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Dreamscapes: Attack of the What
Date of Scene: 15 September 2021
Location: Columbia University
Synopsis: It's the attack of a giant green hamster! Franklin offers himself as a plaything for distraction while Misfit offers assistance, with April and Harley filming the events! Illyana tracks down the source....a dreaming student with too much pizza and a love of novelty music.
Cast of Characters: Stephen Strange, April O'Neil, Franklin Richards, Illyana Rasputina, Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe, Harley Quinn

Stephen Strange has posed:
A typical Friday night for college students usually consists of finishing study early (if one studies at all), going out, and having fun. Well, that's most people. There are a few that are diligent as well, intent on studying and doing their work as soon as possible. These are the introverts, the ones that get just as much enjoyment staying in as those that prefer going out.

Then, there are the others. Those so tired that the thought of going out just exhausts them. The idea of a night in, so they can get some rest, seems like heaven. As of late, the campus of Columbia University has been seeing an uptick in this third group. One could recognize them on sight. Listless, roaming individuals that seem more in a trance than awake. The sleep center on campus has had more than their fair share of students volunteering for study. Perhaps for a chance to sleep during the week...maybe just because it gets them out of class. However, the verdict is almost always the same. Just a lack of decent sleep.

The dorms are certainly not the social epicenter tonight. There are still enough people that consider Friday a day to go out that the hallways and the rooms are relatively empty. However, there is the dulcet tones of a song echoing from a room....a room that also has the unfortunate smell of day-old pizza.

They showed up on my doorstep just a couple weeks ago
They looked so sweet and harmless
Tell me, how was I to know
They got a little too close to the microwave and then much to my surprise
They grew to forty thousand times their original size
They started mutatin' right before my eyes
Oh my

Outside, the compound seems idyllic enough. Then, a rumble is heard. Better yet, the vibration is *felt*. Then another. And another.

Something is approaching. Something...big.

April O'Neil has posed:
April was only a couple years out of college herself, but she'd gone to Berkley!

Now, in her second year of news reportation career, she finds herself on the edge of the Columbia campus with her microphone in hand. There'd be reports of odd behavior on the campus and the young April had been tagged for the relative puff piece.

So here she stands wearing a blue jacket over a black tanktop and blue jeans. She'd thrown the jacket on moments before her camera man Vernon Fenwick had flipped the cam on to do the piece recording.

April had just finished up now and sighs as she hands the mic back to Vernon who is taking the camera back toward the C6 News Van. "I got shined in the eyes with a laser pointer again.." April mutters grumpily as she whips the jacket off and tosses it in to the van. "I hate these college campuses. They always screw with us when we're near them. Frickin' frat boys... everywhere."

She reaches for her bottle of water and raises it up to take a long swig before she pauses and looks around when the thudding noises happen more than once....

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin Richards had been on campus, visiting friends and acquaintances. Most of his 'classmates' were remote, having been linked via homeschooling communities by the Future Foundation's various educational outreaches. Franklin didn't like the status that conferred on him, but he'd had to learn that being the child of Reed and Sue Richards was just a burden and a blessing that he would have to bear.

He's stopped dying his hair black, at least, his hair cut short and now its natural blond once more. He has a light jacket on, his hands thrust inside, over a Billie Eilish t-shirt and a pair of jeans, his sneakers lighting up a bit on the soles as he walked. When he feels that slight tremor, he turns his head and opens his senses, his mind starting to reach out to see what others may have seen.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Columbia isn't home for one scion of the Rasputin family. It merely serves as her academic motherhouse. A Russian blonde buried among the sprawling campus has little enough cause to stand out. She wanders the pizza-smoked scenic byways between larger buildings, shiny purple travel mug in hand filled by potent coffee. A small charm ensures that it never quite runs out, but the miracle of Contigo assures the heat stays constant for hours, probably long after the brew ought to be thrown out.

But that's sacrilege to one who holds coffee as nearly holy. Unholy. Difference between the two, null. Besides, she might be one of those barely awake savages shuffling from class to class. Ghosting through the dorms comes as a matter of habit, leaving a study session and possibly checking in on a fellow classmate who happens to be the ex-RA for the floor. When something rumbles...

