7463/An Unexpected Visit to Asteroid M

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An Unexpected Visit to Asteroid M
Date of Scene: 20 August 2021
Location: Central Nexus
Synopsis: Although Rogue got to see the Asteroid, things with Remy did not go well. And Clarice got her money back.
Cast of Characters: Raven Darkholme, Rogue, Remy LeBeau, Clarice Ferguson, Lydia Dietrich

Raven Darkholme has posed:
The Brotherhood switchboard got the call... two to beam up, well teleport up really. It came from the same phone that the X-Men have access too for calling, so it was clearly all above board. Ritz was sent to collect the caller and guest. A young teleporter whose teleporting made a person feel turned inside out, even if they weren't, it still felt that way for about three seconds of time. Not her fault, it's just her job.

Arriving in the central Nexus, extra guards have been posted, but beyond that life goes on as usual on the asteroid.

"Right, guests got access ta da main rooms," Ritz explains. She already let Mystique and CLarice know who was coming. "Ya can't get inta da training room or inner sanctum, but otherwise, welcome ta da Asteroid." And with that, she walks off.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue hadn't enjoyed the sudden little feud between Gambit and the Brotherhood of Good Mutants. She'd wanted to step in and 'help' with it as much as she was able. And after the bit with Wonder Woman up here, she felt she had an obligation to check this place out too. So may as well tackle both at the same time...

They arrive.

Rogue instantly raises a green gloved hand up to her mouth to cover it. "Oh god." She says with a muffled voice of displeasure. Her other hand goes to her stomach. She's wearing a sky blue tshirt with 'Risky Biscuits' written in puffy cloud font across her chest. A pair of blue jeans with torn up knees and a green hoodie with white sleeves is tied off around her slim waist. Small wedge heeled boots peak out from under her jeans cuffs to complete her attire.

She takes a step forward before fluttering her long eyelashes, and her hand leaves her mouth to find a wall beam to hold on to while she recovers. "Thanks." Rogue says to the mutant that got them up here... her green eyes starting to roam a bit in the TPing aftermath.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Danks Scottah." Remy says through the gap between his own legs. Bent over at the waist with his head between his knees the man feels like he's about to lose his lunch in the asteroid, again. Disregarding decorum, he actually spits on the ground between his feet and slowly rights himself up. "Oh, Ah'm getting in sat trainin' room." Remy says to no one other than Anna and nudges her in the side with an elbow before he motions forward and starts to walk that way, and he lowers a hand to grab at Rogue's own with an almost giddy demeanor.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice was sitting at the bar when she gets a message on her phone - a class of cognac in one hand, and a comic book in front of her. She's a slow reader - but she honest-to-God seems to be enjoying the book, about a group of teenage girls at a summer camp who keep getting into mystical mischief. At the ping from her phone, she sets down her drink to pick it up - reading the names with raised eyebrows. ...really?
    Tilting her head, she can see the Central Nexus through the open door, and can just get a glimpse of Rogue leaning up against a wall for support.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Mystique had gotten the announcement. Rogue and Remy. Son of a...

Rogue was a happy thing, she hoped, but Remy? She was already headed out her door and to the central nexus even as Ritz was appearing. There were quite a few in the Brotherhood that wanted to have 'words' with him after his various comments, and she needed to be there when they arrived to ensure those 'words' didn't end with someone spaced.

Walking into the nexus from the hall that leads to the living quarters, she actually gets there just in time to watch the two appear. Watching their reaction, she looks toward Ritz who is grinning rather broadly. With a sigh, she realizes that 'word' one was just had, and Rogue got to suck up part of the anger because of it.

"Welcome to the asteroid," Mystique offers as she walks up to the two, but she stops out of arms reach and her face is already wearing the mask of neutral expression.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue pushes off of the wall and puts her left hand atop her chest for a moment before Remy joins her at her side. She looks over at him as he speaks of the training room and she just ignores it for now, probably just filled with exercise crap anyway, right?

Her other hand goes up to her white haired bangs and she adjusts her sunglasses to keep them from falling down her forehead after that jarring arrival....

She clutches Remy's hand in her gloved left then and is about to focus on the visible sight of Blink in a lounge area... but Mystique appears.

Rogue furrows her sculpted eyebrows down a bit but then just 'upnods' at Mystique.

