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Labor Day Festival at Union Square Park
Date of Scene: 06 September 2021
Location: Union Square Park
Synopsis: A Labor Day festival is held in Union Square Park. Mark, Rex and Eve show up, and run into Clint, Melina, Helena Bertinelli and Cassandra Cain.
Cast of Characters: Eve Wilkins, Rex Sloan, Clint Barton, Melina Vostokoff, Mark Grayson, Helena Bertinelli, Cassandra Cain

Eve Wilkins has posed:
Union Square Park has been turned into a large public festival in celebration of Labor Day. The park fills up with people who have come to enjoy food, whether a picnic they brought themselves, or something bought from the stands that have funnel cake, hot dogs, BBQ, hamburgers, chili dogs, fried frozen twinkies, and other culinary creations too horrible to name specifically.

Vendors sell beer, soda and other drinks. A stage has been set up for a band which is playing music that has a few people out dancing.

Parents play catch with their kids in the grassy areas. Skateboarders grind a rail along concrete curbs or metal railings. Roller bladers and skaters are spinning about dancing gracefully.

Street buskers are out, juggling and doing magic, and playing music further away from the stage. A clown on stilts walks through the area. And do beware of the mimes. Over on one side of the square, firemen have opened up a fire hydrant, setting it to spray in a large area where kids are playing and cooling off.

Rex Sloan has posed:
"So, he's not like...giving anyone else the creeps?," Rex growls to his friends. He stares down a clown who is currently making balloon animals for some very delighted children. He sighs and brings his pilfered beer to his lips for a long sip before he glances over at those with him. "Fine. Well, -you- grow up in Gotham and -then- tell me clowns don't weird you out." He casts the clown another suspicious look before he turns his attention pointedly away from him.

Tight jeans, skater shoes, and an unzipped Oakland Raiders hoody over a black shirt makes up the majority of his outfit. His longish hair is pulled back at the moment, showing his freshly buzzed undercut.

Clint Barton has posed:
    Making his way through the crowd, the least noticeable Avenger is just out enjoying the weather and wandering through the park. He's actually got a hot dog in one hand and a soda in the other as he checks out the various vendors and performers. He's in his typical daily outfit, a purple t-shirt under a plain grey hoodie, camo pants and boots.

    As Rex makes his comment about the clown, he chuckles a little and comments "Yeah, they can be a little weird, but the kids mostly like them."

Melina Vostokoff has posed:
American festivals always fascinated her. So much celebration built on the backs of so many dead. Melina's had a calm time of it in New York so far and now seems like any other average citizen, out to enjoy the day. She's in a pair of carpi-length cargo pants, a white tank top, and white button down shirt worn overtop of it loosely, not a single button done. Her hair is down in two braided pigtails across the back of her skull. She looks like any middle-American young soccer mom who keeps herself fit with zumba and hot yoga three times a week.

She arches a brow as she over hears the commentary about the clown, a husky sort of laugh escaping her lips as she continues her slow pace through the crowd. Watching. Waiting, maybe. Or just enjoying.

Mark Grayson has posed:
"It's at least a -little- creepy." Mark tells Rex as a way of comfort. "Truth be told, don't clowns always -lose- in Gotham?" Mark's read the tabloids about the Dark Knight's escapades. Mark was one of the true believers that Batman was real back when he was an urban myth.

His hair is styled nicely, and he wears a simple shirt with a stylish sweater over it. His gaze turns to Rex.

"Wow, that guy is super cool." He watches a 'magician' doing optical illusions and wowing his audience with careful body motions and gestures.

He notices the vendors selling beer and he looks pointedly at Rex. "Let's keep it cool, yeah?" Of course, Mark was still figuring out his powers, lacking in knowledge that Rex (and Eve) are superheroes!

