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Staff Meeting: Jubilee Vamped
Date of Scene: 13 September 2021
Location: Staff Meeting Hall
Synopsis: Members of Xavier's school faculty and more discuss the situation with Countess Jubilation.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Logan Howlett, Kitty Pryde, Laxmi Mallick, Michael Erickson, Jean Grey, Ororo Munroe, Henry McCoy

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had been worrying about Jubilee since the day she turned up not-dead... mostly because it had been the day that Sergeant (the old bitey horse in the stables) had been slain in his stall. But there's been a lot going on since then to ssay the least. The day after that was the Shi'ar invasion and everything that came with it...

But now that things were somewhat closer to what passes for normal around here, Rogue had had a chance to actually catch up with Jubilee...

While helping her dig a grave in the backyard... more on that later likely!

Here and now, in the shared staff offices, Rogue is at the main big table and is seated in one of the chairs despite not being faculty! "So, yeah.... She's showing all the signs of a cliche Vampire infection. I talked to her some about it, and, well, I'm concerned. I mean this is weird, even for us." Rogue says to whomever might already be here with her, while others may yet be arriving.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Today Logan wears the same thing he always wears, a clean version of course. White tshirt under a flannel of blues and greens, not buttoned, with the tshirt tucked into a pair of newish blue jeans and tan work boots. He may have been away for the summer, but on his first day back he was greeted with the knowledge, and the scent, that Jubilation was not a living student any more.

"Her scent is clear, Rogue," he offers, leaning against the wall near where Rogue sits. "She's a vampire."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde finishes adding a little milk to a cup of tea she just made. After the time she spent in the UK, some of their habits managed to get their grip on her. A good cup of tea was one of them, apparently.

She has a troubled expression as she listens to the others, not having been up on the details of what had been going on between being out of the country recently. Also, off the planet.

"So, ah, I'm not quite sure what is truth and what is myth and Hollywood when it comes to this situation. I mean they really have confused things to the point I imagine Dracula should sue them for defamation. Except they probably didn't do him justice there."

Laxmi Mallick has posed:
    "I have the same problem. What, if anything, do we actually know about vampires?" Laxmi asks in concern. She's dressed in a lehenga - as she often is - and she's busying herself with making sure a pot of tea, and coffee are both on offer - along with a carafe of chai. There's also an assortment of sweets to go with the drinks. It helps sometimes to have something else to focus on during difficult discussions like this.
    "I've heard so many different versions of what a vampire is, and what it can do, from so many different folk lores and stories. Is she even still the same person she was before? Some stories would claim that she's not. How much is she in control? How do we help her, while keep the other students safe?"

Michael Erickson has posed:
    Michael arrives, in...well, something a bit more dramatic than the gray suit he usually wears. Tonight he wears something from home: an undersuit of faintly metallic material, something akin to black mylar in apperance, and a sleeveless jacket of charcoal gray fabric. It is, unmistakably, a military uniform - just from another galaxy. But there are no rank plaques, no medals, no symbol of the Empire. It is a trapping of great formality. Just not for those at faraway home.

    Michael enters quietly as the conversation is already in progress, clearing his throat softly to mark his arrival. He makes for the table and sits, black gloved fingers folding upon its surface as the alien listens wordlessly for now.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean is no doubt there ahead of time, helping set up, and generally being fussy about things. There's drinks and baked snacks. But once everyone is more or less settled in, she looks over to Rogue with a nod, and then back. "I spoke with her a few days ago as well, just after Logan had given her detention for whatever... well, 'influence' her powers had caused over her classmates. It's certainly a worrisome situation." Glancing quickly toward Kitty she seems to take particular interest in that angle. "None of us are exactly experts in this, I imagine, although I agree that there is... well, it's clear something is deeply wrong. I had a ... reaction to her, as well. Well, you know." Not 'her' her. "To how she was disconnected from the normal cycle of life and death."

"I think, though, it's probably better not to let ourselves get too wrapped up in the small details, trying to sort out folklore versus Le Fanu versus Stoker versus the Twilight saga." Especially that last one. "Ultimately, what we have is someone with unusual powers, who doesn't fully understand or control them. And that is something we DO have a lot of experience with, collectively."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
    Ororo has chosen to sit, wanting to stand, or float or any number of other things, but she feels bent waists and knees might help the blood to the brains of those present, and allow cooler heads to possibly prevail. Seated at one of the chairs, but with her feet curled so she's sitting cross legged and with a heavy sigh escaping her lips.

