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This Is The Day The Dumplings Are Made
Date of Scene: 18 September 2021
Location: Royal Dragon Restaurant - Hell's Kitchen
Synopsis: Wibbly Wobbly Remy Runs Into Dumpling Addict Joan
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Joan Wright

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Saturdays tend to be most people's idea of the perfect day. Yet some people find they have the worst kinds of luck on Saturdays. Remy LeBeau, doesn't know what kind of luck he has on what specific days, he just knows that he's doing his best to not get got by lady luck or the goons that usually end up following him sent by the fickle woman.

    Finding himself in Hell's Kitchen, Remy has been awake quite a while, as most gambling dens tend to avoid windows and even clocks. So when the Cajun stumbled out of the seedy hole and into the harsh mid morning sunlight, the man might have understood the primal hate and vitrol that the undead lavish upon the unforgiving ball of fire in the sky. He stumbles in a malaise towards the nearest restaurant and finds his way inside, sunglasses on the bridge of his nose hiding the obvious mutation of his.

    He orders a thing of dumplings and some wontons, something with some bread to fight the hangover.

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan is unsure if she's got a particular type of luck associated with a day of the week. But it does seem that the luck associated with her when she's out getting dumplings tends to be of the bad variety. And yet HERE she is trying her luck again.

She had been here before Rem and having put in her to go order she had stepped off to the side to allow for others to come in and do the same. When Remy comes in, memories of a crazy man with a sword comes to mind.

"...Oh no."

It's happening again, isn't it?

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy isn't carrying a sword, so he assumes, but it's not even a thought that crosses his mind. No, he's a bit more focused on the dumplings and the wontons in his immediate future. He's not even looking around as he should his mind is so fried by the night's/morning's events. His legs feel like they're covered in ants, and his neck feels like theirs spiderwebs all over, down to his shoulders. His face feels distant and detached. His hands feel like they're not the normal three feet away but more like, six to sixty feet away. Even looking around is a laborious task.

    Recognition of anyone is flat impossible in this moment.

Joan Wright has posed:
Being that the man hasn't looked her way, Joan bites her lip. Granted the guy didn't cause problems at Harry's but. With him and dumplings in the same area, she's not taking the chance.


The architect blinks and looks over to the man at the counter holding up a white plastic 'thank you' bag in various languages. "Excuse me." She offers to Remy as she steps forward to collect her dumplings.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy takes a step back as the swirling world seems to roll around and even through him. He's swaying back and forth in place as a voice bangs against the gong in his ear and he slowly turns his head towards Joan, not to intimidate, but because he might fall down otherwise and with a look at a somewhat familiar face, he takes a step back after what felt like an enternal instant to him, and was likely, five seconds in the real time.

    "S-Sorry." He says, hand moving to rub at the stubble on his cheek remorsefully.

Joan Wright has posed:
The swaying of the Cajun does cause for Joan to give the man another look. The movements don't seem right and-

Well darn it.

She waves a hand to the man with the bag indicating that order is for her before she looks back to Remy. "Are you okay?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Still looking 'at' Joan, Remy's shoulders roll back and he drops his chin to his sternum, and looks at her from over his glasses, "Mmmfine." It's kind of English. Sort of. "Just, long-night!" He says before he takes another step backwards and finds himself in a booth with an arm on the table. "Ah thin' Ah'm eatin' here."

Joan Wright has posed:
Eyeing the collapsed cajun in the booth, Joan gives a nod. "Here it is then. Just... wait here." HAH.

She heads over to the counter to retrieve her bag. She looks to him and then gestures towards Remy. "I think we're going to end up at a table."

She's not sure what was said, but being that the guy switched to another language, she probably does not want to know.

She takes her bag back over to the table Remy is at and sits down across from him. "Was it a fun long-night at least?'

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy is wondering when he met yet ANOTHER teleporter as he adjusts himself to sit fully in the bench of the booth seat and isn't laying down any more.

     "Long-night..." Thinking about it, Remy pauses and nods with a crooked smile growing on the side of his face. "It was a luc-luu-lucr- Ah made some money." He snorts and rolls to look over at the staff of the restaurant and wonders when he'll get some dumplings.