Eve Wilkins has posed:
The redheaded teen is wearing a snug pair of jeans and a light blouse. Her hair is left to fall loose about her shoulders as she wanders the festival with Rex and Mark and a couple of other teens from Happy Harbor. "I know they weird some people out," Eve says of the clown, "But I never really had that issue with them. Granted, yes, I didn't grow up in Gotham. I suppose clowns and penguins and a few other things probably read a bit differently to you, Rex."

Eve eyes the various vendors, then hears Clint. She gestures to what he said. "Who doesn't like balloons? And... little toy cars with surprisingly spacious seating?"

"Think I might go for a snow cone," she says, moving over to wait in line at one of the carts that have been brought in.

Rex Sloan has posed:
"Tell that to all the folks the clowns off before the Batman shows up to kick clown teeth in," Rex grunts. The husky laugh brings his gaze to Melina curiously for a moment, before Mark's comment draws him back. "Hey, I'm always cool." He takes another sip of his pilfered alcoholic beverage and winks.

"You would be into magic," he adds after a moment. He snap-points at Eve after her comment, and then looks to Clint. "Well, kids aren't known for being smart, right?"

He follows Eve over to the line and glances at Mark as he fishes out a battered looking wallet, sorting through a couple bucks inside. "Uhhh...yeah. Yeah, I can do snow cones." He pockets the wallet again and drains his plastic-cupped beer before expertly tossing it in the trash with an overhand toss.

Melina Vostokoff has posed:
"Children are incredibly smart. They simply need trained the proper way, and they can be quite the resource. They teach you ways to see the world you have long ago forgotten." There is a faint accent to Melina's voice, as she lingers a bit closer to the group that has been warily evaluating the clowns. Friendly small talk, that's all her words are, surely. But she sounds gently amused at the same time.

Hazel eyes flicker across the whole group, especially Clint. There is a quietly enigmatic smile across her neutrally painted lips. Even her make up is the subtle, neutral tones of a proper mid western girl who can't dare look like a tart.

Clint Barton has posed:
    With a shrug, Clint replies "Depends on the kids. I know some pretty smart ones, but yeah, Gotham does seem to attract more that it's share of strange theme villains. I've never really understood why they seem to cluster there. I mean, there's a lot of bad guys in most places, but you got the strange ones." He shakes his head, "And seriously, penguins? Who's afraid of those little guys anyway?"

    He takes a bite of the hot dog, taking a second to look around the crowd as if keeping tabs on anyone who is near him. Anyone who has had police or military training would recognize the move. Moving his attention back to Rex, he adds "Of course, given the fact that the guy who chases them dresses like a bat doesn't help."

Mark Grayson has posed:
"Depends on the person I guess." Comments Mark on the topic of clowns. "...and whether or not you read Stephen King." Mark shivers like the mere thought of demon clowns gives him the heebie geebies. "Snow come could be nice."

So Mark follows along with Rex and Eve until they find themselves waiting in line. Though Rex's comment about the people who are killed by clowns in Gotham before the Bat shows up makes Mark press his lips into a thin line. "I guess that's fair. But Batman is better than no Batman. Need cool heroes like him,"

"What's wrong with magic?" Mark questions Rex somewhat pointedly.

Clint and Melina are noticed and met with a small, almost shy wave from Mark. "Gotham is a weird place." Mark comments.

Helena Bertinelli has posed:
Helena Bertinelli walks in and suddenly becomes one of the school volunteers on duty at the festival! "Ms Bertinelli, here's your badge," one of the boss ladies says to her and thumbs her further into the park. "If anyone looks lost, remember to sound helpful," the boss lady reminds the angriest bat-character on Earth.

Helena takes her annoying little pink badge and puts the lanyard around her neck, "Fine," she tells her. She walks further into the park and eyes those who pass by in front of her. She mingles with some of those nearby and heads toward the concessions.

Eve Wilkins has posed:
When Eve gets to the front of the line, she keeps an ear on the conversation while the man scoops ice into a paper cone, and she looks over the flavors. "Hrm. Cherry or blue raspberry," she muses aloud to herself.