    Her hair is allowed to cascade down her back, and is resting on top of the business casual suit she wore this day for the lessons and classes that she taught. A charcoal piece with a cream colored blouse without the jacket. She takes a breath, thankful the tailor actually listened when she said she would need full movement of her legs for the pants to be worth her while.

    Clearing her thoart a bit, Ororo tries to make herself heard and with a glance to Logan, "She is a vampire, she is fully dead. What we can do about that is... unknown at this time but I have reached out to a few people." The woman notes, before looking around the room to everyone present, "She seems to be the same personality as before, but I think we are put into a rather difficult position, and my opinion is we protect the other students first." A glance is leveled in Jean's direction, but she nods in agreement, "I agree with Jean's stated assessment, I felt her no longer a part of this natural world. She has been severed from the balance of the planet. But, I want to help her, and yet I feel that control, even via resrictions allows us to protect everyone first, and then we can work on her dietary needs."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Henry was there, glasses perched on his nose as he looks over lab results. "Nothing... looks out of place on her labs." A frown rolls over his face. "But she was certainly acting oddly when I was asking after what happened. Her memories were either fuzzy, missing or she was being obtuse and evasive." He sets down the tablet, for any to look at. "I've no expertise in these mystic things - though there are others we could ask. Ilyana, or Wanda? Perhaps even Dr. Strange?"

"Then there is the problem of whomever bit her..."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is about to speak back to Lax when Michael walks in in his outfit. It makes her do a double take before she nods softly once. "That is definitely a thing..." She mutters before looking back to Logan and Lax. "Okay, so she's a vampire... whatever that means." She glances toward Kitty and Jean. "She still has Jubilee's memories and personality, it's just being ... influenced by all these new elements." Rogue motions for a cup of tea as she's southern and tea is a way of life.

"She killed Sergeant, the horse. She admitted it to me... But yeah. She also said she was a danger to everyone here-- to which I countered... who isn't? I mean, this is what we do here, is how I tried t'help her view it all. Which seemed t'sorta help."

Rogue goes silent when Storm speaks up, she leans back in her fancy faculty chair and huffs softly. "I wanna know if the Professah, or you-jean --can look inta Jubes' mind. Go back t'the night this all happened and maybe find out who did this to her... then find them, and... make'em reverse it. I mean we don't know how this works, maybe there's a simple cure... like Advil for a month! Who knows!" She slaps her gloved hands on the arm of the chair lightly.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan listens as each teacher speaks, letting his eyes follow along to each while they are talking. He'd like a beer, but he'll settle for coffee, which he moves to get himself some of.

"I been patrolling the halls at night," he states out of no where, for no other reason that to let people know. "Not once has she made a move against another student with intention."

A little sugar into his coffee, then he moves back to lean against the wall again. "I also been making sure she's fed so she don't hunt the other students, not that she ever did, in fact she's been taking care of the pesky over population of squirrels until now. Animal blood ain't enough for most vampires, so she's been taking mine... in a glass."

Michael Erickson has posed:
    Michael is content to listen still, though his expression is...grim. Then again, he always looks grim. And in the uniform he looks like something Flash Gordon would have worn were he also a Nazi. Words are being written in that brain, but they're not /quite/ ready to come out. Yet.

Laxmi Mallick has posed:
    Laxmi goes from pouring Rogues cup of tea, to frowning at Logan for a moment, then back to the task at hand. She passes the cup over to Rogue, before helping herself to some chai.
    "Well. Making sure her dietary needs are met seems to me to be the simpliest and most direct way //to// protect everyone else," she points out. "But I think taking other measures is helpful as well, like having Logan patroling the halls in the evening. And I definitely think it's a good thing she doesn't have keys to any of the other rooms anymore."
    She finally settles into one of the seats, sipping at her own glass as she frowns uncertainly. The whole situation was a mess.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde listens and absorbs the information and comments from everyone. "Yes, the safety of everyone is important. And helping her is equally so. I gather that sunlight isn't harmful to her in a fatal sense that we need to take precautions there?" Kitty says, more confirming than expecting to hear otherwise.

"So far she has amenable to all of this, to doing what's necessary to help protect the students, etc," Kitty confirms with a look over to Logan. "Well, she's still Jubilee. We'll do what we can to help her. Definitely tracking down how it happened is a good first step," she agrees.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan reaches into his pocket and pulls out Jubilations keys, jingles them where everyone can see them, then slides them back into his pocket.