"Danielle." A rap of her knuckles lightly hits the door. "You in there? You missed the lecture." Her shoulder leans into the door, and she flicks a look out there. Her loose blonde hair falls over her eyes, doing a fine job of disguising the fact they're focused on nothing in the hallway or the dorm proper, but a whole spectrum most people can't see.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
    Charlie's life is a wee bit odd these days. Which is saying a lot for a teenager who dresses up like a knock off Batgirl and patrols the streets of Gotham when she finishes her homework. She isn't in college yet though, so the same oddness that brought April to the campus is what has brought the chaosmuppet out.

    She isn't on the ground though she is perched geared up on one of the dorm roofs, trying to get a general vibe check and an idea as to what is actually causing the message board chatter.

    Afterall if Oracle needs her back in Gotham she can be there lickitly split. Also New York is usually fun, despite what Robin says after their last visit. The first rumbly vibration .... "Oooh.. this is like the dinosaur movie... gosh I wish I had a glass of water..!" she pops up to her feet to peer towards the rumble.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Sometimes your plans for a Friday night get f'ed. And when that happens what does April get? A wild Harley tagging in to go to work with her! Yet at least she's been behaving (somewhat), only having lurked just on the edge of sight from the camera once, then winking at Vern as if teasing him. But all in all she behaves .., somewhat.

As the recording is over and she hears April's comment her hands go up. "Twasn't me! I didn't even bring a pointah.." yet her expression soon turns devilish, "And o' course that's what frat boys want ta do. Constantly. Screw us! Or with us. Same thing to 'em. I mean, I wondah why we don't see moouh o' them walkin' around with theah dick in theah hands... Well, I guess we do sometimes. Maybe in a few hours or somethin'"

Harley is pretty much dressed as Harley tonight though. In fact she seems like she was just about ready to go out, a nice snuggly shirt, cool pair of shorts, stockings and high boots. And bling of course, including a pair of sunglasses. Because who doesn't go out at night with sunglasses?

"I bet if I got in Tindah I would get a lot of hits with nearby people wantin' ta screw.." Food for thought!

Stephen Strange has posed:


Whatever the sound is, it is coming closer.

For those individuals that have more than the typical senses given to most, there is a swell of confusion. Fortunately (or not), the relative lack of foot traffic keeps any sort of mass panic at a minimum. But...there is something, most assuredly.

For Franklin...flashes of green. Furred. And a sense of looming, yet somehow...cute? How does that happen?

For Illyana, there is certainly a trace of an essence she knows rather well. A faint tinge of energy that lends itself more towards the magical than the wholly physical. It is slight, but it is there...a tenuous thread that could snap at any moment...but enough to cause whatever may be rattling windows. And...it seems to emanate from somewhere in the same dorm building she is currently in, checking for her fellow student.

As for those outside...it is only a few moments more before screams are heard...and what little students that are on campus flee. In that direction....

...emerges a large....green-furred...hamster?!

Whatever it is, it is big, green, and furry. And...it stands 25 feet when standing upright on its hind legs. Not quite tall enough to peek at Charlie camping out on the roof...but close.

And...it seems to be growing.

April O'Neil has posed:
As Vernon is climbing in to the news van he speaks out in his deep voice. "You don't need Tinder to find that, Quinn." He shoots over to the Clownette before smirking at her and setting his gear down at his station inside the van. He hasn't noticed the noises yet. "It won't take me long to get this sent over to the station, Apes. I can edit out the laser..."

April lowers her water bottle and glances over at Harley. "You're not going to want to go party scoping tonight are you?" She asks with a whine-ready-to-unleash.

But out of her peripheral vision she sees the ...

"What.... the f---" April mutters as she turns to spy the 20-something foot creature as it steps out in to view. "Ver--- Vernon... get the camera back out." April says, tugging at his shirt sleeve.

Vern stares at his laptop and isn't paying attention. "Nah, stop it, Great Ape, you got it nailed the first time. We don't need to shoot again." He grumbles at her.

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin Richards rises into the air, telekinesis letting him take flight as he shrugs off his jacket for the moment. His eyes glow with white hot power, cosmic energy manifesting within his being and causing him to give off an overall aura of light.

"Well, that's...boy...someone's been playing with Gamma Rays, I think," he says, giving it his best guess as he flies towards the Mega-Hamster, trying to get a closer look. Maybe it isn't hostile. Hamsters aren't naturally aggressive, after all, but this one is probably scared and Franklin can hardly blame her.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Illyana's attempts to rouse the ex-RA classmate don't turn out terribly well. Danielle either sleeps or is lost to the world, and that may be a sacred barrier against her stepping through to check. Glass shuddering in its panes ultimately shifts her decision, that sensation rolling through the building touching her arcane-sharpened senses and bringing a smirk to those curved black lips.

