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Filling up the Stash
Date of Scene: 23 August 2021
Location: The Griffin
Synopsis: Gabby visits to stash her birthday gift. Gets to see Satana's gift to Saeko before fleeing into the night.
Cast of Characters: Gabby Kinney, Saeko, Satana Hellstrom

Gabby Kinney has posed:
A very eventful birthday party left Gabby with need to stash away a few of her gifts where they wouldn't cause any trouble by falling into the hands of individuals less trained than herself. Which is precisely why a mini U-Haul pulls up and deposits something on the curb that she then hops out to wheel in to the house humming happily to herself. It's covered in a moving blanket, and being levered up with a dolly so as to make moving it easier. It was rather lumpy, and heavy looking. The aid of the dolly helps her get it up and through the doorway.

"Honey, I'm hoome!" She calls out jokingly to announce her presence JUST IN CASE she was walking in on something awkward again. "Need to stash this in my room. I'll be out quick!" she assures.

Saeko has posed:
Technically this wasn't Saeko's home on the mortal world, that was a rather handy hotel suite that providence provided...but the Kitsune had been present at the Griffin a little more of late. It was nice to have a place to not have to hide herself without her being summoned for her duties as an envoy of Inari.

Perhaps that was why she was here in the kitchen at the moment, looking up in surprise when a new voice comes through the door.

Reflex has her inclining her head, the small gesture followed by a flicker of magic as her tails and ears are instantly concealed, her raven-black hair drifts to blonde and the clothing she wears with a rather simple shirt and shorts. Just another human, eerily beautiful or not, currently in the process of making herself a cup of tea.

Satana Hellstrom has posed:
Deep down in the bowels of the Griffin, Satana puts the finishing touch on her creation. In a room that had been used as a storeroom whose contents she'd had the imps remove and push into other storerooms, a large table now sat. On that table ... her crowning achievement of a gift.

Saeko deserved this. She was right. She'd been taken for granted and it wasn't right.

Chortling with glee, Satana looks over her gift to the fox spirit and heads out, carefully locking the door behind her. Time to give the keys to Saeko's gift across and watch her face when she sees what's inside.

Half-way up the stairs she hears Gabby's entrance. Ah, Thomas' little pet from the mutant crowd. She was always good for a bit of fun. Easily teased, sheltered in so many ways, yet cheerfully violent. Good kid.

"Gabby! Nice to see you! And ..." Satana blinks, then nods, "I see you've met Saeko. Saeko, this is Gabby, one of Thomas' friends from work. Gabby, this is Saeko. She's gorgeous."

Yes. That's how you introduce people.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney pauses in moving her object-d-confusion into the room only to pause and kick her foot back nudging the door shut behind her. Just in time to catch the movement from the kitchen out of the corner of her eye. A bright grin is offered to the unfamiliar face in response, and she calls out, "Hi! You're not Satana." As if that were the most natural obvious observation ever. It's all rather taken in stride.

"But you are," she add when Satana comes up from the other room to give a nod of greeting. "Hi there. Nice to meet you... I'm just moving this gatling gun into my room since they'd kind of question how I got it at the school." Here she pauses to gush, cheeks flush with a happy excitement, "Best. Birthday. Ever. Also my first one! Well the first one celebrated. But man I got some loot!"
Shehe's quick to wheel the supposed gatling gun off to the room that Thomas had said was hers, just getting it inside enough to shut the door and come back out. "Sorry if I'm intruding. What's up with you both tonight?"

Saeko has posed:
A little blink, Saeko actually turns for a moment and looking surprised to see Satana just appearing from a doorway. She shouldn't be, the woman does that fairly frequently, but it was still strange to have someone pulling that trick on her and there were a lot of rooms to keep track of.

The introduction has Saeko laughing softly, turning to grasp the mug in both hands before her and lazily leaning herself against the kitchen counter.

Mention of the gatling gun has the fox blinking, tilting her head to the side and glancing at Satana. It didn't take divine knowledge to know most teenagers aren't gifted heavy firepower all that often...