"In regards to her detention," he then says, taking a sip of the coffee. "The actions were unintentional on Jubilee's part, that much was clear, and she's been far more careful about how she words things until she's got a better grasp on how that stuff works. She's Jubilee alright, same attitude with a new level of teenaged vampire angstiness added. Only reason for that detention was the accident power use and no telling any of us about it sooner."

Jean Grey has posed:
The fact that she and Ororo are somewhat on the same page makes Jean smile, and she gives a quick nod back. "In terms of an actual solution, curing her, if that's even possible, our first step is people who know this better than we do, who /aren't/ going to be stuck playing 'guess the source material.' We have friends and allies, and we make use of them. It's unfortunate Illyana couldn't be here," she goes on, acknowledging Henry, "but I think taking Jubilee to see Doctor Strange would be an excellent idea. He's been helpful in the past, when Rogue and I had to deal with some stray demons for instance," LONG STORY, "and I imagine he'd have more definitive answers on the subject."

"And if this is a 'hunt down the one who made her' type scenario? Well, then we do that."

When Rogue speaks a little more about her personality, her expression softens. "Most of my meeting with her was, right, I was trying to get a grasp of what kind of state she's in. She's still herself, still he person we care for, but there is definitely another part to her personality. And unfortunately, it's not something as simple as a psychic compulsion from another Vampire. Some of it is a change to who she is, or at least, a new part of the sum total."

As Logan brings up the security side, she admits: "Involuntarily or maybe instictively, she tried to use her compulsion against me, but I was able to push it off. And even then, it wasn't a sinister behavior, exactly. She was..." Jean's expression softens. "well, she felt alone and she just wanted someone to reassure her. But I think the bottom line is, although there /is/ a safety concern, there's no reason to jump ahead of things. Collectively, we can keep watch on her. I trust Logan's not going to let anything slip by under his nose, and either Charles or I would be certain to sense if there was a larger panic among the students. And we can manage her dietary needs-" Logan's explanation of THIS solution earns a briefly surprised look. "-one way or another. I was thinking we could get donor blood from a normal source, or even possibly have Hank figure out a lab solution, but I suppose that is definitely an easier way to handle it."

Michael Erickson has posed:
    Now, finally, Michael clears his throat. "Headmistress." He looks up the table at the redheaded woman, tone as crisp and formal as his mode of dress. "May I speak?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sits back with her tea from Laxmi and smiles quickly at her. "Thanks." She says softly before her eyes go around to the others. Logan saying that Jubes drinks his blood gets a grimace from the Belle, but she doesn't comment on that one. She just sips her tea and looks from one to the other as they all talk it out.

"I mean this happened t'Jubilee here near Salem Center, and I've never heard of Vampires in this area... so that would tell me that whomever it was was likely passin' through town, and could be long gone by now. The only place I've even heard Vampires hang out at seems like it could just as easily be a old urban legend... So I don't know where t'go for 'expert advice' on this stuff."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
    Ororo looks sorrowful and frowns to Rogue, "Sergeant..." She whispers with melancholy on her voice, and then with a glance towards Logan she furrows her eyebrows, nearly touching above her slender nose as she blinks slowly, disturbed and horrified simultaneous.

    "Rogue, you still wear gloves to keep yourself from hurting others, it's a better safe than sorry bit of protection, yes?" Ororo is starting to make her point, "And as Logan said, Animal blood ain't enough, and while you're patrolling we all do feel safer, but we can't deny that you aren't prone to taking trips for extended periods of time without much notice." Ororo says with a second glance to the Canadian.

    "I fear we are incredibly undereducated for this situation, as all we're going on is legends, and stories." Looking to Jean now and smiling at her, feeling that sense of togetherness that they are on the same team and fighting for the same things, --- partially, "I hate to disagree with you Jean, but I feel there is reason to jump ahead. Most of what has been suggested isn't exactly proactive, I don't want to offend or upset anyone, but there is a fox in the hen house, metaphorically, and we're simply hoping we'll be able to react in time. I feel that is putting undue risk on all of the children, as I don't want to lose one when we have the opportunity now to keep them safe. A lab solution and donated blood would be ideal, yes, but we don't have those in this moment, I'm worried about the immediate present."

Jean Grey has posed:
At Michael's request, Jean just smirks a little. "You know, I don't know how it works on Aerie, but here it's the students who have to raise their hands and wait to be called on." It's good sign she can make alien jokes, right?! But she gestures for him to go on. "We're looking to all our teaching staff to pitch in, and you wouldn't be here ortherwise. So please, go ahead."