Screams get her moving at a quicker pace, following the unspooling thread made visible to her senses. A guy goes barrelling past her and she sidesteps him, avoiding getting elbowed in the face. Not so good at avoiding the fleeing tide of students smart enough to get gone, she wades against them to some degree.

But that's how it goes, catching a look out a window from the landing to spot the Hulkster. Hamination? Hamination for $200, Alex.

Enormous and horrible, its very presence comes as an offense against children's cartoons. Especially with a news crew on site, apparently. She keeps stalking after the traces of a thread, moving more determinedly. Maybe the others can buy time.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
    Charlie gestures dramatically towards the green hamster. The large. Growing. Towering even. Green Hamster. "That .. is fricking adorbs!" then she hesitates "Wait... is that like .. the Hulk's pet Hamster... cricky... is being the hulk Contagious."

    Several blinks. "Does this mean the hamster is mad... gosh I don't want to fight an angry Hulk Hamster... we should totally refer to it as HH for short though."

    Is she talking to herself or into her comms. When Franklin floats up into the air though she shouts over at him "Don't get eaten by Hulk Hamster glowing guy!"

    She leaps off the building and vanishes in a cloud of pink and purple smoke, appearing a moment later on a building's roof slightly closer. Those who do magic like Illyana would probably feel the crash bang of chaos magic. Unusual.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"But how will I know if they awhe the real deal, Vernie! The Tindah bios is wheah you learn whether someone is for real or not!" Sure, Harley. Sure. "Specially when they put theah measurements theah. You know the ones I am talking about, yes you dooooo..." she singsongs after Vernon while he is trying to do his job. It can be tough with an Harley around! She knows it. She tried it all the time to be a psychologist and look where she is now!

"We are on fertile grounds for huntin', April. It's only natural that..---" She stops because April isn't paying attention to her anymore. So rude!

Her head rotates and she spots the big .., hamster. "And -you- told me that bringin' the hyenas was too much! And we have that goin' around campus!" She points at exhibit A, giant hamster on the loose.

And since Harley is a WOMAN OF ACTION she reaches for the camera, "I will handle this, lets go April!" camera is turned on, she turning it around to check for the red light, incidentally pointing it at her cleavage, then out towards the scene, catching an angle on the hamster and the flying Franklin. "It's rollin'" camerawoman Harley Quinn on the job!

Stephen Strange has posed:
Somewhere in the dorm, the faint strands of what can only be Weird Al Yankovic can be heard from behind one of the many closed doors.

Attack of the radioactive hamsters from a planet near Mars
A race from a distant place
They came in UFOs shaped just like cuban cigars
Man oh man, you oughta hear 'em squeal
Now the whole wide world is their exercise wheel
Attack of the radioactive hamsters from a planet near Mars

Almost as if on cue, the large green hamster lets out a chirring that is equal measure adorable and horrifying, all at the same time. Hamsters aren't supposed to be that loud! They are supposed to be cute and cuddly and most of all, pocket-sized!

Though...it is glowing. But it doesn't seem to be radioactive. And, it is far from forty thousand times it's original size.

Oh, please don't let it grow that large...

The flittering Franklin, crackling with energy, is met with a wave of its giant green paw. It isn't very agile, being a hamster and huge, but the paw is as big as a small car...and could hurt if it lands. It ignores the poof of pink and purple as its attention is quite taken by the flying blonde in front of it. So much so that it also doesn't see the news team, plus one fumbling female jester, filming.

A news crew that *might* be in its pathway, should the big fluffy menace continues on its course.

Inside, Illyana can almost see that thread. Almost. If it wasn't for the blast of chaos magic outside, it might have been traceable. However, the echoes of a song does sound out in the hallways. It might very well be that the tether that seems to drift out, anchoring Big, Green, and Hammie may very well be coming from the same area as the tune...

April O'Neil has posed:
Vernon doesn't look up in time to stop Harley from snatching the camera.... good thing for her those things have gotten a lot lighter in the past few decades! They're still super expensive though! "Wait!" Vern calls but its too late. He sees the giant hamster glowing and proud, and he gets HUGE EYES. "Okay, go get it, Tiger." Vern says after Harls, then proceeds to shut the van doors tight with loud thuds.

