest?" She asks then, clearly having never used it!

"Singing at bars is quite though. Cassandra and I have done that on multiple occasions... when I can get her away from her busy college lifestyle."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Ooooooh?" With Diana teasing with that 'maybe so' about the foot fetish it means that Harley leans forward instantly with a big wide grin, "We will make suwah ta get that down on yoh Tindah profile." a sagely nod given. And is she for real? Maybe! It worked wonderfully for the friends she has done it already. Why wouldn't it do so again? Or she might also be joking. Who knows?! It's a toss up.

Still, the talk of the breakup has her open her arms to the side in a 'what can you do' kinda gesture. "It's the same as usual, people like the bubbly me, the charismatic one doin' all the Tweets or videos, or how cool I look. It's a different mattah when they get ta know me and see beneath it, ya know?" again back to sitting forward, hands up on her chin, "Not exactly all the bubbly shit they weah lookin foh." her tone rather serious for a moment there as she speaks that whole thing before eventually she smiles again.

"Wait. Are you tellin' me you have gone singin befoouh and didn't invite me? Shame on ya!" that was some quick subject change!

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana is quick to grin at the other's words, including the last bit about not inviting her to thekaraoke night with Cassie. "There will be more opportunities, I am sure of it." She quietly responds quickly enough.

Her eyes go back out to the park around them again as she smiles happily in thought. "Well..." Diana starts then. "So we are both less than successful at finding romantic endeavors with those that might enrich us." She states, her sunglasses-covered-gaze going back to Harley.

"What about work?" She asks the other woman. "Have you found anything in that regard that might enrich your day to day life? Part of helping you re-establish yourself in the legal system was the hope that I'd get to see you find a path that would help you flourish, with your powerfully fun personality, and quick wit." Diana grins softly after saying that.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Actually, let me show ya!" And then starts the Great Search for ..., what is it that she is looking for? Hands go into pockets, tongue poking out slightly as she seeks deep. And really, how deep do *those* pockets go? Then she twists to reach for the back ones and ..., *wiggle wiggle wiggle* "Here!" she shows a card to Diana, "I am a licensed bounty huntah now. Which hey, not exactly a glamor job but it's cool to sorta be on the other side of the law. I did *think* about another project but it's still in it's infancy, might get a place out in Gotham to help henches wantin' ta reform. Sorta like how you helped me. But that's gonna need money so I need to make suwah my OnlyFans account racks in the big dollars." no, don't ask her what OnlyFans is.

Still, it seems like she does have plans for the future.

"But I know what you awhe doin'.." An accusing finger pointing at Diana, "Divertin' ta talk ta be about me so as ta not talk about yoh stuff. I don't want to see you hurtin' Didi. You know you deserve the best, dontcha?"

Diana Prince has posed:
Harley's searching through her pockets leads to one of those moments where Diana is staring patiently toward the other woman, but that patience starts to wain and turn toward curiosity as the pale skinned blonde starts to wiggle around more as she searches herself for something. Diana's head even tilts to the right as she stares, with her smile flickering wider at the other's efforts.

When the business card is finally produced, Diana straightens once more and reaches out for it to take it and look at it....

"Oh my..." The Princess says as she eyes the card through her sun-shades. "This profession is dangerous." She quietly says, not that Harley needs to know about that! She flips the card over and looks at the back, smiling at any funny Harley quotes that are assuredly enscribed upon the card!

She offers it back, at first, but pauses. "May I keep this?" She asks then with a little grin showing once more.

The OnlyFans part isn't registered, which might be for the best! Its an innocent name after all, right! Not like SpreadEmForCash.com or nothing!

Diana laughs a little when the other says she's diverting attention from herself. She shakes her head softly right to left. "I do not mean to be doing that, I am merely curious about all you've been up to." She grins again. "But thank you, for caring about me."

She gives another glance down to the card then. "If you ever end up in a troublesome situation because of this chosen profession, please do reach out to me. I can try to help you see a job through, if you need the backup...."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Ooooh yes." Is the reply to the 'oh my', a proud, smug smile on Harley's expression. "It's me and Bobba Fett. Ruthless pursuers of evildoers throughout the galaxy! Just minus the whole clones thing. No one wants to see an army of Harley's around." bit of a starwars fangirl tangent there but she quickly returns to the issue at hand, "And dangerous? Ah! I live foh the danger! Really." a grin, "And suwah, keep the card! In fact, ya should come in one o' my bounties sometimes, sorta like in yoh spare time just to have some fun." she suggests.

As for the card? Yes, it has the quotes! Presumably from one of her bounties.

"At least she let me keep my kite!" - Kiteman

Such a classic, and one of her earlier bounties!

"And oooh yes, I will make suwah ta call foh that backup." then she leaning forward, elbow on the table. "How about 70 30?" is she really trying to negotiate the bounty with Diana?