Michael Erickson has posed:
    "I'm used to waiting my turn." Michael says this with a faint smile to Jean, then looks around the rest as he rise and tugs at the hem of his jacket. "I've had a long conversation with Jubilation - I chanced upon her at the stables, where she was mourning what she did to the horse, Sergeant." His lips flatten into a line. "Neither of us, at least at the moment, are human. You may or may not know, my species was descended from predatory species; my insight into people follows that perspective, and this, combined with my experiences over the years, has given me some insights which I have not yet heard tonight."

    Michael looks around the room once more. "I...recognize that what Jubilation has become is an entirely predatory thing. She has powers, predatory instincts. Even when she's trying hard not to use them, these things leak out - I myself have been trained to use similar tricks in the execution of my duty as an agent of the Empire. She has within her what she calls a 'Dark Passenger', which, though somewhat dramatic, is a very apt description to the hyperpredatory urge which her condition now confers upon her. She can't help but hunt, or at least, can't help but want to. Frankly the fact that she has been able to keep herself under control after the initial episode with the horse is to be greatly celebrated as a clear sign that she /can/ be helped, and have a productive life even if her condition cannot be cured.

    "Frankly, vampiric life is not unknown in the Empire - although these are natural creatures primarily. Sorcery and mysticism is known in the Empire, but not to the level it seems to be common here. There are vampiric species that exist and thrive as subjects of the Empire. The important thing here - and I'm very glad to hear that you all agree - is to ensure that she is not made to feel like she is a pariah. The thing inside of her, this urge, it is selfish. It is self-defensive. And, more importantly, it will try and turn her away from those who seek to embrace her if we give it even a tiny bit of a chance. She needs to be a part of the group; she needs a duty. It is no different than if one has a unmutual member of a military squad, at least in my experience."

    He looks like he has more to say, but he doesn't yet. He's taken up enough air for the moment.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
"With our contacts, it should be a trivial matter to get ahold of enough donated blood," Kitty says. "Hank alone can probably just order it up given his status in the research community?" she adds, looking over to Henry McCoy for confirmation on that.

A slow nod is given by the Jewish girl. "I agree, while we need to take steps to protect everyone, we should make every effort to avoid making Jubilee feel alienated. This isn't the first time we've had someone go through issues that affected their control, after all. Even in the last year we've had people go through things not too different." Kitty reaches over to Henry and rests a hand on his arm, giving it a squeeze and smiling at him.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan doesn't bother to offer any sort of comment to Ororo. He took on a teaching job at the school this year, which means he has no intentions of wandering off until maybe next summer, but if that wasn't obvious, oh well. Sipping at his coffee he just continues to listen. Concerned about students? He started patrolling and won't stop. Jubilation needed a reliable, acceptable source of food, he offered up his own. Both problems solved without stressing out the entire staff or students, and it all goes toward helping Jubilee not feel singled out and alone... after all Jubilee is a students as well, is she not?

A soft snort escape Logan at the end of Ororo's words and the Michael begins and he just nods. He understand that predator inside Jubilation just as much that the Shi'ar did, he had seen it in her eyes, smelled it on her.

"I was looking for a quick solution," he states. "A 'until something better' sort of thing. I'll keep patrolling, but I'm telling ya all now, separating Jubilation out, making her live apart, that ain't gonna sit well with me. Charles didn't treat me like that when I came here, and you can bet I was a hunter, a killer when I first got here. I ain't turnin my back on Jubilation, I'm hoping no one else does either."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sips her tea and looks between the others as they talk. She chimes up when she has a chance to defend Jubilee. "I found her dragging a bag through theyard the other night, I thought ... oh god, is it a body?" She shakes her head side to side then. "I helped her bury it, so I would know where she was burying stuff... since she had a shovel with her... But yeah, I went back later and dug it up t'look inside, and it was just... a shit ton of candy. Her candy stash she's always trying t'find a new place t'hide."

She sighs then. "So yeah, she hissed at Jeepers--" Rogues' dog. "But she seems t'have SOME control over herself now... Rest in peace Sergeant... but yeah."

Jean Grey has posed:
"But isn't that always true, in one shape or another?" Jean turns to ask Ororo. "Just recently, my just being here, just existing put the students in danger." Ok and the rest of the planet. "Many of us have pasts, enemies," why is she looking at Logan?! "and there are people out there who would hurt all of us, as individuals or as a collective. Even having the students together puts them at danger from one-another. What happens when teenage drama flares and someone throws a blast of fire instead of a punch?" The answer isn't heated, but it's heartfelt in the passion behind it. "Ultimately, we've always made the decision, that accepting some risks is worth what we gain from being here together, from supporting one another."