Satana Hellstrom has posed:
"Don't mind the firepower. Gabby is a special girl who has a special place in Thomas' heart." Satana suppresses the smirk at Saeko's understandable response to the gun. "Hurry and pack it away, Gabby, and then I've got a surprise for Saeko you might want to see too."

She turns to Saeko and dangles an old-timey key. "Here, Saeko. This is your key. It opens your present. Once Gabby packs away her gun, let's go downstairs all together so you can check out your present."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"I'll be quick!" Gabby assures. And she is. The door is shut behind her again locking it tight, though she knew most people here could get in regardless. It was locked against outsiders. Satisfied with that she strides over to where Satana and Saeko are again still grinning. "Oh, I was trained in... a lot of things... uh. Think of me like a soldier that got a chance to be a kid and don't worry about how I know to do most of what I know." Satisfied with that she nods solemnly before eyeing the key Satana had given Saeko.

"OOh what'd you get her!? Oh a surprise," a quick nod is given though she's practically bouncing on the balls of her feet. "Let's go then! I wanna see too!"

Saeko has posed:
Saeko was basically a demigod, a spirit of thousands of years and gifted with divine knowledge...and there was a look of concern at Satana's offering of the key and grin. After all, a trickster is one to recognize someone skilled in mischief.

Back to Gabby and her excitement, the kitsune offers a little nod of greeting lest she be rude to the young woman. Don't think too hard about where she's from and what she knows? Fine.

Alright, a gift, Saeko actually blinks and looks back at Satana. "Is this you making another 'offering' inappropriate for the altar?" she teases lightly.

Satana Hellstrom has posed:
"I guess you'll have to find out!" Satana says, practically dragging the pair down the stairs by the arm. She approaches the door and says, "That's your gift. In there. I spent lots of time reaching through eBay to find all these."

She probably means reaching through literally, given what she does with phones.

"And then once I got them, I had the imps spend two whole days putting it all together. Bloord was responsible for quality control."

That's the imp that she'd elevated to fiend for services rendered.

"And finally came the hard part. Bringing it all to life. I needed to get a lot of soul wisps from the pits to get it going, but it's working now."

Satana is practically vibrating as she gestures to the door. "Go ahead. Open it!"

What could possibly go wrong?...

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney finds herself dragged along but is really very easy to move along. She WAS a bit taller than when she'd first met Satana, but she was still short over all. As they're led downstairs though she narrows her eyes skeptically. "Wait is this a sex thing? This isn't a sex thing is it?" She considers again, glancing between the two of them. Bringing to life? Ebay? Was this some kind of sex Frankenstein's monster? Or ... Or maybe not. Maybe it was something totally innocent. Her arms cross and she considers. "Okay still curious."

Saeko has posed:
The door opens, a little laugh as Saeko glances over her shoulders at Gabby's question. Was it a sex thing? Honestly, she couldn't be sure. Still, as the door opens and her eyes open to the sight and...the woman stops in the doorway, staring stock still for a moment at the collection of Japanese castles, temples and figures before her. At the cost of some likely hellish magic, the tiny figures move and go about their day in moulded plastic.

There's silence for a moment, staring for a second or two more and then...giggling.

Saeko's lips part and she lifts her hand to her mouth, screening the very much audible giggling from the vixen at the sight before her. Clearly, the demoness had taken her off-hand comment and ran with it.

Satana Hellstrom has posed:
"You said," Satana says proudly, "that you used to be given kingdoms for your favours. After our little outing in that hot spring..." CHILDREN PRESENT, SATANA, DAMMIT! "...I realized that I'd taken you for granted. So here's your kingdom. A little bit belatedly, sure, but I thought late is better than never."

It's absolutely impossible to tell from her face if this is a joke or meant to be taken seriously. Satana would absolutely slay at poker, even if she didn't just mind-control her opposition into throwing the game.

"So, I got everything working kind of realistically," she continues. "I mean as realistically as you can get with minifigs and Wikipedia weebs writing what they think Japanese culture is." She points to the section that has 'water' by ringed depths of deeper blues covered with an overlay of transparent tiles. "I even have an octopus harassing a pearl diver, just like that painting."