"What is it with blue raspberry anyway? I mean why blue? They don't have green cherry or pink apple or white grape-" Eve starts to say. "Ok, I guess there are white grapes, but you know what I mean."

She looks back to the vendor. "I'll have the blue raspberry please, double." He gives two pumps on the container of flavoring, saturating the snow cone with goodness both raspberry and blue.

Eve turns back to the others. She gives a soft smile at what Melina said. "I'm so going to quote you in Mrs. Livingston's English class. I'm not disturbing the class. I'm teaching you to see the world in ways you've long forgotten, Mrs. Livingston," Eve says with a grin towards Melina.

Rex Sloan has posed:
Rex shrugs at Clint and Melina when they reply about his comment about kids. The comments about Gotham, however, seem to annoy him. "Hey. Watch it, grandpa. Gotham's home. Sure, it has crazy clowns, but that's better then some other cities." He grumps softly before he looks to Mark and grins a bit.

"I dunno. Nothing, I guess. Gives me a headache, though..." He leans in to eye the flavors for a minute before he nods. "Uh...cherry. Yeah, cherry..." He fishes out his wallet to pay for Eve and him. Rex doesn't glance back to see if Mark wants to be covered. He nudges his battered wallet away and grins, glancing about at the others.

Melina Vostokoff has posed:
"Magic is cheating. But then, sometimes you must cheat in a world that is stacked against you." Melina muuters with another edge of mixed amusement to her faintly foreign voice. It's hard to place her accent, so faded with years and time. Maybe somewhere Eastern Europe, one of those sections with little countries that have changed so many names and so many hands. But clearly she has been here a while.

Her greenish eyes light up with amusement as Eve responds to her like that. She snerks out a little bit of a laugh through her nose and tilts her head in affirmation, "If your teachers let you mouth off and do not discipline you properly, then they deserve to be mouthed off to. Quote away, young lady." There is some oddly warm, teacherly aspect to Melina herself. But the cool sort of teacher who gets kids thinking by asking questions. She falls into it naturally.

Cassandra Cain has posed:
A pickpocket is active, for a moment. Just for a moment, and though it's likely that there are more, there's an instant when a hand reaches for a wallet, and then another instant when that hand is up behind their back, and they're being frog-marched away from the target.

No harm is done, but it may have been amusing. As the youth is pushed into a corner, a sore arm their only punishment, but a message delivered that this festival is not open game, delivered.

Some may have seen the action. It looked as if it was a little asian lady who did it, and we all know how kung fu little asian ladies can be.

It's just a thrill that this time the stereotype is true.

Clint Barton has posed:
    Clint chuckles at Rex's reply, shaking his head. "Didn't say it was a bad place, just that it's got more than it's share of weird criminals." He shrugs, taking another bite of the hot dog followed by a sip from his drink. "Got some pretty cool architecture there though. Your city has it's own very unique style, maybe that's what attracts the penguins and such."

    He looks over the crowd again, then back to the group he's talking to. He pauses as a mime walking against the wind passes, then continues "Now those guys" he indicates the mime "Really creep me out."

Mark Grayson has posed:
"Blue Raspberry is the best! Nice and sweet, but also super flavorful." Mark tells Eve with no small amount of amusement on his face. "We could try to appeal to the flavor gods and demand more." Mark smirks a little bit though, implying he's joking.

Oh look, Rex is gonna be a pal and pay for the gr- oh, never mind, just for him and Eve. Mark just kinda sighs and reaches for his wallet. Mark does look at Clint though. "He's not old..." Mark tries to defend Clint at least a little bit from Rex's antics.

He seems pleased that Melina is so warm and friendly to Eve. He notices Helena, but doesn't quite greet her yet. When it's his turn to get a snow cone, he snags a blue raspberry.

Cassandra isn't noticed by Mark yet! But if he did notice her, there's no way in hell he's messing with her.

Helena Bertinelli has posed:
"Hey Ms Bertinelli! What up!" one of the young teens yells out and waves at her. She is standing near the concessions and looking over the drink lines.

