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Karaoke Night
Date of Scene: 28 August 2021
Location: Tim Drake's Reclamated Theater Home - Chelsea
Synopsis: The Outsiders meet for sushi and karaoke. Scout the dalmation is the goodest boy, Cassandra is the breakout star of the night, and Gabby is appointed a full member of the team. Then everyone sang Bohemian Rhapsody, the end.
Cast of Characters: Tim Drake, Phoebe Beacon, Cassandra Cain, Laura Kinney, Conner Kent, Carrie Kelley, Nicolai Codona, Gabby Kinney, Hope Summers

Tim Drake has posed:
    Given how much money went into the refurbishment of the theater's sole remaining screen after Tim's renovations, it's a shame how little he uses it. Which isn't to say it doesn't get use! The soundproofing is top-notch, so the team could be watching Michael Bay's latest explosion-fest while Tim's asleep in his bed a few rooms adjacent without him knowing.

    The joke there being the assumption Tim ever sleeps, haha.

    Hopefully someone's at least using it for some pretty sick Mario Kart tournaments, which is why the video game setup in the rec room downstairs has been duplicated and made available next to the 4K UHD projector up in the back room.

    Except for how the middle seat in the bottom row has been co-opted as a stand for the monitor that is, at present, mirroring the scrolling select menu that the big screen is currently displaying, there's precious little else changed. Well, aside for the usual overabundance of food set out on a table next to the entrance. Tonight it's from Kaiju Sushi, a place in downtown Gotham that gets a lot of business from Wayne Enterprises. Just about every kind of sushi roll is represented, as well as a selection of sashimi and an assortment of grilled things on skewers. Bottles of water, soda, and green tea are available on ice.

    Tim's tucked into one of the loveseat-style recliners in the top row, in his usual Gotham U oversized hoodie and shorts. One of the three roughly identical outfits he wears every day to the extreme annoyance of Gotham paparazzi. And because Tim is Tim, he has a tablet in his lap that he's focused on, tapping at the screen with single-minded determinedness.

    Also for some reason there's a dog bed in one of the other seats with, like, half a dozen toys on it. Huh.

Tim Drake has posed:
    Someone has helpfully stuck post-it notes in front of all of the sushi rolls to label their ingredients, with a big *VEGETARIAN!* written for each one that is fish-free.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe comes in, her hands are definitely full -- two large paper bags of food with SEE YEW SOON Thai food, smelling of spicy noodles, peanut goodness, and even a small variety of pork-or-chicken with fried rices.

    The other hand as a fairly excited dalmatian, who is feeling pretty great after some lay-on-hands relief and excited to be back in the Roost. His barks of excitement ring through the back of the theater with happy 'hello! i am here friens!' sounds, his old tail wagging so hard that his butt can't stay still.

    Phoebe herself is wearing a blue shirt advertising a bygone brand of softdrink, annd a pair of jeans and sneakers along with a wrap around her left wrist.

    "Hope you guys are ready for some harpy screeching and howling --" she calls out, and then she looks around, and looks at Tim.

    Her eyes rise up.

    "... please tell me it's not just going to be the Morale Brigade."

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Cassandra has flavoured her left arm.

What? Well, she and the housekitten are over in a corner and she's teaching it where the veins are, so the little guy can open them up with his teeth and claws. She's gotten a small collection of scratches on her arm along with bite marks, and is laying on her side as she attacks the kitty's tummy with that prepared arm. He's got to learn.

She looks up, having been ignoring Tim and his typing as not interesting. She waggles a foot in Phoebe's direction and tries not to get too much blood on the flooring.

Laura Kinney has posed:
The prospect of songs and singing aren't enough of a lure to get X-23 away from the gym equipment. But throw in some good food and it's a different story. Her nose will do the rest of the convincing. The aroma of each individual dish adding to the chorus of reasons to stop by.

Of course it doesn't mean she's dressing up for the occassion. Barefoot, yoga pants and a t-shirt that might have had some sort of band logo on it at one point but has been washed until it's nothing but a memory.

She gives everyone a little nod of acknowledgement as she enters.

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner does try to use the big screen every weekend for a movie night. Picking a couple movies for the evening. But half the weeks the movies end unwatched. Either something happens and the night is busy with 'work' or they end up doing something else.

And popcorn. But he really never considers buying even more food beyond what the robot-cook manages.

So when he finally shows up... "sushi! Great idea, what are we watching today, Timster? Hey, Bart, where have you hiding... Scout! Who is the best boy?" He momentarily forgets the food to greet the dog.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie's first appearance back in Gotham had been helping out the Bat Family with a bit of an issue at Arkham. Now she's trying to get back into the social side of things, so she'd arrived by herself, dressed in black skinny jeans tucked into worn combat boots and an emerald green t-shirt. Her hair was still in need of a trim, but most of it is combed to the side, showing the shaved side of her hair. At least she's not burning up in the heat most days. She gives a look to see who is present as she heads in. A bit of a wave before she heads for a quiet seat not that far Tim, "I should have brought mine." she nods to his tablet. "How are things?" she asks him.

Tim Drake has posed:
    "Excuse me, I think you mean the official Outsiders Team Morale and Party Planning Committee," Tim answers as if on autopilot, and then he tips his head down towards where Cassandra has made herself comfortable. "Also, I regret to inform you that Mr. Murder Mittens has replaced you as co-chair in your absence, Phoebe."

    But then Tim looks up, and the corner of his mouth lifts. Joking, of course. Mr. Murder Mittens would make a terrible co-chair (but don't tell him Tim thinks so, please).

    While people are making their various entrances, Tim powers his tablet down. "Typical of us," he says to Carrie with a tight smile as she comes to sit near him. "Gotham will survive while we take a few hours to recharge our batteries, you know." It sounds a little bit like he's trying to convince himself of that, though. He's slow as he swings his legs around onto the floor, and he sets his tablet aside before he gets up. To Laura, he nods and pointedly looks between her and the food table, obviously not begrudging her reasons for showing up.

    It's... a lot of sushi. Tim always overorders. And yet somehow it always ends up getting eaten.

    Slowly, Tim has shuffled over to also pet the dog, which is of course the most important of his duties as head of the committee. Priorities!

    He shakes his head at Conner. "No movies, it's karaoke night. Day. What time is it?" Frowning, Tim rotates the hand that is currently occupied petting Scout so that he can peer at his smart watch. Of course, does not stop petting the dog whilst doing so.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Scout excitedly greets Conner, Phoebe letting the leash slip from her hand so that the spotted dog can say hello to his friends, circling from Conner, to Tim, to Cassandra's waving foot (very wary of Mister Murder Mittens), and comes about to hop on the sofa next to Tim and begin to snuff about the tablet.

    "I seriously haven't done Karaoke since I was in sixth grade -- I should have one keyed up for tonight. At least one. I definitely needed the break from New York." she breathes out in a soft huff, setting out cartons of Pad Thai, Pad See Ew, and all manner of small snacks, grabbing up a veggie-friendly springroll. Mmm. Cabbage. Her dark eyes peer around the room, resting on Cassandra a moment before she pokes over.

    "... does Mr. Murder Mittens /need/ assassin lessons?" she asks in amusement, looking around with a warm feeling.

    This was Home, too. This was her family.