April watches Harley rush past and then moves to track after her. "Harley, wait up." April calls out before she reaches out and grabs her microphone off of the camera's back charging port where it was dangling wildly around while Harley ran.

"It's gonna charge us if we stay in its path!" She shouts further before looking up to seeing some heroic types already engaging the glowing monstrous beastly... cute fella.

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin Richards thankfully has a TK shield wrapped around him when approached by giganto hamster paw. He keeps it a soft resistance rather than a hard shield, so it's not so much getting smacked somewhere as getting bopped like a balloon, drifting off to one side as he crosses his arms over its chest. He does a quick mind-scan, just to make sure it's not a human turned into a hamster or some other form of higher alien intelligence that just resembles hamsterdom.

"I don't think it means any harm. But I could be wrong!!" he shrugs.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
    Hamzilla is on a rampage it seems, though the blond guy in the glowing light shield seems to be going pretty well so far. "Watch out, it is going HAM!"

    Honestly she couldn't help herself there. She just had to. Oh look. Harley with a TV Camera. Oddness abounds.

    "So .. I don't think we can kick our way out of this problem... which is too bad... any idea where it came from?" this is again yelled to the floaty guy.


Harley Quinn has posed:
"What if..." Harley is bouncing forward with the cam, " ... the spectators wanna know.." the clownette, turning the camera over to the blonde one that's facing off against the big hamster, " .. whether this is a lady hamstah or a boy hamstah?", a beat, "It means we will need to be close, or right under it!" and most likely in danger! But Danger is Harley's middle name. Not Frances. Surely not Frances.

"Hey, Superboy. Say hello the the camera!" She shouts out to Franklin. Look, Harley doesn't have sharp senses. She can't tell! So a young man flying with a TK shield? That must be Superboy! If only they were in Gotham .., or Metropolis.

"Anyway, I will follow your lead, April, and ---" Ooo, what's that? She focuses her camera on Charlie aka Misfit, "Seems like we got TWO heroes out heah, Apes!", a pause, "Say hello, Batgirl!" really. Someone get Harley some glasses.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Comments to be made about the chaotic magic in use are purely in Russian. A fellow spellcaster might learn what the Demon Queen of Limbo thinks of an interrupted hunt. That's for later, as she takes the stairs to another floor in the dorm, testing to see if she can pick up the thread or not. When it proves inconclusive, she doubles back on herself to return to the hallway. Loosing any sort of demon here might be ill-advised. Mostly.

A door to door search takes time, especially when listening at said door might really tick off a fleeing fratboy unimpressed by her t-shirt honouring the Kinks, faded out as it is. Next door, listen, and every so often the communal areas overlooking an enormous green hamster reveal the state of the battle. Being the responsible one clearing the floor? That sucks, it really does. Look at Harley having so much fun! The glowing kid! The news crew and the Batgirl with mag--

Not computing. She closes in on the sounds of the music playing, be that a radio or laptop or whatever. Soon as she does, she's opening that door.

If it's locked? Not gonna be much of a lock if she teleports the locking mechanism or apparatus to somewhere in backwoods Siberia, now is it?

Stephen Strange has posed:
The door is indeed locked. Though, honestly, the locked door probably would not stand up to a soft breeze, much less a determined blonde sorceress.

Poof...the lock disappears. And a lone hermit in the middle of the Siberian woods finds himself one door lock richer than before.

The room is, for lack of a better term, a typical dorm. Single occupancy, which might be unusual, but apart from that, a standard room. The student who lives here is not much for housekeeping, as the box of day-old pizza on the floor is any indication. It is half-opened, betraying the fact that it was recently opened, with a slice half hanging out. The music itself seems to be from an older MP3 player, certainly not a newer one, dog-eared and well used with an external speaker plugged into the headphone jack rather than anything wirelessly.

As for the resident?

He (definitely a he) is passed out on the bed, hand draped over the side, with a bit of crust just a few inches away on the floor. From all appearances, the slightly chubby but otherwise unremarkable student just crashed, sleep taking him almost in mid-bite as the song continues to play...

? Now the National Guard is out in my back yard
And the Marines'll be comin' around
I hope they get these lousy rodents out of my town
'Cause the property values are goin' way down now

Meanwhile, outside...