"Wrong line, Carlos," Helena tells him with a smirk and motions for him to get moving.

"Oh right! Right! I'm not in line for a spiked drink! Seriously," he tells her and shuffles to another non-descript line.

"Nice, Carlos," Helena shakes her head.

Eve Wilkins has posed:
Eve moves away from the line for the snow cone stand to not be in anyone's way. "Thanks Rex," she tells him when he reaches to pay for her. She takes a first small bite of the snow cone, just getting a bit of the flavored, shaved ice into her mouth to hold while it melts. Not going too wild on it to avoid a dreaded brain freeze.

The redheaded teen glances over as the unusual gait of the would-be pickpocket catches her eye. Eve's head tilts just slightly as she watches, eyes going to try to see who the person is walking the youth away. Though whoever it is, is short and tougher to see in the crowd.

Eve turns back towards Melina, Clint, and those from her school. "Could do with a few less criminals of all varieties, crazy or not," she says.

The teen turns to look over as Helena is settling into helping out at the festival. A rather rotund man hurries up to her. He bounces on his feet excitedly. "Pardon me, miss. Are there funnel cakes? There have to be funnel cakes!"

Rex Sloan has posed:
Rex takes a huge bite of the snow cone as soon as he can. And then another. He winces, then, but tries to play the brain freeze off, squinting at Eve and managing a labored, "Good stuff."

He looks to Clint and grins a bit, nodding. "Mmmn. Alright, fair." Rex looks over at Mark and arches an eyebrow.

"Not old?" Helena is spotted then, and he doesn't hide checking out a teacher before he tries to loop an arm around Eve's shoulder as they walk along. "So! What next, huh? Never been to one of these things before, so walk me through it."

Melina Vostokoff has posed:
Melina falls quiet then, still slightly following near the group, studying them all quietly, exactly uniquely. The quietly amused, thoughtful expression remains on her features as she enjoys the day, some loud music gaining her attention for a heartbeat or two. That gets a wrinkle of disapproval from her nose, music of that sort was never her preference. Too much showing off.

Then the little thief gets her attention. Two brows arch, studying her a bit closer. She doesn't approach, but someone else has gained her careful notice.

Clint Barton has posed:
    "Geez, I don't have gray hair just yet. I probably should at this point, but so far I remain unblemished by age." At Eve's comment he nods and replies "Yeah, I'd have to agree. Way too many criminals out in all our cities. Fortunately there's a good number of folks on the other side as well, taking those guys down as quickly as they pop their heads up.

Finishing his hot dog, he wads up the napkin and throws it towards a garbage can a fair distance away, and bullseyes it. With a grin he says "Nothing but net, I haven't gotten too old, see? Course to younger eyes I must be ancient."

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Cass dusts her hands off on her own hips, wondering to herself how many more she needs to deal with before they get the hint. She scans the crowd automagically, eyes picking out those who're planning something and those who're just...something.

Then she sighs. She watches a few scatter, having spotted the little show she just put on, and seems a bit sad that she won't have to actually confront many more. Apparently it's no fun if you don't end up with a black eye at the end of the event.

She meets Melina's eyes, but her gaze moves past quickly. Nothing going on.

Helena Bertinelli has posed:
Helena Bertinelli is actually being helpful, not angry, it's amazing. She glances over those nearby, seeing Eve and others in line, including more students. She looks at this rotund man as he runs up to her, "Cakes?" she asks, pausing with a squint, "Yeah cakes," she mutters, whipping out her festival pamphlet, "Alright, let's find cakes," she says and begins her tutoring session, as per her slow, deliberate language.

After explaining some directions, Helena hands over the helpful pamphlet to the man, "Yep, that's where I'd check. Probably a line though," she suggests.