    "Time is an illusion, all relative, which is why talking with a person you like can feel like such a short time and lasts hours, and sitting on a really uncomfortable subway seat can feel like hours even when it's one stop -- to paraphrase Einstein." Phoebe gives a grin. "Well, I'll go first, unless someone else wants to?" she questions.

Laura Kinney has posed:
"I don't really sing," Laura points out. Getting a weak protest out now even though it's probably not going to make a difference in the long run. "So if I really have to then it might be best to take the animals into anothe room first.."

She takes a few more little sniffs and then snags some chopsticks and begins loading sushi onto a plate. Her deft chopstick movements suggest either a lot of practise or it's another one of those weird mutant aptitude things.

"But regardless of that thank you for providing the food today Tim."

Truth be told X-23 knows over a dozen ways to turn chopsticks into deadly weapons. But hopefully that particular skillset won't come up today!

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Scout's passing does not go unremarked. Specifically, Cassandra has to keep the kitten from leaping out with claws outstretched at Scout's tempting tail target.

She actually has to do some quick moves to keep the little guy corraled, which is saying something given her own skill set. Still, she manages to bump SCout gently with a toe and Tim a raised eyebrow.

Conner Kent has posed:
"Oh, right, I forgot," Conner grins. "I have not done Karaoke since I began college. I better get something..." he pulls his cellphone out with his left hand to look for the songs he used to know. The right hand is for ruffling Scout. Conner is very much a dog-person.

"I got a text from Hope, she might drop by later," he notes, reading. "Oh, Carrie. Long time no see, how goes?" He flashes a smile to the redhead, then he peers at Cass and blinks slowly, offering the quiet girl a silent wave.

"You want to go first, Pheebs. Okay... cause I need a few minutes."

Carrie Kelley has posed:
"If it doesn't there is going to be a lot of grumping." Carrie chuckles to Tim. "Thank you for putting things together, even if I'm not singing." she points out with an amused smirk. She settles back into her seat and gives a look over the others that have arrived. She gives a smile to Conner and a wave, "Ah, you know, just got done with an early twenties crisis of identity. Back and feeling better about things after the blur of the last few months." she admits to that. "How have you been?" she asks as she leans back into her seat and crosses one knee over the other, letting her foot swing a little as she adjusts her glasses.

Tim Drake has posed:
    The Einstein reference has Tim blinking once or twice. "Another reason to dislike NYC," he says with a sniff. Gotham born and raised, baby!

    Tim digs his left hand into the front pocket-pouch of his, like, three sizes too big hoodie. There is a lot of room in said pocket, and by the jangling noises, probably his keys, phone, maybe like a pouch of fruit snacks or something, just... a whole lot in there. Because Tim likes to be prepared.

    But he does manage to whip out a microphone after a moment, which he hands over to Phoebe. "It's already synced, just flip the switch on the side when you're ready," he says, and points at said switch. Then, with the same hand, he points down at the monitor sat on one of the chairs down at the bottom of the theater. "It's a touch screen."

    He grins down at Cassandra on the floor as he steps slowly over to the food, basically lining up behind Laura. "Mr. Murder Mittens and I are best friends now, didn't you know?"

    No they aren't. But the kitten did lay on him one time. Tim has the pics to prove it.

    Laura's thanks makes Tim's shoulders bunch up slightly, and his face goes blank for a second. "Sure, of course," he says, and then he's fine, smiling again.

    While Conner starts looking for his own song, Tim says, "Okay, great!" to him, and then he shoots a Look at both Laura and Carrie regarding their refusals. It's the signature Red Robin narrow-eyed 'I would be an evil mastermind if I didn't put all of my planning skills to work fighting crime' Look. Oh boy.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "All right, cool--" Phoebe looks pretty excited as she hops up to the monitor, presses a few buttons, and flicks on the mic "Hellloooo?" she tests it, her cheeks darkening just a smidge.

    The music that plays is actually happy pop, shades of Cindy Lauper. After a brief intro, All the girls on the block knocking at my door Wanna know what it is, make the boys want more--" and Phoebe croons into the mic, her voice a little breathy, she's not going to reach top 40 but she's definitely at least on pitch!

    "Is your lover Playing on your side? Said he loves you But he ain't got time Here's the answer:
Come and get it At a knocked down price o/`" Phoebe is dancing a little bit with the mic, apparently having memorized dance moves to this at the tender age of twelve when  this song came out. It is DEFINITELY teenager pop.
Full of honey Just to make him sweet
Crystal balling Just to help him see
What he's been missing So come and get it while you've still got time" She leans forward, singing to imaginary audience as the other Outsiders eat all the food and pet the dog.
"Get your boy on his knees And repeat after me, say:"
Take a sip of my secret potion I'll make you fall in love
For a spell that can't be broken One drop should be enough
Boy, you belong to me I got the recipe and it's called Black Magic~"
(And it's called Black Magic)
Take a sip of my secret potion One taste and you'll be mine
It's a spell that can't be broken And'll keep you up all night
Boy, you belong to me I got the recipe and it's called Black Magic
(And it's called Black Magic"
Phoebe continues to sing, even as Scout attempts to steal a piece of sushi from someone plate, looking all innocent as he tries to go from place to place for food.
" If you're lookin' For Mr. Right Need that magic To change him over night
Here's the answer Come and get it While you've still got time
Get your boy on his knees And repeat after me, say, oooh!" her head tilts back, fluffy hair fuzzing up all over the place.
"Take a sip of my secret potion I'll make you fall in love (Fall in love)
For a spell that can't be broken (Broken) One drop should be enough (Ooh)
Boy, you belong to me I got the recipe and it's called Black Magic
(And it's called Black Magic)"

Conner Kent has posed:
"Oh, I am fine, I found out I have a blonde cousin. She is cool, too," well, eventually. After almost murdering Conner for being a clone. "Then I went to Krypton in a spaceship. What was left. That part was a bit sad. No the spaceship, the spaceship was amazing."

Most of the others already know the story, so Conner summarizes quickly for those who had not heard yet. Besides, it is Phoebe's singing time, so not a good time for him to babble.

He settles close's to Tim's perch, with a plate of sushi and still checking lyrics in his cell.

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Cassandra has let the cat loose, who has found a place underneath furniture to stalk from. Or hide, it depends on your perspective on cats. Cass herself is listening, or rather watching, and looking kind of like she doesn't get it.

The closest thing she got to understanding was when Tim went all stiff at Laura's comment, and that was a headtilt and pause. Singing however has got her stumped. Wot dis?

Nicolai Codona has posed:
Nicolai doesn't show up with food. Food's pretty much an afterthought to him, he needs it to survive in much less quantity than the average person. Leave it to him to be fashionably late though? He does show up with a guitar case pretty much strapped to his back - only way to get it here on his bike. Even in the summer heat, he's wearing a slightly armored, black leather jacket; that is to say riding leathers. While crashes of doom are something that's never really happened to him, the whole 'unable to receive blood transfusions because he doesn't bleed actual blood' does land him on the side of caution regarding some things.

Otherwise he's wearing a simple white 'beater' tank under the jacket, a pair of straight leg dark denim jeans, dark sunglasses and those Docs he likes so much. The first thing he does upon entering is pull the tie out of his hair and run fingers through his thick dark curls to put them back to their devil may care rights. The sunglasses get pulled off and hooked into the front of his beater, case removed from his back and jacket shrugged out of right inside the door.

