764/We Need an Army.

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We Need an Army.
Date of Scene: 26 March 2020
Location: Main Foyer
Synopsis: Mystique shows up to ask Rogue for her help, Rogue still harbors some anger at her for the past.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Gabby Kinney, Raven Darkholme, Laura Kinney

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is on her way down the stairs from the second floor, with a laptop in her arms, held against her stomach, she walks down the steps and looks out to the foyer as she descends them. Dressed in a long sleeved baseball tshirt, with red sleeves and white body, blue jeans and leather boots with small heels, she turns to head down the second level of the staircase out to the main floor. A couple of students heading UP the stairs make a little comment about her and she turns to kick at one of their butt's, not hard, just enough to make them jog up the steps faster. "Ya better run!" She taunts them, for having poked fun at her mutation. "MC Hammer songs are like a billion years ago, ya know!" She shouts after them.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
A light *tap-tap-tap* from the upper window in the hall is given to catch Rogue's attention. It's the window that's just above the door leading outside which is, unfortunately, a good chunk of the way up the wall. It resides about halfway down the second flight of stairs.

There's no way to GET to that window from inside or out.

Naturally it's Gabby there staring through the glass with hands pressed up against it and nose slightly smushed to make a pig-face while her breath fogs the window a bit. Another tap of fingernail is given before she gestures to Rogue with both hands as if to indicate opening up the window.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    At the bottom of the stairs, having gotten back in is Irwin, the dorky but tall looking shy kid who sulks around from time to time and yet, he's standing here, arms crossed, wearing basketball shorts that hang around his knees and a long maroon hoodie that say 'OKLAHOMA' in big stitched letters across the chest.

    "I've been looking for you for a whillllll. Wut?" Irwin says as he looks over his shoulder to the tapping sound and frowns at Gabby out there. "How did..." The teenage boy says as he steps towards the front door, expecting Rogue to be beside him as he lifts a hand out of his front pocket to brush back the hair above his head.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is looking to Irwin before she hears the tapping too and sees Gabby up there peering inside at them. "I--- what is she doin'?" Rogue has to ask quietly before she sets her laptop down on the table beside the staircase and then turns to walk up a few steps before she looks back to Irwin. "I'm just gonna let her in through the window." She peers up at said window and pauses. "Do those open?" She asks then. "I mean I can open it, but... might break it."

Rogue lifts up off of the ground and floats up toward the windows. She reaches her gloved hands out to investigate and finally finds a latch in the wooden window silly which makes the windows all open up in two places. "Woah, they do."

With the windows open, Rogue offers a gloved hand to Gabby to help her get inside, and Rogue's offered hands are as sturdy and strong as they come. "What are you doin' out here?" She asks the young Kinney girl.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney wiggles her fingers with a rather guilty looking grin when Irwin spots her, too. Thankfully Rogue does come over to open the window... Which she has to admit she wasn't sure if it did open. She thought it did. Soon as it's up, she reaches through to take Rogue's hand with a quick, "Thanks. I was running off some energy from all those cupcakes and then I started climbing before I realized there really wasn't any way down without breaking something from jumping. I mean, I could, I wouldn't feel it, but I think Laura would get upset at me."

Grinning brightly she holds tight to Rogue's hands as she swings herself inside. Thankfully she weighed barely nothing to begin with as she dangles from her grip on the other woman. "But the view is nice up here at least."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    "You should ask her to take you higher." Irwin says with a goofy cocky sort of smile towards Gabby and Rogue as he moves to sit back and claim the second set of steps with his bottom. Watching the girl with a kind smirk on his face like that of a parent or something. "You're a born natural Rogue, just watch the skin on skin yeah." He teases softly as he widens his knees apart and makes sure he's comfortable.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue helps Gabby as much as she needs to get back inside and then she turns back to the windows to close them back up. Caaarefully. She doesn't want to be the student that gets yelled at for breaking something today, she doesn't want to be /that/ student. "How many'a them damn cupcakes did you ingest anyway?" rogue asks the girl before turning around and lowering back down to her feet, and descending the stairs again.

Her glance goes to Irwin and she smirks at him. "Everybody is a 'touch joke' away from gettin' laid out by me t'day, Croc Hunter." She gives him an empty threat then before reaching for her laptop computer again off of the table beside the steps. "I don't mind takin' people up for flights though. If'n they wanna see Westchester way up high. It's pretty fun, I tell ya. Still a smidge cold though."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney lands lightly on the stairway when Rogue helps her down to it from the window above the doorway. It was too high to reach from outside, or in, but apparently she'd somehow gotten stuck up there. Dusting her hands off on her sides she hops down the stairs toward where 'Irwin' was seated with a mildly confused look. "What's all the talk about you and touch, anyway?" Apparently no one had clued her in. That or she wasn't paying attention. It could be either of them.

