7710/That time with the stuff

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That time with the stuff
Date of Scene: 06 September 2021
Location: Halfway up a skyscraper
Synopsis: So, to recap, Rahne is awesome and Rogue is not. *smack* WHAT? I recapped! Oh yeah, Rahne got caught by poachers and some junk. Boring.
Cast of Characters: Rahne Sinclair, Rogue

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
"And they were so amazing, Rogue and Rahne were! Rogue punched one o' them in th' snout, an' then Rahne was all like, Rawr! She dove onto th' bad guys with her claws, an suddenly SHOCK!"

She goes on, waving her hands in amusement. "Rogue saw et, an' she was ready! She flew at th' bad guy, an' boom, punched him wi' both hands! He fell down, but thaur were more! Top o' th' roof, they fought. One had magic hands an' caught Rogue an' they tussled, so Rahne had t' save her. Then she kissed one an' he fell in love with Rahne because she's awesome an.."

The net gets in the way, and she shifts to make room for Rogue so she isn't standing on the woman's hip anymore. "Rahne did a thing with her hands tha' was upside-down fabulous, an' then they all got hit! It hurt, but we're tough. We could take it. Ah was ready o' course, though you looked silly as hell. Didnae take long before we fell off, what with th' magic an' all. Es jus' a net though, we're fine."

Rogue woke up in the net with Rahne a moment before, not sure how she'd arrived, and made the mistake of asking how they got there. Rahne's been talking ever since.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue wakes up to Rahne going crazy and at first Rogue doesn't understand what she's talking about, but at second Rogue realizes they're on a safety net hanging from the side of a skyscraper overlooking what looks like the Hudson River. The Belle sits up on to her right hip and suddenly goes wide eyed. "What in the hell..." She says outloud before she looks up to see how far they are from the top of the building.

The wind is whipping her hair around her face and she's not even sure how they got here.

"Rahne...?" Rogue says groggily as she's still coming too. "Where are we?" She knows NY, but... why and what... she doesn't know. Last thing she remembers is sitting at her desk doing her homework for class tomorrow's class.

The Belle tries to stand up, but the wobbly net makes it difficult. She tries to lift up in to the air and float up off of it...

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
"Well, we be here," Rahne says. "Ah cannee climb th' rope. My claws would cut it, an m' human arms are too weak. So ah waited for ye tae wake up." She isn't crazy, but she's definitely different. There's a change in her; old Rahne would have been frantic, trying to solve this herself. It looks like this Rahne took a nap while waiting.

"Th' bad guys flew off en a helicopter, like five minutes ago. Might be able tae catch em." Probably not. You can get a lot of travel out of five minutes in a copter.

"D'ye want tae play Simon Says?"

Okay, she's definitely different.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue floats up about three feet off the net before she looks down at herself, in her casual attire she's got black gloves on and civilian clothing. She reaches a hand out for rahne from above her head as she hears the other woman talking. "Someone kidnapped us?!" Rogue says frantically before she sighs and feels around her pockets for her phone with her other hand, but she doesn't feel it anywhere on her person.

"Come on, Sugah. I'm gonna get us up t'the roof."

If Rahne takes her hand they'll float up in to the air faster and faster until they reach the roof of this sky rise, to which she'll take them toward its heli-pad on top. Once there, Rogue sets the other girl down and lands beside her. "What the hell happened, Rahne?" Rogue asks then, now up on top the building she can look around fully at the city around them, her hair flipping out behind her head as she looks in tot he wind.

No sign of any choppers on the horizon that she can see...

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne opens her mouth to recap again, when Rogue likely would realize her error. "Ah told ye. We fought, an' ah was awesome while you..." She pauses, looking at Rogue a moment.


"Ah was huntin' someone on m' own, an' you got caught en th' crossfire when ah screwed it up. They shot me wi' a dart. In th' bum."

She actually turns around, to show where she got shot, but luckily doesn't pull down her pants. I mean, yet.