Which in turn, leads her to look back at Michael as he expresses first that familiarity with the dark and predator, and yet in contrast, also his support for the communal. "We have a saying on Earth-" And then she laughs, and shakes her head. "I'm sure you know." Mr. /Spy/. "'It takes a village to raise a child.' That's true whether it's a kid with the power to level a city block or, in this case, one of the sweetest students I've ever known suddenly filled with a darkness she doesn't control. Several of us here," and she indicates herself, and then Rogue, "are familiar with having something /other/ within us. So that's something we can offer her, our experience with it, and our empathy."

Which leads to her nodding along with several others. "When we met, I brought up the possibility of needing to take extra measures, and she was agreable with it. So if necessary, we can make arrangements for her living conditions, and her schedule so that she's well accounted for. But she needs us. And until we learn otherwise about the long-term prospects of her condition, and so long as she maintains the level of control we've observed," added as Rogue mentions poor Jeepers! "My plan is to treat the situation like we would for any student with dangerous, poorly controlled powers."

Henry McCoy has posed:
A glance to Kitty, nodding as her hand rests on his arm. "I can certainly try to scare up some blood - research and all that. I've got some connections I can pull on." Henry comments. A look to all present, the big blue man shrugging. "I am very out of my element. Magic is not my thing." A slight frown. "It is quite aggravating that such a condition fools our diagnostics. I've no idea how the condition is passed on, nothing I could posit would be of benefit."

Long story short? Magic sucks.

Laxmi Mallick has posed:
    "A duty," Laxmi repeats, her tone thoughtful - but uncertain. "What sort of 'duty' do you have in mind? She still is the RA - is she not? Even if the keys were removed from her care. What are all of the duties of that position? It seems like it might be side to remove any that might not be safe at this time - but perhaps others could be added in their place?"
    She lets out a sigh, not sure what else to add. She's the newest member of the staff, the least experienced with this sort of thing - and she never knew the girl before her change, unfortunately.

Michael Erickson has posed:
    "A village, a squad, an empire." Michael gives Jean a smile, and nods. "I am, of course, at your disposal where Jubilation is concerned. She needs friends; I am fortunate that she considers me one, after our encounter. Any task that I can carry out to help her, I volunteer. As well as my resources, of course. In fact..."

    Michael looks to Henry now. "I have some assets as well. I am connected to SHIELD as well, along with their extensively brilliant personnel. May I have permission to bring this up with certain of their scientists? At the very least, we might be able to secure a device or process by which blood can be cloned in small batches as a manner of palatable nourishment. Hamburger compared to steak, perhaps, but something that the predatory instinct might be dulled with."

    And a nod to Laxmi, too. "She can assist me in night classes, if allowed. I can teach her all sorts of things to help keep her mind off of her condition. As it happens, learning about the greater universe tends to blow the mind to distraction."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
    Ororo remains in her chair, though she's craving some water, but it's a desire she doesn't voice, "I'm behind your choices in this, but I've officially adopted Noriko, and it's not exactly something I'm comfortable with. Having her living in the same room with the girl she was dating who's now a vampire. I mean we know Jubilation, we all love Jubilation, but I find the risk of not only her hurting another person, but that person also becoming a vampire too, and that cycle continuing... it's too much." Ororo says, lifting her hand, and swallowing at the fear in her throat and then pressing her hand into her left eye, and fighting the tears that were welling up.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue lowers her cup down after another sip and then sits up in her chair straighter. She looks over to Storm and exhales. "I gotta agree about the chicken, uh, henhouse... thing. I think it'd be really irresponsible of us to not like... make some precautions for the time bein'. Like, maybe move Jubilee to a room down in the... under-levels." Is Michael aware of the Base? Rogue doesn't know!

"We could have her train down there, in the simulation room-" Does he know about the Danger Room?!

"Until she gets more comfortable with this new direction, just incase we can't... ya know... reverse it..."

Laxmi Mallick has posed:
    There's sympathy in Laxmi's gaze for Ororo's apparent struggle - and she pours a little of the chai she made earlier into a cup, rising to her feet and moving around the table to set it in front of the other woman with an encouraging smile. "We'll find a way to keep them all safe," she murmurs quietly, and encouragingly.
    "There are rooms in the basement?" Laxmi asks in surprise and curiosity as she moves back to her own seat. She hadn't explored the basement very well, she had to admit. "I suppose they could be made very comfortable? And I think the caution about trying not to alienate her too much isn't entirely unwarranted - if this is a condition we think she will have to continue to live with. ...I don't know." She sinks back into her seat with a sigh.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan cracks his neck, taking another drink of his coffee.