Mark Grayson has posed:
After Mark gives Rex a 'come on man' kind of look, he rubs the back of his neck and gets his snow cone, kinda hanging out behind them. Eve calling for Funnel cakes makes Mark smile. "I love funnel cakes. They're super expensive at fairs, but sooo good." Mark mentions then.

"I wonder if there's any good games here."

"I think that there's a ton of heroes doing really good work. I think it's good that they toss crooks in jail, so at least they can be possibly rehabilitated." Idealistic.

Eve Wilkins has posed:
The man who has his heart set on funnel cakes beams from ear to ear. "Oh good, thank you!" he says, hurrying off. Somewhere off in that direction, a sign over a stand indicates it does indeed sell the aforementioned item, as well as elephant ears.

Eve is just enjoying her snow cone though. She watches Clint nail the thrown napkin and looks back to him. "Not too old at all," she says with a smile towards the man. The old man. Compared to her!

Rex's hurriedly eating his snow cone gets a tiny, knowing grin from Eve. "Isn't it?" she asks, patting his shoulder. "Oh, we just wander and enjoy ourselves. Can find a game. Or the band's playing. Anyone feel like dancing?" she asks, her eyes going over to Mark as well to see what he'd prefer.

Rex Sloan has posed:
"I could dance with you," Rex says easily as he glances over at Eve, working on his snow cone much slower now. The others get his glance now and again. "Watch out for carnie games," he tells Mark.

"And yeah, some of those guys can get fixed, sure. Some can't, though. Some need to just be stomped on until they can't hurt anyone."

Melina Vostokoff has posed:
For a few minutes, Melina disappears into the crowd. Then, almost seemingly out of no where, she's at the opposite side of Clint Barton. That strange smile remains on her lips and she murmurs very quietly, mostly only meant for his ears, "If you see Natasha, do tell her Melina is looking for her. No fighting. I... simply have a question. Tell her that. Melina has a question. She will understand." And then she's falling quickly back into the crowd, having timed her statement just as they passed a large group of people whom she can disappear straight into the middle of. The woman is incredibly talented at ghosting, her message having been delivered.

Cassandra Cain has posed:
There's a game of three card monte going on in a side area, which Cass determines to be interesting. She watches it, her left hand on her chin, while a guy moves cards quickly to and fro. She tilts her head as he palms one, then frowns as people get annoyed.

Eyes flicking left and right, she apparently determines that this is just another one of those 'you'll understand it someday' tricks and shrugs. Well, that's a thing.

So she turns away and lets folks get fleeced, and wanders toward the funnel cake stand. Finding herself right in front of Eve and Rex, she gently sidesteps and bypasses the line. Rude!

Clint Barton has posed:
    "Yeah, that's kind of my take on it too, stop the bad guys then let someone else figure out their motivations. I think the stopping is probably the easy part, who'd want to get into those heads?" He seems to be about to continue when a woman walks past behind him, perhaps passing a little too close. He suddenly twitches as if startled, then spins, his hand diving under his hoodie as if to pull something out. He scans the crowd, but seems to have lost whoever he is looking for.

    Releasing whatever he was going for under his hoodie, he turns back to the small group he had been talking to and says, "Nice meeting you guys, but I have somewhere I need to be." Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out a StarkPhone(tm) and hits one key while lifting it to his ear. <<I need a pickup at the south end of Union Square, ASAP.>> He waves to the folks he was talking to and jogs south, putting the phone back into his pocket.

Cassandra Cain has posed:
The girl who bypassed the line doesn't order though, she just...bypasses. She moves on. She leaves. She's just there, then not there. And the only sign that she was there at all, is another pickpocket yelling in pain, and another kid being thrown into a trash heap. Gotta keep up the work, after all.

Helena Bertinelli has posed:
"You're welcome," Helena mutters as the man she's helped makes off and she looks back at the line. The aforementioned Carlos is BACK in line while she was distracted ... sorta. He's pretending to talk to someone already in line. He actually spots Helena eyeing him teacherly and grins nervously, "My bad!" he says as Helena again motions for him to get moving.