He holds the case up and announces, "Entertainment, for when everyone's run out of things they want to sing." ... or when everyone tires of listening to their friends sound like dying cats? The young man lives and breathes music, he's seen a whole lot of horrid karaoke in his days. He might even have earplugs in one of his pockets?

The smile he's already wearing widens at the sight of Phoebe behind at mic. He raises his free hand to his lips to whistle in that 'you go girl' encouraging fashion, that's nothing at all 'cat calling'. It's followed with, "Sing it Phoebe, shine that light!"

Laura Kinney has posed:
Laura Kinney settles into one of the theaters many chairs and fills up on sushi. Even without turning to watch Phoebe her keen senses let her pick out every detail in the song.

Despite her protests about singing she has come prepared. A crumpled piece of paper in her pocket. Secret rehersals in a safehouse not even Gabby knows about. As with all things overpreparation is key.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
"I'm glad I'm not the only one who ended up in space." Carrie nods to Conner after his explanations. She gives a look to the new comer, who she has no idea who they are. But Phoebe knows them. She gives a look back to Tim, "That look doesn't work on me." she points out to him politely. She then settles back to watch what's going on.

Tim Drake has posed:
    Tim's only just managed to shuffle back to his seat (now partially taken by Scout) when Phoebe gets her song set up. He lowers himself down next to the dog and once again reaches into his pocket, this time pulling out a reusable zip-top bag that he pinches open.

    "They're homemade," Tim says quietly, to Scout. "And they're organic. Here." He holds his palm out with one of the biscuits from the bag in it for the puppo to eat, and Tim's own plate of cucumber rolls and noodles goes neglected while Scout gets his snacc first. He does pop up the footrest for his half of the seat, though, with a little 'oof'. Bare ankles safe from Mr. Murder Mitten's prowling, that way.

    The sharp whistle from Nicolai has Tim's head snapping in that direction, and he waves his now-dog-treat-free hand towards their newest arrival, before making silent gestures towards the food and then open seating.

    By time Phoebe's worked her way through most of her song, Tim has managed to shove some noodles into his mouth and free up his hands for enthusiastic clapping.

    "Has everyone already been to space? Do I gotta pull a Bezos or something to get up there?"

Tim Drake has posed:
    After a second or two, Tim mutters, "I can't even joke about capitalism now without feeling guilty." He lets his head thump back against the headrest of his seat.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe was mostly done with the song, one hand up in the air, eyes closed, vocalizing at the endo f the song when she registers Nicolai, and then she feels her shoulders rise up, her eyes go wide, her cheeks an dears darken, and she gives a huff of breath as she laughs, and turns off the mic. She embarrassedly hops off the front, slinking up and to hdie embarrassedly in the cover of Couchtopia, embarrassedly going to hide with Cass, flumping down next to her.

    "Hooo that's enough showing off for me, think I'm done for the evening."

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    The dalmatian, however, happily noms treats from Tim, while pinning the leader of the group to the couch and trying to stick his snout into Tim's kangaroo pocket to investigate for more treats.

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Cass lifts her eyes, watching Phoebe until her song is done. She of course looks about the room, glancing at both newcomers and old, but this whole singing thing has her fascinated. Still, PHoebe sitting with her while she's upset...what is it with this room and being upset? She at least offers hugs.

Laura Kinney has posed:
Although Laura is a known spice addict she has at least given the food it's proper consideration and not smothered expensive sushi with excess wasabi. When Phoebe finishes she puts the chopsticks down, claps politely, then ducks down to make herself a less obvious target for who has to go next.

When Carrie mentions being in space she blinks a few times. "I could have sworn you had joined a group of submarine pirates," she muses. "But it's good that you are back with the team now." She pops back up again to add "As yet I have not been in space. Although I probably could have. There was some kind of alien threat against my sisters school. It's a long story."

Nicolai Codona has posed:
Nicolai waves off the food, gesture that's pretty much 'already ate', complete with touching his stomach like he's full. When Phoebe comes down from her moment lost in music he heads in her direction, no hiding in the sofa tonight!

"Not bad up there," he offers along with a wink. He settles that guitar case down somewhere that it's unlikely to get kicked around and asks, "It wasn't *that* bad, was it? Surely not? You should set it down more often, you know? Fun's a good look on you. I'll admit, you're a better dancer than a singer, but not bad."

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner stands up to offer his hand to Nicolai. "Conner Kent, hey," he greets, then slides behind Tim. "This one, bro," he murmurs, typing on his tablet. As he heads to the 'stage' the first notes of the Survivor's most famous song begins sounding.

Rising up, back on the street
Did my time, took my chances
Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet
Just a man and his will to survive
So many times it happens too fast
You change your passion for glory
Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past
You must fight just to keep them alive

No, Conner didn't think too long about the song. It is one he sang a dozen times in Hawaii's karaoke bars and even a couple tmes in his time in the planet-jumping Rave when he was fresh out of the clone vats.

Tim Drake has posed:
    Tim's doing his level best to keep Scout from climbing on him, while also balancing a plate of sushi. "Conner, if you don't pick a--," he pauses to gently shove the dog's face out of his pocket, and then he curls his legs up to protect his midsection, even though it makes his nose crinkle. Conner is thusly saved from whatever Plan Tim had for him, because he's made his song choice and Tim cracks a wide smile at it.

    Another of Alfred's homemade dog biscuits makes an appearance, and Tim hastily puts it in front of Scout before he drags himself up on his feet and goes to fetch some of the toys from the nearby dog bed. They become the construction material for a makeshift wall between himself and Scout on his seat so he might be able to take a few more bites of food. "Phoebe, you're not done!" he calls down to her. "We're still on for later, right?"

    Then, cue song. Tim sinks a little deeper into his seat so he can press his hands to his mouth. Definitely to muffle himself singing along to the chorus.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie gives a look to Laura and there's a nod of her head, "I don't know what I was doing really. Like I said...early twenties crisis." she chuckles. "Either way, back on earth and not planning and blasting off of it any time soon." she smiles to that.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Scout and Conner are good pals. Scout wouldn't have let Tim pick pop for Conner. Bros before... well... Jonas Bros.

    The dog is comfy on the couch where he's busy snuggling up (attempting to shake down) Tim for treats, big eyes looking up at the rich man in the room.

    Scout howls along with the chorus. Throaty "WRROOOOH!" to accompany COnner happily whipping his tail against the back of the couch.

    Behind, Phoebe could try to hide behind Cass, but it wouldn't do much good. Cass is both slightly smaller than her, and really what good would it do to hide behind her from Nix anyway?

    "Oh, well, I mean, it's not even a very good song -- the hwole idea of a love potion really does violate the idea of free will and consent so it's just a little bit... y'know... I'm going to hush now." she states, cheeks and ears dark before she looks to Cass, and then motions "Nix. He's helped us on a few missions." and then she motions to Cass.

    "This is Cass. She's deadly and a fantastic dancer." she states, and then she looks between them

    And grumpy-faces.

    "And Scout is busy shaking down Tim for treats."

Nicolai Codona has posed:
When Nicolai accepts Conner's proffered hand, his own is a little cooler than might be considered normal to the touch. But his smile's nothing but warmth and openness. "Pleasure, Conner," he greets and unlike most might in the same situation, he sounds as if he means it. "Nicolai Codona, no one ever remembers the whole thing, most just call me Nix or Nickie."