"Sorry to barge in... but, I mean.... I'm allowed to, right?" She asks, before finally looking around more.

Why are they here though? She doesn't jump right in to it, yet!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy nearly pulls his arm out of socket when Rogue stops to talk with the approaching Mystique and he makes an URK sound before turning to face the azure woman. "Raven." His tone drips with not anger this time, but frustration, at least. It's improvement but still sucks. The cajun takes a moment to take a deep breath when the pink woman is noticed and he frowns a bit more deeply... "Ah mean if Wondah Woman is allowed t'be here, den you certainly is."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice flips her comic closed, and turns on her stool so she's facing towards the Nexus, one arm resting on the bar, with her head in her hand. Her cognac she picks up with her other hand. She swirls her drink idly before taking another sip, her own features set into a neutral mask as she watches Rogue, Remy, and Mystique.
    A few of the passers by share less-than-friendly looks towards Remy - which earns a brief quirk of amusement from Clarice. Damned straight.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Of course Rogue was welcome any time she wanted, that was pretty common knowledge to anyone and everyone. Mystique made it clearly known, hell complete strangers on Bushwick probably know at this point.

Keeping the distance, that mask locked firmly in place, Mystique nods. "Of course Anna-Marie," she offers in a calm tone. "This isn't barging in, you're always welcome here. I also apologize for Ritz, I'll be talking to her later about this."

For a moment she glances toward the bar and cafeteria, the distance was significant but a person could still see into it from the nexus. She could see Clarice sitting there, having a drink, so she lets her eyes wander back to the pair.

"Feel free to have a look around," she then offers to them both. "Though LeBeau has already seen some of the Asteroid."

Gesturing with her hand she starts pointing out locations, "Cafeteria and Bar down that hall, med-bay is that way, and part of the living quarters there." She moves her hand to another location, "The elevator will take you to the gardens and other living quarters, but the training room is off limits to Le Beau, and the Inner Sanctum is off limits to you both."

That much offered, she steps back to let them go and do whatever it is they came to come and do.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue glances at Remy again before she looks back to Mystique when she replies to them. She knows why this Ritz person would do this, even if it bothers her that /she/ was made to fele that way too! She didn't do nothin' wrong!

Oh well... pick your fights...

When Mystique reaffirms Rogue's belief that she was allowed up here-- lets be honest, Rogue never 'quit' the Brotherhood, she just ran off --she lowers her chin in a little nod before looking around at the directed locales of the place.

When Mystique turns to leave them alone, Rogue stutters a bit. "H-Hey. HOld on." She says to Raven. She moves her right hand behind her back and pulls a folded envelope out of her right back jeans pocket. She raises it up and extends it out. "Blink's money." She says to her 'mom'. She shakes her head side to side. "The offer is appreciated, but the plates thing is bein' taken care'a." She further elaborates in her southern flavored words.

A look is given sideways to Blink in the lounge, before she looks back to Mysti. "Also, I don't plan t'hang out long here, especially with him here." She nods at Remy. "I know he's not popular here at the moment...." Once more her gaze goes back to Raven.

"This whole process'a you guys... goin' 'good' or whatever. Its gonna have bumps like this. We gotta just keep it in high gear and roll through'em, is my stance. But, I mean, if we don't just work t'gether better, we'll get stuck in the mud and only ever be spinnin' our tires, right?" Another glance is given to Remy beside her.

"If ya'll got a pool up here, I'll let everyne who's mad at him get one free dunk in too." She says with a slight grin.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy reaches into his back pocket and pulls out his bill fold and then flips it open and hold it up to his mouth. in full view of mystique and everyone waking by giving himself and Rog- Just him. No worries. His isn't new. Okay it's pretty new. Anyways he says into his wallet, "Captains log, star date Eight three nine point two five. Update on the away team, there is intelligent life. but they are all incredibly hostile, expecting either conflict or possible captivity lies in our future." Remy then flips his wallet closed and slips it back into his wallet." Turning to Rogue the Cajun smirks, "Wanna check out de Training room?" easily within ear shot of Mystique. "Ah didn't bring mag swim suit Rogue... but if ah must, I'll dip in mah birthday suite."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Surprise registers on Clarice's features as the envelope of cash is pulled out - and //now// she's on her feet, heading towards the group with a tight, but determined expression on her features. Hey, look! This might be that conflict Remy just predicted. "I'm not letting Lorna pay a cent over this nonsense - that's not right," she asserts firmly, stopping a good ten feet back from the group - and perching one hand on her hip. The look she shoots towards Remy is brief, and decidedly tense and unhappy. The looks Rogue and Mystique get just show her stubborn determination. She makes no move to intercept the envelope, however.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
There is a pause to Mystique's steps, her back remaining to them both while Rogue speaks, then slowly she turns to look at Rogue.