And she does.

It's the kind of detail she would think of, naturally.

"I hope you like it?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney steps to the side so she doesn't get in the way of Saeko examining it or of Satana showing it off. Though once she's actually seen it her interest doubles. Creeping up to the edge of the table it resides on she dips down so she's on eye level with it regarding the little plastic people walking around with fascination. "Oh my god this is so cool," she gushes not even caring that it was Saeko who was supposed to answer Satana's question. Thankfully she doesn't ask about the hotsprings.

Saeko has posed:
Eventually the laughing does die down, a little wave of her fingers before she regains her composure. "I was fairly certain I said people used to offer kingdoms to some Kitsune in order to gain their affections or woo them. I never said I myself had been given any..." she didn't say she hadn't either, but spending multiple centuries not on earth doesn't tend to make for a ruler, does it?

Still, it was a gift offered and that was enough to make the kitsune smile. The explaination of wikipedia and weeb sorting brings a rather inelegant snort from the woman before she turns to face Satana, giving a little grin.

"It is quite sweet of you Satana," she praises, tilting her head to the side. "And certainly one of the more...original gifts I have been given."

Satana Hellstrom has posed:
"I thought you might appreciate the affection behind it." Satana's finding it hard to not laugh herself now, it seems. "And since there are so few real kingdoms left, and stealing them would be a major research project that would likely involve mobilising most of the forces of my domain, I figured this would be a good enough stand-in."

She makes a face.

"While getting those minifigs moving around, let me tell you, I began to think that maybe the real kingdom would be easier," she says wryly. "They kept walking into each other and that tended to cause a mess."

Pursing her lips she looks over the table. "I guess if you want this moved somewhere else I can arrange for that. It might take a few days to dot the is and cross the ts, but it could be done."

She moves in closer to Saeko to take her into a gentle embrace.

"But if you'd rather just leave it here and visit to play with it..." It's pretty clear she's intending to add 'and me' here, but ... CHILDREN PRESENT, DAMMIT! "...I'd have absolutely nothing against that. Ever."

Then, as an afterthought, she adds, "Thomas will have to supply you with his own kingdom."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney glances away from the figurines toward the pair hugging only to regard the with hooded eyes. "Yeah, I'm a teenager, I'm not stupid. I know what you guys are up to and stuff. Just trying not to walk in on it again is all," she assures before standing to dust her hands off on her thighs rather needlessly. "And you two are giving each other smoochie faces right now so that's my cue to leave. This IS a pretty awesome gift though, Satana, you did good." She nods firmly at that, and flashes a grin to the pair. "Have fun!"

Saeko has posed:
Gabby's comment earns a laugh, a little light and obnoxiously innocent peck on the cheek offered to Satana before she shrugs her shoulders and looks to the teen. "If it helps, I have made the mistake and entered this place with some...inopportune timing between the pair of them myself. It was...humorous."

Of course, she wouldn't stop Gabby from leaving, even immortal spirit creatures understood akward teenage fleeing after all, but she does offer a light bow of her head. "It has been a pleasure to meet you Gabby."

Satana Hellstrom has posed:
"I walked in on Saeko and Thomas too. No biggie. Hell, if they'd been in full activity I'd just have pulled up a chair and watched." Yeah, not helping awkward teen here. "Or, you know, snuck my way in because they're both really hot." Maybe even pulled in a couple of the guys and girls from my instructors and made a big thing of it."

DEFINITELY being mean now, because she's not looking at Saeko while she's saying all this. She's looking at Gabby. Eyes boring holes in the teen's. Trying, it appears, to plant as many unwholesome images as she can in the girl's head before she flees.


Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney just makes a face. A hard to read contorted face with her cheeks reddening. Throwing her hands up in the air she whirls around to stride for the door. "I don't need those mental images I have my own la la la!" At least she doesn't put her fingers in her ears. But she's already gone by then back up the stairs and off to who knows where.