Unlike near everyone else here, Nicolai is actually looking forward to his turn at the mic. His internal battle is not 'Oh God, what do I sing', it's 'Oh God, what do I *not* sing'. He also has absolutely zero issue with joining the chorus from where he's still standing.

~It's the eye of the tiger,
It's the thrill of the fight...~ and so on...

He's good, really good, some might even say he should be on a stage rather than doing whatever it is he does on the daily? After the first chorus round, he hands are out to his sides, palms up, hands gesturing like... 'C'mon guys, everyone knows *this* one' in an effort to get everyone else to join in on the next.

People have very different things that make them happy, ways to blow off steam, places they retreat to when things get bad that make them a little better. He lives, literally, with one foot in the grave every single day, seeing both sides of the veil all transposed over top of one another. He takes it all in stride for the most part. Life and Death, two sides of the same coin and all he's ever known. But one thing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, to this little half-dead boy...

Music is life.

"Enchante', Miss Cass," he greets along with a wink in the quiet one's direction.

Laura Kinney has posed:
"It is probably also easier to achieve the desired effect with narcotics than a love potion," Laura chimes in helpfully from her little hiding spot near the food. This is probably true but also very much against the spirit of free well and consent.

Her attention turns back to Carrie and she muses "We should have another brunch meeting again now you are back. Providing you are not too busy putting your affairs back in order."

Nicolai and his enthusiasm for singing get a raised eyebrow and a curious sniff of the air. And like before when the singer finishes she gives a round of polite applause. This time with a little more volume as she seems to have a better idea what Conner was singing over the pop song Phoebe had picked.

Tim Drake has posed:
    "What do you think mine should be?" Tim asks, of Carrie's mention of early twenties crisis. "I was going to dye my hair, but that would ruin the whole... matching set thing I have going on with, y'know, the family." He shrugs. In-between carefully bracketing his arm against Scout to keep the dog's butt on the seat (rather than on him) he manages to maneuver his chopsticks well enough to pop another piece of sushi into his mouth, though he does have to kind of lean over to get it there. His eyes are pinched shut as he sits up. "What a way to find out I'm not as ambidextrous as I thought I was."

    As he shifts back up for more clapping, Tim looks between Carrie and Laura. "You two should do a song together." He gestures towards the stage, and then he oofs as Scout rubs against his side. Out comes another treat. It's just bribery at this point.


Conner Kent has posed:
~The eye of the tiger
The eye of the tiger~

Conner's voice is... not too bad. He is not going to win contests, but at least he had plenty practice and probably super-vocal chords or something. And lets not talk about 'super-ventriloquism', that might have been a thing when Superman started his career. But no one wants to remember it.

He steps off the stage and drops the mic on Tim's lap. "I think it is your turn, oh fearless leader," he states with a smirk.

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Cassandra stands up. It's not much, but the way she does it is the act of interception, of power. She stands like she means business, her eyes on Nicolai. A small wave of her hand toward Phoebe suggests that the girl stand down, she's got this.

She says nothing. She does, however, extend her hand toward Nicolai in a clear offer. Not aggression. Peaceful coexistence. And possibly a sliiiight bid for dominance.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
"Dye your hair platinum blonde and pierce your nipples. No one will see it coming." Carrie tells Tim in that deadpan sort of way that she's very good at. Then there is a look back to Laura, "Not much to get in order really, basically starting over. Figured I'd give it a few weeks before I start looking through boyfriend applications since I got the apartment all fixed up and can host people." she muses to that. "So yeah, can do brunch sometime and catch up." she tells her.

Laura Kinney has posed:
Laura Kinney shakes her head at Tim. "I am sorry but the only song I currently know 'well enough' to sing is not a duet," she points out earnestly, giving the pocket she's keeping the lyrics in a pat. "Besides if I sing a duet and Gabby finds out I'll never hear the end of it."

She gives the odd smelling Nicolai a bemused look before shrugging. If he's good enough for Tim that should mean he's good enough to be here. Even if there's something about him which makes her nostalgic for that stale ole Gotham air.

Carrie gets a nod. "If you need to update the security system I always have spare C-4."

Tim Drake has posed:
    Tim's mouth drops open and he tucks boths his arms against his chest, eyes widened at Carrie. "Shouldn't I, uh, ease into things? Like maybe start with getting my ears pierced?" Thankfully, he's saved from contemplating this further by the end of the current song.

    "Woooooooooo!" Someone calls from the back of the theater, and then Tim looks down at the front, eyes widened innocently. He shrugs, because it definitely wasn't him.

    It looks like he was expecting the mic to make its way to him, though, because he catches it, and he climbs-slash-slides out of his seat, around the lifted footrest rather than pressing it down. He's about to try and pass the mic off to Laura and Carrie, though what Laura says stops him.

    That does, however, mean Laura knows at least one song she can sing. Noted for later.

    He slaps the silicone bag of Alfred's homemade dog biscuits against Conner's chest. "I appoint you as chair of the Outsiders Dogsitting Committee," he announces, nodding towards Scout. But then he glances down towards Cassandra and Nicolai, and he scuttles carefully around Conner's other side. "Nevermind, motion rescinded. I appoint you as head of the Outsiders Infighting Prevention Squad instead."

    Is Tim afraid? No, of course not. He does however have a healthy respect for Cassandra. Which is why he's, uh, maintaining a defensive position behind Conner.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Scout is now giving Conner his *undivided* attention.

    Phoebe is looking minorly horrified at what may be going on as the two Robins talk.

    "Ohmigod. No, do /not/ dye your hair plattinum blonde. That will kill your hair!" Phoebe protests. Nothing about the piercing of the nipples. Whatever totes your goat, Timmy.

    She takes a deep breath, and looks up as she then fingersteeples.

    Or may be praying. Hard to tell.

    "Laura! Why don't you take a turn and get it out of the way?"

Nicolai Codona has posed:
There's not whole lot that can flap the, mostly unflappable, Nicolai. An obvious challenge, no matter how slight, in a place he's been invited? That ruffles. Odd, slightly glowing, aqua blue eyes flash a little brighter before flickering to red over the blue for a split. He looks down at her hand, makes the closest thing to a sneer anyone will ever see on those seemingly ever smiling lips and looks back up again.

He doesn't take the hand. His eyes narrow slightly and he simply ignores her, instead addressing Phoebe.

"You had a chance to check out properties here for me? No hurry, just need to know what I'm working with before I can start any real planning."

Conner Kent has posed:
"Oh? Appointment accepted! Come here, Scout. Time to pamper you mercilessly," he totally ignores Tim's rescindedment to settle at the dog's side, although he eyes Cass and Nicolai briefly.

It takes him a minute to digest Laura said she knew one song 'well enough'. Which in Laura-speech probably means she has it memorized in 12 different languages and can mirror-write it with her left hand. "Uh, which one, Laura?" He is almost afraid to ask. But clearly not afraid enough.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
"I'm just not in the mood to sing. I hope that's alright." Carrie sobers a bit as she explains that. There was a shift in things. She was acting more like her old responsible self. Then she looks to Laura and she chuckles, "C-4 might be a bit overboard, but I've got a pretty good camera set up going. I decided that living above an old bar that had a Knight theme was a good idea." she muses as she combs her fingers through her hair.