"I have no issues with LeBeau," she states calmly. "He's done his huffing and puffing, and pissed everyone off, which is something he's very good at. He had his chance to express himself, it was recorded and the entire world knows. He merely doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. The truth is, I give no absolutely fucks about his opinion any more. He's a hypocrite of the worst kind," she looks over at him, that same blank expression before she looks back to Rogue.

"I have informed those who would like to have 'words' with LeBeau to avoid doing so, because it is more important that we stick to the goal of working together then bothering to waste time and energy on a hypocrite. We have to succeed, and one man being an asshole won't stop us from succeeding."

She gestures toward the elevator, "There's a lake in the garden, large enough to drown someone in, so you can go dunk him there. I'm sorry it had to be him as the reason you finally came to visit, but you don't need to worry. Nothing else will happen to him, he's been declared a non-interest. As for the money, that's between him and Blink, I don't know anything about it."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue elbow nudges Remy when he does his Captain Snark impersonation. She looks to Clarice when she arrives, and then back to Mystique when its her follow-up turn for response.

"Right..." Rogue says softly as she lowers the envelope and lets it wobble a bit between thumb and forefinger. "Well then.... I guess that's that." She looks back to Remy. "You made an impression, clearly." She says back at him before she looks next to Clarice.

"You wanna give this back to miss Lorna then?" She asks, now offering the pouch of sweet hot cash to Blink.

A glance is given to Mystique. "I wanted t'bury the hatchet between you'n me too, RAven." She says before her former mentor and motherly figure can dart off like she seems she wants to. "But that's awkward... here." She says before exhaling sharply. "Nice place ya'll got up here though. Far as... weird ass space bases go. Lake'n all...."

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
    Another call for pickup is received and another portal is opened, but this time Lydia steps out, having come from a writing stint at home. She seems to fair better going through Ritz's portals than their guests do, but only because she's used them so often that she's gotten used to the unsettling queasiness of the ride. Still, there's a grimace and a moment to adjust before moving on into the Asteroid proper.
    She doesn't get far when she sees that they have visitors. Rogue and Remy. Hunh. Wonder what they're doing up here. She makes her way around them and steps up to Mystique, "Hey there, love." She says to her, planting a kiss on her cheek. "To what do we owe the honor of this visit?"

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Puzzlement shows on Clarice's features at Rogue's words - and she shakes her head slightly. "It's not Lorna's money. It never was. Like I said - I'm not letting Lorna pay for his paranoid delusions. First he calls me a stalker, then he calls me a thief?" she asks. She rolls her eyes, without moving any closer.
    Her gaze flicks between Rogue and Mystique before she adds, "If the pair of you wanna go talk or something... I can make sure no one put anything in his drink." A tilt of her head indicates Remy. "Or does anything too permanent to him. You know. Since we're all friends and all, now."
    Lydia's arrival earns a smile, and a nod of greeting, however, before her attention shifts once more to Rogue.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Mystique folds her arms lightly across her chest now, "We can go some where private it you'd like Anna-Marie, perhaps into the bar for a drink or my quarters? I don't suggest however that you leave LeBeau alone out here right now," she again looks his way, completely ignoring Captain Snark. What she might actually feel or want to do to him remains hidden behind the mask.

Looking back to Rogue, she lifts her shoulders in a slight shrug, "Or we can just go get a drink and see how long it takes for LeBeau to piss someone else off. Shouldn't take too long, given that he's already being glared at."

The moment she says that her amber eyes dart to the four or five people who had paused in their walking to stare daggers at Remy, and they immediately start moving again. Mystique was getting used to this however, having to remain neutral while everyone else hated or glared.