"Oh, the cupcakes from Emma? Uuuh." Rolling her eyes upward she starts to count off fingers before just... shrugging. "At least one of each flavor, I did the rainbow one twice, another chocolate... I lost count after that. I never had cupcakes before."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    Irwin's eyebrow snaps up for a brief moment but then resets rather quickly. "She's a succubus. Touch her and she'll steal your very essense!" Irwin notes as he stands up and wiggles his fingers and goes OooOOooOOoo

    A moment later he's standing up and stepping closer to the girls, "You seen Lorna around, I need to talk to her about ... something." He says and tries to slip a note into Rogue's pocket as he brushes past the two girls and out of their way of the staircase.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue goes back to holding her laptop against her stomach as she looks from Irwin over to Gabby. "You've never had a cupcake?" She asks, still a little ignorant about all the details regarding her and Laura's pasts, though she's heard bits and pieces of it she's not sure which bits are true and which pieces are false. "Well hell, I'm glad ya pigged out on'em. You wanna go find more?" She asks then before shaking her head. "Or any food... anythin you ever wanted t'try, lemme know, we'll go find i--" She stops as Irwin speaks again and then slips past them. His succubus comment already had her peering at him.

But when she feels the note get put into her pocket she peers even more before looking over to Gabby. "He just touched my butt." She says to the young Kinney. "I'm not sure what t'think of anythin' now."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney raises an eyebrow at the succubus comment only to mouth the word with confusion. That might be one she'd have to look up later to get a proper definition on. While she had quite a wide vocabulary it didn't always include slang, pop culture, or mythology. That would be worked on. "Oh, nope, never had one. Usually we just get pizza and Chinese takeout at Laura's," she explains as if that, well, explains everything.

When Irwin slips by and smacks Rogue's butt seemlingly she steps to the side. There's a moment of quiet from her as she watches the teen go by from the corner of her eye. It wasn't the first time she'd been slightly suspicious of this particular individual, but now she had a better chance to see close up.

Gabby turns on the stairs to face after the retreating Irwin. "By the way. When are you going to quit pretending to be a boy?"

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    "That was your front pocket Rogue, and I'm not going to just grab anyone's butt." Irwin says and he starts to move up the stairs, jump steping up every step to look like he's trying to get in some sort of warmup work out.

    Once he's up top he looks over his shoulder down to Gabby and sticks his tongue out at the girl, "When are you going to quit pretending to not be James'?" He says, running a hand between his hair and making a HUH sound before moving up and back towards the dorms.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is pulling the note out of her pocket when she hears the two exchange their back and forths. She doesn't really think much of it as she unfolds the note and reads what is on it.

'Meet me upstairs.'

This makes Rogue look up and right at Irwin. "Uh, what is this?" She asks holding the note up and out so he can read his own note, then she shows it to Gabby. She snorts a laugh softly at Irwin then and shakes her head. "I'm afraid I gotta be somewhere for dinner t'night, kiddo. But I do admire your bold confident approach." She raises a hand up to point at him. "Top marks for that much at least!"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
THAT... that catches Gabby off-guard for the response. It wasn't so much the tongue sticking out as the mention of James. Looking rather puzzled, she glances to Rogue to ask, "Who the hell is James?" The confusion remains though as she looks to the note that Rogue holds up with a growing frown.

Reaching out to lightly take hold of Rogue's wrist she drops her voice down a little, "Hey, wait, seriously. He was speaking to Lorna the other week when I was there and his voice completely changed at the end. Sounded like an old man. Something's up. Maybe you should go see what's going on." There's a pause before she confidently adds, "I got your back."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    Irwin stops at the top of the floor, and turns to rest his wrists on the banister before lacing his fingers and giving Rogue a slow wink. With the one eye open it flashes briefly a familiar shade of yellow and back to Irwins doey cow browns, but he speaks afterwards, droping a hint with a code word she might recognize, "But it's your," breath "destiny." He says and holds out one arm with the other falling to his chest as though he were a great actor. "I'll be waiting my love!" As he turns and falsetto frolicks down into the dorm wing.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue only gets a step or two before Gabby is grabbing her arm to stop her. What Gabby says though does make her look up just in time to hear the rest of Irwin's words and to watch him skipping off around the corner. /That/ makes Rogue narrow her eyes. "All right, I'll admit, that was a little weird." She says, the words, the skipping... that wasn't Irwin.

A glance is given to Gabby. "Come on." She starts up the steps. "Does your nose work like your dad's?" She asks. "Like all super strong'n such? If so, keep it goin' around Irwin, tell me if you smell anything unusual."

