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In Your Face-time
Date of Scene: 21 September 2021
Location: 2D - Terry's Apartment
Synopsis: Terry and Gar play catch-up on Facetime while the green teen takes care of business on the other coast.
Cast of Characters: Gar Logan, Terry O'Neil

Gar Logan has posed:
What's it been, a week? Two weeks since Gar went back out west to take care of some personal business? It had to do with Steve Dayton, but that wasn't the only thing going on. In fact, it's part of why Gar was reaching out to Terry, or Vorpal, whichever version of himself he was feeling like at the moment.

And, it's a video call. When the connection is established, his face is visible and it looks like a park is the backdrop with a view of the ocean. "Hey, dork. I figured you'd want to see my pretty face if we were gonna chat. What's up? I didn't hear any news that the tower had been destroyed while I've been gone."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry is lounging on the couch in a tank top and shorts, a pile of books nearby indicates he was doing research when the call came in and he set the laptop down on the coffee table. "Hey nerd!" he answers back with a grin. It's not a Cheshire grin, as he's clearly spending time in his human suit. He needs to do that at regulra intervals in order to ground himself.

"You bet I miss that pretty face. When are you coming back already?" Although distance is a non-issue for him, visiting over while Gar was staying at Dayton's hand't been discussed.

He suspected that it was because of Dayton's famous reputation as a fairly cold man. They don't know how he would appreciate Terry's visit, and Terry wasn't going to put Gar in that uncomfortable a spot.

"Oh... you've missed out on a lot. But nothing as bad as that," he grins, "Some pretty unbelievable stuff has gone on. Remember Colette's doppel? Well... she came back. We saved the world from getting invaded by this dimension's version of ZZGU. And then our colette... and the team... kind of got super pissed off at me for not telling them about the doppel."

Gar Logan has posed:
Everything around Gar seems to be quiet, and he's got a pair of sunglasses on. Such a big star. Future so bright, gotta wear shades and all that. Maybe, either he's found a spot that's secluded enough for some privacy...or he's not as popular as he likes to think.

A frown begins to replace the grin at the Colette doppelganger news. "..I thought we were done with all that. We almost got invaded? Still, after everything that happened? What the hell. And..uh, that doesn't sound good. Do I need to come back? Are you in trouble?"

He didn't get around to answering the question about when he's returning. Yet.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"No- I'm not in trouble, though Hawkeye and I kind of got ... worked up. But that's done with. I may be in the shitter with Colette, though, I can't figure her out. But..." let's lead with surprise number one, "Robin stepped up to bat for me," he takes a sip from a glass of water, letting Gar react to the first impossible news, "Where are you anyways? The beach? Are you taking beach day without inviting me?"

Gar Logan has posed:
"Why?" Gar asks, first to the question about Hawkeye.

Then he says, "Colette and I kind of have this like/don't like thing going on, at least I do with her. I don't get her at all either, sometimes."

"He what?" follows the mention of Robin. "Are you sure that's not a Robin dupe, too?"

He handwaves on the screen, turning the phone around to show a coastal area with some cliffside views. "I found this place out around Malibu." Still, he doesn't say anything more about himself, apparently wanting to find out more important things first.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Oh, I'm sure it's him. He also revealed his secret to Hawk. Hawk was having issues with me for keeping the secret- her family keeps secrets from her and lies all the time, apparently." he is using codenames, because he doesn't know how secure the call might be.

"That looks like a lovely beach. Wish I was there with you," he grins and winks, "and you could wear that bathing suit... anyways. There's also some other stuff going on in here. You missed out on seeing Rae when we got back. She's..."

Dramatic pause. "Different."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan frowns again. "So she was upset we kept something from them, and I'm guessing Colette was too, and Robin revealed that to her? I mean, sometimes there are good reasons to keep things under wraps. We have to try to figure stuff like this out all the time. It's not like it comes with an instruction manual or a script to follow. Are things better now, at least?"

By now he's turned the phone back around to himeself, explaining, "I had to find a quiet place where I could just get away from everything for a couple hours. You'd like it out here." He manages a weak chuckle at the teasing, only for him to lower his sunglasses. "Different..how?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Have you ever seen Raven... smile? Or joke? Let me put this in the proper context," Terry says, sitting up and crossing his legs, "She /joked/ in front of us. She also flirted with Donna. And made mention of buying a /louri/. That's... ancient greek for a leash."

Significative eyebrow raise, "And Donna /growled/ back. Not an angry growl, but the kind of growl you give when I nibble on your--- er, anyway. Yeah."

Another sip. "Kian needed a drink. At first he thought we were back at the stairs. And incidentally Rae now knows that Kian hallucinated you and her dating and said she will need to plan your joint summary execution. And I am pretty sure she was joking at the time."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan pushes the sunglasses back up in order to hide his eyes, but they don't hide the look of confusion that begins to take over. "I mean, she's probably talked about ending everyone more times than I can count, and I /think/ she was joking about all that because we're still here, but.."

The flirting with Donna, the greek word for a leash, the playful growl, Kian's reaction...it all leads to him going a little speechless.

Finally, he comes up with an ever so eloquent: "Uh."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Cat got your tongue, huh?" Terry says with a smirk, "And I don't even get a kiss out of it. So unfair."