Oh, look. Franklin is floating like a balloon. That seems to excite the glowing green furball. And....another swing from the other paw. This definitely does not feel antagonistic at all. In fact, Franklin's scan of its mind would betray that, yep, it is definitely an animal. No hidden alien intelligence or a person trapped in a giant Hammie body. It is definitely a beastial intelligence...and it finds the bouncing Franklin ball highly amusing.

The good thing about finding a plaything? The approach of the giant green rodent is halted. Of course, that means that if Harley wants to determine the sex of the creature, she is going to actually have to approach it. Not that anyone really wants to know the sex...

Well, maybe except Harley. Because of course she does.

April O'Neil has posed:
April isn't quite so brave as to charge a giant green glowing hamster. No, she stays back and reaches in to her pocket to pull out her cell phone. She starts recording with her own device now since this is likely something she'll cover on her website too, unedited like the story that will inevitably end up on C6.

"Harley, you're gonna get turned in to hamster food!" April shouts after her roomie. Her phone is held up and she activates the video camera to face it toward the action before her, specifically at the form of Franklin and then over to 'Batgirl'. "That's not Batgirl..." April mutters under her breath.

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin Richards communicating directly with an animal level intelligence isn't exactly easy. He can't direct thoughts or really control, but Franklin can at least radiate feelings. He radiates calm and peace and soothing energies towards the Hambomination, allowing himself to be pawed at safely without being endangered at all.

For that matter, he tries to radiate that same peace to the rest, making sure nobody provokes trouble by taking an errant shot or trying to attack the thing. "He's just a big hamster guys, just a regular fuzzball, probably somebody's pet that's gotten really, really big, but he means no harm. Stay away from his hindquarters, though, if I relax him too much, he might take a whiz!"

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Too bad about the pizza, though anything lolling out of an opened box deserves to be discarded properly. In Illyana's case, she steps over the vile concoction, evidencing how much waste Columbia students can manage and still afford a horrendously high tuition. She doesn't have much room to manouevre without knocking into books or the desk or discarded socks, and how nice it might be to simply float above it all! Beggars cannot be choosy, especially with the fate of a giant green hamster outside.

"Go for the eyes, Boo," she mutters under her breath. A speaker and wires link to that MP3 player that reason says not to tamper with. She gently reaches out to pluck the cable from the headphone jack. Supposing nothing shocks or electrocutes her in the process, she might even thumb a button to turn the MP3 player off. Technologically cannot be that hard, can it?

"Go for the eyes!"

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
    Charlie isn't entirely sure what to do about this situation, which leads Misfit to just lean against the retaining wall of the roof top and watch the giant green hamster bat at Franklin harmlessly. "Do you think he is the HULKS Hamster!?" is yelled to Franklin. What a world.

    She pivots her attention down to Harley and April and the whole call for Batgirl to say hello. Cripes. "It's MISFIT Not Batgirl Harley!" is yelled down to the camera-clown.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Betrayed by a cell phone! "I was thinkin' I was gonna be yoh wing-clownette, and heah you go and use a phone to start recording the event!" heartbroken! Harley's lower lip even trembles. But just for a second. Still, she is real adamant about going over to check the creature's sex. Nothing can stop her! Until Franklin speaks about the creature taking a whiz. Yea, she doesn't want to be caught on that so ..., she stays back. Somewhat. Recording the hamster, the heroes, then April.

"So, random thought. How cool do you think this would go on our OnlyFans channel?" she asks April. Betrayal apparently forgotten.

And then up to the heroes, "Misfit?! Ooo, I like your name." a beam of a smile up to the building. Of course it also implies she most likely wasn't *aware* there was a hero named Misfit.

Stephen Strange has posed:
The speaker is old. It does not electrocute the blonde, but it does let out a burst of static as the 3.5 mm jack is pulled free of the MP3 player. It is enough to startle the student to a semblance of waking, but slowly, as the static burst only brings him to that point of half waking, half sleeping.

"Wha?! I'm up, Ma, I'm up..."

Outside, Franklin's calming aura might be working just a little too well. The hamster starts to sway, slowly, as Franklin manages to intice that peaceful feeling. It would almost appear that the hamster is falling asleep on its feet. But...that...that can't be good. What holds up a two-story hamster that is falling asleep?

Nothing. Nothing holds it up. Not even a happy fun Franklin TK-ball.