Rogue will lead Gabby up to the second floor then as they start to track Irwin and try to find out where he's gone off to.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"I'm a failed clone, I didn't get.... You know," Gabby mumbles at the end with a helpless shrug. It wasn't exactly lying here. The power that she was asking about was one that she didn't have. The rest didn't matter so much at the moment. "I *am* a trained assasin though," she puts forth as she falls in line just behind Rogue to follow after. As if to prove her point she kicks one foot up behind her to snag hold of her shoe. It only takes a moment to work out the knife that was hidden in there which she palms in hand, and tucks behind her back for now.

What? She wasn't going anywhere unarmed.

"I'll keep an eye out though."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    "This one must be yours." Says a voice from Rogue's room as a white slip of fabric floats into the room as a blue skinned woman now stands in the room and she smiles and looks about the place calmly, peacefully for a moment before looking over her shoulder with her chin down towards the doorway.

    Mystique doesn't brush her hair out of her way as she looks towards the duo with a softness to her that Rogue might find familiar, "I need your help." She whispers softly, even vulnerable.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks back to Gabby as they're on the Irwin hunt now, for a wild Irwin. "You're not a 'failed' anything, Gabby." The southern girl tells the other. "You're precisely who you're supposed t'be and you're awesome, so don't let anyone tell ya otherwise." She sounds /almost/ annoyed, but it's because the word 'failure' is one that sets the Belle off when it's used in specific ways. She glances at the knife that the girl brandished and she thinks about /that/ for a second but just looks away again as they come around into the north halls and pass her room.

When they pass her room the door is open and she spies who's just standing there inside of it. "Oh for God's sake!" Rogue says then. "I /knew it/!" She storms in to her room and points a finger right at Mystique's face. "You can't be here. This place is for /good/ mutants, not psychopathic manipulative monsters!"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney flicks the knife out. It wasn't a switch blade but a butterfly knife that she expertly flips, twists, and clicks into place in her grip. Far safer to stash in a shoe than a knife that could open with a springloaded button. It's already out and in hand, ready if necessary, when they come to Rogue's room.

Then Gabby's standing there in the doorway looking massively confused. Not over the different woman--That was taken in stride as pieces fall into place in her mind. It's over Rogue's reaction. Tilting her head to the side she arches an eyebrow regarding the blue skinned mutant, then Rogue.

"Want my knife to poke her a bit?"

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    "I know Rogue. I certainly don't belong here, we both know I'm beyond redemption." Mystique admits keeping her hair down and between her and Rogue and the youngest Howlett.

    "I don't want to linger here and taint this place as I fear I might. Mutants need a place like this, a beacon, I'm not here to smash that, I'm here to ask you to help me protect more mutants." Mystique turns, not afraid of Rogue's touch, but also not stepping into it, but just turning in place so she can stand before Rogue and her little assassin. "I need your help. We all need your help."

    "She doesn't need your knife to cut me." Mystique explains vaguely to Gabby before continuing while looking into Rogue's eyes, "Please. For yourself, for her, I need your help."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue hears Gabby ask that question and for a moment she considers saying 'Yes' to it. But Mystique's quick response makes her change her mind. She is quiet for a second or two before she glances back to the girl. "This is Raven Darkholme, Gabby. Otherwise known as 'Mystique'." Looking right /at/ Mystique, Rogue continues. "She's the leader of the Brotherhood of /EVIL/ Mutants and she manipulated me in t'believin' that fightin' for their causes was the 'right thing to do'. She also convinced me t'attack Carol Danvers in San Francisco two years ago - the last time I saw her - and it put Carol in a coma for a whole god damn year, what you did."

She glares at the woman. "You say you want my help? Go find Carol Danvers and tell her what you did and that it's not /my/ fault. Tell her that you tricked me in t'followin' you and that you're the real one she should be wantin' dead for what happened. Not me!"

Laura Kinney has posed:
     Soft footsteps are audible on the hall rug.. Someone else is comming. "Gabby? I smelled someone strange..." Green eyes peer around the doorframe, locking onto Mystique. Again, like Logan, but not. The facial expression of deciding how best to disembowel you if you're a threat? Totally him. "Rogue. Is she supposed to be here?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
It probably doesn't help Gabby is standing there, butterfly knife in hand, guarding the door with feet planted firmly. Sure Rogue was in the way too, and likely to be far more effective at dealing with this woman that she knew. When her 'credentials' are listed she frowns in thought taking it all in. She'd heard of the Brotherhood before from Lorna, though not in great detail. Just in passing.

"You worked with Genosha... Or they did at least." A crinkle of her nose comes as she contemplates. Just in time for Laura to arrive. Glancing backwards and up toward Laura she shakes her head some. "Someone from Rogue's past asking for help," she explains, only to frown again.