"So yes. That's all waiting for you when you get back. When /is/ it that you're coming back, anyways? I'm missing my cuddle partner- and it's not that Kian isn't a great cuddler, but he's got /wings/ and you can't really cuddle with someone who has wings and watch television. The wings get in the way."

"Oh, I've also started lessons to tidy up my gymnastics with that guy from the Xavier school, and I'm still studying with Leo... so things are more or less normal on that front."

Gar Logan has posed:
"Hush," Gar says, shaking his head. "All of that..it's good if Raven's joking around, but how the hell did Kian ever think we dated? I mean, I probably flirted with her at some point, but I do that with a lot of people and she might have threatened to erase my entire bloodline so I probably pushed it out of my memory, so..yeah."

He runs a hand through his mop of hair, and the way he chews at his bottom lip causes that one tooth to poke upward again. "Wings are cool, though. You could do worse than that. I've been, you know, busy with some stuff with Steve, but I'm also doing a shoot for a game show and working on a few connections to see if I can get a new role in something soon."

The mention of Terry's training leads to a slow nod. "I don't think I know a guy from the Xavier school, and..the turtle guy, right?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"The turtle guy, yeah. You haven't met this one. But he's cool... it was strange calling him Sensei at first- I mean, he's two years younger'n me, but I'm used to it now." The redhead smiles and sets the glass down.

"It was the stairs. It tried to convince him that his time here had just been a hallucination. But it got some details wrong-- or Donna thinks that one of Hekate's helpers, a Lampad, was tampering with our hallucinations to keep us from believing them. Nothing could be more unbelievable than the two of you dating, after all."

He raises an eyebrow, "She's different because she and Hekate struck some sort of deal. Remember Hekate? The pretty lady in the saffron robes in Tartarus? She's the goddess of magic, so... who knows what happened? Donna seems to think it's for Raven's good in the long term, and you know her- she wouldn't be satisfied until she knew it was harmless, so..." he shrugs.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan clears his throat. "You know, it's not too late to just move out here and forget about all that. Probably." How he could ever face Raven again over something he never even did, even...

"But c'mon, man. There must be another version of us out there where Rae and I are a thing. I'm not /that/ bad with the ladies. She probably has me all gothed up, and I bet I have like a pet duck I bring with us and everything," he explains, gesturing as if to get Terry to visualize it all. "A pet /goth/ duck."

Then he mutters, "I knew there was a reason I hated stairs. And magic hell people. But, yeah. You should learn whatever you can from whoever. Well, /not/ just whoever. Next thing I know, you'll be getting advice from Doctor Doom about taking over the world, except cats have already done that."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry stares at the screen for a few seconds, and then he quickly jots some notes on his pad, mostly about how fast he can get a duck and dress it up in goth gear by the time Gar gets back as a prank he and Raven could pull on him.

"Yeah, well, the multiverse is a place where anything can happen. But this is the only universe in which you get /me/. Aren't you absolutely lucky?"

He grins, "I mean, you've had me for a whole year now and you haven't returned me to sender, so you must be reasonably happy, no?" subtle metion of the anniversary to see if he will catch on!

Gar Logan has posed:
What Gar doesn't know, which is often a lot, could come back to haunt him. This is why sometimes it's a bad idea to tell things to others.

"That's because you can only be in one, right? Maybe there's a Terry out there, though. I mean, you were giving tongue to..you. That's pretty screwed up, dude." Which is also what led to Manxsome, ultimately.

Never get intimate with yourself like that, is the lesson, kids.

"Garfield sent Nermal to Abu Dhabi more times than I can count and he always came back, so I don't even bother trying." The mention of a year seems to go by the wayside, then he reaches down behind him and comes up with a bottle of champagne. After shaking it up, he pops the top and drenches his face and, ultimately, the rest of his upper body with it. "Happy Anniversary, us! Usually it's just sports teams that won the title, doing this! Is it too much?" The view from the phone is a little shaky. Hopefully he has a change of clothes near.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"I was trying to disarm him! And I would've gotten away with it if he wore his holster on the right side like normal people do. I'm not left-handed, so why was he?" the redhead shakes his head.

But then he laughs, watching Gar pour champagne all over him, "Not fair! I'm not there to drink it up... but happy anniversary to us, you goof." He grins, leaning forward to get closer to the screen. "I miss you. Once you've finished up all you have going get back to me ASAP. You know I'll be waiting."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan reaches back down for a towel so he can wipe off his face, not drying it, but leaving it so it isn't dripping wet. "Yeah, well, that should teach you why it's bad to be inbred," he chides, shaking his head in quite the 'tsk, tsk' way.

Then he brings the phone closer so he can touch his nose to it, his voice much closer to the mic as well. "I'll have to do it again when I'm back, then. Miss you too. I probably have a few more days of stuff here before I can come back. So try not to get into too much more trouble without me there to bail you out or make it worse."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry grins, "Deal. I'll be wativing for your reaturn. Eagery. And to see how eagerly... check your attachments," The redhead says with a terrible look of mischief, "I love you."

And then, he raises one eyebrow. "Me, get into trouble? Who exactly is it that you think you're talking to, Logan?"

"Trouble usually finds /me/ first."