Her emerald gaze goes to Tim as he tucks his arms to his chest, "Yeah...ease into it. If you want to go get your ear pierced I'll go with you if you like." she offers.

Laura Kinney has posed:
"My performance is likely to frighten the animals," Laura points out solemnly. "Due to loud music and poor singing." Never mind the /other/ factors. "Besides Tim is about to sing."

She seems to be working her way through a second plate of sushi by now. Healing factor appetites. Not quite as bad as a Speedster but still not a cheap dinner guest.

"That's classified," is all Conner gets as a reply. For now at least. "I've never had anyone break into an apartment I've rigged to explode." But if that's because they didn't try or the apartment ceased to exist mid-attempt who can say.

Tim Drake has posed:
    The time for not taking this seriously has passed. Tim can be chill, really he can, and it even comes a lot easier than it did when he was Robin. Baby bird has grown up, flown the nest, etc. He also knows when he needs to step in. The mic gets passed back to Conner, but Tim does motion between him and Laura, clearly to indicate that Conner should take over his duties in regards to pressuring the other team members into singing.

    Everyone up top (Conner, Laura, Carrie, Scout, maybe Mr. Murder Mittens because who truly knows where he is right now???) will hear Tim takes a deep breath that ends with a faint groan, and then Tim is descending the steps towards the bottom of the theater. He looks back at Carrie and shrugs one shoulder.

    Wait, was that a maybe?

    "Hey." He holds up both his hands to Nicolai and Cassandra. "Everything's fine. Aside for on the training mats downstairs, no one's getting into a fight here, okay?" The look Tim shoots Cassandra is quizzical, one head tilted to the side slightly.

    And then he looks over at Phoebe and gives her some very concerned bug-eyes that mostly just communicate a serious of question and exclamation marks (has Tim given her the interrobang lecture yet?).

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Nothing. Cass turns away just as Nicolai is about to sneer, and sits back down. She doesn't actually wait for him to make the call. Anyone else would have had to wait, but he saw the decision to refuse it in his eyes, and when she looks back up from where she's sitting, she's clearly cool with it.

No infighting, but she also chose not to take the problem for now. Her body is relaxed, and she's stretching out as if she wasn't just called out. With a gentle smile, as someone gets up to sing. She gives Tim a thumbs up, she's alright.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe catches Tim's gaze, and she takes a breath as Cass falls back, and she breathes out a sigh of relief, giving a wary thumb's up to Tim from her place by Cass and looks up to Nicolai.

    "I haven't. I've been trying to get some other projects finished before I start up with anything new. And... there's... just some bad stuff that was happening. I really needed a break from stress." she states, and then she moves, going to finally grab some of the Thai food she brought "Show us how it's done, Tim Timminey!"

Nicolai Codona has posed:
"And my intention was never to start one," Nicolai points out, just loudly enough to be heard. Dude was just minding his own. When Cassandra lets it drop, so does he. "Go sing your song, man, it's all good here," he assures Tim with a lopsided smile that brings a dimple to his left cheek.

His attention returns to Phoebe. "I'm glad you're setting it down, we can hit the roof later for 'bad stuff talk' if you want though. Just text me. I'm gonna head out."

Conner Kent has posed:
"Hey, what?" Conner finds the mic in his while both his hands were busy with Scout's snacks. Yes, pressuring Laura. Great idea. "I have an idea, Tim. Why don't you call Batman and convince him to sing?" Because Conner thinks that is about as likely as getting Laura on stage. Maybe he is pessimistic. After all 'that's classified' is a pretty snarky retort and something the mutant girl would not have even understood a few months ago.

"Look, Tim. You are outvoted here," he offers, diplomatically. "You got to sing now, or if you prefer, we can all go and try Bohemian Rhapsody. As a team-building exercise." Beat. "No, we -should- do that anyway. But first: your song."

Tim Drake has posed:
    Both Cass's thumbs up and Phoebe's only gets some fairly expressive furrowing of eyebrows from Tim, and then he blows out a breath, low and slow. "Okay," he says, nodding to Nicolai. "Maybe not this roof, though," and he points upwards. "It's alarmed. And booby-trapped. Just fair warning." Because of course it is. The lawn at Wayne Manor is electrified. Tim would do no different at his own place.

    He sighs up at Conner, but he's already trudging carefully towards the front. There's another mic behind the monitor that he pulls out and switches on. "Believe it or not he has a great singing voice," he deadpans, purely so that everyone else can sit there and wonder if it's true or not. Cass and Carrie notwithstanding.

    He swipes at a notification on his smart watch, pulls out his phone from his pocket to fire off a text or two, and then nods.

    He taps at the screen for a few seconds, and then steps back.

    "Sorry in advance," he says, with a grin. The music starts up.

I'm breakin' rocks in the hot sun
I fought the law and the law won
I fought the law and the law won

I needed money 'cause I had none
I fought the law and the law won
I fought the law and the law won

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe pauses, turning to Nicolai, and clearly conflicted, and she puts some Thai on her plate -- then at the 'not on this roof' she looks up again, giving the 'frustraited but it's too early to go punching things' expression. Tim would know the one. Typically given when Phoebs's 'contending with everything' meter is getting full and she has to go beat the hell out of the poor bags in the training room downstairs.

    "You should meet Scout, she states to Nicolai, under the music as she breaks her disposable chopsticks with one hand, they don't break evenly, and she looks at the sticks with concern. "He's over by Conner eyeing the treats from Tim's butler Alfred." she states gently.

    And indeed, Scout is currently laying half against Conner, munching on another dog treat. He's enjoying getting spoiled.

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Singing seems to be some way to express something that you're only partially attached to. Okay. They're enjoying, mostly, or at least trying to enjoy. It looks like they're trying to talk but not using proper body language, it's disconnected and not really clear.

Cassandra studies Tim as he goes through his routine, being quiet and good for a bit, and honestly...this is all really pretty confusing. It's like watching tv, things aren't quite in the right order due to recording things and not actually doing them.

Nicolai Codona has posed:
Nicolai offers Phoebe a wink and that little left cheek dimple lopsided smile before he kisses the tips of his fingers and blows that kiss off toward her. "Just text me later," he repeats. "I should be at Hope anyway, short staffed as always." He gathers up his guitar after fighting those curls back into a tight knot at the nape of his neck, lest they be unruly beyond control after a helmet and a ride all the way back to Bushwick.

Right side joins the left in showing those dimples before he offers a general wave around the room and heads for the door.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie gives a look over things and there's a bit of a nod to Tim and Laura as she rises, "I'll be right back, need to step out and make a call. Just a quick bit of business." she tells them as she stretches a bit. Then she's heading for the door as well and there's a nod of greeting to Nicolai, but no move to get the man to stay or anything else. That wasn't any of her business really. She'd be back after a call!

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner settles back with Scout to listen to Tim's singing, chuckling at his choice. "You should try, Laura," murmurs, knowing she can hear him. "What is the worst that could happen? Embarrassment? We should be over that by now." He is pulling his cell again. But he is not capturing Tim's act as most would suspect, he is looking for another song in the case people want a second round.