"Just what is this help you want for others, anyway?"

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    "You know that was Destiny's prophecy, even I don't know what it was that she saw. All I know is she said you'd be the best of us, but you had to have Carol's powers." Mystique explains softly as she crosses her arms across her belly but then, no, she needs to keep them down. She needs to be vulnerable for Rogue and for herself and for the sake of all mutants. She needed Rogue to say yes to this.

    "I'll leave, but Rogue, I've loved you, since we picked you up I've only ever wanted what was best for you, San Francisco wasn't supposed to go like that. I'll do everything I can to make it up to you." Mystique explains with a soft kind of sigh before she flits her eyes over to Gabby and Laura now,

    "I know who sent the sentinels to Genosha."

Rogue has posed:
A quick glance back when Rogue hears another voice, she sees Laura there. "She most definitely isn't! She's been pretendin' t'be students. For god knows how long." Her eyes sweep back across the room to where Mystique is. She glares at the woman. "Prophecies are wrong all the time, they're usually written by drunks that just want t'sound like they got all the answers, but they don't got nothin' but onset liver disease and bad teeth." Whatever that means.

At the rest of what Mystique says then, Rogue steps out of the way and motions to where the Kinney girls are. "You better get goin'. Carol's no easy woman t'track down herself. But then again, I imagine you already know where she is. You always had an unhealthy obsession with her too, as I recall."

She then points again at Mystique. "You don't love me. You love yourself. MOre'n anyone else. But you wanna prove somethin' t'me? Then go clear my name with the woman that I wrong /because/ of you."

Laura Kinney has posed:
     Another very familiar sound, as twin eight inch silvery claws slide through the knuckles of each of Laura's fists. "I think you should leave. I know what you smell like now, and you should not come back. Buy a cell phone. They are very popular these days." WIthout taking her eyes off Mystique, she steps to one side to leave a clear path to the stairs.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney moves to the side as well, especially once Laura pops claws. That meant she was serious. And in the way. Stepping back behind Laura she allows room for Mystique to leave while blocking the other side of the hallway to ensure she does head OUT. Or at least starts that way. "That's good info to have... but yeah sounds like you got some making up to do first."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    Mystique looks to Rogue and blinks once, a single tear drop falls onto her azule cheek as she wants to reach for Rogue and yet, she knows better. "If I don't have the time to find her before the next attack... Look for Sinister." Mystique says over her shoulder towards Rogue, refusing to be pushed away from her daughter so easily by Thing 1 and Thing 2. "If a mutant falls because of those robots again. Go after Sinister." The shapeshifter pleads as she turns and makes towards the stair case, unphased by the little assassins.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue crosses her arms over her chest and just watches Mystique leave. She doesn't feel emotional pain for the tear thing, she sees it, it doesn't work on her, not anymore. "Right. Sinister. Whatever /that/ means." She doesn't know who Sinister is, but others around here probably do and they'll likely fill her in once she reports this to the higher ups in the Faculty and team.

Once she's gone out of her room, Rogue drops down on to the edge of her bed and puts her elbows on top of her thighs. She exhales heavily. "Laura." Rogue says, glancing up at the knives-out mutant. "You wanna go follow her and make sure she leaves property? That nose'a yours likely would make you best for the job, less Logan is around."

At Gabby she looks then. "Sorry you had t'see that, Gabs."

Laura Kinney has posed:
     Laura nods. This had been exactlyw hat she was planning on doing anyway. Her claws retract, a few droplets of blood on her knuckles wiped off on her jeans, and she pads off after Mystique. She won't be comfortable again until the shapeshifter is decidedly off the premises.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney glances after Laura following Mystique out, then to Rogue on the bed. The butterfly knife click-claks in her hand as she shuts it again, and tucks away safely into her pocket. Without a word she makes her way over to sit on Rogue's bed beside her with one hand reaching out to place against her back consolingly.

"It's okay. We all have tough things in our pasts to deal with. And out of us especially, we've had people make us do things we didn't want to, ultimately. Can't take that back or undo it, but we can try to be better. We can *be* better," she corrects herself. "Now that we know better." Smiling at Rogue she adds, "I think you're great these days."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue shows a small smile to Gabby then and a shoulder to shoulder bump. "You're sweet as pie." She tells the cutest of the Kinneys. Rogue then moves to stand up. "Come on, lets go find some dinner. We'll figure out something else you haven't had before and we'll make it!" Her laptpop is set down on her desk beside her bed and she then moves toward her doorway, glancing back at her room. She groans. "Now I gotta switch bedrooms. This one stinks'a crazy." She's kidding. Mostly.