"Sure, alone in the basement, that'll help her feel like we give a damn," he snorts, then sets the coffee down. "That really what you want to do? Cause if that's the decision, I'm goin down there with her so she ain't alone."

Jean Grey has posed:
"No matter our intentions, all of this is going to be getting ahead of ourselves, because we really can't say anything with certainty until we have a better diagnosis on her situation, her condition," Jean adds, with a touch of finality. "If there are options for curing her, then our focus is on making that happen, with whatever we need to do to keep her safe and sane in the meanwhile. If this... could be a longer term problem, then we have to understand it. Are there some Vampires who maintain a positive outlook?" And here, she acknowledges the grim possibility that Rogue reminds them of, "or do they all transform into monsters over time? These are things we need to know. Otherwise, anything, everythhing we do is guesswork at best. So, we schedule her 'Doctors appointment' ASAP."

Looking toward Ororo, who's now turned emotional herself, she looks a little guilty, and reaches over across the table. "Ororo, we're not going to let that happen. We won't. And honestly, you probably know their realitionship better than I do, so maybe you should be handling this. It needs to be a topic we speak with them together on, because they're not children, and mixing in those other emotions with all of this- well, it's a recipe for disaster. But I'm sure Noriko doesn't want to abandon her, even if she recognizes the danger." Here, she draws back, and looks thoughtful.

"A few months ago, we had another discussion about their living situation," as the two dating as roomates probably violated some technicalities of the dorm rules, "and our solution we came up with was what we have only just finished now, the new housing for the college. We were planning on giving them a room there regardless, so maybe one could move in ahead of schedule and the other could visit? At least for the time being."

Michael Erickson has posed:
    "I don't believe that putting her in a dungeon is not going to do her any favors, Miss." This is said to Rogue, but not unkindly. Michael's lips are set into the faintest of smiles. "I feel that the more we make her feel like a monster, the more easily she will actually become one. As Logan says." Why yes, he /does/ know about the underlevels, though he says nothing about it. He almost died down there. Logan gets a glance for a moment, but he looks back to Jean now.

    "She loves her," Michael says then. "Noriko. Firmly. Hurting her lover, it is the greatest fear she could possibly have right now. I feel that isolating them might acceptable in terms of moving them out of the same room, but I would caution about separating them any farther than across the hall. Her relationship to this other girl is a key tether to her humanity in my estimation."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
"There may be things that can be done to help her keep control, let alone, cure the condition. But no matter what, she's family. Not going to make her feel like an outcast as long as she's working to contain the situation and we haven't had anyone hurt," Kitty offers. "We're family," she says, turning to look one person after another in the eye.

"It sounds like for the moment she's doing her best to keep it under control. I think what she feels from us needs to be love and support in that," Kitty says, agreeing with the Shi'ar.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan watches Ororo for moment, feeling that wave of emotion she'd been through the other night.

"Well," he offers. "We got a situation in that Ororo is Noriko's legal guardian. She says she wants her moved out, school er not, we gotta move her out. Same if any parent asked for a kid to have their kids room changed."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes go over to Logan first as he dislikes the idea of a Base room. She looks then to Laxmi who apparently isn't familar with the base either. She then regards Michael who thinks the basement is a dungeon, and it just makes the young southern woman sit back in her chair again. "I could make it look nice." She mutters before sipping her tea again.

Her eyes go then to Jean and she lowers her cup again. "I was gonna move inta a reserved place there myself, but I suppose Jubilee could have it in my place. Special circumstances and all. Rahne is ouver there now, so... I mean... what better duo t'live t'gether than a Vampire and a Werewolf, right?" She says with a big smirk.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
    Ororo looks up to Laxmi and frowns, wanting to reach out, and then to Jean, again, wanting to embrace and be told everything will be alright. She knows that's not the case. Not this time. "The girl is already mad at me. She said I was prejudiced, and that I was the reason she is in this state... if it even is a state." Ororo says, looking down to the spot on the table in front of herself. Lost in thought.


    She could easily fall into the infinite chasm of what may be's and the spiral of futher and further darkness infused futures, but she doesn't.