Tim Drake has posed:
    Did Tim specifically choose this song just for the irony of him singing these lyrics? Yes. Did Tim also choose one of the shortest songs in The Clash's discography for his turn? Yes, of course.

    At least he's not awful. Could be worse. He doesn't seem to have a lot of breath support, though.

"Well, I left my baby and I feel so sad
I guess my race is run
But she's the best girl I've ever had
I fought the law and the law won
I fought the law and the law won!"

    By the end he's wheezing a little, and squinting up at the ceiling. There's very little body language for Cass to have read off of him because Tim doesn't dance. Though he was doing a little bit of head-bobbing there at the end, despite himself.

    "Okay," he says, and he points the mic definitively at Laura. "Your turn!" And then he lifts it to wave at Nicolai, then again at Carrie. "Text me later!"

    Duty done, Tim sloooowly makes his way up the steps. Conner's taken over Scout duty, so Tim reroutes himself to the food table. Well, more specifically to Phoebe. "Hey, Weird Al later? Or we could do Queen and David Bowie?"

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe takes a breath, and gives a small smile to Nicolai, and gives a nod. "I'll text you later?" she states to him with a small smile, and then she piles her plate with vegetarian pad thai, and she plunks down next to Conner, then scritches on Scout's back a moment to get a tail wag, and then she looks up to Tim, and gives a crooked smile. "Why, do I seem like I'm under pressure?" she asks, and then she lets her shoulders sag. Because she is.

And then her phone chimes the first phrase to the Sailor Moon theme.

Laura Kinney has posed:
Laura Kinney gives Carrie a nod of acknowledgement when she gets up to go. Sadly it seems like Conner has remembered her enhanced hearing. So her tactic of hiding and evading a turn are slim to none.

Tim gets her customary polite applause, then with a sigh she gets up and heads over. The slip of paper her song choice is on really is classified. She even wrote it in code. Although nothing a master code breaker like Tim can't figure out with a glance.

"I warn everyone this could frighten animals," she solemnly informs. "And that I can only attempt to mimic the vocal style accurately by using a degree of physical motion."

Indeed the first thing she does once up on the stage is begin some warm up stretches. Preparation for something frenetic perhaps. Or maybe it's just to give enough time for her awkward mystery song to get added to the playlist.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney steps to the side of the doorway when Carrie is leaving so that she can in turn duck inside after her departure. A worried look is shot around quickly to see who all is left, only to let out a quiet sigh of relief. "Oh good. I was hoping I wasn't *too* late. Hi everyone!" She greets with a lift of her hand to wave though it might not really be necessary. It wasn't as if she didn't know most of the people here, even if some were only from the occasional mission.

Plus the one she looked like was up on stage stretching right now. Hard to not guess who she was.

She's grown some recently, thankfully, and so her overly large t-shirt is just now kind of regular-large on her. It's just hip length as opposed to 'this could be a dress on a kid' length. It's a genuine Robot Unicorn Attack! shirt with the old Flash game logo on the front.

"You can do it, Laura!" She calls out helpfully as she makes her way to the snack table to snag a few treats. It's almost automatically popped into her mouth. She wasn't even sure what it was, just that it was food. Something sushi.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Ears go up. The liver-spotted dalmatian looks at the incoming new person. His tail wags, and he hops off his place to go investigate Gabby's appearance, the elderly canine sitting in front of her, demanding a sacrifice -- or a headpat and a piece of food. His tail wags as he gives her The Eyes.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Another message arrives Phoebe looks to Tim, and then abandoning her pad thai, she slips out of the room, in a rush to grab her Work Clothes.

    The rest of the team deserved their night off. What do you have when your double life has a double life? Complications. That's what you have.

    Phoebe had other work.

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner manages to untangle himself from Scout to applaud loudly at Tim's finishing. "That was good! And extra point for irony!" He chimes, glancing to the door. Two left, but he hears more people coming. Well, the night is young.

Then he spots Laura standing up. Oh, really? This is going to be good.

Superfluous explanations aside, the half-Kryptonian has been wondering for months if Laura actually likes anything of the wildly (and sometimes weird) variety of music that has been heard in the Roost the past year. He often can hear music even through the sound-proofed walls, and Laura's hearing is even more acute.

Laura Kinney has posed:
Once Laura has got herself warmed up physically she paces back and forth along the edge of the stage for a moment or two. Then leans over for the microphone. Her voice staying low she practically snarls the lyrics

Yes this is the campaign. Slithered entrails. In the cargo bay.

Neutered is the vastness. Hallow vacuum check the. Oxygen tanks.

They hibernate. But have they kissed the ground. Pucker up and kiss the asphalt now.

Tease this amputation. Splintered larynx. It has access now.

Her voice builds into the chorus which she practically shouts.

Send transmission from. The one armed scissor. Cut away, cut away.

The performance involves a lot of rather animated jumping around. As X-23 vaults from the stage to the back of a row of seats. And by the end it looks worryingly like she'd be smashing a guitar if anyone had been foolish enough to have provided her with one.

Tim Drake has posed:
    Tim's halfway through shoving a veggie spring roll into his mouth when Gabby arrives, and he turns carefully on his heel. Immediately he points at her. "You're singing that song," he says, and those in the know will realize he is in fact not pointing at Gabby, but at her *shirt*.

    He finally gets the spring roll in and that's when Phoebe brushes past him. His eyebrows go up in surprise and then draw together, but he just blows out a tense breath through his nose as he chews. A. he's not going to talk with his mouth full and B. he'd be hypocritical if he tried to call her out. Doesn't mean Tim wishes he could ask her to stay, though.

    But there are other things that require his attention. He gestures Gabby towards the food even though it's not necessary, and then he carefully drops down into the seat Carrie has recently left unoccupied.

    "Are there any treats left?" he asks Conner, grinning from the praise (and acknowledgment of his ironic choice) and then pinches one of the dog biscuits from their bag so that he can entice Scout over from Gabby. Enough patting gets the dog up on the seat with him, and then Tim whips out his phone for a quick selfie with the pup.

    He's still hugging Scout very gingerly to his side when Laura begins, and he stares with open-mouthed awe at her performance.

Conner Kent has posed:
"Still a few," replies distractedly Conner (to Tim). Despite his attempts to pamper Scout into indigestion, looks like Alfred put enough dog food in the bag to last a week. He is watching Laura's singing with a bemused expression. Possibly because she is singing, or maybe it is the song she picked.

He probably should have expected it.

"Damn, Phoebe's left?" For a guy with super-senses, he misses the obvious some times.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney lets out a soft gasp when Scout approaches. Without even considering it she pops the rest of the sushi into her mouth only to sink down to her knees so she can double-handed ruffle his face, and bump her forehead to his. It was more a cat gesture but she was certain a good boy like that wouldn't mind either. "Oh my gosh who are you you're such a good boy!" She gushes out only to raise her head and eye something suitable for a snack. Maybe... Just as she stretches her hand out to snag a bit of omelette sushi (clearly ok for doggo) Tim points at her causing her to blink.

A glance is cast down to her shirt only for a broad grin to spread over her face. "Well if you *insist*! I can do that!" Brightly smiling she slips that bit of dog safe sushi to Scout as she gets back to her feet. Just in time for Scout to scarf it, then head over to Tim for more treatos. This was a good day for a dog.