"The design is entirely Erik's, but the rest of us have made it home by adding all the touches. Each space has been the project of the mutants who live here, not all are Brotherhood, but they're all family. So what do you say? Want to get a drink?"

As Lydia steps up to her, she leans to offer a single kiss on the cheek, but that's it, her arms remain across her chest, "Anna-Marie is here to try and patch things up for LeBeau, and return Blink's money. LeBeau is here to be his usual uncharming asshole, hypocrite self, and I'm offering drinks and conversation."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ah call 'em like Ah see'em." Remy notes towards Clarice, and then in a motion of his head away from the purple haired woman, a sign that he's considering her conversation not worth having, at least at the moment, he gives a look to Mystique, eyes squinting, "Do you want t'do better, or do ya wanna keep blusterin' dat Ah'm a hypocrit?" The cajun's eyebrow lifting insinuating that there's a dare behind his words, an unspoken challenge for her to pick what side of history she chooses to be on. To put her money where her mouth is.

    Remy doesn't seem to be hiding away, or even slouching, or sneaking even slightly. He's standing tall in this place, where people have a great distaste for him, and yet, he feels he did no wrong, he said not only his truth, but the truths of his lands, "Ah'm perfectly capable o' takin' care o'myself, if you two wanna talk, go ahead wit'out me." The cajun says, squinting, again daring Mystique, and her people. Are they what she claims they are.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue lowers the envelope down again when its once more not taken from her. She nods her head softly at Clarice's response, then glances over to Lydia when she arrives beside Mystique. The responses about Remy, having the Cajun chiming up again in a way that is likely just going to dig his hole deeper.

Rogue steps away from him and sets the cash filled pouch down on the top of a metal strut along the bulkhead of the station corridor. "Right." She says quietly.

At the offer of a drink though, Rogue shows a smile before she glances at Remy and then around at the others. She inhales a little and shakes her head, the white bangs framing her face gently swaying against the sides of her face. "I don't think I should. I just wanted ya'll t'know that... I've seen the efforts you've been makin' and I applaud them. I think you're doin' good, and walkin' down a good path. I hope the path keeps goin' and ya'll keep struttin' down it." She stops herself then and purses her lips for a second or two.

"But yeah, better get down t'the planet. I've had my fill'a space, I think." She pays a glance toward that Ritz person and upnods at her once.

"Think you can make it a bit easier on the way down?" She asks softly.

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
    Remy's bluster garners him an eyeroll from the glowing green mutant, but Lydia decides to remain politically silent. No need to poke the hornet's nest as it were. She eyes the wad of cash curiously, though, and gives Clarice a questioning look. What's up with that?
    But aloud she tells Rogue, "I think now that Clarice is here she can port you down without a problem. Though, to be fair, Mr. LeBeau may end up in the Hudson."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
There is no interest in taking Remy's bait, when she said she didn't give a fuck about him any more, she meant it. His words however are not missed by those around him, nor is the challenge. Most of the Brotherhood and mutants who live on the Asteroid attribute their good luck to Erik and Mystique, thus they aren't fond of the situation that Remy keeps trying to cause. They'd be willing to kick his ass, but have explicit orders not to. So although they pause to look, to see what Mystique intends to do, when she just ignore the man, they go on their way.

"Ritz," she calls then, gesturing to the woman to come over. "You owe Anna-Marie an apology."

Ritz shuffles her feet a little and nods, "Yeah, I shoulda been kinder ta her. She's not the one who did nothing." Now she looks to Rogue. "Sorry bout that, uh... I shoulda kept my cool. I kin make the ride back way smoother, I promise."

Mystique nods once, then looks back to Rogue. There's a few hundred things she'd like to say, a thousand more she should say, but for now she keeps it all locked inside and settles on the general pleasantries. "You know your welcome here any time you want Anna-Marie, or if you want to meet to talk on the planet just pick a place and call me."