    Ororo rubs at her right eye briefly this time. Tears for the loss of Jubilation, as she felt beyond the girl's mind, she felt her soul and connection to the earth. Or lack there of. "I do not like the idea of playing 'wait for injury.'" Ororo states, "But back where I grew up, we didn't allow the wolves to live with the sheep and hope-" Ororo stops mid thought to look at Logan, and there's more tears swelling in her eyes, but she doesn't allow them to fall but she allows them to linger, only mouthing 'Thank you.' To the stocky man.

Laxmi Mallick has posed:
    "Just to play devil's advocate - but the implication of that statement is that we're willing to accept that someone may be harmed," Laxmi points out quietly, in response to Kitty's words. "I do agree, though, that if she weren't trying to control this situation, and remain true to the girl you've always known her to be, we would have seen more damage already. It's one thing to say 'we're going to find out more as fast as we can' - but there's also the need to face the situation //now// with the current information we have, and take as many reasonable steps as we can to protect everyone. How much worse would the damage to her be if she did end up harming someone? And would that really be her fault - or ours? I think we're best served finding ways to protect everyone - while trying to make sure she knows she is loved, valued, and supported."

Jean Grey has posed:
"She'd be across the courtyard rather than the hallway, but I think that's managable," Jean explains to Michael. "The school grounds are pretty large, so the students are used to roaming a bit. But yes, the idea is that would allow us to account for any... special requirements she might have in terms of her own living conditions-" She's... talking coffins, right? She's not saying it, but she's talking coffins! "-while still allowing them space to visit and spend time together. Also, I think we ought to clarify, no one's talking about a 'dungeon.' We have some underground facilities that house some of the more mutant-specific equipment. Jubilee hasn't been interested in doing combat training before, it might be time. If she has predatory instincts, it's better to let her exercise them in a controlled environment, right? Than keep them bottled up?"

Again, some Logan-ward glances.

"Also, I think some of you aren't giving her enough credit. Jubilee isn't a fragile flower who's going to shatter." She gestures at Kitty, by means of agreeing with her. "It was one of the main things we spoke about, and she understands she might have to make adjustments. As long as it's clear they have a purpose, I think she's mature enough to handle them. Making some changes isn't the same thing as isolating her or locking her in a closet, and I don't think anyone is suggesting that. Even an underground room, well- maybe that is practical, if she's going to have sunlight problems." Back the coffins, still unspoken!

Which finally leaves her to look back at Ororo, clearly searching for how she can make this feel any better, any less heartwrenching. "What are your thoughts on those options? No one wants to leave this until Noriko- or anyone -is hurt and then react, but we have to look at what compromises we can make to satisfy safety and emotional wellness all around. Imagine we force them apart and they run off together in rebellion. Then the situation is just as dangerous, but we've lost any ability to oversee or intervene."

Michael Erickson has posed:
    "In this case, she is still more girl than wolf. We have an opportunity to keep it that way." Michael rubs at the back of his head, now, frowning faintly. "Look, folks...I'm from another planet. Galaxy. In many ways I'm nothing like you. But we have a very wide variety of species in the Empire - I'm used to marching five hundred kilometers shoulder to shoulder with soldiers from species that make Jubilation look more like a puppy with their habits and diets. I realize she seems terrifying, but..."

    Michael nods to Jean. "I'm aware of the sublevels, Miss Grey. We fought there, if you remember. But while prudent, I more mean making her /feel/ as though she's being put in a dungeon. Predators do /not/ do well in cages, real or perceived." He takes a deep breath. "But you seem to have that well in mind. She's an extremely tough young woman. We should honor that. And give her a chance. Logan here - and myself, if you allow it - we can run with her. Help her with her urges, and help her burn them off."

    A beat. "And there's my question about SHIELD. How do you feel about that, everyone? And...well. There may be someone else that I could speak with. If talking of love, she woud be an absolute expert where that's concerned."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
    "I like the idea of the basement, obviously we'd give her access to the upper levels, and any access to the elevators would be alerted." Ororo nods softly before she pushes her chair back and lowers her feet from beneath her to resting on the ground, with a glance towards Jean. She's not going to laugh at the red heads silly less than sneaky coffin comments, but then there's Michael, and she allows him to speak, but she can't help but take it all with a grain of salt.

    He didn't see that Jubilation was no longer a part of the planet's natural ecosystem. He didn't see the way she lashed out at Ororo for caring. He didn't see the way she blamed Ororo for letting her die.