Gabby is free now to watch Laura's performance with a difficult to read expression. Awe? Shock? Surprise? All of the above? Either way once she's done she lifts her hands to clap and give a whoop of supportive cheering. Probably not the best for those that have enhanced hearing. "That was great, Laura!"

Laura Kinney has posed:
It's really unclear if it's the singing in public which has Laura so wired looking. Or if that song is something she listens to while training for extreme levels of violence and she's just gone into intense training mode.

Either way she leaps back down and hands over the microphone as if it's about to explode.

After returning to her seat and what remains of her sushi selection Laura practically sinks into her chair. Blocking line of sight is key. Stay low and no-one will try make her sing again. Fingers crossed.

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Cassandra claps. That one actually made a little bit of sense to her, and she's been silent for so long people would be forgiven for having forgotten that she was there. Still, she just doesn't get most songs. Laura however was singing something from the gut, and she got a little bit of what she was trying to convey.

at least she thinks so. Without English she's still guessing.

Tim Drake has posed:
    However Laura might feel about her singing, Tim responds at the end by cupping his hands around his mouth. "Wooooooooooooooooo!" Turns out yeah it definitely was Tim who shouted after Conner's turn. "Laura!" He doesn't clap too hard because he's got Scout sat with him now, and he doesn't want to bother the old man. "This is Scout," he says to Gabby as introduction. "Phoebe's dog. And you are correct, he is a very good boy." He swipes another treat from the bag he gave Conner, and then holds up his phone. "Phoebe just texted and said to spoil him--new mission, team!"

Conner Kent has posed:
"That was great!" Conner claps energetically as Laura finishes. He is not going to comment her choice of song because he really needs to digest it first. It was certainly more heartfelt that the usual karaoke half-assed attempt at singing. No one is going to ever accuse Laura to do things halfway.

It was pretty great anyway. And since Scout has deserted him, Conner is getting some more food.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney grins at the introduction to Phoebe's dog, Scout as well as to the cheering Laura gets. Laura who slinks back to her seat in a way that isn't unnoticed by her sister at all. Still, she'd put herself out there and probably needed a little bit to recharge. Best to get the attention ofrf of her.

"He will be *so* spoiled," she promises to Tim as she peels away from his and Scout's side to snag up the microphone. "I hear and agree with your song request, Tim, but ..." Fingers tap the side of the microphone lightly to test it's on-ness as she makes her way to the stage. "I've never done karaoke before and there's one song I've got stuck in my head. So I am totally going to do tihs. I can do another later!"

Rummaging through the songlist, thankfully it has a search function, she keys in the one she wants with a firm nod. The microphone is dropped down to clutch between her knees breifly to free her hands which raise up to pull her hair into a high ponytail with an elastic that had been snug around her wrist. It's all she needs to prepare. No stretches or preparation for epic lunges like Laura had just done.

The music that starts is jingly, and sweet, like a carousel starting up it's slow circular ride. The microphone is snagged up to lift with a breath inhaled... And she begins to sing. It's not sugary sweet. She's not a perfect singing. She was a decent alto with some higher pitch, and the lyrics slip from her lips as she slowly dances with mock jerly marionette movements.

To/~ This ain't build a bitch--
    You don't get to pick and choose
    Different ass and bigger boobs
    If my eyes are brown or blue
    This ain't build a bitch--
    I'm filled with flaws and attitude
    So if you need perfect, I'm not built for you!

    Bob the Builder broke my heart
    Told me I need fixing
    Said I'm just nuts and bolts,
    Lots of parts are missing.
    Curvy like a cursive font
    Virgin and a vixen
    That's the kind of girl he wants.

    But he forgot--

    This ain't Build a Bitch! o/~

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Silence. Cassandra tilts her head left, then right, then waits. She thinks this almost works. I wonder.

She sighs, this entire evening having been something both astounding and confusing, and gives Gabby a thumbs-up. She seems to actually be into the song, which is a really good start.

How do you...sing?

Tim Drake has posed:
    Oh, bad language words. Tim sinks against his seat deep enough that his legs, folded up, hide most of his body. Maybe to hide that he knows the words to this and is mouthing them as Gabby sings.

    He has a reputation to preserve!

    No matter how much he may or may not have enjoyed the song, once it's over he shifts into a more upright seated position and supplies the same amount of enthusiastic (but gentle) clapping he's done for everyone else. Act casual, Drake, no one will know. He points at Conner after.

    "Bohemian Rhapsody?" he asks, of Conner's previous suggestion, and with a tight breath he swings his legs back out over the edge of the seat. Upppp he goes. "I have a team announcement to make, first, though."

    It takes him a little bit longer than usual to climb the steps down to the theater floor, and his breath has picked up, but he's not paying it any attention as he reaches for one of the mics.

Laura Kinney has posed:
Laura Kinney gives Gabby her loudest clapping of all. She's not above a little sibling bias even if she has no idea what the song was...

Still the thought of being made to join in for another song, never mind that it'd be with a group, seems a little too much for her.

She slinks out from her chair, restocks her plate at the buffet on her way past, and then slips out for now.

Conner Kent has posed:
Now, Conner was completely sure Gabby would get there and sing something silly and fun. Maybe out from Sailor Moon or something. Not. That.

That hits too close home. And just after Laura's own grim act. He glances at Tim and, yeah, polite clapping. Sure.

Bohemian Rhapsody? Someone asks. Oh, it is Tim. "Yeah? Okay." Oh, team announcement. Cool too. Give him a minute to escape the double Kinney-induced moment of cognitive dissonance, please.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Ooh, Bohemian Rhapsody is a good one!" Gabby jumps off the little stage with a happy bounce in spite of the lyrics being a bit... Well. Poor Conner. While she knew precisely what it meant to her it might not mean quite the same to him in his circumstance. The microphone is handed off easily with her head tilting to the side curiously as Tim mentions a team announcement.

Laura's departure is caught with a glance, and a single nod her way along with a grin, then she turns her attention back to the team leader on stage.

Claiming a seat she perches on it sitting on the armrest with feet down on the actual cushion to pay rapt attention to what might be said.

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Tim finds his hand touching someone else's, as he reaches to take the microphone. As Conner starts toward the stage, the one person who can never be up there, apparently has her hand on the microphone. Cassandra, the girl who's completely left out of all these festivities, is looking kind of sheepish.

She has her hand on the mic, and looks at Tim, at Conner, Gabby and Hope. No words. She's asking, and if one could guess what she's asking, it's...


Tim Drake has posed:
    Whatever Tim had intention to announce, he looks once at Cassandra and then nods, apparently having decided it can wait. He passes her the microphone and steps back, putting himself against the wall. "You good?" he asks Conner, eyebrows going up.

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope Summers generally doesn't know how to have fun. She tends to take life too seriously and works too hard too late and for too long..But she had heard about this...Karaoke night, and figured, what the heck, may as well check it out, Afterall, it was a slow, quiet night and she deserved a break. So as festivities continue even at this late hour, she peeks in, dressed in a simple red blouse and faded jeans, nothing fancy but at least she's not in costume?

Conner Kent has posed:
"Yes." No. But not going to speak about it now. "But if Cass starts singing about planets exploding and civilizations ending I am going to find a way to get drunk, even if I have to fly all the way to Almerac," mutters Conner to Tim.