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana reaches for her leather bound phone case that rests on the table beside them. She lifts it up and slips the card in to one of the little pouches designed for essentially that very purpose. She grins big at the last bit that Harley says there, before she looks over at the other woman. "How about one hundred percent goes straight in to your criminal reform program of the future?" Diana offers. "And yes, if there's a job you feel I could help with from the get-go then do please invite me. I would be interested, as bounty hunting is not /that/ terribly different from what many of the Justice League's endeavors include.... though there are a lengthy field of minute differences, I am sure."

She gives a glance to her phone, though it is on silence so that she and Harley can talk uninterreupted, but then leans back in her chair with her hand on her drink cup once more.

"And yes, that is where my focus yet remains. On my own 'career' of sorts. In so far as working toward introducing Themyscira to the world, and the world... to Themyscira." She smiles quickly for a moment at that notion then continues.

"We have had a number of young women visit the island now, heroes and accomplished young women. Plus.... as 'luck' would have it, a number of the Titans males have now been to Themyscira as well. Plus, the Queen herself has-- as you know ---been to the States a number of times. So things are going quite well, I think, for what we're hoping to achieve." She shows a quick smile to Harley then.

"You are invited to the island sometime soon, yourself. If... you feel like being on a tropical island of which some have described as 'paradise like'...." She acts like Harley might not want to go, to play it up some!

Harley Quinn has posed:
"No no, every bounty hunter worth their salt needs ta take somethin' out o' the bounty. That's the numbah one rule. No charity!" And Harley seems to be quite adamant about *that*! "And I was taught this biz by an angel, she knew what she was about!" a sagely nod. And ..., an actual angel? Is she for real? Might be she's just an unreliable narrator with her stories! Or not ...

As the conversation shifts to Themyscira Harley purses her lips together, head slightly canted to the side, "Oooh, the guys?!" then she cackling. "Like .., did Terry go? Oh, he'd die if he could get theah." a grin, "I mean, he almost died when I got the whole rollah derby team ta come out ta greet him when I was trainin' him for his doppel smashin'. That was fun.."

The invitation does comes at a surprise, "Oh, me?" blinking a couple of times, then a wide grin. Does she play it hard? Not really. "I would looove to go!" she exclaims effusively, opening her arms wide, "Sign me in for tropicality!" a pause and then she asking. "Ooooh, and if we awhe talkin' about goin' to the island uh .., would a plus one be okay? Dunno how rules go about it."

Diana Prince has posed:
After a sip of her tea again, Diana watches a dog walker with a split leash being lead by six fuzzy haired and floppy eared dogs all with their tongues lulling out of their mouths. Diana waves with a smile to the dog walker, apparently knowing the young woman, before looking back to Harley. She grins once more. "Oh yes, Terry was there, as was many others... I believe they had a very good time too, or so I hope. I mostly let them just absorb it all on their own, hoping to let them just immerse themselves in the culture of it all."

AT the question of another coming with her, Diana laughs softly and nods her head. "I am sure that would be fine, but only ask that you let us know who before we set off. It's best that my sisters on the island have some forewarning on what, or rather who, is coming. AS you can imagine, Amazons are not terribly fond of surprises... especially with regard to island visitation."

The Princess raises a hand up then to stroke a dark strand of hair off of her brow as it had come loose from her pony tail.

"Seventy thirty it is then too, on our bounty hunting agreement, hence forth." Diana says, yet again grinning to the blonde before her.

Harley Quinn has posed:
As the dog walker goes by and Diana waves it means that Harley catches sight of the young woman too, grinning. "Ooooh!" she waves over, "Do you walk hyenas too?!" because of course she'd ask that... But not like the young woman stays to answer. Because you can't stop the committed will of six doggos when they want to walk and roam. So there she goes!

"Yea, no worries. I won't bring her hidden inside my case oh anythin'.." she assures Diana with a serious look. Just to show she ain't joking! No smuggling things or people into Themyscira! "And I will have ta ask Terry about it next time I see 'em. He's probably still high as balls cos o' that." literally too.

And as Diana finally agrees to the deal? A beam of a smile is on Harley's expression. "70 30 it is!" she announces, sticking her hand out for a handshake to seal the deal. At least she did NOT spit on her hand before the handshake.

Diana Prince has posed:
The Dog Walker of course keeps going becasue she can't be stopped! She does look back at Harley though like 'Did she say Hyenas?' but she's gone around the corner, her doggy commanders at the helm of that convoy!

Diana raises her drink up to her lips for another sip from it before she lowers it and laughs once more, soft and sweetly. "I believe even Terry may have earned himself a regular guest pass on the island now. Times are changing, as they say."

Diana gathers up her phone then and flips it open before motioning for Harley to come closer. "Come. Lets take a picture together, I will send it around, and let people envy at our lovely afternoon out together." She grins more and motions for Harley to join her at her left side before going shoulder to shoulder to take a picture together!