    She holds her tongue but there's a fire behind her wet eyes, as she stands up from her chair. She waits. No words, no actions, simply standing next to the table, waiting.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks to Jean and then to Kitty and Hank. She just listens to the others before adding. "We could let Jubilee pick which livin' arrangement she wants t'do most too. Let her choose. We don't have t'thrust her inta something that we decide, not exactly anyway." She looks at Michael next then and shakes her head side to side once. "I got no interest in dealin' with SHIELD, personally. They're a government thing, right? Those people only ever screw things up worse... in my opinion anyhow!" She sips from her cup again before looking to Jean again...

"Doctor Strange ain't a bad idea neither, but what if he has some honor bound duty t'killin' all Vampires, without questions?"

Laxmi Mallick has posed:
    Laxmi rises to her feet as well - moving around the table once more as she approaches Ororo's position. One thing was abundently clear from all of this - and that was how deeply all of this affects Ororo. Reaching out, she does something she almost never does - she slips her hand into Ororo's, offering a squeeze accompanied by a reassuring smile. They were going to figure this out. "We'll find our way through this," she promises. "And we'll keep Noriko safe."
    She doesn't respond to the rest of the conversation at the moment, as she remains focused on Ororo instead.

Henry McCoy has posed:
All the options, all the concerns. Henry looks to Ororo, trying to gauge her pain - her emotional tie to the girl. A nod of sympathy, before looking to the others. "SHIELD, good or bad, might have an ulterior motive that we would have to contend with. I'd much rather speak to Wanda, or Stephen for some more esoteric advice. They are mystics, after all." A sigh.

"I just wish I were more help in this. I can help keep an eye on her, and protect others should the worst happen - but I'm not one to counsel another on controlling one's inner bestial or predatory urges."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
    Ororo's breath shifts sharply when Laxmi takes her hand and she squeezes, her own hand squeezing back, and the white haired woman looks to Laxmi and again mouth's 'Thank you.' Before she addresses the rest of the room. "I will speak with Noriko, about the arrangements for the future, and I do think Rogue has the right idea, we need to give Jubilation a choice, and Hank, Jean mentioned a lab grown or synthesized blood replacement might be a good idea for long term living, ahem, former living, solution." Ororo takes her hand back and frowns, "If there's nothing else... I'm going to go make sure Hambone hasn't set the carpets on fire. Again."

Jean Grey has posed:
"So we don't make her feel that way," Jean answers Michael, like it's somehow obvious. "I don't think walking on eggshells is the answer here. Honesty is. We have a problem to deal with and acting like it doesn't exist won't make it go away. But the danger Room can be fun. She's athletic, so there's probably routines we could set up for her. And again, it might be useful for her self-control, to let the predator out a bit."

However, where there DOES seem to be agreement is on the reaction they all have to SHIELD. "We don't exactly have the best track record dealing with government agencies, as mutants," she points out to Michael. "Even supposedly well-meaning ones. Hard to trust they won't decide they know better, and, well, we're big on taking care of our own here. I'd hate to end up in a fight after you helped us out so recently." Which, as they go through the options, brings her over to Rogue's question. "Stephen's not the 'burn them all and let your holy power sort it out' type. He's... well, esoteric. I'm sure he could offer temporary solutions immediately, put her in a stasis bubble or something, but we're going to him for knowledge, understanding. He'll respect that. And if he doesn't have a solution... I suppose there is always one fall back I can try." Although the way she says it, Jean doesn't seem keen on this option.

"I think asking which she'd prefer might be a nice gesture, and we can make adjustments around it. I'm not big on locking her off behind elevator accesses, and I'm... not certain she couldn't use her new powers to get around that if she really wanted, but we can provide her own space, provide her some activities, and keep an eye out while we work on finding a long-term solution." After that, she shakes her head at Ororo's question. "I think we can call the meeting, at this point. So much will depend on what we hear back from the experts, at any rate."

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan feels the need to add at this point. "Nope, can't put Rahne and Jubilee together, Jubilee believes vampire don't like werewolves, that'll likely cause an issue." Then he just let's that drop as the conversation moves on, but he felt it needed to be out there.

Michael Erickson has posed:
    Michael nods once. "I'll not mention it. Agent Drew is likely to ask about you all here, however, given she was here with me during the Imperial strike - that's another matter." He looks to Logan, frowning slightly, but nods. Then he returns to the greater conversation.

    "I will say one thing. Assuming that she becomes too much for you here...I am prepared take her. I can take her away from here, to any world she'd like to explore. Other worlds, places she can perhaps better fit in. Obvously that's a nuclear option, but I think she would be willing should it come to that."

    That said, he goes to take a seat, the soldier back at ease.