There is something Conner does not like is facing his main issues head on and being forced to think about them. Having them tossed to his face by singing is very novel. Still not something he was prepared to do in a Karaoke night.

And then Hope appears. Distraction! He grins and waves to the redhead.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney claps her hands together with a little delighted squeal at the fact that Cassie was the one that stops Tim, and seems interested in doing a song herself. Or something of the sort. "Yes, you'll do great!" She urges enthusiastically. When Tim checks on Conner she looks toward him with a hint of apology as well. "Sorry... I kind of felt it was like a nice 'fu...' um. Eff them to the .. you know." Her hand gestures faintly.

"I can't really suggest anything to help get drunk though. Got a similar issue," she reasons with a helpless shrug. Nevermind someone her age shouldn't know about drinking to begin with. Her attention shifts back to the girl on stage with a nod of encouragement.

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Cass smiles a thank-you to Tim, and then to Conner she gives a gentle wave. She picks up the mic, and her eyes spot Hope in the doorway. That seriousness, she's seen it before. She knows mirrors after all. Oddly she looks like she's tempted to run away, now.

But Gabby standing up for her, metaphorically, helps. She steels herself. She doesn't dance, though that's what many expected. She doesn't turn on a song. She'd have to figure out how. If this sounds like she's stalling, that's because it's true.

Cass is flustered, and it shows.

You can see her, for once, pushing herself into this. Breathe. Can do this. Okay. And...

"A, Bee...cee, dee, Eee Ayf, geee..."

She only knows one song. She's getting the pronounciations wrong, she gets some letters mixed up, but she's REALLY trying.

"Coo, Ar, Ass, Tee Woo, Bee, Wobbly Hex, Y, Zee." She does not sing the ending part, she only barely made it through the letters. Her heart is racing, and she's beaming. Her face says, I did it!

So did.

Tim Drake has posed:
    The unimpressed twist of Tim's mouth clearly communicates how much he doesn't believe Conner, but all he does is lift his hand to knock it lightly against his friend's arm. Like he has any room to talk about someone trying to avoid their issues.

    "I doubt she's going to do that," he says, after he's spent a lingering moment considering Cassandra. And then he tips his head forward to look past Conner, up towards the entrance of the theater, when Conner waves. Tim does too, though his wave transforms halfway through to point Hope towards the food. Look, sushi!

    It's not that he's concerned about it being eaten eventually, not with Bart on the team. Apparently he's just becoming team mom at some point, worried that everyone is eating right.

    He's silent as Cass stands at the front of the theater, and his breath catches in his chest, stuck there until she starts. And then once she does, Tim is smiling hard enough that he self-consciously lifts his hands to tuck them against the lower part of his face. But it's all there in his eyes anyway, crinkled with delight. And pride. The whole Bat-clan is a little weird with their relationships to one another, and somehow Tim's ended up as one of the sociable ones. He has a team, and friends, and maybe a little sister in Cass.

    "Go Cass!" he screeches, loud enough that the effort of it makes him wince, and then he tucks fingers in his mouth to whistle.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
For someone that can barely speak in words, this was great. Gabby's grin just continues growing more as the attempted song wraps up. It didn't matter that there was no music to it--It was still a song. And it was done... "A Capella! That was great, Cassandra!" She whoops while clapping her hands with legitimate excitement. She knew what it was like to struggle to do something unfamiliar and boy had Cass nailed it there. She adds in to the cheering from Tim without hesitation.

It only dies off after a moment when she realizes there's a redhead in the room she kind of new. A quick wave is throw Hope's direction as well. "Hey, welcome! You're just in time! Didn't she do great!?"

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope Summers isn't really used to social situations where one simply eats and sings and goofs off and slacks. But it's actually rather appealing. At least she git lots of work done yesterday so she doesn't feel so bad about taking time off for fun things. Cassie is given an amused arch if the brow while Tim and Conner are given a smile and wave, Well she can hardly pass this up now..

Hope steps all the way in, noticing the table of food and grins and nods to Tim fur pointing it out, heading that away as she listens fir more singing. Hey it's been a long day, may as well fill up on delicious looking food!

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner blinks when Cass starts with the alphabet. It takes him a second to realize what she is 'singing' and then he grins. And laughs when she finishes, "good one, Cass!" He says, clapping.

He is not ignoring Tim. Well, yes, he is ignoring Tim. But only in as much the other young man is trying to pry when it is not the moment to pry. (It is never the moment). "Good then, now the team thing, and then the team singing," where is Laura? She snuck off. Oh well, "Hope..." he moves towards the redhead, "have you ever heard the Bohemian Rhapsody?"

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Cassandra Cain tackes a bow, then gets off the stage. She does blush, of course she blushes. But she really does get out of the way now that her turn is over. Still. Steph will be ecstatic. She normally gets more wrong than that!

Tim Drake has posed:
    Okay, serious business time. Tim extends a hand to take the microphone from Cass, and he flashes her a quick thumbs up before he shuffles into place at the front. Before he does anything, he queues up Bohemian Rhapsody, though the starting lyrics stay frozen on the screen.

    "I'm glad you came, Gabby," he says first off, passing the mic back and forth in his hand a couple of times before he takes a moment to inhale. "Most of you probably know already that we've been giving a few new potential recruits the chance to show their skills, see how well they can work with the team. What we do in Gotham is important work; for a city that doesn't have serious metahuman representation, it leaves us vulnerable to some of the more malevolent powers-that-be. So, as a native Gothamite myself, I want to say I really appreciate what you all do for a city that you might not consider home."

    He cuts a glance to the side. "Or maybe not even a vacation home. Look, Gotham's hard to love sometimes, I get it."

    Tim's hand lifts to sweep through his hair, pushing it away from his forehead. "Anyway. Thanks. The reason I wanted to bring everyone together today--which, yes, was mostly an excuse to see you all and make sure you all get a chance to relax--was to announce that I am appointing Gabby a full member of the Outsiders, designation Honey Badger."

    With a quick movement, Tim pulls out his phone and taps at the screen. Gabby's own phone-slash-communicator, the one provided to her through Laura, will vibrate (wherever it may be) and all of its features unlock. "You've shown that you're capable of working with a team and doing so with the amount of subtlety that our missions require. I know you and Laura have a place to stay already, but I hope you can both consider the Roost a home away from home. All of its, uh, amenities," he pauses to smirk, "Are available to you now."

    And then he pokes at the select screen. "Okay, everyone get up here, I can't pull off Queen on my own."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney leans forward on her seat, which is fairly easy to do given she's already perched on the armrest. While she had grown quite a bit since her first introduction to the group quite awhile ago, she was still on the stunted growth short side of things. A grin comes over her when Tim speaks saying he was glad she's here, though her head tips to the side curiously as she begins to wonder why he's going on with this line of conversation.

The confusion doesn't last long.

Her grin broadens significantly. The buzzing rumble of her phone alerts going off in her pocket has her hand drop absently down to pat over the side of her leggings to press the device into her thigh firmly before it might tickle her to death. Thank goodness she went for the sporty, thick leggings that actually had pockets. The gleefull look softens a bit with a quick look around at the others that remained here as well before fixing her attention back to Tim. "Thanks. This really means a lot to me!" A lot indeed. It had been awhile since she'd really been accepted as part of a group on an official level. But then... music! "I know that one!"