The hamster, lulled to sleep, starts to fall forward...

...right for the news crew.

Inside the dorm, the realization that the woman in the dorm room is not a matronly type hits the slowly waking student.


The snap as he goes from dream haze to full wakefulness is nearly audible. "Whoa! Sorry! I didn't know anyone was here!" That thin thread, visible with Illyana's mind's eye, breaks. The connection, whatever it was, is severed even as the male student blinks in confusion.

"Hmm...who are you? And...why are you in my room??"


The hamster falls....the shadow growing longer as the streetlights are obscured by its green fuzzy girth...

Then...nothing. The form dissipates into a fine green mist, which is quickly broken apart by the light breeze of the evening. If it wasn't for the fact that there were multiple witnesses (and more than a few cameras), it would be as if there wasn't a giant green cuddly hamster at all.

What the hell just happened?

April O'Neil has posed:
April is sticking close to a Johnson and Sons Plumbing truck parked beside the street, her left hand on the side of the truck while her right holds her phone up. She looks over to Harley who has the super expensive C6 Camera held up. "That footage doesn't belong to me, Harley. I gotta get my own!" She has to rationalize her actions here to her roomie amongst all this madness? Yep!

April keeps the camera on the Hamster as the heroics are seemingly dealing with it and she steps away from the plumbing truck out more in front of the beastly green monster before it starts to topple over. With a scream she moves to dodge out of its way and duck back behind another vehicle parked nearby! She recoils back there a moment before she stands up straight again and points her phone at where the thing... used to be.

"What the ever living hell is going on at Columbia?" April utters in a haughty voice before looking back around to find Harley and train her phone on those still near by.

This will all be online before the hour is over!

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin Richards lets loose with his TK and tries to cushion and slow the descent of the titanic hamster, even as he turns back towards the camera crew, his eyes glowing white as he uses his mind against that great girth. Still, it's a BIG hamster and it isn't that easy, so he's m ostly just slowing it rather than fully holding it up.

"Incoming Chonker! Evacuate the area! That means you, ladies!" he says, waving to potential viewers at home as he attempts to give the hamster the safest, sleepiest landing he can without letting it crush anyone.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I mean, who knows if it belongs to you or not, I mean Vern won't tell anyone and--" Whatever else Harley was going to speak out is blocked out when there's that large shadow looming in over the news crews. "Apes! Down!" and without hesitation she tosses herself over to be atop April. If it falls on them, well, it's not like it will help much but .., it's the thought that counts!

Of course that the large hamster never falls on them. In fact it disapears. So she opens one eye, then the other. Head peeks over. "Ooo, we are safe..." and of course that she thinks it was Franklin. "Good job, Superboy!" a thumbs up sent his way.

"You okay, Apes?" She then asks before grinning. "Now this is a fun start to a night..." Beat, "And I ain't even started drinkin' yet.."

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
    "Thanks!" us yelled back down to Harley and thne the HamZilla starts to fall forward towards the 'reporters' on the ground. Oh crap. I mean she is mildly insulted that Harley doesn't seem to know who she is. Though for the life of her she can't quite recall if she has met Harley or just read dozens of files about her in the bat computer. "Crickey..."

    Misfit vaults over edge of the building and vanishes in a slash of pink and purple smoke, appearing near April and Harley a heartbeat later on the ground and starts to move to help get April and Harley out of the way.

    .. .. .. Which is totally not needed. So Misfit just stands near them and stares up where hte hamster was and then blinks. "What the heck."

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
What on earth is a girl in a questionable band t-shirt and shorts doing in someone's dorm room, after all? A question for the ages that could be answered by:
    a. Tinder
    b. Wrong turn at the study set up
    c. Serving legal documents
    d. April's social media show

If he thought it was any of the above, he is wrong. Poor guy has Illyana silencing the joys of Weird Al, and ghosting away from his speaker. "Your pizza will attract rats, da? Great big ones. Your mother, she teaches you better than this. Tidy up or no one will want to stay over, da?"

A last look around the room tries to ascertain the mysterious presence if she can, though it must be like catching smoke, a hint of a scent evaporating on the air. She gives him a wiggle of her fingers, and then moves at dangerously stalking speed out into the dorm proper. And ideally out the door.

Because there happens to be a /giant/ hamster outside that is no longer outside, right? Or is it? She's out with the rest of the students, naturally.

Just another student.