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan sets her bag down on the tabletop but doesn't open it just yet. Seeing the smile in response to her question, she starts to smile slightly in return. "Well, so long as you don't have crazed swordsmen after you this time." She responds, taking a moment to glance around the restaurant. Just in case.

She looks over to the man at the counter who is staring at Remy.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Nah... Hey, Ah remember you." Remy says with a glance towards the woman with an eyebrow over his sunglasses. "An' no, no swordsman... Ah thin'." Remy notes.

    With a look towards the restaurant owner looking at him, Remy doesn't seem too concerned about it as he opens his mouth to breath a bit more easily, and his tongue suddenly feels very very dry. "Shhh, don't tell anyone I'm loaded, at the moment." Remy whispers to Joan.

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan looks back over to Remy as he starts to register the comment she made to him. She nods to him knowing her. Being that her food is already served, she turns her body back towards Remy as she rests her arms upon the table. The confession regarding funds gets a bit of a nod. "Very good night indeed." She comments, "And, if anyone finds out, it won't be from me." She makes a lip zipping gesture. Now, if a cajun happens to be speaking louder than he should about the topic, that's not on her.

"I think we've met... twice? If you count the thing with the kids and the jukebox as meeting."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Jukebox...? Remy ruminates to himself, though it's more like, 'Jukebox what juke box?'. The cajun's eyes can barely focus in such bright lights at the moment, and as a way to protect himself from being outed as a mutant, the sunglasses stay on. Not so hard for others to assume why being as he appears and smells quite drunk.

    "Ah don't remember no juke box ma'am." Remy explains and shrugs his shoulders once as a wait staff shows up with his order of food. Dumplings and wontons.

    Remy extends an offer towards Joan, "Care fo' one?" He asks before chomping onto a wonton.

Joan Wright has posed:
The one over at Harry's Hideaway." Joan offers up, "The kids were climbing behind it because it ate their money..." Joan pauses, "I guess I just remember it because it was such an odd evening."

When Remy's food is set before him, she slides the bag over towards herself, pulling out the to go container and chopsticks. Opening the container, she reveals her own selection of dumplings. "I'm alright. I appreciate the offer though."

She gives the sunglasses wearing man an assessing glance. "Are you getting a cab after?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Prolly. Or just calling one of them teleporter types. Ah dunno yet." Remy says, smacking his lips slightly as he finishes his first bite of wonton, expecting the food to really help level his ammount of drunkenness quite a bit.

    "Ah plan on eatin' dis tea and drinkin' dis food firs' an' foremos'" Remy says, giving a kindly smile to the sudden friend he seems to have made.

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan snatches up one of her own dumplings. "Well, I'm fine for staying here until either cab or other form of transport comes to pick you up... Mr. Wobbly. And eating and rehydrating sounds like an excellent idea."

With a flick of her wrist, the stick held dumpling swings towards her mouth for a bite.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy is obviously a bit impressed at the finesse of Joan eating with chopsticks. Something he can 'kind of do' while sober, and while drunk, he's forgone any utensil and is simply eating his food with his fingers.

    Wontons and dumplings are finger food. Right?

    The cajun doesn't ask this, one way or the other as he continues to devour his food barbarically. "Funny how we bump int' each ot'er at restaurants, in dis city. Dat makes no sense."

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan tilts her head in thought. "Well, everyone has to eat. It makes more sense than me bumping in to you while I'm at work. Unless you just happen to be in construction or restoration work, THAT would be weird."

She pauses, offering a wave over so as not to contaminate Remy's chosen eating 'utensils' with a handshake. "I don't remember us ever exchanging names. I'm Joan."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy with a dumpling half in his mouth, raises his face to look up to Joan and with a quick series of chews, he swallows the bite and gives a confused sort of copycat wave in return. "Ah'm Remy." The man says with a shrug of his shoulders. "Ah don' thin' we evah did swap names." Hopefully he only meant names, he's not exactly the definition of dashing at the moment. Blood shot eyes hidden behind cheap dollar store sunglasses and a waft of Jameson. A real catch right here ladies.

Joan Wright has posed:
It's a good thing for the glasses indeed. "Well, nice to meet you, again, Remy. This is a much better meeting without the guy chasing you."

Pleasantries exchanged, Joan pops the other half of the dumpling into her mouth, chewing.