Glancing for a moment to Clarice she turns to Lydia as she says, "No, Clarice doesn't have to transport LeBeau any where, Ritz will do it and do it correctly this time."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    As the money is set down, Clarice finally moves to retrieve it, shoving it into her pocket. "I just don't want to hear anything about Lorna paying anything because of this nonsense," she says simply, before expression softens.
    "I can teleport him, it's not a problem. And I think you should stay a bit, you know. I can send him back down to wherever you like - safe, and sound, and in one piece. But don't let this nonsense get in the way of..." She shrugs her shoulders. "In the way of //anything//. Yeah?"
    She turns towards Remy, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly before she asks, "The bar? Drinks are are free. Or you rather I open a portal to the Mansion or something?"
    She smirks in amusement at Lydia - though doesn't answer the woman's questioning look just yet. "I'll open a portal so he can see where he's going before he walks through. I'll drop him in the Hudson on another date." And that's practically a promise!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue puts her gloved fingertips in to the pockets of her jeans on the front of her hips now standing there with her arms bent at the elbows beside her. She glances to Remy and then back to the others before showing a light smile. "Nah, this place is pretty cool. I'm sure there's a tona' science nerds down there who'd love t'get a poke around here some. But, I'm a country girl. I need the sky above me, sunrise and sunsett'keep me sane." She grins faintly before her right hand goes up to adjust her sunglasses once more on her hairline.

"Just remember that this back and forth..." She looks to Remy and then to Raven. "It effects me too. You all goin' at each other, hits me too, cause I'm in the middle of it. So every punch ya give, one way or the other, hits me on the way."

She then looks to Ritz and smiles at them. "Blink will get me next time, but I'll let this Ritz person have another go at it. I like t'try new things after all, right?" She drops her hands to her sides then and slaps the outsides of her thighs lightly.

"Ready when you are, Sugah." She says to Ritz then.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Mystique's entire body stiffens. She hadn't done a damn thing, she had in fact specifically made sure not to do anything. She said her piece about Remy, and some how it came back and slapped her again. Over and over it seemed, when she had in fact done nothing but try to prove she was changing. What the others did to, about, or at Remy, could she really be held responsible? She told people not to do shit to him, and yet he comes up here pushing buttons and trying to start shit... and is comes back and slaps her in the face, again.

None of this shows on her face, or in her eyes, you would have to know her extremely well to get any indication of the change that she even stiffened. Lydia is likely the only one who could pick up on it, but other wise there is nothing.

"I'm aware if effects you Anna-Marie, why do you think any of this started?" She finally states. "You think I'm doing this just for me? Just for the Brotherhood, just for mutants? No. I started down this road because of you. Hold LeBeau's constantly insulting me and my not reacting to it against us if you'd like. I'm so fucking sick and tired of this, the bickering, the insults, the hatred. I won't be doing anything to LeBeau, not a single damn thing despite all of it being aimed at me. I don't expect him to accept, he can hate all he wants, but don't bring him back here Anna-Marie. I can't control the emotions of those around here or how they will react to my being constantly disrespected. I would never go in his home and to that to him, but by all means he has the right to do it in mine. That said, if they do something, let me know and I will ensure a punishment."

She snaps her eyes to Ritz, "Open the portal, let them leave."

With that she heads toward the bar because she needed to be drunk ten minutes ago.

Lydia Dietrich has posed:
    Lydia nods to Mystique when she mentions that Ritz is going to be the one to portal them down and this time be 'nice' about it. "I suppose it's Ritz, then," she says.
    A frown tugs at the corner of Lydia's lips, however, when Rogue mentions that she's stuck in the middle, and when Mystique gets all tense and defensive. She reaches out to put a calming hand in the middle of her lover's back to try to help her calm down but it just seems that the two of them just wind each other up.
    "You're right," she says to Rogue. "That is unfair to you." She turns to Remy, "Mr. LeBeau, I apologize for insinuating that we should drop you into the Hudson." She watches with sadness as Mystique stalks towards the bar. "I wish I could apologize for her, but that's for her to do. You push each other's buttons so well. Well. /I'm/ willing to bury the hatchet, at least. I don't know how much that'll mean coming from me, but I don't want this to continue."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy looks to Mystique, then to Blink and allows a sigh to escape his nose. It seems words, even words said by others previously are going to cause issue, so instead he turns away and starts towards the swirling milk turned sideways of Rita's portals. He steps to it and pauses as Lydia speaks up after Mystique's diatribe.

    "Remember, Ah didn't come in 'ere throwin' names an' acusations." Remy says to Lydia and Mystique in kind, "Ah came tryin' t'be peaceful." Then he lifts his hand to the space between his forehead and temple in a poor facimile of a salute before he backs up into the portal.