"They had some kinda shocker gloves or some'at."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes go back to the other when she points at her butt. She looks down to where she indicates and then back up at Rahne's face.She narrows her eyes at the other woman. "Why would someone do... oh, you were in wolf form, weren't you...." She says, more then questions. Rogue sighs then, visibly losing some of her tension from this situation, though she's still on-edge. Her memory was f'd with and that's never a comforting thing to experience....

"Did their chopper have any markings or signs about who 'they' were?" She asks then as she gives anotehr quick look around their surroundings... "Did I chase'em all the way down here from westchester?" She asks then next.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
"Well, ah'd know them if I smelled 'em again," Rahne says. Obviously. "D'ye want t' sniff around? See what's what? Ah didnae expect tae get caught by poachers, no in this area." Her accent is still pretty obvious, even after five years on the team.

The rooftop, now that they're there, looks pretty well used. Rahne lands on her feet when allowed down, of course, but there are signs of scuffles. Claw marks, and many of them. Shoe and boot prints. It's some kind of multi-business building, so that's no giveaway.

"D'ye think they wanted m' fur? I am very soft." She's taking this...fairly well.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue didn't have her phone on her so she couldn't place any calls or contact anyone. The sun was going down, they had about 45 minutes left before the sky would get dark. She huffs out a heavy sigh again before her eyes look around the roof once more as Rahne talks. "Buildin' like this is gonna have all kinds of security inside.... more than likely they were some kinda vigilantescience ... guys...? I dunno, shit. This isn't my field'a expertise."

Rogue reaches her gloved hands up to rub at the back of her arms as the wind up here is whipping pretty hard. "We could search the buildin' I suppose, but I think we should just get the hell outta here, personally."

She says that last part while walking toward the edge of the building again, before peering over it as much as she can from this vantage angle. "We're not that far from Warren's place." Rogue notes, seeing Warren's apartment building off to the north. "Kitty's probably there..."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne bends over, hybrid form suddenly, and sniffs at a few things. Then she licks a nearby post, sighs, and says, "Yeah. This es boring. Let's go."
She walks over in that odd fashion ferals tend to have, hunching as she waits for a ride. Then she looks up at Rogue expectantly.

Boring. There was a message from Beast, to watch for issues with Rahne's mutation changing. Perhaps this could be mentioned. Still, she seems fine. "Hey. D'ye want tae stop for pork ribs? Ah feel like ribs."

She waves a card, not hers, that she seems to have on her. She stole a card from one of the attackers. And didn't realize it could be -important-.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue reaches her hand up to shield her eyes from the sunlight as she hears Rahne coming up behind her. She looks back at the other when she speaks of getting food and then sees the card being brandished. It makes the Belle suddenly smirk. "Ya lead a weird life, Rahney." Rogue replies to her initially before she drops her hand back to her hip and turns around. "Come on, hop on." She says then next, holding her arms out in classic piggy-back-carrier position waiting for the wolfen Wonder to hop at her.

"You're gonna have t'tell me where this food ya want is, I refuse t'eat barbecue from New York myself." She states with a little grin.

Once Rahne is on her back, Rogue will take to the skies then and keep a good secure hold on the other's legs so she's safe and secure.

All the while she scans the horizon for choppers... but it's NYC they're not that hard to find...

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
A moment later, Rahne is riding Rogue like a cowgirl! She waves in the air, absolutely enjoying the trip, and whooping and wishing she had a hat. She'd have lost a hat by now, so maybe she did have a hat when this all started but she still wishes she had a hat. So she could lose it. In the air. Flying.

"From Warren's place!" she cries out, happy to go along with the idea. Kitty would have some pork ribs, right? Is that a Jewish thing? I forget.

"Fly me tae Warren an' Kitty, an they can pay!"

She's fairly certain that she had a card a moment earlier, but all that waving around in the air, she appears to have misplaced it. Evidence, whatever. "I have a weird life," she says to herself. Rogue would probably hear it, but hey.

Oh. Right.

Hang on, you idiot.